Growing Floret
Season 2

What is your legacy?

This is the central question of Growing Floret season 2, and Erin wrestles with it as she works to save endangered roses, breed never-before-seen varieties of flowers, create a massive library of her work, and start writing a new book. She juggles these projects while trying to run a successful business and be a good steward of the land. Each episode unravels a different element of Erin’s most cherished values and the ones she wants to carry into the future.

This season is a four-part exploration of the past, the future, and doing the best with the time that you have now.

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Erin Benzakein planting roses at dusk

Preserving the Old

Episode 1

Erin and the team work to preserve a collection of heirloom roses that belonged to a renowned rosarian. In the process of saving roses for future generations, Erin meets another expert who helps deepen her understanding of roses, their legacy, and her own.

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Erin Benzakein in a breeding hoop house of zinnias

Growing Resilience

Episode 2

Erin has spent years learning and documenting the practice of flower breeding, creating her own varieties called “Floret Originals” in the process. Focusing on breeding for a year will be hard and risky but hopefully worth the effort.

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Erin and Chris Benzakein photographing flowers in the Floret cutting garden

Unlocking the Door

Episode 3

For 20 years Erin has documented every part of her work, not just for herself but also to share it. Through an online library, a new book project, and the Floret scholarship program, Erin wants to empower others.

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Erin Benzakein looking at the sunset while sitting in the Floret truck

Cultivating Balance

Episode 4

When Erin first started growing cut flowers, her work was in tune with the natural world. There was a time to be productive and a time to rest. After years of feeling out of sync, Erin rethinks how she wants to spend her time.

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