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Making Growing Floret

After 4 years of collaboration, the Floret and Blue Chalk Media teams share what it was like to make Growing Floret. A project of this scope was no small feat and took a committed and talented team to bring it to life. Learn more about the people behind the project, watch special behind-the-scenes stories, and gain a deeper understanding of how this unique show was made.

The Making of Season 2

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of season 2 and the collaboration between Floret and Blue Chalk Media. From the vision of Director Rob Finch to the cinematography of Jamie Francis and Chris Benzakein to the incredibly talented team of editors, each piece, together with Floret’s story, combined to make something truly magical.

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Behind the Scenes: Farm Walks

Over the course of countless evenings, Erin and Chris documented their nightly walks around the farm, with Chris behind the camera and Erin narrating. Hear more about how this intimate format plays an important role in the storytelling of season 2.

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Behind the Scenes: The Interview Process

In season 2, Erin shifts from interview subject to narrator, something she found both rewarding and terrifying. Learn more about how these deep conversations helped to shape season 2 and the technical aspects behind the filming of each interview session.

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