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November 20th 2022

Floret’s Favorite Things

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Over the years I’ve been flooded with countless emails and messages asking what I recommend for boots, raincoats, tools, books, jewelry, and camera gear.

With the holidays coming up, I thought it would be fun to put together a big list of things I use on a regular basis and highly recommend. These trusted companies and talented artisan makers inspire me with their commitment to quality, their heartfelt stories, and the way they run their businesses with such integrity and passion. Today I’m happy to share some of them with you. 

I hope you enjoy this list and take the time to share some of your own favorites in the comments section at the bottom of this post.

Team Floret wearing Bogs bootsBoots, clothing & jewelry

In our part of Washington, where it stays cool and wet for two-thirds of the year, keeping dry and warm is essential. The team and I have been wearing Bogs for many, many years, and we’ve found them to be the only insulated boots that hold up over time with heavy use.

My personal favorite is the Neo-Classic Mid, and I recently got a pair of the Arcata style, which are great for wet, cold days but are cute enough to wear into town. Chris loves the Classic Ultra High, and the rest of our team members wear a variety of different styles. Our barn entrance is always lined with so many of their boots!

Erin Benzakein arranging in the Floret studio wearing Grundens rain gearIf you live in a climate that gets a lot of rain, high-quality rain gear is essential. We swear by our Grundens bib pants. I wear the Neptune Bibs and Jacket (men’s small).

I order men’s sizes since I’m tall and need the extra length, plus the women’s have a bright pink logo that I don’t particularly care for, but the other ladies on our team don’t seem to mind. Our whole team is outfitted in this durable, long-lasting gear, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. To save 20% off your Grundens purchase, use the code FloretFlowers20 at checkout.

Erin Benzakein harvesting anemone flowers wearing a Block Shop scarfI have been a collector of Block Shop Textiles for so many years. Sisters Lily and Hopie Stockman started with a small collection of scarves in 2013 made in Jaipur, India, with the goal of supporting and celebrating the Indian hand block printing tradition.

Their business has since grown tremendously, and they are always adding beautiful new textiles to their line, including robes, pillowcases, and rugs.

An overhead of colorful scarfs from Block Shop TextilesIn the spring of 2023, we collaborated with the Stockman sisters for a special collection of Floret-inspired scarves and bandanas in four colorful floral prints: a cosmos square scarf, and three bandanas featuring poppies, roses, and zinnias

These lightweight scarves are surprisingly warm and hold up incredibly well with daily use. I’m still wearing my first Block Shop scarf that I’ve had for more than a decade!

Erin Benzakein wearing grey Dovetail Workwear overallsWhen it comes to workwear, Dovetail is hands-down my favorite. I love that this female-founded and run company has put so much effort into creating legitimate workwear for women across many different industries, including farming, landscaping, construction, welding … and on the “badassery” scale their clothes are 10/10. 

Their Freshley Overalls in Grey Thermal Denim are my go-to overalls whenever the weather is cool. I tend to run cold and during cooler weather I typically wear long johns under my pants, but these insulated overalls eliminate the need for an extra layer. 

Erin Benzakein wearing brown Dovetail Workwear overallsIn the summer months, I go for the Freshley Overalls in Saddle Brown Canvas. They are the lightest weight Dovetail overalls that I’ve tried and are my go-to when working in the greenhouses and field when the weather is warm. They also offer some great work pants, including the fleece-lined Britt Utility in Grey Thermal Denim and the Britt Utility Reinforced Indigo Denim.

If you want a full review of all of my favorite workwear, including more overalls, rain gear, pants, shirts, and boots, be sure to read Workwear for Women.

Overhead of Floret's favorite jewelry surrounded by mumsI first discovered this jewelry made by Eduard Oganov back when Jasper was a tiny baby and have slowly been adding to my collection ever since. Each piece is handmade out of silver and the semi-precious stones contain healing and supportive energetic properties based on your own needs.

These pieces are a bit of an investment but I’ve found that the benefits far outweigh the cost, plus they are tough and I wear them every day in the garden and they barely show signs of wear.

You can learn more about the jewelry and read descriptions of the different stone properties here.

Erin Benzakein wearing a Floret tool belt while harvesting in the fieldTools & supplies

My farmer-florist tool belt is hands down my all-time favorite tool for gardening and flower farming! I’ve been wearing the original prototype of this belt for more than 8 years now and it’s still going strong. This handcrafted tool belt, custom-designed and handmade for Floret by talented leather worker Wheeler Munroe, has revolutionized the way we work here on the farm.

After years of tearing holes in the back pockets of every pair of pants and misplacing phones, pens, and flower snips throughout the day, we’ve found that this custom-designed belt changed everything.

Overhead of Floret tool beltsWith room for both heavy-duty pruners and flower snips or scissors plus a cell phone, a pen and pencil, and a roll of flagging tape, this tool belt has been a total game-changer. It rests comfortably on your hips, keeping essential tools within reach without adding any extra weight or strain on your back.

This belt is not only a tool but also a keepsake that will serve you for many years to come. Our custom-designed Farmer-Florist Tool Belts can be purchased directly from leather artist and maker Wheeler Monroe who ships worldwide.

Finding the right flower snips for the job has been an ongoing quest here at Floret for many, many years. All throughout the season, the team and I spend long hours pinching back plants and harvesting both fresh and dried flowers for seed. We have quickly learned which snips are sub-par. Far too many dulled easily, would stiffen up, were too heavy, or would simply fall apart after moderate use.

After trialing dozens of different pairs, both in the studio and in the flower field, I’ve finally found what I believe to be the perfect flower snips.  These flower snips are lightweight, they stay super sharp, and last for years. No more aching wrists or sore hands at the end of the day like with other types. Their thin pointed blades are ideal for harvesting delicate flowers like sweet peas and ranunculus but also handle thicker stemmed varieties with ease.

Erin Benzakein weeding with a collinear hoeWeeding is one of my least favorite farm chores, and I’m always looking for ways to make this task easier and faster. My three favorite weeding tools are the collinear hoe, the Japanese hand hoe, and the hori hori knife. 

The collinear hoe allows you to stand up straight while cultivating. Its thin, sharp blade glides just below the soil surface, cutting off weeds at their roots. The lightweight, upright design turns the tedious task of weeding into a speedy, meditative joy. The ultra-sharp Japanese hand hoe is my all-time favorite short-handled hoe. It’s well balanced, lightweight, and sturdy and makes the process of hand-weeding a breeze. Both of these tools are available from Johnny’s Selected Seeds.

Japanese for “dig-dig,” a hori hori knife is a versatile tool that can be used for digging, sawing, and dividing plants with ease. It is also great for transplanting, weeding, opening plastic bags, and cutting twine. You can find them at A.M.Leonard.

For gloves, I’ve tried them all and always come back to the Atlas brand 370 Nitrile Gloves. They are my daily go-to’s because they are durable, breathable, and easy to clean. They wash up well in the washing machine, but to extend their life, don’t put them in the dryer.

A lineup of dahlia bouquets in Frances Palmer vasesVases, vessels & flower frogs

For vases and pottery, some of my most treasured pieces were created by Frances Palmer. I first met Frances in 2015 when she came to our farm to attend one of our in-person workshops. We formed a strong connection and have stayed in touch over the years.

I’m in love with her pottery and her photography, and deeply inspired by how she’s grown a very intentional business centered on creativity and staying true to what works for her.

Shelves of flower vessels in the Floret studioI’ve also amassed quite the collection of Farmhouse Pottery, a Woodstock, Vermont-based company founded by Zoe and James Zilian.

The Farmhouse team of artisan potters creates beautiful pieces utilizing old-world techniques. Their heirloom quality stoneware crocks, pitchers, and vases are perfect for the kitchen counter or for creating lush, loose, organic arrangements.

A beautiful bouquet in a brass vaseWe also often receive questions about the metal and brass containers I use for arrangements. Over the years I’ve had fun collecting a variety of pieces from local thrift stores and antique shops. It’s been fun to find lots of second-hand treasures.

For unique vintage gems, repurposed garden, industrial, and farmhouse and barn finds, I’d definitely recommend Old Shed Vintage, Pam’s Past Time Antiques in Sedro Woolley, and the Red Door Antique Mall in Mount Vernon.

Lineup of snapdragons in flower frogsCreating loose, lush, natural-looking arrangements that don’t topple out of the vase requires a few special supplies that help keep flowers in place.

Two of my go-to’s are the hairpin flower frog and the pin frog, both available from Harmony Harvest Farm. These mechanics supplies are my secret weapon when making arrangements that seemingly defy gravity.

Closeup of a box full of flower frogsBe sure to keep an eye out at your local antique stores because they are a great place to find old flower frogs in every shape and size you can possibly imagine.

I’ve been collecting the little metal cage frogs for years now and they work great when you’re arranging with thick, branching materials.

Erin Benzakein holding a tray of seedlings in a Floret greenhouseBigger farm investments

Over the years we have built nearly 40 hoop houses and greenhouses in half a dozen different styles, and each one has its pros and cons. This past year we discovered Farmers Friend, and I am so impressed with all of the innovative work they are doing to help small-scale growers succeed when it comes to season extension and production.

We recently purchased a 14 by 50 ft (4 by 15 m) Gothic Pro tunnel kit from them and I can’t say enough good things about it. The hoops are pre-bent and all the supplies you’ll need are included (along with great instructional videos) so it’s super quick and easy to assemble. It’s a perfect size for a small farm or big backyard.

Farmers Friend Gothic Hoop HouseHaving a cooler to store your flowers or produce is a total game-changer for any farm, but professional coolers normally start at $10,000 and go up from there, which makes them out of reach for most people.

Years ago we discovered the company Store It Cold, which makes this ingenious device called a CoolBot that allows you to transform an insulated room or trailer into a super-affordable walk-in cooler using a standard window air conditioner that you can buy at the local hardware store. We’ve been using a CoolBot cooler set-up for more than a decade, and I can’t recommend them highly enough. You can find more information on the Store It Cold website.

Chris Benzakein photographing bearded irises in the fieldCamera gear

We always get a lot of questions about which cameras we use. Over the years we’ve upgraded our equipment a number of times starting with a Canon Rebel when I was first blogging and then graduated to a Canon 6D.

Both were great, but once we started shooting a lot of video, we needed to upgrade even further. Now we use the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV with a 50mm 1.4  and the 35mm 1.2 lenses. All of the videos I share on Instagram are shot with my iPhone 10.

Overhead of Floret's favorite books surrounded by dahliasBooks & art

The list of books I love grows longer by the day so I decided to devote an entire blog post to them all organized by category including my top favorites for gifting. Read Floret’s Favorite Books.

A floral print created by Becky Crowley

When Becky Crowley visited from England to help us design the new farm she would regularly scour the property for flowers and other interesting textures and little bits. On the weekends, she would painstakingly arrange beautiful flat lay images and photograph them, each one essentially capturing a moment in time. 

Now back in England, Becky has carried on this tradition and offers these images as prints in her online shop. I love that so many of her art pieces were created with flowers grown right here on the farm. Becky has generously offered Floret readers 15% off orders from her shop using the code FLORETFLOWERS-15% at checkout.

Front and back of Erin's quilt made by Sara Larson BuscagliaI first discovered Sara Larson Buscaglia of Farm & Folk through a photo of one of her quilts. I was instantly fascinated by her quilt-making process—she actually grows the flowers she uses to dye, she hand-dyes the fabric, and then every single stitch is made by her hands!

Sara just finished a piece I commissioned to help commemorate filming season 2 of Growing Floret. I wanted to incorporate flowers and colors from one of my much-loved paintings by Morgan Allender, and I’m thrilled with the result.

Sara is currently accepting commissions for custom quilts and also has beautiful pieces for sale in her online shop. There’s such an incredible amount of care in her entire process, and in the end, you have a keepsake that will last many generations.

Woman and girls holding booksFamily businesses to support

I’ve been a fan of Mary Heffernan of Five Marys Farms for many years after discovering her on Instagram, and we’ve since become real-life friends. Mary, her husband, and their four daughters, all named Mary, have a ranch in northern California where they raise Black Angus cattle, Navajo Churro lambs, and Berkshire heritage pigs.

They sell their pasture-raised meats and other farm-produced products direct-to-consumer. We’ve been members of their Farm Club for years and get a monthly box of their pasture-raised meats delivered from their farm to our doorstep—it’s a pretty amazing program! 

I can’t say enough good things about the quality, taste, packaging, and customer service (which often includes handwritten notes in each box). Mary has also created a wonderful online business course for farmers and ranchers. She’s an incredible businesswoman and a wealth of information.

In the fall of 2020, Mary’s cookbook, Five Mary’s Ranch Raised Cookbook: Homegrown Recipes from Our Family to Yours was released. It’s one of the best cookbooks on my shelf. All of the recipes we’ve made have been delicious, and the stories and photography are top-notch. You can read my past interview with Mary here—and be sure to follow her on Instagram.

Opal the cat yawning in the Floret studio

I’d love to hear about the shops, books, or entrepreneurs that are inspiring you at the moment! Please tuck them in the comments section below.

Please note: If your comment doesn’t show up right away, sit tight; we have a spam filter that requires us to approve comments before they are published.

Floret only lists companies and products that we love, use, and recommend. All opinions expressed here are our own and Floret does not offer sponsored content or accept money for editorial reviews. If you buy something using the retail links in this post, Floret may receive a small commission. Thank you for your support!


  1. Robert Dash on


    Greetings. Tremendous work that you’re all doing. I’m nearby on Orcas Island, and I’ve just published a book that might interest you for a possible author interview.
    Here’s a link if you have a spare second during this busy season: https://www.foodplanetfuture.com. Several images feature seeds, pollen, leaves, and flowers of staple foods.

    All the best with your new season!

  2. Holly Hatch on

    Have you found a good brush to clean vases? Thanks!

  3. Terri Reid on

    I am in Ontario Canada, looking for the supportive netting for horizontal use, like for snapdragons. The holes in the product from Johnny’s seems too large. I live close to the border, so I utilize US shipping.

    • BriAnn, Team Floret on

      We use the Hortonova netting from Johnny’s and it works well for us. You could try it and see how it goes.

  4. Stef on

    ** The lefty toolbelt is sold! Please disregard the bottom comment that it is for sale ** Happy new year to all!

  5. Stef on

    If anyone reading this is interested in a never used black LEFTY floret leather tool belt please email me! I’m happy to ship! Retired floral designer here! Thank you. [email protected]

  6. Ashley Van Meter on

    I would love to recommend my good friend Sarah with Bean and Bear for jewelry, similar to the jewelry you mentioned in your article. She uses recycled silver and semi-precious stones, and she has some of the most beautiful nature-inspired designs.


    Highly recommend her work! She is also an incredibly awesome human being.

  7. CL on

    Hi! What a comprehensive list, thank you!

    I recently purchased a unique flower frog (kind of) for my best friend. I thought you may also love it for your arrangements!

    I’m not affiliated in any way, just sharing a neat find.


  8. Paige on

    Which nitrile gloves do you recommend? I’ve tried all varieties from regular to heavy duty but still go through at least five pairs a year (in the PNW).

    • BriAnn, Team Floret on

      We like to use the Atlas brand 370 Nitrile Gloves. Amazon carries them.

  9. jimme leistiko on

    Hello, I would be very interested to know your go to work gloves. I have yet to find a pair that works well here in the Midwest for digging the dirt to washing off tubers

    • BriAnn, Team Floret on

      We like the SHOWA Atlas 370 Nitrile Palm Coated General Purpose Work Glove from Amazon for digging and elbow length waterproof gloves for washing the tubers.

  10. Julie D on

    I sure wish Floret sold tee shirts……………………..

  11. Sian Morgan on

    Hi there – I’ve written before and would really, really appreciate knowing where you source your metal support structures from. Any advice or sourcing information you could provide, particularly for artisans/manufacturers who can ship arches, trellises etc. out of durable metal capable of dealing with PNW winters would be wonderful. Thanks for the amazing work you do and the resources you share. It’s all so appreciated! ~Sian

  12. Susan on

    I have really enjoyed all the recommendations you have provided over the years I have been reading your blog.
    Looking at the pictures of Erin and all, it struck me that you all have beautiful skin and hands!
    I live in NM and the sun is intense. I wear sunscreen and use gloves but my skin takes a beating.
    Any advice for keeping skin intact?
    Thanks for all your inspiration

  13. Terry on

    Erin… watching your show. Planning on planting rows of flowers this summer, besides my normal gardens ;). Just made my first purchase for your seeds.
    Wanted to tell you that I believe you are a highly sensitive person, empath. The book by Judy Orloff, the empathy’s survival guide has been very helpful for me. Thanks again for all the awesome info! TB

  14. Hannah Jenkins on

    What products/buckets do you use for colleting flowers while you’re out in the fields and before arranging?

    • BriAnn Boots on

      Johnny’s Selected Seeds has the buckets we like to use here on the farm.

  15. Judy Reed on

    I just purchased your snips. I want to make sure I keep them sharp and clean. How do you sharpen your snips? I also clean my pruners with alcohol wipes after each use, can I do the same with your snips?

  16. Sara on

    A comment on boots….

    I looked at probably 20 different gardening boot options. I ended up going with XtraTuf brand boots to be used primarily for gardening. Note that I was not looking for cute, and these are definitely not that.

    One year in, I love them and think I made a great decision. They are durable, comfortable, fit well, no rubbing even without socks, no pinching. They are very heavy, and I like that. I think it provides a more sure foot. They are somewhat loose, but I like that. Also note that I have relatively narrow feet.

    The only negative is that mud gets trapped in the pattern on the bottom of the shoe, then dries and it comes out all over the floor in the house. Little squares and triangles of dried mud everywhere I walk. Uggh, then I have to clean up. But if you shake em out, that is minimized.

    I wore them in the snow a few times, even though I have boots for that, the XtraTuf were easier to get on & off quickly than my lace up, super warm boots.

    I went with the WOMEN’S 6 IN LEGACY ANKLE DECK BOOT because I thought taller ones would get hot in the summer, but wanted something covering at least the ankle to keep puddle splashes, heavy dew and sloppy mud out. Your choice might vary by your weather conditions.

    After having worn them a year thru all seasons (Ohio Valley/Midwest USA), I am really happy with them. I think the knee high boots would also be great to have. But I am not buying 2 pair at this point. Still think the ankle were best for all around garden use.

    The price is on the high end at $130, but I am hoping to not replace them for 5 years or more. To me, having a reliable durable product that I know will last is better than a $30 pair that may only last 1 year or 2. My use ranges from daily to weekly during the spring, summer and fall. But they are always at the door ready to put on because I keep needing them.

    Hope that helps you make a good decision for your needs.

  17. Daria on

    Is there anyone in Skagit valley that carries the Bog boots? I’m fed up w/ boots that crack around the ankle. We fix them, but it’s a pain. I’d like to try them on. Have you tried Muck boots?

  18. Anna on

    YES! Second the question about the arbors. Would LOVE to know where you source these!

  19. Melissa on

    Hello – Can you tell me where to get the beautiful arbors you have on the farm? I love how tall and wide they are but haven’t been able to find anything similar. Thank you!

  20. Trisha on

    Just purchased my first three seed packets :) They will adorn a rather small balcony, but I wanted to have high hopes they will be glorious and be the little piece of Floret in my life :) So….the flowers truly are my favorite thing and always have been and since the above mentioned balcony requires little “gear” to maintain the seeds will be the stars for sure. Makes my heart so happy to see someone make these precious jewels from the earth sparkle in so many neighborhoods!

  21. Tess on

    Last year’s post about favorite things included a Lands’ End jacket. Do you still recommend Lands’ End for outerwear? Thanks!

  22. Lynn on

    Hi – am hoping u might send me link to your jewelry maker. I have always admired your necklaces -so beautifully designed. I did a search but am not coming up with a link where I might purchase a piece or two.

    [email protected]

  23. Kate Formichella on

    I cant say enough about my different pairs of Dovetail Workware overalls. Female owned and designed in PDX! So comfy, they fit really well, perfect pockets and have lasted me for years of heavy duty, year round hard work. The fleece ones save me on every single cold wet outdoor work day. A giant fan!

  24. Kim Larsen on

    I love my dovetail insulated stretchy work pants! Made for women!

  25. tanguy on

    merci pour toutes ces informations

  26. Nancy Canino on

    Shout out to Dovetail Workwear, a women-owned company in Portland. They design and make super-tough, yet very comfortable jeans. I highly recommend! Nancy in Oso, Wa

  27. Suzan on

    Oh man. This is an AMAZING resource. Thank you so much!

  28. K.C. Morgan on

    Absolutely love Carhartt clothes for exactly the same but opposite reason, as they also make sizes that fit those of us that are wider and closer the the ground. :)

    +1 to the Hori Hori knife, purchased one last year and could not imagine farming without it. First tool I reach for each day at the farm. The second, is a pair of ARS fruit pruners, they hold an edge and are easy work with. They easily handle every task on the farm. For our arranging work we also love Joyce Chen unlimited kitchen scissors.

  29. Cathy on

    Please tell me your favorite weed barrier.

  30. SARA on

    For great jeans with long inseam, try ariat. I found there jeans a few years ago and favor them over other brands I have tried. Thick enuf to be durable. Somewhat stretchy, to give with movement & be supportive. The style I have are one of the R.E.A.L. Mid Rise, for no back side show! ;)

    Denim Inseam:
    Short (S): 31″, Regular (R): 33″, Long (L): 35″, Extra Long (XL): 37″

  31. Jill Cooper on

    Love all of your suggestions and will check them out. One of my favorite entrepreneurs began Bend Soap Company – it’s a family run business that started tiny when one of the kids had a skin condition that just wouldn’t go away. They had goats and started making goat’s milk soap. I love their products and have been using them for many years.

  32. Kristi Hein on

    So many temptations! I was excited to buy the Leonard Deluxe Soil Knife and Sheath Combination Kit, but stopped at the shipping charge ($17.99, over half the price of the item). I will look for another way to buy it or a comparable item. Too bad, as the reviews are all 5-star.

  33. Catherine on

    Do you sell framed pictures? All of the pictures on your blog, etc are incredible – the set up, colours, background, everything about them – I would love to buy framed pictures of your creations and displays

  34. Susanna on

    Thanks for the lead for long pants. As someone needing a 35” inseam it is hard to find long pants. Eddie Bauer is my goto for hiking pants, and used to be for jeans until they changed their cut. At least they have tall coats so I have jackets that actually have sleeves that are long enough. I am going to check out your links to add to my list.

  35. Sarah Ohmann on

    I would just like to give a shout out to the stirrup hoes from Johnny’s, also easy on the back, and very good even on compacted soils.

    Another thumbs up for Duluth Trading Company, one of my favorite places to get women’s work clothes. The pants in particular are made in a variety of shapes and sizes, including plus sizes, come with oodles of pockets, and much of their work clothing is slightly stretchy, perfect for work that includes a lot of stooping and kneeling.

  36. Jill on

    The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Love the book and have read it many times and the 1993 movie is wonderful!

  37. Marty Schmierer on

    If you have not connected with Steve Murray at Sauk Mountain Pottery you must. He has a wonderful studio in Concrete Washington making unique Sksgit Valley pieces using a wood fired old styled French kiln.

  38. Susan Bennett on

    I love my Bear Claw Cultivator.

    I use it for pulling weeds and it is a dream.

    One of my go to tools in my garden.

    😊 Susan

  39. Gayle Barton on

    Here are a few of my favorite things :) I live in Dallas and we have the absolute best candle shop called White Rock Soap Gallery. They make their own candles which are so fragrant and last a long time, plus the cute little shop is so adorable and has lots of great gift ideas. We have a local hardware store called Rooster. They have the best mushroom compost, bee keeping supplies, great selection of seeds, and cute gift ideas. Because I’m a complete book nerd and totally obsessed with books I have to add Half Price Books. I have found many unique books here that I would not have found at the large box stores. They started in Dallas and their flagship store is right down the street! I am a gardener and love seeds! My favorite places to order seeds right now are Kitazawa Seed Co for unique veggies you may not have heard of, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, and Annie’s Heirloom Seeds. I would also add Frances Palmer. I’m a potter too and have had my eye on her work since almost day 1. She is amazing! And, of course, the community garden where I have a plot – the Lake Highlands Community Garden. What an amazing community of folks. We learn, experiment, and grow veggies. We even donated over 4,000 lbs of food to local food banks this year! I’m so grateful for Floret and the book list and. now the favorite things list. :)

  40. Becky Luther on

    One of my favorite Garden tools is the Japanese Nokogama Sickle Saw. It is a dream for cutting back foliage and saves my hands from clipper cramps. You hold the foliage in one hand and pull the sickle through. It will also cut through stubborn roots. I received it as a “must have gift” from a fellow gardener and love paying it forward. I found it for under 10.00 from Hardwick and Sons! Thank you Erin for all your beautiful and practical inspiration!

  41. Meghan on

    Muck Boots, quilted Carhartt* overalls, and Ruskovilla wool long underwear get me through the VT winter. My feet are always cold but not in the Muck Boots.

    Planting plugs w the hori hori is a dream in my rooty woods. I just got a pair of Zenport scissors and they are great for cutting tubers. I also super dig anything made by Ars (their pruning saw goes thru small trees like butter) and Niwaki carbon steel garden scissors. I like the Ars cutters too, but the carbon steel sheers are light and easy to sharpen.

    *Hot tip on the double layered jeans. 👍

  42. elizabeth berggren ( Garden Gate Flowers & Herbs ) on

    Very helpful!!
    I swear by a few items that I have found over the last 15 years.
    I find durable items from Carhartt, Dickies, and a few cute pieces from Eddie Bauer. I have fallen in love with waterproof gloves for when it’s wet outside I find them at Fred’s and home improvement stores. I use tiling knee pads for long hours weeding on my hands knees.
    I use a women’s nail bag from Carhartt to carry pruners/tools, my phones, gloves, and whatever else I need. I’m a big fan of Corona pruners and other tools. I found a great little tool that can put an edge back on your tools quickly off of Amazon by Sharpal. I’m sure I can come up with more items that I am not thinking about at the moment.

  43. Therese on

    If you want to try an excellent place for tools go to http://www.prohoe.com . I have tried so many different hoes and by far these are topnotch! The scuffle hoes are the sharpest I have ever used. My husband who is a farmer always comments on how good these hoes are, so good that he’s helped me in the garden. They do sell direct on their website, shipping is reasonable. They do have some items on Amazon. Or if you live near the little town of Munden, Kansas, you can buy from their store.

  44. Janet Clifford on

    I recently purchased my first pair of garden shoes from Bogs. Love them! Super comfortable and keep my feet dry. Seriously considering buying the shorter boot style. Good garden shoes are essential!

  45. Virginia Coulter on

    In haste and ill-prepared, I grabbed my atlas garden gloves to go cold water kayaking. Brilliant! They offered protection, kept my hands a little warmer, the palms gripped the paddles and the backs dried out fast when I was splashed. I agree, they’re the best in the garden. When it’s cold I slip a pair of surgical gloves inside or if it’s bitter cold, I wear my husband’s and use a liner glove.

  46. Jack Wilkinson on

    Wow shipping ethically raised beef to your own home is so amazing! I really think what five marys farm is doing is just fantastic.

  47. Liisa Von Ende on

    Inspiration comes in so many ways, but I adore all things that are handmade. During this time of year the local art and craft festivals are super inspiring and a great way to meet the makers behind the magic. Currently, the coffee table is strewn with a few of my favorite books, which never seem to get put away because I am always referring to them: your book, A Year In Flowers, A Year Full of Flowers by Sarah Raven, On Flowers by Amy Merrick, and a few of Mary Oliver’s books of poetry. I am also currently reading the novel The Girls in the Stilt House, which draws you in pretty quickly and is a beautiful story of resilience and human spirit.

  48. Carol King Platt on

    This year, my mantra was, “Make time for flowers. (Make room for flowers…) It has been wonderful switching most of my veg garden over to flowers. No more chewed kale… My most inspiring book is old school, Sheila Macqueen’s Flower Arranging From Your Garden. All of her books are wonderful. She was a partner with Constance Spry back in the 40’s and 50’s and really focuses on forging and gathering what was then unfamiliar material. A real ground breaker!
    I refer to it often and am always inspired. She talks about chicken wire as a support, since Oasis was so new back then and I have made my peace with Wire and demonstrate how to use it in my lectures.
    Carol King Platt

  49. Amy Stoddard on

    I have few words because the beauty your flowers bring to my world and love of gardening has been seriously sparked back to life since I discovered Floret Farm. I already have wear marks on the 2 beautiful books you’ve written. Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart! Amy
    PS: One of daughters has fallen deeper in love with gardening after following you on Instagram!

  50. Treanna Woods on

    I live in Revelstoke, BC and have been flower farming now for 2 seasons! One of my biggest inspirations has always come from following Floret, however I have been fortunate enough to be able to follow Moss and Mirth flower farm, who is not only close by, but is also a member of the “Farmer-Florist Collective”! The owner Audrey is passionate about flower arranging, growing and has an amazing variety of cut flowers every year. I’m also a huge fan of Lee Valley, which is a family run and owned Canadian business! They have some fantastic products like the Lee Valley ultimate weeding kit. Lastly, I have been inspired by a little seed company called Salt Spring Seeds. They only offer heirloom and organic seeds and focus on delivering to Canadian customers. Their seeds are fantastic and they are truly passionate about community and teaching others how to save seeds.

  51. Mary Seelen on

    Our local florist creates such beautiful arrangements, I dream of growing her more elegant and wild ingredients. She has a beautiful eye, and a kind soul.

  52. Heather Vinson on

    I live in a small town and all the inventive people around me inspire me. Just down the road we have an artist, sculpture, and a custom broom maker.

  53. Elly Emerson on

    I am so excited for fall I can not wait for cold weather and the rain that will turn all the hills and fields green!

  54. sharon hicks on

    Just one of several things I like about fall is the sun rise on a foggy morning .

  55. Lauren Galdeen on

    I love all of this! I love fall and flowers and can’t wait to get more flowers growing in my own backyard to give away flower bouquets to people to brighten their day!

  56. Deby Wright on

    At age 62 I’m about to begin my 5th season of my flower farm business @fieldstoneflowers. Your book Cut Flowers was my introduction to the wonderful world of growing flowers for more than my own home enjoyment. My favorite thing about fall in our zone 8a is planting Hardy annuals for an early spring harvest! We just had 7.5 inches of rain this week and I would not have been able to work without my Boggs! My first season of farming I had a different brand I won’t name and they didn’t hold up like my Boggs do!!

  57. Chris on

    My favorite thing about fall is pumpkins! I love all the different sizes, colors, and shapes.

  58. HisFavorite on

    I am a full time physician and my youngest child is getting married in 3 days. All my life I have put career and family and obligations ahead of my own desires. Years ago I read a comment, “If you want flowers, don’t wait for them to be delivered . . . grow your own.” The depth of that comment has fueled me with energy for many things but at THIS POINT IN MY EMPTY NEST LIFE I am taking the plunge! I have decided to grow my own bouquet of my favorite flowers. Wish me luck & perseverance :D

  59. Victoria Tewes on

    As this year’s gardens come to an end and a sense of relief is felt, the excitement of next Springs planting stirs in our minds. I am so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers and as winter sets in, we can’t help but dream of what is to come.

  60. Beth Schultz on

    The cooler evenings and changing colors of this season brings refreshment to the mind, body, and soul. This past summer has challenged me to evaluate the layout of my gardens and create exciting plans for next summer. Even though it is difficult to observe the flowers going to seed, there is something special about collecting seeds, clearing out the decaying plants, and putting the garden to bed. So looking forward to spring when we will begin again.

  61. Maura Whalen on

    Oh my – I think I’d fill a field with all of the books, shops and business starter-uppers who have inspired me over the years. My short list of flower favorites would, of course, include my maternal Grandmother whose name was “Flora” and my dear Mom who followed and has planted amazing gardens in all of the very different climates in which she has lived (upstate New York, marshy Connecticut, HOT and humid TEXAS and now at almost 10,0000 feet in the mountains of Colorado. Then there’s Max Gill and Ariella Chezar – both of whom I befriended first at the Seattle Wholesale Market and who continue to cheer me on and inspire from afar. There’s Debra Prinzing who is “Flower Fairy Godmother” to so many people around the globe and there’s ERIN and her wing-woman, JIll. No, I’m not blowing smoke. You two encouraged me to embrace all that I am and just be THAT. I am forever grateful for partaking in your last in-person peony workshop. It fed my mind, soul and flowering hands in so many ways AND helped put me on the path of metamorphasizing my website *and* finding my own “wing-woman” in Cindy Pope who has helped me personally and professionally time and time again. I’m eternally grateful.

  62. Cheryl on

    I have ordered anemones from Floret the past couple years. They are truly remarkable!

  63. Laura Regnier on

    I love that I was able to harvest my first pumpkins from my pumpkin patch. I had 7 Cinderella pumpkins and the biggest one weighed 37 pounds. I love the colors of the leaves that change and the feeling of something new around the corner.

  64. Sherri on

    Cooler weather, crisp apples, and (hopefully) a successful fall veggie garden!

  65. Audrey Ganong on

    Harvest time! All the wonderful fall baking and cooking.

  66. Candace Andrie on

    Just built a new home and planning my “cutting garden”. Purchased Florets book UT Flowers, and excited to plan my new garden.

  67. Cathy on

    Apple Cider, sweet potato pie & orange zinnias in a vase.

  68. Suzy Stutes on

    I am looking forward to cozy nights by the outdoor fireplace sipping warm drinks and the fresh, crisp air.

  69. Trisha LeProhon on

    I’m looking forward to the completed projects. I have been working a while to have my yard take shape. I am finally seeing some results and enjoying my yard and flower beds. It’s been a long time coming.

  70. Tanya Branch on

    I look forward to all the fall colours and of course my fall mums! I also look forward to my puffy jacket,boot socks and my muck boots!

  71. Kelly Barham on

    I love the fall colours here in Ontario. Everything is starting to change. I also love that this year it is still very mild and my dahlias are still going strong! Thanks for all your inspiration.


    I’m truly enjoying the change in colors as well as looking forward to the changes to come . Being outside in natures home is my happy place. I enjoy being present in the colors and smells of flowers and the tress rain or shine. Some of my most beautiful are at sunrise, just watching hoping I don’t miss anything.

  73. sarah brooks on

    I loved your series Growing Floret and am hoping for a second season – you and your team are inspiring – I was so interested to learn your story and also more about flower gardening. I am a resin artist from Virginia and I have also started following many other inspiring makers on Instagram – most of who are successful woman! It gets you motivated which leads to new ideas to try – I also love supporting my local community by buying local, small business – produce, meats, restaraunts, clothing, art, etc – it gives you a good feeling that you are supporting someone’s passion while also receiving a quality product♡

  74. Diane Pilon on

    I have bought all your books and have learned so much from your videos as well. Thank you so much for doing what you do! You are an inspiration and a source of knowledge and solutions for me. I look forward to all your emails. You are making a difference in many people’s lives! by doing what you love!

  75. Heidi Burkholder on

    Every year I look forward to fall for the cooler weather, beautiful colors and the increased family time. We are wrapping up our grass seed harvest and our pace of life slows just a bit.

  76. Linda Bernasconi on

    I am looking forward to crisp weather, foliage and digging up my dahlia tubers and putting them to bed for the winter. This is my first year growing dahlias and I am in love! Also putting the rest of my garden to bed and Planning for my new garden.
    Happy Fall!

  77. Dawn Decker on

    I am so thankful to have found you through the Magnolia Channel. I have been skipping over to your fb page and blog trying to sneak peaks between lesson plans and virtual meetings with teachers. It is my goal to learn to plant and harvest those big gorgeous dahlias that I have been seeing pictures of. Thank you for sharing your experiences

  78. R Flinchum on

    Someone who I find inspirational is Jess on Roots and Refuge Farm on youtube. She is primarily a vegetable gardener, but she loves to incorporate flowers into her garden design because gardening should be beautiful. I tried vegetable gardening and realized very quickly my passion is flowers. But I hope to one day have both when we move to our forever home. She is down to earth and loves nature and I am just very inspired by her willingness to fail as long as she tries attitude.

  79. KimberlyPreston on

    As I’ve grown older, I now look at fall as renewal and rest for the trees and plants and flowers. I use to relate it to death as the leaves fell and turned brown, flowers died and had no more vibrancy. Now, it’s a whisper of refreshment and storage and strength for a new season ahead as I take in its beauty in color and crisp temps to reinvigorate myself for a new season of preparation.

  80. Deanna Kern on

    I am all for supporting locally. I do that in my own community. I wish I lived in the Pacific Northwest though. That seems to be the dahlia capital of the US. I started with the summer mini series this summer and have learned so much already. I bought all Erins books and read all three in a day and a half.
    I think the things I love most are the floret tool belt, and the dovetail overalls. So flattering. I am planning a cut flower garden for next spring and look forward to watching more of what Erin does and learn more. I like gardeners supply and I tend to be a seed hoarder, but I do actually use the seeds. For years I have always worn mucks, but that was before I knew about bogs. I will be looking into them. I live in the upper Midwest, so we get pretty extreme temperatures here.

  81. Victoria Derrer on

    My heart longs to grow such beauty however I live in eastern NM where the winds blow stirring up the harsh sand much of the spring and rain can sometimes be a long lost friend. Do you have or know of any resources for growing in a less than desirable environment? If money were no object I would put up sheds that wouldn’t blow away in our horrendous wind storms but still allow for plenty of sunshine. Anyway I’m still dreaming and planning and if at all possible will attempt my own personal cutting garden with an eye for growth if I can be successful starting small. I would cherish any thoughts and direction you might have for me. Your work is beautiful and causes hope in my heart for what might be for me as well.

  82. Brenda Harvey on

    I love the small, locally owned by women shops in Southern Pines, NC, close to my hometown Pinehurst, NC. A few of my favorites are Lavender, where one can find unique European antique pieces for the home, handmade (by the owners) dining tables from reclaimed wood, as well as other pieces, & pretty flower vases from recycled vintage European glass. The owner, Robin, is so hard-working and talented!
    Mockingbird is a beautiful shop full of candles, jewelry, amazing puzzles, comfy pjs and socks, perfumes, and so much more. The owner,Sundi, is another amazing lady! R. Riveter, a handbag shop started by two military wives to employ military spouses, is now nationally known. These women entrepreneurs are so hard working and inspiring!
    I enjoy many wonderful books on gardening, so many!
    “A Rich Spot on Earth” by Peter Hatch…beautiful Monticello gardens!!
    The Royal Gardens At Highgrove, the incredible gardens by HRH the Prince of Wales, is an amazing story.
    “Stickwork” by artist Patrick Dougherty. He creates massive works of art, mostly outdoors, from twigs, branches and other pieces of nature. His natural sculptures are world renowned.
    “Discovering Dahlias” by Erin Benzakein. Beautiful, magical dahlias.
    Last but not least, when I can’t sleep at night, I turn to Growing Floret on Discovery Plus. Erin has the most calming voice & with the beautiful flowers and incredible choreography, I can drift off to sleep! Thank you, Erin & team.

  83. Ann on

    My flower farm gal friends and my family have kept me inspired to keep going. Beginnings are hard. Your online workshop taught me a lot… continuing inspiration has come from these people and the people who share their gardening tips, treasures, failures, flower pictures and knowledge. Oh and my mom, dad and grandparents who shared farming or gardening experiences in their lives and share that with me.

  84. Antonia Kersh on

    Erin, you and your team have inspired my mom to grow her love and knowledge of flowers. My favorite thing from all of this is that SHE has been the one to inspire me. Her happiness and fulfillment of her goals have been infectious, and I am now a budding gardening lover hoping to one day have a little flower farm to care for and enjoy myself. We have worked this past year to grow beautiful flowers and transform her little back yard into both an oasis of beauty and the beginnings of a small flower farm. It has filled our entire year with fun, busy work and so much joy and excitement! So thank you for giving us access to some hope, peace and beauty in our lives.

  85. Cathy MacNeal on

    I found you while looking for website ideas for my farm – Lavender Hill Farm on Vashon Island, WA. And then discovered you are a fellow B-School alum. I also found that course so valuable and repeat it annually. My favorite things also include Dovetail and the hori hori knife. Growing Floret was inspiring. I cried as you agonized over the dahlia tuber decision. With 16 years of lavender, I am also facing decisions about not doing it all but getting focused.
    Your books arrived in the mail yesterday and I can’t wait to dive in!

  86. Lauralee Harding on

    I am currently reading Cut Flower Garden with enraptured delight and am eagerly planning my own cut flower garden for next year. Your show, which I have poured over twice now, has so inspired me to start my own small business, and your books are hugely helpful in giving me a leg up. Thank you for inspiring me to make this flower growing dream a reality! Sending love from Fredericksburg VA.

  87. Kimberly Taylor on

    Just discovered Floret through Growing Floret. Sublime. So we’ll done. Incredibly inspiring and so beautiful! I’m a new forever fan. Keep going!

  88. Patricia Roy on

    Late to this party – I just was introduced to you when I binge watched Growing Floret. What an inspiration you and your team are and what joy you all bring to the world. Thank you for sharing your process, vision, truth and stunning flowers with us. It’s amazing what passion and purpose can do to heal and inspire the world. Bless you guys. I look forward to hopefully seeing more seasons of your show.

  89. Donna Wharton on

    I have so loved seeing your posts on Instagram! Your flowers are amazing. I live in Chattanooga TN and this is my first year growing dahlias. I have fallen in love with this flower!
    If I were to win the book give away, I would share one with my friend, who is a great floral designer, one for a sweet lady who is In assisted living who has a great love of gardening, which she is no longer able to do, but loves to read anything flower related. A definite for our local library and our church library…I’m sure the flower committee would love a copy!
    Thanks for the opportunity and for all of your wonderful posts!

  90. Anne on

    I’ve been in such a rut with life lately… then I found Floret. All things flowers inspires me…. the real thing or my recent inspiration – paper flowers. Jessie Chui is an AMAZING paper florist…check her out on https://www.craftedtobloom.com. Another artisan entrepreneur that is inspiring me is Mea Rhee at Good Elephant Pottery… check her out at https://www.goodelephant.com.

  91. Gina on

    I am very new to flower growing, but have always loved purchasing flowers to make my own arrangements. Currently, my favorite flower items belong to Floret Farms and Laura from Garden Answers. I currently live in an apartment with a yard. It has been nice to watch videos from Laura and reading Floret Farms books. They are giving me great ideas to make plans for when I finally get my small piece of land. In the meantime, I will be growing beautiful flowers in pots. Have learned a lot from watching the videos on your website. Especially how to help my arrangements last longer. Thank you

  92. Joanne La Vergne on

    I am loving the book CULTIVATED The Elements of Floral Styleby Christin Geall of Victoria, British Columbia. Also, the posters and puzzles she has available.

  93. Pam Sielky on

    Just a short note. I just discovered your books, and signed up for your newsletter. I’m a National Garden Club judge. And I love being around flowers . This year I’m going to try to grow annuals myself. I’m so inspired by your books and now, the news letter . I’m excited to and grow and design during the 2021 season. Thank you pam Sielky in MI.

  94. Jill on

    The pottery vases are beautiful! And love the clothing recommendations… quality is a must.

  95. Christina Olsen on

    Floret Farm inspires me, I grew up on a 25 acre farm in NW OR, My father had a bedding plant business. We grew flowers,Snapdragons,Cosmos, Daisys
    Petunias,Sevlia,Black eyed susans, Poppys, Heirloom tomatoes, before they became popular.Peppers, squash, Gourds. To name a few delicaies. We sold our plants off the farm, My brothers & I took turns waiting on our custumers. Which there were many, It was really fun to have repeat customers over the years. We had an old Datsun Pickup, My father built a custom canopy, which included racks to the ceiling, to load our prescious plants and take them to the Market. / city, Portland OR. My Mother Proudly painted the name (County Gardens Nursery) on the outside panels.

    It was a wonderful learning experience. I have always had large gardens. I am especally interested in haveing a cutting Garden. Selling bouquests & some
    easy to grow greens to local restaurants in my local beach community. For Christmas, I aquired one of your lovely holsters! I am so Excited! Another year I received a daily planner. I have two of your books, & anxiously waiting for the Dalhia book. Also I really apprecaite the articles, in Martha Stewart Magazine, & Sunset Magazine.

    Thank you,
    for sharing your gift of flower knowlege!

  96. Taresa Hancock on

    We are in the process of building a 20×30 greenhouse that has 108 refurbished windows in it for a wedding venue. Our plan is to have a cut garden just to the side of this massive greenhouse and your videos have helped us tremendously in knowing what and how to! thanks so much for your sharing of the knowledge you have to us!
    I have A Year in Flowers and can’t wait for Discovering Dahlias to get here! We are in zone 8b, South Ga.

  97. Katie Graham on

    Thank you for sharing! I love to learn from other gardeners so even reading the comments is fun. I love my hori hori knife and gardening hat. I could be out there for hours with just those 2 things.

  98. Michelle J on

    Book – Soul Sourced Entrepreneur, Frances Palmer’s book is my list to get.
    Gardeners – Charles Dowding – no dig, Maritime gardener for some practical veg gardening.

  99. Jaclyn C on

    Other than Floret being my flower inspiration, I have found the Great Pottery Throwdown to be an inspiring and uplifting show for a (hopeful) someday home potter. I also find inspiration in music and continually return to pieces by Yo-Yo Ma and the Piano Guys.

    My husband and I enjoy the show Forged in Fire together which has inspired him to try his hand in forging when we have the means to pursue our hopeful hobbies someday.

  100. Emily Reeves on

    First my number one favorite inspiring resource is Floret. I am using this as my FFA project, and absolutely LOVE it! I am only 14 years old, and am just getting started in growing cut flowers! I love all of the books, and the easy to follow “how to grow” pages! Other than that my favorite boot company is Muck, and I love Carhartt overalls. I also find that seeds from Floret, Johnnys Selected Seeds, and MI Gardner work best for me! Another thing that has inspired me is my father, he has taught me great work ethic and determination!

  101. Courtney B on

    Milk Bottle Blooms
    Barn Blooms
    Little Ann’s Flowers
    All upstate NY flower business who have inspired me to start my own flower business/stand in 2021!

  102. Lynette Lowrance on

    2020 is a year for the record books. It will be listed in history in the company of those like 1963, when JFK was assassinated, and 2001, the year the Twin Towers Fell. The first of the year started with a significant high – I got to take Floret’s course! And I was headed into business when the pandemic hit. I faltered a bit, not knowing what might happen.
    So many bad things happened, not the least of which was a toilet paper shortage, of all things! But there were some silver linings for flower lovers and growers like me. Some of my very favorite designers from Instagram started offering online courses. I took the delightful first course from Moss and Stone in England, and then the lovingly artistic first set of courses from La Musa de las Flores in Mexico. I could listen to either of them for hours – Bridgette’s dry sense of humor in her English accent, and Gabriella’s beautiful, rhythmic and soft Spanish accent. Both courses have been transformative for me.
    I am waiting, not so patiently(!), for two of my other favorites to get their classes finished. Fleuropean’s style is breathtaking. I also love Whitehorse Flower’s style, and am waiting for her additional courses to be ready (I’m not much into wreaths). Now if Love n’ Fresh and Pistol and Stamin right here in the USA would join the party, I would be a happy camper.
    To finish the year on a high note: All my ducks are in a row for our business to start in January 2021.

  103. rosanne m liesveld on

    I loved seeing one of your favorite books is StrengthsFinder 2.0. I worked at Gallup for 32 and now am doing my own business helping individuals and groups with strengths. I love your blogs and now even more love the idea that you know your strengths!

  104. Rebecca Dominguiano on

    I am currently reading the book by Kristine Albrecht, “Dahlia Breeding for the Farmer-Florist and the Home Gardner: A Step by Step Buide to Hybridizing New Dahlia Varieties from Seed”. This is a hard one to put down. I am so excited to try this for myself this next year. Dahlias are hands down my absolute FAVORITE flowers! They remind me of people – each one so unique and filled with so much possibility. I was finally able to get my hands on some of her KA varieties!!

  105. Rachel Bowlen on

    I live in Vermont and we host a large number of entrepreneurs in many fields. It is with pride and admiration that I see and buy the wonderful things they are producing including some of the worlds best cheese, beer, and other products plus producers to numerous to name. Being a gardener, I am always on the look out for interesting gardening books and finding your first book was a delight for me. Although I am 77 years young, I still garden with over 3 acres of gardens and lawn and always need advice. Thank you for helping this old lady find new ideas. You are a gem.

  106. Stephanie Rifaat on

    Floret and 3PorchFarm major garden inspirations currently, as well as Chanticleer Gardens and @thelaundrygarden.
    E. Shaver Booksellers for books and tea being shipped even during Covid.
    Wilding ceramics and designsbySam currently inspiring with botanical printmaking and lovely mugs and planters using dark clay and an Arts and Crafts Movement vibe.

  107. Melissa Panchy on

    Wow, I enjoyed reading all of your recommendations so much that I’m overwhelmed with thoughts of what all of this inspiration would have meant to me when I was first starting out as a gardener so many years ago!
    Although I’m approaching the later years of professional gardening, there is much to learn from you all!

  108. Aramie Christopherson on

    My sister-in-law, who is an incredible artist and seamstress, inspires me so much! She makes the most beautiful bags that she sells in her Etsy shop. She has impeccable taste when it comes to choosing her fabrics and embellishments, and I’m always excited to see what she will dream up next.

  109. Helen on

    What a great list! The restaurants have had to be so creative and work so hard this year and one that sticks out is Homemade in Athens, Ga. Such great food and such hard working people. The book I’m loving right now is “Honest Advent” by Scott Erickson. So good.

  110. Ashley on

    Love Five Mary’s Farm too! I am also currently reading The Market Gardener by Jean-Martin Fortier.

  111. patricia intihar on

    You are always an inspiration, And your work ethic is soooo impressive! Love Francis Palmer and found her thanks to you. Seattle Seed company makes a little cutting device (looks a little like a pair of tweezers) that is super sharp and small to get into those hard to reach places to make a precise snip:)

  112. Kara D on

    Following from the east coast and the temperamental growing conditions of Cod Cod! Somehow only discovered Floret in 2020 but have learned heaps. Inspired by local growers in my area, especially Blue Lobster Flower Farm and the passionate and helpful gardeners in our local Cape Cod Gardening Facebook group. My daughter has had a little flower cart business since she was 5 and we really stepped it up this year by dedicating half our growing space to just flowers, using many of Floret’s tips for maximizing production in a small space. We also mulch with eelgrass washed up on beaches after storms, highly recommend to others in coastal areas! Thanks for providing so much inspiration in your books, blog posts, and photos ❤️✨

  113. Amy Lynch on

    I love to see other gardeners favorite things. It is a great way to see tools I might need and books to add to my library. The photos are always beautiful on your page and inspiring. My flower beds are ever growing. This year I’m adding a cut flower bed!

  114. Stephanie on

    The books that have inspired me recently include “Bulletproof Flowers for the South,” “Gardens for the Senses Gardening as Therapy,” and “The Cutting Garden.”

    Bulletproof Flowers is specifically a regional book so if you’re in the south I really recommend it, even with its age. They’re all really wonderful resources.

  115. Bridgette Kotsubka on

    It’s always nice to know what it tested and approved by a trusted source. My list include:
    Floret- of course!
    Boots- Hunter Boots
    Books- The Sustainable Backyard
    Resources- Charles Dowding- no dig planting and composting resources
    Tools- Fiskar brand weeders and snips

  116. Nadia on

    Thank you for this list of recommendations! Swan Cottage Flowers on instagram is a very useful resource for growing flowers/veg and has the most beautiful photos. A selection of practical gardening books written by Charles Dowding have provided me so much knowledge and practical tips to put to good use when growing. Niwaki is a small company that sells fantastic Japanese gardening tools in the UK that are a joy to use! Happy Holidays!

  117. Angela Grandgeorge on

    Oh where to start. Inspiring books have been Florets, I started a business because of your books. I have also been able to escalate my flower production because the time you take to invest in your followers.
    I am also inspired by Amy Nicole, and I flew out to L.A. in January 2020 to attend her hands on Bouquet class. I am also inspired by Ponderosa and Thyme, and I have her online resources.
    Lastly, I am inspired by my friend Michelle, she is a small business owner of an art studio and she is has been my business gal pal that I go to for advice and encouragement.

  118. Carrie Seidel on

    Thank you so much for the thoughtful and ever inspiring list of Floret’s favorite things! So appreciate your willingness to share and pay forward your knowledge. I too am loving Frances Palmer’s Life in the Studio – it was just what I needed. Uncommon Goods out of Brooklyn, NY, has a huge variety of creative products from all over the world, and they tell the story of makers really well. My trusty garden boots are Sloggers, very comfortable and always keep my feet dry!

  119. Natasha on

    Finding beauty in the imperfections is something I come back to regularly, and it is a philosophy I try to remember in my own creative processes. Brene Brown’s “Gifts of Imperfection” speaks to the messiness that may come with being authentic, a worthwhile read! The Flower Recipe Book by Alethea Harampolis and Jill Rizzo is another book I find to be a resource for inspiration. Their work looks like sculptural art; where the flowers and the vessels are part of the presentation. It’s gorgeous. Petals, Ink. is a small flower farming business I discovered while looking at different ways of approaching flower farming/marketing. I would recommend checking out their website. Finally, Patagonia is a business I’ve supported for years because I like their mission. They are committed to eliminating waste (sustainability & renewable resources), sourcing material from a fair trade market, and they aren’t afraid to take risks in trying new things (innovate). All of these attributes I want to apply in my own business.

  120. Julie Peoples on

    I have been so inspired by the floret IG content and following along on your journey. Saving the garden tools for weeding; definitely not my favorite past-time. I have enjoyed following and learning from home gardeners both on IG and You Tube from across the country as well as local farmers: Crabtree Farms and Southerly Flower Farm

  121. Mia Marcum-McCoy on

    Some people and places that are influencing me at the moment include: 1) Floret 2) Tonya Leigh French Kiss Life and also her School of Self-Image,
    3) Northwest Seed and Pet (Spokane, Washington), 4) Gardenary (an online program that teaches how to garden and has a program to become a garden coach).

  122. AmyK on

    I am inspired by the recipes and writing of Shauna Ahern on Vashon, love my local garden and home improvement shop Pierson’s in Eureka, CA, and Blue Jay Nursery.

  123. Leslie Hunter on

    Oh how your stories and photos brighten my day! And (bonus!) I always pick up a tip or two! How you find time to run the farm, pick the flowers AND share it all with the world is a mystery but I’ll take it—-and say thank you!

  124. Kathy Box on

    Wow! That was so much great info! IG has allowed me to find so many small businesses owned by women, local and from across the world. A favorite find of mine is the tiny town of Jewell, IA. @gravyhomegoods started a movement there of small shops-most owned by women! This group of entrepreneurs has filled the downtowns previously empty buildings with shops! Sewing, vintage, clothing, @ginandtarnish @mustardseedrevival and others. I share their IG accounts and take car loads of people there (it is 10 minutes from home). I have found small shops all over my local area…some new @zwmerchantile and some wonderfully old @jbknacker and some inspirational @thevineryflowerfarm (7miles from my house, owned by mother and daughter, full of hope and ideas). And now I have found you. My favorite things are flowers and fun vintage pieces to plant in my garden.

  125. Kira on

    I started a new garden bed for medicinal plants some years ago that I got distracted away from. I’m newly inspired to continue that project and spent a great deal on seeds from the Strictly Medicinals website.

  126. Peggy Greubel on

    Thank you for such a comprehensive list! So much fun to explore it.
    Currently I am enjoying the benefits of @lospoblanos lavender lotion and salves.

  127. Jessica Brennis on

    The First Lady that inspired me was Zhanna from “Pretty flower farm” in arlington,wa! She opened up her flower shed on Mother’s Day and I got to meet her. Srtedmessaging her often with questions and visit her farm each week to buy fresh flowers! I feel we have become friends and she has shared so much of her knowledge of growing with me as well as leading me to you and others in our community that grow! Deanna from “Twigandvine” is another inspiration and amazing women! I love the program she started “Growing kindness”. I am at home mon that has been inspired to grow my own cut garden this spring. I bought your book to guide me in how to start and what I will need! I’m very excited to see what comes of all of my seeds and tubers this spring!

  128. Dawn Davis on

    A small business that is inspiring me right now is a new little shop in our hometown, Bloom Boutique. This shop was started by a young wife and mother following her dream. Her shop was located in an old historic building on our town’s main street. Several weeks ago a fire started at the far end and took the entire building, her store front included. She hasn’t given up and has moved online. She is another beautiful example of the human spirit.

  129. Chelsea on

    I have found so much inspiration in the Floret team and your beautiful flowers. It was actually your book, Cut Flower Garden, that got me started on this flower growing adventure. That and the wonderful world of British gardening television. I am a huge fan of Mr Monty Don and his shows and books have inspired me SO much! I love Gardener’s World and wish we had an US equivalent. I also find myself inspired by packets of seeds. I’m drawn to them like a moth to a flame and wish I could grow everything!

  130. Kelsey Harris on

    I am new to the world of growing my own flowers, and in just the few months of researching I’m hooked! I’ve loved the Flower Podcast (which I found because of Erin’s episode) and have starting seeking inspiration from Triple Wren Farms, Clara Joyce Flowers and Fields of Grace. All have been rich resources for me in starting this journey.

  131. Laina D on

    This year I began my journey into farming and carpentry! My biggest inspirations have been The Thriving Farmer podcast with Michael Kilpatrick and the Fine Homebuilding podcast. Dovetail Workwear has been a godsend for me because I am 5’10” and a size 2 so a lot of times women’s pants just aren’t made to fit me. I have been very inspired by the women farmers I was so fortunate to work with this season at @bluemooncommunityfarm and I’m continuously inspired by @cattailorganics ! I’m just getting into the carpentry and trades scene but I’m so very inspired by all the women in the trades! Sarah Bendrick has been very fun to watch tackle all sorts of projects. Thanks for reading!

  132. Peggy Schafer Vincent on

    I find inspiration every day from the Instagram posts by Dawn Mohrmann of Hydrangea Home. She is not just an entrepreneur who opened a shop, she creates many of the items she sells, and she carries some of the most beautiful “home decor” – most of which comes from other small businesses. She shares not just the products, but information on the artists, gives full credit to their talents and how to follow them as well! All of them inspire one to create something, from the flowers in my garden to the sticks laying around the yard. Even better, is all the products I have discovered from her little shop on Long Island! Thanks for your list!! Merry Christmas and cheers to a FABULOUS 2021!!

  133. Tara Smith on

    In early spring of this year I discovered Laura LeBoutillier with Garden Answer on YouTube and was instantly inspired by her channel. Through Garden Answer I discovered Floret and you both have inspired me so much that I have discovered a love for flowers and gardening that I did not know I had. I fell in love with flowers and have read all of Erin’s books so far and I am making plans to plant my first cutting garden next spring among many other things. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, your talents and your love of flowers!

  134. Tonya Wasicki on

    I am new to flower farming, actually Im just starting this spring. I found floriet on instagram and have read Cut flower garden cover to cover. And no Im going through it again markering pages for quick reference. I also have watch your small course viedos. Im a master gardener for years but never really new about flower farming. We are move soon to a home with an area I will experiment with. Id like to sell at farm stands. I cant wait for your dahlia book also. Its the first year I dug up my mine. It was just a handful not sure if they will make it but Im excited to see. Thank you for all of your tips and knowlege. I love all your favorite things rsp the bibs as I sm 5’10 and its so hard to find pants long enough. Thanks for sharing

  135. Catherine on

    Goodness! The comments here are so valuable—it’s great to have such wonderful, local recommendations. Because of the pandemic it has been really challenging to find some of these gems…particularly those with an online presence. I’m actually struggling to be internally inspired—so your question is making me realize that I don’t have much to offer—and I really should fix that!

  136. Angelina Weber on

    I’ve become really inspired by Laura & Aaron from the YouTube channel called “Garden Answer.” I discovered them earlier this year and have learned a lot about gardening that makes me really excited and motivated to begin updating our own garden this upcoming spring. I was particularly inspired by the cut flower & vegetable garden they started this year and I now have some plans laid out to start some flowers & vegetables in the spring for harvest. My husband and I are very interested in becoming more sustainable and want to learn those kinds of skills now to pass on to our children one day :)

  137. Diane Polscer on

    Thank you for this curated list of your favorites. I have put several of your picks on my Christmas list. I am currently inspired by the Instagram and blog of Bend, Oregon gardener and author Shannon Ables on “The Simply Luxurious Life.” She is full of inspiration and uplifting photos and content during these uncertain times! Happy Holidays to all.

  138. Melissa Rideout on

    I am influced by so many! From beginners like me and and very experienced like Floret. I am loving Johnny Seeds and their assortment of seeds and tools that have been very helpful. Oh and your sister with Old shed vintage, I LOVE watching what she finds! Makes me wanna move closer so I can snag some of her rare finds ❤ thank you for all of your help!

  139. Nate on

    One of my favorites has become our local sweet treats maker here in Asheville called Beeswax and Butter. Their macarons make my week.

  140. Kelly Ann Myers on

    I am really enjoying muddy acre farms – I love the Christmas trees that she is making and they inspired me to decorate at Christmas with fresh greenery!

  141. Jessica on

    This year I’ve been loving and holding near all my favorite makers- it’s been an incredible year for creativity in some respects. I follow a lot of sewists and love seeing the fabric they choose and love to fantasize about what I’d make.

    I am also really excited to buy some pottery from local artists- there’s something so satisfying about this useful, tangible, almost magical skill.

  142. Barbara Paulsen on

    Dahlias have become my favorite cultivated flowers and my go to source for them are @three girls garden founded by a mom and her two daughters and bringing beauty to Ocean County New Jersey. I learned of Floret through their postings. Even as winter approaches they prepared beautiful dried flower petals in glass balls that extend their offerings and make lovely gifts!

  143. Van on

    Thanks so much for sharing your list of tried-and-trues! I’m inspired by all my local shops including Bloom & Co., Hillary Kerr’s podcast Second Life that has pushed me to start my own business part-time, and also Ottolenghi’s cookbooks that has led me to a more plant-based lifestyle.

  144. Anna Poleszak on

    Last month in IT company, I’ve created a group of people interested in gardening, seeds sharing, bee lovers, plant workshops, etc. Now we have on line meetings and there was one in office – we have prepared christmas wreath.
    It is amazing, how many of us, working in technology need contact with nature. Group, called GardenerSii has now over 50 people,
    and they now inspires me the most. <3

  145. Trisha Kearns on

    Great to see all your favourite things. I love Niwaki work gloves and their Skagen scissors and my Felco secateurs and their wooly hats are lovely and warm. I have really gotten into flower books in the last couple of years and there are a couple of books I enjoyed. Gilding the Lily is about the cut flower industry. I also liked In Bloom by Clare Nolan and really liked Eliot Coleman books which have been good for all round basic knowledge on growing side. Dale Carnegies book on how to win friends and influence people is still a great reminder of how to work with people and although written in a different time and a bit antiquated, it still goes back to basics. I follow Charles Dowdings blogs on his No Dig approach which has been really successful for me. Kristina Karlsons book “Your dream life starts here” is a nice easy read about how to dream and focus on what you really want with inspiring stories about other successful women. I like Mícheál Hyatts podcasts and find them practical. Finally I love “Yoga with Adriene” – YouTube and blog. It’s not business related but when my back and body aches and I feel like I am 102 years old after being out in the field, I do her yoga videos and always feel a bit better! Happy Christmas to everyone there.

  146. Melissa on

    This list is inspiring me! I’ve got some seeds ready to go for the spring and now I’m thinking about growing and planting. Thank you for sharing!

  147. Julia Celio on

    Recently I stumbled across an instagram page that continuously takes my breath away, @fordeabbey. The tranquility and majesty of this place makes me feel like I’m walking through a portal in time.
    The plantings and grounds of this place are surreal and inspire me to look at floral beauty in a wild, organic and uninhibited way. Once these crazy times that we are living in are over I need to fly across the pond to see it for myself!
    The other inspirational item for me during this year is the floral design book, Color Me Floral, by Kiana Underwood. Her floral arrangements are so vibrant, romantic and enchanting. Makes me always want to think outside the box when I play around with my flowers.

  148. Sarah strain on

    I am fortunate to live in the beautiful town of Boulder, Colorado which is ripe with a lot of women owned businesses and amazing women artists. For the last few years I have been so inspired by the business model of a local consignment shop called Common Threads. I worked there for a few years and I am so lucky I got to have that experience. They focus on sustainable fashion and athletic wear and donate a lot of money each year to local organizations.

    While working at a flower shop right now as a floral designer, I’ve been really inspired by Floret and learning to grow my own flowers to fuel my flower passion. I am moving to a more rural area next spring and I will be taking all of your books with me to grow something beautiful for myself and also for my new community. I especially love how In your books, Erin, you make growing for any space so approachable and easy to understand. Thank you flower friends!

  149. Amanda Taylor on

    I am inspired by the Bog boots. I have just moved to south coast of Oregon from the mountains of California. The climate is completely opposite. My yard is now full of green plants instead of manzanita. And it actually rains! I have been enjoying the rain, but I need to add to my wardrobe so I can keep my feet dry when out walking my dog or enjoying the scenery.

    I also need to read some of the gardening books you recommend. In our new home town, we have a family of deer who wander around town, sampling everyone’s yards. I want to figure out what to plant which they won’t eat, even in the fall when it seems they eat everything they resisted that spring. I’d especially like some wild flowers to plant in a shared large back yard.

    Thank you for your help getting me started in my new home’s garden.

  150. Donna Eaton on

    I live in North Carolina and I really love Carolina Flowers (Carolina flowers.com) located in Asheville, NC. It is a wonderful flower farm & florist business that produce fabulous flowers and have gifts as well. I also really like Eden seeds which is also located in Asheville, North Carolina. They have high-quality seeds & bulbs that can be shipped everywhere. One of my favorite things are your books! I am a flower photographer & teacher and I find lots of inspiration from them. https://www.facebook.com/DonnaEatonPhotographer/
    @donnere on instagram

  151. Andrea Boudreau on

    I am inspired by Mary who owns The Pale Blue Dot shop in Hamilton, Ontario. This young woman has cultivated this amazing shopping experience at her store which sells earth friendly home, kitchen and personal products. She also hunts down vintage furniture and clothing. She has created something truly beautiful while sticking to her guns about offering only sustainable products. Mary and her store are a true gem of the city.

  152. Robyn Cook on

    I am so inspired by all the small flower farmers I follow on social media. Floret, along with places like MuddyAcres, ThreeWrens and Sunny Meadows and many others. They are such an inspiration for me as an aspiring flower farmer. Thank you all for showing other woman that we can do this! And thank you for helping me find the desire to do something I love. After years of giving everything I had to other people, I am finally going to start doing something for myself; growing flowers.

  153. Caroline Galbraith on

    I’m inspired by many on IG. My first was Tilly’s Nest. She was the first who showed me how to care for my first flock of chickens many years ago. Her book and blog was very inspirational and educational at the same time. Another is your account of course. I love to garden and grow beautiful flowers. I’m not on a professional level, but you’ve given me courage to try new varieties I thought I could never grow and to my surprise did and adding more each year. I purchased the calendar & planner this year to keep track of bulb and seed planting. The last favorite family shop I have purchased farm raised meats from is Five Mary’s Farm. They have amazing products and I love to follow their stories daily on IG. Thank you for sharing your beautiful flowers and inspiring us wannabe flower farmers – Caroline

  154. Lea on

    Despite living in North Carolina, I am a big fan of Gardeners’ World and Monty Don‘s advice has helped a lot with my gardening this year.

  155. Sumera on

    Wonderful things that you have shared. I’m not using all of these and after reading about them here I feel like I am missing out. I’m going to add a knee pad because I get down on my knees to work on plants and they’re very helpful!

  156. Phyllis Horn on

    Have always loved gardening so there are two Instagram accounts that are really inspiring to me. They are prettyflowerfarm and thefarmhouseflowerfarm. They not only show the results of their hard work planting but how their families pitch and help. Sure wish I lived closer to their farms to stop by and pick up a handpicked floral bouquet.

  157. Teresa Perna on

    I come from a family of creative people, some who create for a living and others who create as a hobby. I’m always inspired by anyone who takes the time to make what makes their heart happy. I live in Portland, Oregon so I have many opportunities to experience local handmade goods. I love my neighborhood antique store, Monticello Antiques. Oh, and did I mention one of those talented makers is my daughter at blueandblueshop.com? I get to see first hand the time and dedication she puts into each piece she makes. One of my favorite Instagramers is #sallysbakingaddiction- I want to make every single thing she posts. Escazu chocolates in Raleigh, NC is another favorite. Also love annakmcdermott.com This post could be pages long with a list of all my favorites and inspirations.

  158. Lacy on

    I’ve been inspired by the book “breath” by James Nestor, always inspired by the podcast “creative pep talk” hosted by Andy j pizza (Miller) an incredible illustrator whose work is fun and expressive. I’m also very inspired by the connection of farming and the creative process which is something I’m experiencing in my life, currently. Truly inspired by what you do. Your work is so beautiful!

  159. Tia on

    I am loving Lisa Congdon’s phone cases, this Tik Tokker: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJbMtT6L/
    Skirts by Madewithlovebyhannah (on Etsy)
    Lingerie by sandmaidensleepwear (Etsy too) and art by Tardiflorus on Etsy.

  160. Christina Parker on

    I have just discovered floret… but what a great find! This is my first year of homeschooling and my daughter wants to be a homesteader. I wanted to search out ways to teach her how to make that dream reality and found floret. My daughter is 12 and although there is a big push toward traditional careers I want her to know that with hard work and passion she can make a life she loves. We have been following florets’s every move since and counting down the days to your seed sale. Although 2020 has been hard for many reasons outside the pandemic… we are hopeful for spring and our new flower garden.

  161. Robyn C Bupp on

    I started to follow Floret last winter. I retired this summer and have a very small cut flower garden. With the help of your seeds and your book – Cut Flower Garden – I had the best little flower garden ever! I am a quilter and get inspiration from a few small fabric centers in central PA – Smile Spinners and The Fabric Center along with the numerous Instagram quilters I follow.

  162. Melinda on

    Learning the story of Floret’s beginning and how you started small has inspired me to not give up on dreams. Thank you!

  163. Christine W. MacKay on

    While I’m a gardener and enjoy growing flowers and plants all year, I am also a knitter. I love beautiful hand dyed yarns and find inspiration from Wild in theWoods shop. Local, sustainable and natural …beautiful yarn along with interesting stories of life in the woods, recipes, etc. Inspires me to garden and grow plants for natural dyes to then knit into comforting items like cowls and shawls. This is what is inspiring me! Nature, flowers and creativity!

  164. Michele J. on

    What helpful suggestions and so many great recommendations! Thank you!
    Things inspiring me at the moment:
    the artists and musicians at The Rabbit Room online community. Particularly John Hendrix right now.
    The We Wonder (for Advent) podcast.
    The Great Lakes Bee Company here in Michigan and their beeswax candles, honey, etc. – the glow of candles is so encouraging!
    The Man Who Invented Christmas by Les Standiford about Charles Dickens and “A Christmas Carol” – sooo interesting to me!
    My daughter, who is a source of joy and wonder and inspiration! And friends who encourage and speak light into dark days.
    All of these things, people, and businesses inspire me in different ways – & for that I am so thankful. 💛💛💛

  165. Clara on

    I am inspired by all the small businesses and Etsy artists right now. So many handmade creations to admire until I can garden outdoors again!

    I live in an apartment but my mother has a garden and spent a lot of time on it this year (COVID and empty nesting). I know gardening brought her so much joy during a crazy year and she proudly sent photos of her plants, including her first year with dahlias. Gardens radiate joy!

  166. Rhonda on

    I have been so into audiobooks. Right now I’m listening to “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking.” I am finding so many useful bits and pieces of myself in that book. “Wild Drinks and Cocktails,” by Emily Han has been seeing lots of use this holiday season. I am currently working on an herbal gin recipe and I can’t wait to try it. I am so in awe of the folks at Equitable Giving Circle in Portland, Oregon. They are doing amazing work. Portland shops that are tickling my fancy and my tastebuds are Altar Boutique and the BakeshopPDX.

  167. Chris Zempel on

    Christiansen’s Nursery for unique plant finds and a gorgeous gift shop. Rexville Grocery for amazing sandwiches. Snow Goose Produce for their farm stand. Brady’s Crab Shack for yummy seafood.

  168. Becky Pope on

    We have a local consignment shop/produce market in our area that is in an old racehorse barn. I love looking at all the vendors creations. So much talent and love in such a unique place. It gives me all kinds of inspiration when we stop in to shop.

  169. Judy Pheanis on

    I’m currently in a Making frenzy and have been so inspired by the many quilters and bag makers. I find my inspiration through them on Instagram… as I find inspiration from YOU!

  170. Dianne Gilbert on

    I recently took a floral design class from Fleur De Vie Design by Madeleine Elmer in Houston. She gave helpful, informative and fun tips for our Christmas arrangement with her gorgeous selection of flowers.
    Thompson Hanson Nursery has tiny boxwoods that share the name with their cafe. Their mint lemonade is a refreshing treat any time of year!
    Also my Floret ranunculus are showing their shiny green leaves as they are nestled in the garden until their spring debut. These are joined by Floret Bachelor Buttons.

  171. Stephanie on

    Lately, Tiktok has been a great resource for inspiring entrepreneurs. My favourite at the moment is CarysCuttlefish. She makes adorable sculptures and frequently shares insights into running an art based business.

  172. Paula Olivares on

    Over three years ago I was reading Magnolia journal and when I came across the article about floret I knew that I had finally found something that I had been looking for which was being able to do something with my little girls from home that would touch other lives and since I love gardening anyway it was a perfect fit so Erin you certainly have been an inspiration especially since I am probably in the spot where you were 10 plus years ago with little ones trying to grow a little flower business. Along the way I have been inspired by a neighbor flower farm called Green Light Farms and Maggie has been a true blessing along the way to me. Also it was such a joy to meet and learn from Rhonda from Berry and Bloom Farm a few hours from us. Also a dear friend on Instagram has been an inspiration with her gorgeous photography and I highly recommend following her at Petal Back Farms. I could not have done what we’ve been able to do this year without The Bee’s Knees Boutique in nearby Hudson Wisconsin where they allowed us to deliver our pre-ordered bouquets to their store and I have been so inspired by their generosity, sweetness and Beauty! Looking forward to Partnering with them for years to come. Blessings to you and all you do!

  173. Erin on

    I am loving the book “Wintering” by Katherine May.
    My favorite pottery comes from Nelledesign on Etsy – simple and elegant pieces for daily use! Happy Christmas!

  174. Barb Knebel on

    Hi, I’m Barb from @knebelsfarm. What inspires me the most right now are other flower farmers that live in my city and state. Mindi @petalflowerfarm, Cheryl @twigsntwinecincy, Christina @theflowerladyinotr, Nan @queencityflowerfarm & Linda @inthegardenflowerfarm. We have loving & supportive relationships based on helping and a non competitive nature. So refreshing! We want the best for each other & go out of our way to see to it that we each are embraced for individual talents.

  175. Malealyn on

    I am continually inspired by the humans around me. These days they aren’t necessarily in close proximity. Just me and my girls here at home every day! Two fabric stores, Crimson Tate in Indianapolis, IN and Domesticity in Baltimore, MD. Both shops have really taken the lead in their communities in regards to making masks for those in desperate need. They are also both doing the best they can even with extreme limitations on their ability to run a storefront. Their energy is inspiring.

  176. Claudia h on

    I’m loving all my floret farms calendar, planner and a year in flowers book. Also frances palmers book is delightful. What a wonderful list to look over during the winter months and dreaming and planning my garden for next spring

  177. Ashley on

    Lately I’ve been really inspired by RoxyMarj products. She makes beautiful handmade children’s art items including pendants, stockings (seasonally), and coloring pages that can be printed up to 36″x48″. She also makes really sweet astrology books for babes. Her art has a strong connection to nature, while also being very whimsical. Love her stuff!

  178. Barb Knebel on

    The people and things that are inspiring me the most right now are people in my own city and state.
    I am Barb Knebel from @knebelsfarm, but my good friends from @Petalflowerfarm, @theflowerladyinotr,@twigsntwine, @twolittlebuds, @queencityowerfarm & @inthegardenflowerfarm inspire me the most. Mindi, Cheryl, Nan, Linda, Mindy & Christina all are flower farmers like me and we support each other and the love and inspiration we share is such a wonderful blessing in today’s world. There is no competition or comparison. Just encouraging words and cheerleading on the sidelines. Refreshing right?❤️

  179. Ferriss on

    I’m inspired by the local farms around me who have absolutely risen to the occasion to provide food and flowers during the pandemic. I’m particularly inspired by the pandemics pushing us all to shop locally and support our communities. I’m inspired therefore to try even harder to grow local flowers now that people are really staying close to home. I’m also incredibly inspired to give lots of my earnings away to assuage food insecurity, to support #BLM and criminal justice reform. I am so incredibly into growing flowers, picking flowers and arranging and selling my flowers! It’s an absolute act of love and that’s why it’s so so easy for me to give away most of my $ I make from growing them. Jen Sincero’s book You Are A Badass At Making Money really changed my life! You recommended Reading Jen to me way back Erin! Another thing that inspired me a long time ago was when I realized how you gave away all your knowledge and tricks of the trade, rather than hoarding them! I’ve tried to emulate that as well because there is enough for all of us! Life is about community and not competition and I love that about your teachings. I’m also inspired by using what you have available to you. From growing up with 10 siblings to teaching horticulture at a prison to bring self employed I’ve learned to be delighted by making something out of nothing. From foraging for wreaths to collecting seeds to building wattle fences to mending my work shirts I love using what I have at hand. I’m also inspired by my size 11 RedWing Boots! They make me feel like I can move mountains! I also recommend overalls from Utility Canvas! I got the red ones and they make me feel so happy and joyful and they are already permanently stained on the knees! I’m currently reading a bunch of books by Miss Read about the wholesome local life in the Cotswolds and the inhabitants ingenuity!

    Thank you got all you do!

  180. Damita Crouse on

    Great list – so many new things to explore. I’m enjoying the new book by chef Marcus Samuelson The Rise. Also love the jewelry made by Megan Auman and the art of Jen Hewitt and Lisa Congdon. Oh and Land’s End down vests – perfect for inside and outside wear.

  181. Judy Haas on

    I’ve been inspired by The Budget Mom and Inspired Budget who have helped me realize that budgeting is a practice that helps me focus on what I have and can have as opposed to what I always seem to feel I lack. And the ladies at Peaceful Mind, Peaceful Life do the same, just in a different way.

  182. Anna Lucia Boudreauxr on

    I enjoy all of Monty Don’s books, and am inspired by you, 5 Mary’s, and sono sakai’s feed. Ther’s nothing like foraging in your own garden. Peonies and dahlias are my favorites with roses up next…. and growing ‘fillers’ that are easy and beautiful.

  183. Tana B. on

    I’ve been really inspired by United States of Flowers down in Portland. Black-owned, small-scale farmer florist and apothecary business, while she and her partner also work full time day jobs. Her arrangements are beautiful and she keeps it 💯 on social media.

  184. Esther Benedict on

    I live in Japan, so my sources of inspiration are a little unique! 😊

    I’m inspired by the Nozomi Project in Ishinomaki, Japan, a business that creates accessories out of broken pottery. It started after the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011 and employs local women who were directly impacted by the disaster. Their stories are so encouraging and show how hope and beauty can be born out of pain and brokenness.
    I have a ton of their earrings and necklaces and love them all!

    I’m also inspired by a knife maker called Hatayama Hamono. The owner has been hand-forging Japanese kitchen knives for over 5 decades (incredible history!) He has a special technique and his knives are the best and last forever! I can’t go back to using anything else of lesser quality now😆

  185. Erin Tygart on

    Thank you for this list! I’ll definitely be shopping for some overalls, because I keep tearing my jeans at the barn and I’ve been needing some pants as tough as our prairie terrain and cute, too! I love local businesses and my favorite is Loops Tulsa, for my yarn addiction. The owner stocks the most beautiful yarns, and most are hand dyed or locally sourced, made responsibly or with fair trade practices in mind. We also have Grassroots Ranch, a local farm producing eggs and meat with sustainable agriculture. It really gives me hope to see people working so hard to give back to our planet by enriching the land and blessing the animals in the process. I was recently inspired by the book The Time Is Now, by Joan Chittister. If ever I needed a book of hope and uplifting, the time was now! She gives you a focused look at what we can do to bring positivity and love and change to the world. Thanks for letting me share my little joys!

  186. Katherine Lewis on

    The book “Teaching from Rest” is inspiring me lately! As well as this awesome blog. 👍🏻

  187. Jami M on

    I definitely get a lot of inspiration right here in your little slice of flower heaven, not only in your beautiful images but in your story and your team’s story. I have so much respect and admiration for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit that takes the plunge in believing in themselves.

    For books, I currently love Bird by Bird, from Anne Lamont and on Instagram, I love @goodnews_movement (any where I can get some positive, feel-good vibes I’ll take:)

  188. Yolanda Burrell on

    As a new(ish) farmer and kitchen garden coach, I love the easy going style of Charles Dowding. His manner just puts me at ease, but fills me with can- do spirit. I love his videos!

    My go-to books:
    -Farming While Black- Soulfire Farm’s Practical Guide to Liberation on the Land
    by Leah Penniman
    -Food Grown Right in Your Backyard
    by Colin McCrate and Brad Halm
    -High Yield Vegetable Gardening
    by Colin McCrate and Brad Halm

    Hori-horis; both stainless and carbon steel, Felco #2 pruners and Ryobi 18v cordless power tools.

    I prefer going gloveless. I need to know what I’m working with. I love wearing linen smocks with deep front pockets or japanese style x-back pinafores (I make my own) and comfy leggings with a side pocket for my phone. Ariat paddock boots, and a Buff to keep my locs in check.

    Blessings, all!

  189. Kara Aley on

    I love elSage Designs in Mount Vernon WA. A woman owned business. Great products! The hoodies are amazing and so soft and comfortable! I especially love how elSage supports other small businesses! Go visit them!

  190. Kristy McKee on

    I’m inspired by Floret of course, as well as Whistling Prairie Flowers.

  191. Amy Knopsnider on

    Of course I’ve been inspired by Floret this year and I am so excited to start the course!
    Linda Brown’s Floral in Donegal, PA has been an inspiration, a friend, and a cheerleader. Finally I have been inspired by all those seeking beauty in this year of chaos.

  192. Melinda on

    Your Cut Flower Garden is giving me inspiration as the rain pours down. Garden dreaming with it and pnw vegetable seed catalogs. Also grateful for a local small grocery store that has a section where local crafters display their works for sale.

  193. Lori W on

    A Year in Flowers was the inspiration of our little you-pick flower farm. Being new to Instagram I noticed my grown daughter had “liked” your new book at the time. I decided to order that book for her birthday. I had it sitting on our table before I gave it to her. My husband saw it and said “what’s that”? I told him and said doesn’t that look like fun. He read the book and was all in! My daughter did get the book but I ordered another one for us. I don’t think we would be where we are today without the book A Year in Flowers.

  194. Maureen on

    I’m always inspired by Floret, though I don’t grow flowers commercially, I take it seriously. Thorough the shelter in place it’s been fun to share bouquets with all my stuck at home friends. On instagram, I enjoy following posts from the Southern Hemisphere, for inspiration in the cool winter months when things are slow here.

  195. Donna Murphy on

    I absolutely love this list. Had an AHA moment when I saw the tool belt! I work for a huge exposition center in Kentucky and am constantly juggling a cell phone, radio, pen, notes, Kleenex, key ring, masks and gloves. So guess what just got put on my wish list?! Friends of mine own the Sauk Mountain Pottery in Concrete (hand thrown, wood-fired, extremely versatile pieces!) and I am constantly amazed at the support and encouragement they and other local craftsmen offer to one another. It makes for a kinder, more gentle world. What an example all of the Skagit Valley craftspeople set for the rest of us. Blessings!

  196. Lindsay Kahne on

    I have been finding Inspiration lately in all of the books and articles by Ashley English. She is also a joy to follow along with on social media. I just find peace in her kindness and love the coziness she brings to everything she does. Her recipes, gardening and decorating are all just so charming.

  197. Karen Hahn on

    I am trying to get into composting. Just ordered a Suppod, hoping this will be an easy solution. I enjoy Erin’s take on growing flowers in a compact space.

  198. Mariah Lyons on

    I love Floret Flowers and am also always inspired by Santa Cruz Dahlias. I live in Santa Cruz and enjoy walking by her garden in the spring and watching the dahlias grow and transform.

  199. Maggie Morgan on

    This fall I was able to visit Arrowhead Dahlias down the road in Platteville, Colorado. Owners Calvin and Julie are the most down-to-earth, kind dahlia farmers who were more than willing to share their knowledge and encourage me as a new dahlias enthusiast. They stopped what they were doing to showed me around and answered all my questions while I spent a morning photographing their lovelies. Last week my husband and I sat down to plan out our dahlia beds for next year and together we selected and ordered our tubers from Arrowhead. I love the community I’ve found in dahlia farmers and they fill my Instagram feed daily with so much beauty and inspiration! ❤️

  200. Tracy on

    I am inspired by the people you mentioned in this post…eager to explore. Locally, here in Ohio, I am impressed by our amazing Farmers Market, Pork and Pickles and local wineries.

  201. Liz on

    I am a novice beekeeper and cannot read enough books. I am currently reading “Natural Beekeeping” and love to follow treatment free beekeepers like @girlnextdoorhoney and @beeciny. I’m currently planning my flower garden, and of course one of my favorite shops is Floret. I also love to shop from Select Seeds, Baker Seeds, and Johnny’s ☺️

  202. Jessie Castaneda on

    I draw inspiration from several different places. Floret (of course), a local shop called Salt Creek Apothecary, Gypsy Lotus Jewelry (also local), content creators on instagram/youtube, Roots and refuge, the Elliot homestead (local to me), Garden Answer. Sunsets Western Gardeners book. I’m enjoying winter, but I am looking forward to spring 😊

  203. Kaela on

    I’m currently inspired by the book I’m reading, “Braiding Sweetgrass”. I am a public garden intern and I love, love, love it and find many of the stories to be so relevant!

  204. Cassie on

    As I am just starting the cut flower growing portion of my small farm, I am just delving into my flower resources- so my favorites are women who build things, create things, and take excellent care of the animals on their farms! @anneofalltrades is a woodworker and an avid gardener (among so many other things) and @themoderndaysettler raises animals for meat but cares for them like family! I learn so much from the two of them, and now Floret when it comes to starting my flower farm!

  205. Brittany Jones on

    I’m currently in the process of transitioning our farm to no-till. A lot of inspiration and tips have come from small-scale farms I’ve found through Instagram. We produce vegetables out on the Olympic Peninsula and I’m always looking to the fisherman for ideas for farm attire. I purchased my first pair of Grundens realizing it must be the best thing to keep the rain off you, if everyone on a fishing boat is wearing them. :)

  206. Laurel Muff on

    I’ve been inspired this year by Ginny of 1000 Hours Outside. Her challenge to get your family outside and change the curve against the overwhelming amount of time we spend in front of screens, has been especially a gift during this year where we have been stuck at home.

  207. June Lupiani on

    I’m inspired by my own small but mighty team! I run a restaurant with the most dedicated and hard working people and I’m so grateful for them. 2020 as a year has inspired me to work hard to fight for my business and to also go inward, stay put and enjoy my nucleus. My Vermont gardens have never looked better and have never provided so much beauty and bounty.
    What a year!!

  208. Jenny Miller on

    Thank you so much for this lovely giveaway! I’m inspired by you and so many talented gardeners, artisans, flower farmers and florists that I follow on Instagram, most recently the talented twig artist Tarja Heikkilä @finntwigs.

  209. Melissa Leslie on

    Such a great community!! Thanks for the information. Just starting and this type of info is wonderful. Missed the dateline for your course this year but will see you in 2021

  210. Lolo Hendin on

    I’m in love with the empowering and sexy handmade pieces made by Maya Beth at @beholden and I am so excited to have found at the library the book Wild Color with so much information about natural dyeing!

  211. Abby on

    We love bluestones for leather work boots, Atlas gloves, and ASR pruning shears!

  212. Eleonora Giuliodori on

    I am planning my market garden and cut flower farm in Italy starting from 2022 ( currently still living and gardening in the UK). I am reading and learning about no dig techniques and regenerative growing methods for a market garden business. My biggest inspiration at the moment comes from reading your books, as well as Charles Dowding, Jean Martin Fortier and Eliot Coleman. Different stories and approaches that are teaching me and making me think. I am focusing on learning and trying to develop my own best strategies. I can’t wait to start. Thank you for sharing your stories and experiences with all of us!

  213. JY on

    Floret is awesome!!! Since I followed Floret, I have learned a ton about planting seasonal flowers, choosing from many plant varieties, storing, bouquets making, and supporting local florists using the local map. Now when I read this post about some recommended tools to use from a professional non-biases perspectives, I more than appreciating the floret teams to share these great knowledge without charge. Thank you very much and I always tell my friends that if they love flowers, wanted to grow them at their backyard or simply just wanted to learn more about flowers like I do, I recommend them to look no further.

    I have been looking specifically for wooden handle hand tools, both long lasting and efficient use. Any recommendation?
    I love supporting local florists by buying seasonal flowers at the farmers market. During off market hour, I would stroll around and visit my city flower shop.
    Happy Holiday everyone!

  214. Lindsay Zarowny on

    I am inspired by this list and will be adding many of these resources to my list to check out! I am regularly inspired by the Homemaker Chic podcast and the farm and recipes of Shaye Elliott (the Elliott Homestead).

  215. Danna Shaner on

    I am finding inspiration from 4 corners merchants in Renton Wa. It is a tiny boutique shop in the Fairwood neighborhood in Renton and only sells handmade items from local and global artisans. This little shop has really brought our community together and created a network of makers during a very isolating year. The existence of this shop has led to my own crafting and brand: Danna Marie Home. I am a nurse working in healthcare leadership during this crazy pandemic… creating something beautiful and being able to share that with my community has been the only thing saving my sanity this year. I am so grateful for community and the focus on supporting local this year. May you all have a safe, healthy, and joyous holiday!!!

  216. Jessie D on

    Great list! So fun!!
    CookSmarts recipe subscription! Been a member for years and the founder is fabulous & I’ve been inspired to learn to cook in my 40s!
    Local to you I also love neighboring Tulip Town and Christiansen’s Nursery both also in Mount Vernon, WA.
    Village Books in Fairhaven, Bellingham ,WA.
    Tri-Dee arts in Mount Vernon , WA and Jag Arts in Everett ,WA!
    GoBugGo created a mosquito repellant that people like me with contact dermatitis can use!! Made in USA! (A wonderful woman created it too)
    TomboyX, My friend is cofounder, great comfy undies & inspiring messages & mission.
    I love my bag from Portland Leather Co.
    I love local potter Sauk Mountain Pottery .
    Leonard Gomez flower designs on FB – love following them
    Emergency Poets Society- always inspiring too on FB

  217. Michelle Gregor on

    What a gift this blog post (including ALL the comments) is! It is a beautiful thing to shine a spotlight on others☺️
    Here are a few of my favorite things to add:
    1. The Floret tool belt and both of her snippers (My husband always says having the right tools for the job makes a big difference, and these tools certainly do!)
    2. The long sleeve tee from Peruvian Connection -They are the perfect layering tee, stand alone tee, work tee, dress up tee…
    3. The Lesser Bear ribbon! (This was mentioned earlier but if you love to tie a beautiful bow you really need to check this out!)
    4. Emily Ley planners, pens, and planner pouches!
    5. Nourish to Flourish program by Jill Tanis
    6. MacarOn Cafe out of New York (so delicate and delicious!)
    7. Lelishome.etsy.com for ruffles and lace (the mooshop on Etsy for linen bedding)
    8. A local shop Patinavie.com for special finds (the owner has worked with Anthropologie as well as Lang!)

  218. Lauren on

    Thank you for sharing your favorites! We also love Bog boots and Lands’ End coats and snow bibs, for our cold Rocky Mountains! We have several sets for my kiddos that have been used and abused, then handed down.
    Lately, I’m loving Jamie Oliver’s Ultimate Veg reruns on Create TV! He has quick, ingenious veggie-packed dinner ideas! Love following his Instagram account, he talks growing/food politics and videos his cute kiddos cooking.
    Also, a new discovery is Bookshop, a site that supports local, independently owned bookstores. Thanks again! These comments are a great community resource!

  219. Rhonda N on

    I always like to visit Honey, a little shop run by the same gals that do the Vintage Whites Market every year in Kalispell, Montana. Lots of vintage home decor and gifts. I go in there just to ‘feel good’ sometimes.

    A new little shop called Rose Petal just opened up in my little town of Columbia Falls, Montana. I just met the owner Ashley and she has agreed to carry my lavender in her little floral, gift shop. I am busily making products for her in time for Christmas.

    One of my favorite on line shops is Rough Linen. They make wonderful linen bedding and table linens, and I have two of their pinifores I wear while gardening. I am getting a pretty good collection of linen from them. They always include a lavender sachet with each order. I love that. Great customer service.

    Thank you for the great list of your favorites. Another’s perspective and discoveries are always fun.

  220. Niloufar A. on

    Thanks for this list! I’m learning so much by reading your posts. Your Instagram account is a huge resource for me: not only for inspiration but for practical, helpful information to guide my way into floral design and growing a cut flower garden.

  221. Devery Bellingham on

    It would mean so much to me if you checked out Whitney Rainsdon at https://www.whitneyrain.com/ ! She does floral water colors and prints them on tea towels, ornaments, and note cards. She fried her own flowers from Floret seeds, then used them as inspiration for her one-of-a-kind water colors! Her collection of paintings called “In Bloom” is seriously awesome.

  222. Mycah on

    I’m a newcomer to Instagram and discovering all of the local farmers and florists in my area and seeing their talent has been so incredibly inspiring to me.


    Blumen Gardens in Sycamore, Illinois is a garden shop that always inspires me. It is one of my favorite places to visit. Their displays are so creative!

  224. Alice Siebecker on

    I loved this post Erin, thank you so much for taking the time to share all of the names of people and items – one of my favorite local artists in Livingston MT is Beth Gregory Jewelry – all handmade by her. For a lovely outdoor artist, Montana Banksy who works in river and glacial out wash rocks around Livingston creating these wonderful rock designs that either slowly wash away or become over grown with grasses. She does this to get people into the outdoors searching for and looking at her designs and enjoying the Montana landscape. I realized that these aren’t something you can purchase but like flowers they eventually return to the earth.

  225. Paula Tomaszewski on

    Love This List! Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.
    Right now in our neck of the woods (Rural Alberta), there is a huge movement happening to support local. Collaborations, collectives and communities are popping up all over and I love it. Bringing people together, sharing products, thoughts, and ideas…..
    Some of my favorites are:
    Lazuli Farms- A first-generation farming family of four – serving up beef, pork, lamb. When they started out, they had little experience, but a vision and desire to share naturally raised meat with the local community. Since then, they have collaborated with other local entrepreneurs to offer add ons with their subscription boxes! What a great idea!!
    Flowers by Willows- Rachelle is a boutique florist, peony farmer, and most recently a budding silversmith jewelry creator. Lover of animals and humans alike. Cats, Clydes, Peonies, and Percherons. Hats and Highlands….She is so much fun to follow and learn from
    Stoney Cut Flowers- I am obsessed with her willow creations. Wreaths, swags, stick centerpieces, outdoor planters…..She is taking her flowers and drieds and doing something different.
    Wilhauk Beef Jerky- Not only do they make the best beef jerky around- they give back in so many ways- Check out their Facebook page with the 12 days of Giving and bring your box of Kleenex- you will need it.
    Greenthumbs Greenhouse- a wonderful duo that has been growing flowers and a market garden for 20+ years. It doesn’t get much fresher than pulling vegetables from the soil and handing them to the customer. Much like the Floret Team, they are constantly sharing their knowledge- the tried and tested methods of growing, with anyone that wants to know.

  226. Brook Eldredge on

    This blog post was so essential and informative thank you Floret!

    Right now I’m reading a book called “the organic farmers business handbook” by Richard Wiswall. It has been incredibly helpful regarding the business side of farming which I believe is so important, especially for us small farmers. Business classes are the one thing I always hated and never did well in but this book really breaks it down and makes it manageable and more enjoyable to learn. Highly recommend!

    My goal for year 2021 is to have a flower farm established in northern Florida using no till organic methods. I bought “Floret Farms cut flower garden” and it has been my bible! I just wanted to say thank you for making that information available to the public. I am also so excited to have learned about B-school and have already joined their waitlist. Happy holidays :)

  227. Linda on

    Recently read the beautifully photographed book, A Year at Brandywine Cottage by David L. Culp. I love to stop at The Farmer’s Daughter when visiting family in RI. Gardening magic happens there!

  228. Jeanette Sappe on

    First and foremost Floret Flowers has inspired me the most of the Instagram accounts I follow. I am a gardener and oh boy the advice has been incredible. Five Marys I stumbled across in a suggested account. I cannot say enough about what a fun account to follow. It’s strange how I feel like they have been life long friends. Watching the girls helping with the farm (what inspiration) Marys new kitchen… well I just love the account! You should tag along with the growing business they have and enjoy ALL of the activities of the family.

  229. Hydie Giretti McDonald on

    Growing up a farmer’s daughter and working in the fields and orchards, you have an appreciation of our earth and environment. It is so wonderful to see so many women becoming a part of agriculture, having successful businesses and being stewards of our precious earth. I cannot remember how I stumbled onto your website but I took your Fall Free Mini course last year and signed up for your newsletter then low and behold you show up as the Artist – In – Residence in Victoria Magazine. It is so important to support our local farmers and small businesses – some of the local business I support here in Hollister and San Juan Bautista, California are San Benito Soap Works – Becky makes wonderful soaps, lip balms, laundry soap etc., Pinnacle Produce has wonderful organic vegetables and Morris Grass Feed Beef . I am a believer in Reduce Reuse and Recycle and myself visit thrift stores – there are so many great finds! Thank you Erin for sharing your favorite things and for supporting and encouraging others to follow their dreams!

  230. Mariana on

    Hi from Spain! Thank as usual for your generosity sharing all these marvelous things! It’s hard to find most of the things you mentioned here in Spain, but nothing is impossible ;)
    I’m trying to gardening with the no dig method by Charles Dowding, who defends the crucial rol of compost in our paths. You can find him at http://www.charlesdowding.co.uk or in instagram @charles_dowding where he shares very instructive videos. It’s an interesting approach to permaculture and the respect of vegetables and flowers cicles.
    I don’t know if it’s translate it in english, but one of my favorite books is Le Jardin enchanté de Maria Hofker, the portrait of a dutch old lady who creates her own garden outside of Amsterdam, where she spend her time also painting beautiful aquarelles, a magic place!
    And maybe it’s familiar for you, but I recently saw an amazing and delicate film about another dutch gardener artist, Piet Oudolf, who creates stunning garden designs. You can find it at http://www.fiveseasonsmovie
    Thanks again for being there! I can no more buy your seeds, but I wish I could :)

  231. Jeanette Merrill on

    I’m asking for a print my friend is selling on Etsy of a beautiful Nativity scene she painted for Christmas!

  232. Emily Long on

    Just bought a copy of “Botany in a Day” by Thomas J. Expel. What a great resource. I bought a hoe on your recommendation although I didn’t expect it. I’ve been craving a tool belt for sometime. Thank you for all the beautiful inspiration always.

  233. MaryAnne Nestor on

    I love the thought that goes into each of your webpages, Instagram posts, training, and newsletters. And this post did not disappoint. I have visited the site of each of your recommendations. I am very inspired by and have a great respect for Floret. I’m also inspired by:

    A young woman, an entrepreneur and philanthropist, Assisa of https://www.hiptipico.com/ at the young age of 25 moved from her comfortable life in the US to Guatemala. There she launched her company of Hiptipico where she hires artisans to create beautiful clothing, bags, and scarves, etc. and finds markets in the US to purchase those goods. It is truly a cooperative business and the designs are lovely.

    Joey Stazzone of Café Kreyol (https://www.coffeehunterproject.com/) uses a Direct Trade system to pay farmers based on the quality of their product, paying up to 300% higher wages than what Fair Trade requires. Their story continues as they work to alleviate poverty in rural coffee growing regions, one cup at a time. Plus, the coffee is delicious.

    I am most inspired by my daughter, Grace Nestor-Louie. At only 25, Grace, with the support of her new husband, decided to quit her job and follow her heart. Like most young people, Grace knew how to use Facebook and Snapchat, but realized she would have to step up her social media game to make something of herself in the competitive market of becoming a professional artist. She paints, live, on Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/gracenestorlouie). Twitch demands more than just setting up a video on her computer. Twitch requires a huge learning curve to set up cameras and lighting, not to mention talking to an audience while painting. Other social media she uses are Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/gracenestorlouie/)-her husband behind the camera, and she developed a website (https://gracenestor.com/) with a “shop.” She enters contests, showcases her work in retail shops, and more! All these tools have nothing to do with painting, yet necessary to make a living at painting. And she didn’t know how to do any of them before she decided to use them as part of her marketing plan. How am I going to do all that and grow flowers? Twitch is definitely out. Instagram and a website are probably in. It’s scary. I don’t know anything about farming. I must be out of my mind.

    The Flower Recipe Book by Alethea Harampolis is a wonderful reference book… So is Fresh Flower Arranging: Step-by-Step Designs by Mark Welford and Stephen Wicks. I also was inspired by Cool Flowers: How to Grow and Enjoy Long-Blooming Hardy Annual Flowers Using Cool Weather Techniques by Lisa Mason Ziegler.

  234. Jessie Harden on

    I’ve been inspired by the knitting podcast of Arne and Carlos and by the people running my local neighborhood center. I’m loving things handmade and local this year and exploring what can be grown in my urban neighborhood.

  235. Julie M. on

    Thank you for this awesome list! We just make bed to Florida and am so looking forward to seeing what I can grow here. Weather feels like Washington’s early summer. I getting the planting itch and can’t wait to go to the local nurseries. I brought my Floret seeds and hope to plant them soon. Am loving Clare’s book In Bloom a truly must have! Looking forward to your new book Erin. Flowers are my happy place. 😃

  236. Mollie Payne on

    I love this list! I have loved participating in our local farmers market this year, and meeting so many entreprenuers in my area! Some of my favorites:

    Henrie & Crow (https://ahenrieart.com/henrie-and-crow) – a cute (soon to be married) team, Justin Crow builds custom frames, and Abigail Henrie paints the most glorious flowers, bees and sometimes livestock right on the glass. They would always do a live painting at the market (sometimes using our flowers for inspiration) and you can bet that painting sold every week.

    Emily Shay Art (https://www.instagram.com/emilyshayart/) – Beautiful paintings full of whimsy and charm. I especially love her MIGHTY WOMEN prints.

    Color Me Floral by Kiana Underwood – I love listening to Kiana’s story on The Flower Podcast (another favorite) and ordered her book immediately. I will be referring to this book for a long time – her designs are amazing!

    I also love my Floret toolbelt. Definitely got me through my first year flower farming being one of my most used and best loved tools!

  237. Lorrie Sutherland on

    Kinsey Petrie from “Lily and Ash” online boutique inspires me to do more. She is an ER nurse in Portland, Oregon. She just gave birth to her daughter, Nola, and still operates her online clothing boutique with humor and grace. She is a petite, little thing and searched for clothes that were comfortable and fit right. Since it’s inception, Lily and Ash has expanded into all sizes of women’s clothing. Part of the proceeds of her online shop go to support two girls in Haiti with necessities like food, clothing, shelter and access to schooling. This part warmed my heart. She does her own photography with often includes Nola, her husband John and their dog, Porter the Pup. One of my newest shirts from her shop is printed on the front “You Grow Girl”. It’s one of my favorite gardening shirts!

  238. Erin Leveille on

    Finding inspiration from Breanne @burchacres, LOVE supporting small businesses/shops in our sweet little rural community this year (@harmonyonline @bloomsandflora @sundaygeneralstore) and obsessed with Rachel Hollis’ book “Girl, Stop Apologizing” – it breathed LIFE into my sweet flower and garden goals for 2021!


  239. Michelle Shay on

    I’m really loving Swan Cottage Flowers. Zoe has been a real inspiration to me over the last bit with her shop and Instagram posts. She has the heart of a teacher and is so encouraging with her daily posts. I have more confidence than ever that I’m able to grow beautiful things this next year!

  240. Lynn Martell on

    Just love that you support your favorite things, not only tried and true products that have purposed you well, but helping in launching like-minded new farms and businesses.
    I’m located in Montreal Quebec Canada, LiaLoo Flowers, I am a new 2021 registered flower farm Floret course participent which I cannot wait to begin. Here area few local business that I can recommend. Dan and family, Toune-sol farm for fresh vegetables and seeds plus a great newsletter blog with lots of information, a fun read. Secondly, Roger and his family, at
    St-Anicet Productions for dahlias cut flowers and tubers. Both are building the organic farming community and I hope to join them in the future on a larger scale.

  241. Mary B Sims on

    Ramble and Company, Wichita Falls, TX shopramble.com. They have soft tees with the best design s and inspiring messages. They also support and sell other artwork from other artisans.

  242. Becca on

    I’m getting inspired by the idea of matrix gardening right now, and my local nursery who does an amazing job of creating year-round garden displays.

  243. Jessica on

    I began exploring flower farming about a year ago. I began with a simple general google search…about growing flowers.
    Then more specific searches like – how to grow zinnias – which actually took me to a Floret post and was my introduction to Floret! Early on I watch several videos on YouTube from a couple in Canada – You Can’t Eat the Grass
    More recently I find my search questions lead me to listening to videos on Garden Answer and Flower Hill Farm by Nicole in NY – she has so many links to others who she has learned from – it really has been educational for me! I feel like I learn something new every time! Reading about flower farming is like going on a treasure hunt! I feel like I’m gathering little treasures with each article, book or video! ~ so thankful people take the time to share their experiences & wisdom!

  244. Flor de Maria Holmes on

    Home Decorating Baking Supply in Seattle is like having died and gone to heaven for any home baker and baking aficionado. It has such and array of pans, molds, cookie cutters, glistening sugars, etc. Packed with every thing that would ever need —and other things you didn’t know existed. The owners man the shop and are super helping and kind.

  245. Joyce Lee Fowler on

    Your list is inspiring me. Would love to have known about the clothes for outside working women when I was one. Also always wondered where your beautiful necklace came from. Have purchased many items from Carhart for my son, but did not think about looking for me. Always enjoy reading your blogs. Thank you.

  246. Oishanu Dutta on

    I am recently reading a book on herb growing, using and everything herbs called ‘A Guide to Herbs’ by Jenny Linford . It has about a 100+ herb directory and it’s interesting how many herbs we can grow for cut flowers and fillers!
    Because of you, I’ve started dreaming of becoming an established flower farmer some day.
    Thank you

  247. Annabelle on

    I am fortunate enough to live in an area of Australia full to the brim with entrepreneurial women – Orange NSW. The way ‘Local is Lovely’ has developed over the years is inspiring, and she is so generous in sharing knowledge & supporting local. Although not strictly garden related as it’s seasonal food (& farm) focused, I always take something away to apply to my own growing or just find myself with a smile after reading her posts. I love Paul Bangays ‘Garden Design Handbook’ & ‘The Practical Australian Gardener’ by Peter Cundall. Both marry great advice with how to get to the beauty we want to create in the garden. To my delight, I am the next custodian of a garden with Peonies, so I’m loving Jane Eastoe’s book of the same name.

  248. Haley Fannin on

    Love following Five Mary’s Farm along with @muddyacresflower farm. Thank you for sharing all of your favorite things!

  249. Lauren Kelly on

    Oh my gosh, so many inspiring people have been crossing my path lately!! For starters, Alethea Harampolis and Jill Rizzo wrote an incredible book called “The Flower Recipe Book,” where they break down gorgeous arrangements that are easy to follow along and by inspired by. Also, Silt Clay is producing some lovely ceramic and clay pieces, perfect for arranging. They are based out of Sebastopol, CA. Another great place to be inspired is the “Sustainable Flower Podcast,” where they discuss all (and I mean ALL) of the ups and downs and coulda-shoulda-woulda’s of flower farming. Inspiration abounds!

  250. Noella on

    Thanks for taking the time to compile this great resource! There is so much inspiration everywhere I look! Most recently garden answer on YouTube with all her festive posts!

  251. Carolyn on

    What a great list! I’ve been loving all of the flower books that came out this year – some faves not mentioned here include “The Art of Wearable Flowers” by Sue McLeary, “Cultivated: The Elements of Floral Style” by Christin Geall, and Debra Prinzing’s recent book “Slow Flowers Journal – Vol I.”

    I have also been obsessing over the jewelry at Saharan Arts, which is run by a UK couple who support artisans in Mali and Niger. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mali and never had the chance to buy jewelry there due to the coup (long story), but being able to support them from afar has been really special!

  252. Kathy on

    Erin – Thank you so much for the great info in your recent blog. So good to know what works well and holds up in our famous Washington weather! Two books I found very helpful to me as I first started on this adventure called gardening were: Sunset’s Western Garden Book and Sunset’s 365 Days of Garden Color. Lots of easy to read guidelines and beautiful photos…so much inspiration to get out there and give it a go.

  253. Jenny on

    Heath ceramics in Sausalito, CA creates beautiful, sustainable and handcrafted pottery. They make a variety of vases and pitchers – and I swear anything I put in them “pops” and looks absolutely stunning.

  254. Abigail on

    Thanks for putting this post together, Floret! As I’m beginning to go down the flower farmer road, I appreciate time-tested tools to make my lifestyle more easy, enjoyable and productive.
    I’m currently reading Eliot Coleman’s “The New Organic Grower” for the second time; taking notes, underling, digesting and enjoying it!!! Highly recommend it. I have so much to learn and it’s such a blessing to glean form other’s experience.

  255. Linsey on

    Recently, I have been inspired by a book called, “Who Owns the Ice House? Eight Life Lessons from an Unlikely Entrepreneur, ” by Clifton Taulbert and Gary Schoeniger. It’s a simple book, but the lessons are thoughtful and meant to inspire others to build a life they love. I have also been following Kristine Albrecht from Santa Cruz Dahlias on Instagram. Her posts are refreshing and the varieties of dahlias she grows are lovely. Her book on dahlia breeding is on my wish list this year!

  256. Anu on

    I got your puzzle, book and a variety of seeds for my best friend this year. But I myself am most inspired by a book titled Making Marls. It is a knitting book about combining yarns and I think it is a treasure trove for using up the odds and ends that I have from decades of being a Knitter.

  257. Candy Nestor on

    So relaxing and entertaining to follow all these women and families! Right now I enjoy perusing Old Shed Vintage for ideas I can envision this winter! Actually jumping back and forth between all of these wonderful sites is heaven.

  258. David on

    I am inspired by Derek Jarmin’s garden in England. I am also inspired by the blog and Instagram account 66 Square Feet. There is so much information about foraging on Marie’s blog. She lives in New York City and she leads urban foraging walks. She also wrote a book called “Forage, Harvest, Feast.”

  259. Tanis Mosher on

    milliproust instagram- Her windowsill wednesday post is always beautiful.

  260. Leanne Steadman on

    I learned about Floret from Laura at Garden Answer. Ever since then, I have followed Floret. I feel like I have already learned so much from your on-line course and your tips and information written in your blogs. Thank you for sharing some of your favorite items. It sure helps to know what really works and holds up in a business such as Floret. I appreciate that since I’m just a beginner at gardening and flowers and it helps to know that my investment into clothing, books or garden tools will work and money isn’t wasted. Your pictures of your flowers alone are an inspiration even with no works spoken (or written). Thank you!

  261. Marie on

    Growing Spaces GrowDomes and Nothernly Flora are my favorite to follow on Instagram

  262. Linda Doan on

    Thank you for putting all this wonderful info together, Erin. My favorite book is BRAIDING SWEETGRASS. Her beautifully penned thoughts encourage me to look with new eyes at everything that grows.

  263. Kara Lolley on

    https://www.abebooks.com/ is a fabulous source for used gently worn books. The Yellow Rose nursery in Prosser WA has been an incredible resource for me. The owner Teresa is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. She is ever patient with my endless questions.

  264. Lori Segovich on

    I have been growing things from seed for 30 years. My ‘go to’ books on seed starting are “The New Seed-Starters Handbook by Nancy Bubel, (Copyright 1988) and “From Seed to Bloom by Eileen Powell.(Copyright 1995) They aren’t ‘beautiful’ books – only drawn illustrations, but the information in them is fantastic.

    I checked on Amazon, and you can still purchase them. These would be great books for the person that is interested in seed-starting.

  265. Peta on

    As a beginner flower grower in Australia still exploring ideas around sharing and maybe marketing what I grow, I have been endlessly encouraged, inspired, and informed by a podcast called “Dish the Dirt”. The producer, Rebecca Noble, interviews flower growers from small farms in diverse locations around Australia. Perhaps most inspiring of all, Rebecca’s podcast has highlighted the welcoming and supportive nature of the local flower growing community.
    Who wouldn’t be drawn to an industry where those who could be seen as business rivals describe each other as “not competitors but collaborators” !

  266. Amy McCullough on

    I have four small children (6 and under) so I love supporting local children’s shops as much as possible! There is a local store Hopscotch in Grand Rapids Michigan that is just adorable! Also my local flower farmer, Lori fromThree Acres Farm in Bryon Center Michigan, is just amazing! She has been such a wonderful mentor to me in my flower growing hobby!

  267. JAM Morgan on

    Thank you for your comprehensive and thought provoking list of “gardening must haves”. We are building a cottage as our forever home – the new garden goes in this spring. NO LAWN and lots of flowers, fruit trees, and favorite old fashioned family favorite plantings.

    I have been reading (again) An Island Garden by Celia Thaxter and illustrated by Childe Hassam. It was first published in 1894. It is a treasure. Beautifully written, slow paced, perfect for these uncertain days. A hot cup of coffee, gingerbread cookies, and warm chair in the sun; I can sit and read, dreaming of my garden to come.

  268. Michelle Lesher on

    With so much going on in the world today I have been learning more about history, health and trying to focus on things that support mental, physical and spiritual growth. A new read that have been eye opening “The Gulag Archipelago” written by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn between 1958 and 1968. Intense and eye opening regarding forced labor camps that existed in the Soviet Union from 1918-1956. Organic Olivia is a small company that produces herbal products to support mental and physical health that I have started to support in the USA… and Bedra Vintage is an amazing small company out of Dublin that designs beautiful linen dresses that are environmentally conscience and so beautiful!! So much has changed in our world in such a short time. I am trying to be more aware of my surroundings and more understanding of the world in which we live. Growth can be uncomfortable at times and love and support from my husband and our community is a must for survival… and lots of prayer. Thank you for always caring about your community, the thousands of people that you influence every day. You are definitely a positive light that has been a blessing for me to learn from as well!

  269. Heather Gibson on

    D.Q. Dickinson salt from West Virginia. I live knowing it is a family owned salt mine and does not have harmful additives. They do all kinds of neat flavors!

  270. Wendy on

    I’ve been inspired by Laura at Garden Answer this year. I’ve become very interested in gardening and trying to turn my thumb greener than it’s ever been! I’ve got plans of raised beds for food and of course flowers!

  271. Maureen Sullivan on

    Garden Spot Nursery in Bellingham, WA owned my Marcy with Ginger as the general manager and staffed by a many awesome women offers not just everything you need for a beautiful garden they give you a magical experience in every visit. During this especially challenging year, every member of the Garden Spot team has given their all to meet customer needs and provide a place of refuge for some much needed calm for all who enter their gates. They have adapted their business every step of the way of this pandemic, provided a source of desperately needed joy all the while still being able to give their customers an experience of beauty in every visit. They are in a word, amazing!

  272. April on

    I enjoy Ballerina Farm on IG & want to try their meat boxes. We’ve been trying to buy solely from our farmer’s market & small businesses especially in the last few months. It’s so important to support them.

  273. Polly Robbins on

    I am lucky to live in historic Chester County, PA, home of the original Terrain store. It is the most inspiring garden/home store on the planet! Chock full of plants, tools for gardening, candles, lighting, Frances Palmer pottery and gorgeous lotions and potions and jewelry, it is my go-to place for lifting spirits and ideas. Also home to a locally-sourced cafe and event venue, the helpful and knowledgeable staff make every visit a learning experience. I am a long way from my hometown of Seattle, but Terrain is where I find myself wandering on rainy days, a balm for homesickness.

  274. Heather Malcolm on

    Definitely can’t forget El Sage Designs in Mount Vernon, with a robust web presence that features lots of small businesses and great makers. Christy at Hedgerow Edison has the best taste and of course Christianson’s is the best nursery anywhere with tons of holiday offerings. Everyone needs a book for Christmas and we have tons of good bookshops in our area – Watermark and Pelican Bay in Anacortes or Village Books in Anacortes. Finally, restaurant gift certificates are a huge help to them and something for us to look forward to – we love Nell Thorn in La Conner and Adrift in Anacortes and Saltadena in Bellingham has the best cakes and puddings anywhere! 🙂

  275. Carolyn K on

    I’ve been loving Braiding Sweetgrass. It’s written by an indigenous women who is also a botanist (and a poet)! A must read for anyone who loves being in their garden.

  276. Carolyn on

    I’ve been reading Braiding Sweetgrass, and it’s a wonderful mix about the biology behind plants and native stories/ways of taking care of the land. I’m halfway through and it reads like poetry! Definitely recommend for anyone who loves their garden (or wants to!)

  277. Kathryn on

    Love, love, love Carhartt jeans and for cold days outside doing chores nothing beats a good Carhartt jacket (mine has the fleece lining). My border collie and I can spend an entire winter day outside and the jacket allows me to do anything I need to from taking care of the animals to cutting wood. One of the local shops that has been a wonderful treat during this time is Settings. Many of the items in her store are handcrafted by artists in the area including knitted gloves/scarves, wood carvings, candles and jewelry. It’s a blessing to support those who have found a way to make beautiful treasures with skills that have stood the test of time. Also, thank you so much Erin for bringing beauty and inspiration into my inbox on a regular basis!!!

  278. Christine Cole on

    I enjoy the local nursery where I live called Wentworth Nursery.

  279. Katrina on

    Nice article! Like it when people recommend things they’ve actually used! Great to also showcase some local businesses. I like going to my local nurseries like Wilson’s and King’s.

  280. Laura Fincher on

    One local business I have enjoyed supporting this Christmas Season is Matchstick Goods in Lexington, KY. https://matchstickgoods.com/ They are a social enterprise program of a wonderful downtown after school, program, Common Good. They make great products and employ inspiring students.

  281. Jennifer Mullens on

    There is a small business local here in the upper peninsula of michigan that I really enjoy. Beth Milner’s Jewelry in Marquette, MI features handmade jewelry by local artists, but throughout the pandemic they have been selling handmade masks. I bought several for my husband and I and had some shipped to family in other parts of the country. They sold these on a sliding scale to make them available to anyone who needs them.

  282. Lacey on

    I’m currently pouring through Planting: A New Perspective by Piet Oudolf and Noel Kingsbury. I’m trying to figure out the garden style that feels most authentic to me as I work toward a design for the home I moved into last year. As an entrepreneur my friends and clients are often my inspiration. One client is C2A Clothing who were all set in March to start production on their swimwear line. They quickly pivoted to produce medical scrubs and hospital gowns. But I’m still looking forward to when they launch their beautiful swimwear line.

  283. Savannah on

    Thank you so much for the list! It is super helpful!

    Many books have inspired me to grow in my passion for Floriculture and Horticulture. “Color me Floral”, by Kiana Underwood, “Foraged flower arranging”, by Rebekah Clark Moody, “The flower fix”, by Anna Potter, and the Floret books (of course!) are some of my favorites.

    Above all, the Bible is my favorite book! I am so thankful the Jesus came and payed for my sin, so that anyone who truly repents and puts their faith in Him may be saved and have eternal life! Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that you all have a joyful and peaceful time celebrating our Savior’s birth!

  284. Kim on

    I love to propagate and a favorite book is Ken Druse’s Making More Plants in conjunction with the American Horticultural Society’s A-Z Encyclopedia of Plants.

  285. Victoria Carver on

    I am incredibly inspired by my 15 year old who had the courage to start her online art business on Instagram. @_art_by_Abbye_. How brave she is for putting herself out there!!

  286. Sydney on

    I am trying to shop small for all of my gifts this year – for jewelry, my favorite shop has been GLDN. My best friend just gave me the book “The Flower Fix” and I am finding it so inspiring!

  287. Britt on

    Salt and honey market in slc and Albertine press in MA are two places I’m shopping this year

  288. Kristen Dorighi on

    I started buying Rosy Rings candles in Denver, CO at flea markets. (now you can get them in fancy boutiques and online). They smell incredible!

  289. Tarah Haag on

    Really feeling inspired by artist marjolie bastin. Her floral and bird artwork brings back PNW garden memories of my childhood with my late Grandmother and is the inspiration for my seed choices. Classic and traditional, what my grandma would have chose to sew, clip and enjoy all while the robins bounce around for worms.

  290. Stephanie on

    I have been treasuring my local flower shop and “flower lady” Diep who runs Blue Poppy Floral in Seattle. Diep is a retired pediatric nurse who launched the shop with her family’s support not too long ago. She assembles gorgeous bouquets for any occasion, and they are always creative and inspiring. The stock of amazing house plants have been bringing me joy during the pandemic. My kids have even enjoyed building their own terrarium and picking out their first hanging basket houseplant. They have a Bouquet Bar outside to build your own bouquet! I smile just thinking about it.

  291. Bobbi McMullin on

    I recently discovered the Kimmswick Candle Company based in the tiny town of Kimmswick, Missouri. Their candles are amazing. The town of Kimmswick depends on their Strawberry and Apple Festivals to keep the town running. As you can imagine no festivals this year and their coffers are very low. Kimmswick Candle Company is donating a portion of every candle sold back to the town.

  292. Hannah on

    I love muck boots and fiskar pruners! Also geo seeds, which YOU introduced to me years ago!

  293. Dolores on

    I’ve been enjoying local small businesses here in Chicago such as Benjamin Teas. They hand mix dried teas and bc they had to pivot they currently offer their teas to the public.

  294. Jasmine C. on

    I just finished reading Cool Flowers by Lisa Mason Ziegler, and it’s opened up a whole new season of growing for me – I cannot wait to plant earlier and later next year!

    But my very favorite thing this first year of having gardens has been learning from my mama, who has gardened and grown cut flowers for many decades, and is patiently teaching me everything that she knows. It’s been so sweet to learn from her, and to spend time with her in the gardens!

  295. Patty Cochran on

    I love to see what is inspiring others! Thank you for sharing a list of some of your favorites. In my area, I love to head out to Country Arbors, a 5 generation family nursery. Also Prarie Gardens has so much to see. Their displays are always inspiring to look at. I have been watching videos from Epic Gardening.

  296. Sarah York on

    what a delightful list! Thank you Erin. I’m inspired by Ron Nicole fossils. So beautiful!

  297. Alycia Lanegan on

    One of my friends opened a flower shop a year ago last month. She taught me floral arranging and sparked that fire to learn more about the art of this trade. I’m so proud of her for being able to stay open during this pandemic! It’s crazy to me how that has even been possible. But her work is absolutely beautiful. The most beautiful marriage of organic flow and precise composition. If you are in the Franklin, TN area go check out The Merrystem!

  298. Teri Sutton on

    Kiss the Ground on Netflix – very good. Entrepreneur – John Daniel Sutton. He really is trying to save the planet and is creating a website to get others doing the same (www.pangolin.green). Victoria Magazine when the editor was Nancy Lindemeyer. The Instagram account @bettinakbh . It is a wow! The Instagram account @sustainablesprout .The book Cultivated by Christin. The flowers, the style, photography and writing are all pleasant.

  299. Susan Gibert on

    Hello from North Somerset, England. One of my favourite books is the flower farmers year by Georgie Newbery. I also love my blunstone boots and my Niwaki flower snips.

  300. Maggie Santolla on

    I gotta say it’s nice to hear your favorite gloves are the cheapo Atlas nitrile gloves! They are a classic. In terms of small business, I bought a bunch of unusual daffys from PHS Daffodils and I’m looking forward to them coming up! I’m inspired by their commitment to growing different and uncommon types of bulbs.

  301. Sue Hughes on

    Hello dear Floret Team!
    Once again you have done a lovely thing in asking your viewers to reveal their inspirations and gifting them some amazing prizes.
    For my part, I have been thoroughly inspired by my fellow volunteer board members and the team of local vendors that made up our little community; Metchosin Farmers’ Market. During the unknown fear that started our 2020 season, it was very scary to open the market and we were a month late while we figured out how to keep everyone safe.
    But, we did it! It was weird; no musicians, picnic tables, or happy groups of chatting neighbours, no running, laughing children. It was all “Shop and Don’t Stop”, barricades and one entrance and exit, and no more than 50 folks at a time.
    And it worked! Everyone was safe, we recorded no illness and only had two regular COVID deniers, happy shoppers that they were anyway!
    I am so grateful and inspired by everyone’s willingness to adapt and forge ahead. So cheers to our local Farmers; Seabluff Farms, Glanford Greenhouses, Littler Farm, Lohbrunner Community Farm, Parry Bay Farm and Still Meadow Farm, and our local Bakers and Crafters; Bits and Bobs, Sooke Artisan Bakery, Gumboot Bakery, Victorian Patchworks, and so many more.
    We would be delighted to have you visit us when things get back to normal and I am looking forward to your next posts which lift me up when things do get a bit dark.
    All the very best for the holiday season, Sue Hughes, Sunrise Cottage Farm.

  302. Denise Saunders on

    Great suggestions, resources and ideas! It’s so positive to support and promote excellence in small business at this time and so inspiring to learn about them.

  303. Evelyn Weed on

    I have really enjoyed following Georgianna Lane on Instagram. She combines two of my favorite passions, flowers and travel. Her photography is light, airy, beautiful and romantic. She posts lovely photographs of flowers and places. Her book London in Bloom is one of my favorite flower books to just browse because I love London and flowers. Her peonies book, which I bought as a gift for a friend, is also beautiful. I would love to collect all her books on flowers, they look gorgeous. If you join her mailing list she sends you beautiful digital downloads. And as a bonus, she also lives in the Pacific Northwest like us.

  304. Mara on

    Wonderful List. I have been enjoying the book “The Earth in Her Hands” which profiles 75 women in the world of plants…including Erin Bezakein of Floret Farm! I love how each woman shares others who have inspired her and it broadens the world of plants, flowers and growers to include such a diverse talent pool.

  305. Tish Bloomer on

    I am very excited to check out Five Mary’s. We also own a cattle ranch and eat mostly wild game that my boys harvest from the property. I just put her book on my wish list. I’ve struggled to find gloves that hold up, so I am purchasing your recommendation right away. I’m needing to take the leap into becoming efficient and use a tool belt, I’m often found in my swim suit, burned from the sun with missing tools spread all over my 1 acre garden!
    My favorite things in the last couple years are railroad ties and highway guardrails. I built steps up my hillside garden with railroad ties and filled those with soft sand. I also terraced my garden rows with highway guardrail. Each terrace has a 90 foot long planting bed and 3′ wide walking path. I love it!

  306. Laurie Davis on

    I run a very small scale flower farmlet, selling cut flowers on the weekends to my neighborhood to support the costs of our garden. My husband and I are inspired to run a small scale farm and chickens in the city by Chicken Thistle Farms and their podcast “The Coopcast”, although no longer podcasting they were instrumental in learning the pros and cons of a small farm business.

  307. Stephanie Ohlemacher on

    I have many places that inspire me, such as Floret! I spend local if possible. I live and thrive in the country, but work as a nurse in the city. My flowers, soil, butterflies, and bees have saved me body and soul this year. I’ve had much time to reflect and plan my gardens for the future while recovering from a broken leg since labor day. Its amazing what gardening you can do from a golf cart! I am deeply indebted to my Master Gardener friends and fellow interns that were able to help me get the remainder of my plants in the ground before frost! The Master Gardener programs are a wonderful way to be a part of educating the community, and share your love of gardening.

    My favorite small business are Stream Cliff Herb Farm and Winery in Commisky, IN in the family for 7 generations sharing their love of plants, food and wine; Dropseed Native Plant Nursery in Goshen, KY; Old Thyme Loghouse Gardens in Otisco, IN; and one of the most beautiful gardens I have visited is actually on a working farm in Franklin, IN. at Constancesgardens on instagram.

    I prefer to be a hands on learner, and they have all shared their time and knowledge with me. I’ve been able to spend more time on the internet and YouTube Watching many gardeners from around the US and world, and finding many more to follow! They all have something wonderful to teach us. Like Ruth Stout, Charles Dowding, Morag Gambel, and many more.

    Thanks for sharing your list!

  308. dana waite on

    In these COVID times gardening has become my sanity, my focus, and my pleasure. I have converted my front yard into a mixed garden from raspberries and zucchini to flowers for picking wherever there is a space and of course deer and rabbit fencing! my reference books are . .A Year On The Garden Path . . .a 52 week organic gardening guide by Carolyn Harriot. I also am very curious about and have used some of James Wong’s idea from his book Grow for Flavor.

  309. M Boston on

    I loved the book A Way to Garden by Margaret Roach. I found it inspiring, even the part about learning a little Latin to understand plant names. It also has a lot of good resources.

  310. Lucia Edgcomb on

    Developing our 3-acre mid-coast b. 1750 Maine homestead/garden, am inspired, guided by, and highly recommend all of Wayne Winterrowd and Joe Eck’s tomes about their “life in gardens” in Vermont, among them, “A Year at North Hill”,“Living Seasonally”, “Annuals for Connoisseurs”, and “Annuals and Tender Plants for North American Gardens”.

  311. Susan Bellone on

    Let’s not forget our SeniorGardeners and physically disabled Gardeners~ there is an awesome company that makes Garden Boxes that are elevated. The company is called Knox Roofing . Knox Garden Box is made of beautiful Redwood.They are located in Scotts Valley CA . Check them out!!

  312. Hayley Bartasawicz on

    My inspiration lately has been a collection of artists that i have followed for a few years, Drawfee. They went independent a few months ago, and I’m so inspired by their determination to keep creating and doing what they love but finally on their own terms.

  313. Sherrill Crisp on

    Thank you for this great list! I am so inspired by @maxitflowerdesign, @stemsofatx, @rawfinery, @oftheflowers, and @mivioleta. Beautiful floral artists!

  314. Andrea Speck-Zulak on

    I love the Five Marys Farm. Its inspiring to follow her and I wish I were younger and could follow in her footsteps but I enjoy her vicariously as I do Erin at floret.

  315. Michelle on

    Love this list!! I also love @triplewrenfarms (their dahlias are amazing!), @gordonskagitfarms (I decorated my house with their incredible pumpkins), @roozengaarde (I just bought some bulbs and can’t wait to see what they bring in the spring!), and @visitkeukenhof (which has tulip works of art).

  316. Samantha Jackson on

    I love In Blue Handmade in Asheville, NC! A woman-owned company that makes wonderful canvas and leather bags.

  317. Melyssa on

    I’m incredibly inspired by Ayako & Family jam—they are a Washington jam company, who not only make THE MOST DELICIOUS jam I’ve ever tasted, but, from farm to table, instill love and heritage into the way they do business. I love the way that the Japanese-American story is told, from the Mair-Taki farm that the fruit is picked from, to Ayako’s stories and shokupan recipes, to the way they are also investing in feeding their local communities. I can’t say enough about them and how much I respect and admire them!

  318. Ellette on

    I love Margaret from “Away to Garden”. She has great posts on all gardening aspects and interviews some wonderful gardeners. Even though she is in the Northeast and I in the Northwest she always teaches me something new about gardening.

  319. Heidi Sterrenburg on

    Central Ontario here and I’m never without my Felcos and Blundstones. I was a late adopter of both, and am kicking myself for not investing in my two most important tools (hand strength and quality footwear) years earlier! I also invested in the CoolBot, and it’s made life on a veggie and flower farm infinitely easier. Locally, love our local refillery, where we can get most things we need without using single use plastics!

  320. Peg Mere on

    Great favorites list! I would add two books: Cool Flowers by Lisa Mason Ziegler and Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller

  321. Shelby Strong on

    These are my favorite farms to follow on Instagram right now @muddyacresflowerfarm,@three.acre.farm,@roots_and_refuge,and @dreamlandflowerfarm. I learn daily from what they are doing on their farms!

  322. Wanda Melebeck on

    Wonderful list! I love sisters Lily and Hopie Stockman’s beautiful textiles that support and celebrate Indian hand block printing tradition plus their upcycling partnerships!

  323. Kim Schmidt on

    I’ve been veg farming for ten years, but am new to flower farming, so am excited to read all the flower specific books and tools of the trade! I recommend Gamine (brand) for women specific, long-lasting workwear, as a small, woman-owned brand using natural and salvaged materials on the east coast near where I live. Thanks again for your generous deep dive into your gear and standbys – it’s super helpful!

  324. Michele Deppe on

    THANK YOU FLORET for the wonderful, comprehensive list! My “soul-feeding floral resource” (in addition to all things Floret!) is watching Willow Crossley videos on Instagram; she is a master flower designer but more than that, she’s so positive and uplifting. She has several books as well.

  325. Keri Brant on

    Life long Skagit resident and have dealt with muddy pastures all my life. I am a Muck boot wearer. Yes I have the tall boot, the mid-boot, the shoe, and the slip on clog because it’s Washington right! But I always seem to end up in “his” because they slip on and off so easily!

  326. Bronwen Heinrich on

    I am continually inspired by the local florists who buy my flowers wholesale and turn them into beautiful creations!

  327. Marla C. on

    Constantly looking for new flower related products, reads or educational items to feed my flower loving soul. This was an informative article! Currently love watching Bri @blossomandbranch she is in a similar zone as me me but on the other side of the country. Interesting to see the similarities and differences. Anything @Vontrappflowers is fascinating too. Obsessed with their ability to crate grow flowers. As I age I look for ways to continue the passion for flowers and ways to keep on doing it as the body ages. Seeing this as a real possibility….. A good podcast is always in my ear and I look forward to new episodes from The Flower Podcast, Team Flower and Botanical Brouhaha. Clare Nolan produced a fantastic book visually and I find myself drawn to it like a child is by a “picture” book. Beautiful photography and informative literature. So good…lots of good solid, down to earth, real to the business information in all of your blogs, books and social media as well. Definitely one of my first go-to’s when I need an answer to a flower problem. Highly anticipating your next book. A true bright spot as I get ready for another year in flowers!

  328. Sandi Wilson on

    I live in beautiful Greenville, SC. Many, many wonderful artists. I especially love the pop up shops by Wilson Girls and a fun local art/plant/beautiful objects shop aptly named Urban Digs. Both run by wonderful women with a great eye for all things green, sparkly and wonderful.

  329. Rene’ on

    Thank you for the list. Many great ideas. I’m inspired by the Farm at Oxford in PA. Along with the many things she does from her farm, she also has a little shop with WorKS in Kennet Square which is also very inspiring.

  330. Wendy on

    We have a local organic farm that has been an inspiration to me. Honeywood Farm in Barnesville Ga has encouraged me to grow my own food and expand my garden in 2020. Thanks for the amazing work you do and the tons of inspiration! Can’t wait to keep expanding the beautiful things I can grow 🤍

  331. Stephanie on

    It’s been heartwarming to see the enthusiasm and love for shopping small, and handmade this year! I work for nonprofit Community Farmers Markets in Atlanta, and we encourage this kind of mindful shopping year round. I’ve been really happy to see “free fridges” pop up around the nation’s cities, including ATL’s Free99Fridge, providing accessible free food to anyone in need. Two books I enjoyed this year: “Nobody Will Tell You This But Me” by Bess Kalb and “Sourdough” by Robin Sloan. Some of my favorite makers: Case For Making (watercolors), Molly Costello (garden-inspired art), Dirt Gems (a new card deck on plant allies). Herban Cura also holds really thoughtful classes on herbs and ancestral knowledge.

  332. Hallie J on

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed supporting many small business as I always do but it’s been at the top of my list for several months now due to Covid. I just picked up a real, handmade wreath for our front door from a local flower farm here in Ohio, red twig farm. They are unable to have customers visit their shop so they have a drive thru on their property that allow others to pull up, grab their items and still support local!

  333. Karen Schlosser - Cincinnati, OH on

    I’m still “newer” to gardening and excited to start the Floret workshop next month! As far as inspirational shops and entrepreneurs: I’d be remiss to not include Laura’s and Aaron from @GardenAnswer. In addition to Floret Flowers/you, that is the other channel I don’t miss a post or video. Inspiring, easy to understand and costing me an arm and a leg! But I love it!

    I’m starting to begin my nicer collection of vases. A local, very historic pottery company makes beautiful hand thrown vases: Rookwood Pottery. So gorgeous. On the flip side, with my new cut flower garden next year I want to give a lot of flowers away so I went to idea and bought a few cases of their glass carafes for around $1.50 so I can give away to anyone and not think twice!

    Thanks for all you do! Happy Holidays!

  334. Sarah Ponkos on

    There is a small bookshop, Oblong Books and Music, that has been around for I think 40 years and it’s such a lovely and comforting place. They have survived the big chains and the pandemic and I love supporting them throughout the year.

  335. Beth Youmans on

    Amazing list!! I’m currently inspired by Muddy Acres Flower Farm. She (like you) has inspired me to just get out there and get my hands in the dirt. I’ve also ordered the Flower Farmer book and can’t wait for it to arrive.

  336. Whitney on

    The Commondeer shop
    In Burlington, Vermont is lovely and full of handcrafted treasures. I love the special items they curate!

  337. Aimee on

    I love LL Bean duck boots for tromping around out in my garden. I try to keep a running list of ideas to try for the next growing season in a note book and I like to start reviewing it around February. Love all of your gear picks, it can be cold and wet here in the PNW.

  338. Audrey Roberge on

    I’m obsessed with everything by Nell Ballard Designs. A handcrafted jeweler out of South Portland, ME, her designs are organic and beautiful. Seriously love her work so much!

  339. Lauren Robert on

    I really enjoyed reading this post ! It’s only my second time reading one of your blog posts but i plan to stick around and read many more! I stumbled across the Five Mary’s Farms Instagram page about 6 months ago and have been hooked ever since! The way they share the good, the bad and the ugly about farm life is something i really look forward to learning about everyday! The way Mary and Brian are raising their 4 girls is how i hope to raise my kids one day. They inspire me to go after my dreams of owning a large farm someday maybe not to their scale but a large farm all the same! I really enjoy their page and make sure to watch their Instagram stories everyday!

  340. Alicia on

    While all the flower accounts are so inspiring to follow, it’s the women in business that I’ve become totally obsessed with. I’ve found podcasts to be my main source for inspiration and learning and the ones I look most forward to are Kathy Heller’s Don’t keep your Day Job, Debra Prinzing’s Slow flowers Podcast, The sustainable Flowers Podcast, and Botanical Brouhaha.
    In my personal like I’m super inspired by my friend who runs a business repurposing treasures similar to what your sister does, a local clothing boutique owner who I’ve been mesmerized by her slinging skills on Instagram, and a co-worker who has recently made the quick but careful decision to leave her job to follow her heart and calling.

  341. Nina Fijen on

    Thank you for these tips, I love your toolbelt! Personally I can’t do without my Niwaki x Sakagen Flower Scissors. These are made in Japan and very durable.

  342. Sophia on

    Floret has inspired me from the moment I first found it! I also love theirishflowerfarmer. Thanks to these influences I am in the process of converting a good portion of my college allotment into a cut flower garden with the intention of running pick-your-own days next year to raise money for the allotment! And closer to home I love to shop at my local market for vegetables and hardware and fabric and more.

  343. Jessica L Michelsen on

    Mary at 5 Marys is always inspiring! I remember when they served so many people during California’s wildfires. Now, I can’t wait to get my hands on the cookbook!

  344. Judith Adams on

    Thanks for the great suggestions! I really like shopping local and small. I love the linen clothes at Bryn Walker in Seattle. They are made in the US, are such nice people, and have a GREAT sale in the Summer.
    PS…can’t wait to see my Floret sweet peas popping up this year!

  345. Mary on

    I am currently geeking over @foothillfarmflowers I am glad to see a fellow raised bed gardener have great success. Her business has grown in such a short time period. Way to go!! And @chateaumonette ! Using floral arrangements in unique and creative ways in bridal pictures – it’s a must see 🤩

  346. Alicia on

    I love Ballerina Farm and Five Mary’s Farm for all of our quality meat! I also love Melaleuca for my family’s necessities shipped to our door. I also try to buy from Etsy as much as possible.

  347. Abby Miller on

    I’m currently reading “Joyful: the surprising power of ordinary things to create extraordinary happiness.” No surprise, fresh flowers make an appearance in Chapter 1. I love learning more about joyful environments. It’s inspiring me to add more than fresh flowers to my home to spread the warmth that color and design can add to a space.

  348. davia mcnamara on

    An absolute must read list! Love following Mary and her family but also love following the local women that inspire me like Rancho San Julian! Of course you all top the list as well!!

  349. Debbie L. on

    I have an interesting story on how I came to know Floret Flowers. A dear person gifted me with the most stunning floral arrangements from her urban flower garden. I placed these arrangements in different areas of my home during the first weekend of showings of our former home in Stanwood. The intense beauty of these flower arrangements were breathtaking, and I believe helped to contribute to a generous offer on our home within 24 hours. I was mesmerized by the layers, colors, textures and simple yet complex artistry of floral arrangements. Its amazing how fragile yet strong flowers are. This dear person told me about Floret, and from there I’ve discovered many other forms of floral beauty online and in person. I was born and raised in Hawaii, immersed in beauty and memory of plumerias wafting freely in the air. As a child I thought all flowers grew on trees! I think this person who gifted me put so much love into her arrangements that it shifted something in me; I feel a return to the deep beauty of my childhood floral memories, and am entranced by Floret and many other artists on this special list. My offering is of a different sort, namely the free flowing beauty of Plumerias grown on the island on Moloka’i. They ship them overnight, and we string our own leis for celebratory events. Flowers bring art to life….how blessed are we!

  350. Andrea on

    I’m currently reading The Lean Farm, and although I don’t own my own farm (yet), I’m having so much fun nerding out about how I’ll adapt the lean principles on my dream farm.

  351. Sandy Carr on

    I have to give a shout out for “good ole Facebook” and especially the “Flower Farmers” group. I lost my husband of 47 years just six weeks ago. On a sad and lonesome afternoon I approached the group and asked them if they thought there was any point in following our dream of a cut flower farm, with it just being me now.

    Within seconds the reactions and comments poured in. Stories about themselves and how they had pushed past the sorrow of loosing a loved one. Suggestions on how to do it solo. Cautions about not getting overwhelmed. And love, so much love for a complete stranger. One who wanted to grow flowers.

    By the end of the week, 619 reactions and 294 comments later…my tears have dried. I know I can do this because I have such a wonderful cheering section. Invitations poured in to see their farms in the spring, seeds were graciously passed on from their own gardens and dahlia tubers were joyfully gifted to the “newbie”.

    Thank you Facebook and all the wonderful people who found me when I needed finding.

  352. Leah on

    I’m always a little on the chilly side, so I love Skhoop, a women-owned business that specializes in insulated skirts and long vests among other outdoor gear. I also love Skida for their hats. The patterns are fun, cheerful and some are even floral! I’ve recently been inspired by the Growing Kindness project, which highlights the community-building power of giving flowers to people as a gift. Thank you for this list!

  353. Tammy L. on

    Love it all. Have always loved Lands End winter jackets. I still have my very first one from years ago plus some new ones. They are very durable and wash up great.

  354. Susan Takayama on

    I’ve been shopping Five Mary’s all year and am a Farm Club member- I didn’t know you two were friends! I’m always looking to order from small businesses and have gotten most of my holiday gifts from Floret shop this year. I try to bypass buying on Amazon and each time give myself a little pat on the back when I’ve found alternate small businesses of bookshops and goods to order from. I’ve been following Wildoaksfarm and Mountainwoodsfarm which are both super inspiring to me as a suburban homesteader. I’m looking forward to the 2021 Floret Online workshop, and will purchase my items from small businesses when the time comes!

  355. Molly Brummer on

    I have fallen in love with the chickens at Alchemist Farm in Sonoma county,California. I love that they’re focus is also on regenerative farming, and this year they have gone completely solar powered!
    Local to me, Farm and Hive located in Payson Utah has been a wonderful find. Susie (the face of farm and hive) is one of those people who makes you feel like her best friend, she is so thoughtful and kind and willing to teach ❤️

  356. Mellie Hicks on

    I love this! Thank you for sharing your favorite things. There are a few small businesses that I have been cheering all year. The first is You Can’t Eat the Grass. They have a youtube channel and a market farm in BC, Canada. She is real and I love it. Then Local to me, in Kennewick, WA, USA there is a cookie shop called Our Cookie House. They make GIANT gourmet cookies. The cinnamon roll cookie is a necessity when I’m a hormonal mess. I also love blackcurrantcreative. She does stunning watercolor family portraits.

  357. Joelle on

    Besides your books, I’ve also recently fallen in love with Susan McLeary’s “The Art of Wearable Flowers.” I’m blown away by all the fierce women in the flower world! I love discovering new Instagram accounts daily—tarrnation, flourish, Jennie Love, blossom & branch, as well as women who’ll be starting their farms in 2021 like myself. I’m itching to get back into the garden after seeing their incredible flowers and the tips they all provide.

  358. E Swan on

    I get inspired whenever I go to Robin Hill’s Alaska Wholesale Flower Market which is where I work. She’s filled the shop with SO much inspiration and seeing her whip up anything is amazing! Seeing my husband start his own business this year gives me hope that I can become an entrepreneur, too. There’s way too many people and places to list if I think about it. How fortunate to be surrounded by hard working people that are good at their craft.

  359. Cara on

    Thank you-love this list! I also love Sloggers for quick throw on garden shoes. They are cute and made in the US. Deluth Trading company makes a decent pair of overalls also. 😀

  360. katiemax on

    I’m putting all of these things on my Christmas list – thank you! Some of my favorite women who are inspiring me right now – Casey of @gardendomestic on instagram – she’s sharing her passions with others, hosting workshops making products for local shops; and Rebecca of Hillockburn Farm – this woman will stop at nothing to make her shop a destination, and has endured through the wildfires and is coming out stronger while supporting her community – gotta love it!

  361. Jenna on

    Thanks for sharing your favorites! There’s definitely some items in here that I’ll be checking out. ;) I always love shopping local and am blessed to have several great businesses here in Palmer, Alaska. Some of my favorites and regular gifts for friends and family are:
    Alaska Chicks (https://alaskachicks.com/)
    Poppy Lane (https://www.poppylaneco.com/)
    AK Republic (https://www.poppylaneco.com/akrepublic)
    Vintage Joy (https://www.poppylaneco.com/vintagejoycompany)
    Mauve Street (https://www.poppylaneco.com/mauvestreet)
    Palmer Pottery (https://www.poppylaneco.com/palmerpottery)
    Alaska Wild Child (https://www.poppylaneco.com/alaskawildchild)
    AK Made Gritty (https://www.poppylaneco.com/ak-made-gritty)
    Bluff View Designs (https://www.poppylaneco.com/bluff-view-designs)
    All Dahlia’d Up (https://www.mistyvanderweele.com/)
    Seeds & Soil Farm (https://seedsandsoilorganics.com/)
    Mountain Field Farm (https://www.mountainfieldfarm.com/)
    Akimbo (https://www.akimbocollection.com/)

  362. Marge on

    I watch garden answer on youtube. Love Laura’s garden and her sweet disposition. She has a wealth of knowledge for someone so young.

  363. Jenny weatherford on

    I have been following Triple Wren Farms and have enjoyed their colorful Instagram page. Thanks for all the great tips Erin

  364. Cathryn on

    Such a comprehensive list Erin! I am especially interested in the photography lenses you mentioned as mine never quite capture what I am envisioning and Chris’ photos are amazing! I am inspired by Clare Nolan’s book ‘In Bloom’ and Cultivated the Elements of floral style by Christin Geal. Locally I am inspired by a bread baker called Chez Belmont who gives as much as he gets and strives to make the best bread our family has ever tasted.

  365. Alice Walley on

    I love Lurgen’s Greenhouse in Roxbury, PA. Run by a beautiful & hospitable Amish family here in Southern Central PA. It is always a walk thru a burst of blooms. I have also learned some of their language- and “blooma” is the word for flowers in the PaDutch language. Isn’t that a perfect word for it?! How I always look forward to starting the new growing season with something from their greenhouses & it is always a treat to visit the family that runs it as well.

  366. Casey Edmonds on

    I must admit that although I’m not new to gardening or growing flowers, I am new to the idea of flower farming and currently admiring the concept from afar. My gardening history is all that I know I learned from my grandmother and dear Aunt Peggy. They taught me the names of many flower varieties, how to use leaves as a way to recognize varieties and how to propagate new plants. Both women passed last year and this summer my flower beds were filled with plants that once began in their gardens. Recent investments include all of Erins books including preorder of Discovering Dahlias. I love my Jackson Perkins barefoot roses and true to my roots order seeds from Parks Seed company. I’m excited to continue to learn about flower farming and already requesting the catalogs and reviewing the sites suggested by Floret.
    Highly anticipating January’s sale!

  367. Alice Walley on

    I was first inspired by your free 3 part mini video course. It inspired me to apply for your scholarship, find local growers in my area, plan out how to turn my new downtown deck into a Container Garden Paradise this coming Spring, (placed 1st seed order with you😊)& inspire other Downtown residents to brighten downtown with more growth. I’m even trying to find a spot of ground, that I can borrow/use, where i can create a cut flower Garden. I also enjoy following others on IG – all springing from you & your amazing display of “blooma”. (PaDutch word for flowers-learned that from our native neighbors–isn’t that a perfect word for flowers?!). Thank you for all your inspiration and where it leads us all unto different Garden paths.

  368. Madalyn on

    I’m obsessed with 3 Porch Farm, everything they do! Particularly interested in their seasonal plant sales because it seems like a great income source to explore. For books, I just ordered Trees of Power from Twisted Tree Farm to learn more about grafting and growing trees in general. I’m also really inspired by Rosie who started Scottish Cut Flowers and bought her postal flowers for my mother in law when the pandemic hit. Those flowers really brightened a lot of people’s lives this past spring!

  369. Jen Jacobson on

    I first heard about Claire Nolan’s book, “In Bloom,” from the Floret blog! I have loved it so much. Her concept of rotating in and out plants for a home cutting garden opened my eyes to how I can grow a lot of variety in my space. It is simply gorgeous and love her styling and photography. I live in the San Francisco bay area, which has many microclimates. The book Golden Gate Gardening by Pamela Pierce has been really helpful for the zone I live in–many authors live in cooler climates and their advice/experience/processes don’t always work here.

  370. Brian Cheng on

    I am encouraged to see the support to other small businessses amd how some of them have become fast friends like five Marys farm.

  371. Betsie on

    You are very inspiring to me! Gardening is hard work. And you’ve created a very successful venture doing it.
    I love Bogs and Lands End. I never have had any Grundens and now I know to order the men’s for us tall girls.
    We use a Coolbot for our “meat locker.” My husband is an archery hunter and we like to hang the meat in there. We hosted a wedding this summer at our little farm and used it for the flowers, worked like a charm.
    Thank you for sharing your favorite things ❤

  372. Tori Mellott on

    Thank you for sharing your favorites I am going to save this post for future reference! You actually inspired me to tackle a small cut garden this coming year to hopefully grow and go with our chicken coop business that sustains our family and our dream of working together everyday.
    I love to follow a couple of friends that are in my local CowBelles group along with a fellow mother that I’ve become close with this year. Everything these amazing women do is so real and their incredible vulnerability that comes up is so inspiring and grounding. I truly value the realness I find when I follow their lives through social platforms. They are both mamas and entrepreneurs living the life they want to live which in turn inspires me to live the life I want to live. You can check them out under @flying_f_ranch -they sell beef shares that they raise in San Diego and @mugwortmountain -who is learning how to homestead by hands-on and shares her knowledge of herbalism among other things.

  373. Jessica Missel on

    I have been enjoying learning from the Roots and Refuge channel! It is primarily focused on vegetable growing and homesteading. The love and joy of gardening is inspirational!

  374. Tammy Makoul on

    Well, Erin….. how about we start with you!!!! You have always been my favorite entrepreneur 🎉🎉🎉. If I have to say someone that fascinates me and love her work it is @studioeriksdotter. My favorite new book will be coming out soon and it actually will be signed by you and hopefully some seeds too!!!! until then, I absolutely love the book, ‘Cultivated’ – the elements of floral style by Christin Geall….so here’s to a little fairy dust and a win! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

  375. Stacey Tannheimer on

    I love supporting local made products, now more than ever. Cedar & Moss makes the most amazing lighting right here in Oregon! They are produced by artisans in their workshop in Portland and I just love their wonderful craftsmanship – I was happy to once again showcase their lighting in my new home.

  376. Darla on

    I have been reading and re-reading through the books you recommend. So many are available through our local library. My most recent read was Ariella Chezar’s “Seasonal flower arranging”. What an inspiration!. I have 2 pairs of Felco pruners that I have served me well for years. I’m always looking for ways to support local, so I really appreciate your list.

  377. Dawn Wurst on

    Great list! I have been a customer of Lands End for (gasp) over 30 years! I also love Strength Finder (always wanted to be WOO- winning others over). Thanks for all the inspiration and small business support in your list. As a small business owner myself, I get it- all support matters!

  378. KRista farrell on

    Paper & Clay is my fav small shop go to for beauty that is also useful. And Paper Luxe is a gorgeous shop in Tacoma that is my go to for all things paper and gifting!!!

  379. Laura Noe on

    This year I am inspired locally by you and Triple Wren farms. Inspired me to really expand my dahlia and flower growing capabilites in my small yard. One of my all time favorite stores for special treasures is Beecrowbee boutique in the lovely Joseph, Oregon. The owner is a local guy who makes his own soaps, candles with scents from the surrounding wilderness, signature “Essence” scents, gorgeous Encaustic paintings, and curates a cool collection of boutique clothing, funky socks, and jewelry!!!

  380. Calli on

    What a fantastic list! I’m making my list for Santa straight from this. Farmers friend gothic tunnel, the flower frog work shirt, florets leather tool belt… I have loved following Santa Cruz Dahlias Instagram page this year and reading her new book. The infinite possibilities of dahlia breeding inspires me! I can’t wait to read your dahlia book too!

  381. Erica C on

    What a lovely article! Thank you! I love the podcast Ologies by Alie Ward. It’s just fantastic! I’ve also been feeling quite inspired by embroiderers on Instagram. I follow quite a few so there are too many to list and I can’t pick favourites because they’re all so incredible and talented!

  382. Suzanne on

    I’m so thankful for all the people that take the time to make videos and share information that they have learned in the field of growing. I recently took over an organic farm in Minnesota, and need all of the wisdom and help I can get. I think the person that I’m learning the most from is Connor at NeverSink Farm…Since he is in New York he deals with a lot of the same weather that we do here, so it’s helpful to get information from him… Also because we are trying to incorporate no till practices like he does. I also want to thank you for first of all mentioning all of the vendors with taller overalls. I am 6‘2“ and finding any that fit well has been like locating a needle in a haystack. So I’m excited to try out your recommendations. Secondly, I love your videos… Thank you for sharing and also we’re excited to plant your flower seeds in the spring! Merry CHRISTmas to you and yours!

  383. Kirsten Sheely on

    I am a total novice but have loved supporting entrepreneur Kaylee at Florish in Columbus, Ohio. She made the leap from interior design to florist and is knocking it out. Check out loveflourish.com. Also, thanks for the tip on the hori hori knife. I got my husband one a year ago, but may need to ‘borrow’ it forever now. For men’s work gloves, his top pick would be classic Give’r.

  384. Ashley Stinson on

    This list is amazing!! I’ll be referencing back to this for the entire year 🙌. One of my favorite small businesses is Rhiannon Bosse. The soaps are so beautiful and creative. I love her use of dried flowers in her soap designs too. It’s inspirational to watch her process and growth!!

    P.S. Chris’s camera is on my Christmas wish list 😉

  385. Tracy on

    I have dreamed of being in the floral industry since I was a young girl. I grew up in a family owned nursery, so I have some knowledge of plants. But this is a whole different world. I began to follow my passion over 3 years ago, at age 50, and have been immersed in what ever I can get my hands on or listen to.

    Favorite books this year Cultivated by Christin Geall , Wearable Flowers – Susan McLeary (Passion Flower Sue)
    Education: Holley Chappel, Amy Nicole, Passion Flower Sue, Fleursociety and Joseph Massie
    Podcast: The Flower Podcast with Scott Shepherd, Thrive with Kathleen Drennan

    Thank you Erin for sharing your list.

  386. Caroline on

    Maryanne Moodie’s “On The Loom” is sparking my recent creative kick. I’m in the midst of completing my first wall hanging and excited to take up the art more seriously.

    In addition, “A Year in Flowers” has inspired my recent interest in flower arranging. I’m still too intimated to head to the flower wholesale market, but have been taking inspo from your book and purchasing flowers from my local grocery store to build up confidence.

    The use of color theory and working with recycled and local goods meshes wonderfully between both books.

    Excited to continue my creative journey! <3

  387. Allison Oberg on

    Living on 1/10 of an acre (that’s not a typo ☺), in a small house, I’m challenged with space. With that in mind, I follow Linda Vater’s Potagerblog, Laura with Garden Answer, kaolinalansmansgarden and cottagesandbungalows. Books, books, books. Raised by an elementary school teacher, I actually love to gift children’s books about growing / gardening – not just to children but to adults as well. There’s something lovely about a kind and gentle children’s book gifted. “Eating The Alphabet”, “Tree Lady” and “In The Garden” are my current faves.

    I love the choices you’ve shared with us. Smaller, independent, women-owned businesses have been my focus recently, which often means we don’t push the easy button when purchasing. Yet, you’ve made it easy for us with some really great options. Thanks you!!

  388. Katie B on

    2020 has really strengthened my resolve in supporting my local community. For one, I expanded my business this year and was so humbled by the support of my community. There’s a special bond between small business owners. Tara’s Treats is a momma run business that specializes in making decadent macarons. Gracie’s on Main makes everything in house and it’s spectacular. Nolt’s Produce and Greenhouse Supply has everything that I could need for my dahlias. I did order another pair of Bogs this season since I wore throw my others! They really are the best.

  389. Jody P. on

    I love Block Shop Textiles! I enjoy finding gifts that help support small businesses.❤️

  390. Stephanie Wright on

    We live on 16 acres surrounded by farmland. We recently just dug our pond out and have two full acres of perfect soil in the front of our property that will be turned into a lavender field this spring! We have also prepared a 60’x60’ plot in the back for cut flowers in the spring. My inspiration? Floret!! I found your website by chance searching for seed and I’m so glad I did! I’m so ready to take my love of flowers and gardening to the next level. Thank you, Floret, for your amazing content, books, seed collections and inspiration! Xoxo

  391. Kristine Reyes on

    I’ve been following a ton of blogs but I have to say that I always come back to yours for all thingnd gardening. I also live pretty purple door for a lot of go to questions I have. I personally live the YouTube videos of garden answers, the woman who runs it is so personable. Thank you for sharing your list. Crossing my fingers I win!

  392. Bibi on

    Bonnie’s Greenhouse is a local shop specializing in antique and old garden flowers, perennials, Texas natives, annuals, hard-to-find and unusual plants. The owner, Ashli Robkin is very kind and knowledgeable. Her location is off the beaten path, but people love to seek out this hidden gem. Ashli turns customers into friends. ♡

  393. Gretchen Hubbe on

    After being a full-time stay at home Mom for 20 years, I started my own custom container business! I design 4 season planters for commercial & residential clients. I’m proud to say that after knocking on a lot of doors when I first started out a year ago, I have “grown” my business to over 2 dozen clients & counting! It’s a tremendous amount of blood, sweat & tears considering it’s me, myself & I working out of my garage, but it’s been incredibly gratifying! I named my business THRiVE planters. I have an Instagram page & would be honored if you checked it out! Thank you!!!

  394. Karri on

    This list is fantastic! Thank you Erin & Team Floret! We work for a small business, so we try to do the best we can to go to locally owned small businesses for everything from pizza to banking to bookstore, meat markets, & bakeries. The service we receive is so much more authentic and personal. And the thought of not having these gems and experiences far outweighs the added stops or slightly increased prices.

  395. Jill Kupcha on

    As I write this, I can’t even find the right words to describe how inspiring I find Francis Palmer’s book
    “Life in the Studio” . I bought two, one to keep and one to gift. After reading, I actually debated to keep both so I could have one downstairs in the living room and one in my bedroom. Both her imagery in the book and her words are so gratifying and evoking emotion that I want to gift it to everyone I know.
    I am also always inspired by @ravenwoodny. A barn that is an event space, shop, and farm stand run by
    @danamcclure + @chrisnlanier. They create a sense a community in everything they create whether it is a dinner, artist showcase or simply having their barn open for the produce shop. I want them to thrive and hope things can return so they can hold their beautiful events again.

  396. Meghan on

    I have been really inspired by a recent purchase of Clare Nolan’s “In Bloom” book and a book on “Everlastings” by Bex Partridge. Hoping to get some of Monty Don’s books next!

  397. Shu-Jean on

    I’m inspired by Erin and Floret who opened my eyes to gardening and flower farming. Also, Muddy Acres Flower Farm, Sweetwater Floral, Summer Dreams Farm and Flower Hill Farm.

  398. Jessica long on

    I also love five Mary’s farm and discovered them on Instagram! I am currently researching the flower industry as a full time job and have found that connecting with locals is so beneficial! I love your books as well! Any of these items would be amazing to have!

  399. Jacky Surber on

    Right now I am very inspired by the nature photography Of my friend Scott Logan and the new book from the collaboration he is in with Susan Gottlieb, thegottliebnativegarden.com

  400. Allison Barnard on

    What a list! My husband is out of the country working for the holiday season and after an incredibly long year running my small business from home, having my little one schooling from home and trying to keep up with my beloved yard, I just spent his entire gift budget for me on a pair of recommended overalls and that amazing gardening tool belt. Ha! My flower and vegetable gardens takes weeks of work in the spring. I worked 22 days straight in my yard during the shut down and wondered how in the world I ever managed to do it all over the course of weekends. And then I realized that I didn’t. I always felt behind. This year was the first year my yard got the attention it deserved in a decade. I can’t wait to use these two things every day! My favorite things right now are a collection of seeds to start in my tiny greenhouse in late winter.

  401. Annie wilson on

    I love learning about how you care for your farm, and run your business. Your flowers are beautiful!!

  402. Marian on

    Thank you for listing some of your favorite things. I am a huge fan of Lands End down coats. I have to say Laura and Aaron @ Garden Answer are a great inspiration and I have gained so much knowledge from their YouTube videos. I also enjoy reading Fine gardening and Garden gate magazines. I have been wanting to get some good farm/garden boots and am definitely going to try Bogs. Thank you for the opportunity to win some goodies!

  403. Elizabeth Verhagen on

    I am loving your posts, Erin,! You are a wonderful writer and I especially enjoyed your thoughtful “favorite things” post. Such great ideas for gift giving! You are an inspiration and I hope to visit your farm the next time I am in Washington (post pandemic!).

  404. Jennifer Drummond on

    Erin and JM Fortier are my two non-local inspirations, this year I am discovering local government information and suppliers. I love a tool belt or cargo pants to keep everything on hand, Erin’s is at the top of my wishlist

  405. Jess on

    Great list, thank you. I love all things Monty Don. Will be checking out his books next!

  406. Jaime Deibler on

    I’m a big fan of Garden Answers, have been watching Laura and Aaron for years now. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have been introduced to you and your farm. I purchased some seeds from floret a few months ago and can’t wait to get them started!

  407. Rebecca Stoddard on

    Currently, my favorite entrepreneur is Malorie Walker. She owns Burlap Bovine. She makes adorable cow ornaments, earrings, keys chains, and business card holders all out of leather. She’s sweet, funny and shows the reality of what it takes to run a small business. She shares her big goals with customers and you can’t help but cheer her on!

  408. Leah Cervantes on

    The following three I follow on Instagram and I chose them because they have to do with the 3 things that excite my soul: flowers, food and motherhood.
    Farm Girl Flowers was founded by Christina who inspires me to follow my dreams.
    Tastes Lovely is founded by Natalie who is so positive and shines such a bright light. She shares all of her clean eating recipes and lifestyle.
    Wellness Mama is founded by Katie, who is a mother of six, smart, adventurous and shares all things for following a healthy, natural lifestyle while being a busy mama.
    Thank you so much for allowing all of us to share all of these great resources:)

  409. Alice sides on

    Your Carhart jeans are so cute.. Five Mary’s is my favorite to watch her stories

  410. Barbara on

    I’m inspired by small businesses the most this season after a hard year! Down Home Soap, Little Creek in Montana, Bravo Steaks in Charlotte, NC, Farm Candle Co in Colorado Springs, local places Pecan Row and Southern Willow Market. So in love with the list you’ve created above and just made my list to Santa a bit longer!

  411. Brenda Zanola on

    I have found Monty Don to be my pandemic calming force. His books, his magazine, especially his tv show Gardeners World. Working from home, in a stressful non profit fundraising job, I have found that a daily break, watching one segment of Gardeners World while I eat lunch, puts me in a good place.
    It’s part gardening lesson , part travelogue, his calm demeanor and voice, and then there are the dogs. It’s just the perfect midday mediation for me.
    I’m always inspired to go back to my home office afterwards and try and keep the world moving forward.

  412. Jordan Messmann on

    What a great fun filled list for gardens everywhere! I’m inspired by a local trellising company, Trellis Growing Systems. I have worked with them since nearly the inception of their business. I am loving watching how they could potentially transform the berry and hops growing industries. It’s inspiring to see the owners drive and love for Agriculture/Horticulture.

  413. Clara Devos on

    Thanks for all the great ideas! I also love my insulated Bogs. They are my workbooks for 3 seasons, and I have a pair of regular Bogs for summer. Your book suggestions are great, and I see a few on the list I have yet to read, so thank you! Be well, and thank you for all that you do to elevate the interest in gardening!

  414. Emma M. on

    I’m loving Spice Your Life, in Minneapolis. They opened during the pandemic and have clearly put so much love into the delicious spice blends and succeeding during a time that would be hard even for an established business.

  415. Kelly on

    Amazing list and so heartfelt to see so many businesses supporting each other. Very inspired by these entrepreneurs you have listed, all who I have not heard of before.. especially Portland Aprons using organic cotton!!! Horray!!! Starting my journey into growing cut flowers and grateful for your effort to educate, share and inspire. Just purchased your cut flower garden book so that’s on the current Inspirado list, along with Frith Farms Daniel Mays new No Till Gardening Book, and The Resilient Farm by Ben Falk. As far as entrepreneurs… Really all right now (artists, florists, farmers, chefs, small business owners, curators, health industry, instructors/teachers, and beyond). Lol. Deeply humbled by their willingness to find grace in the act of surrending during ‘these times’ when likely in ‘normal circumstances’ are primarily driven by self effort. Huge applause to all small business owners who are making adjustments, finding new avenues in their art to stay in business, and persevering with enthusiasm, I am inspired. Thank you.

  416. Anne Goldman on

    The greatest gardening info I have ever been made aware of. So excited to plant pretty flowers!!

  417. Brie on

    I absolutely love Red Ants Pants for gardening pants. They’re made for women but are sturdy, comfortable and durable. Plus they have made a point to help innovate young women through scholarships and are a supportive part of the community through their music festival.

  418. Tina Gregg on

    Lately I’m mostly inspired by spending time at the estate sales of a local company and just browsing the things that have inspired others in their homes. Antiques often inspire me as far as fashion, home decor, and vessels for flower arranging.

  419. Liz Veillette on

    Kings books in Tacoma, WA has an awesome new and used book selection and a very cool shop cat. Also been loving Brier & Ivy florist for constant flower inspiration.

  420. Julie Puhr on

    I just want to say thank you for personally answering questions I have sent you in messages. This shows a personal side of your passion that often is not shown by entrepreneurs.
    You have inspired my to span my horizon of things I have decided to grow. I. E dahlias. Poppies. Etc. I know follow KA and her dahlias, the impatient Gardner (Erin) and of course Laura from Garden Answers.
    Thank you and keep preserving in your passion as you spread your love around the world .

  421. Ann Jackson on

    As a small woman, I find it really tough to find farm gear that isn’t poorly fabricated or in goofy colours. Carhartt is the best I’ve found so far for good fit and durability. As for boots, I’m still looking…I’d like to endorse Blundstones, but I find the treads on the women’s styles to be really lacking, making for dangerous situations on the farm (eg foot slipping off the tractor clutch, or poor grip on grass with early morning dew).

  422. Jenny Kessener on

    As a gardener in a new zone, I am learning so much from Laura on Garden Answer, also loving Monty Don, and all you freely share. I love your list. The toolbelt and apron are so right on. My kitchen apron usually has a pruner, pencil, phone, and several seed packets in the pocket. Love my Landsend down coat and all weather shoes!

  423. Kate on

    I am loving our new floral business activator course in New Zealand! It’s full of useful knowledge that applies just to us here in the South Pacific. So handy!

  424. Wendy Bergland on

    I’ve been learning lots about dahlias from your site and instagram account as well as Triple Wren Farms, Bonny Blooms, and the Dahlia Barn. Not to be left out is Swan Island Dahlias. I can’t wait for spring!

  425. Alex on

    Thank you for this post! I especially love the tip to get some Bogs as I am also a PNW resident. I think the Instagram/youtube account @urbanfarmstead is so informative for home garden planning and infrastructure. I also find info from my local Soil and Water Conservation District to be really helpful in developing an ethos around raising plants. I think everyone in the US should look into what offerings their SWCD has available. Thanks again to Team Floret for all you do!

  426. Kristi Petersen on

    On my last Costco outing before the pandemic shut down I grabbed a few bags of dahlia tubers. I found so much joy in growing them and learning about the process YOU have inspired me to start my own cutting garden this spring and summer. I have teenagers and work special education and being out in the garden was my calm and happy place. I value the tutorials and resources you and many others provide. I feel connected to you as I too am in WA state and love your local recommendations and have made many notes on some of the above comments. My first source is Johnnys Seeds for seed starting equipment that hasn’t cost a fortune to ship. Thank you for sharing your passion and know how inspired I am by you and your farm.

  427. Lindsay Oldright on

    I’ve totally been inspired by the #yearinflowers hashtag and love seeing peonies blooming in the Southern Hemisphere and although we are into our wet pnw winters knowing my favorite flowers are blooming somewhere makes me happy! We also have you year in flowers book on our coffee table and right now I’m exploring the dahlias and roses I will add to our garden after we finish construction on our detached garage/potting shed!

  428. Sophia Kim on

    Jiggy! The puzzle company features female artists and jigsaw puzzles are a great quarantine activity. Each puzzle also comes with glue to be able to frame the puzzle!

  429. Tracy Klie on

    I am currently being inspired by YOU of course. I picked up Joanna Gaines Magnolia magazine and read the article about you and my life has never been the same since! My journey began shortly after! I will begin my first season this spring of 2021. My mentors are Hilde Makkink of Makkink Flower Farm in Tillsonburg, ON, Canada, Janice Harris of Harris Flower Farm, Ontario, Canada and I have been very blessed to work beside my mentor Maria Pap of Flora Greenhouses in Windsor, Ontario. She is a 72 year old greenhouse farmer who ran her business alone during the busiest season ever during COVID-19. I am learning every detail of my business from her from seed to cut flower. As a current dental hygienist working in the most dangerous profession on the planet I am welcoming this opportunity to try to exit from my 32 year career to begin a new chapter of flower farming which was inspired entirely by you Erin! I cannot thank you enough!
    Tracy Klie

  430. Tiffany Duddie on

    Thank you so much for this well thought out list. I love Dovetail and everything they represent. Purchased their pinstripe overalls and fits perfect! I’m also really into Farmhouse Pottery lately. Would like to also look into the pottery businesses you mentioned, too. Thanks again and Happy Holidays. Stay safe!

  431. Sophia on

    Grace Rose Farm! Their roses add some pretty ambiance during winter.

  432. Taylor Levit on

    I’ve worn a lot of things from Duluth Trading Company lately, as their new heat-tolerant line holds up great in humid Florida! As for vases, I have found that stalking Facebook marketplace has been a great place to find hidden treasures. You never know what you might discover!

  433. Rachel Denham on

    All the things you mentioned Erin are and sound amazing!! I enjoy following my favorite local gardeners on Instagram @prettyflowerfarm and @blackburngardens they have been such good role models as I am learning more and more about cut flowers and gardening each day. I love to support my local plant nursery. (christianson’s nursery and greenhouse) Bogs Boots are my all time FAVORITE! Nothing beats there quality. Lastly, I have been loving thrift stores to search for vessels and vases for my arrangements and bouquets! Thanks for doing this :) It’s so fun to have a chance to maybe win a sweet and useful gift :)

  434. Karen A Murphy on

    Had a long down coat 20 years ago, Land’s End was your suggestion to keep warm, so went there. Now I will have one from husband for Christmas. I will keep warm and think of you every day on my walks. Checked out most of the suggestions. Loved the boots , someday maybe. (65 and ever hopeful, like a gardener) Wow, Coolbot is a cool invention…would it work for wine ? I have heard it is the glue holding things together! Fascinated by your website and all the beautiful flowers. Stay safe and good luck on your farm.

  435. Melanie Leclau on

    I am a fairly recent transplant to Western WA from Central NY and I have been agonizing over whether it is the right time to start a flower farm. I’ve decided to go for it, despite the fact I’ve never done anything like this before in my life. My favorite thing right now would be my Duluth Noga pants that have a built-in pocket for kneeling pads to be inserted – they are always in the right place! They are also have great reinforced seams and I can easily pile other layers on top to stay warm and dry.

  436. Alison S. on

    Floret Flowers got me through 2020. Because of Floret, I was able to relish every moment in the garden while isolated at home. In a time that felt so unnerving because of the unknown, I found hope in every seed that I planted because it allowed me to plan for the future.

    Floret got me into growing plants from seeds, bulbs and tubers about five years ago, but never did I need Floret like this year. Thanks for bringing me light and hope and purpose in 2020. 💚

  437. Michelle Duga on

    I’ve just recently discovered Lands End and was so happy to see them on your list of favorite things! All of their products so far have been very well made and long lasting, as well as the fact that they are offered at very reasonable prices.

  438. Alicia Worth on

    We are also so inspired by Five Mary’s! Local to us is a small town family farm called Hometown Harvest. We so enjoy picking up weekly boxes of lovingly grown produce and goodies! We have enjoyed getting to know the family that runs it and are furthering our own little farm (with flowers of course!) with inspiration and guidance from them!

  439. Josy Johnson on

    I am continually inspired by you Erin. Thank you for the gift list. I am loving a local shop here in Austin Tx called Take Heart that sells handmade items from artisans all over. The owner sells wonderful curated sustainable & ethical gifts. She was kind enough to host me outside her shop to sell my handmade dried flower wreaths.

  440. Shelley Fitzpatrick on

    Good Day!

    I am so excited to start Florets online course! I also love you giving this opportunity to share some of my favorite sites. I am following Heritage Goods & Supplies in Carpinteria CA. They are three women that are so talented, each in different areas. I hope you will give them a “look-see”! Slubucket by Andrew Clemmons, is amazing! The photography, lifestyle, are inspiring. Third, I am really proud of my daughter, Alana Fitzpatrick Ober, @lambstonecottage. Due to the virus and my father passing this year, Alana created a wonderful Air B&B on my father’s property. I needed this help, and this is where my Floret garden will be!

  441. Marsha Johnston on

    I love Caravan Gallery in LaConner. I discovered it a few years back while visiting in April for the tulip tour. Really interesting finds!

  442. Angela on

    Thank you for the list. Inspired by Sheep Farm Felt. They sell wonderful garlands!

  443. Lisa Chiappinelli Sutherland on

    We’re in the Kirkland area and two vendors who are inspiring us now (and have been throughout COVID) have been 1) 21Acres Farm Market (selling their own produce plus they sell other local farms/vendor’s produce, cheeses, breads, local meets, honeys, etc) in Woodinville and 2) Local Roots farms in Duvall, carrying the most gorgeous radicchios, chicories, and so many kinds of local veggies. Local Roots provided an all day online extravaganza this fall for all things radicchio that was a learning delight. And 21Acres has been especially community minded and generous and kind as they have been shopping for folks with health issues during COVID, a real gift to someone with a compromised immune system this year (chemo related). I feel fortunate to have found these two farms in my area.

  444. Laura Knott on

    Here in North Carolina we have a large portion of our population that is food insecure meaning many people do not know where their next meal might come from. One of my favorite local shop owners in Raleigh, The Fort at 3512’s Pam Clark, is one of those people that you instantly become friends with the second you meet her. At the beginning of the pandemic, Pam started hosting auctions of items in her shop to benefit the Food Bank of NC. She raised thousands of dollars for those in our community and helped so many people ensure they would have a meal on their table. She also has encouraged all her followers/patrons to shop as local as possible and I know she practices what she preaches and really has made tremendous impact to the Raleigh economy during these hard times.

  445. Abby S on

    The book Floriography: An Illustrated Guide to the Victorian Language of Flowers by Jessica Roux is a beautiful new book that has been delighting me lately. Her botanical illustrations are quite accurate, and each flower is matched with its meaning, some flower facts, and flowers to pair it with to send a message. It’s the best floral dictionary I have in that I enjoy reading and flipping through it (unlike a dictionary).

  446. Katherine on

    I love this list! Some things that are giving me some inspiration right now are both Magnolia Gift and Garden and the Plant Barn in Chico, Ca. If you ever have the chance, I highly recommend stopping by! I’m doing some self care with the Skn Factory in San Ramon, Ca. (Check her out for some at-home facials.) I’m also loving Carhartt (and have used them for years!) I really love this list and can’t wait to look at some of the books you recommend!

  447. Deb on

    A true love and garden necessity for me is wool socks for under my boots in the cold months. Nothing beats hand knit Norwegian wool socks in the winter to keep your feet warm!

  448. Barbara Clark on

    Christianson’s is my favorite garden store. Planted my oakleaf hydrangea that I purchased there in October. It is doing well. My pale pink hydrangea is beautiful and also planted in October. The Red Mill Antique Mall is the best second hand and antique store in the Valley. I found most of my old flower frogs there over the past two years. I also drive by the Floret Flower farm from time to time and peek at their blooms. (Just from the road, of course.)

  449. Jane on

    Thank you for this valuable resource! One of my favorite artists is my cousin, Carol Flax of Cut Paper Mosaics. She uses cut reclaimed paper, applied in brush-stroke-like patterns, which reference the natural shapes and movement in the landscapes they depict. She is an talented inspiration. carolflaxart.com

  450. Kimball on

    In between my shifts in an ER, I am really enjoying Charles Dowding for his expertise on no-dig gardening, Beth Kempton for writing prompts and inspiration, You for flower inspiration as I plan to branch out in my yard this coming spring to include more flowers, and Marla Baggetta for her watercolor sketch class.

  451. mary stephens on

    Martha Stewart – her books and monthly magazine

  452. Sophia Dunkin-Hubby on

    I’m in the SF Bay Area and two entrepreneurs that I love are Linda Fahey from Yonder Shop in SF and Joanna from Bluma Farm in Oakland. Linda is a ceramicist who makes lovely house wares and Joanna offers fresh and dried flowers from her rooftop garden.

  453. Zoe on

    The jewel of my rural area is the Fort Valley Nursery and Garden Center. Woodstock Virginia. Family owned for forty years- it’s my go to for shrubs, garden gifts, decor items and ideas and also have a small cafe serving local coffee, breakfast and lunch. And they added a little free library this summer. Their garden seminars are the best. The best place to one stop shop local!

  454. Jane G. on

    Erin, the beauty of your website, the spirit of your company, the colors of the flowers has seen me through some dark days of COVID. I am so inspired by the stories of your students and their flowering businesses (no pun intended). I have visions of seed purchases flowing through my brain these past few days and cannot wait to place my order. Love, love, love the generosity of your sharing your favorite things, and supporting other businesses. I have been reading through other’s comments and making notes of other sites to search out. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Oh, and yes, I would be lost without my Hori knife-mine is 10 years old. Every gardener needs to have one. Have given many as gifts to fellow gardeners who did not know how they gardened without one.

  455. Jennifer on

    I’m inspired by two local stores in my city, Fresno, California. They are really local – I can walk to them, and that is unusual in this spread-out, car-necessary area! One is a card and gift (and Vera Bradley) store, Top Drawer. Sadly, the owner is closing her doors for reasons other than the pandemic. The other is Happy House, a modern gift and home store. Both have darling baby things, too. Both are owned by women, are unique, and wonderful to visit and shop in. They are creative with home delivery or curbside service during this unique and challenging time. I shop at both, more often than I need to, just to support them.

  456. Megan on

    My newest and greatest inspiration:
    My dad started a lavender farm (Peppers Lavender Lane) after retiring last year! It’s been amazing to watch him take on this new adventure!

  457. Rachel on

    Thanks for the inspiration! I’m also loving Amy Merrick’s book, On Flowers, and Seth Godin’s The Practice: Shipping Creative Work. Kristacoons.com and MaryFrancesCarter.com for beautiful handmade ceramics!

  458. Rhonda Campbell on

    I have found several items of work gear from Duluth Trading Company to work well for me and my climate. I like their Breezeshooter shorts and Armachillo cooling tank tops to wear during my 90+ degree days here in Virginia in July and August. I also picked up an amazing UV protective sunhat and sun shirt from SunWay, a company out of Israel started by a woman whose passion is to provide protection against skin cancer.

  459. Christy Avey on

    I live in Eastern Washington and one of my favorite shops is Ellensburg Floral. The women who work there have creative ways to repurpose old, toss-away items and make them lovely. I’ve borrowed many ideas from them as well as purchasing many of theirs to accentuate my own style!

  460. Nancy on

    I am loving Laura at Garden Answer. This year for Christmas I took her recommendation on purchasing bulbs and bought amaryllis bulbs to force for Christmas from Brent and Becky’s Bulbs. I was impressed with the information provided on their website and everything has gone according to plan with the forcing so I have to give them credit since I pretty much don’t know what I’m doing! Thanks for your great recommendations and unfailing inspiration!

  461. Katie S. on

    100% Lands End or LLBean for down coats!!!! Thrift shops for items, like vases, to display flowers in.

  462. Katie Tobin on

    Follow, follow & more following in the year of covid. I love farmhouse pottery, which led me to you, which led me to Frances Palmer & many others. I love florals & arrangement & found your page to bring me so much joy to my own home amongst this year of much sadness, anger & disappointment.

  463. Katie Kiel on

    I am inspired by Diadem Flower Farm’s innovation called The Flower Auxillary that aims to start a community of creatives that will come together to teach each other flower arranging, farming and gardening techniques, and other crafts like ribbon dying and floral pastry decoration! It’s all virtual for this new age too!

  464. Claire Aldersong on

    I am so inspired by everyone working so hard through Covid to make their businesses thrive. I’ve got @durianandthelyon face masks working everyday for me, mw mud ware ceramics working in my kitchen, and Beaton clothing!

  465. Plantb on

    Thanks for the great list! I’ve been loving “In bloom” myself!

  466. Jodi on

    I love following Michael G. At Summer Dreams Farm as he is not far from me in Michigan.

  467. Alyssa on

    The Lord inspires me to do all things!

    Flowers – The Petaler Co. in Ocean Springs, MS have some gorgeous floral arrangements. They have inspired me to start making flower arrangements in my home.


    Flowers – Floret has inspired me to create my own flower garden in 2021, so I can create floral arrangements using my own flowers -Lord willing!

  468. Julia Lipner on

    Thank you so much for sharing all this – what a huge help and inspiration! I’ve recently been inspired by the work of the Sarvodaya Institute and Rishi Kumar in Pomona, CA – they offer a wide variety of educational tools, videos, and workshops around regenerative gardening and restoring our connection to the land through gardening. The Resilience Hub and Wild Seed Project, both based in Portland, ME, are doing really exciting work around permaculture, community gardens, and native plants. And for gear, I love my Blundstones for farm work- they hold up great and have amazing customer service :)

  469. Sarie Whitson on

    I love The Flower Podcast hosted by Scott Shepherd! I listened to your episode and so many others! Through listening, I have discovered many new growers and floral designers, from Alaska peonies to California roses. I love hearing the humble and surprising “how I got started” stories, and I can always glean tips and suggestions from the pros, who generously share their talent on the podcast. Highly recommend!

  470. Bethaney Cotten on

    Really love Lands End for all things winter! They always have a great sale in the summer and I restock my kids outer wear bins. We are a muck and xtra tuff family for boots, but a few bogs have come through our house and we liked them as well! Lately I have been covering the farm apron dress by Tove by design and Von Trapp Flowers.

  471. Carissa on

    What a lovely list, Erin! Thank you for all the details. I follow several small flower farm folks on youtube for info…and invest in many of the books you recommend. I also like to support my local growers, like Salt Farm Flowers, for seeds/tubers. My biggest win this year was a pair a Felcos…def worth the investment. PS…I’m super excited because my small town is starting a garden club…sign me up!

  472. Jacqueline on

    The King’s English is a local bookshop that’s inspiring me at the moment. A local bookshop, they’ve adapted their business model over these past 8 months to keep afloat during a very very difficult time for small business. And they supply me with my gardening books!

  473. Kimberly Hathaway on

    I love The Gardener’s Cottage in Asheville, NC. Libby is a talented designer and curator!

  474. Alexandra on

    I would have to say – this is one of the better “gift guides” out there (it’s okay that I’m looking at using these strictly for myself…right?). Anyways, aside from Floret Farms tending to spark some inspiration, I drool over Ms Jillian, @thenoisyplume, for her photography, farmer-y and silversmith-ery self. Hells Canyon Bolo Company (@hellscanyonbolo) satisfies my gem dreams in bolo and buckle form, and Kristen Shockey (@ferment.works, book: Fermented Vegetables) is my forever fermentation inspiration.

  475. Beth Houser on

    I love how you support other businesses!! It’s one of the many reasons I am such a big fan!! I have loved following Triple Wren Farms this past season and I really enjoy The Flower Podcast as well as the Foot Traffic podcast. The Garden Answer is a great Youtube channel too!! xo

  476. Angela Neufeld on

    We hosted a holiday market at our farm (this year online) and I was thrilled to have other vendors join me. Ahimsa Green Products run by a woman in my neighbourhood has found cardboard containers for her lip balm and hand salve which really excited me. As far as farming inspiration we’re digging in hard to Dan Brisebois Spreadsheet Academy. It’s pretty incredible what a solid foundation this is going to give our next year. Maybe not aesthetically beautiful but inspiring non the less!

  477. Maddie on

    Aside from being inspired by you, Erin, I’ve really been moved by a local farmer florist Flowerwell here in Rochester, NY. I also put in my Christmas wishlist for a copy of Dahlia Breeding by Kristine Albrecht. I’m super excited to start dabbling in breeding myself as I expand my cut flower gardens. All of the farmer florists locally have also inspired me to start my own flower CSA program paired with honey from our backyard honeybees. Why not make the leap and learn from so many amazing female small business owners!

  478. Jodie Morrison on

    Ahh books. So many memorable ones.
    “Amy Merrick, author of ON FLOWERS considers herself an accidental florist. As she speaks about it in interviews for her book, it’s about not knowing where her path was leading and being spontaneous.”
    Re posting as I was out walking in the garden, rain and lost connection.

  479. Jodie Morrison on

    Ah books.. so many memorable reads. “Amy Merrick, author of ON FLOWERS considers herself an accidental florist. As she speaks about it in interviews for her book, it’s about not knowing where her path was leading and being spontaneous.” This one spoke to me as a spontaneous personality.

  480. Julie Ann on

    During this pandemic I have found peace, joy and meditation in my garden. Inspiration has come from neighbors, following Florets Flowers, Garden Answers and my local green house.
    Thank you for sharing your list!!
    I also love Land Ends coats, very warm and we need that in Minnesota!!

  481. Courtney on

    I live in MD just outside of DC. I’ve been trying to buy supplies from this small supplier Collins Produce and Plants – they are a local family owned business and always have that little something extra I need. I’ve also been researching local ceramics artists so that i can commission a few custom pieces for at home arrangements! Ive also been reading many reference materials from UMD for native plants to add to my gardens.

    And of course, I’ve been reading my collections of Floret books for inspiration and information!

  482. Brennan Lewis on

    Grace Rose Farm has been inspiring me so much this year. Although my first rose growing experience didn’t go as planned this year (SO many different rose pests), I can’t help but be inspired to keep trying. Her roses are so beautiful and fragrant, and it’s amazing how they have extended their rose growing season and launched a fragrance line. I’m excited for next season to try my hand at different rose varieties and to learn more about sustainable and organic farming in general.

  483. Jerilee Costa on

    What a lovely list. Thanks so much for doing a giveaway! I think some of the things that most inspire me are so local and simple that they aren’t that relevant to most others. My yard, my local garden club members, my local nursery Farmington Gardens that has a beautiful floral shop, local farmers that raise poultry for the table like Foggy Forest Farm, my next door neighbor with the incredible dahlia garden and shops that give small businesses a place to sell like Bennett Urban Farm Store…these are simple yet so local and in my view daily enough that they keep my dreams of growing figs and flowers in my large suburban yard realistic and purposeful.

  484. Judy Manzer on

    Thank You for such Good recommendations for the Bog Boots. I’m a dirt digger and have 10 hens with a large garden. I could use a good pair of boots and a slip on garden clog. Also love the Flower Frog’s essential work shirt. So cute. I’m hoping to look stylish in my garden thanks to you. The book ideas are also a great indulgence. I will definitely be treating myself to one of Monty Don’s as he talks about poultry and gardening. Go Erin Go!

  485. Kari Parks on

    Thank you for this valuable resource!
    One of my favorite artists is my step mom Karen Crabtree of Crystal Bouquet. Karen is an OSO flower farmer. She hand crafts her pressed flowers into heirloom pendants, nightlights & plaques. She’s a widowed mother of nine and a Pike Place Market artisan for 42 years! She is an talented inspiration. Crystalbouquet_ on Insta.

  486. Susie Stuvland on

    I have so many!! During COVID one really great thing that has happened is being forced into staying home, taking time to do everything. I have followed people intentionally because I feel like more than ever before everything counts!! Time counts, who you listen to counts, what you say counts, who you expose yourself to counts. I think this has always been the case, but I was running so hard and so fast I didn’t appreciate it. I love The Food Nanny for all things yummy, I love Rhiannon Bosse and her RB soap company, she is so intentional in everything she does. I love Hazel Village for all child sweetness, I love beautiful books about flowers, too many to list! Of course I am inspired by everyday by Floret, the company that changed what I am doing with the rest of my life. ❤️

  487. Laura on

    Always love your books, videos and photos 💓 thank you for sharing your beautiful flowers with us and inspiring me to learn to grow new ones! Other small businesses I love and follow are Dear Mushka and a local plant nursery here in Franklin.

  488. Sara on

    I have been inspired by your books. I have always enjoyed growing and being in the garden as well as a deep enjoyment for trying to arrange flowers, but being on a tight budget arranging is reserved for Valentine’s and Mother’s day. Your books have inspired me to try growing my own flowers this next year. I having been poring over the books and your webage finding inspiration and encouragement to pursue something that I enjoy.

  489. Annette Zacher on

    Our friends at Oregon Flowers who always have something beautiful in bloom.

  490. JoAnne Sulak on

    Great list of really interesting products and people – thanks for sharing! I live in northern Virginia and two of my local favorites are: Abernathy & Spencer Greenhouses for plants and mulch and advice; and Holly Chapel Flowers for flowers and workshops and products and inspiration.

  491. Anne Marie on

    Frances Palmer has created the most beautiful life for herself and shares it with us in her new book “Life in the Studio”. Her vases combined with her flowers combined with her gorgeous photos continue to inspire me. Plus, she shares how to make a the perfect pie crust as taught to her by her mother.

  492. Corina on

    Thanks for sharing so many tips and taking us on tours of your flowers on Instagram. I love to shop at Garden Spot and My Garden Nursery in Bellingham, the staff can answer all your questions and they have amazing selection of plants for all the seasons.

  493. Heather on

    I have been inspired by your account and others on Instagram. I am really thinking of expanding my garden this year, doing more with preserves and maybe even getting into bees! I am especially loving the Little Pallet Homestead’s Homestead documentary series and the 30 small businesses that she highlights! I have been loving HH Flower Farm, Whispering Willow Farm and Heidi from This Mother Hen (not a business per day, but she promotes lots of small businesses and mama friends. She keeps things fun and light hearted, but shared some serious messages) Oh! For jewelry, I LOVE Stella & Tide (a small one woman show, but have loved every piece I have purchased) and for tea, I love my tea lady from Tupelo Honey Teas in Pittsburgh PA (Millvale to be precise)

  494. Samantha L. on

    What a wonderful idea! For me, inspiration is all around right now! My favorite places include walking through the woods to see what nature is currently offering (hello dried berries, grapevines, and evergreens!). Second, walking the streets / downtowns that are all dressed up for the holidays in their own way has inspiration written all over it! Belles and Thistles and Wood Violet in Milwaukee have been offering up gorgeous photos of their seasonal decor, which has inspired me to make my own holiday wreaths and arrangements this year (as well as a few for family and friends!).

  495. Lesley on

    I second your recommendation for Red Door in Mount Vernon! We moved to MV a little over a year ago and it my go to for unique and affordable home furnishings. I even spotted you there once and was a little star struck, haha 🤩

  496. Victoria Davis on

    I am hugely inspired by you, Erin, and what y’all are doing at Floret. Inspired, in fact, to start my own little flower farm this year!

    Locally, I work at a floral shop and the owner has become a dear friend and such an inspiration! It’s hard to run a small business in a small, rural community, but she does it with kindness, wisdom, and generosity. I love working for her!

  497. Eva Koronczok on

    Just read “Cool flowers” this fall and I have my first batch of cool flowers all tucked in! Can’t wait for spring 🌸

  498. Nora Putnam on

    Can I say you? Your workshops (mini) has inspired me back into gardening 🧑‍🌾. When we finished our remodel I jumped in and failed 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ into gardening/landscaping our yards. What I didn’t have was your knowledge. Thank you for offering a free mini course. This time around I hope to be successful.

  499. Bre'an on

    Two books that are inspiring me this season: “The Flavor Bible”and Amy Merriks, “On Flowers”. Both are deliciously captured and have sparked a deeper love for all things life, design, and making our homes sancuraries of beauty. Also I live in a stunning area that puts a huge emphasis on quality over quanitity, some of my favorite local shops are Barbs Buns (On Salt Spring Island, Canada) and The Root Cellar (located in Victoria, Canada) both places embody rich flavors and the marriage between beautiful plants and plated food.

  500. Nicole on

    Thank you for a look in to your favourite things! I love the work shirt and have been trying to find something similar in Australia, but no luck so far. I have one particular entrepreneur that has inspired me through cookery and into gardening. Stephanie Alexander is the founder of a now nationwide Kitchen Garden program that runs in primary schools in Australia. It teaches young children how to grow fruit and vegetables in the garden, raise chickens for eggs, harvest that food and prepare it into delicious meals that they share as a class. Hopefully we are helping a generation of kids eat more fresh foods and enjoy the process from the garden to the table!

  501. Michelle rene on

    I grew my own dahlias this year, and was thrilled to bits and inspired to try other varieties as well! I’m very inspired by the heirloom chrysanthemums at Kings Mums and can’t wait to try my hand at growing them! I’ve made a point to shop local or from artists this year, and was thrilled to find sculptor Beverly Zimmer, (Forge Hill Sculptures on Etsy) and her beautifully rendered horses ♥️

  502. Gina on

    What wonderful resources from you & all the reader comments. I agree about Lands End. Living in the Northeast, we get plenty of cold and snowy weather and their coats and sweaters are always great to stay warm. Also, LL Bean boots are the best – all that sloppy slush and snow doesn’t stand a chance.

  503. Danielle Miller on

    Oh man. Local shops include ReStyle Corvallis, with a huge assortment of local & sustainable gifts, plants, jewelery, etc. Also love Made by Anisa pottery, Blueland Cleaning Supplies, Earth Harbour Naturals, and Fat and the Moon skincare. Trying to be really intentional with gift giving this year. Making sure to support local and sustainable companies, keep things minimal waste, and make sure my loved ones are getting useful things! ❤️

  504. Deidra Moore on

    My personal growth book right now is Facing Codependence by Pia Mellody. It is an amazing remedy to the mysterious behaviours and distortions I’ve experienced my whole life. My dream one day is to apply these methods of therapy on a farm or a horticulture sanctuary. A condition people have that is often insidious. It’s never too late to learn about what holds us back. I’ve been visiting a farm that really sparks my creativity. It’s called Maris Garden in Mililani, Oahu. They incorporate aquaponics, leafy vegetables, and ornamentals. It’s one of the only farms I know of on island where we can walk right on site. They also sell produce from a local initiative dedicated to helping prisoners rehabilitate to society. I love that I know that!

    To love and growth in 2021 everyone at Floret !

  505. Vicki Foege on

    I am a peony fanatic and to find interesting or hard to find peonies I shop at rarepeonies.com located in Seattle. The gal who owns it can answer all kinds of question about peonies, will go on a hunt to find you varieties you covet but can’t find, and she even sent me to a couple of other farmers who she knew had what I wanted, free of charge.

  506. Dana on

    I can definitely recommend Charles Dowding for his inspirational videos about non-dig, composting, veggies and taking a step back when everything is pushing you forward:)

  507. Shari D. on

    I have loved the book In Bloom, by Claire Nolan, for flower growing and arranging!

  508. Rebecca on

    I’m inspired by Floret, of course! I also love The Flower Recipe Book by Alethea Harampolis & Jill Rizzo. I’m inspired by the endless, loving creativity of Magnolia and Chip & Joanna Gaines. I love all-things Hollywood Farmer’s Market every Sunday in Los Angeles, CA – especially the special dandelion greens of Yasutomi Farms (my boyfriend loves making pesto with them!). At Christmas I love our local Mr. Jingles as our locally supported Xmas tree business – they have the best trees! I’m inspired by Alice Waters’ ‘The Art of Simple Food,’ and she and her daughter Fannie’s IG videos together. And I love the Great Pyrenees Rescue Society from whom I adopted my sweet 1 yr old Alice in October. I am also wildly inspired by Five Marys Farms, and the Gentle Barn here in Los Angeles. I love, also, Darling Magazine for celebrating women as they are, not as an airbrush tool says they should be.

  509. Molly Chadwick on

    Kiana Underwood and her book, Color Me Floral, never ceases to inspire me. And of course you and your book, A Cut Flower Garden are what first got me interested in growing flowers. Thank you!

  510. Liz Murphy on

    Hello! Learning what you enjoy and what works well is a gift and your voice of calm inspiration really comes through in your posts. Thank you. Two creatives that I follow for inspiration are Jen Hewett (jenhewett.com) and Lisa Congdon. (lisacongdon.com). Beautiful color and design give me hope.

  511. Molly Chadwick on

    Kiana Underwood, and her book, Color Me Floral, never ceases to inspire me. And of course, you and your book, A Cut Flower Garden, is what first got me interesting in growing flowers! Thank you!

  512. Nicole on

    So fun to read through your list of favorites! It’s gives me some resources to check out! My current source of inspiration is my neighbor who is a retired horticulture teacher! 🌸

  513. Laura Swenson on

    I’ve been getting back into sewing lately and have really enjoyed finding independent fabric stores across the country. Blackbird Fabrics (based in Canada) has a lovely curated selection and I’ve enjoyed Measure Fabric (in Georgia) and a Stone Mountain Fabric (in Oakland, CA). I’m definitely longing for the days I can wander inside a shop and touch alllllll the fabric again!

  514. Amanda Taylor on

    I always come to the floret blog, Instagram, etc knowing I’ll be inspired/uplifted in some way!!

    I’ve been following a fellow flower farmer and recently been inspired by the success she is having from all her hard work and being true to herself on social media. We started our farms at similar times and it gives me hope that I too can have success if I just stay dedicated!!

    Thank you @bloomingjoyflowerco

  515. Ann Stob on

    You guys are always inspirational, but I would also have to shout out Oxbow Farm in Carnation. They do a great job of reaching the community and encouraging sustainability. I love that you share Monty Don’s books, The Jewel Garden is next on my list to read! I also love listening to The Flower Podcast on my commutes. :)
    Thank you for everything that you do!

  516. Ashley on

    Floret is one of my biggest inspirations. Another is Charles Dowding. His channel and books are a treasure trove of information and joy. My favorite floral snips come from triple wren in washington. For clothes carhartt of course but also Happy Earth Apparel. Im currently reading deadhead the bindweed way and find it very informative and entertaining!

  517. Raylene on

    A local flower farm that inspires me and is really what pushed me to start is All Dahlia’d Up Flower Farm. She is so encouraging and willing to offer advice and support. I’ve also been reading your first book and Vegetables LoveFlowers.

  518. Whitney Sweeny on

    Grandmother’s Buttons! Their jewelry pieces are made from vintage/antique buttons and glass. They were highlighted in a Country Living Magazine years ago and I have several of their pieces. I love the stories of the buttons and their efforts to collect them! I love that the business was inspired because of her love for her grandmother’s button tin. For me that is a relatable love! This year for Christmas I bought my husband some cufflinks (those have been new additions in recent years, at least to the website) and necklaces for my mom and my mother-in-law. Their pieces are art and history. It makes me happy! For books: I’m a Monty Don lover, but this year I’ve picked up Niki Jabbour’s The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener which has inspired me to rethink and redesign my home garden efforts. I’ve also been inspired by Deliciously Ella: the Plant-Based Cookbook. While we are not vegan, I’m always looking for delicious ways to feed my family more plants! Separately: Bridgeton Mill, IN for your ground flours for the win!

  519. Lydia Richardson on

    In my past two years of flower farming, I have been very inspired by the work ethic and success of Ledna Johnson of Southern Tradition Farm and Kim McCannon of Bell Urban Farm. They just keep going and growing their businesses and it has helped me to branch out and gain confidence in what we do.
    Thank you for the great post! Such great businesses out there to support!

  520. Beth on

    I am inspired by my friend Melinda Choy who owns and operates Elevate Wellness in Lake Tahoe. She is an Acupuncturist, Herbalist, and practices Functional Medicine. She has grown her business and offers a collective business for healing for our community. It is staffed by women offering many modalities of natural healing. She has a fully stocked retail space with local created products. Together we rise. I love all of the florist/farmers on Instagram and you have inspired me to start my own small cut flower business. Thank you

  521. Mara on

    I’m a new gardener and was inspired to start after moving back to midwest after a few years in Texas (no more poisonous animals to watch out for constantly while gardening). I’ve been inspired by Floret, Triple Wren Farms, and Garden Answer. There are many other Instagram accounts I’ve started following recently and I’m sure they will spark new inspiration as well. Thank you Floret for all you do to inspire and educate!!

  522. Erin McCracken on

    I’m really being inspired by artists and small crafts lately. Water of Whimsy (@waterofwhimsy)has some lovely little art pieces that are cozy and cute, making me take up my drawing pens and doodle happily. I’m getting a lot of inspiration from Taproot magazine as well, which is focused on home crafts such as knitting, cooking, brewing, sewing, etc. Overall, I’m embracing the coziness of winter and the simple handmade items it inspires.

  523. Melissa Hosegood on

    Well I try to find inspiration in everything and everyone but there is a salon in a small town near me and she is always trying to stay engaged with the community in many different ways and I’m not sure if it’s just this small town stylist or all small town stylists but she has much more then just a hair cut to offer form plants to antiques her small space is perfectly styled and always changing so Miss Laura at La Petite Salon in Radisson SK is a top notch entrepreneur inspiration. Erin your books I have read many times, I have a hard time lending them out with fear that they’ll never be returned and with all the doom and gloom in the world it’s refreshing to read something pre-covid that’s as beautiful and inspirational as your books ( I cannot wait for some dahlia goodness!! )

  524. Stephanie B on

    Just discovered Amy Merrick, which has led me to you and to Frances Palmer, all favorites. Some local (Richmond, VA) shops that inspire me: Mongrel, Lazy Daisy, RVA Antiques, Chop Suey Books.

  525. Meg W on

    Inspired by the mini courses on digging and storing dahlias. My mother and I always garden together but with the pandemic we were not able to do so. The mini courses allowed us watch at the same time and she was able to share her knowledge along with the new things she learned. Thank you for giving us that gift. Also inspired by watching local New England dahlia farmers like The Dahlia Shed on Instagram.

  526. Carrie Ann on

    I’ve loved ordering books recently from ThriftBooks. Many public libraries send surplussed books to them, and when they sell through ThriftBooks, the public libraries receive a percentage of the sale. I’ve also loved ordering booksleeves from BeyondBooked (etsy) and other bookish items from Inkwell Threads (they give portions of their sales to organizations fighting for racial justice). I’ve also bought bags of coffee from a local coffee shop called The Fringe that hires people who have served time in OH prisons, giving them job opportunities.

  527. Jill Moore on

    As a fan of topiary to beautifully frame flowers I follow James Todman and I’m in topiary heaven! I read seed and plant catalog like novels—I learn so much from them.
    Thank you for always being a source of inspiration.

  528. Tonya Thornton on

    Thank you so much. I live in Northern Colorado and have 2 favorite shops to share- The Perrennial Gardener is a wonderful shop with all manner of gifts for gardeners. Magpies is another shop that has gifts, space to do art and art classes and even used furniture and vintage yumminess! Both are locally owned here in Fort Collins. I really appreciate all that you do and give back. I had so much fun gardening last summer and with your inspiration, I’m going to start a flower farm next summer!

  529. Melissa Langstraat on

    I have been loving Triple Wren and was able to visit the dahlias in all their glory in the fall. I appreciate the beautiful words Sara shares and have been intentional about ordering tubers and calendars to share with the other gardeners in my life.

    Anytime Toffee has been another fun follow for me this year. I appreciate her strategy of “winning another way.” Everyone has certainly had to adapt to the challenges of this strange year!
    Thanks for sharing and for always being so informative!

  530. Lindsay on

    Lammar Marie’s Gourmet Popcorn is to die for! Two friends opened this local Richmond, VA shop and they have such unique, fun flavors. They hand-make all their batches and none last long in our house! Plus they make excellent Christmas gifts.

  531. Jody Carter on

    I’m so inspired by flower farmers like yourself. Farmers and gardeners have adapted so well with social media during this pandemic. Right now I’m loving the shared wisdom of bloomingjoy flower Co. , Lisa Zigler, and Muddy Acres. I am not only a gardener but I work in a flower shop. That shirt with the pockets is genius, I need an entire wardrobe of those !!

  532. Mary Fu on

    -Books that are inspiring me at the moment: Tami Lynn Kent’s Wild Feminine, Mothering from Your Center, and Wild Creative. She’s a true pioneer in the area of women’s physical and spiritual health.
    -Drs. Benjamin and Susanna Alter have a nutrition practice where they lead plant-based food journeys and help people heal from chronic disease. Their work is so needed!
    -Floret is honestly inspiring me so much! I’ve created raised beds and purchased A Year in Flowers and am super excited to get planting come Spring. I’ve historically been averse to gardening but in the past few weeks, it has surprisingly fed and nurtured me so much more than I ever thought possible. Thank you!

  533. Ruth on

    I have only recently become interested in growing flowers, and your website has been so helpful and inspiring as I plan for my first flower garden next year. While all the products listed would be very useful, and I love how beautiful everything is, the gloves look like a must-have to get the work done. :)

  534. Amy on

    My 1st gardening inspiration came from Laura @ Garden Answer, and has since grown to include many wonderful people – like floret farm! I mainly follow on social media, I haven’t gotten into books yet, but it sounds like maybe I need to!

  535. Rebecca Hejka on

    I am a visual learner, and have been enjoying watching, Garden Answer, with Laura and Aaron, on YouTube. I can’t grow what she does, because of my zone, but I’ve been inspired. I’ve also just learned about Gorilla carts and Felco tools. And I love ordering seeds from The Whole Seed Catalog.

  536. Katie Kitterman on

    Monty Don has been a great inspiration for the garden and I agree that Frances Palmers book was amazing!

  537. Christine Edwards on

    In terms of entrepreneurs, I am an avid listener to the podcast “How I Built This” with Guy Raz. I believe there is a book out now that is the Best Of How I Built Us – would probably be an awesome gift for the budding entrepreneurs in your family. Maybe Floret will make the show sometime soon! I support the local businesses on Bainbridge Island and love Bay Hay and Feed for their beautiful selection of all types of plants and materials as well as a gorgeous new shop in Poulsbo, Details Home and Garden (I believe the owner is a great friend of Old Shed Vintage).

  538. Sharon Weaver on

    You didn’t mention your own books in your favorite books but you should toot your own horn; I have 2 of them so far and I love them. The photographs are outstanding. I love love love the pocketed smock top from Flower Frog. I am going to get one for my Mom and myself. I also have a similar apron to one of the ones featured. I have seen the Bog boots and have been looking for new garden boots-gave mine to my Mom! Thanks for the recommendation. Your dahlias are just gorgeous!

  539. Dale Kolbe on

    I love Bruning Pottery in Snohomish. It’s my go to for gifts and they have great flowerpots suitable for houseplants as they have a built in water tray. They also have a seconds rack. They give lessons too.

  540. Sarah Jo on

    Tasha Tudor’s Garden was the book that first made me fall in love with flowers. Her legacy lives on in a sweet little online shop run by her family – http://www.tashatudorandfamily.com I have two small children and the hand-made illustrations by Marjorie Tudor are especially sweet and wonderful. Plus scarves, stationary, and everything related to her gorgeous and infamous New England flower garden. Bonus – a corgi cookie cutter!!!

  541. Briana Selleck on

    Some of the biggest inspirations as I begin the flower farm journey include a local woman that sells floral arrangements (Boxwood + Vine), Triple Wren Farms, Sunny Meadows Flower Farm, Hawley Hill Garden, Holland Flower Farm, and so many others. Another company I love to purchase from is Baby Be Blessed (sells handmade baby dolls). All of the Floret books are in my collection and I am constantly thumbing through them, along with The Flower Workshop by Ariella Chezar and Life in the Studio by Frances Palmer.

  542. Andi Nicholls on

    A business that I always enjoy is Lee Valley Tools. They have great quality garden tools and supplies but also very helpful advise. Living in a very rural area of Ontario, Canada it allows me to have great access to things that hard to find at local stores.

  543. Kenzie Wilcox on

    Flower farmer here with a long commute to my day job! Audible is my best friend and podcasts are a close second! “Dirt to soil” has been a huge eye opener to regenerative farming practice and “no til farming” is in my Amazon cart! A few favorite podcasts are @theflowerpodcast @cultivatingplace and @letsgrowgirls just to name a few!

  544. Teresa on

    Thank you so much for sharing your favorite gift items. I can’t wait to order Five Mary’s Farm cookbook. Sure wish she lived on the east coast! Hoping to order Ariella’s book as well. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  545. KC on

    Some of the books most beneficial to me are “Temple Square Gardening” by Christena Gates, “Cool Flowers” by Lisa Ziegler and “Cut Flower Garden” by Erin. I love reading the blog and looking at the Instagram account of local flower farm “Save The Bees Flower Co.” I love having information that pertains to my climate.

  546. Amanda Parks on

    I love the local candles at our artisan depot- the vanilla whiskey scent is magical!

  547. Stephanie Mills on

    The stores that are inspiring me at the moment are all the small shops and restaurants in my tiny town of Milan, Michigan. They have pivoted and adapted to all the crazy and the shut downs that are occurring in Michigan. And I believe have thrived because of the loyalty the townspeople have shown them. We love them and want them to succeed!
    Life is Sweet, Textiles, The Plum Tree, Magnolia on East Main, Oasis, and Peppers, and all the other shops in our tiny town (I know I forgot some) we love you!

  548. Carrie on

    I’m always cold too! For keeping warm I’m a big fan of layers & recently discovered Alpine Fit. They make amazing base layers & are a business in Alaska, local for me!

  549. Amanda Iverson on

    Hi Floret team! I really enjoyed this post. Some of my local favorites are:

    1. Village Books in Bellingham, WA- it’s a 3 story historic bookstore with a little gift shop and cafe, that’s where I bought your ‘a year in flowers’ book!
    2. Whidbey Coffee (my favorite location is the one in Burlington by the bridge): their little seating areas are perfect for taking a break, doing homework or enjoying a snack. My favorite go-tos are the sausage and pepper jack sandwich and a white peppermint mocha. ❤️
    3. Another favorite of mine is Lil Tugs Children’s Boutique in Anacortes: they have the cutest clothes, shoes, toys and accessories for little ones!!
    4. The amount Vernon Co-op always holds a special place in my heart!: they have groceries, a deli with coffee and ice cream and the most adorable gift shop with sustainable, natural gifts.
    5. Hoity Toity in Snohomish and Smokey Point: this is mainly a women’s clothing boutique, but they also sell adorable home wares in farmhouse and bohemian styles, as well as natural soaps and candles. It’s my favorite for making my home feel cozy!

    I listed all small local businesses that stock cute things and who may need help during this pandemic in order to stay open! I am sure you know many of them, and if you don’t know one or two, you should definitely check them out!

    I want to be a gardener, but I am a planner first and foremost. So I have been researching different techniques and indoor/outdoor plants that I could begin with, I absolutely love to look at your Instagram and book for inspiration and to help calm me.

  550. Stephanie on

    I really love Anchored Northwest, a Spokane candle company. They do seasonal candles that smell so great! The scents definitely fill the room, but are not so strong as to give me a headache the way some other companies’ candles do. They also offer wood wicks which I love!

  551. Frances Kinloch on

    I couldn’t be without my hori hori! On par with my Felcos :)
    An excellent gardening inspiration book to buy and drool over this holiday season The Jewel Box Garden by Thomas Hobbs https://www.amazon.com/Jewel-Box-Garden-Thomas-Hobbs/dp/0881926469/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=the+jewel+box+garden&qid=1607454844&s=books&sr=1-1

    And if you love sweetpeas as much as I do – treat yourself to the dulcet tones of Dame Judi Dench reading this sweet story about a sweetpea competition

  552. Erin on

    Ive been loving used gardening books found online. Its helped fill the gap of IRL convos Id like to be having with other gardeners

  553. Amanda Scheck on

    My current favorite local businesses in Colorado Springs are The Living Room (EPIC assortment of houseplants and pots) and Phelan Gardens where I’m trying to make a point to get my soil ammendments from for my minifarm. Their houseplant greenhouse is absolutely intoxicating. I’m also a big fan of both Kangaroo Coffee and Carnelian Coffee, both only in COS.

    I currently have Life in the Studio, Land Gardeners Cut Flowers, The Flower Farmer, and Grow Your Soil in boxes by my front door as a treat for when I finish this huge order for work this week.

    Thanks, Erin, for being such an inspiration to us all! Your generosity has created so much more beauty in the world and in people’s lives.

  554. Lauren Anne Simenson on

    My boss! I’m lucky enough to work in a small, female owned flower shop. Our flower shop has been a flower shop since 1946 and is very recognized in our community. It’s been an invaluable learning experience getting to learn business, floral design, and hep customers in real time everyday. It’s not an easy job so I feel very lucky to have such a great mentor who has been in this field for over 40 years!

  555. Pia Villasenor on

    I’m a florist in hiatus and an aspiring flower farmer. I’ve started some work in our backyard a few months ago. My go to place for any diy projects, gardening projects, and nursery is the diy center which is a local family owned hardware center. I try to search on facebook market as well for local listings on tools i need. I’ve also bought some native california seeds and plants from the theodore payne foundation and of course a couple of seed packets from floret that i hope would survive the cali heat. Over the summer i attended some webinars on california native landscaping, turf removal and garden transformation, smart and organic gardening, and composting. As for books i always have the recipe book by alethea harampolis and jill rizzo; and the art of wearable flowers by sue mcleary next to my bed. I’m a huge fan of Joost Bakker, been following his journey to zero waste living in his business, at home, in his community and other areas as well.

  556. Briony Montgomery on

    I love that you have named many of the peeps I follow and love as well. I love the olivegapfarm on IG who is also local farm close to my area in Northern Rivers Australia, the black_barn_farm also a small Australian farm and Odgers & McClelland who stock the most beautiful homewares and garden tools.
    Love what you do and will definitely be purchasing some of the amazing products you share in the post.

  557. Becky Phillips on

    This year, with Covid, I have been looking for online businesses I can support. I started buying from Grove.

    They are 100% plastic neutral with their products, working to 100% plastic-free by 2025. Their shipping and warehousing are 100% carbon neutral and plant trees with every order placed.

    They have a wide assortment of organic products. They carry cleaning supplies, candles, laundry supplies, beauty and makeup, and offer gift packages. You get a free product with purchases over a certain amount.

    I have never had a problem with my order or the products and the box always arrives with a handwritten note by the packer on the box.

  558. Samantha DuPree on

    I love getting using my local library to checkout garden, flower, and vegetable books. They inspire me during the cold winter months as I plan for the next season to improve my yard with more beautiful flowers and delicious foods.

  559. Susan Ducey on

    Hi Floret team and Erin love this post…so psyched to support many of the mentioned vendors..ASAP ordering from The Flower Frog. Discovered they sell the SavondeMarseille soap…also love all the work gear can’t wait to try some of the Carhartt and Dovetail Jeans, Wish List scarves Block Shop Textiles…and Belle Femme jewelry, stunning…. I have Floret utility belt,LOVE….I’m a horticulturist at a golf course and just love this post for the support of women working in the “fields” Thanks Happy Holidays!

  560. Siri Thorson on

    My favorite vases are made by Aviva Rowley in NYC and Tara Burke in Australia. I’m very excited to look through all these comments – I’ve been lacking inspiration lately. Thanks for this post!

  561. Mikelle Goodman on

    I love coming here for inspiration, but locally there are two garden shops- Garden Gateway and Logan Greenhouse (in no northern Utah)- that are such great places to go for local questions. Their staff is amazing and has such knowledge. They help dreams become reality!

  562. Nicole Lee on

    One of the businesses that has inspired me is GooseCreek flower farm in PA. I’m relatively close to them so our climates are fairly similar. I’ve gleaned a lot of great growing and harvesting information from her! I also adore Grace Rose farm and her love of roses, which inspired me to take on my own Rose growing initiative. 2020 has been rough, but these people gave me hope of things to look forward to and how therapeutic gardening can be!

  563. Hannah on

    You! Floret Flowers is very inspiring guy and I love the way you are working with other local producers. I aspire to someday run a business as well as you!

  564. WENDY JONES on

    Many thanks for your wonderful list. I just looked on Johnny’s Selected Seeds and there does not appear to be a “Japanese hoe” in their catalog. Also on the A.M. Leonard website when I looked for “hori hori knife” they had their brand of “deluxe soil knife” and nothing under hori hori. I would very much like to find at least the Japanese hoe. Would you have another source? Thank you again.

  565. Caroline Stender on

    The Gardener’s workshop is inspiring me at the moment. Specifically Lisa Ziegler’s book Cool flowers. It’s helping me extend my short growing season.

  566. Katy K. on

    I am excited to give Dovetail bibs a try — I see Naomi’s Organic Garden Supply here in Portland stocks several styles! Yay!

    Monty Don’s series “American Gardens” is a must-watch for any gardener who hasn’t already seen it. In typical Monty fashion it is soothing, informative and, of course, gorgeous.

    I’m quite fond of my Mud Brand Gauntlet Rose Gloves for pruning and making arrangements. The palm is soft, flexible and allows a good grip when I’m all up in the thorny bits.

    Thank you for sharing your favorites, everyone!

  567. Wendy on

    I too live in the PNW and this is another one of Erin’s posts I have flagged to keep as reference. Thank you Erin and crew for all the info and ongoing joy. Shopping locally (online and with delivery) and tending our small garden keeps my husband and I fed and uplifted. We are in month 10 of isolation upon recommendation of medical specialists who are treating my husband for multiple myeloma (compromised immunity). Our local shop owner at Peninsula Runners (White Rock BC) recently hand delivered a needed replacement pair of comfy shoes and across the street our neighbour dianawilkes.com has turned her front widows into a gallery of her inspiring original coastal and botanical art. We feel community and creativity all around us. I look forward to shopping small and exploring the small businesses you have highlighted. Much appreciated.

  568. Andrea on

    The lighting store is wonderful. I’m excited to explore the jewelry and scarves, tools for gardeners, and some of the clothing. Hi from neighboring Anacortes, Wa. and thank you for the giveaway.

  569. Mackenzie Hartley on

    Thank you for all that you do! I am very appreciative and amazed at how much you are willing to share with fellow flower farmers, florists, and home gardeners.
    I am really excited for the online orders launch of many new and old varieties of dahlia tubers from Arrowhead Dahlias and Triple Wren Farms! I also ordered your new book about dahlias so I’m excited to receive and get reading it in 2021!
    Cory Kelso, owner of “Cory’s Cottage Garden” located on California’s Central Coast, is just one of many that I am inspired by. She works hard to plant, weed, set up irrigation, and build new beds relentlessly! Her flowers are just beautiful! I hope to have the determination she has and that you have, Erin, some day soon!
    Thank you so much for all of the wonderful opportunities you have provided for us!

  570. Sarah hill on

    My favorite read aloud books – great for gifting to young adults or the young at heart – are City Spies by James Ponti (new) and Richard Peck’s A Long Way from Chicago series (classic). My current inspirational non-fiction books are In the Company of Women by Grace Bonney and Carving out a Living on the Land by Emmet Van Driesche. For gifting, I love Sarah’s Silks, a local Sonoma County, CA supplier of beautiful play silks and wooden toys – she’s got a great silk gift wrap which is appropriate for anyone! And for coffee, a staple in my house, I highly recommend Unleashed Coffee – direct farm to cup, roasted locally.

  571. Lauren Bartleson on

    Wow – I love how personal these are. I’m a new Floret follower and your feedback/perspective really makes me value your recommendations. We just bought a home with a blank slate yard so everything I’m thinking about really revolves around that. I just made my first flower arrangement and wreath this weekend (thank you for the inspiration – I’m reading both of your books right now!) and have a wishlist on your site ready to go when seeds become available. I’m spending a lot of time supporting women creators on YouTube (I love Laura from Garden Answer!) and am really trying to prioritize shopping at my local nursery instead of buying everything on Amazon or at other big box stores.

    Outside of gardening, I’ve been working to prioritize my mental health in this season of stress and uncertainty. One of my favorite resources is Inner Workout, a unique blend of movement, breath work, meditation, journaling and reflection. The program was created by an amazing woman who has brought on other women to facilitate workshops and programs and build a very purposeful, supportive community. My favorite part is that she brings on and partners with women of various backgrounds, sizes and experience levels. As someone who’s a bit heavier, I often feel like my body isn’t represented in the health and fitness arena so I really appreciate this company and community encouraging and embracing diverse perspectives and bodies. From what I’ve seen, it’s pretty rare in the health and the fitness world.

    I’m excited to learn more about the companies shared in your post and in the comments!

  572. Abby on

    So many good things here!! I love Curly Girl Designs from cards, magnets, etc her words hit my heart. Love shopping Thriftbooks for used books. Leahlani is my favorite skin care company, woman owned business straight from Hawaii!

  573. Amber Bell on

    I have recently been inspired by @petalpinkflowers who is a local (to me) flower farmer and entrepreneur. I am also really enjoying following and PNW artist @larkrising. She has built her embroidery business from the living room of her home while raising two small boys — and she happens to be a really great friend. I love the beauty that she creates and spreads. :)

  574. Krystal Gilbert on

    I’m smitten with “Gardening with Foliage First” by Karen Chapman & Christina Salwaitz. I always say, I’m here for the flowers but a sucker for good leaves, and this book is full of beautiful foliage combinations that do exceptionally well in the PNW. It’s garden eye candy and one of my all time favorites.

  575. Kalen Hill on

    I just picked up the book Cultivated by Christin Geall. ❤️

  576. Virginia O on

    I’ve been referring to your “Cut Flower Garden” a lot recently as I’m planning a garden for my new home. The possibilities are so exciting!

  577. Grace Kaiser on

    I love anything Monty Don! I have watched Gardeners World for years now and try to get all of my friends to watch it. As for shop/items Carhartt Utility Leggings are great if you like to really put your pants to the test.

  578. Samantha on

    I have been watching Monte Don’s Start a Farm series – very inspiring! Thanks for compiling this list and having a giveaway!

  579. Mya on

    You and your floret flower farm have been a huge inspiration to me as well as your books (which I’m sending to several people for Christmas gifts this year!). Garden answer from YouTube has also been a huge inspiration to me as well and I love her videos.

  580. Caylen B. on

    Hello from Southwestern Ontario! First of all, thank you for such a beautiful and inspiring blog, what a wonderful way to connect with flower and garden lovers all around the world. One of my favorite shops is P&F Workwear, designed for active and working ladies. Their gear and boots are tough and stylish, and I recently purchased some sky blue steel toes that have saved my feet so many times this year. Two newest editions to my bookshelf are The Big Bad Book of Botany by Michael Largo and Maximizing Your Mini Farm by Brett L. Markham. There are too many books to name on my shelf about flowers (Including A Year in Flowers!), nature, permaculture and gardening. Two of my fave nature people are Liziqi and Dianxi Xiaoge with their food and farming videos in China. This is a great way to share books and inspiration!

  581. Paige Hamack on

    I love that this is a short list of tested items that are also beautiful! Lately, I’m loving Patagonia’s workwear line. I’ve been living in their all-season hemp/canvas double-knee women’s pants. I asked for another pair for Christmas! It’s so great to find a company I love supporting that also makes a product I wouldn’t want to live without. Happy holidays!

  582. Kimberly Stephenson on

    Tamara Rectenwald makes jewelry from stones and crystals. You can find her on Instagram. She is knowledgeable about the properties of the stones and can create custom pieces. I enjoy my custom made necklaces!

  583. James McKeever on

    The Garden Gallery. A small family operated nursery just over the Queen’s border in Inwood, NY. Quality products and the best advise for seaside gardening. Heads up though, it is operated by two brothers who are identical twins– took me a couple years to figure that one out :)

  584. Pauline on

    I love Anna Potters book the Flower Fix. So beautiful and inspiring

  585. Oona on

    A local flower shop is doing an amazing service called The Bucket, where they drop off locally grown flowers at your door to arrange. That’s become one of my favorite ways people have adapted! This isn’t flower related, but the book The Body Keeps the Score has been extremely informative and helpful lately. Your page is inspiring, as are many nature pages I follow. I make shrinky dink jewelry and have an ever growing list of ideas!

  586. Patricia on

    I so appreciate the time and effort you take to educate and inspire us. Cafe Au Lait (first year growing dahlias) lifted my spirits dozens of times. Willow Crossley’s floral design videos have helped me tremendously, as in how to arrange bouquets. I shared my floral garden more than ever before. My mother died last April, our close family could not be with her. The vases from all the funeral florals were reused over and over as I delivered arrangements from our land. It helped me deal with grief. God bless you. ♥️

  587. Astrid Hartnell on

    This year Monty Don has been a real inspiration to me for my garden, I just love gardeners world and seem to get a new idea everytime I watch it. I am just started a cutting garden so loving all your advice. Thanks for putting up this post as there was a few things I wondered where to get.

  588. Katie on

    Thank you for this round up. I just moved to Colorado and am enjoying the local bookstore “books are awesome” in Parker Colorado. Also order some scarves from Storiarts, based in Oregon.

  589. Stede on

    P.S.: Thank you for the work pant recommendations! My faves are currently so worn out the threads are dissolving, and I’ve been looking for what to get that will comfortably endure my painting trecks into the wild places…

  590. Stede Barber on

    So many favorites…

    I am an artist living in New Mexico. For art supplies, Artisan in Santa Fe and Albuquerque are fabulous…especially if you love handmade papers, which I’ve been collecting from them since the 70s…https://www.artisansantafe.com/

    An artist whose work I adore (check out her paintings of peonies and hydrangeas!) is Jenney Kelley. I haven’t met her yet personally (Covid, you know…) Find some of her work here: https://www.jennykelley.com/?cat=11

    For gorgeous photography…my brother, Gan…he lives in southern New England and captures such magical moments by the sea, in the woods in a snowstorm…what I truly love is that not only are his images of nature in her glory beautiful…but he is a master printer, printing all his pieces in rich, lush colors – or black & white – on beautiful handmade and specialty papers. Fortunately, he finishes them with a protective coating, because they are irresistable to touch…you’ll find his work at http://www.ganbarber.com/

    I keep a non-toxic studio, and recently started making some of my own oil paints. LOVE this shop on Etsy, for myself and for any littles in your life (you can also make your own watercolor paints SO easily). Fun fun fun and sooooo safe…https://www.etsy.com/shop/NaturalEarthPaint?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=575797511 (PS: you can also safely make face paint!)

    When it comes to drawing pens and supplies… I love is The Pigeon Letters…https://www.etsy.com/shop/ThePigeonLetters

    And then there’s chocolate…and Kakawa in Santa Fe. I’ve heard the owner has his PhD in chocolate! We have strong traditions in New Mexico influenced by Mexico and South America…this shop features drinking chocolate elixirs and handmade chocolates. Try a little chile with your chocolate! Incredibly beautiful, and deeply satisfying gorgeous chocolate… https://kakawachocolates.com/

    So many of my beloved small businesses don’t (yet) have websites…these are a few that do.

    Of course, I am also a small business: artist, nature love, and illustrator…you can see some of the territory I love and paint at StedeBarber.com

    Enjoy, savor, and Happy Joyful Holidays!

  591. Elizabeth on

    I’ve been so inspired by the local growers and Garden Centers this year who show up daily to help all of us grow successful gardens and reconnect to the Earth in a more beautiful way. I’m also so inspired by and grateful for the social media platforms that have allowed us to learn, appreciate and admire all of the incredible gardens in the world! To be able to see beauty all over the world from the safety of our homes this year has been an incredible blessing. Garden Answer on YouTube has been so fun to watch this year and is one of my favorites!

  592. Amie Ech on

    I’ve been so inspired by Garden Answer, local-to-me you tubers who put out amazing content. I’m always learning something and it’s a huge bonus to be in the same area and growing conditions so I know what to plant when and what does well in our area!

  593. Michelle Perry on

    My favorite garden help comes from Floret, garden answer, and freshcutky. I am pretty new at this so everything is exciting and welcome. I look forward to receiving emails from floret.

  594. Wury Glende on

    Erin, you are the most inspiring entrepreneur, author, flower designer, flower farmer, mother and wife! I love how you run your farm and how it’s grown over the years. All your books are inspiring to myself to create and grow more flowers than I have ever done! I’m inspired that with a just a little plot of land (my backyard) that I can grow and share with others – slow-flowers grown locally from seed. I’m amazed at all you do and the hard work it takes to get there. Love, Wury.

  595. Beth Smith on

    Erin, I must say you have inspired me with your generosity and talent. I wish I were younger (72 years young now) because I know I would dive in to a cut flower business. I’ve lived a wonderful life so no complaints, but dang, I want another life to do it all over and more! I so enjoy everything you have shared about your journey. I know you have inspired many. Blessings to you!

  596. Mary Shelton on

    Erin you put a whole new meaning to flower power and it feels so magical – THANK YOU! You and your team are constantly sharing thoughtful and loving treats to inspire so many, we are blessed to have you! I am a slow mover – researching and planing and thinking things through. Your list is helping me reach the definitive solutions more quickly with out second guessing myself. Thank you Angela Strand for helping to compile the treasure trove of wondrous goodies. I have found Jenni Earle to be such an inspiring and deeply vibrate female entrepreneur. A lady with true grit and a life story that throughly resonates with me. She creates hand died talismans with profound words of truth.

  597. Jessica on

    Cooks Illustrated book Vegetables Illustrated has been inspiring my garden plans for spring! Also inspiring me, is Sunny Meadows Flower Farm, with the stunning flowers that they are growing in my home state of Ohio! I’ve already ordered corms and tubers from them to add to my own flower garden :D

  598. Melissa on

    I’ve been loving MaryFrances Carter’s work! Beautiful and lovely hand painted pottery, mugs, jewelry trays, ornaments. It’s a delight to see someone handcrafting beautiful items!

  599. Nicole Powell on

    I am new to the area but one of my favorite nursery is called “The Garden Spot” in Bellingham. I love their garden decor items and they have a huge selection of pots

  600. Mary Anich on

    We don’t have TV though we have YouTube. There are a few channels that have been very instrumental, especially during these covid days:

    The Recycled Life, a couple of classy chicks up-selling Goodwill finds and showing you how to do it.

    Planterina, all things indoor plants and how-to.

    The Impatient Gardner and Garden Answer, amazing in everyway!

    Trent and Allie, let’s build a house in the mountains!

    Bucket List Family, family photo journalists.

    5 Mary’s Farm. Fun growing up with the family.

    And of course, Floret on IG and the web. I’ve been following you, almost from the beginning. It’s amazing how your hard work is gifting you a booming, and amazing business. A true labor of love.

  601. Jess Wesley on

    I live in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle and my local favorites are:

    Secret Garden Books – great selection for kids and adults, helpful employees, and a family-friendly environment for entertaining a kiddo while I shop.

    Baleen – jewelry and accessories from local makers. Everything from masks and scarves to earrings, beauty products and breath mints.

    Valerie Madison – black, latinx woman-owned business with beautiful high quality jewelry. I ask for something from her shop on every gift giving occasion. I have three rose gold stacking rings with mine, my husband’s, and our son’s birthstones that I absolutely love.

  602. Margaret Thorson on

    Well, you are one of my very favorite shops for seeds and tools. My other favorite source is GeoSeeds. If you don’t have it they will. Also the English company, Chiltern Seeds. Their copy is worth reading just for fun and they have the mostamazing seed selection.

  603. Stacey Leighty on

    My Muck Boot flats are great for warmer weather months here in Ohio. I also added a Gorilla Cart to my Christmas list this year that would be wonderful around my garden.

  604. Angelina Gutierrez on

    I recently came across a rose farmer and florist in Sonoma county called jenniflorasonoma. I enjoy following her Instagram journey which help me also locate a great nursery to preorder some roses from garden valley ranch Petaluma, which is somewhat local to me. One YouTube channel that really inspires me is called Don’t Eat the Grass which documents a young couples journey creating a business from their veggie and flower farm.

  605. Sadie on

    Totally checking out Dovetail bibs! I can never find a pair that fits quite right.

    I also love Five Mary’s. How can’t you? Some other small business loves of mine are The Wild Pine’s nature inspired jewelry and Manitobah Mukluks dreamy and cozy warm boots.

  606. Leslie B on

    Gardeners World was so inspiring this year. I loved how they showcased home videos of gardeners around the. As a teacher I was especially inspired by the videos of children gardeners. It has inspired me to keep working on my garden club for the elementary school I work in as children of all ages love to watch plants grow!

  607. Mandy Stark on

    Husband and I bought our first home a couple months ago (which happens to be the house I grew up in).
    With now half acre to play in, it seems like EVERYTHING is inspiring and exciting me. The new Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Catalog has been what my nose has been buried in ad of late. Planning and scheming for next year!

  608. Kaite on

    This was my first year of gardening and it was seriously amazing! I actually really love wearing my crocs in the garden! It’s silly but as a backyard gardener I don’t have far to go and they are easily wiped off and can get wet!

  609. Yolanda Guerra on

    Just a thank you. My mom is my inspiration and your posts bring so much joy to her when I show her all the beautiful and colorful flowers from your site. You see, her illness (dementia) is slowly robbing her memory but somehow when she sees the flowers she comes alive she starts to talk and reaches out to touch them. It puts a smile in her face and makes her happy. So just wanted to thank you for your site.

  610. Sara Atkin on

    I love a shop here in Utah called Kim’s fashion, it’s cute and adorable, but mostly I love the cute couple who run it. I’ve enjoyed reading gardening and homesteading books by Caleb warnock especially since he has a ton of experience growing in my climate.

  611. Elizabeth on

    I love the land gardeners book, just as inspiring as the floret book and tons of beautiful pictures. Weeding is on of my least favourite jobs too!so I’m definitely going to look into the hori hori tool!there’s so many great shops on here.im going to have to check there pages out

  612. Janet Lind on

    I got the books A Year in Flowers and Cut Flower Garden for my birthday and I LOVE them! I was raised on a farm that had nothing to do with flowers, and these books taught me so much. Thanks for publishing them.

  613. Cindy S Smith-Putnam on

    I’m a huge reader and I’d like to pass along one of my go-to’s: Better World Books. This company rescues books from libraries and elsewhere, resells them very affordably, and donates part of their proceeds to adult literacy programs and emerging writers and authors. I stay about 1-2 years “behind” in reading the latest award winners and best sellers so that I can wait for them to become available at Better World Books and feed a virtuous cycle of reading and giving. I even found Lynn Bycinzski’s The Flower Farmer there, plus some design books, but mainly it’s where I turn for great literary fiction.

  614. Rebecca on

    I just love how committed you are to helping fellow gardeners! You are an inspiration. Thank you.
    Monte Don and Gardeners World has been a huge inspiration for me this past year. It’s lovely to have something to follow along with through the season and to feel a part of something bigger. Digging in the dirt is such a part of our mental well-being and I love the raw connection he brings to that.

  615. Marilyn Brinkley on

    A local business white’s mill offers seeds, plants and locally sourced products that are fabulous . Jewelry, birdhouses and all assortments of gifts.

  616. Brittni Doyle on

    I have followed and learned about a lot of these products from following floret and am so happy you guys made florets favorite things. I learned about some new entrepreneurs and must have items!! One entrepreneur and product that I had already known about was Erika from Portland Apron company . Erika the creator and owner is from my small town here in Oregon and creates the most amazing aprons . I’m so excited she has been featured in florets favorite things . You made it girl !! This is huge ! I am so proud of her for her hard work and craftsmanship. Thank you for creating this favorites list !! I feel like reading through this as a gardener and fellow farmer was like watching Oprah’s favorites episode back in the day !! Because yes Erin you are my Oprah !! So cool to learn about the tried and true products that made this list that have held up to the test if time through your flower farm journey . Thanks again ❤️

  617. Liz H on

    Wow, this is such a great resource!

    One place that’s inspired me is Waypoint Coffee. They opened on February 29 and were open for regular business for a mere two weeks. Specialty coffee shops are more than just great coffee, the atmosphere is a big part of what makes them stand out. So cool to see them adapt and change while maintaining their standard, as many have done this year.

  618. Tiffany Kopper on

    What a wonderful giveaway!! ❤️ I am always constantly inspired byRoots & Refuge, The Elliott Homestead, and Prairie Blossom Flowers. Their feeds are gorgeous and they give such amazing information to help me learn! Any time I need some motivation to get me going, I turn to your blog, and the IG feeds of these three!!

  619. jude on

    wheeler munroe’s tool belt and the gothic arch grow tunnel are on my dream list.
    the flower frog work shirt is a dream come true.
    thanks for spreading the beauty

  620. Kathryn MacDonald on

    I loved reading through people’s comments and made a nice list of recommended books for myself :) I find that in my climate there are not as many resources available for growing advice so I have been turning to The Grow Guide podcast which has some good seasonal advice for those who experience cold winters (think -31F/-35C). I’ve also been following the wonderful YouTube channel Roots and Refuge which have wonderful advice on vegetable gardening. And to recover from working outside all day or from stress in general, I have been turning to the app suite by Down Dog, which makes yoga practices (and many more activities) easy to fit into a busy day – for whatever type of day you are having. They even have a prenatal app so you can feel safe exercising when you are a momma to be!!!

  621. Kristen Ratcliffe on

    This year has brought a lot of creativity out of people and I really enjoy supporting them and seeking out new artists and entrepreneurs. Some of my current favorites are True South Wood Designs with stunning wood burned art, Weird Birds with fantastic handmade toys and more, AK Waterbody for glorious self care products and Woven in the Waves for some gorgeous mini macrame earrings. Thanks as always for your tips and ever beautiful flower pictures.

  622. Jane DiGiovanni on

    Erin’s books and website have inspired me to grow flowers new to me and find joy in arranging them. This truly kept my well-being positive in 2020, a remarkable feat! This year, I started in May with ordering special zinnia and sunflower seed packets from Renee’s Garden and Dahlia tubers from Dan’s Dahlias. In the summer, I ordered spring bulbs from Brent and Becky’s Bulbs and also from Jung Seeds. In November, while searching for the elusive Café Au Lait Dahlia, I placed orders for Dahlias from Goldenrod Gardens and Swan Island Dahlias. I learned of Swan Island Dahlias from a beautiful book by Martha Stewart and Kevin Sharkey titled Martha’s Flowers. I also searched local antique stores for flower frogs, urns, and vases. Now, visions of my 2021 garden dance in my head. Thanks Erin, for inspiring me this year. It’s been a delight!

  623. Darline Mitchell on

    I purchased 2 books ,one for me and one for my dear friend. We LOVE them. Now I wait so patently for the Dahlia book to be sent out with the Dahlia seed packet. I have gleaned so much from Floret watching her Instagram page and reading her books. What a blessing it has been. Sincerely, thank you

  624. Tara on

    Love finding new sources — thanks for the list!

  625. Amy on

    Just digging in to the book Start With Why and so far it’s been really great for me to flesh out my thoughts. Instagram pages for visual inspiration is always good for my motivation, too. Thanks for the opportunity for the fun giveaway!

  626. Suzanne Sparrow on

    I’m relatively new to gardening and have loved learning and growing with Floret! This list of favorite things just makes me smile; I’ll definitely be exploring these options for my holiday wish list! Thank you!

  627. Kelly Gregory on

    As a boutique farmer florist I love listening to Amy McGee’s Podcast Botanical Brouhaha 🌱 @botanicalbrouhaha. I have recently joined Bloom Trust Co 🌿@bloomtrustco a website where Amy and her team offer beautiful inspiration supporting everyone who is on traveling on this fabulous flower journey.

    I have also recently discovered Jerry and Christin @porchandpraire. I might be a little late to the party but I am loving their down to earth approach to the flower farming florist gig. I will be signing up for @farmerfloristu.

    For the designers looking for local blooms at their fingertips check out Hannah Brennan’s @gatherflora 🌻 Hannah is determined to get unique and beautiful local blooms into the hands of designers who dare to be different !

    Keep on Blooming 🌸
    Kelly • Fiddlin Frog Flowers 🐸

  628. Beth on

    Before the Pandemic, my husband and I visited Monet’s gardens in Giverny, France. I bundled up with books and flower seeds to bring home to study and enjoy what I had seen and loved. When the pandemic struck, we went outside and began building trails and gardens through the woods of our home in the Appalacian mountains. I have ordered buckets of bulbs and shade loving perennials and created gardens along the pathways. Flowering shrubs make a pretty backdrop and we will enjoy spring from one of the benches sprinkled in. Thank you Erin for your giving spirit as you encourage everyone who reads your books, watches your video tutorials and has now received your list of favorite things. Your first book sits in good company next to those written about Monet’s garden.

  629. Andrea Knapp on

    My outlet is creative classes and I’ve been impressed by how these businesses have pivoted to virtual during the pandemic to continue to provide that outlet that is especially needed during this time. My favorite is The Works Seattle, they also started creating DIY kits that I shared with friends across the country. A couple girlfriends and I create an annual holiday tradition of trekking to the peninsula from Seattle and enjoying an afternoon of wreath making with Willow and Mable Garden Co and Cider Press Lane, while the workshop wasn’t in person this year, the outcome was just as wonderful as I know have two wreaths on my front gate to provide cheer to the neighborhodd.

  630. Ada Horne on

    Currently love Wild Tannin — botanically dyed scarves, etc! and Tarnation Flower Farm’s dried flower creations are so inspiring.

  631. Jenn Goonan on

    Thank you for this super informative post! The two biggest inspirations is based on your reco, I have read France Palmer’s Life in the Studio twice and got see her virtually through a webinar about her new book hosted by her local library. I live in the Northeast and winter has settled in so while the flower season is on pause, Instagram offers plenty of doses of dreamy flowers while I wait patiently for spring gardening and your upcoming online course. Can’t wait!

  632. Carlie on

    I love Watsons and Vassey nursery in Puyallup. My favorite place to shop weekly is Sterino farm in the Puyallup valley. With more farm land being turned into warehouses it’s so important to support them!

  633. Alexandra on

    So enjoyed this list! Thank you for all the lovely recommendations. I’ve been inspired lately by several low waste/self sustaining family farm start ups including Roots and Refuge farm on YouTube!

  634. Laura on

    I recently found a local (to Colorado) soap-maker and I love her soap! Her shop is found at MuddyMint.com (redirects to her Etsy shop, but is moving in 2021). I don’t think I’ve ever seen more beautiful soaps and they are all cold process, all-natural products, palm oil-free.

    A good book I’m reading now is called Range, by David Epstein. It’s been a really inspiring read right now as I’m a career-changer in the midst of finding my new career (unemployed currently, ugh, thanks Covid) and he talks a lot about people who aren’t just born doing what they’re meant to do. Highly recommend it!

    Happy holidays to you!!

  635. Mandy G. on

    I love my new Sweet Laurel Bakery cookbook and can’t wait to get my new necklace from Made By Mary.

  636. Linda K. on

    Oh my! I fell in love with the aprons from Portland Apron Company. Now I know what I want for Christmas.

  637. Melissa on

    This was such a fun list to read. I will definitely be following your advice about which boots to buy. I want a quality pair that works well!

  638. Cheri Bartholomew on

    Captured by Jami is my inspiration. A young woman who put herself through college to become a Medical Assistant at the age of 18 all while her father battled a losing war with cancer. Just a few years later she completely shifted gears and decided to follow the real desire of her heart and left the medical field to become a first class photographer. She captures the heart and soul of life in her images and has surrounded herself with other young women artist freezing beautiful life moments in time.

  639. Carleigh Campbell on

    I’m absolutely inspired by Roots and Refuge farms, Jess’s positivity toward gardening is absolutely thrilling! Also Any Fewell’s books – “The Homesteaders Herbal Companion” and “The Homesteaders Natural Chicken Keeping Handbook” are two of the best books I’ve ever read. It’s like your best friend is talking to you!

  640. Jennifer on

    At this given time learning and growing with you has been an amazing help and learning tool . I love watching and reading everything you do regarding flowers I cant get enough. I also have been influenced by the gardeners worshop (lisa Ziegler) . I love the social media platform because everyday I stumble across someone who inspires me in one way or another. I’m a sponge soaking up all the knowledge that is out there

  641. Iris on

    I recently picked up my first pair of Dovetail overalls and am SO excited to test them out in the fields! I am currently inspired by Carolina Flowers and Bullock Lake Farm, both whom I found on Instagram. Thanks so much for this post, Erin and team!

  642. Vanessa Sanfilippo on

    This is so awesome! I’ve found some new people and businesses to follow. While scrolling I was excited to see Five Mary’s. I LOVE their family and have been watching her IG stories for the last 4 years. We finally ordered our first box of meats about a month ago. I don’t know why I waited so long! I’ve have never had anything better. They are truly an amazing family and such hard workers! It’s on my list to take a drive to their burger house one day.

  643. janet niemela on

    I like Handmade LaConnor for their laundry products. The lovely scents make chores a bit more pleasant.

  644. Alyssa on

    I love my Extra Tuff rain boots, they’ve lasted three seasons and I’m so tough on them! I also like the weeding tools from Never Sink Farm, and for tarps I’ve gotten a good deal at Billboard Vinyls – reusing old billboards for use on the farm. Women’s Work gloves… Heli Hansen rain overalls… Blundstone boots are breathable but keep my feet dry in summer (and are cute enough to wear in town). And sustainable-pushing florists and products like Tobey Nelson Sustainable Floristry, Eco fresh wraps and Holly Chapel pillows.

    I would be truly ecstatic to win this bundle, so many of these items are on my wishlist but haven’t made the budget yet.

  645. Adrienne H on

    I am looking for some more rugged work pants for next season, so this is really helpful! I love shopping on Etsy and have a few favorite shops there, including my friend Julie (I have ordered from her so many times I consider her a friend!) who runs beesimple2 on Etsy. Her lotion bars are the only thing that save my hands after all the garden work I put them through!

  646. Beth on

    Currently inspired by Ladyfern Flowers at home wreath workshop and Arcola Trail Flower Farm in the upper Midwest!

  647. Claire Hickey on

    I’ve been enjoying both Monty Dons & Floret Books as I’m currently trying to change a concrete jungle into my own jewel garden and Zen garden complete with plenty Roses and Dahlia’s. Thank you for all the fabulous tips on Dahlia storing and tuber splitting. I’ve even harvested seeds this year too. Excited to see what next year will bring!!


    I have always wanted to be an artist since I was a little girl but I do not draw very well. As I start the second half of my century of years I realize my artistry surfaces in other ways. Things I can do – move rocks around, design gardens and garden paths, see a garden where one does not exist, creating home spaces with style and function, pick out funky jewelry and clothes, sew a wedding gown and even decorate an awesome birthday cake! Every day I am secretly planning the next “project.” Lately I am obsessed with garden design and out of the box artwork. I love instagram for inspiration. If you do not know about @k8theearthling – go look her up now, http://www.katetheearthling.com. She creates one of a kind preserved moss and plant wall art. If you want to see a bundle of beautiful flowers that are really cupcakes – follow @cakesbyjanetaylor. My other latest desire is to create graffiti art – like on the side of one of my husband’s many sheds (all of which we built together!) check out @graffiti_legendz – just an awesome account with some amazing building art.

  649. Katie Stapleton on

    As a novice, hobby flower grower I was always searching for others just starting out who I could see their first year and then follow for years to come. I love to watch regular people with modest backgrounds figure out their trade. I’ve loved watching Sasha @smalltown.flowerfarm & her husband create their little flower farm in Oregon. Sasha is so fun to watch! She grows a variety of flowers & I’m so inspired by how they built their home…then quickly tackled land cultivation, hoop houses, & a flower truck. Her small business is a total inspiration to me 🤍

  650. Renee Koplan on

    As a beginner gardener, I’m totally inspired by Floret Flowers, and also Farmhouse Flowers in Stanwood WA. I do try my best to buy local when I can. I’m also a new knitter so I’m always on the lookout for hand dyed yarn. A couple of my favorites are Island Fibers here on Lopez, Fidalgo Yarn in Anacortes, and Wild Fibers in Mt Vernon.

  651. Annelise on

    The Flower Hat and Kokoro Flowers are an inspiration for me in Bozeman to keep on growing and roll with the challenges of growing beautiful flowers in Montana. Flathead Farmworks in Kalispell inspires dreams of flower farming in an urban setting. So much beauty packed into a small space!

  652. Crystal Allison on

    So excited to read some of those you shared on your list! I have been loving Jillian Lukiwski of Noisy Plume for years now. Her down to earth life in Idaho along with her beautiful jewelry makes her easy to fall in love with.

  653. Kassie Schwan on

    Here in Brooklyn I’ve watched a number of fantastic flower and garden entrepreneurs blossom and grow! I took an early flower arranging course years ago from Nicolette Camille, and another from Saipua. I love that my local garden center is the discerning and friendly Gowanus Nursery. Although we had to sell our property a few years ago,I still dream of flower farming, and agree that the two Sarah Raven books are superb. And of course, my pair of Floret books are essential! Thank you for all you do.

  654. Aylie Baraban on

    I have grown Dahlias for years, but this year I took it to another level thanks to your introduction to Santa Cruz Dahlias. I love Kristine’s tutorials and find them easy to follow. I am dreaming of next year’s backyard dahlia patch. Thank you for sharing your list!

  655. Brianne Hamblen on

    Such a great list you have! I’m a big fan already of many of the items/shops listed and will definitely check out the ones I wasn’t familiar with. My latest book of inspiration has been Nikki Jabbour’s Year Round Vegetable Gardening and Beatrix Potter’s Gardening life by Marta McDowell. I’ve always enjoyed the Peter Rabbit world so it’s fun to read about the inspiration of all the stories. Also, favorite shops right now are Short Ginger Jade jewelry, Tea with your Dragon in Stanwood, and Camano Island Coffee Roasters.

  656. Jessica F on

    Art can be a challenging area to build a career, but brings joy into the world. I’ve been loving Kelsey Shields and Emma Kelly for paintings, Christina Adele photography, and Kolbie Blume’s new book on watercolors ‘Wilderness Watercolor Landscapes’.

  657. Wanda Blevins on

    I love Five Mary’s Farms: I follow them on Social Media and just received her cookbook. This family is so inspiring; and love their simple way of life and the hard work they all put into their farm and businesses.

  658. MARIE S ABAYA on

    I love Dryland Wilds!

    They wildcraft perfume and body products that bring back the scents and sense of the desert that I need here in the PNW!

    Their baking soda free desert deodorant works so well; their lip balm comes in compostable tubes; and my favorite hand balm soothes in cottonwood bud!

    They also teach sustainable wildcrafting, and donate to anti-racist organizations.

    Check them out on Instagram too @drylandwilds

  659. Sharon Germany on

    I agree with you about Lands End coats, warm and durable. I’ve been wearing them for years and now my kids wear Lands End coats too!

  660. Reine Birdsell on

    I’m really inspired by Lisa Bevere and her book Godmothers right now. I feel like it really speaks to these times. All about women coming together of all ages and supporting each other. Her store is at store.messengerinternational.org. Thank you!

  661. Christine on

    Throughout our own small farm journey, I have found women such as Jane Hawley Stevens of Four Elements Organic Herbals and Lucie Amundsen of Locally Laid to be very inspiring.

  662. Stephanie Halland on

    I love learning about the Five Mary’s Farm! I love that they have involved their whole family and I definitely will look into the new cookbook!

  663. Ti on

    I have been so blessed to find and become friends with fortunatas_vintage_bouquets. She has not only exquisite talent, but a beautiful heart and spirit.
    During this pandemic, she and her family have had to change course and start again, so to speak, and she has done so seemingly, without missing a beat, without complaint and thanking God thru it all.
    Her dedication and love is ever glowing in everything she posts! What an inspiration.

  664. Dallas Reimer on

    I am inspired by my friend, Christie Pollack, the owner of Christie’s Gardens and Greenhouses Ltd. of High Prairie, Alberta. She loves her community and loves what she does! Another business that inspires me is Meadow Farm Florals from Bentley, Alberta. For my Mom’s 70th birthday we gifted her 7 weeks of their beautiful, seasonal bouquets!

  665. [email protected] on

    I have been inspired by people who I have chosen to see this year as a challenge worth working through, not a loss. Some private some public. Tom Rath emphasizes the idea of making a focus each day to do something to enrich another persons life. It starts to paint a picture of the wonderful world we can have if we all are willing to give from what we have been given. Awesome stuff.

  666. Valérie on

    Oh Erin! Such a plethora of delights! :) what fun seeing what everyone loves! I know you like simple, classic jewelry. Check out Arianna Nicolai jewelry made here in Eugene, Oregon, your neighbors to the south! I love Claus Dalby’s website too. So much inspiration. Merry Christmas and thank you for sharing your favorites! 🎄

  667. Anne R Phernetton on

    It was truly fun to read through your list of favorite things. There are a few things I will consider purchasing for myself after the holidays. Thanks for continuing to provide inspiration and guidance in the realm of gardening. Even us folks who only grow for ourselves in smaller spaces learn so much from you. Thanks again!

  668. Nancy H. Adams on

    I have spent the last four years care taking my elderly mother who recently passed. What has sustained and helped keep me buoyant over these challenging years are two women who are unknowingly inspiring me to move forward with my life at age 69.

    Heather Laffin of Maplewood Farm Thompson, CT lovingly raises fiber animals and creates gorgeous wool as well as teaches all ages the craft of spinning and felting. Her delight in what she does is freely share with others within her community. As long as I have known her, she has pursued her dreams with an unfettered determination and resilience.

    Jayne Deluca of Dragon Fly Farm Brimfield, MA has taken her passion for flowers and created a business that brings people much joy. With flowers from her gardens and greens from the neighboring fields and woods, Jayne has created a growing following of devoted clients who delight in her creations. Plus, she loves teaching people how to craft their own creations.

    Both these women have a generosity of spirit that encourages me to move forward, onto new adventures inspired by my love of flowers and gardening.

  669. Teresa w on

    I’m loving rustic dime for masks and Glennon Doyle’s Untamed. So inspiring!!

  670. Leigh on

    I absolutely adore Mountain Feed & Farm Supply in Ben Lomond, CA for various holiday gifts, and things to gift myself :) It was there that I first purchased a beautiful farmers market themed calendar made by Maria Schoettler, a wonderful gift for any flower/veggie lover in your life!

  671. Mynda Myres on

    Holy Smokes…. such a great list and the added bonus of your followers favorite things in the comments.
    Thank you for your inspiration Erin and team!!
    My inspiration finding favorite things in my hometown on Whidbey Island:
    A darling little shop called Madrona Supply co. Locally made products
    Gardening inspiration in addition to your website and mini courses, I’ve been absorbing everything Charles Dowding is putting out there.
    My gift to myself this year is taking your on line course in January. I can’t wait!!
    Merry Christmas 🎄

  672. Halee on

    I love this list! Another big source of inspiration and education for me has been Triple Wren Farms up in Ferndale, WA. Sarah is so open with her knowledge, and empowers others (especially women) to create a successful and sustainable business plan for flower farming.

  673. Erin on

    I’m inspired by London Plane in Seattle – they have the best combination of food (restaurant, bakery, etc), florals, and a general store like collection of items for sale and everything is beautiful. In Tacoma, I’m inspired by Fernseed – a plant store that has also branched into florals.

  674. Kathryn Berger on

    A favorite go-to place for me is 2nd Use, in Seattle, a business that sells recycled building materials, tools, lighting, hardware and more, from just about any category you could imagine. They have an area for vintage and collectable items that spans furniture to artwork. I frequently stop in to walk the warehouse isles and the outdoor yard, looking for specific items or simply inspiration for my next project.

  675. Nancy on

    I love to follow Sara@ourbestbites and mels’s kitchen cafe for inspiration on delicious foods

  676. Linda Hovgaard on

    Sue Myers is the angel (owner, operator & coordinator) behind a unique and successful thrift store in downtown Gresham Oregon. Everything about Chase Me Again is a win, win situation for everyone involved. Chase Me Again is a non-profit store that sells new & used clothing, home decor and furniture with the intent to serve and benefit their local community. The largest beneficiary is My Father’s House, a homeless shelter which serves families with children. Shelter residents enjoy the added benefits of shopping with Chase Dollars which is free in store $ to outfit their families with much needed clothing and household items. Other organization they support include Birch Community Services, Gresham Senior Center, Meals on Wheels, Infusion Art Gallery (art instruction for the handicapped), NW Battle Buddies & PAWS (comfort dogs for veterans) and others. Did I mention they also have many wonderful volunteers and staff, great prices and customers who can’t wait for the doors to open because this is one of their fun outings and they can’t wait to see what new treasures the store holds?

    Erin and Staff – thank you so much for this article. I am so excited to learn about and try the products you recommend. You have also opened doors for me that I cannot wait to explore. My best to all of you during the Holidays and always!

  677. Darcy R. on

    In Bloom by Clare Nolan is an amazing book! I love how the book is arranged , and it is not only a growing guide but a recipe book for designing with what you grow.

  678. Kristin on

    Last weekend I got to walk around my city’s local outdoor craft market they had set up for holiday shopping and it was so inspiring to see all the things the people around you are able to create and really makes me want to jump into all the projects again this winter.

  679. Allison Lamb on

    Greetings flower lovers. I applied for my business license this year and bought 5 acres in Snohomish, WA. I have so many ideas how to transform this property into something special for the community. I’m really inspired right now by so many wonderful creators. But I’ll keep it floral related. I’m really inspired with floral shops that create wreaths. I just love live wreaths. A lot of companies that I’m discovering on IG are in Canada or Europe. Ofthe_wild, ivyameliaflorals, violetsandvelvet, design_by_dub, mistymountainflora, fromthegardenshed, ombrage_, & I really love brambleandwild. This coming summer I’ll be growing items for live wreath kits to sell & classes.

  680. Dee I. on

    In addition to you, recently, I’ve been super inspired by Urban farmer Ken Sparks who has turned his terraced backyard in East L.A. into a food forest, and his hobby into a career as an edible gardening consultant. I follow him on IG (@farmerkenofficial) for inspiration on what we can do in our small suburban edible garden year round.

  681. Stephanie Alderson on

    I love watching Garden Answer on You Tube, she is always positive and does beautiful work! I just started reading The Flower Farmer by Lynn Byczynski…inspiration on every page!

  682. Jill on

    My neighbor inspires me. She is a trained Lanscape designer but works in land restoration in WI. She has taught me how important natives are, she is decisive/confident, and she taught me how to use a big walk behind edger. I also am inspired by the owner of a local business (Dogma) where they board dogs but they also have something called Doggie By Nature where they take a van full of dogs on 5 mile hikes. My fav overalls are from Duluth Trading company and second the Bogs!

  683. Brooke James on

    I’ve been following Lisa Mason Zigler of The Gardeners Workshop Farm and really enjoy her posts and her book Cool Flowers, all about fall planting hardy annuals.

  684. Elizabeth on

    Also another book that I love is Roots Shoots Buckets and Boots. So so good! (Even if it is a kid’s book lol!)

  685. Hannah Virginia Harrison on

    I love Mother’s Finest Urban Farms here in Winston-Salem, NC. Samantha Foxx is an invaluable member of our local community AND she contributes her energy far beyond our region, representing Black Indigenous Women who farm and raise bees in the national spotlight (which I know is a labor of love for her as an introvert!) Her Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Honey is divine. https://www.mothersfinesturbanfarms.com/ or follow her on social media. <3

  686. Sarah on

    Some wonderful books that have been so helpful in my flower gardening learning curve are Starting Seeds by Barbara W. Ellis and From Seed to Bloom by Eileen Powell. These books demystify the process of selecting and growing flowers from seed. In addition, a real game-changer to extend your season is Cool Flowers by Lisa Ziegler. Thanks so much for all the inspiration Floret provides!

  687. Valerie Boergesson on

    Thanks so much for this wonderful list! Just an at home gardener who is inspired daily by all the Dahlia growers on Instagram who have small farms and are doing what they love. Your flower farm is a dream to so many, can’t wait for your dahlia book which will come right in time next spring. Right now, I ordered way too many dahlias because I’m reading The Joy of Dahlias by Staring/Van Der Slot/Weijers Tonight I’ll be inspired by combing over your post and looking up everything in it!

  688. Christi Clark on

    I am inspired by Seattle/Bainbridge Island, WA artist, Margret Darrah. Margret is a fabric artist and paper cutter. She dabbles in watercolors and other mediums. She can make a whimsical Sock Monkey. Also, she teaches classes. Margret is multi-talented, kind, and generous.

    Instagram = nordiccuts

  689. Maegan Ferguson on

    I am inspired by Abby of The Gateway Farm. She is a fantastic entrepreneur while also raising 4 kids. I’m impressed by her drive and how much she has accomplished by her 30s. She is also one of the sweetest people I have ever gotten to know. I can’t wait to try her maple syrup.

  690. Allison Dobrowski on

    As farmer- florist from NH the saying “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing” is never more true!! I try to get items second hand from local consignment shops but when I do splurge I try to buy things that I know will last. Erica Walker Jewelry is organic themed, beautiful and rugged enough to withstand my farmer hands. Patagonia’s workwear is worth the cost and holds up to bucket lugging and tuber pulling. My husband and I also swear by Redback Boots as an alternative to Blundstones. They last us more than two years and have an option for a steal toe! Be well all thanks for all the tips!

  691. JESSIE AULL on

    I recently built a geodesic dome using a kit called hubs that comes from the UK. This kit was easy to use and scalable , my children love the dome and I plan to use it as a greenhouse space this spring after I complete the online Floret course which I am very very excited for, I can’t wait! My favorite clothing company would be Sweet Skins Organics, they are a woman owned company that makes handmade clothing with hemp and organic cotton fabric that is cool, elegant, and comfy. A recent discovery I made is the art of Phoebe wall. I’m completely charmed, it makes me dream of a sweet future and lovely times for memory. Yesterday I was deeply inspired when I saw Rising Appalachias post on Instagram about the Barcelona Opera House where plants were placed in the empty seats of the concert hall and then a live concert was played to them. Rising Appalachia plans to do the same in a collaboration with Flora Asheville. I have been looking at the Pendleton Blanket catalog and appreciating the luxury and Beauty offered there, I was delighted to find out that mill ends may be purchased by the pound for weaving projects, a great sustainability piece to their business. I made a rug that I love! My family recently spent some time cleaning out the old house on the family farm and I’m very excited about redoing some furniture using Pendleton Fabric and Annie Sloan chalk paint. My spare time has been spent doing some sashiko embroidery from a kit that I got from the Crafters box which provides materials and online classes for all kinds of different creations. A favorite body product is Awaphui scrub butter by Ohana Organics, which I purchased from my favorite herbal company Mountain rose herbs. It smells like Hawaii my most favorite place ever and always a source of inspiration for me! I took a class recently from Goddess Ghee which makes delicious medicinal ghee. I was grateful for the lesson so i can make my own for my family. I am so inspired by handmade, homegrown beauty that makes the world better!!

  692. Sophie Purdy on

    The Land Gardeners Cut Flowers made me want to cry it’s so beautiful. Turning every page makes me want to rip down my house and rip out all my gardens and start from scratch, but only if starting from scratch could magically result in age-worn walled gardens filled with blousy roses and an ancient manor house to match, all wonky and tea-stained and sublime. Frances Palmer’s vases covered in ceramic flowers cast from her own blooms… So incredibly, almost painfully, beautiful.

  693. Carla Frank on

    I’m always in wonder at the talents of the people around me and strive to support in my every day life the talents and small businesses I see in my local community. Glory Be is a local company in my Texas town owned and operated by artist Joanna Duncan. Her eye for beauty and design astounds me. Not only do her repurposed hand-painted wooden windows brighten my home but she’s also transformed our home with her incredible eye for design.

  694. Stephanie S. on

    Love Love Love Landsend for myself and children. The quality is top notch and lasts for ever.

  695. Anne on

    Grownup Kidstuff is a mom and pop business out of Chicago. They make the best chocolate, caramel and butterscotch sauces I’ve ever had! And they make the perfect gifts.
    Otherlands Brewing opened in Bellingham, WA during the pandemic (how?!) and make amazing german style ales.
    Skyline Printworks is a one woman printshop out of Bellingham. Sarah makes beautiful prints inspired by the natural landscapes in Washington!

  696. Joy on

    I love all things Monty Don and all the presenters on Gardeners World, so wish we could get some good gardening shows on this side of the pond. So excited for Florets partnership with Magnolia!

  697. Elizabeth on

    One of my friends runs a little boutique called Corner Collection WI that showcases small businesses from around Wisconsin. They have the cutest stuff- macrame, jewelry, artwork, candles, natural body care products, etc. At one point she also ran the coffee shop next door, Village Grounds. She is an amazing person and at only 25 is a huge inspiration to me!
    Devotedly- The Personal Letters and Love Story of Jim and Elisabeth Elliott is a deep but inspiring book. A friend gave it to me for a graduation present and wow is it good!

  698. Veronica on

    I am really inspired by Grow Your Own Cut Flowers by Sarah Raven. We have started a little flower field for our pollinators and love all things Floret.
    Thank you!

  699. Shelley Geary on

    I have learned so much from you. I first found out about you from Laura at Garden Answer. I have gardened for over 30 years, but more recently started to focus on flowers. In a short span of time, I’ve learned many new things to help grow my dahlias, sweet peas, and poppies better. I just ordered my spring dahlias from Arrowhead at your suggestion and have my flower seeds from you. I can’t wait for spring to arrive to try out my newfound knowledge. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.

  700. Kaci Mayo on

    I do not have a farm, or much space to garden. We are in Southern California in a tiny townhome with 4 kids and no yard. We DO have a small raised box garden, which everyone helps tend to daily, and we have planted succulents and hung baskets wherever we can to make our house beautiful and welcoming. I follow Floret Flowers on Instagram so I can daydream about someday growing my own flowers! The book I wanted to share, that has inspired me to love my house even though it isn’t quite the ideal place for such a large, plant loving family…The Life Giving Home by Sally Clarkson. Her book really helped me to understand how to cultivate the kind of home I want for my family and myself, regardless of the size or location. It’s been a real gift!

  701. Leslie on

    I recently found marketing for farmers. It’s nice to find sources to help with marketing when, as a small farmer, you have to wear all the hats and work on everything. Thanks for all the knowledge you share too!

  702. Eustacia Marsales on

    Salvation Army is great for nursing scrubs which make for perfect work shirts. They come in all sorts of prints and styles. I tend to go for florals and graphic prints. The mock wrap and criss-cross cuts are super flattering, but still roomy enough to actually get some work done. Most importantly, they all have pockets which are great for my phone and seed packets. Best of all, you can’t beat the price!

  703. Liisa Von Ende on

    I just love supporting artists and makers at this time of year. Pottery, jewelry, ribbons, plant-dyed fabric and handmade goodies seem even more special when you know where they come from. I have ordered some new vases from Laura Cooke ceramics in addition to Mayware ceramics, both so very talented! So looking forward to using them in the spring 💓

  704. Anna on

    I just read A Way to Garden by Margaret Roach and it inspired me with beautiful photos and words – so many plants I want to try growing next year!

  705. Sarah F. on

    My favorite local business in Tucson, Arizona is Artemesia Salts, Soaps, and Scrubs. The owner, Tracy, makes all of her own products that are natural and smell wonderful. She makes different varieties that are seasonal and uses amazing ingredients like fresh grapefruit peel or rose petals collected from a garden. Tracy also makes products evocative of the natural desert landscape we live in like Desert Rain, Blue Agave, and Sedona Rose, to name a few. Tracy is generous with her knowledge and has a passion for what she creates. Her products and her shop are my ver favorite. Thank you for sharing your favorites and the opportunity at such an amazing giveaway!

  706. Casey Perry on

    There is a local clothing boutique in my city named Darling state of mind. They sell clothing, jewelry, natural fragrance and home decor. Every time I am in their store I’m inspired. We also have a local flower truck named fleur and frond that shows up at our farmers market each Saturday selling custom bouquets. They really add life to our home each week.

  707. Darcy on

    I used Terrain several times this year, most recently purchasing the table rod for my Christmas decorations.
    I recently attended Debra Prinzing’s Floral Story Telling Course (Slow Flowers Society) and virtual design by Holly Chapple (Hope Farm).

  708. Jane Powell on

    Oh where to start! I love and follow so many entrepreneurs on Instagram and FB. A few of my favorites are of course Floret, Garden Answer, 5 Mary’s Farm, Becky Crowley, The Land Gardeners, Impatient Gardener, Joanna Gaines as well as many interior designers! I’ve purchased all the floret books, the Land Gardeners book you recommended and Joanna Gaines books. I can’t wait for the new Magnolia Network to begin!!! I’m looking forward to some very creative inspiration 😊…thank you ALL for adding to my daily dose of inspiration!

  709. Jan Jackoviak on

    The Found Cottage, a small woman owned business, in western Michigan is a store that sells gathered items vintage and new. I’ve purchased many garden items such as a beautiful arbor and a variety of pots from their cozy shop.

  710. Candace Swartzentruber on

    Garden Answer is such an inspiration to me! Even when Covid stole some of my gardening joy, Laura never paused in giving us inspirational content and pure beauty! It’s as if she was pulling us through the pandemic tunnel of grief to the other side, full of beauty and soul filling goodness.

  711. DONICA HART on

    A coworker lent me Pat Welsh’s Southern California Gardening which has been really helpful. Definitely a must have for anyone in Southern California.
    I also really love the art of Margaret Gallagher and Zoe Keller. Margaret Gallagher has a great gift guide that includes gorgeous jewelry, wearable and seeds for some of our important native species.

  712. Katie on

    We have an amazing antiques store here in Kelowna called Lois Land that is always filled to the brim with treasures. And my favorite chocolate shop in the whole world is also here. Karat Chocolate.

  713. Holly on

    Hello I’m Holly from Canada, just a skip and jump from your farm really! I hope to visit you one day! As I find you super inspiring! But in my local area we have a shop called the Artisans Garden and it’s a cute nursery with the best little shop. I find all sorts of garden ideas and gifts there. The staff is incredible as well, they always find me what I’m looking for! They also provide classes every so often , which I have yet to take but have heard they are great!

    I recently had a chance to browse your books that a friend’s had bought, they are insanely stunning and the photography is amazing! That truely inspired me to up my game! I also love Canon products!

  714. Heather on

    I am inspired and enjoying the products made by a new company here in Oregon, 2020brasstacks.com. They make the best hot sauce I’ve ever tasted. It’s not too hot, but has a lot of flavor. Thanks for sharing your list with us.

  715. Robin Fortenberry on

    As a newer cut flower enthusiast I find many that are inspiring to me. From the long established entrepreneurs for the lasting in depth aspects to the new just growing, eager to share their newest endeavor. Favorites at my moment in learning are Floret & Gardeners Workshop flower resources. And I just found Living Roots Compost Tea for soil building, growth and preservation help. As an added note I love the new concept of your growing farm incorporating the beneficial borders, research sites, and personal space.

  716. Alaire on

    One of my favorite books is Mini Farming by Brett L. Markham. I have been gardening for years but this book has really help me set up growing enough food for my family. He doesn’t have a flower section in his book though. For that I love my Floret Cut Flowers Garden book.

  717. JJ on

    My fiancee and I have taken to gardening this summer due to covid, but it has become a great resource of happiness for us. While we are still very new, we are jumping in with both feet. Sadly, when it comes to influencers or mentors on the subject, we have only started with Monty Don. We didn’t even know about Gardener’s World until August this year! It’s been quite a trip, but we are ready for starting our own flowers indoors this year to plant out next spring! So exciting!

  718. Peggy Dlugos on

    I live in Colorado so my go to source of inspiration and information is BLOSSOM AND BRANCH farm. I have learned so much from this dedicated flower farmer.

  719. Emily Roehm on

    Well, YOU are always my go-to flower inspiration. Also, Triple Wren’s dahlias as well as my local Gardenwerks flower farm here in Helena, MT. ❤️ We also have some female-owned businesses and other small businesses in town getting creative and kicking booty this strange year: Montana Book Co., The General Mercantile, Maison…among others.

  720. Jill Crawmer on

    I just started following “lamusadelasflores” after seeing some of the things you posted and really love her style. I am wanting to take some of the classes she offers to learn something different.

  721. Sameena on

    I’m inspired by Chia Ming at Coastal Homestead in Los Angeles, CA. She is building a small business as a garden coach and she is always so helpful on her social media for people like me who are newbie gardeners.

  722. Michelle Terry on

    This is one of my most favorite posts ever. In a year where supporting small business has been more important than ever, I am so grateful that you shared some more gems. Can’t wait for the January Floret class. Looking forward to “meeting” the Floret family.

    Happy Holidays! Michelle Terry

  723. tammy howard, Nana Louie Farm on

    We have a micro flower farm in Belgrade MT. Josh Volk’s Compact Farms book provides wonderful templates and tools for creating efficient small farms. I am always on the look out for unique perennials that can withstand our Zone 4 climate. High Country Gardens and our local nurseries help with that. Of course Floret is an amazing resources as well :)!

  724. Deena Clarke on

    This is a fabulous list! One of my favorite things, that you might enjoy as well, is a hand lotion! It smells divine and has SPF sunscreen built in. We must protect our hands! :) It’s called Rich Girl by Deborah Lippmann. Found on Amazon! :)

  725. Lisa Meyer on

    A few years again I stumbled upon Emily Lex on Instagram. She lives and works out of her home in Gig Harbor, WA. I have watched her grow into her skill and passion for art and illustration with online watercolor and graphic design courses. She recently embarked on a journey as an author and illustrator. Her first book, Freely and Lightly, comes out in March 2021. It’s so fun to witness women pursue their dreams and see where it leads them! https://emilylex.com/be-an-artist/

  726. Felly Montelya on

    Bee Chama Farm is the cutest little farm shop located in a very small town Lemitar in New Mexico.

    3 Question Coffee Shop and Living Harvest Bakery located in Mimbres, New Mexico. The mennonites that run this wonderful business are the sweetest, and most generous people. They accept cash, check and “pay us later” if you don’t have money when you visit their shop, and they won’t ask for any of your information.

  727. Sonia Covarrubias on

    Thanks for this beautiful blog post !! I’d like to share about a small cookie business I found on IG , SWEETCHEEKSBYRENEE , she does the most gorgeous decorations on cookies , very elegant and lots of details , she even ships the cookies so that was wonderful cause I live in a different state than hers, thanks for sharing all the wonderful small businesses!!!!

  728. Janice Hillemann on

    Erin, you are my inspiration. I discovered your book, Cut Flower Garden at my local library and feel in love. Last spring I grew Zinnas, Cosmos, Sunflowers, Marigolds, and Basil. My intention was to cut the flowers and create bouquets that I could take to people in nursing homes and hospitals. Of course COVID changed those plans but my flowers were beautiful and I was able to bless the Church, neighbors and friends with my bouquets.

    I now own my personal copy of Cut Flower Garden and have your March release of Discovering Dahlias. I plant to expand my seed selections this year and grow some of your favorites. My plans are the same and hopefully I will be able to bless the lonely and sick in the nursing homes and hospitals. Thanks you so much for sharing your love for flowers that has sparked my inspiration. Stay well ~ Janice

  729. Ashley Hewitt on

    I, too, love supporting small businesses. My new favorite is Cinnamon Tree Farm in central IL. I just took a super fun wreath making class and loaded up on all their apparel.

    Sky Girl Farm is my favorite farm for hatching eggs and rare chicks. And Jordan is a doll as well!!

    Baker Creek is where I get alllll of my veggie seeds.

    The Flower Hat for dahlia tubers, ranunculus and anenome corms.

    And of course Floret for all my flower seeds. And BEAUTIFUL books!!

    Thanks for putting together a great resource. Can’t wait to shop them!

  730. Meredith Willingham on

    I found ceramic pieces by Tracy Hervy this summer and have started a collection of coffee mugs – they are so delicate and pretty!

  731. Jayne on

    I just love Floret so much! I purchase your seeds every year and I’m expanding my tiny flower garden to almost triple this year! Which is HUGE considering I live on a tiny suburban plot. You’ve inspired me to deliver floral arrangements to my friends all throughout summer. Someday I hope to buy land and have a cutting flower garden big enough to gift hospitals and schools, whoever needs a little dose of joy!

  732. susan hubbard on

    I’m finding I’m inspired by James Rebanks books, A Shepherds Life, and his new book Pastoral. He and his family are living on a family farm and healing the land from previous practices. His wife’s Instagram account A Shepherds Wife tells of the beauty, AND the hard work of small scale farms. Always a joy.

  733. Steph Parke on

    Loved this post. I’m by no means a farmer but I do love gardening, and always enjoy reading your blog to see how I can improve my flowers. I’m always inspired by your photography! I’m in the South Sound and love a little garden store called Windmill Gardens in Sumner. Their displays are swoon-worthy, their gifts section is just so perfectly curated, and as far as plants, they’ve got everything you’d ever need!

  734. Rachel on

    Feeling very inspired by Ruggette! This brand was founded by recent college grads and as a current college student seeing other young people start their own companies is incredible. It is made by womxn for womxn to make outdoors gear that womxn actually want to wear. Their hiking pants are made of sustainable fabrics and they make each pair with incredible care.

  735. Susan Lira on

    This is such a wonderful thorough list. Thank you for posting this. I am new to growing flowers and enjoy going through your website for tutorials. I am also excited to buy seed this winter from you. Another grower I follow is Zoe @swancottageflowers. I have been following her grow along and have learned a lot from her also.

  736. Rachel C on

    This year I supported the small business MIgardener by ordering my seeds from them. Fingers crossed they are successful!

  737. Janice Rash on

    My mother is the gardener and instilled her love of flowers in me. My joy is painting flowers and Floret Farm is such an inspiration. My shout out is to the entrepreneurs who make wonderful things for artistic expression: Rosemary&Co for their handmade brushes, Oakblade palette knives hand forged in Canada, and the PocketPalette from Art Toolkit that allows me to take watercolor wherever I go.

  738. Aimee Thuen on

    I second Arielle Chezar’s work! I have learned a ton from Julio at the Flower Hat both from his live design videos on instagram and as a fellow northern grower. I’m inspired by Ellen Frost’s commitment to using only local blooms in her floral design and building up the community of growers, connecting them with consumers. My Floret course book is worn and dusty from a season of learning this year. Thank you!

  739. Grace Bach on

    What a great post! This is just what I needed. My husband now has a few more things to add to my Christmas wish list.😂 I also love how you are supporting other female owned businesses. Thanks for sharing all of Floret’s gardening insights.

  740. Alexa Freudigmann on

    Such an inspiring list!! My faves from Thais year include The book Cultivated by Christin from Christin Geall – so so inspiring! And she’s taken some of her images and made them in to puzzles – great for COVID entertainment. ;-) I also love my Oh Flora vessels that I spied on a post and had to scoop up in blush for myself! Thanks for sharing your faves!

  741. Melinda on

    I live in a rural area of southwest Washington but we are seeing a wonderful resurgence of small creative businesses on our area, and it is giving me life!! In Castle Rock, there is Pollen floral shop which not only produces gorgeous bouquets that brighten up my social feed but also has an epic collection of houseplants and decor. There’s also The Vault Books, whose passionate owner curates a truly fantastic collection of new and used books, and readily offers reviews on everything she’s read. And they ship! Our little valley even has it’s very own woman-run flower farm, Delameter Valley Farms, supplying fresh bouquets at the smaller grocery stores in the county. It’s so inspiring to see people in our little area living into their passions and making this a more wonderful place to live!

  742. Gemma on

    I’m currently reading through In Bloom by Clare Nolan and also always flipping back through A Year in Flowers. I am inspired by many flower farmers who are such hard workers bringing beauty into the world! I am currently finding inspiration from a farmer florist local to me in Rhode Island, Fairest Flowers. She has a beautiful roadside stand that I frequent often and is constantly posting photos of her beautiful dahlia varieties on Instagram (@fairestflowers), which is keeping me going during these cold days leading into winter.

  743. Holly Vesterby on

    I’ve been inspired by our local nursery New Leaf. They adapted to the environment, staying open past the growing season so I have been able to purchase compost, seeds for spring, holiday decorating materials.

  744. Megan Levinn on

    Two that you mentioned that really stood out to me were Francis Palmer and Simon Sinek. I started following Francis on Instagram at your recommendation and must say that I’m blown away. She has been a model for a recent success at business and is incredibly talented with her art. I look up to both you and her.

    One of my former employees introduced me to Simon sinek earlier this year and his message has really stuck with me. So much so that I recently volunteered to be laid off from work. I figured out that I was pretty miserable showing up everyday and my why for working there was “because that’s what I’ve always done”, but I really wanted to go into business for myself. So I took the plunge and have just launched a small photography business on Etsy. I’ve also started clearing out part of our land to start flower farming, although this is a much more longer term venture as I learn and grow the space. A HUGE piece of that inspiration for wanting to get into farming has been you. The beauty that you bring into the world and everything you create is incredible. I can’t say enough good things about all that you do.

    I must say I have no idea what I’m doing, so I suppose the last major piece of inspiration for me has been Sara Blakey. The thing that finally got me to move and take this really scary leap was a quote by her. It was something along the lines of the difference between success and failure is often action vs inaction. So here am I, trying to figure it out. I hope one day I can also get to the point of being an inspiration for someone else too.

    Thank you

  745. Robin J on

    Oh my goodness. What a list! I’ve already visited sites for the aprons, adorable smock, and the Hori Hori knife! Thank you for sharing! Such great resources.

  746. nicky on

    I am totally into the book Blue Ocean Strategy right now. Thanks for this post so much great info.

  747. Linda Bragg on

    I recently read the book Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. It is a refreshing read from a scientist and Native American about how we must appreciate the plants we collect in nature, honor them and leave something in return. They take care of us and we take care of them. The author departs indigenous wisdom, scientific knowledge and the teachings of plants.

  748. Deb Powell on

    Spruce Home is a small woman owned shop in Leawood, KS, that always has original ideas for gifts and home decor. They are keeping up the holiday spirit despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.

  749. Constance Baird on

    As a home baker and canner, I follow many foodies. Erin Jeanne McDowell has a new book called the Book on Pie and it hits the spot in every way. Stunning photography, excellent tips and tricks to achieve greatness at home, and her beautiful personality shines through every page. I find the book in my lap even when I don’t need a recipe. She’s a gem.

  750. Christy on

    I’ve been so encouraged by all the small seed shops here in Canada that have worked so hard in difficult circumstances. Whistling Prairie Flowers and Edgebrook Farm have been great resources!

  751. Jontal on

    I’ve been inspired lately by Muddy Acres Flower Farm. Lynsey is always hustling. Mary at Five Mary’s, who I found because of Erin’s recommendation, is also always thinking about how to hustle and is teaching her girls the same entrepreneurial spirit, which I really admire. Vanessa at Pop’s Flowers in Edgewood, WA is another woman I admire for her drive, as well as her willingness to talk openly about business and mental health.

  752. Andrea Shobe on

    I love all of these recommendations! Magnolia is one shop I’m loving for simple but beautiful decor, especially for the changing seasons. Frances Palmer is an inspiration to me with her books and new puzzle! Lastly, I’ve been into several different daily devotional books to help me start each day with a quiet moment to reflect and be grateful. Thanks Floret for all the beautiful flowers and inspiration you give to so many!!

  753. Sarah on

    Not flower related, but a favorite shop of mine is Paper June. It’s a wonderful children’s bookstore in Topeka. They have a website and the owner will bend over backwards to help!

  754. Heather Olson on

    Floret Flowers inspires me. I’ve only been following you for a year or so but you are truly amazing! I love that you are “real” in a world where it’s easy to act like something you’re not. Congrats on your upcoming venture with Magnolia Network! What’s not to ❤️ about Chip and Joanna. Your posts of your 🌼🌻🌸🌺🏵️🌷get me through some of my not so good days. Thanks for sharing your gift and knowledge with the 🌎.

  755. Michelle Gregor on

    Years ago my grandmother (who is 98 years old and still living on her own!) introduced me to Seed Savers Exchange.

    “A nonprofit that conserves and promotes America’s culturally diverse but endangered garden and food crop heritage for future generations by collecting, growing, and sharing heirloom seeds and plants. The Exchange is one way we involve our community in fulfilling this mission.” http://www.seedsavers.org

  756. Lillian Del Valle on

    Lillian Del Valle on December 8th,2020
    Ariella Chezar from floral design fascinate me. I would love to learn more. Also the book she has for “Flowers for the Table” is something I would love to lay my hands on. I’m enjoying the book ” Cut Flower Garden” from Floret Farms and looking forward to the o e arriving in January about “Discovering Dahlias .”

  757. Audrey on

    Root 31 is a plant shop in Westfield, IN, who amidst the difficulties caused by the pandemic, has had amazing business. The woman who owns it even opened up a NEW shop a few weeks ago, a “sister shop” to her plant store. This new shop sells only goods that are made from small businesses here in Indiana or other parts of the US. When everyone else was struggling, and her business was booming, she opened a shop just to support other small businesses. She has great vision and is doing great things in Westfield. Her name is Angela, and she has been conducting her business in an inspiring way ever since she started.

  758. Kaitlin on

    I’m a forever fan of the skincare products from Handmade La Conner but I am extra-loving their new-ish ‘recover’ hand cream. It’s been a game changer for dry gardening hands!

  759. Kerri Coleman on

    My mother turned 70 January 2018. One of my sisters came up with the idea of a Spring/Summer garden tour. So, in June we spent a long weekend touring in New Jersey and taking in all of the magnificent gardens there: Longwood Garden, Temple University, Meadowbrook Farm and Monticello Garden to mention a few. I was mesmerized by the beauty and came home planting more flowers than I have ever done in the past. Last spring with COVID and the pandemic, I started planting early inside and created more blooms and shared more flowers with friends and family. I found peace and joy in following Erin’s advice on how to encourage tall blooms, obtain best shelf life and how to best share. I work at a small community hospital here in MA. Weekly, I would bring in flowers for the office. I dropped blooms off to friends around town. I was encouraged by my sister to sign up for the class this winter and cannot wait. I recently listened to Erins’s suggestion of Start with Why and am cueing up the next book for Christmas wrapping material. I am inspired by local floral farmers and look forward to the virtual class for Holiday centerpiece I am taking this week from Bayberry Farm and Flower. She has got a beautiful farm and offers roadside arrangements as well as made to order. I am inspired by beauty all around and look forward to the next spring!! I think the saying Food is LOVE needs to also include Food and Flowers are LOVE!!
    in this year of COVID, we need to remember Audrey Hepburn’s quote: “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” I am in for more colorful and happy tomorrows for sure. Thanks for this opp to share!

  760. Denise Lakin on

    Great list of favorites, thanks for sharing! I just ordered a pair of Bogs last week, and I can’t wait for them to come.
    I have newly retired from teaching middle school art, for 40 years. My interest in dahlias was inspired by our science teacher, Phil Traf,

  761. Jean Shaw on

    I am tremendously inspired by Melanie Falick—her book “Making a Life” is astoundingly beautiful and yes, inspirational. But wait, there’s more! She recently hosted a free workshop with Kaffe Fassett (the renowned textile designer) and Kaffe’s niece Erin Gafill (a wonderful painter). The stated goal of the workshop: to make a holiday card. The true goal: to remind us that creativity is our birthright. Humans are meant to be makers. An amazing experience.

  762. Chatti on

    I’ve just discovered Lore Pemberton on Instagram and immediately grabbed two of her prints off her website. Her work has a touch of whimsy, antique nolstagia that I was looking for. We are planning on decorating our bedroom and I knew I wanted independent artists to be the showcase. I can’t wait to find more treasures particularly from BIPOC artists that have been overlooked.

  763. Carly Molino on

    Alexys Romo at Black Thumb Farm (@black.thumb.farm) in LA is a farmer who is helping her community grow their own food through education, taking public spaces and growing public food and pulling in the community around her while doing it. She is someone I admire and has started all this during COVID-19. She is a young mom of two and has a passion for people.

  764. Denise Lakin on

    Great list of favorites, thanks for sharing! I just ordered a pair of Bogs last week, and I can’t wait for them to come.
    I have newly retired from teaching middle school art, after 40 years. The pandemic and retirement have provided lots of time to dive deeper into gardening. My interest in dahlias was inspired by our science teacher and dahlia farmer, Phil Traff ( may he Rest In Peace). One day, 36 years ago, he set a bag of “Jean Enerson” dahlia tubers on my desk, and I have been growing them and adding to my collection of dahlias ever since. The power of that sweet gesture inspires me to pass on a bag of tubers each spring to a neighbor, friend or stranger, who has never grown dahlias before. So thank you Phil for getting me started and inspiring me to share what I love.

  765. Robin on

    I’m relatively new to gardening. I live in the Skagit Valley in Washington. During the pandemic I find myself wondering around Christianson’s Nursery for landscape ideas and advice. It’s my “ happy “ place. It is there that I met Fred and Molly. Fred has started his coffee roasting business Beaver Tales Coffee. His coffee is the best around. He roasts the beans to perfection.

  766. Lisa Klow on

    I’m just here to enjoy Floret content (and shopping for friends!). Wishing we still lived in WA (lived in Seattle for 3 years). Love to see videos of the area. We took a boat to La Conner one April. 🌷

  767. Roxann Hadley on

    At 52 and in a new season of life, I am continually challenged and inspired by Erin, her team, and creative collaborators like her (from musicians like JJ Heller to florist-farmers like Erin to bakers like Zoë François!) Seeking to thread together all the random pieces of the puzzle of my skill-set and bring glory to God through stewarding more creatively, resourcefully, and compassionately, I am not yet able to give a comprehensive list, but here goes:
    For the northeast-Texas crazy weather pattern – or no pattern! – where we have cold damp one day and warm sunny the next, I keep a wide array of Carhart jackets from light to heavy. A handmade linen apron featuring McCall’s smock-style apron my daughter & I modified since she is tall, and I am short.
    I also love the Fiskars pruners for cutting back the roses!
    I can hardly wait to try Erin’s list and find some local suppliers of some other offerings!

  768. lisa liermann on

    I am currently inspired by Lisa Mason Ziegler, author of Cool Flowers. She has presented this concept in a quick, easy to read book and accompanies it with videos and Q&A sessions. I have a several trays of cool flowers ready for transplant into the garden, thanks to Lisa!

  769. darci on

    I’m obsessed with the pottery of Lydia Nichols and I drink out of my Eastfork Pottery mug every day. Haus of Gloi has the BEST handmade scrubs and soaps in the most amazing scents. In the city – er, Seattle – visiting Watson Kennedy is a dream and Salt House Mercantile on Bainbridge is my favorite place.

  770. Olivia G on

    5 Mary’s Farm. I love the audacity to not just name one child after yourself (something already uncommon for women) but 4! Matriarchy makes a come back. I also appreciate such a keen description of Arielle Chezar and her influence on modern day floristry. She is a true icon of the art.

  771. Jeri Wohlman on

    Thank you so much for all of your recommendations. My daughter and I discovered you this past year and ❤️ everything Floret! Your recommendations come just in time for Christmas shopping!

  772. erika g on

    what a beautifully put together blog post — cannot thank Team Floret enough for all the magic you shared! I think the local shop I love the most would have to be Handmade La Conner for their natural homemade skincare goods as well as Lamb & Co down in Snohomish! Such gorgeously sourced home decor items, straight from the girls that just debuted their new HGTV show Unsellable Houses. Another fave, our local feed store. Everything you could ever need to start a backyard garden, project, anything of your dreams!

  773. Holly on

    Besides being inspired (and learning so much!) from the Floret website and “Cut Flower Garden” and “A Year in Flowers,” I’ve also have been following Lori Hernandez at Three Acres Farm in Michigan. I’m in Iowa and since we are both in the Midwest, it’s helpful to get information regarding our similar climates/seasons. Lori shares practical advice, wisdom and encouragement and replies to any questions I have. I also follow Asrai Garden in Chicago (prior to moving to Iowa 2 years ago, I lived in Chicago for 26 years) and Elizabeth Cronin and her team create the most breathtaking arrangements (along with a uniquely curated shop ranging from jewelry to homewares to taxidermy!) I was fortunate to receive my wedding bouquet and centerpiece from Asrai. When my husband and I first moved to the farm, we purchased a BCS walk behind tractor from BCS America. We originally heard about it from Jean Martin Fortier of Les Jardins de la Grelinette in Canada. The BCS is incredibly functional with all the various implements that can by purchased. We’ve started with the rotary plow to create our raised beds and the power harrow. It’s smaller and more manageable than a rototiller. Lastly, my go to for garden tools and supplies is Johnny Seeds.

  774. Lauren on

    Rei also has their own brand of sturdy work clothes that stand up in the garden. For books “atomic habits” can change your life.

  775. Rachel on

    I just moved and learning about local options in my area. I do love Johnny Seed Company and J and J nursery.

  776. Linda on

    Thank you, Erin and Floret, for being so inspiring! As a new gardener, I would love to win a box of some of your favorite things. I can’t wait to dig into your book, Cut Flower Garden, which I just purchased. I’ve recently been enjoying Nicole at Flower Hill Farm’s YouTube videos. I also enjoy Sarah Raven’s YouTube videos and just ordered her books through the library. Northlawn Flower Farm (also YouTube) has also been a wonderful learning resource for me. We have a local Garden Center in Minnesota called Gerten’s , which has been a refreshing oasis. Thank you for all you do! Love your mini courses!

  777. Caroline on

    I’m inspired by my friend Sharon who is making soaps and jewelry. No website yet but she’s working on it!

  778. Susan DuMont on

    Local Color Flowers, a local flower shop in Baltimore that sources year round from within 100 miles of Baltimore, has been such a joy and inspiration for me this year. I loved the shop before the pandemic, but the way they pivoted to keep supporting the community and growers through this year, and getting flowers and learning to arrange them myself, has been a saving grace of joy and optimism this year.

  779. Heather Williams on

    What great list! Thank you for all the recommendations! My Christmas list just got longer… Right now I’m also finding huge inspiration from all things Willow Crossley – her books (right now digging into The Wild Journal), her igtv floral arrangement videos, and full on floristry workshop on Create Academy that’s amazingly affordable.

  780. Faith Nemecek on

    I am lucky to live near Muddy Acres Flower Farm in Plymouth,MI. She has been inspiring to watch her grow her small business! It’s only been a few years but she has expanded her growing fields a lot.

  781. KaCee Bloom on

    The Backyard Homestead by Carleen Madigan has been truly inspiring for my family. We’ve slowly been chipping away at making our homestead dreams come true and all the inspiration and information we’ve needed are in those pages!

    Deanna over at Twig & Vine and The Growing Kindness Project never ceases to amaze me! While raising three kids, tending animals, and running her flower farm, she still manages to crush her goals for The Growing Kindness Project. She’s spreading ripples of kindness across the world and encouraging everyone to catch the wave! She’s made a huge impact on our family and also our community!

  782. Paula Artmann on

    Supporting small business especially during a pandemic- Rally Felt Company is doing wonderful things for teaching and reading to children with open ended play with her felt boards! It’s not garden or flower farming but it’s small business at its best and it inspires me to be a better grandmother to my sweet grandchildren by reading to them and playing!!

  783. Shelby on

    I just found you recently and to be honest you are who inspires me! I live in the city and have a pea gravel yard, but wanted to start growing this year. I came across one of your Instagram posts and I was hooked on your gorgeous array of colors. I set up as many containers as I could fit and started growing random bits and bobs but have a full plan for this upcoming spring and summer season. I am so excited to see my colors come to life the way yours do. You make it all seem so effortless and magical. You helped guide me to this new passion and I am pretty darn grateful, so don’t stop sharing your knowledge, amazing flowers and creations!

  784. Erin M on

    I love the garden book A Beautiful Obsession, the plant combinations in the gardens are so inspiring.

  785. Kelsey on

    I’ve been reading David Chang’s (Momofuku entrepreneur/restauranteur) memoir, Eat A Peach—it’s been inspiring to read how he’s overcome mental illness, and how his passion and attention to detail helps soothe anxiety. I think gardening and growing flowers can provide that same calm!

  786. Laurie Cousart on

    I’ve been so inspired by Floret’s blog and videos this year. I started growing dahlias for the first time and am planning a new cutting garden for next summer!

    A book I have recently really enjoyed is Dirt to Soil: One Family’s Journey into Regenerative Agriculture by Gabe Brown. This is a wonderful account of how he and his family transformed his farm in North Dakota by healing the soil and is such an inspiration.

  787. Linh Lau on

    I am going to be starting my first little patch of cut flowers. I have been intentionally sourcing my seeds from women owned businesses that vary from established seed companies to backyard gardeners.

  788. Sherry on

    I’m getting back into gardening after thinking I was done with it when I moved into a small apartment with a deck. It’s now overwhelmed with pots & I’m going to be getting patch from a local woman who offers space for the local food pantry to grow as well. My time will be spent not only growing vegetables & flowers for myself & family but helping with the food pantry plots as well. My mom has a greenhouse that hasn’t been used in years, so I’m gearing up to get supplies & seeds to be ready to start. My great grandparents were farmers, our family always had a garden & I’ve had my own before. I’m looking forward to experimenting & having fresh produce to enjoy with my family as well as helping people in my community with food needs & beautiful flowers.

  789. Sharie yeager on

    Thank you for another wealth of knowledge post! Looking forward to tracking down a few of the items mentioned this winter. I was super inspired this year by Kristine Albrect’s book on Dahlia Hybridizating for the Flower Farmer and Home Gardener. Even my teenagers read it! I have grown dahlias for around 10 years and had no idea they produced seed as I always deadhead fast to keep them in bloom. This year I tried my hand at cross pollinating, but also let the bees help. Collecting seeds was so fun and I can’t wait to see what was created this spring! Eternally grateful for women like you and Kristine sharing your knowledge so generously. I am also developing a love for roses and have been pouring over Menagerie Farm’s blog for info and tips on planting, varieties, and pruning. Felicia is a wealth of knowledge as well!

  790. Stacie Weyrauch on

    Of course I love your tool belt. I always have my eye on that product. It is so sturdy and yet attractive. These overalls you have pictured are impressive. It’s hard to find overalls that are flattering to a woman’s figure. Thank you the Dovetail resource. I’m a fashion designer by trade son always has intrigued by someone finding a unique family niche in the market. I love the smocks by The Flower Frog and the aprons by Portland Apron Company. It seems silly but I’m often dreaming of all the different purposes for beautiful and useful aprons. Thanks for sharing all these resources. You are always so generous to share your knowledge and resources. It’s one of the things I love best about you and your company.

  791. Jennifer on

    I’m supporting local this year as much as possible! My absolute favorite spot to shop is the Sebastopol Antique Society. It’s a huge warehouse filled with different vendors, full of unique finds. I’m able to get a lot of my vintage urns and vases from there. I also buy my Carharrt at my local hardware store. Funny to go clothes shopping as a hardware store, but I like to try on what I can to make sure it’sa good fit!

  792. Kathy Charles on

    Hello. I am recently retired. One of my goals in retirement is to transform my garden. Fresh flowers are a gift. I love to fill my house with them and hope to be able to supply my own!! Reading this gift list I feel like I am in the dreamiest store ever. I plan to add several of your references to my Instagram including Gabriela Salazar and Frances Palmer (probably everyone mentioned). Also showing this page to my husband for Christmas gift suggestions. Color the world with flowers.

  793. Amanda Jensen on

    Right now I say a shop that’s inspiring me to be creative is darling cookie co. I’m not a cookie making person by any stretch, but love, joy and talent she has makes me want to make beautiful things too.

  794. Sheri Hovey on

    Hi! I owe my flower inspiration to you Erin! I became flower obsessed this winter and grew my first cutting garden and have my hardy annuals all tucked in for the winter. One of my current inspirations is Lisa Ziegler Mason of Garden’s Workshop. She is in the same growing zone so it is very easy to relate:). I also find inspiration from Ivy and Oak, a microform in NC. She is on a great path for success and I love her down to earth and casual vibe! Looking forward to taking your class in January!!

  795. Hannah Pace on

    I LOVE Dovetail and I’m so excited to have finally purchased a pair of their overalls (a Christmas present for myself). Im also so inspired by Nicole at Gardenary. Her down to earth nature and super sense of humour makes learning a breeze. I’ve been following a few of the Gardenary consultants too and they inspire me everyday with their tips and tricks. It helps me see that my own dreams of digging in the dirt (as a career) CAN come true!!

  796. Rosalie Andrews on

    You had some great ideas!! Can’t wait to research them more! I love Heath Ceramics & Maek Ceramics for vases and vessels, McCormick Charlie is major inspiration for me. Psalter Farms supplies amazing organic florals in San Diego! And the book I’ve been coming back to recently is Wreaths by Katie Smyth & Terri Chandler

  797. Alice Koetsier on

    You have given so many inspiring book selections and my library is building with beautiful treasures. My garden is stocked with beauties as well. Thank you Erin and staff for all you do for the floral fans!!!

  798. Terry A. on

    I am inspired by that smock and those aprons! They are definitely what I would enjoy wearing in the garden. I am also inspired by the Floret books as I plan and dream for the new year.

  799. Wendy Willson on

    I am so glad that I discovered you earlier this year. I took your mini course last summer and look forward to getting your emails. I am from Vancouver Island and we have traveled around Washington state many times. La Conner is one of my favourite stays and I agree with you that the vintage light store is a must see. I am looking forward to visiting your area with my camera to take photos of all of the fabulous tulip fields when all of this covid scare is over.

  800. Cheryl on

    I have been impressed by a local couple in my community who stated a bakery from home. They are called brick house bakery they use pop up locations like coffee shops, food truck set ups, and farmers markets to sell their wares. They make quality baked goods along with artisan, organic sourdough breads. It’s a much needed and appreciated business for our community of Pineville/Alexandria Louisiana.

  801. Joan on

    Floret is my biggest inspiration!! I am very new to gardening and in the process of gathering supplies and gaining knowledge. This list will be a great help for equipment. Thank you. I have lots to learn and can’t wait for the online workshop to begin. So excited!!!!!

  802. Lillian E Prevallet on

    I love this! I’m constantly finding inspiration from beautiful landscapes, sunrises, and sunsets! All of the colors never cease to melt my heart and inspire some kind of vision. God surely is the ultimate artist! I love following Floret, Christin Geall, and some local favorites who inspire me to work as seasonally, locally, and purely as possible: @clementineincape and @spanishstreetfarmacy 😄

  803. Christina Stroup on

    I have been engrossed by Piet Oudolf’s books and watching all things Monty Don on Brit Box. This pandemic has given me more time to make plans and try new ways of gardening.

  804. Kelley on

    I find a lot of inspiration in my town’s local flower growers, in particular Native Mountain Farm! I also drool over Holly Chapple’s arrangement work and her farm Hope Flower Farm.

  805. Lauren Casamayor on

    Thanks for the great post, I’m looking forward to trying Dovetail workwear. Growers & Co. is another great source for workwear, tools and inspiration! Dahlia May Flower Farm and Whistling Prairie Flowers are two Canadian flower farms I love to support and are always inspiring.

  806. Maggie Jensen on

    A wonderful woman owned company that makes aprons is Hedley & Bennett, even though they focus on work wear for the kitchen, I’ve been using her aprons in the garden and round the shop for years. https://www.hedleyandbennett.com/

    Also a couple more books:
    Dahlia Breeding for the Farmer Florist and Home Gardener by Kristine Albrecht

    The Sunset Western Garden Book is still so good and relevant, don’t try to pick out a fruit tree in the west without it.

  807. Jessica on

    I’m inspired by case for making, art supply shop that teaches online water color classes. Fostering community and creativity! Also my friend Camai Brandenburg, a Pilates instructor who launched her own business of online teaching (Embody by Cam) during this time, helping so many improve their health!

  808. Liz Carver on

    I am taking Lisa Mason Zeigler’s basic flower farming course right now, and it is so packed with information that I find useful even after 5 seasons of farming (vegetables). I have not been able to sleep because every time I close my eyes I see next year’s garden!

  809. Margie Fondse on

    As I watch your videos I find myself wondering about this or that…tools, clothing, even jewelry that are shown (besides all the great information I am receiving!) and here comes a list of your favorite things!! I love it! So much better than Oprah’s (: . Thank you for all the beauty you spread to us!

  810. Julie Ammann on

    I forget to mention my favorite small farm in Spokane. @fullbushellfarm has INCREDIBLE organic produce . It’s better than anything I’ve ever tasted. As my mom was fighting her terminal illness this spring, I created many beautiful meals & salads for her with their vegetables. My mom didn’t have much of an appetite but she ate what I made with these delicious fresh vegetables. And I’m happy my mom so enjoyed the food.

  811. Victoria Russell on

    Frances Palmer’s book turned my world around. I had ‘lost’ my creative spark and I picked up her book with no expectations–I love her photography and knew that, at a minimum, I was in for a visual treat. I was surprised by how her words hit me, too. A recent ‘delightful find’ for me is Amy T. Won (@amytwon on Instagram)–she combines art and nature to inspire wonder and creativity. Her Wonder Walk card deck gives my daily walk a new sense of adventure.

  812. Kylie Walsh on

    Erin, thanks for sharing all these wonderful businesses! I love love love Block Shop Textiles- their patterns and technique are amazing! Can’t wait to add some dinner napkins to my home from them : ) I’ve always loved your jewelry from Belle Femme, thanks for sharing where it is from- I can’t wait to check out their other stuff. We are endlessly weeding here in Colorado on our beautiful (small) backyard garden. Of course we never spray, so only using natural techniques I think your weeding tools will be so helpful!

  813. Lisa Tyler on

    I am in Texas and the NFR & Cowboy Christmas are currently in town. I’m in love with Casey Curtis Designs. She is an amazing young woman making lovely inspirational leather goods in Montana. Her leather flowers are amazing.

  814. Katie on

    I recently started following Herbal Academy and love that they offer some workshops for kids, too. Also a big fan of Taylor Johnston and Gamine.

  815. Kat Webster on

    I live in a small northwestern town in Northern BC, Canada, called Smithers. I have been so inspired by our small local businesses during this trying time. I have a few favorite businesses. The first is called Out of Hand it is an artist collective that is run by volunteers. It’s this amazing place where you can purchase a variety of local products, from baking, pottery, local meats and vegetables, sewing, paintings, glass work, candles, you name it! It has been so helpful for our community to see and support local artisans work when our craft fairs have been cancelled. I also have to applaud our new shoppe Illyria for opening during the pandemic and creating a beautiful space with home products from around the world.

  816. Helen on

    Thank you for this list :) Watching and reading Charles Dowding, to try something different in the garden this year.

  817. Devin sorgi on

    I love five Mary’s which you featured as well. But I on the east coast so I sought out some meat closer to home and found Weatherlow Farms a few years ago. They raise sustainable livestock AND have a flower farm, weatherlow florals, that offers wedding/event design and wholesale flowers for designers like me.

  818. linda boyer on

    I’m inspired by YOU! I have all your books..read every bit of information you send out..have started my own little plot planning next summer to start small with just selling bouquets from home. I have loved flowers my entire life. I worked as a floral designer for a short period of time but it was reading your story that led me to believe I could pick up on the dream I left behind and give it another try. My husband was in the military for 20 years so my goals were constantly uprooted as we moved around the world so many times. I just gave up. But … I believe we are finally in one place long term and so…here I go..again. Thank you for giving me hope that it can be done.

  819. Belinda Olsen on

    I have loved all of Willow Crossley’s books and her online course at Create Academy. It doesn’t hurt she has has the most amazing British Accent to listen to while learning.

  820. Kaesmene Banks on

    I shop at and follow The Farmer’s Daughter (thefarmersdaughterri.com) for plants, garden supplies, and inspiration. (They carry your book!) For pottery, Peter Pots Pottery (peterpots.com) and East Fork (eastfork.com). For fiber arts: Meg Callahan (megcallahan.com) and Lavanya Patricella (lavanyapatricella.com). I follow book blogs and authors (I’m a former bookseller), too: Katrina Yan Glaser and Maggie Stiefvater are in my Instagram rotation these days.

  821. Lauren Westgate on

    I am impressed by Dovetail and the overall design they have. Their attention to detail and acknowledgment that all people are not built the same is refreshing.

  822. Steph on

    I have a necklace I never take off that I love by Jayne and James on Etsy :) Also giving a shout out to my friends @ptowndailygrind where you can stop in for great coffee and cute clothes, and they are starting to screen print too. I love reading about people’s favorite things!

  823. Maren Treft on

    A family run business called Farm and Hive in Utah. Handmade beeswax candles, ornaments, etc. from their bees. I’m also inspired by my dad who did a lot of leatherwork when he was younger and made a beautiful carved Scandinavian style watchband for me. He’s always been an entrepreneur and vey creative.


    Thank you so much for this resource! I am a newbie gardener, and your cut flower book has been such a great resource for me. I can’t wait to peek at the other books you have recommended. I have placed my dahlia tuber order with Swan Island Dahlias, and along with beautiful tubers, they have a good selection of tools and local goodies.

  825. Kathryn Atkinson on

    What an incredible resource this list is! Inspiring and beautiful to read and view-thank you!! It makes me want to get out to the garden even in December in upstate New York! No small feat!
    Right now I’m inspired by Black Rifle Coffee Company, a small but growing coffee company of folks who love America and support our veterans.

    The @readaloudrevival with Sarah MacKenzie who helps me continue to fall in love with books, connecting with my children through books and our love of homeschooling.

    The @thenoisyplume who inspires me to slow down, get outside and enjoy the silence and vast country around me.

    @shetlandwooladventures for their inspiring and gorgeous knits and landscape shots

  826. Debbie on

    After a 27 year career in Social services I am transitioning into a new career in horticulture.My stepping stone and inspiration to take the leap down a new path was through our local ymca who offered a pre apprenticeship course with a work placement.A life changing opportunity as an older woman. This exposed me to local flower farms here in Ottawa,Ontario,Canada.Many of these beautiful farms are woman run business’s supporting the growth of local flowers. I am most inspired by Riverwood Gardens, Roam Flora and Ganden Gardens. These farms are all at different stages of development with exciting futures.

  827. Terrah Bretherton on

    I’m having a hard time not covering all the walls in my house with botanical illustrations. I love vintage ones from shops like Blossom Botanica on Etsy, or whimsical artists prints Lianne Pflug.

  828. Clare Loxterkamp on

    Backyard Blooms has been doing such an amazing job of highlighting their skilled flower growing and also foraging/gathering what maine has to offer! Their business growth has been incredible over the last few years. And they do it all with two urban backyards that are adjacent! For pottery, Astier de Villatte has been my absolute favorite vase purchase! But love finding vintage silver plated low containers at Goodwill to make centerpiece arrangements!!

  829. Kara on

    We just bought our first home up in Bellingham a year and a half ago. It is a a double lot with a lot of potential to be an amazing outdoor space and garden! Complete with very hungry deer, packs digging squirrels, morning glory everywhere, and grass in all the flower beds. I’ve been working my booty off to bring beauty back to this little piece of land and have been learning tons along the way! Some of my favorite places to shop for this project and also just in general are:

    1) Is it too cheesy to say Floret? I am SO excited for your new growing dahlias book and have used your website and videos to inspire the planning of my mixed flower and veggie garden revamp. Your instructional video series was amazing and gave me the confidence to properly divide the few neglected tubers clumps that came with the house! These projects have brought light to a rather dark year :)
    2) Primally Pure is my favorite clean beauty brand- they make everything in small batches by hand. Ilia Beauty makes the best natural mascara, and Beauty Counter has a lot of fun clean beauty options too.
    3) It’s embarrassing, but I still use crocks a lot as a garden shoe! I should probably look into Bogs, haha.
    4) Branch Basics— the most amazing and safe household cleaner out there! This stuff does it all and is sold in a concentrate.
    5) For home decor, I am currently loving “Sunwoven” for fun handmade wall hangings, “Quiallane Press” makes super fun and beautiful map prints! They have one of the San Juan’s that we are giving as a gifts to several folks, and “MuddyHeart” sells these amazing handmade ceramic bells and wood hangers for wall decor! I love Blockshop Textiles too!

    That’s it’s for now :) Thank you for this little exercise in gratitude!

  830. Beth Tuttle on

    I’m looking forward to checking out the books on this list, and many other things! I love my XtraTuf boots but will try Bogs next. This list of faves is a tribute to the beautiful business you’ve created. Thank you!

  831. Amanda C on

    One of my very favorite photographers is Ali Lanenga…her photos are beautiful and inspiring. She’s also a friend and I adore her personally as well. I also enjoy looking through Powells for books and other items!

  832. Melanie Hames on

    Thank you so much for this detailed list!! In 2020–2021, looks like I will accomplish my ~20 year goal of having cut flowers in my zone 8b yard year round! My last beautiful sunflower is in a jar in the kitchen, and a single Ivory princess calendula plant continues to bloom (I burned up a lot of seeds this year 😂). This was a gift seed packet included with my first order from Floret. My Arizona blanket flowers are hanging on and my pansies from Floret are about 4 inches tall and starting to produce flowers, currently under frost cloth on hoops! My all-time fave flower book is Floret’s cut flower garden. I am excited to get Lisa Mason Ziegler’s book Cool Flowers: How to Grow… on growing hardy annuals. She is 2 hours north of me so similarities in weather and I am taking her course in January “Growing Your Business with Local Flower Sourcing” to help me with building relationships with florists when I start my business in 2022.
    2 more IG accounts that are teaching me a lot are Petal Pickers in Greenville , SC (similar climate) and Swan Cottage Flowers in UK. They both share so much helpful information. Excited that I just got ranunculus order from the Flower Hat and his pictures on IG are inspiring! Johnny’s seeds have helped me build my infrastructure – hoop bender, frost cloth, weeding tools, buckets, etc. And last but not least, the Floret online course that I took this year changed my life. I finally finished modules 5 and 6 last week 😊 but I go back to the workbook and videos as a resource all the time.

  833. Belinda on

    This entire pandemic season I have been so inspired by Laura at Garden Answer. I was incredibly fortunate to find her YouTube channel by googling ‘cottage garden’ and my love of flowers, gardening and feeling the dirt in my hands has been amplified.

  834. Marisa Lopez on

    Ancestor work is a practice that has come to the forefront of my mind in past couple of months. I am a regular practitioner of spirit work, but the one area I have not deleted into is spirit work. Shosh, from OtherWorldyArchive is an energy practitioner among other titles that has urged me to begin my journey with those who came before me to deepen my relationship and my knowledge on those who came before me

    In the realm of gardening, Kevin, a San Diego based entrepreneur and gardener, has motivated me to begin my own veggie plot (with flowers of course) in the hard, clay-like soil on the side of my house! It has been difficult to remove all the crab-grass, but the beautiful harvest with all sorts of colors and shapes of veggies keeps me pushing through.

  835. Christine Surufka on

    Hi, I am currently living in a 2nd floor apartment so no space for a garden. But because of my love for everything in nature (which I’ve happily passed down to my four grown children) I have found ways to fill my balcony with flowers, herbs and vegetables. Your post have given me inspiration to fill my space with beautiful living things. I also love our Chicago Botanic Gardens! It’s a beautiful, peaceful place to walk and immerse yourself and your family in all the different flowers , greenery and herbs they so beautifully have arranged in their gardens.

  836. Julie Eufemi on

    I’m really enjoying Kristine Albrecht’s book Dahlia Breeding for the Farmer-Florist and the Home Gardener. I’m not quite at the point of dahlia growing to start hybridizing my own new dahlias yet, but this book of full of information and gorgeous pictures. Post St Farm in Santa Cruz, Ca is my favorite small farm to purchase cut dahlias, pumpkins, squash and Christmas trees. My favorite local nursery is Alladin Nursery and gift shop is my go-to local nursery. They’ve been around for over 100 years. The entire staff is friendly and super knowledgeable and always willing to help with a smile. Their gift shop has a ton of cute nibbles too! Delicora is an awesome local jewelry company with a give back mission. The lines creator, Sandra is sweet and approachable, remembering your name and items you have purchased. Her work is beautiful and delicate yet durable.

  837. Darcy Ayers on

    I am inspired by Danielle Odhner who has a gardening business that cares for all the magnificent flowers surrounding the Bryn Athyn Cathedral located in Bryn Athyn, Pa., close to northeast Philadelphia. She has transformed the very formal gardens of my youth to a lush wonderland of brilliant flowering plants that delight all the senses! She has also been a mover and shaker for Friends of the Farm, a group of people devoted to growing organic flowers, using local horses in our historic district, designing programs of gardening for our local college. And if that’s not enough, she is also a competitive ballroom dancer!

  838. Lauren on

    I am feeling inspired by the Shop at Blockhouse Studio here in my tiny mountain town of Waitsfield, VT. I also *love* Olives and Grace in Boston, they are on maternity leave right now, but have the most soulful Instagram presence and beautifully curated pieces. For garden things, we are asking all of our family for gift certificates to Johnny’s up in Maine this year– we are going to get a compact seed tower that can fit in our compact “starter” home. Last year’s hand-me-down lights from my father torched a lot of my seeds, and it’s time to invest in the right equipment. We don’t have great light for seed starting, so I’m looking for the right equipment as I “accidentally” continue to add to my seed collection.

  839. Amanda Yuknevich on

    Thanks to the floret website I was able to find Bear Creek farms. From following them on Instagram I had the privilege of being to take their on-site tuber class! I had always told my husband I wish there was someone local I could learn from. Floret has really helped me with that! Instagram has been a huge learning tool I’ve used. @swancottageflowers is the most knowledgeable! And @muddyacrefarms has been such an inspiration! Johnny seeds, Eden gardens and swan island dahlias have been most of my UPS deliveries the last couple of months. I have so much excitement for this coming growing season! Most of all, taking the floret workshop of 2021!

  840. Stacey Grytdal on

    I’ve been a customer at handmade laconner ever since I walked into the store, inhaling the lightest, natural, most harmonious smells. She produces and sells lotions, soaps, natural laundry soap, etc.. Spruce and cinnamon, rosewood and blood orange, peppermint are a few of my favorite lotions. She running a small local business so please support her, she has a website, is on Etsy, and has the physical store in La Conner,

  841. Natasha Simpson on

    Hi, I really enjoy your Instagram posts, this spring I was inspired by one with zinnias that had a link about growing them. I grew a bed of zinnias using some of the tips you share. They were beautiful and I cut many bouquets from them all summer long. I have had my own garden since I was four years old and I am an aspiring cut flower grower who is currently going to school for dental hygiene. Three of my favorite company’s are Duluth Trading Company for work and lot of my casual wear. Their clothing is cut with active people in mind also (I am tall with long legs and arms) their shirts always have long enough sleeves for me and their pants come with the option of long enough inseams. I love the fact that their models are everyday women and they take the pictures in each of the women’s regular environments. You can read a little about what each one does some which farming, artists and a chainsaw competitor. I also love Michael Michaud jewelry he casts his pieces from the actual plants they are exquisite, my favorite piece is the bleeding heart pendant. It’s hard not to want every piece they so much like the real flowers. Simplici Soap Factory is another one I enjoy, the owner and are good friends I used work for the company before She moved. Her soap has wonderful lather and the scents are from 100 percent essential oil which she blends beautifully. She also has body butter that feels incredibly smooth and amazing, my favorite of which is the lavender. Anyway this was a fun distraction from studying for finals must get back to it. Keep inspiring others with your flowers it’s much appreciated and enjoyed🥰

  842. Stacy Hartmann on

    Good morning! Laura from Garden Answer has always been my go to for tips and fun crafts with things from the garden. She has so much knowledge and a fun spirit.

  843. Bethany on

    Inspired by all of the small businesses fighting through this crazy year!

  844. Erin stewart on

    I’m currently obsessed with Indian Kantha quilts. They’re perfect for picnics or the beach because sand and dirt shake right off, and they are handmade from recycled cloth. I don’t have a favorite shop per se, but there are plenty of sellers on Etsy with all sorts of beauties!

  845. Liz on

    I love learning from your garden! @Peoniesandpeppers first introduced me to you and I am inspired by her at-home, beautiful garden. I also love Xena workwear that makes stylish and comfortable safety boots for women.

  846. Julie Ammann on

    As a photographer & filmmaker, I am inspired by artist/photographer @erikmadiganheck. His work has strong ties to the garden. Like me, he lost his mom this year. He created a beautiful short film about his mother & her garden influence on his work. When my mom passed on July 4th, I found solace in planting flowers in her once empty garden beds. I visited many local nurseries and one tiny small business that I really enjoyed was Judy’s Enchanted Garden in Spokane, Washington. I, of course, ordered seeds & bulbs from Floret. Another comfort to me during this tumultuous year is my favorite small business in my hometown, Gig Harbor, Washington, and that’s Susanne’s Bakery. Yum.

  847. Hayden Brown on

    I currently have a huge stack of library books that I’m working through to keep me inspired this rainy season! They’re mostly books about Piet Oudolf – I am obsessed with the New Perennial movement that started in Europe and the gorgeous grass prairies they imitate.

    I’ve also really gotten into flower history, so I’m reading TulipoMania by Mike Dash.

    And lastly, Cultivated: Elements of Floral Style by Christina Gall is an incredible book that I can’t put down right now!

  848. Sabrina Funk on

    Thank you for this fantastic list I’ve added several books to my wishlist. I’m a huge fan of Monty Don and will be grabbing one of those books for Christmas. In addition to gardening I also sew and knit and my favorite local fabric shop here in Columbus, Ohio is https://sewtospeakshoppe.com/. I love getting my gardening tools and supplies from another local spot http://www.cityfolksfarmshop.com/, https://www.sunnymeadowsflowerfarm.com/ is a local flower grower that has beautiful arrangements that I can pick up at the farmers market or at my favorite local independent/ family owned grocer https://www.weilandsmarket.com/. I’ve been so inspired by you Erin. Our house doesn’t have a lot of land but I’ve been able to grow a beautiful cut flower garden every year with your help and inspiration. I’ve started flowing Frances Palmer’s work on Instagram and I am looking forward to learning more about her work.

  849. Morgan on

    As a wedding florist, details are massively important to me and our clients. The Lesser Bear, a small, woman-owned company in Columbus OH, makes beautiful hand-dyed ribbon and textiles from plants and flowers she grows in her own garden. At the beginning of the pandemic she spent a ton of time creating masks for first responders, and soon opened up her masks to the general public as well! A conscious, kind, amazing business to support.

  850. Jeannette Elkins on

    I’m so inspired by Just James in Stanwood, taking a leap and opening a new business during the pandemic.

  851. Karen Culver on

    London Plane in Pioneer Square is an amazing resource and inspiration … they have classes, have delicious food from local farms and beautiful blooms!! I too enjoy my Floret books as I plan my new beds etc. thanks for all the great tips.

  852. Lucy on

    Adore this list Erin! I can see myself coming back to reference it throughout the year ahead. Def going to look up B school. Thank you! Merry Christmas!

  853. Jodi McDonald on

    I’ve been inspired by God’s word so much! He’s the ultimate gardener! 😍 Madison Vining has been so fun to watch on Instagram as she gardens, homeschools and has a farm!

  854. Jen Leonard on

    I’m loving a couple of YouTubers (Garden Answer, Y garden) right now and followed Charles Dowding’s methods to create some no dig beds last year….and I planted Floret’s dhalia seed mix in them. It was a beautiful escape!

  855. Claire on

    I read every word of this post. I appreciate so much having some of these product suggestions! I too like Land’s End for coats. In fact my husband started a tradition of buying costs for our granddaughters at Christmas. It’s something useful and helpful and he loves coats.

  856. Galena Berkompas on

    The Land Gardeners have been very inspiring to me – I’ve taken one of their online courses and their book is truly inspiring and packed full of information. I love their vision, and their passion and commitment for soil health. They also always have quality content on their Instagram.

    Charles Dowding is another one! His videos and Instagram got me turned on ‘no till gardening’ – such a wealth of information!

    Botany Bay Farm in Vancouver Wa, a family farm that sells non-gmo, organic meat and eggs – the quality and taste is outstanding!

    Stratton’s Cutting Farm near Pullman, WA has also been inspiring to me as I creat my own flower farm. They grow massive amounts of flowers which they sell by the bucket and are very popular for their selection and affordability!

  857. Kristi Fuson on

    I love all of these recommendations. Thank you! A few of my favorites currently that inspire/excite me are:
    -Tony’s Coffee in Bellingham, WA (Their Backcountry Blend is amazing!!)
    -I’m reading a book called Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne, which has been enlightening.
    -Bella Luna Toys for their beautiful, natural toys.
    -Grace and Lace for any clothing!

  858. Lanette on

    I love RatBee Press (etsy) for cards and prints and On the Inside for lingerie both in Asheville, NC.

  859. Sherri on

    Loving 5 Mary’s bought her cookbook for gifts and I am making jars of her 5 Spice to go with each book! The personal notes that she and you have put into your books are so wonderful!

  860. April Guilbault on

    As I write this, having looked over the list, I’m inspired by the aprons! I’ve been talking with my daughters lately a lot about avoiding “fast fashion” and making more conscious decisions about the goods we bring into our home, the businesses we support and how we want to do our part to help out the planet in any little way. In fact, in terms of the shops etc. that are also inspiring me at the moment, I mentioned to my girls just yesterday that I think one of my 2021 goals is to only buy gifts from Etsy, to support all these amazing, fabulously creative artists that are making such unique goods. Particular faves at the moment: Bespoke Macrame, TwoDreamsbyJM (her travel jewelry rolls are beautiful) as well as anyone selling great vintage goods!

  861. Chelsey on

    I am an absolutely sucker for a beautiful book, and at the top of my list is also Amy Merrick’s “On Flowers” as well as “The Earth In Her Hands” by Jennifer Jewell and “Patterns of India” by Christine Chitnis. I’ve also recently been SO inspired by the beadwork of @rubinskiworks and @wayward fringe. Beads are like flowers in a way… you can arrange them in patterns or not in as big or as small of a way as you want. My favorite? The collection of beaded wire flowers I brought home from a trip to South Africa a few years ago.


    I’m in Boulder County in Colorado and some of my favorites are Due South, a family owned business that sells everything from Annie Sloan paint, to house plants and home goods, to down to earth everyday clothing …and now, coffee!! I also love Urban Garden. It is also family owned! This Garden Center just around the corner from me is a staple! I love that when I run out of soil, I don’t have to go to a big box store. I can swing over, get great service, and pick up all the organic soil and compost that I need (and usually an organic start or two, or ten!). I love local shops!!!

  863. Kim G on

    I’m in love with the book Braiding Sweet grass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. The book braids together indigenous knowledge and modern botany into a loving reflection on our relationship with plants. I’ll be gifting a bunch of copies this year.

  864. Amy Frenzel on

    I cannot get enough of Five Marys meats per your recommendation! I will never go back to grocery store hamburger, thank you thank you thank you!! – Amy

  865. Jane McDonald on

    Thanks much for taking the time to put this post together. I love the linen smock from the Flower Frog
    and will be seeking that out .

  866. Monica Milburn on

    I do not necesaarily have small business ambitions (yet), I am a teacher (by calling and choice). However, I am learning from Floret, 5 Mary’s farm, Monty Don and lamusadelasflores in order to grow effectively and work with our ag teacher at school to develop kitchen gardens and floral programs to use in my culinary program and in the community. We are building a long term program–but I am practicing at home. I thrive on the suggested resources from Floret. Plus, I desperately pine for the PNW weather that is home (I currently live in a high desert climate. I miss Washington).

  867. Christina Hartsock on

    New Mexico is a tough place to be a farmer in normal times, so our current situation has required small farmers and business owners to develop creative business models in order to succeed. I’ve been inspired by a collaboration between Silver Leaf Farms and Milagro Vineyard called The Farm Stand at Milagro. This collaboration allows consumers to go online every week and order high quality products from locally owned businesses. One can purchase seasonal organic produce from Silver Leaf Farms, wine from Milagro, bread from two bakeries, cheeses, marketplace items such as kitchen towels, coffee, chocolate, and granola. Fertilizer made from chicken manure is even available for purchase! Every Thursday between 12-5 is the pick up time and the drive to Milagro Vineyards in beautiful Corrales, New Mexico is just as satisfying as picking up all the amazing products you ordered. If you’re lucky, the actual farmer that grew your broccoli or sweet potatoes will deliver your packages to your vehicle. It feels great to support my local economy this way.

  868. Jess on

    Summer Dreams dahlia farm in Michigan… I attended their open house maybe 3 years ago and fell in love with Dahlia Suffolk Punch. I couldn’t find the tubers for sale anywhere, and I had looked every year since then. This year, Summer Dreams finally had Suffolk Punch for sale!

    Also, as Michigan farmers we have found a merino wool base layer is essential to staying warm through winter. We’ve tried many brands, but this year my husband’s getting First Lite pants for Christmas.

  869. Monica Milburn on

    I do not necesaarily have small business ambitions (yet), I am teacher (by calling and choice). However, I am learning from Floret, 5 Mary’s farm and lamusadelasflores in order to grow effectively and work with our ag teacher at school to develop kitchen gardens and floral programs to use in my culinary program and in the community. We are building a long term program–but I am practicing at home. I thrive on the suggested resources from Floret. Plus, I desperately pine for the PNW weather that is home (I currently live in a high desert climate. I miss Washington).

  870. Julie Potter on

    Ahhh…all of this inspires me as I find my new passion as I age into a new phase of life. Retirement has allowed me to visit the many blogs and videos of gardeners and incorporate new things. Of course GardenAnswer.com by Laura & Aaron in Oregon gives me a smile every time I watch and learn from them. I found floret flowers.com from her blog and then became enamored with the teaching you have graciously given. The sharing is sooo hopeful in this challenging world we live in now! Thank you!!

  871. Teanne Teeft on

    The Pale Blue Dot Shop in downtown Hamilton, ON has been an inspiring pit stop over the last few months. As a small business it has curated such a devoted following with its sustainably sourced household items, vintage clothing, and local handmade jewelry. It’s storefront is always beautifully decorated with dried flowers, whimsical flowers, and new books about how to connect with the earth. I could spend an entire day at this shop. I am so very proud that it has survived the effects of covid and has such a warm presence for its customers.
    Mary, the owner, is 23 years old and began the shop because she wanted to actively take part in her impact on the earth.
    She reminds the community about the indigenous heritage that was in their place before the land was build upon, she provides workshops for all ages about growing plants and using their goodness every single day.
    This shop and its reach are truly inspiring.

  872. Daniel Davis on

    My gateway book back into gardening/farming was “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” by Barbara Kingsolver. I rambled around all the inspirational and how-to farming and gardening books including those by Michael Pollen and Joel Salatin. While my wife and I were dating, we took a road trip and listened to “Farm City: The education of an urban farmer.” by Novella Carpenter. This book cemented the ideas of what we could do with our midwestern city lot. We have a beautiful front yard garden that has a mix of flowers and food and this year sold flowers to those in the neighborhood.

  873. Cassandra on

    I’m currently reading In Bloom, the Flower Farmer and Color me Floral and find them all amazing!

  874. Ashley Wood on

    I am most excited to see your recommendations for tools, online courses, and clothing. I may have already purchased a few of your recommendations. Can’t wait to give them as gifts.

  875. Evangeline on

    I have been on the hunt for a Japanese smock FOREVER! Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction! I shoot film photography and when I’m in the studio, I’m routinely putting down my meter or close-up filters or sync cords or whatever, and then hunting for them again. I’ve been craving a traditional Japanese smock with pockets deep enough to hold all the detritus that goes with shooting film. Plus, just about all the books in your library are on my Christmas wishlist already. <3 <3 <3

  876. Beth on

    Wonderful list of favorites! I love all the Monty Don books and anything by Elliot Coleman just for inspiration. In my area, East Tennessee, there is a local dairy, Sweetwater Valley farm that produces some of the best cheese I’ve ever had and a small shop called “Shop the World Gifts” that offer fair trade items brought in from all over.

  877. Sarah on

    I live on the East coast but love these posts so much — I love Colonial Gardens in Phoenixville, PA for their knowledge and child-friendly approach to gardens <3 Can't wait to check out these resources though!

  878. Betsy Blodgett on

    I’m lucky to have a number of friends who create beautiful handmade items. I’m always amazed by their dedication and imagination: Emily Blodgett Panos (Ok, she’s my sister) makes really amazing jewelry, Momoko Usami creates the most surreal and magical ceramics, The City Girl Farm creates giant, felted chicken footstools (which must be seen to be believed) and Kim Eichler-Messmer uses natural dyes to color her own fabric and make gorgeous quilts. One the gardening side of things I’m learning about Forest Farming by reading Masanobu Fukuoka’s book The One-Straw Revolution.

  879. Kristin Lemus on

    The book Try Softer by Aundi Kolber has been the most refreshing and healing book I’ve read in a long time. I’ve also loved Andrea Howey’s hand-lettered art that is always timely and encouraging. I’ve also enjoyed the Gardenary course and Nicole Burke’s Kitchen Garden Revival book that came out this year.

  880. Kim Colby on

    Love #the_merq woman owned vintage decor business that supports other women owned business. Thanks for taking the time to put together this blog post.

  881. Andrea Ware on

    You inspire me Erin and Floret! After reading cut flower garden a few years ago, I have set out to beautify my yard and experiment with growing different flowers. I also went on a binge of reading all the flower books my library had and can second the recommendation for On Flowers. It was a beautiful love letter to flowers and peek into Amy Merrick’s style and process. Thanks for always teaching and sharing.

  882. Diana on

    I am loving Frances Palmer’s book. Thank you so much for recommending it. My friend Sarah is my inspiration to do something creative in life and is the reason I signed up for the online workshop this year. She has a farm and a unique flower business called Blooming Heirlooms by Paper Girl.

  883. Marion Brooks on

    Your flower pictures are beautiful. Have always been a Gardner since I was a kid. Local gardens in my area have always been an inspiration such as on the grounds of Newfields and local gardens such as Avon

  884. Tina Ridgely on

    I have found a couple flower farms that are close enough to visit. Rose stead Farms and Pepperharrow Farms are both in Iowa, and since we have the same weather I follow closely and have visited and asked lots of questions! Of course my Floret books are some of my go to resources.

  885. Cheryl Sovern on

    Thank you so much for the wonderful information in this blog. The “My Favorite Things” was so very helpful to me this year. I had been looking for a work shirt and the one you wrote about from the The Flower Frog is exactly what I have been searching for! Thank you for sharing. For me, our little town has a small, woman-owned shop called Victoria’s Corner (https://victoriascornerny.com). I do not know the owner and she does not know me, but I love her store and her Facebook posts. She repurposes furniture and other items to bring them back to life. Old is the new “new”! I just love the idea of repurposing and this shop does that. Plus, the painting and decorating tips are super helpful for this working mom!

  886. Megan Bast on

    I’ve been inspired by all the homesteaders and farm women I follow to continue to explore the magic of making and creating from scratch. Specifically in my wedding planning journey, I’ve been inspired by the beautiful colors and textures of Tono + Co ribbon and the delicately crafted polymer clay earrings from Ramie & Co.

  887. Erica on

    We love Five Marys, too! We are also in Northern California, and my favorite plant shop is Knots & Found in Martinez, CA. Our favorite local florist is Tumbleweed Flower Truck (@twfloraltruck on Instagram). And finally, States Coffee, also in Martinez, for the best coffee drinks and snacks!

  888. Tanya Ponce on

    House of Brinson in middle of a pandemic are sharing their great style in their online shop. Bar ware to matches to marble bowls. Love to see success come from adversity.

  889. Janice Warren on

    Recently I moved to Arizona where the weather is much different than Calif. we get four seasons here. With freezing temperatures I highly recommend Watters Gardens. They are so knowledgeable about plants, what to grow in these mountains and how to maintain them. They have been around for years and their expertise is unmatchable.

  890. Jen Bow on

    Thanks for sharing all of your recommendations, what a valuable tool for those of us just getting started. As a “newbie” I’m still trying to discover my favorite things. My favorite local designer is a Floret Farmer, Katie Stutler at Sage Moose Flower Farm. Her designs are always breathtaking and she is quick to share her knowledge. In our mild Texas winters and hot summers I’ve been enjoying my boots by Muck, and jacket by Eddie Bauer. My other tools have been hand-me-downs from my agriculture researcher husband, so I’m looking forward to gathering my own.

  891. Sherri Reilly on

    Thank you for writing this blog and for inspiring others to add their wisdom and knowledge of wonderful, natural beauty that surrounds us.
    My friend and partner in the garden, Jan introduced me to your website this year Erin and I have very much enjoyed learning from you! For close to 10 seasons I have had the privilege of preparing, planting and harvesting from our many plots in our community garden-I am the volunteer garden coordinator for the Village Project in Bay Village Ohio. The Village project has high school volunteers work with adult volunteers to cook highly nutritious meals that are delivered weekly to families in 5 surrounding towns that are dealing with cancer. I organize adult volunteers to water throughout the season and meet with children of all ages twice a week teaching them about gardening-they are a huge help-planting, watering, harvesting, collecting seeds and painting reused bottles that become vases for the flowers that we grow-the vases accompany the meals sent to the clients each week-I arrange the (18-25 on average) “vases” every week. The items in your award would come in handy!
    I love going to the local farmers market on Saturday, having (locally) nature’s garden deliver greens to our home in the winter, shopping locally in one of our many small business’-Groove , Lovely and Olive Scene are favorites in Rocky River. I have ordered a number of the books from our local library that are mentioned above – a book recently enjoyed was Orchard House by Tara Austen Weaver and The Language of flowers by vanessa Diffenbaugh. Favorite go to boots-my red Barbour boots and bogs both given to me by different daughters.

  892. Shae on

    Such a great list! Rose Mountain Herbs in Eugene, OR, is great. I also picked up some children art kits from Fair Play projects this year and I love Purl Soho for my grown up textile projects. I like Baker Creek Seeds for my vegetable garden and Raintree Nursery in WA for my fruit!

  893. Mackenzie on

    I love Dovetail workwear! I recently purchased The Flower Farmer: An Organic Grower’s Guide to Raising and Selling Cut Flowers by Lynn Byczynski, and am excited to dive into it this winter.

  894. Tiffany on

    Love this list, thank you!!! Some of my favorites: Sweet Jayne Bakeshop, Knit Unto Others, Shanna Skidmore’s Blueprint program, and Full Heart Co.

  895. Mary Simmons on

    I live in Port Angeles, Wa and am inspired by lots of locals that have started small business and side hustles this year and prior. I’m always impressed with the creativity that goes into each one and it inspires me to step outside of the box and think about things I might do. This year especially has been hard on small businesses and I have tried to go out of my way to support the businesses locally. One small business I love here locally is Ammas Umma. The owner brings in ethically sourced inventory and different things you wouldn’t find at Walmart. I also enjoyed gardening so much more this year and plan to expand my seed inventory with lots of new things. I love finding new varieties to find and reading both of Florets books this last year inspired me to be more creative with flowers as well. I’m definitely looking forward to this next years growing season and learning all the new things!

  896. Keeley on

    Simon Sinek’s books are fantastic! Start with Why is on my list to read, but his other books like The Infinite game are very inspirational and cause you to think outside the box, not only with your business but your life too. Finding what’s important to you and then cultivating and inspiring you to dive deeper to achieve what you are truly looking for in life.

  897. Claudette StPierre on

    I am a huge vegetable gardener as well as perennial flower gardener. This coming gardening season will be my first year trying my hand at cut flowers. I am so excited to try my hand at this new endeavor. My favorite seed company is High Mowing . I just received their 2021 catalog which besides all the seed listings has stories on resilience and diversity.

  898. Wendy on

    Love this blog! Thank you for sharing gift ideas. One business I really like is Sellwood floral in Portland Oregon. They supply beautiful floral arrangements, gift items, seasonal home floral and upstairs they offer classes to inspire people to add beauty to their homes and life.

  899. Anne Chamberd on

    I live in Seattle and there is a great street in Ballard with small women owned businesses.

    Frankie & Jo’s for ice cream
    Editor Consignment for the best curated uses clothes
    Anders Shop for delightful gifts

    Come to 70th NW just east of 15th next time you are in town. The Fat hen is also a great stop for lunch before or after shopping!

  900. Linda Long on

    I love reading about all of these favorites! The Dovetail bibs have definitely been added to my “want” list! I managed to get a pair of Duluth Trading Company heirloom garden bibs last summer, with a flower pattern, which I love. But I could use a pair of tougher fabric bibs to replace my old and torn Carhartt bibs!

    One thing that inspires me especially this time of year, is dahlia tubers! And more specifically, buying them from small and local dahlia farms. I had the pleasure of visiting Endless Summer Dahlia Farm in Camden, Maine, this summer and was blown away by their display gardens and varieties. I’ve already placed my new order for next spring and I can’t wait to receive my new tubers and unpack my tubers from this past season. Expanding my dahlia beds is a gift that keeps on giving!

  901. Sandra Holmes on

    My primary inspiration sources are Monty Don’s Gardeners World. I stream an episode every evening before bedtime. It either calms me to sleep or gets me so charged with ideas that I can’t sleep! I also subscribe to Fine Gardening Magazine. I especially like the pronunciation guide for the Latin names of the plants in the issue at hand. I also follow you and join in to your online courses. I am registered for the next Master Gardener course at my local State Extension office. I like Sneeboer tools (thanks to Monty Don) which are made to last forever. I also favor Hardy pigskin work gloves with the flexible back. I get them at Harbor Freight, picking up several pairs during a sale. I wear out about 2 pair a year.

  902. Shaileen Swan on

    You inspire me! Floret! I have both the Cut Flower Garden and A Year in Flowers books and am anxiously awaiting the shipment of Discovering Dahlias! I love Carhart pants. They’re durable and move with ease. Love Blundstones for my summer boot and Muck boots for wetter/colder conditions. Thank you!

  903. Susan on

    I love Mary too! I took her small business social media course and learned so much. And I’m constantly learning from the Floret team. :)

  904. Kelly L Patz on

    Currently inspired by the book I’m reading, “The Gifts of Imperfection” by Brene Brown. It’s a great book about learning to not only accept the truth of who you are, but how to love and own it unapologetically.

  905. Alice on

    Honestly , this Floret website continues to be my favorite inspiration. I’m not a flower farmer. I just grow perennials and annuals in my small garden spots around my house. But I love to create arrangements to give to encourage others !
    Another helpful inspiration is The Undaunted Gardener by Lauren Springer Ogden.
    She gardens in the harsh climate of Colorado. This is surprisingly similar to my area of Kansas. I’m not blessed with lots of rain or good soil ( it remains very sandy no matter how I try to amend it). So Lauren helps me to think outside the box in choosing plants that can thrive here.

  906. Carlee Hyland on

    I’m inspired by Jimmy Blooms, a local friend’s flower design business! She helped me with my wedding florals and I love seeing her (Julie’s) work shared throughout the year. I also love Lou Moon handmade candles, owned by another local friend, Austin. Both are based near Charlotte, NC.

  907. Joyce Power on

    Thank you for posting this list of your favorite things and especially for mentioning that you bought men’s cut in clothing for your height. I’m tall and finding the extra length in clothes can be challenging. As a small backyard grower, here’s a few places along with Floret that I love buying my seeds from… Renee’s Garden, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Hudson Valley Seed Company ( they have beautiful art seed packs) and Swallowtail Garden Seeds. Thank you for always offering resources on ways to grow beautiful flowers.

  908. Katie on

    I just figured out all the things I need to add to my Christmas list! I’m going to try and get the 4-H edition of the Bog boots since I’m a 4-H Agent! Buying gifts this year, I have tried my best to shop local. We have great boutiques, restaurants, and outdoor stores that I shopped at for family and friends. As a new flower farmer, there are so many other flower farmers that are serving as inspiration for me this season. Aside from Floret, I love following Nicole from Flower Hill Farm, Lisa with Gardeners Workshop, and Blooming Joy Flower Co.

  909. Jenny L Monfore on

    I love my women’s Arborwear Treeclimber pants. They’re heavy canvas (not stretchy), well-fitted for women’s bodies, and super affordable. I also love my Blundstone boots with Superfeet inserts–I go everywhere in them. I had to retire my last pair after 6 years when they finally started developing holes in the cracks. They probably could’ve gone longer had I taken better care of the leather.

  910. Annika on

    I am enjoying the book Specialty Cut Flowers and being inspired by Team Flower!

  911. Gabrielle Rice on

    My favorite small shop/Instagram inspiration these days is Jessica Long Embroidery! Flowers are my favorite thing to embroider and I’ve learned a lot from her gorgeous kits and tutorials.

  912. Dana Weber on

    I have tilled up my front yard after reading A Year in Flowers and have planted lots of tulip and daffodil bulbs this fall. Excited for spring when I can plant the dahlias I purchased. I have a yellow peony that is absolutely gorgeous! I have always loved flowers, their beauty, scent, and calming effects. So thank you for inspiring me to Why not it’s only my front yard!

  913. Amy Ackroyd on

    My favorite local ceramic artist in Olympia, WA is mbuenopottery. Her pieces are simple and elegant and lovely to hold.

  914. Heather on

    Thanks for sharing this list. I love all the book and pottery recommendations. Those are two things that I just can’t resist! I’m out in New Mexico, where my favorite local potter is @hanselmannpottery; hanselmannpottery.com.

  915. Rebecca R Harrison on

    There are so many people and things I love but if I had to narrow it down I would say my favorite books are Erin’s books because those are the ones that got me started with my little farm, Harrison Haven Flower Farm. Other books I love and reference frequently are Gardening in Louisiana, Deep South Gardening The Garden Diary of Martha Turnbull, Louisiana Master Gardener books and all of the gardening books from Southern Living and Felder Rushing. As far as supplies I most always buy seeds from Johnny’s Select Seeds or Floret. I follow Lisa Mason Ziegler, Floret and other small nurseries located in Louisiana. My favorite tools include Fiskars snips because they are small and easy for me to hold. I am the only one that “works” my tiny farm. I don’t wear aprons, etc because I’ve never gotten around to purchasing them. I usually look like a dirty hobo when I work in the garden. I’m far from a pretty and stylish gardener! Ha Ha Ha

  916. Denise Yee on

    I’ve been really inspired by Box Sparrow Studio and the really intuitive way she works with clays and glazes. The pieces she makes are characterized by the most beautiful mark-making. She’s a Houstonian object maker and I love seeing her work at different markets and local stores.

  917. Megan on

    What a great list of resources have given us, thank you! It is very helpful as a young, and a new flower farmer that is aspiring to be even a small percentage as wonderful and admirable as you are. With the pandemic, I have learned that it is the most important to support small business when possible. Aside from purchasing seeds and books from Foret, I have also enjoyed Triple Wren Flower Farm, Menagerie Roses, & Johnny’s Seeds. I’ve loved shopping my local greenhouses and flower shops for my flowering perennials and vegetable garden plants, Creekside Greenhouse & Stacy’s Nursery & Greenhouse located in/near Willmar, MN. Thank you ever so much again for sharing all that you do with us! Floret has made it possible for me to chase my dreams.

  918. Kristin Newman on

    Thank you so much for your inspiring blog posts and beautiful photos:). I’m loving local handmade pottery by Amanda Eskew. Her coffee mugs are so pretty and just feel good in your hand. Merry Christmas to all:) KN

  919. Laura on

    Thank you for this wonderful list. While my yard space is limited, I still try to plant as much as possible. I am excited to learn about those different tools that might make my feelings on weeding a bit less negative. Right now I am looking primarily to local small businesses for gifts, but I recently purchased the Five Marys cookbook for a friend, who I know will love it!

  920. Tonya Pepper on

    My favorite “secret” local shop is Current &Furbish in Fairhaven, Bellingham, WA – the shop upstairs is super cute but the gems are in the basement! It’s a completely different shop downstairs, hand-picked antiques and consignment furniture – spacious and clean so you can admire every piece. A couple weeks ago they had a gorgeous watchmaker’s table – large, tall, lots of awesome patina from use!! Auugh, want!!

    Also, Patagonia for the recycled down win! I can’t bring myself to purchase down products anymore unless it’s recycled down content. You can also buy their used clothing on their main website – I wear their jackets all the time on our farm!!

  921. Lisbeth on

    We love Farmer’s Friend, Muck Boots, Dovetail, and Duluth Trading for gear. Also love to support our local producers like Poppysol, Bluebird Meadows, and Honeygirl. Habit Farming is also life/farm changing!

  922. Whitney on

    Reverie Coffee & Tea in NW AR! It’s a one-woman show and she’s always extremely friendly every time we visit. She also uses local businesses to supply her coffee(Onyx), syrups (Pink House Alchemy) and baked goods!

  923. Sierra on

    Several local women entrepreneurs in Sonoma County, CA and beyond stand out to me for their dedication to local, community-minded and earth friendly: Olivia at Papillon Floral Design (a sassy gift shop and studio sourcing seasonal, local flowers, including my own from Pollen & Fox); Sea to See, a gift shop in Point Reyes specializing in unique and local; T by Dem carries my favorite ethically made denim farm aprons; Gretchen Walker Jewelry in Marin creates beautiful bronze jewelery with designs inspired by nature; Bee Amor (handcrafted bee themed jewelery and accessories); JamJar in Healdsburg; Jam’s Joy Bungalow (Thai street food). These women have demonstrated resiliency and are pushing forward as many turn to big box stores during the shutdown, and I’m honored to support and share their work.

  924. Jessica Muhlenkamp on

    I just finished “The Flower Farmer’s Year” which was a great read as long as British English doesn’t bother you. My biggest inspiration right now is a local entrepreneur who sells hand rhinestoned jewelry and has grown to sell to clients all over the world from starting at her kitchen table! If you love bling and inspirational quotes you’ll love Rhinestone Lipgloss’s instagram account.

  925. Jenna on

    I received your first flower book a few years back for Christmas and every season, we find ourselves pulling it out several times to reference. Also, I got a pair of Dovetail overalls this past season and I ADORE them! Highly recommend.
    I also added your tool belt to my Christmas list. I have always just used my Jansport fanny pack but I need something more specific to farming. Thank you for taking the time to put together this blog post. It is extremely helpful!!

  926. Toni Terrell on

    I have so many friends right now starting small businesses it’s hard to pick. My friend soaps by Lacey just started and she is making coconut milk soap. My friend Tabitha makes jewelry, and incorporates flowers and essential oils into them.
    My favorite little garden store eggplant supply is super helpful with tips and tricks. It is a small town feel in the city of Saint Paul MN.
    Thank you for taking the time to help us find your favorite things, so they can become our favorite things.

  927. Katie Chapman on

    I was inspired to order my first dahlias after seeing the amazing pictures on the Floret instagram. I am excited to plant them this spring. I love the flower paintings by Marcel Dyf and my goal this year is to copy one of his paintings with a real life arrangement from my garden! I am going to put these book recommendations on my Christmas wish list!! Thank you!

  928. Katie H on

    We love Seeds Trust! Their one of our local seed companies here in the Colorado Front Range offering seeds adapted to our climate and the company is owned by two amazing women who share their seed saving knowledge freely with so many! Wilder Bag Co is my favorite woman and POC owned company for jewelry!

  929. Jonna on


    What a thoughtful collection of items and people who add function and beauty to your life, at Floret. I love that you feature these other artisans and businesses, as it closes the loop; they support you, you support them. What a gift:)
    I am soaking up all the inspiration like a little germinating seed. It might be winter now, but you’ve stirred up my creativity, as you always do:) In life and in flowers, I hope to always be growing.
    Thank you for sharing!

  930. Tammy McDowell on

    This will be my third year growing flowers on our small farm in Ontario Canada with all of my Floret seeds which arrived a couple of weeks ago. To date, I’ve grown for myself, but this year I may try a small honour stand or flower subscription and see where it goes. The book of the moment for me is The Complete Language of Flowers:A Definitive and Illustrated History by S. Theresa Dietz. It is so thoughtful to make a small bouquet containing flowers that reflect a friendship and explaining why you chose them. I also use and love Opinel folding knives. They are razor sharp and come in many sizes at Opinel.com, or at many local garden centres.

  931. Audrey Burks on

    Ballerina Farm and Turner Farm are two that are currently inspiring me!!

  932. Shawna on

    I have been so inspired lately by the book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. The little choices and habits we build daily help to shape the lives we ultimately live. After completing my vision board during the Floret workshop last year I have spent a lot of time designing the life I envision for myself and my family and those daily habits are helping me get there. I have been inspired by a woman owned/operated clothing store called Magnolia’s and how she has been able to shift during the pandemic to continue to stay open and thrive. We are living through such a challenging time for mall business owners, watching the creativity and ingenuity has been inspiring as well.

  933. Christy on

    Thank you for sharing this list with us! We always loved the Bogs boots for our children and ourselves when we lived in the NW – to keep dry and warm. In addition to your flower farm & 5 Mary’s, one of my favorite small farms to follow on Instagram is @farmandfolk – a delightful mix of farming, beautiful hand quilting, cooking & preserving, & family life.

  934. Dawn on

    We are inspired by Stegner Farms in Idaho and dream of the day I can get back to my family roots as an Idaho flower grower. My grandmother started Michigan Greenhouse and Florist in Sandpoint in the 1960’s and it thrived after her passing until my Uncle retired in Costa Rica to start a hobby dairy. So your Instagram has inspiume for years.

  935. Bethany Hair on

    Since following Floret back in March during this crazy year, I have falling in love with flowers in a new way!! Now I’m excited to put myself out there and see what will happen. You and your team have done a fabulous job inspiring and being supportive for so many. Thank you, Floret, with all the information you have shared.

  936. Ann Cinderey on

    Thank you for so kindly sharing your favorite things. I have bookmarked so many of them. Have a warm, safe holiday season.

  937. Christi L on

    I purchased the Five Marys cookbook based on a previous recommendation from Erin and LOVE IT! All the young married couples on our Christmas list are receiving a copy this year. We’re also spreading a little holiday cheer to friends and family with The Cookie Crate’s Christmas crate of holiday inspired, baked cookies. A small business from Tennessee, their cookies are always fresh and always delicious.

  938. Renee Pearce on

    I recently moved my indoor worm composting bin to the outdoors using Subpod. I’m curious about the hori- hori knife they will be selling soon.
    I’ve loved messing in my raised flower beds, but my goal is to move to producing more cut flowers. I love displaying them in my kitchen.

  939. Jenn Yee on

    I am really new to flower growing and so excited to get started with Erin and the Floret Team as inspiration! Three recommendations in the Colorado Front Range: Slupik Mini Farm is a Floret workshop alumna who grows BEAUTIFUL flowers in Niwot and has a flower subscription, flower stand in season, and other goodies; The Flower Bin – a local garden essentials and nursery in Longmont; and The Little Herbal Apothecary, opened in 2015 to support the community by providing access to high quality organic herbal remedies and all-natural, botanical skincare product. I am just in love with their “Real Good Lotion” and herbal infusion/teas.

  940. Tiffany on

    Thank you for the thoughtful list of favorite things. I have been inspired lately by Ron Nicole, who creates beautiful plaster reliefs from flowers.

  941. Kealeah Tanner on

    This is so informative!!
    I am a new flower farmer who wants to use her own cut flowers for arrangements, but seem to get discouraged often or mostly anxious about if it will work or not. Your intro for Gabriela made me confident again! I am currently reading A Year in Flowers, and once I’m finished, I want to get my hands on all of the Growing Flowers books you listed! I am hoping to be able to attend your workshop this year and then some by other farmers!
    You are such an inspiration, Thank you, Erin!

  942. Annjanette on

    Loved reading your list I am headed straight to the Flower Frog Instagram and online shop. We also love Five Marys and all she does for small businesses. Thank you for further inspiring us.

  943. Kery on

    The pandemic has given a lot of people the opportunity to focus on learning and discovery. Personally, I have become obsessed with Deliciously Ella. She is an entrepreneur in the UK that has a bakery/food line and shares lots of recipes. I love listening to her podcasts because they focus on whole body wellness and how creativity and self awareness can be a type of medicine for the body and soul. I have also recently discovered Floret! I bought all of Erin’s books and look forward to the spring when I can try out some cut flower growing techniques!!

  944. Joanna on

    I am new to cut flower gardening and my first inspiration was Erin’s book! I learned so much from it, I can’t wait to start my first seeds early next year!

    Other sources of inspiration recently include Mullen Design Co. I discovered her on Instagram (@mullendesign.co). She started her own home design business out of her house, and she is now wildly successful with an online shop and a line of subscription boxes! It’s amazing to me what a person can do with a little inspiration and determination!

    Another source of inspiration to me recently is The Parsons Nose. He is an antiques specialist and I recently purchased beautiful dresser from his Etsy shop. It hails from 19th century England! Love discovering beautiful old things and making them new again!

    Last source of inspiration is the artist Tracy Verdugo. She has an amazing website where you can take classes! Her style is so unique, and I recently discovered her “bundles” method-where she collects various images/clippings that are interesting to her, puts them together in a bundle, and uses them when she needs inspiration for a painting! Love that!

  945. Alexandra Yepes on

    Wow! Awesome list! Thank you so much for sharing! Some small businesses that inspire me are homestead and chill by @deannacat3 in IG fir awesome salves and sour dough starter. Kevin from @epicgardening birdies boxes. Of course you guys are floret are my go to source for flower farming resources and floral design, I will be growing your awesome seeds and corms this spring, and look forward to attending the workshop this January to learn more. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and resources.

    Alexandra Yepes
    IG: @the_wellness_garden

  946. Wendy Henrichs on

    What a fun, beautiful list! Thank you! One book I came across recently is a Cheryl Strayed short book called BRAVE ENOUGH. It’s a quick read, but full of fire and inspiration! Thanks for the giveaways and all your helpful information all these years.

  947. Marcia MacDonald on

    What an incredible list! Thank you so much for sharing. For online herbal and botanical learning, I very much enjoy the courses at “The Herbal Academy”. Dîna Falconi also offeres a number of thoroughly engaging courses on forging and herb crafting. For general gardening, the Gardeners World app is my go to. The Gardens Illustrated app is also very good. For a Instagram and YouTube fix and some serious garden inspiration, I’ve just found Karolina pa Lansmansgarden. She’s amazing. Thanks again for all that you do and so generously share. Such a treat.

  948. Debbie Fredette on

    What a wonderful list. So many inspiring companies and products. I am inspired by Ware in Asheville, NC. They sell a great collection of sustainable essentials. (wareavi.com) and luvkt a lovely woman who makes whimsical clay pieces (etsy.com/shop/luvkt).
    My go-to boots for wet weather are a vintage pair of superga tall boots. Great support and perfect for the sloppy winters and early springs here in Cincinnati.

  949. Lisa Werner on

    Kalin from Sweetwater Floral in Michigan started me on this path of loving and growing Dahlias. Last season was my first growing season and gifting flowers to people during pandemic times made people smile and made me joyful as well. I love the smell of dirt and the anticipation of the blooms! It was like an expectant mother waiting for her child to be born!! I follow many small, and some larger, flower farms and am inspired by them every day. I regret not starting this journey years ago but better late than never! Thank you for your favorite things blog :)

  950. Tina on

    I’ve been trying this year to order from places like etsy and ebay as well as local small businesses and nurseries.

  951. Jill Young on

    I love High Mowing seeds for vegetables and cover crops. Open pollinated and organic and outstanding quality.

  952. Ashlee B. on

    Love 5Mary’s and I’ve now added many things to my Christmas wish list! Thank you! I’m loving dirty boot farm – a local flower farmer!

  953. Carley Arnold on

    I’ve enjoyed a number of the gardening products (hori-hori knife, collinear hoe) that have really helped me do a day’s work with enjoyment and much more ease (the tool belt and boots are new interests, after reading!). My life’s dream is to run a botanic garden that’s main goal is to be a gardening therapy space, but I’ve never had the business wherewithal to know how to make it financially sustainable so I’m definitely interested in BSchool now!

  954. Lisa McCall on

    I love to watch Laura on Garden Answer on Facebook or You Tube. Together with her husband she creates videos about her garden, and home. She is kind and genuine and her videos range from planting to arranging, decorating, crafts and the occasional recipe using items she’s grown. She exposes you to new plants and how to care for them.

  955. Birch Andrews on

    Anything by Eliot Coleman and his wife Barbara Damrosch. My favorite from them is “The Four season Farm Gardener’s Cookbook” . It has healthful tips on growing and than cooking what you harvest.
    Joy Larkom’s ‘Creative Vegetable gardening’ combines veggies and flowers in such a beautiful way. I look at it every spring.
    Locally, or not so local anymore as she just moved closer to you, Nina Fosters bouquets have fueled my obsession for Dalia’s. Not that I need much of a push :)

  956. Sasha on

    I love visiting shops in Shaker village. It’s a historic town-museum about a Shaker community in Kentucky. I always love looking at the creative things in their gift shop.

  957. Tracey Fowler on

    I started following you this past summer and have taken your free online classes which have further sparked my desire to plant amazing things. I’ve been so inspired that I’ve preordered your Discovering Dahlias and am really looking forward to it! Even plotting out areas in my acre yard where I can plant dahlias! My neighbor has bees so I’m always trying to add more pollinator plants to my landscape. I love my Bogs and also like Duluth’s line of women’s work pants and jeans. I’ve just started “Start With Why”, but I’ve also been inspired by “Give Yourself Margin” by Stacie Bloomfield who is an amazing artist that also illustrated her book. Her book helped me so much this year! Some of the artists that I follow are Heirloom Island, Mountainside Made, Seeds of Happiness, Bowood Farms, Hillfolk Shop, Long Row Lavender. It’s so important to support those small and local shops and entrepreneurs.

  958. Elizabeth on

    This list of resources is so well thought-out and presented – it was a joy just to read through it! I also love discovering new inspirations, including Frances Palmer and Five Marys from your previous posts, and this time I can’t wait to check out the floral designs of Ariella Chezar. Thank you for bringing these amazing people and businesses to the foreground. Lately, I’ve personally been inspired by the work of 3 Porch Farm in Georgia! It’s incredible how they’ve been flexible and responsive during this year.

  959. Dawn Harris on

    Not a small company but one that makes useful items and stands by them with honesty is Duluth. I love Carhart overalls and wear them all the time but recently tried the fire hose bibs from Duluth and they are amazing. A little lighter weight and slimmer fit but seem just as durable. I am famous for blowing out the knees of my overalls so these brands are well-tested by me. Most farmers have dogs and cats so I will also mention this recent find – Lupine Pet. All of their collars and most items are guaranteed for life and many are made of recycled materials. They partner with another great company Dog Tag Art in my home state of NC. They make wonderfully designed ID tags for your furry friends that are guaranteed not to scratch or break. Can you tell I am big on people who stand behind their products? These do and I wish them much success. Thank you for the giveaway!

  960. Laura E. on

    Inspiration is quickly becoming my favorite word! Two things come to mind immediately after reading this post, Richland’s Dairy Farm in Dinwiddie, VA and a book called “How Full is Your Bucket?”. Richland’s is a family dairy farm that took everything they had left and built a creamery. It’s an amazing group of people that put an emphasis on education, show behind the scenes (even the not so pretty stuff) and churn out (☺️) some amazing products. I’m so glad to see the support behind them. “How Full is Your Bucket?” was given to me by a previous boss. It’s a gives a great outlook and is one to read as a good reminder.

  961. Emily Elwood on

    As I’ve noticed a shift to support local, perhaps even more so, this year. I’m constantly encouraged by the entrepreneurs in my own backyard and love being apart of such a vibrant community. Some folks that are inspiring me to pursue my dreams are The Sill and Soil, John and Cali of JonnyBean. As for local creative artisans who are killing it Ash and Twig, Auds and Enns, Tonya Spears Art, Tanya Dot Ceramics, just to name a few.

  962. Sherry B on

    Your blog and photographs are such inspiration! I lived right smack dab in the mid-west in StLouis and we struggle with wide fluctuations of rainy/dry weather and heat/humidity. There are several small business I try to support as much as possible. Greenscape Gardens is a wonderful family owned nursery very nearby to me and I often just pop in to wander around. Sugarcreek Gardens also a small nursery which is chock full of plants and ideas. Both offer free classes to the public. Your giveaway is a chance to win some wonderful products that I would love!

  963. Barb Braucht on

    I love Lands End coats (and who doesn’t love a good sale!). My daughter is in love with all things Floret – your books, puzzles, just the beauty of what you share. And I love the inspiration to just be outside!!

  964. Sonya on

    Being in the Midwest I’m always inspired by local gardeners who make their home gardens look beautiful using native plants and creating 4 season interest. I love West Cook Wild Ones and their plant sales are a favorite for finding wonderful, hardy native plants. The Oak Park Conservatory is another favorite spot. Field and Florist creates stunning arrangements and Farm to Neighbor give me inspiration! I also love Gardener’s Supply for things I never knew I needed but cannot live without once I have them!

  965. Kristen on

    I am becoming quickly obsessed with everything cut flowers. Upon taking a test to see what we should become in 7th grade, I was given the “agriculture” category of a job to seek out – now in 7th grade, I did not see that as a potential career – oh I wish I would have gone down that path a long time ago. I have always gardened, mostly vegetables, however as I age, and my passions change… I am getting more into flowers. I live on a small 2 acre farm in northern NY, own 30 plus chickens, have bee hives, a newly planted orchard, 3 kids and a medical career… I am beginning to think my 7th grade test is reigning true as my passion for gardening and living off the land grows deeper every day. I am inspired by all of you courageous entrepreneurs and soon hope to be like you; Living and loving the land we have been given, and truly making a difference in my small community. Here’s to a new year and new beginnings on my little piece of land, with flower cutters in my hand and a dream of hoop houses, green houses and houses full of love. Thanks for the inspiration!

  966. Lynn Conley on

    Love love this list!! Also find 5Mary’s very inspiring. As well as Laura at Garden Answer on Youtube. Her content inspires me to just get out there and get into the garden. And of course I just devour everything you put out!

  967. Megan Sisco on

    Amazing. Thanks for such a comprehensive list! I have gear favorites lists that could go on for miles, and lately what I’ve found myself needing more of is creative inspiration as a tool. Currently I find myself incredibly inspired by my close knit circle of friends that have traveled paths that have led us far from each other in terms of distance traveled, but, fortunately, we’re in sync creatively.

    My best friend Taussen Brewer is an incredible ceramicist making pieces from inspiration in her everyday life, as well as pieces meant for daily use created through her own lens. This year we are working together and she’ll be making custom vases for my Flower Share members and I really can’t wait to tuck seasonal blooms in them. http://www.taussenbrewer.com

    Another friend that I’ve known since we were in middle school together is rapidly seeing the recognition she deserves, and has even been featured in Vogue more than once this past year, in addition to countless other publications. Sarah Nsikak is making beautiful, handcrafted from reclaimed fabric patchwork dresses inspired by her grandmother (also a seamstress) and the garments other women would wear in their Nigerian village. She is working to promote transparency, sustainability, and telling the overlooked stories of Africa.

    My friend Meg Callahan is an incredibly talented patchwork quilter, has been on Forbes Top 30 under 30 list, and never ceases to amaze and endlessly inspire me with her work. I am fortunate to own one quilt crafted by her hands, one she made and mailed to me when my daughter was born, hand dyed with Indigo, and pieced together. Truly something I will treasure for life, and I hope to be financially able to purchase something from her in the future.

    Angela Chase is a friend that fortunately is close to me in relative miles, and is actually a business partner of mine, but outside of our collective work she is an incredibly talented baker better referred to as artist. Her cakes and pastry are all the most amazing thing I have ever tasted- every single time, and are also some of the most beautiful creations I’ve ever laid eyes on. She’s used some of the flowers that I grow to decorate her cakes at times and that is a badge of honor I wear proudly. She also specializes in creating tiny, miniature scenes with real tiny miniature moods, and collaborated with another artist on a project that will be streamed on Netflix this next year.

    All four of these women are my constant source of inspiration, and over the past year especially, I’ve found that to be my greatest, most invaluable tool. I hope you’ll find the time to view their work, because I know you’d find inspiration in their work as well!

  968. Jessica Johns on

    Right now my inspiration is coming from The Complete Gardner by Monty Don. Also Deanna at Homestead and Chill. Lastly, your book, of course, on growing flowers from seed. Each full of such rich information, but where I’m gathering most of my inspiration is from a few influencers on Instagram and a few local friends who have started gardening for the first time this year. I have a renewed sense of giving things a try simply from watching their experience. I’m hoping to make a plan and start fresh this coming spring with renewed encouragement. :)

  969. Tara Riggs on

    So many good things! I love the book Deep Run Roots by Vivian Howard. Her seasonal, local approach to her restaurant and cooking inspires me in my flower growing and life. I would also recommend the titan squash trellis from Gardener’s Supply Company. I was able to grow about 60 small gourds and pumpkins on it this summer (as well as nasturtium) it saved me a ton of space!

  970. Lisa kilis on

    I am totally inspired by all the women who take on jobs uncommonly held by our gender! At Green Heron I have found all kinds of tools made for women! Made for us to make being a “farmhet” easier.
    I am also inspired by the successful women who share all their tricks of the trade and resources, such as yourself to help other get started and succeed!

  971. Kelley hall on

    Love this list. This last spring was my first official PLANNED zinnia bed. For 29 years it’s been free love. Amazing results. Thank you did all the tips you share. Watching many small flower farms. One of the gifts of more time that we have slowed down

  972. Elizabeth on

    I think one hard thing about this pandemic (certainly not the hardest, but something I miss nonetheless) is visiting the small businesses I love and enjoying the spaces that they’ve created. The Foundry in Minneapolis is one of those spaces — it’s a home goods shop with a lovingly curated selection of essentials and gifts. However, I’m still enjoying the simple pleasures and finding nice discoveries in the city. There’s a wonderful florist here called Northerly Flora. I happened upon her dahlia field in late summer and I was so thrilled to see it. It was a plot of land in the middle of Minneapolis and not only was it beautiful, it highlighted the work, patience, and love that goes into small business.

  973. Sue on

    Wow! What a great list of resources. The Wilczewski Greenhouse is where I have been going to for over 20 years on May 1st to buy beautiful flowers 🌺 It is a small family owned business that truly cares about sharing the love of flowers and vegetables. Also, Evergreen bagel and coffee shop in Oxford, MI has unique stuffed bagels and fantastic pour over coffee!!

  974. Connie Barron on

    Being a new Flower Farmer this year I may be limited in my favorite things department, however I do have a few that I think will be with me for a long time. The first must have is Blossom Body butter from Skin Foodie. The name alone is yummy. Aubrey is located in Dayton OH, a mom of 4 and makes the most incredible raw organic skin products! Her mission is for every ingredient to have a purpose and I can tell you that they all come together in the most amazing products. Using the butter on my face and hands after a long day in the garden has really saved my skin. Then there are the Atlas Nitrile Gloves that can be washed. I buy mine from the Mobile County Master Gardeners Association to support there Education program, but you can find them on line. Finally, the Trapezoidal hoe purchased from Lisa Mason Zigler at The Gardner’s Workshop. This 7″, very sharp hoe blade, has made weeding a breeze! Made in Switzerland, I expect it will stay sharp for a long time. Thanks for sharing your list with us. Although my list is short, all play a roll in my Flower Farm adventure.

  975. Zane on

    I’m very new in garden stuff, recently moved from city to countryside and can’t wait for Spring to start my very own little cut flower garden! I already imagine how much beautiful flowers there will be – crossing fingers!:) and you Erin – you are my biggest inspiration! 💛

  976. Ashley on

    I am loving everything Natalie Freeman creates, her shop Freckled Hen Farmhouse and her new Freckled Cottage are both amazing!

  977. Abby on

    My favorite small businesses right now:
    Fluff Hardware- handmade, nature-inspired jewelry… it’s amazing!
    Ribier Farms in Meridian, Idaho. They sell great dahlia tubers, but also beautiful organic raspberries and pears at the local farmers markets.
    ShopAndi for scrunchies. I was SO against scrunchies until I used one of these.

  978. Jennifer Petritz on

    I am seriously lusting after that tool belt! My recommendation is for a book, The Well Gardened Mind by Sue Stuart- Smith. It’s a fascinating look at the well researched benefits of gardening and working with your hands outside. I found it incredibly validating.

  979. Sandy Booth on

    Of course your site I just discovered not long ago! I love flowers they bring me joy! I also follow James Farmer and I love the walks through his garden! Your flowers are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  980. Margot Navarre on

    Very inspiring list full of energetic items. My co-workers wear Grundens bibs when we garden. I looked for them at a shop where they bought them and it went of business. My REI rain pants remind me that I should be on the chair lift instead of working a full day in the gardens. I would like to try them out on the rainy garden days in the great Pacific Northwest. Gardening all year long keeps me happy!

  981. Jackie Wilkinson on

    I have joined ASCFG for additional inspirational and informative information. I purchased books from “Erin” which are beautiful and filled with so much detail and lovely photographs. With Covid all around I have not gone personally to any stores in Ohio. My daughter is an artist and her cat art brings a smile and happy feeling. I have been doing a little family history searching and find many farmers in my ancestors. Does that mean I have DNA for farming?
    I ordered 2 books of Frances Palmer’s. One for ME and one for my mom for Christmas. She will love it. I wish everyone a Merry Holiday Season!!!

  982. Rhonda Luse on

    Floret Flowers is inspiring me at the moment! I bought Erin’s book, Cut Flower Garden, and hope to begin this journey of selling flowers at my local farmers market! The photos and personal way she shares her knowledge are really encouraging and motivating!

  983. Sandy W on

    Very interest