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Floret workshops are the highlight of our year. We spend months and months preparing and the entire team pours an enormous amount of love and focus into these life-changing three day intensives.

We strive to make each Floret workshop a safe, inspiring and supportive environment to explore your passions and dreams. It’s incredible to see what participants are able to accomplish when they’re given the space, time and support to express themselves creatively. For three magic filled days you will be able to step out of your life and be fully absorbed in a floral wonderland, surrounded by a community of inspiring, supportive, like-minded people from around the globe, all working towards building vibrant floral businesses and flower farms. By the end of the workshop, you’ll leave with invaluable new skills plus the courage, confidence and connections to create the life you want to live.

The workshop lit a fire within me and that excitement is quickly spreading

Our Workshops

Throughout both workshops you will see firsthand the systems and processes that we’ve developed over many successful years in the flower business. We’ll show you what we’ve learned, the mistakes we’ve made and offer time tested tips that will save you from the struggle and expense of trial and error on your own. These aren’t just pretty flower classes – they are serious flower boot camps – with heart.

Seasonal Floral Intensives

Created especially for floral designers, creatives, flower lovers and dreamers, these amazing three-day workshops are all about fostering creativity and building the skills essential to running a successful flower-based business. We’ll share natural floral design techniques, the basics of floral photography, and social media marketing. You will have exclusive access to Floret’s flower fields and gardens. As part of this flower focused retreat, we’ll gather the freshest, most coveted blooms and create billowy, dreamy bouquets. Designs will be professionally photographed and used to adorn the historic barn at A.J. Johnson Farm where we’ll enjoy an elaborate celebratory final dinner.

Flower Farming Intensives

Developed specifically for budding and established flower farmers, these three-day on-farm workshops provide hands-on training on crop planning, high intensity production, plant propagation, succession sowing and season extension. We’ll dig into the business side of flowers, marketing, and basic floral design techniques. We’ll harvest armloads of amazing seasonal flowers, help you develop a farm plan to maximize every square inch of your space, share what we’ve learned over many years of farming, and even teach you how to make a market bouquet in under a minute. It is a busy, beautiful three days together.

Who Are They For?

These workshops are tailored for:

  • Beginning and intermediate floral designers and flower farmers
  • Established designers wanting to use local, seasonal flowers and develop a more natural design style
  • Established growers wanting to add weddings, grocery sales and increase social media and marketing efforts
  • “Dreamers” who aspire to one day launch a flower-based business
  • Flower lovers wanting to be immersed in beauty

These courses are not designed for:

  • Large scale farmers hoping to see high-tech, mechanized systems or tractor-dependent agricultural operations
  • Growers seeking in-depth horticulture lessons or the science behind organic farming or chemical heavy pest and disease management
  • Those seeking advanced financial or record keeping systems

A Few Kind Words

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We know these workshops make a difference because we stay in touch with past attendees, watching them quit their day jobs, go on to open their own shops and design studios, start flower farms and transform their floundering businesses into thriving ones.

For the last few days, I haven’t been able to put my feelings into words. Until I found my eyes welling with tears on my flight home as I looked through photos of our Floret workshop. Photos of everything: my new dear friends whom I’m already missing, some of the most beautiful arrangements I have ever seen, the most lush and extravagant floral installation make over for our dinner celebration, and images of the Floret team working their teaching magic. The last three days changed my life. Really, truly, changed me as a person, designer and business woman. I have so much to do and learn, goals to set (and demolish), ideas to share, shit to MAKE HAPPEN, and many, many thank you notes to send. But for now, thank you to every person present at the workshop. You touched my heart forever.

Kim Mills  |  The Pollen Mill

The Floret workshop exceeded every expectation that I had. In this age of the internet, so many things are overrated but let me say that Erin and her family, her business, and her team are more authentic and have more to provide than you can ever imagine when you browse her beautiful website. If anyone is considering going to a workshop, do it now. Do anything it takes to get there. Push the limits of your time, your budget, your family, your business or whatever it is that is stopping you and just go. You cannot imagine what is in store. The personal time that you receive in floral design and the development of your own flower business is remarkable. I do not know how they fit everything in to the three day slot, but Team Floret did. The people that you will meet, and the connections you make at the workshop are like icing on the cake. We had people from all over the country and the world and at all stages of their flower endeavors. Creating and growing with them was like nothing I can describe. The only way you will know is by going. Expect to be wowed in every way. I cannot recommend the experience enough.

Mercedes Ivener  |  Honeysuckle Hollow Florist

I could have sworn I was dreaming in flowers. Ten days later and I’m still on a crazy floral high with a full, full heart. I was given this gift that changed my perspective entirely. It allowed me to explore myself, see my work in a new light, collaborate and learn from other talented creatives and to cultivate lifelong relationships with flower friends and mentors alike. I took the chance to kick apprehension to the curb and drink in all of the knowledge, experience and creativity swirling around me. Thank you Erin for this incredible opportunity to learn from you and your unbelievably talented team. I am forever grateful for this treasured gift.

Jenn Henry  |  Field Day Creative

In the Press

Floret workshops have garnered national press including a feature in Country Living magazine which described these hands-on events as “inspiring a new generation of farmer-florists.”

Upcoming Workshops

We recently concluded the final Floret workshop for the 2017 season. We will announce our 2018 Floret Workshop offerings in the fall. To learn more, be sure to sign up for the Floret Newsletter.

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