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April 12th 2023

Workwear for Women

Written by

Whenever I’m curious about something and want to learn more I end up conducting some type of trial. Being able to compare all of the options that are available side by side is one of my favorite ways to learn.

Over the years, I have trialed so many different things, from thousands of different varieties of plants to tools, vases, rain gear, shoes, pens, notebooks, and bizarrely, even salad dressing!

This past season, my trialing obsession grew to include women’s workwear. Finding workwear for women that’s durable, comfortable, flattering, made to actually work in, and that fits different body types has proven to be quite the challenge. I have pretty much tested every single brand on the market now and I have a lot of thoughts to share.  

While writing an entire article about clothing feels a little silly, workwear is expensive and it can be time-consuming to figure out what style or brand will fit your own unique set of needs, especially if you don’t fall into the standard size options that are most commonly available. 

There are a lot of really cute styles out there these days, but when put to the test, I have found that many fall short. Below you will find my review of the best brands I’ve discovered when it comes to quality workwear for women, including the things that I like about each company and also a few criticisms.

Jill and Nina shared their favorites as well, so there should be something here for everyone.

Dovetail Workwear

Of all the brands that I’ve tried, Dovetail is hands-down my favorite. I love that this female-founded and run company has put so much effort into creating legitimate workwear for women across many different industries, including farming, landscaping, construction, welding … and on the “badassery” scale their clothes are 10/10. 

Their clothing is available at most places that offer workwear, but if you need special sizing, you’ll have to order it through their online store (their return/exchange process is very user-friendly). They offer a wide range of inseam lengths for both overalls and work pants depending on your height. They also have some really nice flannels and lightweight work jackets. 

Overall, Dovetail clothing is a little more fitted in nature. Their overalls are tighter through the waist and their pants have a slimmer silhouette. They fit my body type really well, but in the past, both Jill and Nina found their pants and overalls too tight through the middle. If you don’t like form-fitting clothing or need a bit more room, then this brand might not be for you, or you may need to go up a couple of sizes to find the optimal fit.

Freshley Overalls in Grey Thermal Denim (pictured above) are my go-to overalls whenever the weather is cool. I tend to run cold and during cooler weather I typically wear long johns under my pants, but these insulated overalls eliminate the need for an extra layer and they are so comfortable and stretchy. It feels like you’re wearing your pj’s out in the field!

Freshley Overalls in Saddle Brown Canvas (pictured above) are the lightest weight Dovetail overalls that I’ve tried and are my go-to when working in the greenhouses and field when the weather is warm.

They are moderately stretchy so are great for crawling around on the ground harvesting seed crops, weeding, and scouting for pests. 

I also have the Freshley Overalls in Natural Canvas (pictured above). This fabric is much thicker and doesn’t have any stretch, so I would say that if you’re going to be moving around a lot in them I would size up. They hold their shape really well and are a beautiful earthy green-brown. 

In addition to overalls, Dovetail has some great work pants. What I love about them, in addition to them being comfortable, durable, and flattering, is that they don’t slide down when you bend over, which is a huge plus.

I love the Britt Utility in Grey Thermal Denim (pictured above, left) in cooler weather. These fleece-lined work pants are super stretchy and cozy. 

After Carhartt changed their double-front jean design, I’ve been on the hunt for a replacement. The Britt Utility Reinforced Indigo Denim work pants (pictured above, right) are a great alternative and so far I’ve been really happy with them. They don’t have any stretch, which is the one downside in my book because it seems like I’m always crawling around on the ground and can use a little extra give. 

The Givens Work Shirt in Indigo Stripe (pictured above, left) is a medium-weight work shirt that is perfect for wearing every day in the garden. The first time I put it on it felt like it was already broken in and it actually has enough room through the shoulders without looking boxy. 

I recently bought the Givens Work Shirt Stretch Flannel in Vintage Blue (pictured above, right) and plan to get all of the other colors. It’s super comfortable, stretchy, fits through the shoulders (which is always a challenge for me), and I really like the color combination. 

I got the Eli Chore Coat in Paprika (pictured above) a few years ago and pretty much have lived in it ever since. This medium-weight waterproof jacket is so comfortable. The shoulders are wide enough to move in and the fabric has a good amount of stretch to it.

I normally wear a down vest underneath it to add a bit of extra warmth, but it is my everyday garden jacket. 

The Kent Chore Coat (pictured above) is a mid-weight flannel-lined work jacket. It has nice deep pockets, comes with a detachable hood, and is really comfortable if you’re doing work that requires a lot of movement. I haven’t had mine for very long but so far I’m a huge fan. 

Members of Team Floret in the greenhouse with the team from DovetailAfter we published this post, the wonderful team at Dovetail offered to come up to the farm to fit our entire team. We had such a great time learning about how their company started and for everyone to get a chance to try on different styles and sizes.

All of the ladies on our team ended up with either a pair of work pants or overalls that fit perfectly. And after going up a couple of sizes, Jill and Nina found styles that were both comfortable and flattering.

If you order from Dovetail, you can get $10 off your order by using the code FLORETFLOWER at checkout. 


I have tried out pretty much every piece of Carhartt work clothing that they make and while I appreciate how much energy they’ve devoted to expanding their range of women’s wear, unfortunately, I’ve found that many of their new designs fall short when put to the test on the farm.

I also don’t love how logo-heavy they’ve gotten when it comes to their sweatshirts. 

Of all the things they offer, I keep going back to their overalls, both for comfort and durability. While you can’t usually find special sizing available in stores, many of their styles come in both short and tall lengths, and they offer a great range of plus sizes online.

Jill loves their Women’s Utility Leggings because they’re stretchy, but her favorite part is that they don’t slide down when she’s crouching or bending over taking notes in the field. 

Carhartt is probably best known for its duck canvas fabric—it’s what made them so famous. This material is long lasting and durable, but the downside is that it takes forever to break in. I have two pairs of their heavy-duty duck overalls (that seem to be discontinued) that are finally at that soft, cozy, broken-in stage, and I wear them all the time.

Overall, their fit is very loose and kind of boxy, which is great if you like to wear long johns or flannel underneath or need more room through the middle.

Last summer, I got a pair of the Women’s Rugged Flex® Loose Fit Canvas Bib Overalls in Natural (pictured above) and they are awesome. The fabric is lightweight, breathable, and stretchy, and while it seems crazy to wear white in the garden, they are actually perfect in hot weather because they reflect the sun. 

Jill has a pair of Women’s Relaxed Fit Denim Bib Overalls in Railroad Stripe (pictured above) that she wears all the time. She loves that they are soft and roomy, and says she always gets compliments on them when she goes to the grocery store after work. 

When Carhartt first released their Straight Fit Double-Front Jeans (pictured above), I ordered a bunch of pairs because I was so in love with how well they fit. Thankfully I stocked up because they changed the original design shortly after release and the newer versions don’t have the same great fit or fabric.

The reason I list them here is that I get so many questions and compliments online whenever I wear the original pairs. If you like a more fitted work jean, a good alternative is the Britt Utility Reinforced Indigo Denim work pants that I listed above.

I have a number of different flannels from Carhartt and have been really happy with how well they fit and hold up with heavy use and frequent washing. If you have broad shoulders, they fit really well. Unfortunately, I don’t see any of them currently available. 


When Becky Crowley came from England to help design the farm a few years ago, she got a few pieces of Patagonia’s new (at the time) workwear and couldn’t stop raving about it, so I decided to give it a try.

The company itself is such an inspiration and the way it conducts its business with such high ethical and environmental standards is impressive. They also have a great buyback program and will repair any of the pieces that you get from them indefinitely. 

At this point, I’ve tried pretty much all of their workwear and have been really impressed with the quality, comfort, and durability. I’ll report back on their work coats once I give them a little more time in the garden. 

I love their All Seasons Hemp Canvas Bib Overalls (pictured above) and wear them every day in the summer. The canvas part of the name is misleading because they actually feel like more of a heavy linen and are very loose and breathable.

They are my go-to overalls for hot weather, even when I’m roguing flowers in a 100°F-plus greenhouse. 

If you’re lucky, you can find long sizes through their website, but they don’t always stock them, so it’s worth signing up to be notified when they are restocked if you are tall. 

Because I love their overalls so much, I thought their work pants would also be great, and while they are comfortable unless you get the ones where you can cinch the back, they slide down when you bend over. 

Duluth Trading Company

I put a poll up on Instagram asking about people’s favorite workwear brands for the garden and Duluth, by far, had the most praise. The styles they offer fit women with curves and those who need a shorter inseam. I have ordered multiple pairs hoping to find the right style, but unfortunately, none of them have a long enough cut to fit my frame. 

Jill and Nina are both huge fans of Duluth’s overalls and they each have multiple pairs. 

Jill loves the Heirloom Gardening Bib Overalls and has them in Coal and Spice (pictured above, but not currently listed online). She loves that they are available in short sizes (she’s 5’ 3”) and that the material is breathable and dries quickly if it gets wet. The fabric also has a nice stretch to it that is great for crawling around on the ground, which she frequently does! She wore them every day last summer and so far they’ve shown no signs of wear.

Her only complaint is that the material (while it has its many benefits) is very loud and swooshy when she walks—I can hear her coming from a mile away!

Nina loves the Rootstock Gardening Overalls in Railroad Stripe (pictured above) because the material is nice and stretchy, which makes them extra comfy, and the double layer of fabric over the knees gives them extra reinforcement. She’s also a big fan of all the pockets.

KSX ART by Kellie Swanson

A few years ago I discovered Kellie Swanson, a Montana-based artist who specializes in applying cyanotype photography to clothing. In addition to offering beautifully printed upcycled overalls, jackets, and workwear, Kellie also takes a limited number of custom orders each season. While the wait is a little long, you can send her your favorite jacket, overalls, or shirt and she can personalize it for you. 

I sent her a pair of my Carhartt Women’s Rugged Flex® Loose Fit Canvas Bib Overalls in Natural (pictured above) and Dovetail Freshley Overalls in Heather Black Denim that she tricked out for me.

The only downside is that whenever I wear them out in public so many people come up to me asking where I got them. While I love sharing about Kellie’s amazing work, it’s a little terrifying for an introvert like me. Haha!

To be the first to know when her new collections drop or when she has an opening for custom orders, be sure to sign up for her newsletter on her site. 


Here in Washington we get a lot of rain and are often working in wet, muddy weather, so having high-quality rain gear on hand is a must. I have tried all the brands and all the styles and keep coming back to Grundéns. 

This brand is known in the fishing industry as the gold standard, but many farmers are fans as well, including our crew. 

I wear the Men’s Neptune 509 Bibs and Men’s Neptune 319 Commercial Fishing Jacket (both pictured above) in a size small and love that they are lightweight, durable, and really easy to work in. I have to order men’s sizing for the extra length.

Unfortunately, as far as I know, their women’s line doesn’t have a good tall option (yet).


If you order from Grundéns, you can get 20% off your order by using the code FloretFlowers20 at checkout. 

Land’s End

I know it seems strange to list this brand under workwear, but I have yet to find any other company that makes such comfortable, well-fitting, durable jackets that are also affordable. They always have some kind of great sale running on their website and you can find really good deals. 

One of my favorite things is that they also offer tall sizing, which I need for arm length, and a longer cut that is both flattering and offers extra coverage.

Over the years I have seriously put these jackets to the test! I’ve had my black down coat from them since Jasper was a baby and I’m still wearing it in the garden. Mistakenly, I wore it to prune roses too many times, so my mom has added a whole collection of darling patches which makes me love it even more. 

None of the styles that I have are still available but they have lots of other great options to choose from.

Jill used to tease me about wearing my Land’s End coats in the garden and now she’s singing their praises, too.


I wasn’t planning to include shoes and boots in this review but I get so many questions about my favorites. Again, I have tried just about everything on the market and keep coming back to just a handful of brands. 

Here in Washington, having insulated boots is a must if you don’t want cold feet. I get a fresh pair of Bogs Neo-classic Mid boots (pictured above) every fall and they last me almost 12 months to the day before cracking along the seam. I put these boots to the test, walking miles every day and no other brand has been able to keep up with that level of wear. Given their amount of use, I am really happy with how long a pair holds up.

My favorite part about these boots is that you can slip them on and off without having to reach down and use your hands because my arms are always full going in and out of the house. They have lots of other cuter styles, but none of those easily slip on and off. 

It pains me to write this because these shoes are so incredibly unattractive, but here on the farm once the weather warms up, there’s nothing more comfortable than a good ol’ pair of Keens, Kacie III Slip-Ons (pictured above) to be exact. But what they lack in style they make up for in durability and comfort.

They slip on and off really easily, especially when your hands are full, and if you have flat feet (Jill) or long toes (me), they’ll fit you great! 

Farmer-Florist Tool Belt

My farmer-florist tool belt is hands down my all-time favorite tool for gardening and flower farming. I’ve been wearing the original prototype of this belt every day, in every kind of weather, for more than 8 years now and it’s still going strong. This handcrafted tool belt, custom made for us by leatherworker Wheeler Munroe, has been a total game changer. 

After years of tearing holes in the back pockets of every pair of pants and misplacing phones, pens, and flower snips throughout the day, this tool belt changed everything for me.

Floret tool beltsWe offer five different colors (brown, black, rosewood, wheat, and gray) in the Floret Shop. We also have left-handed styles in both black and brown. 


And last but not least, one of my all-time favorite companies, Block Shop Textiles. Sisters Lily and Hopie Stockman started their business back in 2013 with a small collection of scarves made in Jaipur, India with the goal of supporting and celebrating the Indian hand block printing tradition. 

Their business has grown tremendously and now works with a number of small, family-owned workshops and studios based in India, Italy, and the U.S. 

While technically not workwear, their beautiful cotton/silk scarves are lightweight but surprisingly warm. I’ve accumulated a pretty sizable collection over the years and love every single one. They make the perfect birthday present or gift to yourself. 

Erin Benzakein wearing a Block Shop bandanaIn the spring of 2023, we collaborated with the Stockman sisters for a special collection of Floret-inspired scarves and bandanas which you can find on their site.

It has been really encouraging to see so many companies devoting time and energy to developing quality workwear for women in recent years. I’m hopeful that this trend will continue into the future and that even more options will be available for our shapes, sizes, and body types. 

I’d love to hear about your favorite piece of workwear or a company you think we should know about in the comments section below.

Please note: If your comment doesn’t show up right away, sit tight; we have a spam filter that requires us to approve comments before they are published.

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  4. Christina on

    Amazing article! How did I not know about Dovetail?? I thought I had been through all options looking for woman’s workwear in long inseams. Just got a pair of freshly overalls and a givens work shirt and they are amazing! Thank you for shedding light on this company.

  5. Peg Davis on

    No gloves? I need them because my old skin is so thin that I rip easily.

  6. Tammy Zieres on

    I am a paint finisher for a millworking company by day and a gardener most of the rest of the time. I love Dovetail for both! I will have to try all of the other brands you have listed here as well! Thank you for the info.

  7. Maria on

    Amazing! Thank you for all the info! I will have to review again.

  8. Judy Destino on

    Thank you!
    This is exactly the information I’ve been searching for

  9. Lyndsey Watson on

    I recently purchased a pair of Grunden Women’s Pisces Overalls and love the flexibility allowed when bending down. I also wear Zaya brand leggings when I’m doing walkabouts and don’t have a bunch of dirty work to accomplish.

  10. Peta Alford on

    Thanks so much for discussing workwear. It can be really difficult to find items that are designed for women.

    I am from Australia & for a local brand I have really loved SÜK workwear for women. It is very size inclusive and super comfortable + hard wearing.
    Pair it with Blundstone boots and you’re ready for anything!

  11. Carla on

    Congratulations to the winners!! Absolutely love all the comments & pics. There are some great items out there! I have “go-to’s” for most of the brands mentioned, but I do have a couple I can’t live without. My favorite, for the past 3 years, has been a Lands End long down vest. I wear it constantly over polar fleece pullovers (typically Patagonia or Columbia) or whatever feels right that day – temperature dependent. I tend to be warm all the time, so a coat in the cooler/cold weather is just too much. This vest, layered over the polar fleece keeps me warm enough without melting. Add a scarf and gloves and I’m good to go in almost any weather. And it’s long enough (thigh length) to cover my bum, and looks great over leggings. And I got it on sale! Land’s End has great sales….And the polar fleece – I have different weights from heavy to light and they all work well under the vest. All wash up well & still look great after years of wear. Now I need to get some overalls!! Thank you for all the helpful information!!

  12. Elsa on

    This tips are all so helpful. Thank you for doing the research and for sharing generously with others. Thanks also for keeping things real!

  13. Mo on

    I have found KUHL to be another tall friendly brand. They sell different inseams, but even their regular is a little longer than some. I love their splash convertible pants as they are more flexible and light for summer or indoor wear than your typical Carhartts, and have enough pockets to keep phones etc. handy.

  14. Maureen Campbell on

    I’ve got a pink Carhartt jacket that I’ve worn for years. It’s about worn out but has served me well.

  15. Kim on

    My favorite is probably a vest. Puffy and warm for the winter and thin and light for the summer. I love a vest because it adds a base layer of warmth, but also allows for freedom of movement. It can be easily shed if I get to warm.

  16. Amy L on

    I have problems with my feet and after surgery my Dr suggested Dansko for my garden shoes. They are so comfortable and I can put my inserts in them . They have allowed me to garden again!

  17. Cori Hengst on

    Yes and…I’ve never owned any of the above. I love ruining regular clothes in the garden , you could say I’m a specialist at it. Now I’m getting into more protective clothes and you may have saved me from wasting money on stuff but I do have two go tos. One are my Duluth Trading Firehose Overalls… I love these! And the xtratuf 6in deck boots…–pull/XWAB900.html. Either of these are cheap but they are lovely!

  18. Emily Foster on

    I’ve been happy with my Hunter rainboots. I wear them around the farm while doing chores year round.

  19. Stephanie Bancroft on

    I don’t know if you’d consider this workwear so much as it is essential after-work ware, particularly after a long day on one’s feet. I swear by my geisswein wool slippers, which I wear anytime I’m in the house, and often run around in in public, as they are incredibly comfortable, have durable rubber feet, are temperature regulating (meaning you never get too hot or too cold) and are naturally antimicrobial, so they don’t smell, either. Best of all for me, a person with high arches, the foot beds are incredibly supportive, and make a huge difference in the number of hours I can spend on my feet, full stop. I’ve put these through serious wear and tear and they’ve held up beautifully. I used to practically not be able to walk after a day on the farm and now I’ve been able to keep plantar fasciitis and the general aches and pains away for well over a year and a half. I have them in three colors, and can’t recommend them highly enough. Worth signing up for updates, as they can sometimes sell out quickly. Try them! You won’t regret it.

  20. Collette C. on

    I wear my Bog mid-calf boots daily for gardening! Love that I can leave the caked on mud at the door and slip them off! I also have one of Wheeler Munro’s leather work belts and find it indispensable when harvesting.

  21. Joanna on

    My favorite workwear include…
    -Wool&Prince Chambray shirt (merino wool/linen blend). They had a women’s line that has been discontinued. It is great for working out in the sun on a hot day.
    – Duluth’s Breezeshooter slim leg pants and Breezeshooter shorts. Great for summer work in the garden. Very flexible and comfortable. Pants even nice in the winter, if worn with a merino wool base layer. (Unfortunately, these have been discontinued.)
    — Dovetail’s Freshley Overalls in Grey Canvas & their Maven X in Saddle Brown Canvas.
    -5.11 Stryke women’s pants. Lots of pockets. Very durable, ripstop fabric. Comfortable and breathable in hot weather.
    -Bisgaard Thermo Rubber Boots (wool lined). The most comfortable boot I have worn. Minimalist style with roomy toe box that is great for long hours outdoors in colder weather.
    -Havaiana’s slim flip flops. I wear these all summer for work in the gardens. They have proven to be very durable and are extremely comfortable.

  22. Rainbo Boyd on

    I’d say the two items that I wear the most while working are my Patagonia Fanny packs, where I keep my clippers, phone, and glasses, and my Slip on Blundstone boots 🥾

  23. LisaAnn on

    Vintage Carhartt, Bernie insulated overalls, Womens Stronghold Danner boots, and merino wool from Smartwool, Icebreaker, or Ibex are my go-to farm/ garden clothing and gear. I really wanted to love the Dovetail overalls but since they are durable and have great stretch but they are so form fitting that they feel less like workwear to me and more of a fashion statement.

  24. Carmen on

    I love my Ariat women’s fatbaby heritage boots! They can handle the wear and tear of working in the garden, with animals, and cars. I’ve had one pair over 10 years and they’re holding up pretty well still! And they are super comfortable(for someone who has a wide foot)

  25. Kat on

    I’ll starting my first year of farming this year. I’ve tried on many pieces from Duluth, and found a few good ones, but I find all of their overalls too baggy in the legs, so I’m glad you mentioned that the Dovetail brand has a more fitted profile. I am 5′-0″ tall, and still haven’t found a brand with a ‘short’ length that truly fits me, so any bagginess is multiplied! I’ve ordered a pair of Keen boots, and have been contemplating something from Bogs as well.

  26. A. B. M. on

    Best pair of work shoes I ever bought was in Amish Country, OH, Charm Harness and Boot. Most friendly, helpful, staff ever helped me find what I needed: a lightweight, breathable but waterproof high top shoe to slog through wet grass and weed-eat cemeteries. Highly recommend the women’s leather high top shoe by Merrill, I’ve had my pair for two years and they are still the best ever.

  27. Alyssa M. on

    I love Lands’ End coats for their length! I’m such a cold girl, and the Midwest weather can really get to me on the ends of the growing season. Their stuff is so durable & washable, with tons of Tall options.

  28. Ashley on

    I agree! I love my Dovetail. I have a pair of brit utility jeans and the railroad stripe denim overalls. The fit and the material are perfect for working outside as a forester.

  29. Martha Boswell on

    I’m so excited to try my new overalls I just ordered! I love my Bogs boots when you recommended them a few years ago. My daughter wore them every day for FFA Contest and practice. Best and most comfortable boots of all time. I am ready to dig into the garden again this year!

  30. Stacey Thorne on

    I 100% agree on the Bogs choice. Those boots last forever and I find myself even mowing the lawn in a summer skirt with them! Additionally I want to try some of the arm sleeves this year. They are great for bikers so why not also in the garden?

  31. Katie Jacobson on

    I love my Denim Carhartt overalls. Also a big fan of Duluth trading. It’s so awesome to see more companies adding plus sizes. Gardeners, farmers and hard working ladies come in all shapes and sizes. Now if only I could find more women’s shoes in size 12!

  32. Ashley Clayton on

    Last summer i lived in Duluth Trading Company ‘s stetchy dry on the fly Capri pants. Stretchy, good pockets and keeps me cool. I recently got some of their work boots which slip on and off easily and are water resistant, so great for Seattle in the rain 🌧

  33. Aimee Edgin on

    I live in my Hisea boots – so comfy and love that the tops are neoprene so you can turn them down to mid-sized and easily step in/out. Bright colors and so many patterns!

  34. Ariel Oakes on

    I’m really trying to consciously take more steps to prevent skin cancer and give my skin the protection it needs from the sun. I cannot recommend enough the Cetaphil sun 50 sheer mineral stick and the sturdy hats from Farmers Defense. The stick goes on smoothly with very little Casper effect and the hats come in floral lined patterns that block even more light from my face chest and neck!

  35. Alice Koetsier on

    I love my old pair of jeans and a tank in the summer months and a good carhartt in the cooler months. I have also tried a couple Duluth tanks that are awesome. Never heard of Dovetail but would like to find a good quality jean or overall that will become my new favorite.

  36. Miranda on

    just purchased Dovertail, cannot wait to put it on!

  37. Angie Shuman on

    I got my first pair of Duluth Heirloom Gardening overalls last year and they’ve made a big difference in my comfort while gardening, not to mention all the pockets! When I wear them, I know it’s time for some serious gardening :-)

  38. Kelly Field on

    Wowza!!! Close to 3,000 comments. 👏 Don’t know if anyone has mentioned anything for ‘problem’ feet yet, but on a whim…many years ago…there was a pair of rubber clogs just waiting to be purchased on the clearance rack at DSW shoes. Tried them on, super comfy with a really good arch. They are the Kennet Work Clog by the brand name of Klogs. So many garden shoes I have found to be lacking a sturdy arch. They have lasted a very long time. Thank you, Erin and all the Floret Flower Farmers, for bringing such beauty and providing such inspiration for all of your readers! 🍃🌸🍃🌸🍃

  39. Alisa Wyatt on

    I love my Duluth Short Overalls! I have several pairs and wear them all summer. My kids say they wouldn’t recognize me if I didn’t have them on ;)

  40. Christina Johnson on

    I am so glad that you mentioned Duluth Trading. I wear their Cargo pants for gardening through the cooler months here in Atlanta GA. They are great for my 5’2 height and curvy body type.
    I have found that the lightweight scrub pants by Scrubstar are great for the summer. They are breathable and have 2 cargo pockets and are fast drying! The tie waist is great since I don’t have to wear a belt too. I may invest in one of the leather holsters to keep from wearing out the pockets on these!

  41. Reply
  42. Halee Williams on

    Thank you for writing this article!! I always love my Muck boots for comfort and flexibility, but my feet get sweaty in the summer!

  43. Jenn on

    I’m an old fashioned girl.
    jeans and a T-shirt in bare feet is where I started many moons ago.
    Over time and kids and aging, I wear shoes and even gloves occasionally.
    And I try to designate a certain pair of jeans for gardening, other wise I have no good jeans left.
    So while i have no favorite brands to offer, i’m in for an upgrade to my raggedy jeans and t-shirts!

  44. Jackie Paule on

    This would be a great opportunity for my horticulturalist daughter to give a try to these brands! Many thanks! Jackie

  45. Jamie Montei on

    I have owned my Bogs and Grunden fishing bibs for years, and love the cross versatility from gardening to fishing any day.

  46. Erin on

    I own & operate a native plant nursery in Pa. My favorite work pant for the winter season is the Dovetail Britt utility thermal pants. These thermal lined pants are soft, with a perfect cut which looks great while also being super comfortable & functional. They are my go to pant to help me work long days when it’s cold and damp without feeling bulky or getting overheated if working in the greenhouse.

  47. Ashley Frye on

    Thank you so much for this article! Over the last year, I’ve started working as an equine therapy facilitator and I’ve been on the hunt for workwear that *actually* holds up and these insights are so helpful and definitely will help me eliminate some trial and error (and potentially wasted dollars).

    On any given day at work, I might walk anywhere between 6-10 miles so durable and comfortable footwear is really important to me. I’ve found that Blundstone Chelsea boots have been fantastic and are holding up to the demands of being on a farm and working with horses. And for clothing, Carhartt was out of overalls for a stretch of time during the pandemic so I ended up ordering some from Liberty and I’ve been really happy with them.

    Thanks again for sharing!!

  48. Wendy Gould on

    I’m a total newbie to workwear. I just started gardening in the last five years or so, but just wear my old jeans or shorts in the summer. I was looking for a tool belt to hold my pruners and a few other things when I came across this article. I definitely need some overalls now, wondering how I did without them. I’m in the Seattle area and constantly have mud on my jeans…

  49. Leslie McClanahan on

    I’ve been a female landscape contractor in the Pacific Northwest for decades and yes, the struggle to find excellent work clothes is real! The never fails are Keen waterproof hiking boots, Grundens bibs and jacket, and believe it or not, Crocs in the summer. Still searching for the perfect work pants!
    Really great article!!!

  50. Carla on

    Great article. My daughter loves her Carhart bibs. My favorite right now is my Keen slip on ankle boots. Waterproof, warm, good traction and comfy. I think they are cute to boot. Will be trying out my new Carhart waterproof pants when I power wash the patio this week.

  51. Fiona on

    Your tool belt is one of my favorite workwear! It’s useful and stylish at the same time. I love it!

  52. Cherri on

    Newbie here.
    My husband encouraged me to purchase some “garden wear” from Duluth Trading (he’s a big fan of DTC)
    I love the comfort and flexible fit of their Heirloom Bibs!
    I just recently ordered the slip-in knee pads.
    Looking forward to trying some of these other great recommendations. Thank you !

  53. Parry Healy on

    My favorite pieces to wear in the garden are my blundstone boots (had them for 5 years and counting) and pointer brand – vintage overalls and a chore coat. Interested in trying dovetail – great article and thanks! I’d be curious to know if anyone has gloves they adore.

  54. Shae on

    Okay, I had to get the dovetail overalls after your review! I’ve received them and they are 100 times more comfortable than my carharts and so thoughtfully made. The 34” inseam works for me even though I’m normally a 36”. Thanks for the awesome suggestion!!

  55. Shannon on

    I love my Romeo slip on shoes….they are great for working in the field but then cleanup nice enough to wear into town.

  56. Kristy McCurry on

    My Blundstone boots are so great for work, I’m on my second pair. I have a few carhartts, both modern and vintage, but find I’m wearing street clothes for work currently. Not ideal. Have a Dovetail return going out today, and yes, they made the process so simple. Loved this review post, I’m inspired to get some white/cream toned work pants now.

  57. Rachel Bowlen on

    Carhartt has been my go to brand for years but they have discontinued the items I love and I have been looking for alternatives. That said the Carhartt workwear I had and have has stood the test of time and when they got to torn for me to wear decently I gave them to a local thrift store in a college town here in Vermont and the College girls snapped them up immediately. I have had a long relationship with Grundens as I worked in a fish market for years and was responsible for ordering all the gear for our workers….gear that needed to be tough, waterproof and lasting. Grundens filled the bill and though I have retired from that business they still use Grundens only. Thank you for the info on new companies and the fact that more are making great women’s work wear. We deserve it!

  58. Rhonda Dortch on

    I’ve been wearing Carhartt work coats for many years. Like you said it does take a long time to break them in but once you do you don’t have to worry about them tearing. I wear mine for heavy brush work and pruning berries. So far they’ve never torn. The downside is the weight feels awfully heavy to carry around.

  59. Lori Akins on

    I only have a few pieces of gardenware, Duluth and Carhartt. I have been pleased with them both.

  60. Kate on

    This is a great post. I never where to get workwear pants that would fit my short frame.

  61. Kimberley George on

    An array of barn coats by J.Crew found in thrift stores over the past 35 years are my favorites…
    My frame is average height w/ broad shoulders so I’ve acquired several different men’s sizes for thigh length having pleated backs for under-layers when needed…
    These button coats have various outer fabrics, linings of flannel or lighter nylon woven fabric, just great for any seasonal weather…
    The layered pockets are an added treasure…
    I wear the coats gardening, tending yard work then buzzing around town…
    Floret’s review of many other companies instill a challenge to find even more versatile outdoor wear!!!

  62. Brenda on

    I like my Filson wool classic cruiser jacket in cold rainy weather. It’s roomy in the shoulders and long enough if bending and squatting down. Lots of great pockets for gloves and phone and durable. There is also a mid weight option, Seattle wool Cruiser. Made for men so I size down.

  63. Haley Kieser on

    I love my LaCrosse boots my husband bought for me! He surprised us with a pair for Christmas. It was a gift I didn’t know I needed. I love how warm they keep my feet when doing chores and when going on walks with the family.

  64. Andrea Thatcher on

    I wear carrhart t-shirts 5 out of the 7 days of the week. They’re thick, durable, hide stains, and have a nice hang. I also purchased a pair of bogs this winter, and I was amazed how much I loved them!

  65. Deb M on

    Muck boots! I am on my third pair of the muck shoe. It fits snug but can kick off without bending over. It’s waterproof and I often can wear with out socks all season long here in NJ. After about two to three seasons the rubber around the edge begins to crack and then it’s time for a new pair. I even wear them when antiquing out in PA when walking the outdoor Market. Very comfortable.

  66. Cindy G on

    I love the Carrhart stuff, warm and durable. I only have issues with washing my overalls. All the clanking makes me nervous about breaking the machine versus the hardware on the overalls. That’s just how durable they are.

  67. Cindy on

    I love the Carrhart stuff, warm and durable. I only have issues with washing my overalls. All the clanking makes me nervous about breaking the machine versus the hardware on the overalls.

  68. Leigh on

    My Dovetail Freshey’s for sure! I have the gray canvas and the natural…I love the fit of the gray version best, but I love the color of the natural canvas.

    All of the pockets!! All of the time!

  69. Vicki Boyce on

    Duluth firehose pants–that have ‘pockets’ over the knees that you can slide foam knee pads into! Saves me from having to move my kneeling pad all over and I can stay on my knees and crawl around for much longer periods of time on some ‘older’ bones!

  70. Cristin Mount on

    My favorite piece of garden work clothing is an old pair of my Army boots. The uniform pattern changed a few years ago, including to a different color of tan boot. My old ones had been broken in over about 10 years, so I transitioned them to the garden. They’re comfortable, protect my feet, dry quickly if they get wet and support my ankles (I roll my ankles a lot!). It was nice to transition them from work-work to garden “work” :)

  71. Maddie P. on

    I can’t wait to try out dovetail – always lookin for new brands to try!

  72. Alena Botanica on

    Hi ~ I absolutely love Dovetail Workwear, based in Portland, Ore. (my hometown). Fun fact ~ I was neighbors with this company at their first trade show, Hortlandia, back in 2017 and so my claim to fame is that I knew the three women co-founders before they were famous. :) I am super curvy and have tiny shoulders, big butt and medium waist – I appreciate you showing different pictures of different sizes. I would love to win this so I can get a few new things for my upcoming gardening season. Thanks for all the wonderful content. ~ Alena

  73. Ashley Stange on

    I’m pretty new to outdoor workwear, but I’ve been wearing the Cotton Crusher hat from Terrain. It’s pretty comfortable and lightweight, but fully blocks my face and neck from the sun. It also has UPF 50 sun protection and can be easily folded when not being worn. There’s an inner drawstring to tighten it, but I don’t need that because I have a lot of hair!

  74. Isabelle on

    I love birkenstock gardener’s clogs as a safer alternative to sandals for likght tasks on a hot day.

  75. Josephine A Blasi on

    Thank you so much for this article. As I said on Instragram, I have been eyeing the Dovetail product for awhile now and have more info to go on now. I wonder if you have heard of the Farmer’s Defense Sleeves? I am also considering them. They say they are made from recycled materials which I like. I am also needing to protect my skin from the sun and scratches. Hoping to win in your special drawing but whether or not I do, I love how much you teach me as a “wanna be” flower farmer.
    Jo Blasi

  76. Brenda Washburn on

    I’ve only recently discovered Duluth and love their overalls with the stretchy straps and their No Yank tanks. I’ve been wearing overalls for gardening and home projects for over 20 years and have always been frustrated to have to seek out mens short enough to fit my 5’3 frame.
    These 2 items keep me (and my neighbors) happy as I don’t have my rearend hanging out while I’m bent over on my hands and knees in the dirt! HaHa,
    Shopping in person at Duluth is also fun as their stores are very clean and their staff offers excellent customer service.

  77. Lis on

    I love the Dovetail overalls both for gardening and going to punk shows- with the added bonus that on days when everything is hard and you’re exhausted, having those overalls on can make you feel protected and invincible.

  78. Mary Combs on

    Sloggers are the best garden clogs and available at Tractor Supply and Ace Hardwear and, of course, Amazon. I finally had to buy a pair after 5+ years of wearing them from March to November. I totally wore the foot pad out before the outside shell finally cracked.
    I’d recommend them to everyone that wants to be out in the wet and mud in their yards.

  79. Anna powell on

    I’m very in love with my dovetail thermal Britt utility pants. I’m on my second pair and was very impressed with how long my first pair lasted despite the amount of wear and tear I put them through. I live in down east maine and wear them for a good chunk of the year and am so thankful for dovetail for making these cute comfy tough warm pants

  80. Shu-Jean on

    I love my Bogs. I have both classic tall and patch clog sita.

  81. Nicole on

    We live in the woods. I love Patagonia and have a pair of their hemp overalls which are great when I need to clean up fallen tree debris in the Spring, garden, or general projects around the grounds. I’ve also completely worn out the Merrells I used to wear! FYI – Patagonia sells a great repair kit for jackets.

  82. Sharene on

    Have been a Carhartt fan for years for their outdoor clothing.

  83. Stephanie on

    This post could not have come at a better time as my canvas Eddie Bauer overalls from 15+ years ago are worn out! I tried two times to order from Duluth but the 33 inseam is sold out right now and on back order. You have introduced me to several new brands that I am excited to try as I happen to be tall as well! Thank you.

  84. Rachel D. on

    Ive had multiple pairs of Carhart pants when I worked in construction. My favorite are the fleece-lined ones, perfect for the cold days and still durable :)

  85. Carolyn on

    I love Carhart shirts they have a great fabric

  86. Amy Wilfong on

    Great article Thank you for your extensive reviews. They are most helpful and I can’t wait to try some of your favorites as I have had some of the same issues as you.

    I have two pairs of Bogs I love and wear when gardening. The Bogs Sweetpea Ankle Water Resistant Rain boot and the Amanda ll Waterproof Insulated Chelsea Rain boot. Great in the rain and in the mud.
    I also like the Carhartt Women’s Rain Defender Fitted Heavyweight Legging. Warm in colder weather and comfortable flex in the knees. I have a lighter weight pair of Wrangler hybrid cargo leggings that I like the weight but they tend to work their way down and I’m forever pulling the waist back up.

  87. Lisa Mabry on

    When not gardening, we are on a boat fishing, so our favorite brand of work shirt Pants, jackets an hats are all Columbia. This brand holds up rain or shine, has sun retardent to protect your skin too. Think ill try Grundens jacket!

  88. Ashley O'Colmain on

    I love my Duluth women’s work pants a lot. Lots of pockets, stretchy, comfortable. I wear them out sometimes too!

  89. Tina Hodges on

    Great article with a lot of detail. Over the past decade I’ve worn many of the same. Carhartt double front women’s pants were also a favorite of mine while I lived in Alaska and I too was frustrated when they changed. I still own my original pair of Carhartt women’s work leggings and I love them for the range of motion they give me. I wear them most when hunting.
    We also wore our fair share of Grundens. Ice Breaker was a great option for a base layer in winter and light weight options for summer with both having natural antibacterial properties to keep odor at bay.
    I miss my Bogs. I’m tired of wet feet at the moment and having to bend to take boots off. It’s a small thing for most people but for me every little thing to keep pressure off of my head(brain/neurological disorders)is a must.
    My husband bought me a Hemlock straw hat from where he works to keep the glare out of my eyes while I’m outside and it actually works very well. If glare is exceptionally bad I wear the hat and sunglasses but most days the hat does the job of keeping glare down and allows me to not have dark glasses on while doing certain jobs.
    This was a timely article. I need to find new seasonally appropriate workwear and it has given me some food for thought.

  90. Liz Boyce on

    I like the Dovetail work pants and after reading your information on workwear for women, I must try some overalls.
    I love my farmer florist tool belt. It fits just right and I don’t drop tools out of my back pocket. Thanks for sharing all your suggestions and trials on workwear.

  91. Emily Gomez on

    Dovetail are by far my favorites as well! Besides all of the wonderful qualities you already listed, my favorite thing about my Dovetail overalls is the twine hole in the front bib pocket. It seems like such a little thing, but its a huge time saver, turning a usually ungainly process at best into a well behaved task.

  92. Vange Johnson on

    Ridge Merino Frankie Merino Tank Top. Can’t beat wool underneath all your active gear. No synthetics, doesn’t stink, less washing. Best underneath tank top to wear for gardening and outside.

  93. Tina Quijano on

    I have two hand me down Patagonia rain jackets for wet cool spring gardening in Michigan. They hold up well to thorns, raspberry bush pruning, roses. No snags. I wash and line dry every so often but they are my gardening jackets and meant to be used!

  94. Lisa Hoover on

    Have you tried Red Ants Pants? A company in Montana not too far from my hometown. Love their stuff.

    From their website: “Red Ants Pants is the first company dedicated to manufacturing workwear for women, so the moniker “Red Ants Pants” is an appropriate one. Red Ants Pants are designed for active and outdoorsy women to fit, function, and flatter, and Calhoun came up with the idea after thinking about red ant colonies, where the red female ants do most of the work.”

  95. Jessica Souder on

    I loved this blog, so much great information! I love gardening and have been growing dahlias for years. My dream is to have a field of dahlias someday! I’m one of those people who wears their regular jeans to garden in, so I am very excited to try some of your recommendations. I am especially excited to try some new footwear and I think my husband is going to buy one of your farmer-florist tool belts for me for Mother’s Day! You are a huge inspiration to me and I look forward to your newsletters each time. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  96. Akina K on

    I love Dovetail too!
    I’m a huge fan of Gamine as well, woman owned work ware…I have two pairs of their jeans, and they do take some breaking in but I love stiff denim for longevity of use!

  97. Anne V on

    Danner makes a spectacular women’s work boot with a reinforced toe, slip resistant tread, and cushiony footbed. I can wear my women’s Caliper boot all day on concrete floors, walking up metal walkways, and walking on uneven surfaces and my feet are very happy.

  98. Peggy Bryan on

    I love my Bog boots! I have plantar fasciitis and slip my orthotics right in there, and, BAM! Dry, happy feet! I appreciate the work that went into this post. I may ask for a fancy pair of bibs for my birthday instead of my usual Goodwill finds for working in the field!

  99. Jen Koym on

    I really love my Duluth railroad stripe overalls. They for so well, have the perfect amount of stretch, and have ALL the pockets. I basically live in them everyday. 😂

  100. Andrea Woodhall on

    I love Duluth Noga pants for working in the garden during the summer. They’re so comfy and cool!

  101. Tara T on

    Carhartt hoodies have always been our go to for durability. As for work pants though we tried dovetails thermal mavens. And I did not want to take them off. I could have worn them as pjs if they had been clean.

  102. Juliette on

    My favorite farm gear are the Duluth Heirloom Gardening Bib overalls. I have regular ones in grey, and 2 pairs of “shorteralls” as I like to call them, which are the same overall but shorts! I have tried many different kinds of overalls, but always ran into the problem of them not being long enough for my torso. Either I had to wear the straps super long which meant the bib part hung down too far, or I had the bib part at the right place on my chest but it was uncomfortably tight in the groin area. I’m only 5’7, so when I tried to solve the problem by getting the tall version they were much too long in the leg. The duluth overalls were the first pair of overalls I got where I did not have that problem. I wear mine almost every day in the summer at the no-till vegetable + flower farm I work at and they have held up fabulously to all of the squatting, bending, scooting, and stretching I have to do. They are lightweight and breathable and I cannot recommend them enough!

  103. Angie Guyette on

    Ooboz hiking boots and Hunter boots for lighter work. Love Eddie Bauer also for their outerwear collection and rain. Thanks for all the information!!

  104. Kathleen Peters on

    Hi! I am a retired fish biologist who recommends Fishe leggings, gaitors, and headbands. The leggings are designed to wear under waders but are super cute and can be worn under work clothes. They are women owned and based in Anchorage. Creative and colorful designs.

    I also wear Kavu overalls which are a bit fancy but super comfortable, come in “capris” which fits my 5’2″ frame and have big pockets on each hip.

  105. Kaitlin on

    I have a pair of regular old Dickies overalls that I practically live in while harvesting tulips. They make the perfect place to wipe your hands 😂
    Still. Might be nice to have a second pair atleast.

  106. Margaret on

    My favorite work boot is Barnyard Side Zip by Ariat. They have held up for over 5 years and counting. Easy to put on, waterproof and leather. They keep my feet warm enough in winter but I’m in the Piedmont of North Carolina. Enjoyed “looking in your closet.”

  107. Sara F on

    I just bought my first pair of dovetail pants and can’t wait for them to arrive! I’ve worn carhartt (mostly men’s styles) for the better part of over 20 years in construction, both in the office and on the job. I am excited that the options are increasing in women’s wear! I hear 1620 has plans to have a women’s line soon also.

  108. Mik on

    They don’t qualify as traditional “workwear,” but I have a few pairs of ripstop hiking pants from Athleta that have served me well for years. I don’t know if they make the line anymore, but I believe they were called “Wander.” They’re perfect for casual backyard gardening—stretchy, super durable, and fairly water repellant.

  109. Angel Gladden on

    I have only been gardening for two years and I bought my first pair of Carharrt overalls when we started clearing the space. Initially there were lots of trees that we had to cut down, pull to a fire pile,and burn. The Carhartt overalls held up through all of that and I am now wearing them in my new garden space.

  110. Frannie on

    I have a pair of Carhartt duck canvas overalls that I have been working in for nearly 10 years! They are so sturdy and strong and I live in them in the colder months. After reading this blog I really want to get a pair of dovetail overalls for the summer!

  111. Rhonda on

    I love Hunter boots to work in my flower garden or just wearing them outside to work in. Thanks for letting us know what workwear you like.

  112. Taylor Richards on

    I actually live close to the beautiful Skagit Valley. I’m a few miles away on Whidbey Island, so we also get a lot of rain! My current favorite jacket that I have been wearing on our micro farm is the Loose Fit Firm Duck Insulated Flannel-Lined jacket by Carhartt. I ordered the mens medium because I am tall and have long limbs. I also wanted to wear layers underneath it and still have it be a little oversized. My favorite boots to wear on the farm have been my Muck Boots. I wear the style “hale” and I love them! They are comfortable and easy to take on and off, plus with our property having wetlands these are a great choice since they are completely waterproof. Thanks for all of the amazing information and all you guys are doing at Floret! We ordered seeds from you guys this year and I cannot wait for my flower gardens to start coming alive! All my best, Taylor

  113. Samantha on

    This year is our first year on our property, so along with creating the infrastructure, I also need some fresh workwear before I destroy my entire wardrobe. Thank you for putting this list together!

  114. Kelly on

    Dovetails Freshly Thermal Overalls have been my favorite cold weather wear for the last two seasons. The lining feels delicious against your skin! They’re so nice, I not recently started wearing them in the garden. I am impressed that they’re a woman owned business out of Portland, OR, and their quality is exceptional. Thanks for the reviews, I will be looking at all the products mentioned.🌻

  115. Krysten on

    That’s tough, I’ll be honest I’ve never really found a piece of workwear that I’ve actually loved. Most seem to fall apart on me. I will say I own muck boots that I’ve put through the ringer and they are still hanging tough!

  116. D Hamilton on

    The Women’s Bellingham Performance Goatskin Gloves in small! I get a fresh pair every couple of years. As someone with tiny hands I love that they come in women’s small. No more frustratingly floppy fingertips! 😁

  117. Joanne Dubrow on

    So far I have used Carhartt work wear and find it durable yet a bit long to break them in.
    I would like to try the linen overalls you suggested as it can get rather hot working in the summer sun. Finding good work wear for the heat is a challenge.
    Thank you for the great and honest review on these products.

  118. Alison H on

    Great post! Makes it easier to invest in good workwear with a solid recommendation. I have been let down in the past. I work on a cranberry farm in coastal Washington, and garden in my down time. I have found that Grunden’s deck boss boots (tall) to be the best. They seem to last the longest without cracking they are comfortable enough to wear all day on the farm with miles of walking. I had a pair last over 2 years of everyday wear until . accidentally, I put a hole in them with a nail! Had to buy a new pair for wet weather but I still wear the old ones on drier days. Could not be without these boots. I also love Atlas 370 gloves, they are durable and inexpensive enough to have a few pairs.

  119. Laurie Wilder on

    My favorite item of work wear was (and sadly note the past tense) a pair of leather gloves by Woman’s Work (or Women’s work). Anyway, they were the most perfectly fitting work gloves I’ve ever had and of course I lost first one, then the other. I have found it very hard to find great work gloves, and my hands are completely average as far as size…..

  120. Rebecca Cox on

    I have a pair of Ridgecut insulated bibs in a berry color that I wear all winter for chores. It’s the Tractor Supply version of Carhartt but I have found that the bibs fit me better than Carhartt ones and have more of that broken in feeling/easier to move around in. Plus the color is amazing since it is one of my favorites! I also have a Columbia sweatshirt jacket that I found on clearance a couple of years ago that is durable, snaps up the front and it has a cinch back which I like because it is less boxy looking than other jackets. This has been my go-to for in between weather. I’m super excited that you mentioned Patagonia and I think I need to get those overalls because I love the company and have lots of Patagonia workout wear. I didn’t realize they had workwear as well.

  121. Kathleen Rauch on

    My first workwear brand was Carharrt. I loved the rugged durability and the way the stiff canvas softened and molded to my body over time.

    I then found Red Ants Pants, a woman owned business in White Sulphur Springs, Montana. Pants designed by women for women with options to fit different body types. Red Ants Pants also has a renowned music festival and a foundation, “fostering strength and self reliance in rural, agricultural communities.” So much more than a clothing business. Amazing to witness the breadth of engagement.

    And today, so am waiting for the arrival of my first pair of Dovetail overalls! I will be spending my summer in the garden at a thermal springs in Montana. Looking forward to a new wardrobe addition!

  122. Julia on

    My favorite piece of clothing is the Duluth Dry on the Fly work pants!

  123. Sarah on

    I love my dovetail freshly overalls hands down! Also I love my closed toed Teva sandals for working in the flower farm when it’s crazy hot and humid in the summer and you just can no longer wear boots!

  124. Margaret LaPlant on

    I hope this is okay, I accidentally posted my comment without finishing it!
    I’m a commercial greenhouse grower up in Blaine and trying to find shoes is SO hard because of the pesticides and fungicides I have to use! I think my favorite brand I’ve used for workwear, SO FAR, is Carhartt! It’s so funny because all my complaints about Carhartt are the same as all y’all! I’m really wanting a pair of Duluth overalls!
    I’ve been on maternity leave and I need to get all new clothes by the time I go back to work in September. I’ve gone up a size in both shoes and clothing. I’ve been rocking my Target maternity overalls for the time being.

  125. Cheryl Meinhardt on

    I order most of clothes from Gudrun, a Swedish based company that offer sustainable clothes. The light weight linen artist shirts with front pockets are my favorite while arranging small bouquets for day brightening give aways. I enjoyed your suggestions on more durable workwear and will be checking out your suggests. Thank you!

  126. Michelle Little on

    My all time favorite work pants were the Camber by Mountain Khakis. Sadly they aren’t made anymore. Now I switch between Duluth Fire Hose pant and Carhartt original.The sizing is always different with each pair and I’m not excited about putting them on in the morning. I have a Kuhl winter work jacket that I now wear sparingly because I don’t think it’s made anymore. I love it! I’m going to try Dovtail as soon as I trim down a little from this looong winter !!!

  127. Steph on

    Thank you for such a great article! This is so helpful! My favorite work wear has to be wool socks from Farm to Feet. Never again will I wear anything on my feet but wool. This company has really cute designs and you can send back for a replacement pair if anything happens to them and they will reuse the fibers for new socks. If you air dry them, and wear them multiple times (they just don’t stink!) they seem to last forever!

  128. Janice Joyner on

    This is such great information. I need new/better work clothes and this helps a lot. And that tool belt is a game changer. Thanks again for your reviews.

  129. Dayna on

    This article was so interesting I usually just wear older jeans and denim shirts to work in my garden and yard but this made me want to try out some of your suggestions. My family gifted me a floret belt a couple of years ago and I absolutely love it! Thanks for the information it’s really helpful to get some directions for women’s work wear!

  130. Carrie E. on

    I’ve also loved my Carhartt, but as you mentioned the designs and fits have changed. Thank you for the list of suggestions, going to explore the dovetail brand!

  131. Rose Fera on

    Such a timely blog post for me! I am retiring from my off-farm job next Friday and trading in my “business casual” for garden wear! I am going to need a couple of pairs of overalls and have been wondering how to decide which ones to get. Thanks for this!

  132. Michelle Solheim on

    One of my favorite companies is Sloggers. Love the shoes and hats.

  133. Gail Dupar on

    I could not live without my XTRATUF 15″ Legacy Boots. I have multiple pairs standing outside both entry doors ready to step in or out of easily. The fun designs offered in the Legacy Collection are awesome. I own the Fireweed print in classic brown with pink outsoles. If you feel like dressing up, just fold them down to expose the Fireweed print interior. I also own a couple pairs of the Salmon Sisters series with fish and octopus designs on the inside. These boots were made for walking. I know that sounds cliche but I’ve found myself walking miles in them and they are so comfortable and supportive! From house to beach, to garden and pasture to picnic, with jeans or dresses, these are my favorite.

  134. Nancymarie on

    I have been looking into this very topic so the advertisements I have been getting have been focused on this! I love you did this article to bring it together! I have been eyeing Duluth overalls for a few months and can’t wait to get a pair of overalls. I think I will love them!

  135. Debbie Bichsel on

    My favorite thing to wear gardening is honestly my leggings with side pockets because I keep my trimmers and pruners in the pockets. Only problem is it’s a little hazardous if I forget and sit down in them! I also have Bogs and live in the PNW where it is constantly wet. My home is near the water and they are great protection for me when walking with the grands on the beach! My other fav new find is leather gardening gloves ( picked them up at Costco- lifesaver)

  136. Julie on

    My usual go to is Carhartt but now I’m excited to try Dovetail as well! And, definitely love Bogs in the winter.

  137. Kathleen P. on

    I love my stretchy and functional Dovetail Cordura Indigo Denim Jeans with 11 pockets! They are comfortable, functional and can be worn for heavy work as well as casual wear. For just hiking, I love Chickfly bamboo pants – because I pee a lot on long walks (drinking lots of water) and don’t want to be outed as a “public pee-er” so these are just the ticket for discreteness as well as style and comfort. I like carharts but have found them too restrictive to move around in and not a great fit for my curvy body.

  138. Patricia McPheeters on

    I’ve developed arthritis in my hands, and have tried dozens of gloves. I love Bellingham Wonder Grip, they come in different sizes and fit my long fingers. I rarely take them off. They cushion my joints, and I can do fairly fine work with them. They also help me grip when driving old pickups or a Gator.

  139. Amber Henke on

    Last spring I bought my first pair of Bog SAUVIE SLIP ON BOOTS. We live on a small farm and mud is everywhere! I call them my muck boots for good reason! One feature that I really love about these boots is that they don’t smell!! All my boots get a funk. I have really sweaty feet which usually causes my shoes to develop a foul order quickly, but these still don’t stink! I just grabbed them and took a whiff to confirm, no smell! I went to a barbecue just after some heavy rain and knowing the yard would be a soggy, muddy mess, I decided to wear my Bogs. When I needed to get to my children on multiple occasions, I didn’t hesitate because I knew the water and mud wouldn’t be an issue because I had on my trusty Bogs. Other parents noticed and asked about my boots! They are a great all season boot. I wore them out in the snow to shovel our long drive way on multiple occasions this winter. I did double up my socks for added warmth and they preformed wonderfully in the ice and snow. The soles are really grippy which I greatly appreciated when clearing the driveway! Walking through the animal pens on my friends farm I didn’t feel the need to avoid droppings because I can just take the hose to my boots and that will be that! They are a great all around choice for a small farm and practical footwear choice for rainy muddy outings, like the Tulip Festival that is going on now in Skagit Valley! I will be wearing these boots when we go next week!

    Just last week I was telling my sister that I plan to buy some overalls to wear while working on the farm. She often talks about Floret especially now with it being planting season. Anyway, she sent me the link to this article and now I am even more excited to pick out my new workwear! Thank you so much for putting so much thought and time into this! It has been truly helpful! I’m excited to be a new follower of Floret! You all are doing amazing work.

  140. Amanda on

    I get a ton of compliments on my duluth gardening overalls. I’m even sort of known by them in my neighborhood. But I have been curious about the dovetail overalls with the secret zip!

  141. Jennifer Graham on

    My favorite workwear are my boots from bogs – they are comfortable , keep me warm and dry, and are easy to get on in a hurry.

  142. Jennifer Graham on

    Thanks for the great post! My favorite workwear are my boots from bogs – they are comfortable , keep me warm and dry, and are easy to get on in a hurry.

  143. Denise Stewardson on

    I absolutely love my Eddie Bauer “chicken coat!” 🐓 It’s a flannel plaid fleece-lined jacket with snaps (easy to fasten when I’m wearing work gloves) and deep pockets. It almost seems a shame to wear such a nice coat when cleaning my backyard chicken coop, but this comfortable, functional piece is awesome!

  144. Christy Henry on

    I’m new to gardening and have just been using my workout pants…which are not great for protecting from any kind of thorns, and are getting torn up. I need actual workwear!

  145. Dolly M Ryder on

    I’ve been gardening in stretchy pants, a tank top and long sleeved shirts for the last 5 years. I think it’s time to get some new gear. Thank you Erin for this honest and informative information.

  146. Fran King on

    I really love my good ole’ Levi’s when I’m working outside. They are rugged and fit my shape – I am not a curvy girl. More straight up and down. Somehow I am not hot in them during the humid summers and I feel warm in them during winter.

  147. Sue Rosenfield on

    I love Carhart and it’s what my brother in law only wears for everything. He is an east person to shop for. I have one fav pair of coveralls but the knees are intentionally worn thru and that doesn’t work for kneeling in the garden. And my crocs are great to wear in the summer in the garden as long as I don’t kick any nettles, but I’d love to try the Keens because they look solid and are slip on and off. My fav purchase so far is my Floret tool belt because it holds everything and is starting to break in nicely.

  148. Kathryn on

    One of my favorite pieces of workwear is a wool hat and sweater that was gifted to me by a friend. Wool is wonderful in the winter!!

  149. Courtney Nash on

    I’m literally sitting here right now in my insulated Dovetail pants as I type this comment, so those are hands down my favorite piece of workwear for our cold, rainy NW seasons. They’re like sweatpants but with all the functionality of real gear. I wear them working on my property, but I also wear them up at the ski hill and I just wore them last weekend at a cold rainy mountain bike race that I was in with my 11 year old daughter. I even once met a dad at a bike race who swears by Dovetails pants too! I am tall, and haven’t yet found anything else with a 34” inseam that is so functional and also flattering. I get comments all the time when I wear them (or my overalls) around town.

  150. Jenise on

    I love overalls so I excited to try the brand that you mentioned. I garden a little and love my Hunter boots.

  151. Renee Townsend on

    I’m in need of workwear… have been wearing old jeans and long sleeved shirts ( and trashing them!). I had no idea where to begin to look.. but now I do! Thanks for the great post!

  152. Andrea Egan on

    Thank you for sharing! I had a hard time finding work wear for women when transitioning into farming. I ended up finding Patagonia work wear pants to try on and fell in love! I love the cinch buttons in the back and the fit is great.

  153. Natalie on

    I love my Duluth and dovetails BUT!!! The LLbean stretch canvas women’s pants in green- are the BOMB! I manage
    To get about two and a half seasons out of them, they’re so lightweight and have so many pockets! Plus they make me feel like I’m the Lara Croft of gardening ;)

    Btw the hori hori from DoItBest (with the snake tongue tooth and the dark blue handle) is literally my favorite hand tool- I just had to share! It’s the best $11 you will spend.

    Cheers to women getting out there and doing it all! Thanks for a great post!

  154. Sheena on

    I like Carhartt overalls, they lasted a long time for me. I am in need of a new pair, so this article was very helpful! Thank you.

  155. Sherre Ittel on

    Last fall I purchased Blundstone leather boots to wear on most days. Although tight at first, thy broke in quickly and I wear them most cool weather days. I also love my Patagonia fleece vest to wear by itself or as an extra layer on cool days. Being comfortable and looking good (despite the dirt) at work is always important! Thank you for making the task of clothes shopping easier!

  156. Lauren Miller on

    Like most working moms, my work clothes often become my “work” clothes. I’m often seen in a cotton T-shirt leggings, and a muddy sneaker. Possibly a controversial work apparel pick, but I love a croc 😬☺️! Would LOVE some rain gear if chosen. Wisconsin weather= UNPREDICTABLE!

  157. Steph on

    I discovered Dovetail last year and highly recommend their pants. For boots I recently made a switch to X-tra Tuf low cut slip-on boots, which have been very durable thus far and great in all kinds of weather.

  158. Darcy on

    Xtratuf boots have been a favorite of mine. Thanks for the reviews!

  159. Sara on

    My favorite gardening wear comes from Duluth. I own their overalls (shorts & full length) and a pair of sleeveless coveralls. The overalls are light weight which is great in my southern climate, but most importantly pockets on pockets on pockets!! Plenty of room for clippers, markers, seeds, phone, and whatever else you may need. I’ve had them for years and they’re holding strong.

    Another item I enjoy are the $5 gardening packs from the Target dollar spot. It includes an apron (more pockets) and a pair of gloves. They come in cute patterns as well, Target for the win like always.

    Wireless headphones are a good investment. Clippers and wires hanging from your ears can be a bad combo.

  160. Betty K. on

    I have to give my Columbia & Ariat boots a nod here. Over the years I’ve had pairs of both that have been great for wide ranges of use. My Columbia boots started out just for hiking & camping, but have become my hiking, camping, rain, snow, gardening, and yard work boots. My Ariat pair was meant for durable commuting & office wear, but as they broke in, I ended up using them a lot for gardening & yard work as well.

  161. Jani Graham on

    I love my Duluth work pants. Nice amount of stretch and the fabric is tough and dries quickly. And BOGS Nro Classic Tall boots are my go-to!!
    Lots of other great options to try now. Thanks for a great article!

  162. Holly on

    Over 20 years ago and pre-kids, we owned a riding stables in the Smoky Mountains. I still use the Carhartt heavy zip up coat on the farm we have now when one my daughters doesn’t grab it first!

  163. Jodi Miri on

    I love my pair of Kuhl Rydr pants. I have worn them for gardening, hiking and construction in cool weather and they have held up nicely. I have an athletic build with full hips and they fit nicely. They have room for movement and a bit of stretch and stay up when I bend. They even look a little bit dressy (when newish and clean). I have also loved my Scarpa hiking boots for hiking, and for construction/gardening. The toe feels protected and they have great ankle support.

  164. M. Lucas on

    My Sloggers are great for my muddy yard and volunteer garden work. They are so comfy I often end up wearing them all day.

  165. Shelley on

    Carhartt leggings are my go-to, but thank you for opening up a whole new world to me!

  166. Nancy Henderson on

    Shout out to Red Ants Pants of Montana, Annie Calhoun founder. Really tough stuff and made in the USA.

  167. Patty on

    I love the carhardt sweatshirts they keep me very rain jacket is Columbia and it has kept me dry everytime ..But its been worm so much I need a new jacket ..

  168. Sharyn Sowell on

    I love my Carhartt denim coat but it’s definitely for utility only, I would never wear it outside of home. I live right near you and saw you wearing the Patagonia overalls and looking fabulous even in workwear. Didn’t want to bother you by asking what they were but I’m delighted to know! Thanks for a great post.

  169. Alyse Goupil on

    Thank you so much for this post! I’m starting my adventure into farming and outdoor work and am excited that I don’t have to trial and error on my own for good workwear. I really love my Oboz hiking shoes, but am not sure how well they would do in daily work. They are an excellent fit and very comfortable for my long and narrow feet.
    Oboz Sawtooth Low BDry Hiking Shoes

  170. Lori on

    I love this post so much! I couldn’t agree more it’s so hard to find quality work clothes. I’ve ended up just going to thrift stores or good will and buying stuff that’s already worn out knowing it’s not gonna last long. But at least I didn’t pay full price for something and end up tossing it out. I do recommend carhart work boots for women. They have held up well and my feet aren’t too sore ar the end of the day.

  171. Esmeralda on

    Great article! My favorite piece of work gear are my Jordache overalls I purchased in the 90s for painting. they’re a military green color, lightweight and covered in paint! I love them.
    I also love my Xtra Tuf rainboots. They’re made well, fit true to size and are comfortable af!
    Good luck, everyone!

  172. Ann Marie on

    Duluth Trading has been my go to for work wear and Eddie Bauer for outerwear. Thanks for the Skagit Valley recommendations your blog was perfect timing for our planned trip from Texas. Spent last week checking out the tulips browsing La Connor and enjoying multiple hikes. What a beautiful area you get to call home.

  173. Katie on

    I am still searching for great garden clothing. I love wearing long sleeved shirts with snaps instead of buttons. I found that buttons are always getting snagged on something. Thank you so much for the post!

  174. Janet on

    I just have a really comfortable hoodie with nice pockets, and a down vest vest for when it’s cold, I just layer up… and a couple pair of leggings that are comfortable .. it would be nice to have overalls, If I don’t win this giveaway, 🙏🏻😊.. I’ll probably get some from Duluth trading. Have a wonderful day.

  175. Heather on

    My favourite work wear when it’s cool is a standard cotton hoodie from my dad’s roofing company. It’s not special or technical, but my dad is gone now, so while it was always comfy it’s extra special now.

  176. Mers on

    I love to wear my overalls. It doesn’t have to be a certain brand. The more pockets, the better.

  177. Emily on

    Amazing recommendations! I have tried about half of these already and really appreciated learning more about some other options to try out and about on my farm!

  178. Heidi Webb on

    Thank you so much for this info. In the late spring thue summer, I have used Kohls house brand , tec gear athletic, shirts and leggings.They wick away mousture very well. Most days are above 90. Now I have some good resoures to check out for the cooler months.

  179. Elle on

    One of my favorite pieces of work wear is my Fairechild rain coat!

  180. Rosie Penning on

    I really enjoyed this article! It is so important to find clothing, be it garden clothing or otherwise, that fits great, looks cute and is functional!
    I have been gardening for years now but- We recently moved into a much larger space and I have found myself outside working more and this year I have my own cutting garden. I finally got some long sleeve SPF shirts from REI that I love because they are cool but keep me covered. I was recently gifted some cute gardening clogs by Western Chief that I wear all the time.
    I’m looking forward to trying some of the pants or overalls in this article. Thank you!

  181. Elizabeth Ellers on

    I have an ancient pair of Osh Kosh overalls from before they stopped making clothes for adults. I’m in my 60’s and they may just outlive me!

  182. Miranda R. on

    I love my heirloom bib gardening overalls from Duluth. They always have one fun pattern in addition to their great colors and they’re available as shorts. I get the most compliments on them and I love the swishiness of the fabric!

  183. Nancy Sawyer on

    What a great article! I cannot wait to get some new overalls…My favorite boots are the Bogs/mid-boot/flower pattern. When the vineyard is wet and mushy, these are the go to boot even to take a walk in. So comfortable and reasonably priced for how long they last, which is a loooong time! Thanks for the fun update Erin…

  184. Jenna on

    I don’t have any work wear yet and would love to get a cute overall. I’m petite so I’m not sure the long version would work for me.

  185. Ann chang on

    I love a pair of salmon sisters boots. Most mornings begin in them until it gets too cold

  186. Tamara on

    My Bogs boots in purple flower pattern in a women’s size 12…I was shocked when I found them because fun shoes never come in giant sizes! The best is when my husband slips them on to run outside to the mailbox or whatever. Thanks for writing up a review of women’s workwear that comes in taller sizes. The struggle is real.

  187. Shannon Fisher on

    This is unbelievably valuable information for women who’s work requires so much movement and stretching. Sturdy and practical workwear is incredibly difficult to find. I 100% agree with the Dovetail Overalls. They’re always my first choice of all of the pairs I own. My favorite Flannel Shirt is from Duluth, their free swinging flannel. It has gussets in the back that stretch and actually allow your arms to move.

    Seriously, thank you for this.

  188. Ashley Critzer on

    This list is stellar! I love overalls and jumpsuits that I can move in, but I rarely can find something that is good quality and affordable. I’m definitely eyeing a few of these suggestions for the summer. This last Fall, I decided I needed a good pair of garden boots. After researching and finding them on sale at my local DSW, I went with Bogs. Hands down a game-changer for me. They are the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn. My feet tend to run cold, and these were wonderful during the winter. I was amazed by the support and how long I could be on my feet without feeling tired. I’m looking to get a lighter pair for the summer.

  189. Heidi Butts on

    I love columbia waterproof hiking boots! The only work shoes I have found that don’t hurt my feet. I wear them for gardening and for farm work with rubber over boots.

  190. Brianna Showalter on

    I’m obsessed with my Duluth rootstock overalls, but my favorite gardening must-have is a wide brimmed straw hat, even here in the PNW. I’ve had melanoma and try my darndest to wear a hat outdoors. I wear a very old recycled straw hat I purchased at Ravenna Gardens, but a Quiksilver surfer hat is on my birthday list after trying my aunt’s recently.

  191. Terry Luskin on

    I have a much-beloved and only slightly battered Wallaroo hat with SPF 50 coverage. Absurd to announce that it is bright pink, but it does cheer me, and the broad brim keeps my face and neck shady while the mesh ventilates my head in our warming New England climate.

  192. Kim Johnson on

    I have owned the same 2 Carhartt sweatshirts for almost 20 years. Although they have, of course, faded in color over the years, they are still in incredibly good shape. We laugh at family pictures in which I seem to be wearing the same green sweatshirt every year!

  193. Chanin Mauery on

    Because I deal with skin cancer removal and Melanoma in my family- I LOVE my Coolibar UPF 50+ Unisex Windom UV Hat Drape. I can wear it under any hat and have a few on hand for when one needs to be thrown in the wash. My neck and shoulders burn too easily and this really helps/ just grab and go. I also LOVE DULUTH coveralls. They stretch in all the right places and cover what needs coverin’!

  194. Kim Clark on

    The carhart sweat pants have been cozy in the winter. Eddie Bauer skorts are breath able and stretchy in the summer

  195. chris peterson on

    Thank you for writing this! It came at the perfect time — I had already ordered from Duluth (Flexpedition Overalls and Heirloom Gardening Short Overalls), and while both items are great for spring weather they will be too hot during our summers in Leavenworth WA. I’ve just ordered the Patagonia Hemp Canvas overalls and can’t wait to try them.

    Thanks for understanding that women want form, function and a little fashion in our gardens!

  196. Marla Caldwell on

    I finally invested in myself as well as the farm this past year and bought some good Bogs boots! No more wet, icy cold feet from less than superior footwear. Can’t do much without a good vest with lots of pockets too. How else could one carry a pen, notebook , snips, glasses, gloves, phone, zip ties, seeds ….etc. and anything else I can manage to “carry” in 1 trip!…

  197. Stephanie Tittle on

    Best blog post of the year! My crew and I always seem to be talking gear. Once I find something I love it’s hard not to buy a stash for fear of change, however, prices make the stash problem only a dream! Our horticulture crew all love pieces from each of the brands you mention, but we had not heard of Grundéns. Thanks to the code you shared and a sales jacket, I will be giving them a try hopefully next week. Plenty of rain in the forecast to slow down progress as we all prepare for the Kentucky Derby here. Not sure about everyone else, but there is no shame in simultaneously wearing gear from multiple brands. No matter how much I like a piece, as soon as I become a billboard wearing it, I switch it up.

    I was wondering if you have ever tried the brand Kühl. Their pants are a favorite in the garden. We all seem to pull them out when we need to look a little sharper, but know we are going to still get dirty.

  198. Jenae on

    I always have shorts on. Do you ever work in the garden in shorts? It’s hot in Michigan.

  199. Laura on

    I have three pairs of very durable Carhart pants. These pants are great but often slip down when I wear a tool belt. I have been meaning to try their bibs, so thank you for the review and recommendation. My husband wears Duluth Trading Company bibs, which he loves. Glad to hear that their bibs for women are also high quality.

  200. Patrice Holodnick on

    Thanks so much for all of these great ideas. I’ve been wanting a good pair of boots for the mud and muck season here in the PNW. (I’m not far from you)
    If anyone has suggestions for gloves for women with wide hands and short fingers I would deeply appreciate it! I have only tried LL Bean shirts and generally wear old sweat pants to garden but would really love a good pair of bib overalls.

  201. Tahra Smith on

    I wear the heck out of my the Dovetail Maven pants. Love the double front. And that they have tall inseam options and plus sizes that accommodate my big legs and booty.

  202. Maureen on

    Thanks for all the great tips on workwear. I’ve gone though more pairs of levis than I can count. I do like blundstones for the muddy garden.

  203. April Dobson on

    I love my Duluth work pants and shirts! We have a hobby farm and I’m in the construction trade, so I need clothes meant to be worked in. Women’s ‘fit’ seems to elude some companies. I’m here for all the pro/con lists!

    This is such an excellent way to share products so we know going in whether we should order this or that! You’ve saved me so much time and return shipping!

    My favorite clippers came from Floret too!

  204. Sarah Zwissler on

    I absolutely love my Bogs boots. I wear them every day, they are so comfortable and durable.

  205. Kari on

    Thank you for always being so generous with gathering and sharing information with the world! ❤️

    I love the Xtratuf Salmon Sisters 15” Legacy Boot. It is excellent for spring and fall. The latex neoprene is so flexible and comfortable when I’m kneeling down in the dirt. Great traction, too. I’m hard on work wear because I’m always in a hurry so boots, snips, pants, whatever seem to fail. But these have no cracks, splits, or holes. (Even though I’ve accidentally poked with a pitchfork.). Love them.

    As we get into cold Maine winter weather and early spring, Muck boots are great. My kids love the Rugged II and I use the Chore Tall. Our friends with horses use the Arctic Adventure tall boot. Mine are a little on the heavier side so next time around, I may switch to a lighter one. But durable and great for tromping with kids in mud, cranberry bogs, deep snow, swamps, etc.

  206. Stephanie on

    You can’t go wrong with Carhartt, but I also love LL Bean!

  207. Erin on

    I have never invested in workwear, but I really want to, because I keep getting holes in the things I wear in a daily basis. As a plus size and tall woman, it would be nice to try some things out and see what works for my body. What great reviews! Thank you!

  208. Shelley Johansen on

    I have a pair of Blundstone boots that I have been wearing since 2020 and have just continued to put new insoles in every 6 months. They are perfect for fall and late spring yard work on misty wet days in Washington. And I like the messy patina the leather gets over time. I have been looking for overalls and more heavy duty rain gear so I am going to check out your recommendations. I am always looking for classic, utilitarian pieces that will last a long time. My kid has a pair of bogs that I have been eyeing so it may be time to finally upgrade from cheap galoshes!

  209. Angela Stephenson on

    I absolutely loved this post and was so excited to look through your recommendations! After 20+ years of gardening in clothes that had been downgraded from my regular closet wear, I decided last fall to purchase some workwear pieces. I had no idea where to look so I naturally turned to Carhartt. I purchased a pair of the Women’s Relaxed Fit Denim Bib Overalls in the Railroad stripe and enjoyed wearing them this fall/winter/spring. I have been looking for something a bit lighter for the warmer summer months so this post was so timely! I think I will try the Patagonia overalls and see how they work out for me. I have also been looking for really comfortable gardening shoes. I purchased a pair of Muck Boot Company waterproof gardening boots for the cooler/wet months and they have been fantastic. Thank you again for all the information!

  210. Melanie on

    Duluth overall are so comfy! New flower farmer so I’d love to try others options. Great info!

  211. Maggie Jacoby on

    Thanks so much for testing and reporting to us these work clothes!! I’ve already ordered a new pair of overalls. I love my Duluth’s Women’s Heirloom Garden Vest. Great pockets, layers well during the cold season and during the summer I wear it alone with a tank top or with only a sports bra.

  212. Leslie freitas on

    Thank you! Always looking for affordable, long lasting, comfortable gear. Carhartt overalls have been my staple; I’ve patched them up and replaced ripped straps. My current pairs are faded and worn, but still sturdy and going strong.

  213. Diane Hilliard on

    I used to buy a lot of men’s clothes since the women’s clothes didn’t hold up to my rockhounding and my job as a tree trimmer in Montana. Now I live in Arizona and though I don’t work as a tree trimmer I still go rockhounding and do lots of yard work at my mom’s place. She has 5 acres of cactus and mesquite trees that are out of control now. Those buggars are not fun to work around because of all the sharp spines and thorns. I have yet to find work wear I like that will hold up so I often buy used clothing because it is less expensive to recycle into rags when it gives out from wear. Might have to try some of your recommendations. I am 5’2″ so I need work wear for small but curvy women which is almost non existent. I do recommend Farmers Defense Protection Sleeves. They really do protect my arms from scratches and they stay put without having to pull them up or readjust them. They get snags in them but no rips so far. They are a little warm when the temperatures get into the 100 degree range but they do wick the moisture so they aren’t uncomfortable. Best of all they protect my arms from nasty scratches even from cactus spines.
    Thank you for posting your reviews of women’s work clothes.

  214. Marie Christenson on

    I, too, like the Bogs boots but recently discovered the Salmon sisters XTRATUF boots. Love the design, fit, ease of removal. Love that the designs are done by sisters who are commercial fisherwomen in Alaska. A pair of boots, worn daily, typically last me a year of hard use on our farm.
    I have a magenta canvas Carhartt jacket that is faded but going strong-great for bramble management and pretty good in light rain. Not a specific brand, but I wear out gardening gloves like crazy and find that a disposable nitrile glove as a liner is an effective and inexpensive way to get better longevity for my gloves (and fingernails 🙂).
    Thanks for this excellent review. I hadn’t heard of Dovetail or Grundéns, but I am looking forward to trying them out!

  215. Sandy on

    Thank you for these great suggestions! I just got some Duluth overalls and I’m so excited to try them out. One thing I’d like to plug, if not technically workwear… is the Megababe Bust Dust paired with a supportive bra (ESPECIALLY for the uhh… more buxom of us 😆 Elomi is a current favorite, and Berlei makes some awesome ones!) Apply some of the bust dust before gardening in the heat and it does wonders for absorbing sweat and keeping you comfortable (which I think is within the spirit of this post!)

  216. Judy Brown on

    I am looking at the Eli Chore Coat! I love it. It’s sold out right now, but I signed up to be notified when it’s back in stock. Thank you so much for doing this post!

  217. Jess Taylor on

    Dovetail!!! Length!!! Coverage!!!! and POCKETS!!!!
    Oh my!!!

  218. Andrea on

    I love my Garden Girl bibs. I have two pair. They’re 15 years old. If you ever see them for sale grab them. So durable, comfortable, cute and full of pockets.

  219. Hannah Schmitt on

    I love my Sunday Afternoons sun hats for working outside and playing too. My kids and husband wear them also.

  220. Rori Jensen on

    Thank you for this blog post and I love that all these resources are all in one spot. I currently have a couple of Duluth pieces, Gardening overall shorts and the pants. But I have been eyeing the railroad overalls and I purchased them. Found your Keen shoes on eBay and I’m looking for a good slip-on gardening shoe.

  221. Brenda Kelley on

    I am a bit of a newbie at work clothes, but I love my nitrile dipped gloves in size small! My kids do too- I have mom written on mine so I can keep track of them.

  222. Mary Catherine Graziano on

    I just found a bunch of great Duluth trading post pants, and they are comfortable, easy to work in, and fit!! I’m definitely in the “curvy” demographic, and I’m just so happy that I found clothes that are comfy. Their lined stretchy pants are my absolute favorite, and I keep wearing them around the house, even though they’re really for work (and would be great work wear)

  223. Amy on

    I know these boots have been trending in the fashion world (at least in Nashville) but I love love love my Blundstone boots. They are great for just about any weather except maybe pouring rain and a really cold winter day – you can’t fit a thick sock in there.

    I worked at the airport on the ramp loading bags onto planes and always struggled to find shoes that held up.

    I’ve had these for 2 years now and there’s hardly any sign of wear and tare and I wear them basically everyday for all activities – be it fashion or in the garden :)

  224. Jane omick on

    I like lands end! Love the jacket line. So durable and cute.

  225. amy on

    I’ve followed on Instagram since they started.

    Their pants have extra give for those bloated days and it’s a fab women owned company. They get compared to dovetail a lot.

    Thanks for the awesome reviews I really need to invest in a few more pieces so I stop destroying my clothes and this really helps.

  226. Lucy Wauchope on

    I have the oldest, friendliest and most comfortable pair of dungarees that I wear around my garden here. Hand me ons from my sister. When I was recently visiting my family in Australia I bought myself some new gardening /farming gear which I absolutely love. They come in a few different colours.
    I have a pair of their shorts in khaki and the long pants/trousers in navy. Both fit really well. They have enough stretch for any activity and are so comfortable. They also come in multiple lengths and sizes. I wear:
    Style WP – 3W size 8 F-X-D. I love all the pockets and the one designed for your phone is waterproof and a Velcro fastener, so no chance of it falling out. Highly recommend trying.

  227. Erin Sweatland on

    Thank you so much for posting this blog! Super helpful suggestions to try for women’s body types. I originally went for Carhartt double front pants and while super durable, I felt like they were super stiff & took awhile to break in. Next I tried Dickies women’s stretch double front carpenter pants and they had the stretch, comfort and durability I was looking for. I’d LOVE to try dovetail overalls because a friend swears by them and it’s awesome to see them on the top of your list as well! What an amazing giveaway you’re hosting too! Cheers!

  228. Jennifer on

    This is a great and super helpful article! Thank you so much for sharing! I love LLBean flannel shirts and jackets and Patagonia sweatshirts. I had been wearing Bog rain boots but they’ve gotten very uncomfortable lately and hurt my feet so I’m in the market for a new waterproof work boot.

  229. Lynn on

    My go to boots for spring through fall are from a company located in New Hampshire called Perfect Storm Footwear. I have enjoyed their wider foot and toe area and that they flex more than other boots I have tried. In the cooler months I add sheepskin insoles for added warmth. Happy Gardening All!

  230. Gwendy Haas on

    I have a few Patagonia pieces that I love to wear up top. I have a R2 zip fleece that I wear in cooler weather because it has pockets and I have a pullover that I have worn for years before that. I have been wearing crocs rain boots when doing wet stuff as it doesn’t get all that wet here in Colorado I haven’t invested in anything heavy duty. My favorite piece of work wear are my farmers sleeves. I got them for my birthday from a friend a few years back and they are awesome. I work with quite a bit of grass and prune roses and these breathable sleeves help keep me from having allergic reactions to the grass when I have to get in there and work with it. They have sun protection and they are cool cause they breathe when it gets really hot out there in summer.

  231. Cassi Kendall on

    Wow! I’ve been looking for some better options on work clothes. I usually just wear my regular clothes but have come to find that they don’t hold up that well.
    When it comes to boots, I’m all set with my NEO-Tech wildflower bogs in the spring or when it’s wet in my garden, but when it’s hot and dry I prefer wearing my Justin cowgirl boots that I’ve had for years!
    Thank you so much for writing this article! I’ve really needed some guidance on work clothing.

  232. Monica on

    I like Duluth Clothing, I like that the sleeves don’t seem to be too short, or shrink up too much.

  233. Monica on

    I really like the Duluth clothing. I like that the sleeves seem to be long enough and don’t shrink up to be too short.

  234. Dani Cooper on

    I can’t say enough about my Chaco boots! They don’t make them anymore so this pair will be with me as long as I can keep them going! I live in Chaco sandals all summer so the boots are for when i need toe protection, but with my familiar Chaco feel. I’d love to try the flannel from Dovetail! I have broader shoulders that make getting a button up to fit me hard, without it looking too bulky.

  235. Sara Smeby on

    I love my Bogs boots and Duluth flannels. My Bogs get serious use and love here in the PNW and my flannels get better with every wash! Thanks for a fun giveaway! XX, Sara

  236. Michelle Ahlers on

    I have always really liked Duluth trading company, but their sizing isn’t right for me, tried a few pieces of their gardening line, although well made it is not designed with a small petite women. So happy to find dovetail workwear, it’s tough to find workwear that fits a petite women. My daughter introduced me to their line of workwear, I’m 5’2”. She is just 5’ and is a full time electrician, plus we both work on the property we have. Whether flower farming or splitting wood, this work wear from dovetail workwear is comfortable, good fit and lives up to its claims. I love the fit of Britt X Ultra Light. Super comfortable light weight for Warner temps with pockets galore! The Christa DIY in Magnet Grey Performance Denim is awesome! All the pockets you need with a jogging pant waist. These are so comfortable when kneeling and bending over planting in the cooler temps.
    The Multi-Purpose Work Glove holds l up.
    I’m on the lookout for summer footwear, with breathable support. From fall-spring I wear my Lacrosse Women’s Alpha Thermal 14″ 7.0MM Waterproof Work Boot.

  237. Joanne Crouch on

    Two favorite brands for me are Dulutn overalls and Grundon boots. I have both the denim and heirloom gardening overslls. In the winter I wear the denim nearly every day and when it gets really cold or windy in the winter on the Kitsap Peninsula I love their insulated version. In the summer when I’m in the gardens I love the heirloom garden overalls. I can bend and squat and work while staying cool. Lots of sturdy pockets fit tools and cute enough to wear to town or going to a casual function. I always get comments from other women when I wear the gardening gnome overalls.
    Boots, hands down are the Grundon short boots. Tall enough that puddles and mud aren’t a problem. Comfy enough to walk the quarter mile to the mailbox. Easy to step into. Flexible enough to climb in and out of our fishing boat. And long lasting! I’ve had mine 2 years and no cracks and still comfy and I have worn them every damp day. I’m in the PNW so that’s a lot of days between September and May, and frequent fishing in the summer. They are a bright green and I’ve even had men compliment me when i wear them!
    I have to mention another favorite: Pendleton has a soft flexible raincoat that I wouldn’t be without, lightly insulated, perfect for our downpours and fishing in inclement weather and bright yellow!

  238. Stephanie on

    Wow! What can’t you do? Looks like I’m going shopping…Thanks!
    While most times I just destroy all my regular clothes (kind of dumb that way), I do rather appreciate my Sweet pea Tall Bogs. They are extremely lightweight, water proof and comfortable. They hug the ankle nicely; no flopping around, but are still easy to get on. Can get a tad stinky, but, you know, that’s gardening. Being in Maine, LL Bean is typically my go to. Great quality products and a great return policy. Sadly, I have too replace my Bogs this year, as they have “ripped their pants”~Sponge Bob
    Good luck y’all!

  239. Shauna on

    I’m an artist who has a love of garden flowers from my mother. My backyard work wear tends to be normal easy clothing that I ruin and add to my work clothes pile. I need some overalls and your tool belt. I wear my OOFOS slip on shoes in and out of the yard I can easily wash them in the hose or sink

  240. Lindsey on

    I have to say that my absolute favorite workwear are my Danner lace up boots! They are water proof, durable and sooo comfortable. I have trouble with foot pain but once I started wearing these, I can work all day in the field without any pain.

  241. Peggy on

    I love all the pocket options on Duluth Trading gardening overalls!

  242. Jocelyn on

    I work in a greenhouse year round & my shoes are very important! Keeping my feet dry is very important! I currently use Red Wing Shoes. They have a women’s work boot section and the one I buy is called tradeswoman. It says it’s waterproof and has non-metallic safety toe protection. I am looking for any recommendations because these do not really last longer than a year for me. I work a lot with water and dirt. After a year of my work the shoes are pretty beat down. I think the daily water makes it soft and the leather cracks which leads to water coming through. I bought mink oil they offered to try to make it last longer and prevent cracking! So if anyone knows anything better or if it’s normal to get new shoes every year let me know !! I do like how they look tho!

  243. Sonia on

    Columbia has some great slip on rain pants in larger sizes. The Tummy Team has a great 3 or 4 panel support belt for pregnant farmer mamas.

  244. Margaret LaPlant on

    I’m a commercial greenhouse grower up in Blaine and trying to find shoes is SO hard because of the pesticides and fungicides I have to use! I think my favorite brand I’ve used for workwear, SO FAR, is Carhartt! It’s so funny because all my complaints about Carhartt are the same as all y’all! I’m really wanting a pair of Duluth overalls!

  245. Jordan Morgan on

    What a great read, with a lot of places I’ll definitely be checking out for things to wear for this next season. I’ve got to say my favorite work wear item is the Trailsmith pants from REI. They have a reinforced knee, hold up well, and also look good on you while out in the fields!

  246. Brenda Schieble-Roots & Stems on

    Great post!
    I’m a Columbia rain gear girl. Love that I can just hose them off and they dry quickly. Your insight is always valuable-thanks for sharing!

  247. Janelle Foerster on

    Comment two from me. We have loamy clay with quite a bit if small rocks. The dirt temporally sticks to the bottom of my boots when I walk through the garden. Then, while walking, just about the time my foot is next to the boot on the ground it drops off into my short bog style garden boots(which I love except…) the large gaps between my ankle and boot fills with soil. Yuck. My solution has been the Chelsea 550 series boot from(BL558) Blundstone. With its snug to the ankle design and water resistance and shock absorber in the heel, these have been a workhorse for me.

  248. Soutthida on

    I’m a hobbyist gardener, so I don’t have a lot of workwear yet. But I do like my Carhartt pants, Boggs, boots, and Floret tool belt. I agree with you about over branding. I don’t want to be a walking billboard while working in the garden. I appreciate this post and can’t wait to explore the other workwear brands.

  249. Brooke Montes on

    I love duluths coveralls. I have the railroad stripe pair that are a bit heavier than the other purple “swishy” pair that I also own lol 😆! Both are super comfortable with a stretch for my sizable 🍑 and thighs !

  250. Danielle Harrigan on

    I can’t wait to try out a few of these! Thank you so much for all the information. While I don’t have any brands to share that I love I would love to hear if you have a favorite brand of work gardening gloves? I feel like I destroy every pair I buy.

  251. Joy Redwine on

    I live with horses and the biggest item for me is footwear. I need slip on boots in the cooler weather and lighter lower cuts in warmer weather. So far my fav on the boots is Noble Equestrian All Season rubber boots. The best cooler season so far are the Dansko clog but still searching for something easier. Loved your review! Looking forward to trying some of your recomendations.

  252. Emma Stidham on

    Here in KY during the spring and fall and winter, I wear the Women’s Clarksburg Sherpa Lined Hoodie from Carhartt almost every day! They are cozy, easy to layer up and wash up extremely well! I have yet to find a good pair of work pants that fit well. I have purchased Duluth’s Double Flex Slim Leg Denim jeans, which are a good thick denim and even have pockets for knee pad inserts, but even at 33” inseam are too short for me! I am super excited to try out some of your recommendations, especially the Dovetail bibs! Thanks for a great article! Happy planting!

  253. terry on

    So nice to share your favorites. I love Bogs Patch Clog Spot model. They are a sustainable company with huge efforts to reduce their footprint: using solar energy, recycled materials, sustainable suppliers and less toxic materials in their waterproofing of boots. (algae based EVA instead of petroleum) For most of my gardening, I don’t need a tall boot and these are easy to put on and clean and look fun too. They have other taller models as well that are great looking. I feel it’s extremely important to choose and buy from this type of company.

  254. Michelle Brown on

    I love this! Thank you for the info. I have struggled to find anything that will hold up to the garden work. Everything need constant pulling up or adjusting, ahg!
    My favorite and most dependable item would have to be my Muck boots.

  255. Mary Bohner on

    Love the article and the information. Thank you for taking the time to put it together. Chooka short boots are my go to, They are just the right height and warmth.

  256. Mickey Addison on

    I love my Rosie the Riveter overalls. Mine came with knee pads and a slot to put them in. My go to mud/water boots are my Xtratif Legacy high boots. Not super easy to get on and off but they really are tough… Thanks for reviewing all your work gear and for the amazing work you all do.

  257. Robin Ambrosino on

    Love the clothing and boot reviews – thank you! I’m in Upstate NY, and we get a TON of ticks this time of year. My go-to brand is Royal Robbins Insect Shield. It’s infused with permethrin and approved by the EPA, and it also is made to last through 70 washings. I have a shirt and a pair of pants, and they’re both super lightweight and breatheable. The shirt has a breathable mesh back and cuffs you can roll up and button into place. I’m tall, so I appreciate that the pants are on the long side with a drawstring at the bottom. During the summer, the tick pressure isn’t as bad, but I wear the pants anyway. I crank up those drawstrings and wear them like capris!

  258. Ruthanne on

    Winters in Nebraska are cold, I got a pair of Berne overalls and I love them so much. I got a short medium and I can move and grove in them. I don’t hate going out in them because they keep me so warm. They do make some noise but for the warmth it’s worth it. They have pockets all over and are very roomy in a good way. Now do I look like a sexy critter farmer 😂 no! I look like I stole my husbands work clothes. But i love them

  259. Candace Minster on

    Love this article! My favorite work west has been Duluth’s Heirloom Gardeninf overalls and their Breezeshooter pants, which they sadly discontinued. I have two pair I bought in 2018 that are barely hanging on!

  260. Alana on

    I wish I could say I have a favorite workwear or introduce you to a new brand. I have ruined too many pairs of shoes in the garden to count. I am very allergic to poison ivy which in South Georgia there is an abundance of, and it is really sneaky, so it is so important that my workwear offer full coverage for protection. It also gets extremely hot & humid here in Spring & Summer so work clothes need to be breathable. Finding this combo is hard! I would love the opportunity to try some new brands!

  261. Cindy Ward on

    Love this blog. I’m a curvy girls. My go to outfit is stretchy leggings and rain boots. My husband always tells me that I need a pair of overall since I’m a flower farmer. I’m always looking at them but have never tried them yet. So your blog was helpful in trying to figure out what ones to try.

  262. Tika Viteri on

    I moved from zone 10b to 6a and almost all my workwear is too cool or not made for rain – which we get a lot of! I’m looking forward to trying some of your suggestions. For garden shoes, I use the Earth shoes from when I was in corporate, but they don’t cover my whole foot so I’ll be looking for a slip on that’s got more coverage in the rain!

  263. Diane R from California on

    I love my Slogger clogs for working around the garden, all year around. Comfy for my XXL wide feet and keep my feet dry.

  264. Jean on

    My favorite piece of workwear I’ve had for at least a decade, is a pair of work boots I got from Walmart on a whim. I am tough on footwear, so I never expected them to last, let alone become a favorite. They are comfortable on my wide, flat feet. They have a thick sole with large treads that are perfect for mud and wet grass. And, the leather uppers are great to keep my feet warm and dry. The only downside is they are a bit heavy. Walmart does not sell them anymore, and I have been on the search for a replacement. I’m still wearing them! The unexpected hero :)

  265. Suzanne Cerrone on

    Ry-bandz have been a game changer. They are soft headbands that keep my hair from blowing all over the place and especially helps with humid weather and curly hair!

  266. Shelly Roman on

    I have been a florist for over 38 years and wear an apron almost everyday to protect my clothes and carry my tools. I love aprons made from oilcloth fabric and your tool belt. Also wearing layers works so well when quickly moving from warm shop to cold cooler. Tshirt and chambray long sleeves tend to be my go to but don’t always hold up well. I loved reading all of your suggestions and go to favorites. Thank you for always being so inspiring!

  267. Jeri W on

    I live in hot, humid north Florida and have found that heavy linen pants and overalls work best for me in the garden. After reading your article I will try some of your lightweight options! For shoes, I hate to admit my go to is the Target version of crocs! Easy on and off, and reasonable protection. Of course my Blundstone boots are also a fave, but a bit heavy for where I live. Love you, your posts and the information you share!

  268. Valerie Calvo on

    I have ruined every pair of shoes I have owned and lots of pants and shirts, too. I have not invested in work wear but I plan to after reading this article. Although it might not be work wear exactly, I am interested in the garden sleeves I have been seeing advertised. I have many scars on my arms, wrists and hands from my roses as I have some unruly ramblers. I would love to try out these brands and stop ruining my clothes and shoes. Great article.

  269. Rene’ on

    Thank you for an informative post. I haven’t figured out the perfect clothes for working out in the heat and humidity yet so I appreciate learning from other commenters. My everyday in the garden for 10+ years have been slogger clogs. Love how they slip on and off easily.

  270. Elizabeth Cauthotn on

    I have a SunDayAfternoons hat that I love to garden with. It has a nice wide brim to keep the sun off my face and a flap in the back to keep the sun off my neck. Plus it has a sunglass holder And a hole in the back for my ponytail. Plus a neckstrap so it doesn’t blow away.
    I had a barncoat from LL Bean that I really liked but it wore out. I am looking around to find a good coat to garden in .

  271. Sally Bornstein on

    I’ve only been seriously gardening since moving to OR 5 years ago. I live on a steep hillside so my lot was initially all boulders that I added everything to in order to create a somewhat Alpine garden. I have to climb up and down that bloody hill to maintain things, and the item I can’t do without is my Salomon hiking boots. They give me traction and ankle support or I’d have killed myself by now. I’m short (5’2″) and finding durable garden pants has been impossible. I’ve worn some old knit jeans that can’t be seen in public anymore so I don’t care about them, and a pair of REI CO-OP hiking pants that I love. Giving some thought to the bib overalls as I used to wear them when I was shoeing horses. I appreciated your inclusion of Jill and Nina’s selections as I’m built like Jill.

  272. Elma on

    Great compilation here! As a woman who fishes commercially, this topic is part of my daily back-and-forth. I like grundens, but I have found Guy Cotten to be great: effective and comfortable. The bright, find-those-lost-at-sea colors may not be needed among the beautiful flowers, but I find their products are well-suited for outdoor work and hold up well. My favorite work pants I have ever bought are from Arborwear. They are durable and break in to very comfortable, very fast.

  273. Jenna Leahy on

    I love Duluth cooling shorts and everyone knows I’m coming. So loud. Keeps are beautiful to my feet in summer. I’m a dog walker, cool breathable shoes in summer. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this! Women need more workweek that actually works! ✌️💜🐾

  274. Martie on

    Your timing is wild! I was just talking to my mother and thinking about looking into a plan for wearing overalls and looking for something fitting for my size (14/16) — and just the up and down temps the season brings. I contemplated adding something fun to shrive coveralls up. Over the years living on a farm I have worn Carhartt, and boots from Merrel. but really never dug into how things fit and last. To be honest the whole concept of what I wear at the farm was — my old cloths that where worn and a few safety items and warm outerwear and most of these items are probably hammy downs from my mother. For years no one hardy would see what I was wearing when working, but these 4 years of growing flowers has changed my thinking. As a customer would mention visiting — I started to rethink this or if I attempted a video. Also last year I was not prepared and got a sunburn in a tank top — that escalated into a scary ordeal. I guess at 40 — I need to be less careless about these things! So thanks so much for this detailed information and help. It mens allot.

  275. Angela Kennedy on

    My absolute favorite piece of rain gear is the Kuhl Hydroflex Rain shell. It is not cheap, but if you can catch an REI during a “garage sale” you can usually score it for way less than regular retail. The fit is incredibly flattering, its light weight, and packs down into its own pocket. Great for traveling or throwing in the tool bag to pull out during an unexpected drizzle. I recommend sizing up so you can slip it over anything you already have on. Thank you Erin, Jill and team for this blog! Such great recommendations and I am excited to give some of these items a try.

  276. Carolyn on

    I wear an ancient denim jacket from Smith & Hawken. I have patched cuffs and collar repeatedly using sashiko mending. Also a pair of olive green capri pants from Costco. A pair of nylon shorts from Duluth, and overalls and short overalls from Duluth, all made with that noisy nylon-y fabric.

  277. Virginia Hemsley on

    I’ve always worked in my garden in yoga pants and t-shirts but this year I invested some real work wear. I have fallen in love the Duluth trading company overalls. The short inseam option won me over. Especially like the place for knee pads, what a game changer. Functional, comfortable and really cute.

    And Lands End is awesome. Good old reliable jackets I’ve had for years. Haven’t tried others that you mentioned but I’m excited to check out your recommendations. Thanks!

  278. Andrea Mynatt on

    I love the carhartt insulated overalls. They are like a blanket for my legs, and great when working on cold, damp ground.

  279. Amy G on

    I have a black Lands End vest that has been through spring and fall gardening seasons for 17 years. All of my gardening jackets are from Lands End. I can throw them in the washer and they look great. Duluth’s dry on the fly cargo pants have been my favorites the past few years. I’ve got 3 pairs. I have worked as a gardener for 28 years. I need clothes that can last, and have pockets!

  280. Kimberlyn Parks on

    I have been wearing wrangler cotton shirts they are lightweight airy and cute tucked in. They can be a little blocky but I’m alway looking for lightweight cotton shirts that breathe. . I would love to hear about some hats that are good for sunny windy days, something that stays on and keeps the shade on the face but not so floppy that you can’t see.

  281. Erika Glocker on

    I have an old pair of REI fleece lined leggings that I love to garden in when it’s cold out. The knees are wearing out and I need to find a good replacement. This article is perfect! Thank you!

  282. Sheryl on

    Now that the weather is getting warmer, I love my Chaos Slides for some of my gardening chores. Feet stay cool and the sandals are washable. I just rinse off with a hose and go.

  283. Tali on

    I love my Duluth overalls but Dickies overalls are my favorite.

  284. Cassidy DeYoung on

    I am in love with my Muck Boot mid chore boots! They are insulated, but i wear them year round! I don’t know what I’d do without them honestly! I garden, flower farm, and do horse/chicken and duck chores in them! They keep my feet so warm and dry!

  285. Linda Beck on

    I love my carhartt work jeans….I’ve had them for years and still prefer them over others I’ve tried. They did change the jeans a bit and I agree with you that they are not as comfortable or durable as my old ones.

  286. Katherine Horton on

    I love my Muck Boots women chore. I work in the garden and chickens run in these and they have done great. I haven’t tried gardening in overalls yet, but I think it is time.

  287. Maria Kibiger on

    We have some hot summers in south Texas, having cool clothing is a must. My favorite are thin breathable fabrics that allow me to spend long hours outside and can still protect against bugs and sun!

  288. Maya P. Cole on

    Full time private gardener for outdoors and part time Conservatory and Greenhouse Assistant at Olbrich Botanical Gardens. I love the comfort, style and durability of Dovetail Ready Set Cargo in Olive Green CORDURA® Ripstop. They can take the soil grinding into my knees and wash out well! I also like Duluth Trading overalls.

  289. Christine on

    I have just ordered my first pair of Duluth Heirloom overalls and am so excited to try them! Next up boot shopping :) Thanks for an inspirational article!

  290. Michelle on

    I love Duluth! They make great clothing that is great for the farm.

  291. Karrie Zylstra on

    When I was working and learning in a welding program, I really liked the Lincoln Electric womens Jessi Combs WoShadow Welding Jacket. It wasn’t too heavy like some of the full leather jackets but had protective leather reinforcement on the arms. It was form fitting around the waist but had a way to adjust how much it pulled in so I could adapt it to my shape.

  292. Denise Kniss on

    I am prone to wear Lands End line of work wear. They keep me warm but I can move in them.

  293. Lyndsey on

    Idk if you’ve tried the high-waisted hemp work pants from Patagonia, but they are AMAZING! Not the most flattering but the ultra-high waist never falls down and the baggier fit is breathable in hot weather (but because of ankle cuffs, I don’t have to worry about anything prickly finding its way into my pants). I like the overalls too for a more presentable option, but the pants are hella functional and my go-to pair for the farm

  294. Anna Bergmark on

    Carhart work pants have been my saving grace as a city engineer. Nice enough for being in the office but stand up to stomping around muddy fields and construction sites. Tall sized and POCKETS!!

    For gardening, my Duluth overalls. I am also tall so I was sad they went with the cropped pants but in the heat of Missouri it’s nice.

    I hope to try dovetail to have overalls that fit my tall skinny frame

  295. Kristi Asplund on

    Two of my workwear staples are Bombas seamless socks & alpaca 🦙 wool socks in winter. The Bombas seamless socks last me for a full year of 24hr work days at the firehouse. And, the alpaca wool is excellent in winter and has no friction sliding in my big boot! Socks are small but ones that hold up & keep my feet warm & dry mean everything. Especially on miserable weather days when work still has to get done!

  296. Becca Roland - Barefoot Blossoms on

    I have loved the Duluth overalls because I can layer under them in the winter/fall and then I have the shorts version in the hot summer. I’m interested to try the dovetail now though. I have found the carhartt coat (I think it’s the swinging coat…) to be very warm, but so bulky it’s difficult to work in. Thanks for the in depth reviews, I’m excited to try some new gear!!

  297. m tanner on

    I work year round outside gardening in Northern California. The Carhartt double front work pants are my favorite. Recently, I got their knee pads that slip in under the upper layer of fabric and love that extra cushion that stays in place. They get more comfortable with age and you can get the waist and length to fit you just right. On hot days I simply roll up the cuffs to get some air flow without any sun exposure.

    It took my awhile to discover my favorite boots, Lowa Renegade Gore Tex Hiking Boots, now on my third pair. Although they are on the expensive side, foot comfort is worth every penny spent. My feet stay dry all winter, they have great support and the Vibram sole is fabulous when you need traction, both on hills and slippery surfaces.

  298. Felicia on

    I also love the Duluth overalls for working in the yard, the flexibility and option to add knee pads is so helpful for planting. I also recommend their no yank tanks… long length and don’t ride up! Looking forward to trying some of the outerware/ jacket options mentioned. Thanks for the thoughtful reviews and stepping out of that comfort zone… it is extremely helpful!!

  299. Erika on

    Duluth Double Flex Slim Leg Denim are my favorite pair of jeans, but I’d love to try something from Dovetail!

  300. sherry on

    I don’t have specific garden workwear but have been thinking about it lately. Shoes are regular tennies with long socks to cover my jeans/leggings. I wear Patagonia rain /running jacket with fleece vest inside in cold weather, not the greatest but I do like Patagonia. So I will most likely check out that brand first but the others in this article have some great ones for me to learn about. thanks for this extra help.

  301. Amy Veltkamp on

    My favorite is the Dovetail overalls with all the fun and useful pockets. I’m a smaller framed woman at 5’3”, 113lbs. I’m delighted to have discovered the Dovetail brand. Designed for a girls curves. I get compliments every time I wear them. As durable as Carhartt and Duluth are, they run slightly big for me.

  302. Teresa on

    My fathers Carhartt jacket. It’s my go to in the morning taking the dogs out and assessing my day. Keeps me warm!

  303. Teri Reading on

    Hands down, Duluth Trading Company. Just ordered a new pair of the short bibs today and can’t wait to get them! Love the length and comfort of the fit. Great for warmer weather. Carhart bibs and jackets in the winter.

  304. Gwen L. on

    This post has so much great information! I have an old pair of men’s painter’s overalls that I found while thrifting with my daughter, complete with paint stains. I have worn them for years out of convenience. They are super durable but they don’t have much give and are thick and heavy. I recently bought a house in Washington (YAY!) and learned that they do not do well in the rain, just soaking up the water and taking forever to dry. Time to invest in some proper work wear that’s more practical, and a more feminine look would be great too! Thanks to Erin and the team at Floret for sharing the results of your trial with us!

  305. Heather Berry on

    I purchased a black Roxy sun jacket (one that is supposed to go with bikini bottoms) and cut a hole in the back of the hood to fit my pony tail and also one on my wrist to see my watch face. The sides of the hood keep my face protected from the sun and I will wear a visor on top to protect the rest. I’ve had people make fun of me for “wearing a hoodie” in the middle of summer (I live in Oklahoma) but I can go all day with this set up. It’s breathable, I don’t burn, stay fully shaded, can hose myself down if I get too hot, and unzip it and throw directly in the wash when I come inside. It doesn’t offer protection from mosquitos but it at least keeps them flying more toward my face so I can grab them with my hands so they don’t get me.

    In the winter, it feels like just wearing a long-sleeved shirt (we are a warmer zone 7). I will tuck the hood down the back, when I don’t need it, and enjoy the warmth of the sun.

    I never realized how such a simple jacket would offer so much year-round support. It is, by far, my favorite gardening fashion decision.

  306. Sharon Engstrom on

    Can live in Dickies DuraTech Renegade pants. Fabric has give and is water repellent. The double front and pockets provide practicality when working in the garden.

  307. Marcela on

    I do t Have actual work wear but good companies we’d splurge on for durability of pieces is Patagonia and Carhart. Thank you for this great post and information. Thanks for the chance too.

  308. Maddison Perzel on

    My favorites are the Duluth overalls!! I love that they stretch and come in fun prints. The Jean ones are lovely too because they are a bit thicker and more form fitting.

    I can’t wait to try and save up to afford to try a pair from dovetail. Thanks for sharing!

  309. Georgia on

    I’m a fine gardener in Southern New Hampshire! My go-to clothing is typically Carhart, the WOMEN’S STORM DEFENDER® RELAXED FIT HEAVYWEIGHT JACKET is my absolute favorite! I wear it out often because it’s also somewhat stylish…. if your into garden chic.
    I am also a big fan of Muck Boots, I have a few different styles including the “arctic ice” for those slippery/icy days.

    Thanks for the recommendations! I’ve been wanting a pair of overalls, so this definitely helped narrow down the playing field.

  310. Gretchen Blakely on

    Dryshod Haymaker Womens Farm Boots-mid are the most amazing boots I’ve ever found. I live in Oregon and all winter long these keep my feet warm and dry. I cant believe it took me so long to find these. Thank you for the recommendations! I already bought the thermal overalls!

  311. Aimee on

    I had a beautiful pair of brown Carhartt overalls but as a curvy woman with thick thighs, I have had a hard time finding overalls by the brands mentioned in this post that are reinforced in the inner thighs – the Carhartts fell apart within months with their thin layer and few brands seem to have sizing that works for thicker-thighed women (one of the reasons why I returned everything I ordered from Dovetail). Ironically, my black denim overalls by Old Navy? They have lasted for 4 years with the first three on our farm, but I’d love to find a lightweight one for summer where my legs don’t burn off as well as something with stretch as I don’t want to have to wear them in like Dr Martens :)

  312. Carrie Austin on

    This is an awesome post! Thank you! I love Smartwool Socks! My feet are always wet from dew, washing vegetables, and rain, and these socks have great airflow and don’t stink. I have several pairs that have held up for years!

  313. Kelly Tripp on

    This was such important information !! I would never be able to trial these items like you have!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. And I’m probably a wierdo but I like the look of those Kelcie Keens !!

  314. Tasha Spradlin on

    erin and crew…thank you! this article was very helpful. love dovetail for dress up. also loved the carhartt straight legged jeans and haven’t quite found a replacement. but as jeans are too hot for me most days, i stick to wrangler khakis. but my most loved and needed workwear in the garden (and sometimes cleaning the shower) is my bucket boss knee pads! i can’t get down & dirty w/o them.
    question: i switched to collarless shirts because my hair at the nape of my neck was a tangled mess every afternoon. do you find that to be true for you?

  315. Karouna Thompson on

    I love keens and have been really hoping to find a great pair of overalls for plus size so this is a great review thanks 🙏

  316. Leneigh laster on

    Love this post! Ridgemerino and good old Duluth are my go to’s

  317. Brianne on

    I don’t really have any specific brand of workwear that I love. I am a newer home gardener and have usually just worn old clothes that I don’t care about getting dirty or ripped. Thank you for doing this review. It was helpful to read as I look into getting some more durable workwear!

  318. Cam Roberts on

    Duluth Trading is by far my favorite workwear company. I bought a pair of double flex work denim overalls that I just loved and were discontinued, but not before I bought two more pairs on super sale! I would live in them if I could get away with it!

  319. Tammy Metzler on

    Great article and very timely. I live in CA and need gardening workwear for super hot days. I have 3 pair of Duluth overalls and am shopping for a 4th pair. I’d love to give Pantagonia a try.
    Thank you for sharing your women’s workwear trials.

  320. Katie on

    I need some quality work wear for gardening, so this article was a fun read! I actually have the Kelcie Keens you pictured, and they are SO comfortable! But they’re really not fashionable, so I don’t wear them. Haha. I’m going to start wearing them instead of my old tennis shoes for yard work though after reading this article! And quite comically, my favorite pair of work jeans is a 15-year-old pair of Old Navy jeans! The patches in the knees are ripping out, and they’re becoming a little threadbare in certain spots, but I cannot believe how well they’ve held up. The knees are always the first to go for me, but overall, this pair of denim is super comfortable, still fits well, and there are no other holes!

  321. Michelle Lesher on

    When it comes to having a good work boot, it has taken us many years to figure out the best… in my opinion Blundstone have been the most comfortable work boot that we have found to date! Their waterproof Winter boot is my favorite… it’s super comfortable and I had one pair last two full seasons, which is the longest any work that has ever lasted for me as a full time farmer! Thanks for offering such a fun giveaway in for all the information!

  322. Jenny Nicks on

    I’m in Wisconsin and I love the Muck Boots my dad gave me about five years ago. I have the calf-length boots, and they have a predominantly rubber outer covering, with about 4-5 inches of neoprene at the top for flexibility. Mine are nicely lined and immediately reach a comfortable temperature. They’re fantastic for winter, but I love wearing them in the spring and fall also if I’m going to be in the dirt or mud.

  323. Christine Hendrick on

    Honestly, I don’t have any go to work wear which is why I really appreciate this trial review. Years ago I had light weight painters pants overalls that were so comfortable and I’d like something like that. From your right up, I’m interested in trying the Patagonia overalls or the Dovetail. Thanks!

  324. Erika on

    I would buy everything Patagonia if I could afford it but when it comes to waterproof gear Carhart has some incredible options.

  325. Patti Dunne on

    Thanks so much for sharing all of this great information! I don’t currently have a lot of gardening-wear because my clothing budget goes to work clothes (business casual), but I do need to invest in some good pants/overalls, and I can always use a good pair of boots for the often wet New England weather. I do have and LOVE your leather tool belt, and of the clothes that I use regularly when I’m in the garden, I would recommend Barbour jackets – the waxed canvas kind. They are pricey, but you can have the company repair tears, replace lost buttons, and rewax the jacket so that it lasts a lifetime. That speaks to me as someone who is very committed to sustainability, especially since clothing waste is a massive global challenge. Thanks again for all of these great options!

  326. Holly on

    They aren’t always the most practical, but they are so comfortable that I put up with small rocks etc in my shoes. The Oofos clogs are SO comfy!!

  327. Sarah on

    I work in forestry and have tried numerous workwear brands. For pants, I am always going back to Carhartt’s double front pant. These seem to be the only pants that can stay together after brush and thorns! As stated above, they do have a break in period. Other pants I love for everyday (not in the woods) are Eddie Bauer women’s guide pants. Super comfy with some stretch and are even waterproof! For footwear, I go between Keen boots for everyday and the standard Muck boot for wetter days. Also, insulated rubber boots are a game changer for those cold wet days outside!

  328. Dawn Hinshaw on

    From a landscaping and greenhouse perspective, I love my extratuf boots. They’re shorter than rain pots so they don’t get as hot (here in NC), but roomy enough I can throw on thick socks in winter. Plus, they come in so many colors!

  329. Tina on

    Love Duluth work pants!!

  330. Kim Scanlon on

    I absolutely love the Dovetail DX bootcut Jeans. I work on a farm and in the garden and they are the most comfortable jeans and look amazing. Workmanship is amazing. I also wear Carhartt products like the hats and sweatshirts. They are very heavy , warm and rugged. I am still in the hunt for a comfy dry boot…

  331. Cynthia Jerzylo on

    Great info ! Thank you ! Here in the Northeast I go for L.L.Bean Women’s Outerwear Vest . Very durable , warm , lots of pockets, drawstring waist and they have Petite sizes. I’ve worn it for years with a sweatshirt underneath in early spring and then long sleeves and finally short sleeves. I’m going to checkout some of the items you listed 😊 Happy Planting 🌷

  332. Grace on

    I need boots that feel “barefoot”, and most rubber boots are too stiff and constricting for me. My current favorite are the Asgard “Packable” rubber boots that are super lightweight and really flexible! I also really love a pair of Ugg style boots that I have waterproofed with as Sno-Seal for those days when it’s cold out. They slip on and off so easily and keep me cozy and dry even in the snow and I’ve!

    I actually have a pair of ski bibs that I wear for gardening in the cold. They are flexible, comfortable, and waterproof, and let me kneel on the ground in freezing, wet weather without getting cold or wet.

  333. Shannon Poland on

    I love love love Dovetail workwear. I happened upon them when they were running a sale highlighting the salary differences between men and women. I ordered two T-shirts and have several pairs of overalls and jeans on my wishlist since!

  334. Kady on

    Since I’m from Duluth, I may or may not be biased…but give me Duluth overalls all day, everyday. And from my time in Alaska, I’m going to go with a pair of Xtratuf boots!

  335. Kady on

    Since I’m from Duluth, I may or may not be biased…but give me Duluth overalls all day, everyday.

  336. Krista on

    Every year or so I buy a new pair of waterproof hiking shoes. The downside to buying hiking shoes is that most companies design mostly brown or pastel shoes for women, neither of which I particularly want. My favorites have been a pair of red Merrells I’ve purchased twice.

    I’d also recommend the flannel-lined hoodie I got from L.L. Bean. They made pretty durable and nice looking things.

  337. Anne M. on

    Hot, dry summers here usually have me wearing faux crocs for easy on/off and the ability to hose them off nice and clean.

    What about suggestions for the best gloves for pruning roses so hands don’t get shredded?

  338. Cathy MacNeal on

    I was thrilled to see your shout out to Dovetail come up first in your list. I don’t know what I would do without my Frahley overalls in thermal denim. The best! I love all Dovetail. Their socks are great. I wear Merrill waterproof slip one in the garden a lot- they hold up for years.
    Great article!

  339. [email protected] on

    I am just starting out gardening this year. Your article is very informative and very helpful. I have no recommendations since I’m new to this gardening idea.

  340. Mindy on

    My Bogs! Best workboots I’ve ever owned.

  341. alicia on

    I am constantly looking for great women’s work wear. I, too, love my Keen Kacie boots. And Cathartt jackets just can’t be beat! Wondering if you may have tried the Cobra headed weeder for farming/gardening tasks? Everyone I have gofted one to, who has tried it, loves it.

  342. Tali Hurst on

    I love my Duluth Heirloom Gardening Bib Overalls. I got them in an adorable pattern and they are nice protective but breathable in Virginia weather. They have elastic straps for your shoulders which make them a little more comfortable when bending over.
    Thanks for sharing all of this workwear content. I am definitely in the market for some more workwear and what a good resource of where to look for quality pieces.

  343. Kel on

    I love my Duluth dry on the fly overalls and I also have several pairs of their namastash cargo pocket yoga pants. As a long time leggings-never-pants person they are my go to for work pants!

  344. Lori Rutledge on

    My daughter gave me a pair of Duluth gardening bibs for Christmas and I love them. The water resistant coating really makes kneeling in wet grass and gardens so much more pleasant.

  345. Sandy pruitt on

    I also second the Wheeler Monroe tool belt. FITS MY HIP CURVE! The Keen work sandles, including Rose sandle are great buys.

  346. Rocio Bates on

    I just started a garden design business so I could get paid to create the gardens at a retreat center near me. I bought a pair of Deluth overalls last spring. I loved the green color and the pockets. I could use a pair of lined pants next fall but long johns under the overalls worked well, too. I live in western Oregon so I and my children all have Bogs. I love this review you’ve written up with your very real working photos. Thank you.

  347. Cassandra Gelman on

    I’m so glad you do these reviews! I’m not an easy size to fit so more sources are always welcome!

  348. Diane McMahan on

    I work in the garden a lot and always seem to need more pockets. I fell in love with Duluth’s NoGA Namastash Pants with their well-placed 6 pockets (I really love the cargo pockets). With the stay-putness of yoga pants but comfort of your most loved jeans, these pants are where it’s at. They don’t slide down even when the pockets are loaded up. Breathability, comfort, style & utility are all there. I do love your tool belt though so I’ll be adding one of those to my garden wardrobe. Thanks for this amazing review! Super helpful. I’m always looking for comfy & functional women’s gardening clothes. I can’t wait to try out your recommendations.

  349. Becky on

    Good footwear in the garden is essential. I love my insulated Muck Boots for winter work and Sloggers Confort shoes for other times of the year.

  350. Barb Paulini on

    So very kind of you to venture out and extend your clothing experience! The article was super informative – and turned me on to brands I’d not heard of. Here in Wisconsin I’m tending to rhubarb plants that have been passed down 6 generations and from them I make Rue de Barb bitters 😊 along with having personal clients I garden for my wardrobe currently consists of Bogg boots, Oshkosh B’gosh overalls, a pair of vintage Dickies coveralls, and Peter Grimm sun hats. Last year I fell in love with Duluth clothing as it’s beyond well considered! I’ve yet to find gloves that are comfortable except the ribberized mesh – but they become SO stinky sweaty …
    Hoping this is a lil inspiration for others… Happy Spring!

  351. Jen on

    Love my Noble muck boots and LL Bean barn coat. I usually buy jeans from the Salvation Army for garden work, but end up patching and repairing them almost everytime I wear them. Same goes for the Carhartt jeans. I just ordered overalls from Dovetail and Duluth. I hope they hold up better!

  352. Shawn Vieth on

    I love my Carhartt vest. I have had it for over 10 years . I do some rather intense landscaping as an owner of a landscape business and my vest allows me to move my arms freely while staying warm and having an interior pocket for my phone and other necessities. The brown color I have means the dirt I play and work in never stains my vest.

  353. Lauryn on

    I love a good Carhartt jacket. I get them bigger than my size in case underneath I need to layer up. Oh and a great pair of working gloves from Carhartt too when working with roses. You gotta be safe with the thorny babes!

  354. Jenny Roy on

    I also live in Washington, and having good rain gear is a must. I pretty much live in my Grundéns during the rainy season so basically all year 😂. They keep me dry in the garden and while tending to the animals. I’m excited to checkout these new brands you’ve reviewed and tested. Having proper gear for the job you’re doing is important.

  355. Caitlin on

    I absolutely love my dovetail thermal overalls. Living in interior Alaska in a cabin without running water means some extra chores just for day to day life. During the cold weeks below zero I wear them almost daily and they are very comfortable and functional as well as warm.

  356. Jessica on

    I love Columbia’s Omni Shield lightweight pants for summer. They offer coverage but keep me cool and they have adjustable straps to mix up the length!

  357. Cara B. on

    I love Patagonia coats. I own a winter coat that is long to the ankle and is also weather/water proof. Not only does it keep me warm and dry while outside tending my chickens in the winter, I love it when I have recess duty as a teacher.

  358. Bobbi Ahrenius on

    I love my Carharrt overalls. They are so comfortable and fit my taller body frame. I also love my garden belt from floret. I purchased it a couple years ago and loved it from the start.

  359. Meredith on

    My favorites to date have been Carhartt overalls (in a pinkish clay color), but I am excited to try some of the brands you list here!

  360. Shanna C on

    Love this well laid out article outlining your best “tried and true” gear for gardening, found it to be so helpful! Came across your site on Pinterest recently while researching flowers to grow for cutting, and have enjoyed it so much, from the photos and videos, to the honesty of your journey of growing the business you’ve successfully made, a true inspiration! Living in way northern Idaho, I have challenges for a prosperous growing season, but I am excited to do the best I can with your helpful directions. While spending time outside working, I love to wear my Duluth Heirloom Overalls, as they are so functional with the flexibility for bending and kneeling, rugged material and so many pockets! Duluth No-Yank tanks are a must as well, great for layering with a Carthartt flannel or just by itself under my overalls. My go to footwear has been my Muck boots during the winter and muddy seasons, and during the warmer months I love my Danner Trail 2650’s. They are made for the trail, but have found them to be perfect for all the chores and projects around the property with the excellent support and traction. Thank you again for all the great information you provided, looking forward to following more in the future!

  361. Shelly Hashimoto on

    Thanks for all the great information. Right now my favorite work wear is good old Levi’s 501 jeans

  362. Laurel Z on

    My favorites for workwear have been Patagonia Hemp double knee pants and a pair of men’s Carhartt’s I got second hand. The hemp pants are a lot more lightweight so I like to be able to choose between the pants based on what I’m doing that day. I’ve been wanting to try dovetail workwear too though!

  363. suzanne anderson on

    Love this post! I have loved the “Ballerina Farm” scarves, sound similar to your recommendation, so light weight and versatile but surprisingly warm.

  364. Gina McKay on

    Thank you for all of this information. I never had found the right gear before. But my Muck Mid Boot is my go to boots in the garden. Can’t wait for Season Two of Floret!

  365. Natalia on

    Big fan of Deluth overalls, they come in shorts now too as well as very cute prints. I just picked up the gnomes print in shorts, my friend and husband thought they were adorable. I was happy because they are comfortable and have tons of pockets, for your phone, sunscreen, pruning scissors, and flower seeds all had their own pocket.

  366. Nanci on

    I love my old Hunter clogs that I’ve had for years. Unfortunately, the new clogs are not the same and I will be trying to repair my old ones now (a crack in the sole).

  367. Jacqui Schaefer on

    I live in my Levi’s. They are my go to ‘uniform’ no matter what I am doing. Unfortunately, I wear a style discontinued in the 1990’s. So I purchase all my jeans ‘used’. I would love to try some of the brands Erin, Jill, and Nina have recommended!

  368. Mary Lass on

    I really don’t have any work wear that I like so I was happy to read your reviews. I will tell you what I do wear! I have a pair of Lee union coveralls the I inherited from my father in law. They are probably 50+ years old, ugly grey/green and they are 3 times too big! I have to roll up the sleeves & ankles and I use a rubber tie down strap (bungee) as a belt!!! I’m quite the looker in those! But they keep the dirt off & add a lot warmth for working in my large garden here in Minnesota. I’m going to check out some of your suggestions!!!! Thank you!!!!💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐

  369. Marnie Herrick on

    I’m a nurse & love my Carhartt & Grey’s Anatomy scrub bottoms. When they’re worn out & not so appropriate to wear to my place of work anymore then they become my garden scrubs. Love having 4 plus pockets while in the garden. I loved this blog post as I look forward to trying a few of your suggestions.

  370. Kathy T. on

    I have bought 2 pairs of Bogs boots, loved them, but experienced the same problem with cracking and splitting on the upper raised seams on both pairs. I switched to Muck boots which have not cracked so far. They are not as comfortable for walking but I switched inserts and that improved the problem. I do have to wear thick socks to make them fit correctly. I do have a pair of Bogs waterproof slide-on shoes that are great but don’t work as well as the boots in muddy, wet weather – water seeps down my socks. I’ve also turned my ankle wearing these shoes so not as stable as the boots for hard labor. I also love Carhartt heavy duty cotton t-shirts. I just carefully remove the excess Carhartt labels from the pocket.

    I didn’t see any mention of gloves – do you have recommendations? I go through the vinyl gloves every other month. Am currently trying out Wells Lamont Hydrahyde gloves I picked up at Costco. Am looking for something that blackberries can’t penetrate.

  371. Nancy Weber on

    Love the Dovetail Freshly overalls! All those pockets!! Love my hooded sweatshirt too. And the sizing on their product covers a wide range. Definitely my favorite!
    I just got the new overall shorts from Dovetail, can’t wait to try them out. (waiting for the snow to melt)

    Bogs and Keens…. Are my go to, they hold up well when you are working in the dirt and mud all day!

  372. Gail Edwards on

    Not to copy cat but my favorites are the bogs insulated waterproof boot!
    Hand down best muck boot, keep my toes toasty during the winter.
    Pair that with the darn tough socks, made in Vermont, many different weight and height. Best of all if you wear them out them will send you a credit for a new pair!! Worth trying !!
    Duluth- I invested in 2 pr of their insulated work pants. Game changer!! I bought a size up so I can easily slide them over yoga pants to do my farm chores, keeps me clean and warm. I also love the extra details and workmanship they put into their products.

  373. Sally on

    Duluth gardening bib overalls are my go to.
    I have been wanting to try Bogs boots.
    In search of the perfect rain jacket/coat for the rainy garden days ahead. 😊

  374. Tara on

    I’ve worn xtra tuf deck shoes as my go to through all the wet seasons for several years now. I love their slip on capability. Mine don’t last as long as I would like, i think I might walk funny, but I haven’t found anything better for comfort and actually being waterproof.

  375. Christine Satherley on

    I would so love to be on giveaway as retired and find it hard to get these type of things and being XXL makes it even harder to know where to go

  376. Beth on

    I love my Dovetail Freshly overalls too! Holy cow, so comfy!

  377. Sue Vincent on

    Hi, thank you for sharing such helpful and researched information … I tried coveralls last spring – I felt a bit less “messy” and hopefully
    protected from ticks. Thank you Erin (and your team) for being so generous with all your knowledge and caring for gardens and their gardeners!

  378. Mary Jaminski on

    My favorite boots are the Womens Timberland White Ledge Waterproof Mid Hiker. I wear them for outdoor landscaping March through December in the Chicagoland area and my feet stay dry. I have been thinking about overalls, just never made the purchase. Loved the consolidated information! Thank you!

  379. Linsay McNulty on

    Thank you for the indepth reviews. I now have virtually shopped and have full carts all over the web ;) It’s decision time for this gal!
    My daily go to are my Dickies brand striped overalls. My old neighbor growing up wore them everyday and to this day is the best gardener I have ever known, so there must be something there!
    I also am a big fan of vests for fall-spring. My favorite for layering.

  380. Barb F on

    Bogs slip on clogs are great!

  381. Caitlin Ward on

    I agree the carhartt bibs are wonderful! I wish they had as many length options as the men’s though !

  382. Karen on

    I’m gardening in North Texas where it’s mostly very hot. I have a pair of Levi cut offs still going strong after 30 years. Perfectly broken in and I can sit in the dirt and toss them in the wash and they are clean and ready to go in the morning. I’m excited to hear about other brands– I keep seeing ads on Facebook but have been hesitant to order from brands I didn’t know much about.

  383. Crystal Voorhees on

    I love my Heirloom Gardening Bib Overalls by Duluth. They are light weight, quick drying, can roll up into capris & have a bunch of pockets. My favorite part is the elastic straps though, which make this roomy overall that much more comfortable when bending & reaching in the garden.

  384. LBeezy on

    Overalls, overalls, overalls! And Birki clogs, they offer arch support and come in fun colors.

  385. Janet Hedrick on

    I just got my first pair of Duluth garden overalls and love them! I make the swishing noise, too, was hoping that would go away as time goes in.

  386. Kim on

    Duluth Trading Company is one we have had the best luck with

  387. Jo-Ann on

    Thank you for your thorough reviews of all the products. I have not invested alot of $$ into my gardening attire. I have been gardening for over 30 years, it might be time to try some new comfy garden attire. I looked for the Keens, looks like they are out of my size.
    Thank you for your reviews.

  388. Samantha Leierer on

    I love Carhartt’s women’s rain jacket. It’s lightweight enough to wear all seasons for rain protection, but also roomy enough to put on top of layers. For boots, my go to is Wolverine’s (still seeking though). They last a whole season! I’m tough on my gear, so that was impressive. I am a single mom running a small gardening business @inbloom1111. Great article!!

  389. Pam Blackwood on

    I really like high top stretch pants but have a hard time finding them for gardening so I’m always tearing them. Maybe I should break down and get overalls but it’s like wearing a one piece swimsuit, when running for the potty. Any suggestions? I would like to see an article on hats because skin cancer is a problem for me. I have had melanoma twice probably because I have fair skin and have loved the outdoors all my life. Not all hats are easy to garden in. I have a lot of cute ones since friends and family now buy me hats and/or sunblock for gifts. 😂

  390. A.S. on

    I haven’t invested in garden gear yet, as we’ve only had a large garden this last few years, before that it was in raised beds. I usually just wear my least favorite pair of pants. Funny thing is, I retired a pair of L.E.I jeans for garden and outside work, as they became my favorite! Guess I just needed to break them in, they were too stiff before.

  391. Samantha Adams on

    I would have to say my Xtratuf rainboots are my favorite piece of footwear. They are have held up over 5 years of working in them, they’re not heavy or bulky so I don’t loose my footing, and overall they’re just my favorite all-purpose rainboot.

  392. Janie Hansen on

    My favorite boots are the new Keens waterproof slip-ons “Greta” that I got this year. I’m in Portland and it is also very wet here. The boots are nice and warm, but will probably be too hot for summer. So looking for an alternate footwear for summer farming.

  393. Devon Hezlep on

    My go-to are the Carhartt overalls. I appreciate the tough fabric. I can walk through thorny blackberry bushes knowing I won’t get scraped, and I can crawl in the dirt knowing I will stay dry. I also live in the Pacific Northwest where it rains constantly, long johns fit comfortably underneath to help keep me warm.
    I am excited to try a cooler, stretchy overall from your research this summer! Thank you!

  394. Cortney Schaefer on

    Thank you for reviewing these! I wear a lot of Carhart gear, some of it I love and some I don’t! I love their full swing coat and old style rain jacket. Those have held up over the years the best. I have always wanted more options when it comes to workwear that holds up to my hard lifestyle on our organic farm. I have wanted to try Dovetail, but wasn’t sure it would hold up to the hype! Now I will have to give it a try. Thanks for this!!

  395. Christin Savio on

    I have denim overalls with paint splatters and stains, fabric thinning in places, but somehow still my favorite.

  396. Jennifer Crafton on

    Right now my favorite is a pair of light green (frosted sage) Duck Bib Liberty overalls that my husband picked out for me. My only compliant so far is that I wish they were a little shorter in length. I have to roll/cuff them a two times and each time I go to wash them I have to unroll them outside and shake out all the dirt I collected! ha ha! I’m 5’7″ so maybe these would be a good pick for Erin! At $53 I think they are a great deal!

  397. Cindy Tamas on

    Love my Hunter Original Play Short rain boots — in RED! They work great as my go-to gardening shoes!

  398. Evelyn Castro-Lake on

    I love to wear so many of my husband’s jackets because they are super comfy compared to most women’s jackets. I’ve “borrowed” and made them my own – lol -his jackets from various sources – the Gap, North Face, Carthartt, Columbia and Walls. I also had a wonderful Eddie Bauer jacket that lasted me over 20 years, but unfortunately, it doesn’t fit me anymore and I gave it to my mom. She loves it! Thank you Erin for posting all of the various clothing companies available to women that offer comfortable, durable and stylish clothing and accessories for women. My husband would appreciate this too as I won’t need to borrow his clothing anymore!

  399. Melanie W on

    I am so grateful for this post! I really love my fleece from Duluth and I have lots of fleeces and jackets from LLBean that have held up for years. I have been looking for overalls. Definitely going to try the Duluth ones!

  400. Brianna on

    Thank you for this wonderful and in depth much needed blog post! I currently own the Duluth Trading Company Heirloom gardening overalls and I’d have to agree with your (Jill’s) assessment of them! I absolutely love them for pulling over my leggings and normal everyday wear when I need to go to the flower field. They run big so I could have downsized but they work great for pulling over your clothes. And they are loud 🤣

    I’ve been looking at Dovetail clothing for years but haven’t pulled the trigger on anything yet….thanks again for your honest reviews!

  401. Brett Marie Pena on

    A favorite stateside, female owned company is Ushood – fully USA sourced and USA made sun protection clothing items. They’re great for in the field or having fun fishing, skiing, hiking, and so on. The softness and stretch of their products makes them so comfortable for moving all around and the SPF is an added bonus. Check them out!

  402. Mary Cantler on

    I bought my very first Carhartt pants with reinforced knees a few months ago! I can’t believe I waited this long (I’m 70!) to have the appropriate pants for working in my garden and doing home projects. Up until buying these Carhartt’s I always just wore ill-fitting, worn out old jeans. Wearing clothes that are actually meant for working outside has been a game changer for me. Plus I’m more comfortable doing the work I enjoy the most and still feel I’m doing it in style!!!

  403. Whitney on

    Such a great article!! I struggle so hard to find workwear that is durable for women. Thank you for the info!!
    I have two pairs of north face cotton overalls that I love to wear during the warm weather days. I have had them for years and still wear them often. Although because they are cotton they aren’t the best durability when I’m at work. I have been wanting to try Duluth and carhartt overalls but so excited to learn about dovetail! It helps so much getting genuine reviews from women because these items can be so pricey. Thank you!!

  404. Anne Partz on

    Fantastic and super useful read! Im in my Bellingham garden in all the elements and can relate to all if this. Good useful info!!! Thanks!

  405. Taryn Buttram on

    Love this conversation! After working in the corporate world for nearly 2 decades before turning to flower farming, the ritual of feeling confident in my “work” clothes is still important to me and honestly, a struggle. There are many staple workwear items that I am still on the hunt for, but my number one summer staple item is the Columbia Women’s Silver Ridge Lite Long Sleeve in white.

  406. Susan Ely on

    I really love the Rebar line of women’s work wear from Ariat. Long sizes for tall, shorter sizes for petites and just the right rise in front of you aren’t getting a pooch or muffin top. Extra belt loops and smart pocket placement. Some of the jeans in this line are double front and are so unbelievably soft and broken in after like 2 washes. I get compliments on my work pants. That’s really something.

  407. Renee Rosati on

    I have black rain boots from target which are stylish AND comfortable – they are my go to garden boot. My keens have the mesh holes in the fabric and so my socks get all dirty and look like ive been wearing them in the dirt! Would recommend avoiding the mesh style.

  408. Jackie W on

    This is such a wonderfully written piece shining on women’s work wear. I love it!!! I work in landscape management and it’s been such a journey to find quality pieces that hold up to the job and also fit well and help me feel empowered. I’ve settled on Dovetail because of the wide range of sizes and their incredible quality but will look into Land’s End now too! Cheers!!

  409. Camille Ireland on

    Absolutely love my dovetails. The fleece lined ones kept me so warm this winter. Highly recommend. Also, work boots, red wing / Irish setter !!

  410. Casey Gooding on

    My favorite work boots were from Georgia Boot. I bought them in 2016 and they lasted for 4yrs everyday in the fields. Other brands only lasted 1yr. So sad they don’t make the style I like anymore. Should’ve bought a few pairs!

  411. Martha Lojewski on

    I have a pair of fleece lined “Firehose” pants from Duluth that I wear in the cooler (33 degrees) or in fall when it is raining or snowing. They are water resistant and super warm. I also have the non-fleece lined version of this pair of pants to wear when it isn’t as cold but I don’t like them as much because they haven’t broken in yet. They are pretty stiff even after a year of wearing them. I’ve also had an insulated vest from Duluth for many years and absolutely live in it. Their clothes seem to run big, so a size small is actually quite roomy!

  412. Marisa Frech on

    Great reviews! Makes me want to add more work pieces to my collection. Love my Duluth overalls (I have 3 different colors) and I’m a big fan of my long sleeve/hooded SPF Patagonia shirt.

  413. Cherstin Ling on

    I love dovetail, they’re my go to when working in Alaska. Grundens is also the only company I’ve found that can hold up for a majority of the commercial fishing season abcs actually keep me dry. Check out Fishe wear as well— women owned and operated company from Alaska. Their fleece snap up is so cozy, warm and cute.

  414. Ali News on

    What a great article, thanks for the info, I’ve had a pair of overalls from the Gap that I’ve had for over 5 years, they have worn in so lovely, I recently patched them with some floral prints, Muck boots have worked for me and a pair of leather boots I can’t even remember the brand, perfectly broken in, it will be a sad day when they go

  415. Kate Rozelle on

    You can’t beat LL Bean for great looking and COMFORTABLE boots and shoes! I’ve got an 11Wide too so great to be
    able to order and ship to my local store! Thanks for all the great info..will definitely check these out and use the coupons as I’m able! Thanks so much Floret Crew…you’ve all inspired me so much! I started with some seeds in the basement last Spring and this Spring, we’re putting up a Greenhouse…still in process but coming along nicely!

  416. Rachel on

    I love my Bogs, my straw hat from Pistil Designs, and my Carhartt overalls!

  417. Kristin Wright on

    I absolutely love this post! Thank you for recommending workwear. I have several Patagonia sun shirts and I think I’m going to give their hemp overalls a try after your recommendation. I’m also on the lookout for a comfortable pair of shoes/boots for the garden – I might give the keens a try.

  418. Melissa on

    I have pants from Duluth. I love the stretch but also they keep shape and have little sagging by end of day. But as noted in blog post they are not stealth wear. Everyone hears the whooshing of me coming their way. Ive also just found Ridge wear. I love their flannel shirts. being plus size they have hidden gap preventing buttons.

  419. Cheryl on

    I really am enjoying my Dovetail Workwear Britt Utility pants in ripstop fabric, fit nicely, still stretchy but durable and lightweight enough for hot summer days. Have been wondering about getting their thermal denim pants as well, will definitely do so after your great comments on it.

  420. Susan Malone on

    Thank you for your extensive research for us gardeners. I enjoy the Duluth Trading smock for projects inside and outside the house. Keep sharing, floret. You make my life more beautiful!!

  421. Lisa Nickel on

    Thank you for this very informative, helpful article. My go to workwear are my good old L.L. Bean boots.

  422. Karina on

    Love my workwear! My favorite are my Carhartt Crawford (now the Rugged Flex) overalls. I wear them nearly everyday for work as a gardener and find it hard to take them off to wear anything else. I’ve had them for 6 years and they are finally starting to look a little worse for the wear, but perfectly functional still. Just need a new pair of “dress” overalls for when I go out. Thank you!

  423. Christi on

    I love this post! Thank you! One of my favorite brands for working is Patagonia. Their long sleeve plain shirts are comfortable and fit my body really well(I’m 5’10”) and keep everything covered while I’m moving around.

  424. Whitney Phippen on

    Holy cow! What an awesome giveaway :)) I too have a pair of ugly keens that are my go to work shoe. What can I say, they’re comfy and they protect my toes. Hats are a must under the Colorado sun, I LOVE my San Diego Hat Co. hat. Wide brim, breathable and fits perfectly. Probably my favorite summer work piece. Still on the hunt for a great pair of work/garden gloves though…

  425. Sahaji on

    I love using my muck boots and Pendleton flannels! My absolute fav is long underwear made of wool/silk from HOCOSA of Switzerland.

  426. Christine R on

    I just discovered Dovetail Workwear and I love it! I used to wear really bulky insulated overalls to combat our cold Wyoming winter, so I was a little skeptical that the thermal lined would be warm enough, but they were amazing this winter and our winter was a doozy.

  427. Rey on

    I’ve had Rosies Professional Water-Resistant Overall since 2019 and they have worn in nicely and hold up to the test. Sometimes the hip buttons come undone but not a big problem. As a vegetable farmer and herbalist, I’ve enjoyed all the pockets–so many that I hardly use them all. The pocket insert flaps on this pair have come in handy for holding supplies while I’m in the field. I only wish they had a spot to hang my harvest knife (I typically just throw a belt over). I might not get this same exact overall again now that I’ve grown out of them in my post-partum body, but I definitely recommend Rosies Workwear for women.

  428. Jennifer on

    Thank you the article — much appreciated! When I worked in a garden center, Goodwill thrifted pieces were my go-to, especially after a pair of beloved quick dry pants were splayed open while pruning roses! Fortunately, was able to conver to shorts! Love Bogs! A colleague introduced me to Sloggers as an alternative.

  429. Mac Stanley on

    My favorite footwear are the Galway boots from Dubarry of Ireland – they can go from the muck of the field to walking around town. goretex lined, breathable, waterproof. Expensive up front, but they have lasted for 7 years so far of almost daily use.

  430. Alicia Moulton on

    My workwear is usually for beekeeping, and my favorite is a bee veil my husband bought over seas 25 years ago. I copied the pattern, and sewed more for myself. I wear the veil with my own long-sleeved shirt (whatever is handy) and neoprene gloves to work the camera.

    I love an inexpensive JCPenney puffer coat that goes on sale every Black Friday for under $50. I buy several. I live in the mountains and it gets very cold in winter here and it keeps me plenty warm (though I’m kinda tough about cold.) If needed, I wear Artix snow pants too.

  431. Carina Winget on

    I have a pair of Dickies light weight bibs that I love. They don’t tear either. Really tough and lightweight. I often wear leggings under them for warmth and comfort. They are great in the spring and fall. I wear them daily in those seasons. I also have a pair of Deluth bibs that are shorts. Love those in the summer. Very comfortable. Trying to
    I have a big vegetable garden loads of perennial beds and a new orchard. Also animals galore

    Anyone have an underwear they love? That’s my struggle.
    Love your info Erin

  432. Deborah Cole on

    I love my Sloggers – Waterproof Clog-style rain shoes. While I have regular knee-high garden boots for working in the chicken coop, sometimes I just need a little protection and don’t want to struggle to get on tall boots. These clog-style rain shoes also work great for school drop-off on rainy days.

  433. Becky Culbertson on

    I have a pair of Muck boots that I’ve worn for six years now. Of course, my gardening isn’t as extensive and constant as yours, but I do love those boots. Plus they’re cute! Purple with flowers inside! I’m going to look for a shorter pair this year for when the weather is hot!

  434. Darcy on

    I just want to compliment you on such a great article. You all have done very matter of fact field testing. Thanks Erin, Jill,
    & Nina.

  435. Jennie on

    I used to use mechanic coveralls over sweats forever but they wore out… I need to get some new work wear!

  436. Tierney on

    Often my problem with workwear and outdoor clothing is that I’m absolutely swimming in it. With a small fame I wear an xs in normal clothing—and workwear and outdoor just don’t seem to flex into the smallest end of the spectrum. Do you know anyone who might have preferred brands for this?

  437. Amara Williams on

    Red Ants Pants are a wonderful woman’s workwear brand in MT. Check them out if you haven’t already. However my RevivAll overalls (slow fashion also made in MT) are my every-day and I adore them! Only wish they’d make them in double knee. :)

  438. Lynn Stoops on

    Just starting my flower farming journey (again…) I absolutely love the Carhartt women’s Force Fitted midweight utility legging . I practically live in them ~ super comfy!

    I just ordered and love the color, style & fit of these overalls. Reading about the owner of the company Michelle Durnin and her team they are certainly a “cheerleading squad for your lifestyle and accomplishments”! I will definitely be ordering from this sweet company again.

    My all time favorite piece of clothing to wear while snipping blooms is my dad’s old well worn flannel jacket. Big & comfy and makes me smile with happy memories every time I button it up.

  439. Jennifer Jennings on

    Love my muck boots
    Use them w gardening- chicken, bee and peacock care :)

  440. Stacy Lamountain on

    Muck – that’s my Go-To footwear. I’m super excited to check out your overall recommendations because I haven’t found any I like locally yet.

  441. Amy Elsemore on

    I love my Duluth overalls! They have an easy return policy too if you mistakenly order pants that are too short (first hand experience!). I also love my Bog boots. I have wide feet and calves and they fit me great!

  442. Cori Majewski on

    I love love love my REI co-op pants, or anything they make really. I am 5’ and have curvy hips and thighs with a small waist, so pants are a challenge for me.

    I tried on literally EVERY. SINGLE. PAIR of pants at my local REI one day trying to find lightweight summer wear, and their in-house brand were the only ones that were a good length, didn’t slip down in the back when bending, and didn’t have an unfortunate bunching situation up front.

    I have multiple pairs I wear every day in summer, they are slightly stretchy, have a good amount of durability, and are comfy and breathable on our hot California summer days. They have tall, petite, and plus sizes, and I love REI’s ethos!

  443. Susan on

    I use the same pair of Bogs. I originally bought them for my son but when he grew out of them I took them over and love them. I would love to hear about your favorite garden gloves.

  444. Lindsey McElroy on

    I am so thankful for this post! Dovetail Overalls have been on my list because they offer tall sizing. Excited to use your coupon code!

    I love me a Tula straw hat all summer!!!! My first one is a little too floppy in our windy conditions, but they’re hats breathe well and provide good protection from the sun. Also I have a pair of tall Hunter Boots I’ve worn for 8 years. The polishing kit actually works and revives them! I wear them all summer. Even though it’s hot and my ankles get sweaty, I appreciate the tall boot to keep dirt out when I’m wearing shorts. Hunters in the summer, Bogs in the winter!

  445. Michelle Shireman on

    I’m all about small scale, women owned and women made clothing. Clothing that is designed for women, by women! I found a small business called Gamine Workwear. The owner tests all of the clothing herself in her own garden. The pieces are so well crafted and made to last. I bought a pair of their dungarees a few years ago. It took a few tries to get into the size that fit my build and the company was extremely accommodating and worked with me to get me the right fit. As a farmer, I highly recommend their workwear!

  446. Ashley Crowe on

    I love my Grundens rain gear and even wear the jacket when it’s not raining! I am always cold and it’s so toasty warm. Can’t wait to try Dovetail gear as I’m 5’10” and finding women’s workwear that is long enough is a challenge. Thanks for putting this together Erin and the Floret team!!

  447. Letitia Burke on

    My unexpected favorite thing to wear in my garden is a pair of Merrell hiking water shoes. I wear them instead of boots when it’s hot. The soles are rugged so I can muck around in wet dirt and grass without slipping, but they are still incredibly flexible for all the weird positions I end up in. The best part is they have fine mesh around the toes and sides that let your feet breathe, but no debris gets in! I’ll have a pair of these for summer gardening forever.

  448. Raychel Jamieson on

    Thank you for your suggestions!! Duluth jackets are a must on our farm. They have lightweight jackets that keep us warm in below zero temps! Highly recommend.

  449. Chelsey on

    Love this post! I’ve bought Duluth overalls in the past but have been looking to venture to something new. May try the lighter/white carhartts. Here in FL it’s always on the warmer side :) Thank you for the reviews!

  450. Rebekah Kaskubar on

    I’ve only ever had Carhart overalls that I got a years ago, but I was pleasantly surprised as to how helpful it really is to have a pair of “work pants” in the garden. I’ve been following Dovetail for years though, I love their company and then next time I need overalls I will be ordering from them!

  451. Joyce on

    I just bought some Noble Outfitters boots for working in the garden this year. They are very comfortable and keep my feet warm in our north Idaho weather!

  452. Julie Wise on

    Just bought a new pair of Duluth overalls. I’ve only worn them once, but I’m already a big fan!

  453. Ellen A on

    What a great round up, thank you for sharing! I have a similar pair of boots to the bogs, but they are “muck boots” brand and don’t slip on as easily as these sound. Might need to try what you’ve suggested for the next pair. I also have a pair of Keen women’s steel toe work boots that are comfortable and cute. So grateful for good footwear as I get older and still want to be out working long hours.

  454. Mary Defoe on

    I was built round and low to the ground, lol and it is SOOOOOO hard to find comfortable, functional clothing!!!! On our farm we’re doing everything on a Dieting Dime so unfortunately I haven’t been able to try any of these brands but if it is truly worth the extra money, I’m all for it. I have to wear muck boots that are 3 sizes to big so they will fit over my calves ( been a struggle all my life, they just don’t make things for chunky monkey legs)!!!! And we really don’t have the extra money for me to try this or that, if I buy it I have to use it! Thank you so much for this GREAT article!!!! Thank you again from Ambrosia Ridge Apiary and Farm in Tennessee ❤️

  455. Andrea on

    Thank you Erin! I’m always looking for good workwear and most of your suggestions are new to me so this article was super helpful! My most flattering overalls are REI trailsmiths and the quality is excellent. I also love a good jumpsuit. None of mine are workwear brands though. As for footwear, I really like Redback’s Outback boots and my tall hunting Muck boots.

  456. Sheree l North on

    I don’t do gardening yet but it’s the plans… soonive ordered a lot of your seeds can’t wait !! … I was remodeling a home for 3 years and sold it them remodeling another now( my moms ) to sell … I do like carhartt and yes they are durable but take a while to break in … haven’t tried many other name brands you mentioned …and have ruined many cloths … will be trying some of those brands on my new adventure in farming and flowers … thanks for always keeping us in the loop … much appreciated that you share !

  457. April on

    I’ve been using DryShod Garden shoes and really like them. They slip on and off easily. Thanks for all the great info!

  458. Kate on

    Wow, what a thorough review! I know you’ve really put this gear to the test. I agree with you on the Keen shoes — they unapologetically lean into the ugly, but they are comfy. I bought some last year with the flex toe, I hope it holds up! So far they’ve gotten me through all the spring clean up and watering!

  459. Leslie Boulay on

    Thanks for the great info. My “must” is my smart wool base layer shirt. Here in Illinois it’s a necessity for at least 5 months out of the year. It’s not scratchy and keeps you warm but also absorbs your sweat without getting smelly.

  460. Kate Formichella on

    DOVETAIL 💪🏻❤️💪🏻. I may have almost the entire Freshly collection that started with my black pair in 2018. So 5 years of Rough Wear in the flower fields and setting up weddings and they are still in 💪🏻 shape ! The pockets are plentiful & brilliantly thought out and ALL the pants have a crouch that doesn’t BITE. When foraging, my go to are tall Muck boots. I also work in Ariats (fat baby Western heritage) on the daily since the 90’s. Flannels and outerwear are ALL from thrift stores! The shops on Cape Cod are packed with expensive hardly worn gear!

  461. Lynne Corley on

    Carharrt has always been my tried and true brand. The dovetails is something I would love to try!

  462. Roshni on

    I garden for a job, am curvy and 5’5”- I can’t seem to get into overalls and am forever scrolling eBay for older straight fit men’s Carhartt double front. I get 34” waist to fit my 42” hips and they are simply the best. They are definitely roomy in the waist, but I am ok with tucking my shirt in as I live in Oklahoma and it’s best to keep bugs, etc out anyway. Wish more things fit, dying to try Gamine! Looks like a great brand!!

  463. Sarah Nutter on

    This is such a helpful blog post!

    My Danner Mountain 600 ate my favorite- meant for hiking but they are comfortable, provide excellent grip in all weather and I’ve gotten lots of compliments on how they look.

    I’ve never heard of Dovetail until now. Can’t wait to try them.

  464. Rachel on

    I have a pair of Duluth overalls I’m looking forward to testing out this year. Still snowing in my area though.

  465. Sarah Archard on

    As a fellow tall girl I loved your recommendations in that regard. My Patagonia Nano Puff has pretty much relegated all others to the closet. Thin but warm, cute and machine washable!

  466. Lori on

    I love my rootstock Duluth overalls and also can’t get by gardening without a hat! I have the Duluth rootstock bucket hat and a perfection loop bucket hat! Have to keep the sun off and the hair out of my eyes!

  467. Amelia on

    Thank you so much for this post it is so helpful. I am so bad at purchasing the appropriate clothes for the handywoman work I do. I look forward to trying a pair of your recommended overalls. I live in the northeast and I live my LLBean boots when working on landscape jobs in the spring/summer/fall seasons. Definitely a brand worth trying.

  468. Ashley Nelson on

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I am a massive fan of carhartt overalls and Eddie Bauer flannel shirts! Also Duluth and trading co has great quality pants- however I do not think they are always body flattering.

  469. Deborah McCauley-Buck on

    Hands down Keens( I like lace up models ) have kept me on my feet for over 20 years in the floral business. Between garden work and delivery in really bad weather Grundens rain jackets and pants are my go to wear. I first found Grundens when commercial shellfishing. Loved the information on different body types for overalls!

  470. Betsy on

    I’ve generally gone towards fishing outfitters and have both a great or is jacket and waterproof trousers. I also have a Barbour jacket that has lasted decades. What I haven’t found successfully is good hot weather clothing that’s durable so I’m most excited about that portion of your review! Hope I win a prize to invest in that direction! Thanks for this advice.

  471. Lindsay McCrea on

    Oh my goodness – I have to say without a doubt, my favourite piece of workwear is my Blundstone boots. I LIVE in them. Doesn’t matter what work outside I’m doing, they are on my feet. All season, durable and they break in so well- doesn’t take long either!

  472. Cathy Bock on

    I love my Muck slip ons and Carhartt sweatshirt for cool days. I’m interested to try some of the dovetail and bog boots that you highlighted.

  473. Brandy on

    I really love my Duluth Garden bibs like you ladies do, but just as much I adore my Blundstone boots for around the farm and garden.

  474. Crystal on

    I’d love to hear what your team’s favorite gloves are! I have used mostly random ones from hardware stores, but I borrowed a pair of carhartts which were impressive.

  475. Denise Babb on

    I have had a pair of Duluth work pants for 5 years and they have been my go to pants for working outside in my garden. I especially love them because you can roll up the pant legs and wear them as capris, which is especially helpful during our hot Texas summers. Thank you Erin for continually inspiring us with your love of flowers.

  476. April Smet on

    Love this article, testing out all the options would get expensive, and frustrating if the items don’t hold up. Thank you for doing this for all of us! So far I’ve really enjoyed the heirloom gardening bib from Duluth, tons of pockets, lightweight, easy to move in, pretty cute, and built in knee pads so it’s one less thing to lug around.

  477. Lizzy on

    Thanks so much for this informative post on work wear for women! I absolutely love Dovetail work wear. If I could, l I would get one of everything. Carhartt is another one of my favorites for hats, gloves and jackets. I recently visited a LL Bean and purchased a pair of boots and so far I love them! They are a Chelsea style rubber boot and although they aren’t super typical for farming, I love them because my feet get hot quickly in tall boots + I do a lot of barefoot gardening so they are easy to slip on and off and they are cute!

  478. Kathy Ward on

    Great post! One thing I’d add is the Duluth bras and underwear are super comfortable. The bras slip over your head, no clash and have a nice piece of material so cleavage is covered. Thanks so much! Love your stuff!

  479. Judy Olson on

    Thanks for the information. I would love to own a pair of Bog boots and try some of the brands you wear. Possibly some overalls.

  480. Lorie Hicks on

    I love my bog boots. The ease of putting them on without needing hands is a game changer for me. They keep the water out and warmth in. Thank for your reviews I look forward to trying some of these brands and their women’s work wear.

  481. Sally W on

    I recently got a pair of Truewerk pants for women and I love them! They’re tough and stretchy and she’s water like a champ (great for someone in a brewery like me). The pockets are also pretty fantastic. I’m dying to try Dovetail overalls, though! I love supporting women owned businesses- especially when they cater to other women.

  482. Rosalie Hinrichs on

    I must agree with you about the Bogs Neo-classic mid boot. I’ve been wearing the same flower design boots for 8 years! Yes, 8 years. The tread is shot and flowers are faded but I can’t let them go. They are an absolute workhorse. Thank you for inspiring all of us to find happiness in gardening.

  483. Katelyn on

    I’m new to homesteading and starting our little family farm so Ive just been making what I already have work… safe to say I’ve ruined a lot of my clothes 😬 you do what you gotta do though!! 😄

  484. Sharon Saulnier on

    I wear the cheapie disposable gardening gloves you can buy in bulk from Home Depot or Lowe’s-then I can trash them and avoid poison ivy residue.

  485. Karen Blank on

    Although I am fairly new to the flower farming world, but I have been a longtime fan of Bogs boots. I too, prefer the mid-classic, but just love the pattered styles. My newest find is a pair of fitted Carhartt pants that have plenty of pockets, reinforced knees and stretch that feel like a pair of great leggings. I have my eyes on the overalls, for sure!

  486. Kelley Green on

    Thanks so much for this post! So informative! I don’t really have much in the line of work wear, but I need some! Spring and fall, I can’t go without my Slogger rubber boots! Love the fun patterns on them! Mine have cows!

  487. Carissa on

    I got a pair of REI coop Trailsmith overalls for Christmas this year and I’m excited to try them out in the garden soon!

  488. Joyce on

    As always, thank you Erin! You are such a gem, sharing all of your knowledge with the world! Currently I wear Goodwill finds to my garden center job but this info is incredibly helpful towards purchasing in the future!

  489. Amy on

    I’ve only worn workwear from Duluth (the garden overalls) and I have the men’s fleece lined zip up hoodie from Carhart and love them both but def going to check out Dovetails!!! Those overalls look like everything to me!!!! Thank you for everything you do! The list is endless…

  490. Mallory Frances on

    I have a duluth near me and I have recently been exploring their work wear. I really enjoy it. I am on the shorter side so they fit me well. They discontinued my favorite pair that I bought a few years ago though. They tend to put pockets on the outer thigh and I don’t find that fit to be flattering.

    I love the look of Dovetail but worry it might be too narrow for my body type. I like fitted but I am a little wider on the bottom half. I am in FL and feel compelled to try Patagonia now for some more breathable work wear! My go to tops are linen long sleeve shirts from the thrift store.

  491. Tara G. on

    While not a workwear brand, I have recently found my favorite patch! NoSo patches come in super fun patterns and shapes and they have held up well on my Patagonia soft shell (purchased in 2001!!!). That is an endorsement in itself as that coat is bomb proof, the only reason I needed a patch was I got it caught on a sharp end of a fence while traveling quickly. That is its only blemish in over 20 years!

  492. Cassi Holcomb on

    Ariat!!! These have been my game changer over the last eight months! They have a side pocket which I can use for my phone or my Felco twos! That makes it so much easier for me to get in and out of a vehicle without having to take them out of my pocket or have a holder get caught as I’m getting out.
    I found these jeans while searching for some for my tall, skinny preteen boy! It’s the women’s rebar mid rise boot cut. I got the same size in the mid rise straight and don’t have to wear a belt which I appreciate. If I’m doing a lot of cleanup and don’t want stuff falling in my shoes, I like the boot cut. The straight are pretty good there too because they’re long enough and just go over the top of my shoes. They have a lot of options in length! I get comments all the time about the utility and compliments on how good the fit looks. I’ve had a landscaping business for over 19 years and I’ve tried so many different pairs!!

  493. Jacklynne on

    I can’t remember the brand off hand but I used to have a pair of heavy duty yoga pants that I wore all the time in the garden, then were tough enough to handle the work while being breathable and comfortable in the summer.

  494. Jamie on

    Thank you for making this post! Personal love Carhartt, their products last for years. I have gloves, hats, coats and pants. Muck boots are a favorite on muddy days. I don’t have anything from Dovetail but after reading this I’ll definitely be getting a pair of overalls.

  495. Mary Gisondi on

    Thank you so much for this article! I just received my first pair of Duluth overalls as a gift, and I can’t wait to try them out! They seem a little big, but up to this point I’ve been wearing old jeans so I know these will be much more comfortable .

  496. Michelle on

    I love old Pendleton shirts for work wear and huge fan of Duluth! Love all the brands you listed!

  497. Mary on

    I can’t live without my rubber bottom insulated Lacoste boots in cold weather and my Aigle Wellies in warmer weather. The deer ticks don’t seem to grab on to the Wellies, an added bonus!

    Mary / Massachusetts

  498. Megan on

    A gardening client of mine swears by Duluths gardening overalls so I’m planning on trying them this season. I love Kuhl brand pants to work in the hot weather- really light weight fabric with stretch. I am phasing out my Carhartt pants over time, I don’t like the stiffness even in my most weathered pairs.

  499. Chelsea on

    As a farmer/cider maker, my Blundstone boots are what I wear when it’s dry. I like that they transition from farm to street wear and have molded to my feet after that initial break in. I wear them every day, so as you said, most shoes don’t last past 1 year.

  500. Debbie on

    Thank you for all this great information and taking the time to record it all! I recently bought my second pair of dovetail because I loved my first pair so much and I was afraid some thing would change on them so now I have a back up. This was based on your recommendation. I am in love with Carhartt and want to keep trying it, but I haven’t found anything that fits right. Having a go to for your garden every day though is crucial -thanks again.

  501. Sarah on

    I really love Duluth. My body type is more like Jill’s although I’m a little taller. I appreciate anything quick dry and they have some button down shirts that are that type of fabric with great stretch. My favorite of pants right now are a pair of canvas joggers. Not fashion forward, but comfortable, easy to move in, and dries quick. I think I got them at Old Navy!

  502. Rebecca P on

    We have a Duluth store nearby so it’s a go to for me. I like being able to try stuff on before I buy. Although I feel like their quality has gone down over the years in certain things because they’ve expanded their lines too much. I still have a lot of good things from them and recommend them to people. I also love lands end coats and Bog boots. I think keens are over rated lol. I’ve found Born brand booties that are super comfortable and not as ugly as Keens. Great reviews! I Will be checking out Dovetail for sure!

  503. Cassie Boucher on

    Muck boots are my absolute favorite! They keep my feet warm and dry and fit my larger calves(the issue I have with bogs). I have had my Carhartt coat for about 10 years now. It has never let me down!

  504. G on

    I love my llbean duck boots go muddy gardening, and rainy inventory/ delivery days. I’ve had them for 15 years, they’ve been resoled 3 times.
    I also have a pair of dovetail Britt pants that I like to wear because of all the pockets. But they’re a lil snug, like you said, and I wish the movement was better but they really do hold up and stay on when I need them to.
    And for really dirty jobs, my dickies coveralls get the job done and somehow look cute every time.

  505. Eva on

    I absolutely love my Bog boots! I have a pair of Carhartt pants I have broken in a bit, I’m just not thrilled about the wide leg bottom. It’s a pain to tuck in the boot. Will definitely look into Dovetail overalls come the fall. But the Patagonia Hemp overalls look dreamy for our hot southern summers! Thank you for the wonderful review and I love how you addressed the different body types.

  506. Elizabeth Betlejewski on

    Noble winter weight insulated boots. I live in these boots through late winter early spring gardening. My feet or never coke or wet. They fit just perfectly around my calf, and the ankle has enough flexibility in it that I never feel restricted.

  507. Sharon Hale on

    Sounds like Dovetail would work for me! I have been wanting a pair of bib overalls. Thank you for all the time, effort you and your staff took to provide us with these extensive reviews!

  508. Jessy on

    Ah, one more comment! I saw someone else mention blundstone boots- I could not agree more! My blundstone boots are so comfortable, and I wear them with pants, shorts, etc. Blundstone also offers lifetime warranty. My last pair of boots started to rip at a seam after 2 years. I reached out and filed a claim- they sent me a new pair at no charge! Highly recommend their company.

  509. Leah Travers on

    Grundens!!! Hands down. Best rain gear I have ever owned. I love my carhartt too. Indestructible. I have not tried the dovetails, though I hear they make your buns look pretty cute ☺️

  510. Sarah on

    Love this post, and it’s not silly to talk about workwear! We all deserve to be comfortable while working. I love the Britt pants from Dovetail and plan to build a collection of them.

  511. Jessy on

    I’ve been wanting to try Dovetail for a while now, but every time I look they are out of stock in my size! I’ve been searching for the perfect fit that gives flexibility but also holds up against tough activity all the while looking more feminine! I currently wear mostly women’s work pants from REI, but I’ve gone through 3 pairs now in a year or two! Thank you, Erin, for this list of your favorites! I’ll be trying several of these.

  512. Janet on

    My favorites are Duluth short overalls and Grundens rain gear. Plus my Round House denim overalls for colder weather (men’s sizes only). I’m pretty sure these super heavy duty overalls, made in the USA ,will outlive me!

    Janet/ Massachusetts

  513. Sarah McGuire on

    I recently got some Berne insulated overalls and have been so happy with them! Very warm, flattering fit, and a decent price point!

  514. Sharon Reade on

    I would like to see washable white workwear so ticks could easily be seen, with tight, but comfy cuffs.

  515. Terry Hockens on

    Just bought some Duluth shortalls. Thanks for the reco!

  516. Linda Spradlin on

    Dryshod work boot. I wear them in all weather. I have foot issues, bunion on right, need metatarsal support in the left. These boots support both problems. Going on 3 years same pair. Plus the top rolls down to be 1/2 way up or keep them tall.

  517. Alexis Conniff on

    I have a quilted sweatshirt from Patagonia that has been put through the ringer; it’s seriously showing it’s age and wear but it’s so warm, just the right amount of snug, that I can’t give it up!

  518. Michelle on

    I also have a farm and large garden. I make all my workwear. I have a lot. Coveralls, jeans, and overalls. I have workwear that I work in and workwear that I wear in public and then accidentally work in and get very dirty. Some are super heavy denim and some are lighter for warmer days. All are double knees.
    Although to be honest, as far as overalls go my old original Carhartts are still my favorites.

  519. Jessie C on

    I just recently got the jean coveralls from Duluth and I couldn’t be happier. The fabric is soft and stretchy. Lots of room in the shoulders and torso. I ordered true to size and I’m able to wear a sweatshirt and sweatpants underneath. I would size down if you are wanting a less roomy fit. These will definitely be my go to for this cold spring we are having in the PNW. I get tons of compliments when I wear them out and about.

  520. Lisa Wilson on

    I have to say on this farm on Long Island, NY Duluth is the go-to workwear. Boots are usually Redwings. Jackets are usually Carhartt and a good heavy hoodie!!

  521. Therese S on

    Levi’s if the rise is high enough. Hate that they took women’s pockets out (leaving only tiny, unusable pockets).

  522. Carrie A on

    Eddie Bauer has a line of athletic wear that are wonderful for greenhouse work. They are quick dry and super light weight… so the hot sweaty days are a little more bearable!

  523. Lindsey Oldani on

    1. I love my Duluth overalls, I wish they would make more that aren’t the swishy kind, they are too ouch for my senses, but my go-to cool weather overall like Nina’s are just too hot for PNW summer. I’ll try those Patagonia ones and hope they are wide enough in the hips.

    2. Quarter zip wool base layer from REI. The best. Also, they make an alright sunshirt too.

    3. My go-to sunshirt, and I wear it daily when it’s sunny and warm – Columbia. It is amazing. I own every color they have ever made and I cannot say enough good things about it. Long enough to tuck into base layers if needed, under the overalls. PNW, sunny some rare days and still cold. Lol

    4. BOOTS. Bogs are good and great but and it’s a big but… my classic Blundstone Boots have out lasted every single other shoes I’ve ever owned. I even split into the toe chopping wood once and they’ve still kept on going! The oldest pair are 4 years old and I wear them to do every single homestead farming hiking chicken poop coop mucking stalls thing I’ve done and I promise the soles still look as good as my “nice pair” that are 1.5 yrs old. BLUNDSTONE BOOTS.

    – I do really really wish we could talk more about the lack of women’s workwear. There is more now, but still I find that we are lacking in enough!

  524. Patrice Curedale on

    ps thank goodness for testers like you 🙏
    Some of us just fly by the seat of our pants 👖

  525. Patrice Curedale on

    Well, I’ll start with the ugly Keens because I have D width feet with short toes and high arches and yet they fit me, too lol!
    And their somewhat hard last is good for my bunions! And on the rare day (ahem) when it rains here, they’re great for puddle jumping and creek crossing.
    I just googlooed one of the soles back on after wearing them for 17 years and it worked great.
    Here’s to another 20!
    Only shoes that last longer are my Campers. The boots for 20 and the hard worn punk lace ups for 32!
    I, too love Lands End jackets, and vintage Carhart (already soft pls!) and yes, Patagonia, which has become so beloved that one of the vendors at my flea market(Topanga Vintage Market) sells Vintage Patagonia exclusively!
    And the funny thing is, we live in Los Angeles %^)
    So I may spring for a pair of those hemp overalls for summer. I find hemp cool in warm weather, and who knows, they may appreciate in value!

    The garden fashion I go through quickest is gloves. With all the prickly and thorny fauna around here, plus the giant pine trees on my tiny property, I sure need good, comfy Long sleeve ones.
    New post on gloves 🧤 please! *(;^)

    Thank you and congrats on the LA expansion. My friend is coming down from the Bay Area just to take me there.

    Saving 🐝 s for your flowers,

    Topanga, CA

  526. Justine on

    Aloha! Enjoyed this article. Patagonia womens iron forge hemp canvas double knee pants in long have been my favorite the last few years. I’m 6′ tall and appreciate that they offer tall sizing.
    The Wheeler Munroe Garden tool belt is a game changer for me. No more pokes and loosing my pruners.
    I live on the Eastside of Hawaii Island in Hawaii where it is wet and also rocky. The land here eats my shoes up. Recommendations for boots are appreciated. I will look into the Bog brand boot that was shared in the article. Mahalo

  527. Herehia H on

    Loving the bogs and slip on Kacie III that was super helpful. Love me some good overalls I think I would try any, carrhart and landsend are the only brands I’ve heard of, but the rootstock look fun!

  528. Tammi Loving on

    Hi! Here in Virginia I love Duluth trading Company, their lightweight stretchy fabrics give when you’re stretching and reaching across beds and lugging flats around, in the summer they have sleeveless tops in great colors that are moisture wicking and keep you cool. They also have some lightweight pants and shorts that come in beautiful colors for warmer weather. I find they’re all around very responsive to women and their needs for duds for outdoor sports and outdoor activities. Thank you!

  529. Sherri S. on

    Not sure they are “workwear,” per se, but Wranglers jeans seem to be right for me. And Hunter’s wellies! Thanks for the info in your post (and for the chance to win!)

  530. Annie on

    My favorite work shirt is a Georgia clay T shirt. It’s actually stained from the clay soil in Ga. It’s soft , stretchy and same color as what I’m digging in. Pants are whatever pair of blue jeans I have that I don’t care about ruining in the dirt. I wear my oldest pair of Danko’s. Its not the best work shoe but holds up well. The only drawback is that dirt gets in my shoes and I have to stop to shake it out. Thank you for you list and review of your favorites!!!
    Annie aaburke52@yahoo. com

  531. Annie on

    My favorite work shirt is a Georgia clay T shirt. It’s actually stained from the clay soil in Ga. It’s soft , stretchy and same color as what I’m digging in. Pants are whatever pair of blue jeans I have that I don’t care about ruining in the dirt. I wear my oldest pair of Danko’s. I not the best work shoe but holds up well. The only drawback is that dirt gets in my shoes and I have to stop to shake it out. Thank you for you list and review of your favorites!!!
    Annie aaburke52@yahoo. com

  532. Heather/ Havenfrost Farm on

    Living in Arizona has unique challenges that sunny hot weather brings- shirts need to be long sleeved for skin protection but I have to go into men’s sizes to get the sleeves long enough. Because of the heat, I look for 100% cotton for its ability to breathe and can be lightweight. Common jeans are my go to for durability but they are more heavy weight than I really enjoy for summer. I will research more options after reading your article. Thank you for the information!

  533. Mardell on

    My work pants require 2 things…. a space to hold knee pads and lots of pockets. I had a hard time finding what I needed unless I went to police and firefighting clothing sites. But last year I discovered my fav!! Catapillar has a stretchy TOUGH fabric that has openings for knee pads and lots of pockets. My only complaint is that some of the pockets are too securely closed with velcro so I can’t always get into them one handedly. I attach my snippers to a stretchy cord attached to the belt loop. If they are not attached I will set them down and lose them for sure. I like the idea of a leather holster rather than keeping the snipers in the pocket. I think I will figure out how to attach it to one of the pockets rather than hanging around my waist. I dont like that feeling. I cant imagine working in the garden without my always there knee pads

  534. Margo Leishman on

    I love LaCrosse women’s boots fur durability and the waterproofing.

  535. Lorelai on

    I’ve been wearing timberland waterproof pro boots daily & my feet don’t get wet in the mud + the steel toe has saved me more than once.

  536. Jo on

    My current boots are from Lems – great for barefoot shoe people when it’s cold and wet in the PNW. And a Colorado company.

  537. Georgia on

    Love this post! Honestly, all of my garden work wear is stuff I get at the thrift shop, because I can wear things that I really feel good and like myself in and if I go through them a little faster, it’s no biggie because they’re so cheap. And I like buying used so that I have less impact on the environment, though I do realize that high-quality workwear is not fast fashion! I like Alys Fowler’s approach with all her vintage dresses and chunky cardigans for serious professional garden work. My favorite types of clothes for gardening are linen shirts, straw hats, shorts or jeans (though yes I do get a slice of tan on my lower back haha) and worn-out tennis shoes in the summer or Aigle rubber boots in the winter. My fashion icon is Walt Whitman when I’m out in the garden!

  538. Sarah Phipps on

    In Alaska we’ve been having crazy weather lately, sometimes it’s so hot and dry -an insistent heat because the sun never really goes down where we are in the summer and so the ground never cools. Then, when we pray for rain – we get torrential downpours that last for months. When the weather is this extreme it can be hard to find the right workwear. I’m liking my Xtruf ankle deck boots this spring to jump puddles. They are super comfortable and easy to slip in and out of. I shop at thrift stores for work wear and this is how I started to love Dickies medical scrubs, except as farming workwear. They are durable, super comfy, and – pockets! I like the extra long scrub shirts with two big front pockets. I also love my Arcteryx beta rain jacket. It’s expensive but it’s the only rain jacket that actually keeps me dry when it’s pouring buckets. My favorite work socks are by Fit – especially the everyday compression cushioned and cushioned boot in wool. They breathe and my feet stay both warm and cool. They also keep away any blisters. And I depend on my readers from Caddis. They are the only glasses that I can’t break when I’m working. I’ve dropped them in the firepit, off the tractor, left them in the cup holder on the UTV all winter, stepped on them in the mud. They don’t break. And I need to be able to see, so they also have amazing lenses, and they come in a lot of different cool colors. My favorite style for durability is either the Miklos or Porgy Backstage. All of us here seem to have a Carhartt Loose Fit Firm Duck lined active Jac- 3 because it gets pretty cold during our shoulder seasons.

  539. Sarah B. on

    My tried and true work gear favorites have been t-shirts with a story (you know the kind, race t-shirts, middle school sports team, ones you catch in a stadium, etc.) These shirts love the dirt, and dirt makes them even better. I also love jeans on their last leg. The kind with REAL worn holes, paint stains etc.

    All that being said, it is about time I invested in some more comfortable and durable workwear. I am grateful for your research and trials that will help this little gardener look and feel her best, so that I can help my flowers do the same.

  540. Andrea Cline on

    Love my Duluth gardening overalls! My Hunter boots in the winter months have been great too. Carhart beanies are the perfect weight.

  541. Georgia on

    That does sound like an amazing job, I didn’t even know that horticultural therapist was a job! So cool

  542. Megan Houston on

    Just in time to influence my upcoming intended purchase with Duluth! It’s been a very long, wet winter here in PACNW and I’m ready to get out in the garden in some new digs for all my digging! Thank you for sharing your personal recommendations!

  543. Sue Garrett on

    I love my Bog boots and Carhart work pants.

  544. Heather Sund on

    I had an awesome pair of gap denim overalls in the early 90’s that had gone out of fashion in the early 2000’s when I was pregnant with my first daughter. I so delighted in creating the most dreamy baby room for her in my “cool 90’s overalls turned pregnant workwear.” They’d grown softer over time and I could unbutton the sides and fit them over my belly. As I painstakingly painted a pattern of various stripes, they became splattered with the range of pinks and green of that inspired first baby room. I’ve worn them for many work and gardening projects ever since. When that baby girl became a teenager she claimed my work overalls as awesome fashion, patching or sewing them up as needed to keep them going strong and adding her own splattered of paint and dirt. She’s the true Gardner in our family, having designed and built a greenhouse out of scrap windows for her senior IB essay and raising dozens of plant babies over the years. She even took them off to her first year of college at the University of Washington. I love seeing my all grown up baby girl wearing the painted up overalls – for actual work, or off to biology class – with the confidence, creativity and inner strength I prayed over her when she was in utero, in the overalls.

  545. Catherine on

    Wow! So many comments already. I have a pair of Outdoor Research overalls that I LOVE and would recommend. The material is lightweight so it’s excellent for working outside in the summer, but it’s also very durable. One of my favorite purchases ever!

  546. Megan Coy on

    This is a great article! I am been on the search for good workwear pants. My favorite work boots are my muck boots. I work in vineyards and spend a lot of time walking around in them in the spring. My last pair lasted me 4 years.

  547. Heather Lawhead on

    I adore my Carhartt zip up hoodies. They are perfectly warm and so incredibly soft. I have had multiple hoodies for years and the more you wear them the vozier they get.

  548. Emily on

    I have a favorite Columbia hiking boot for farm work. The Newton Ridge are the best boots on the planet. Light, sturdy, comfortable, waterproof, and looks good?! I can go all day in these boots. I often wear them in regular life because they’re so comfortable. I’m on my third pair and I always keep a pair in reserve.

  549. Rachel B on

    I’m so excited about this post and everyone’s comments! It’s perfect timing as I’m a horticultural therapist and just got a job as Garden Educator in the Culinary Medicine program at our main hospital (my dream job!) Besides teaching part of my job is to maintain two large learning gardens and, because it’s a hospital setting, I also need to stay a bit more professional looking. I’ve never owned official gardening clothes and have just ordered from Duluth TC. I’m going to try the NOGA Classic leggings (I imagine similar to Carhart Utility Leggings) and their Sol Survivor Sun Jac. I’m in search of tanks/tees that keep me cool & covered but also don’t show too much sweat. I’m excited to check out some of the other things you have mentioned in this post. One great local VT company people might like to check out is TOVEwear and they make beautiful gardening aprons. Thank you so much for sharing this info with us and for generating the conversation. It’s not silly at all!

  550. tanya w on

    I’ve worn out the knees and thighs in several of pairs of Carhartt overalls. My husband recently gave me his pair because my holes were bothering him so. They are a tad roomy and need softening up but I feel like true me in them. I save my Patagonia splurge for play.

  551. Jamie on

    I am really excited to try out some of these suggestions! I’ve been wanting to get a good pair of overalls but like your article mentions… it can be overwhelming to try all the brands and expensive. I’m more of a long lean so I was happy to see your recommendations Erin. My few suggestions of things I’ve tried and loved are my xtratuf gardening boots and my pategonia down hoodie. The boots are super comfortable and I can walk in them all day. The jacket is nice for long torsos and it keeps me neither too cold or too hot. It does have a few holes and patches in the fabric but it is so comfortable!

  552. Sharon Spillare on

    I usually wear my Carhartt straight-leg jeans in the garden with my Joules Rain Welly Boots in the summer and my Bogs Classic Tall Rainboots in the winter. I have an L.L. Bean field jacket that I have owned for at least 15 years, and it is still going strong.

  553. Clarisse Wilton on

    I love my muck boots and can’t go wrong with a good pair of bibs♥️. Plus I love to wear my grandmas old flannel while I garden .

  554. Nancy Canino on

    Thank you to Kristin H for the sock recommendation. Just ordered two pairs from Darn Tough — they sound amazing!

  555. Elizabeth on

    This review is so helpful! My favorite work boots are a pair I got from Timberland that I’ve been wearing for 8 years.

  556. Denise Haase on

    I have purchased several things from Duluth. I have a firehouse vest that I absolutely love and have had it for years! No longer available but well worth the $ back then. Just purchased my first pair of Bogs rain boots and really happy with them. Once it rains I’m up to my ankles in mud and horse manure😂. Thank you for listing all of these companies, very helpful!

  557. Liliana on

    I have this wonderful oversized baby pink thin cotton zip up hoodie that I love for summer months! It’s light enough to give me sun protection without being too hot, and I also just love wearing pink while in the garden. I found it thrifting one day 5 years ago and have been wearing it ever since.

  558. Caprice on

    I love Bogs as well, especially the “handles” to help me pull them on when I’m too “bulky” with winter wear to bend over properly!

  559. J on

    Sperian 400L Tuff-Coat gloves. Make winter wet work in the PNW bearable! Worst thing about wet winter is finding gloves that stay reasonably dry, but warm as well. Thanks for the interesting post!

  560. Rachel Burgoon on

    I oddly love to garden in my waterproof birkenstock sandals! Easy on, water proof and comfy! Not so great for keeping clean feet but gives me a reason to get pedicures!

    Check out Meanwhile Back on thr Farm in Lynchburg, VA for handmade leather purses and bags!

    Loved this article!

  561. Joni on

    I’ve always worn something old…now to start shopping!!

  562. Kate on

    I find my gardening flannel in thrift stores but also absolutely love my dovetail overalls!! I should probably look into some better rain workwear though because the spring rains here in the PNW really slow my roll on yard work…

  563. Belinda on

    I love my Carhartt straight double front jeans for all the deep pockets. I buy Bogs for my three grandsons because of a Florett favorite things post said they were warm and dry. Makes this Oma feel like she is helping the wee ones to love PNW outdoors and I don’t worry about them being cold. :)

  564. Ruth on

    I haven’t invested in work clothes yet, can’t say why the thought never occured to me. Am definitely going to try something from Duluth, have ruined so many regular clothes over the years.

  565. Camille Lytle on

    I can’t live without my Ariat Wexford Chelsea boots. I can ride in them, hike in them, slosh through snow in them, and they are my go-to boot for gardening. They are waterproof, easy to slip off, easy to pull on with the loop over the heel, and they are so dang cute that you can knock the dirt off and enjoy dinner in town. No more dragging something to change into—they do it all! They would absolutely be on my feet if my house were burning down.

  566. Sharon Henson on

    In all honesty and directness, when I garden, I’ve never worn anything that is new or looks new. Basically, I wear old and worn out t-shirts and leggings that have holes throughout and this includes two pairs of shoes. Lol! I was reading all of your reviews and believe I may just have to give “new” a try. Thank you so much for sharing your insights!

  567. Karleen Keller on

    I’m a mom of 5 awesome nature loving kids with a little garden and green house in the back yard. All my kids have carhartt overalls and they live in them in the winter months and spring time while weeding and planting with me. I love my Duluth denim work overalls. They move with me and fit like a glove. I even wear them when I’m not gardening and playing at the beach. Dickies has some good stuff at times. Their prices are very reasonable too. I have a work vest and jacket that have been great.

  568. Dawn Wiebe on

    Other than my hisea muck boots I haven’t found any other great work wear other than layering up and changing clothes once they’re wet. Can’t wait to save up for some of these products! The utility work pants from carhart will definitely be on my Christmas list.

  569. Lori Hurly on

    Duck Feet has boots and shoes. The boots are great for working out in colder weather. Five Marys introduced me to them!

  570. Philippa Foes-Lamb on

    Oh my goodness, how I DREAM of workwear like all of the above. Here in NZ there truly is no such thing really. I am able to get good gumboots as we call them here – galoshes or Wellington boots elsewhere I think, that are perfect in wet weather, so that’s something! Thank you so much for the chance to win and I hope being in New Zealand doesn’t mean I can’t enter. I love your website, videos, blog posts and just everything about you and what you do! Huge smiles, Philippa

  571. Elizabeth Parrish on

    Dovetail Workwear is the best! I love the Christa DIY—it is like a heavy duty yoga pant, so comfortable. Their Day Construct is a great lighter weight pant for warmer days.

  572. Tasha on

    Love this post – super helpful! I have worn Xtratuf boots for years out in our muddy PNW fields and in the garden. Adding wool insoles keep my feet toasty during the chilly spring and winter. My classic Carhartt canvas work pants are awesome but do take a long time to break in. My first pair is still hanging on after 20 years!

  573. Robin Gibson on

    First, Thanks!! I appreciate the comprehensive list of quality, durable workwear for women! I’m with Jill & Nina on the Duluth Trading Bus :) I think I’m only missing one color of the Heirloom Gardening Bibs, and I’m off to order that now, lol. I love my Carhartt fleece-lined vest, in a Seafoam color, I’ve hard it for years. EVERY time I wear it I get compliments. It’s my fave. And I have the Grunden’s rainwear. (Bibs-so great!). I don’t think I have a new company for you. But I still appreciate reading your reviews on all the products listed. I especially appreciated hearing from Jill & Nina as my body-type seems to be a mash-up of the two of them, lol. And your comments on pants/shirts slipping or riding up or down, with all the movement. Sometimes that’s the trickiest part of feeling a good fit :) Thanks for the honest reviews:)

  574. Maggie on

    Duluth Trading Company makes an awesome bun overall in a ‘Arm-a-chillo’ fabric that is excellent for hot summer days as it wicks away moisture. They make them in full-pant as well as overall shirts as well! They also have overalls in versions/fabrics that are heavier and offer various coverage options. They come in sizes XS-3X.

    I also live in my Muk Luk loafers, boots, and rain boots! They offer a wide selection of footwear generally waterproof and rated for different types of weather.

  575. Victoria on

    It sounds funny, but my favorite item to wear gardening is the Crocs Classic Boot. They are the lightest weight all-weather boot and my go-to when the dew is heavy. The tred on the bottom of the shoe is more substantial than the clog and I love the ease of cleaning when I can simply hose off mud! I love bright colors, so I own the yellow pair, but the other colors are more subdued for a more reserved personality.

  576. Laura S. on

    This is so helpful, thank you for sharing! I am always looking for good jeans but haven’t found any that don’t fall down when I bend over. I am definitely going to invest in some overalls now. Probably my favorite piece of workwear is a fleece vest I received as a volunteer, I think the brand is Port Authority. It is warm and I wear it over sweatshirts and even jackets, and it has two zip-pockets which is super handy. I love my Keen boots for shoes in the garden — they are actually my hiking boots that I’ve “retired” from hiking, Women’s Voyageur Mid, but I wear a variety of shoes and I’ve found that is key for me (my feet start to hurt if I wear the same ones all the time).

  577. Jennifer on

    I forgot to post this in may previous comment.

    If you are looking for an everyday dress, check out Wool& or Wooland.

    Their dresses are made out if Marino wool and nylon. They wear well, don’t retain body odor, and stains wash out easily.

    I just finished a 100 day dress challenge and earned $100 toward Wool& product. My first dress style was the short sleeved belted Coral. My second dress style is a shift called Camilla.

  578. Shelia King on

    My favorite item are my Muck boots. Keep my feet dry and warm. I like them so much I even will slip them on for a quick walk around the block.

  579. Kim E Lewis on

    Thank y’all for sharing. I really appreciate the great info on the women’s workwear. I hope to one day own some. But to be totally honest, I don’t wear any of these things, so I can’t tell you my favorite it’s out of my budget. Thanks again for sharing.

  580. Terry on

    I work on a ranch. I’m a woman, but I have been wearing Mens Carhartt Style B11 Loose Fit Washed Duck Utility Work Pants for almost 30 years! They are tough and never wear out. I love that hay and shavings don’t stick to them and they only get softer and more comfy with age. I also do a lot of gardening. I like the loose fit, it’s not too loose or too tight and fits me just right for everything I have to do including kneeling or climbing into a truck. The large front pockets are the absolutely perfect size. You know how the pockets on most jeans are tight when you try and put your hand in them? Not these, you have plenty of room to put whatever you want in them, I love that! Because they are a loose fit they aren’t too hot in the summer and I can easily add long underwear in the winter when it’s cold. For me they are absolutely the most perfect pants I have ever worn. I have them in dark brown and camo which they don’t make anymore, but my absolute favorite color is the Moss green. I have NEVER worn out a pair of these pants yet! I have one pair that that must be close to 30 years old, they are soft and comfy and even though they have some high areas that have rubbed down to white, the pants show no stitching loss or holes, no zipper problems or anything wrong with them. I honestly think these pants will outlive me, but I kinda think I should be buried in them because I’m so attached to them!

  581. Martha McInnes on

    XtraTufs for boots; I wore them like sneakers growing up in Alaska and working in the canneries. They hold up really well and with good inserts are incredibly comfortable. The tread is much better for me than Bogs.

  582. Gail Butler on

    My favorite overalls are from Garden Girl, which is no longer in business. Nice floral print denim, with stretchy side inserts, nice fit, super comfy and super cute! I also love my duluths! What I need are some good shoes, I’m going to check out your suggestions. Thanks!

  583. Kathleen Woods-Smith on

    My Xtratuf short boots are great for slipping on and off easily. No hands needed! And they’re warm enough for chilly days, unlike my tall pair.
    I love wearing overalls in the garden because I don’t have to readjust anything. My favorites are by Patagonia (the hemp fabric is great when it is hot) and Duluth (all the pockets!)..

  584. Paige on

    I recently got coveralls from wildfang brand and I actually really like them

  585. Tisa Betz on

    I love my MuckBoots!! Also have a pair of REI bib overalls that are great.

  586. Judy Buiter on

    Even though it’s technically not considered “workwear”, my Zyia shirts and leggings are so comfortable for working in my vegetable garden and flower beds. They’re sold online and at home parties, but you can’t find more stretchy, rain resistant, stylish, and affordable clothing in stores. They also have jackets, socks, and clothes for kids and men. You should check this “active wear”out!

  587. Colleen S on

    My Duluth overalls are so comfy. Would love to try something a bit more flattering though. For footwear, Muckboots. Use them for monitoring Blue Bird boxes during nesting season. Great for wet, gopher holed or uncut open fields. My husband bought a pair this year during the torrential storms we received in CA this year.

  588. Pat Lawson on

    Thank you Erin! The best way to really find out about products is from someone who uses them! I have a pair of Carhartt overalls that I do really like – I had to convince my kids that I truly did want overalls for Christmas, but my excitement when I opened my gift did convince and amuse them. 🙂 Your previous comments about workwear helped me pick those and I’m looking forward to checking out the other brands and products you all reviewed. Thanks to Jill and Nina and Becky too!😘

  589. Liz Vogel on

    Currently have two pair of Duluth overalls, and don’t feel like they are long enough in the body or inseam, but I still wear them. But now, I’m curious about Dovetail! I’ll have to check their site out, because your overalls are super cute! Was also thinking about getting some of those sleeves made by Farmer’s Defense – for when I’m cutting back long grasses or really getting in there with flowers/bushes; they protect your arms from getting irritated/itchy.

  590. Celeste on

    My favorite workwear is definitely overalls! Good old fashioned bibs from carhartt. I especially love all the pockets. So handy. Also love feeling like a grandpa, because I associate bibs with my grandpa the master gardener, weird I know 😂

  591. Suzanne Cheverie-Pugh on

    Patagonia shorts, Blundstone boots, North Face jackets are my go-to clothing items for working outdoors. And always, always a hat, really like the Liberty fabric large sun hats from J. Crew.

  592. Carolyn Wilson on

    Tried a new pair of keen sandals Women’s Astoria West Open-Toe. Light weight good arch stretchy and my feet don’t hurt after walking miles on gravel at the greenhouse I work at.

  593. Brenda on

    I haven’t found my favorite workwear yet, but do love a great pair of leather gloves!

  594. Lynn Lude on

    Hi, enjoyed your story on what to wear around the flowers so they notice YOU. Yes, they are watching. If I wear my Carhartts, which I find comfy the rusty, golden tones of the flowers perk up and the greens and linen colors come alive. The Duluth shirts also wake up the colors in the flowers on the other side of the farm. The purples and sky blues compete to see who will see you first walking down the path, today in your pinks and apricot. Duluth shirts have been a staple for a long time and they’re so versatile. Just watch the flowers as they look for you tomorrow and wonder what you’ll wear.

  595. Andrea Anderson on

    I love Dovetail as well! They are so soft and easy to break in but also incredibly durable. The other bit of workwear that I love are my Blundstone boots. I wear Bogs in the winter when i need insulation but my feet get way too hot/sweaty in them in the summer. This is where the blunnies come in – perfect for warmer weather.

  596. Ashley Bloom on

    I love dovetail work pants too! Such a great company. My favorite pair are the Christa DIY in Black Performance Modal. They are high waisted and stretchy. I size down because of the stretch but they are form fitting yet rugged. Side pockets for my garden tools and zip front pockets. I also live in my timberland hiking boots for work. So comfortable and break in very quickly but hold up for a long time. In summertime I live a good pair of hiking shorts with my carhartt duck apron. Also my hexarmor work gloves are a must for garden maintenance in downtown public outside areas. Puncture proof so you can move around and clean planters safely but not as bulky as other puncture proof gloves.

  597. Calene Borup on

    I’ve been growing flowers for about 4 years now and finally bought my first overalls, one pair from Carhartt for colder weather and the Heirloom Gardening Bibs from Duluth for warmer weather and for the removable knee pads! Love them both!

  598. Jennifer on

    What a great review! I don’t have a lot of experience with work wear. I usually garden in whatever grunge wear I have.

    I can testify that Bog boots are a good investment. I bought a pair 5 or so years ago and just received my 2nd pair for Christmas to replace my worn out pair.

    I also like Lands End. Everything I have ever bought from them has been quality: swimsuits, children’s clothing, leggings, travel bags.

    I have been looking at the Duluth overalls. But haven’t yet pulled the trigger. This review might be the catalyst for a new pair of overalls.

    Thanks for the insightful review!

  599. Patricia on

    I love the men’s classic Levi 501 jeans with the Floret tool belt strapped to my waist. They are both durable and comfortable and I forget about what I’m wearing when working on my hands and knees in the garden.

  600. Soheireh Meier on

    I have a canvas work apron from Duluth that is both practical and flattering. I can keep my gloves, knife and scissors in the pockets and keep my clothes protected. I liked the style so much that I made my own copy of it in linen. They sell an updated version still on their site:
    I also wear bogs nearly year round. I would love a great pair of work overalls! Thanks for sharing your reviews and for the chance to win a GC!

  601. Melissa M on

    I’ve recently become a huge dovetail convert and the freshley insulated overalls are my absolute favorite. I have a few pairs of the pants with the yoga style waistband but am really hoping to get some lighter weight overalls for summer. Finding good boots is always a challenge – I burn through muck boots and am trying Hisea’s now, fingers crossed they last longer than the other brands. I’m wearing my husbands carhartt jacket from high school on top of all this in winter too…

  602. Jen on

    My favorite piece of clothing is my canvas Carhartt traditional barn coat. It has lots of pockets, keeps me warm in the Midwest winter when I’m out doing horse chores and has shown no wear. I am tall so I had to order a men’s size to get the arm length I need. Unfortunately, as a tall woman (5’10”) you have to pay more for clothes that fit or order men’s sizes which do not fit a woman’s body very well. I am thankful for this article and the information!

  603. Toni Linder on

    I have to say my favorite workwear is what I wear on my feet…love my Bogs to keep my toes warm and dry! I also frequently wear my barn jacket and duck shoes from the “beaner” LL Bean in Maine. Can’t wait to order some needed items from your shared Carhartt and Grundens favs!!

  604. Stacy Christoffersen on

    Duluth dry in the fly shorts and pants have been my garden and farmers market workhorse. I’m curious if their garden sleeves will work well when picking the ditchweed and harvesting cattails this summer.

  605. Stef on

    I love this list! Especially since like you I live in the PNW so I know your choices will withstand the rain (so much rain 😭). My favorite pieces of workwear so far are my Patagonia jackets because they have an amazing repair policy! My lands end puffy jacket which is patched similar to yours and my manitobah boots which are cozy AND waterproof which is something I did not find with bogs.

  606. Anna H. on

    Good list! I used to work on research boats off the coast of Washington before starting my market garden, and I’ve stayed faithful to my Xtratuf boots and Grundens bibs. I live in Grundens layered over leggings for weeks at a time… so comfortable, and I just hose myself off and hang the bibs up before coming back inside. I can vouch for Duluth overalls, pants, jackets, and shirts, and I’d add the REI Trailsmith line of pants and overalls to the list, too.

  607. Kari Blandford on

    👚👖 What a fantastic topic! I love it!!!! I’m so excited to learn about some of these because I’ve never heard of them before! So my FAVORITE garden gear are my Troll Overalls from Daluth Trading! You can wear them long or roll and clip them up! I also love my Huk Boots in the winter, when it’s raining, or when I’m tending my 🐝🐝! They come in all kinds of cute colors and patterns! I’m in Florida so the last item I can’t live without is my Cowgirl Hat! I got it at the fair and I just love it! It’s outdoor proof and it keeps the sun off! 👩‍🌾👩‍🌾

  608. Diane Serda on

    Great article and good timing as I’m searching for some good work pants. I tend to live in my Patagonia vest and Patagonia flannel shirt. I’ve had the vest for 25 years, originally for hiking, but it’s perfect for the garden because it’s light, warm and has pockets with zippers so I don’t lose my phone. For pants I’ve worn Eddie Bower or Levies. But am looking for something better for gardening. Shoes are usually my old New Balance tennis shoes. One for the mud and one as a backup when the first pair gets too wet. And I always wear wool socks, even in the summer; mult brands. I also wear a wide rimmed straw hat. And of course I wear my Floret left handed tool belt.

  609. Karri Lockwood on

    I am new to Flower Farming so I can’t attest to longevity, but I recently started wearing Duluth overalls and they have been great!
    I’m going to have to try Keens for shoe wear after reading these comments!

  610. Tara on

    Overalls are a must! And I just starting using a tool belt, hoping to not misplace my pruners anymore!

  611. Elizabeth Dye on

    The Dovetail Maven pants have been my standby. Durable, stretchy and a great fit!

  612. Gretchen on

    As a shorter woman, I appreciate that Duluth offers a range of pant lengths so no more hemming- yeah!!! I love all varieties of their Noga pants for backyard gardening!

  613. Jan Fritz on

    As a two-time skin cancer survivor, sun protection has to be my #1 concern in the garden.

    I love Solbari’s UPF 50+ clothing and hats because I feel protected in lightweight clothing that’s wearable through a long workday–a good feeling for my skin as well as my brain!

  614. Olivia Kemp Boyle on

    I own two REI long sleeve under shirts that can literally make all the difference when out on the field on a cold and windy day. I also bought my first pair of Duluth company overalls this year and I can’t wait to try them!

  615. Mimi on

    I’m excited to learn about more companies with gardening clothes for women. I received Duluth Trading company coveralls for Christmas and I’ve been raving about them. Now I want to see what other companies have to offer too. Thank you for sharing! Don’t be embarrassed. It’s a gift.

  616. Selah on

    Love your style & everything you shared! I’ve been loving Forsake boots as my outdoor work boot. Duluth Trading Co work pants are fantastic for short gals with curves. Would love to find more tunic type UV protecting , thin, long sleeved shirts for working in HOT weather…especially with a cowl or asymmetrical neck….share if y’all find that:)!

  617. Melissa on

    I love my smartwool long underwear and socks. Great for layering in colder months here in Maine working outside as well as under short sleeve carhart flannel shirts in the spring. I also love my altra sneakers for gardening when it’s dry.

  618. Callie on

    It still feels like winter in the PNW where I am, so I’m still thinking about staying warm on the farm! Merino wool base layers and socks save my bones from shivering the day away. Also a big fan of the Carharrt flannel lined bib overalls. If I can be out in the rain and cold and still feel cozy, that’s a big win for me!

  619. Hannah Brand on

    I work in a greenhouse in Minnesota year round and I water sometimes 8-10 hour days May-August. There is an Alaskan brand called xtratuf that has THE best waterproof boots for greenhouse work and watering. I even wear them in the winter. These boots lasts years with lots of mileage and wetness on them. I highly recommend! And they have tons of designs and colors to choose from :)

  620. Elizabeth on

    My Liberty overalls and LL Bean boots have served me well over the years but it’s time for a refresh. Thanks for the reco’s!

  621. Becky Hering on

    I love Duluth and Carhart and especially Bogg’s boots and also Keen Footwear very comfortable and lasts, I have Duluth’s Gardner’s overalls, and Carhart shirts and sweatshirts very comfortable

  622. Sarah on

    I have always been a fan of Carhartt, but I agree with your comment in the article – long break-in time. I love Keen for footwear (my feet are narrow with high arches).

  623. Sonya on

    I love my sunhat for working in the garden! It’s just a cheap floppy hat, but it’s amazing how much of a difference it makes in the hot weather.

  624. Andrea Murray on

    My Garden Girl bibs are the best!!! Durable, comfy, cute and full of pockets.

  625. Sue Schauer on

    In spring I like the short muck boots they are just above ankle easy on and off, perfect for spring and fall when you don’t need a tall boot.

  626. Judy Allen on

    I love my Carhartt flannel shirt. It’s reasonably priced and holds up to repeated wear.

  627. Crystal on

    I have never bought work ware for me, because I have never found anything worth taking home.

  628. Heather on

    You just can’t beat Keen’s shoes/boots. I have a couple different pairs i wear for everything from work to snowshoeing and I love them. They last forever and I love the roomy toe box.

  629. Diane Maniscalco on

    Duluth has been a favorite of mine for years. The short overalls are great during the summer months. Lots of pockets to put my clippers, pencil, phone and glasses in.
    The long overalls have an opening at the knee to insert a knee pad. Love this. Their shirts are perfect and are longer so that when bending over you are fully covered. I even have a few sleeveless shirts that have a snap at the shoulders so the your bra strap doesn’t show. They wash extremely well.
    I do also love Bog footwear. Especially in the red dirt. Just hose them off.

  630. Ann Hyatt on

    It’s so disappointing that there aren’t cute gardening clothes for bigger girls. I love the look of the Duluth Trading Company overalls but have yet to try them because they aren’t local and it’s such a hassle to return online orders sometimes. I would love to be able to buy the Dovetail overalls…so cute! I am also in the PNW and have such a difficult time with footwear. I find myself wearing (believe it or not) a pair of Skechers winter boots when I am out working in the yard in the late winter/early spring. They’re waterproof, warm, and comfortable! I don’t wear them daily so I can’t attest to their durability, but they do serve my purpose.

  631. Morena on

    I would like to own a good pair of overall and boots just got into gardening and be great to have proper clothing ,m

  632. Lise Fernow on

    I absolutely love my Blundstones. Working through the fall winter and spring in the cold and wet PNW, I couldn’t survive without them. I have the thermal version which are waterproof and have shearling inserts. They keep my feet toasty and dry!

  633. Stephanie Johnson on

    I love my comfy overalls from target brand universal thread. When they came out I bought one in every color!! Black khaki and grey! Comfortable, easy to move in and so cute!! I help a friend at her weekly flower market and they are perfect and totally look the part!! 🌸🌻🌺I would love to score a “real” pair of overalls from carhart or dovetail! 💕💪🏻💕

  634. Rita Graham on

    I have enjoyed the SPF shirts from Duluth. Cool and roomy, they have really held up. I also love my Keen footwear.

  635. G P on

    Your article is making me realize I need some workwear for the garden! I rely on last year’s sneakers to quickly slip on, and a baseball cap – you didn’t mention hats :) thanks for a great article! I think I need one of those tool belts.

  636. Cyndi Treiber on

    My favorite thing this winter and spring has been
    the Carhart WOMEN’S LOOSE FIT WASHED DUCK COAT. It has the perfect sleeve length for these long arms and is longer in the back to cover the boots, especially when the wind it sneaking in. This coats with detachable hood and my tall BOG boots are my cold weather uniform with Cabin socks from Dicks Sporting Goods. Now, it’s time ti follow your advice for some great summer wear! Looking for anything that keeps me from getting sunfried but also works that nasty garden sweat🤪

  637. Gail weatherall on

    My favorite pair of overalls from Duluth and wear them gardening !

  638. Eileen Lee on

    With temperatures running 90+ f 4 months of the season I long for the opportunity to put on overalls to garden in😆
    I still wear calf boots no matter the heat…I’ve owned hunters, wellingtons, blew through a darling pair of Joules yellow w/ bumblebees in a season…many more and I’m still on the fence about a favorite

  639. Lauri McKnight on

    Five years ago we moved to the country, and of course the box with all of my boots got lost in the shuffle. I needed something quick, so I rushed to our local Tractor Supply Company and grabbed a very affordable (and very cute) pair of blue flowered slip-on neoprene boots. Even though we eventually located the missing boot box, those blue boots are still my favorites. They have lasted through every type of weather and project, and they are happily living the country life with me!

  640. Marcie Pecor (California native in Indiana) on

    I’m 64 yrs old and LoVe working in the yard. I’m tall with long arms and a slight frame. Ive NEVER had special work wear as that is prolly not in my flower budget! I’ve always worn the crappiest clothes so I don’t have to worry about them being ruined. Definitely NO fashion here, BUT I do love a good work hat! My thrifted hats rock. I thought your recommendations and reviews were invaluable for someone who has never even contemplated outdoor work wear. Very good information with BONUS pics. Thank you!

  641. Kelley Nordberg on

    I love the lightweight Lands End jackets as well! I too am tall and they have great arm and body length.

  642. Angela Clegg on

    I love my Birkenstock sandals…hear me out here. I can slip them on and off easily as I run and in and out of the house and keep all the dirt and mud outside. They are super comfortable, easy to clean, and last forever!

  643. Yashitola Wamboldt on

    My favorite is an overall from KEY brand. I am short so it is hard to find overalls from many companies. We live in Nebraska and weather out here could get really cold in winter and hot in summer. Spring time when it is time to break ground and still cold I would wear a long john with it and a water proof Columbia snow boots and I am snug as a bug!

  644. Michelle on

    As a plus sized Gardner there are very few brands that actually got curvy frames. Many brands say they offer larger sizes but they really don’t fit. I wanted to love Dovetail so badly but they are really missing the plus size market. For this reason I swear by Duluth. Their overalls for curvy bodies and they offer so so many pockets and features. Yes, they are noisy but it’s a tradeoff. I also like their work pants. Similar to Carhartts but better and more thoughtfully designed. As a PNWer I ought to like bog boots but I have a high instep and they are hard to get on. Muck boots on the other hand are a but looser and better for this reason. But in the summer I love to wear chaco sandals when I can get away with it.

  645. Lesley on

    My favorite “work wear” pants are a pair of black hiking pants from REI. They’re lightweight, stretchy, and don’t constantly fall down while I’m gardening.

  646. Tammy Jones on

    I enjoy wearing Slogger waterproof shoes. I have boots but when it is too hot for boots, I like to slip on the shoes for the garden. I wear socks with them.

  647. Georgina schravesande on

    The only thing that I found missing in your amazing recommendations was good a hat! Living in a warm and very sunny place, I always wear a hat while working in the vegetable and flower garden. My favorite brand is Tardan, a Mexican company from which all the members in my family by their hats, since my grandfather. Beach, western, Texan or casual, everyone can find a good fit :)

  648. Keri on

    Thanks for the article. I live in the Carhartt Gilliam jacket. I bought it on a whim one day during a farm and fleet sale. We have long very windy winters and it blocks the wind and stands up to the rain and snow. Its light weight and not bulky but warm..if I need to be a little warmer I just put a sweater and a scarf on and I’m good to go. It’s got big pockets so when I check eggs I have a place to put them. Plus it’s nice enough that I can where it out to dinner or doing some shopping. Cleans up well in the washer. I’ve worn it non stop for years and have a backup just in case. Never will give it up.

  649. Susie on

    I love my Duluth gardener overalls as well….I thought I would need an extra large when large would have fit perfect. Turns out I love the big bagginess of them . I’ll often put them on over my leggings at my community garden and peel them off to go shop.
    It’s true, the straps don’t stay put, which is annoying. I like the fabric for it’s year round comfort her in No. Cal. I keep the pockets loaded and wash rarely.

  650. Erin Baker on

    We love all things Carhartt… but would be SO excited to try other amazing workwear brands :)

  651. Sandy Andersen on

    Well…..I didn’t read all 2000+ comments, but clearly pants, overalls, and boots are well covered. Maybe the glove category isn’t what this is about, but it’s super important just the same. I’ve got a few gloves I’ve come to depend on, as my hands have really gotten beaten up over the years (I’m 72). I use Showa Atlas 300 gloves during warmer weather, and Showa Atlas 451 when it’s colder. These thermal gloves can even take on stickery jobs, although for pruning roses or pulling blackberries I have short goat gloves from Just Try to Outwork us and long ones from Exemplary Gardens. None are very expensive. And if any of you suffers from trigger finger, I use very thick old ski mittens when using vibrating tools and to increase the circumference of the grip.

  652. Lisa Anderson on

    I’m going to give a pair of Duluth overalls a try based on this article and my body type! Thanks Jill for representing the shorties!! :) thank you all for sharing.

  653. Ellen Garrard on

    My two favorites are an ancient Land’s End chambray shirt and Duluth Armachillo 10″ shorts.Summer is so hot.and humid in GA and these are my go-to gardening clothes for now through September.

  654. Carrie No on

    Darn tough socks! A comfy, pretty, tough wool sock that I wear and love in almost any weather. Lifetime warranty!

  655. Julia DeSpain on

    I love my Patagonia fleeces and insulated Carharts, both keep me warm when temps dip. I also love my Blundstone boots!

  656. Anna Swenson on

    In the fall/winter/spring months with garden clean up, or bulb planting, I will wear Walls coveralls from Farm and fleet… I am a petite person, so I had to buy a size large in kids. Has a lot of pockets and I can wear leggings and a t-shirt underneath. Pretty comfy, light, and strong all at the same time.

  657. Juli DeSpain on

    My favorite workwear are my Patagonia fleeces and my insulated Carharts, both which keep me warm when temps get low. I also love my Blundstone boots!

  658. Sandra Gregory on

    I loved reading through all of these reviews! I am a newer vegetable and flower gardener and have been wanting to purchase a few new workwear items. I have never heard of a few of them and look forward to doing some shopping! This has been so helpful. I don’t have anything that I can review at this point except we used to have horses and loved wearing a Barbour jacket and Ariat boots to the barn.

  659. Angela Wilder on

    I’m now starting to shop for work wear. We just moved to Texas and I’ve started wearing more overalls and work boots. I like Carhartt and this information that you shared was very helpful, hopefully I can look into more of these brands!

  660. Jan on

    I love Berne Co flannel lined pants. Warm, soft and stretchy and very durable.

  661. Sara Davila on

    I do love my Duluth gardener overalls. I got a pair on their sale to try and find something that has pockets and doesn’t sink down in the back when I crouch or kneel down as I’m working in the garden. Also, awesomely enough, they’re kinda cute. I’m thick through the middle and they totally work on my body. Having these reference points is hugely helpful so thanks to everyone for contributing and helping every different body find qualify workwear.

  662. Darlene on

    So glad you’re doing this so I don’t have to cop Monty Don’s style anymore! A giveaway!!!!! 🤗 I’ve been literally jonesin’ to try Dovetail. Duluth Tradings: Women’s Double Flex Denim Slim Leg Jeans are incredible. They run a little big, but I could live in them. They have awesome flex denim coveralls too that make me feel like such a flower farming bada*$.

  663. Heather H. on

    I’ve just started up’ing my workwear game and have to say the Carhartt leggings are great. As a plus sized lady I’ve had a hard time finding overalls that fit well and look good – the Trailsmith overalls from REI are surprisingly awesome.

  664. Sarah Montaño on

    Thank you for this excellent workwear overview ! I also love Dovetail for their durability and flattering fit. I value Patagonia for the customer service and choice of fabrics. In the garden, I practically live in the All Season hemp overalls from Patagonia. For shoes, I like xtra tuff for waterproof, zero drop boots with good flexibility. Happy growing, gals!

  665. Tricia C on

    I have an old pair of Duluth pants that I love – the pockets, the material, the color. I’ve gained a little weight, so they don’t fit the best but I keep wearing them! You’ve inspired me to look into adding a new favorite with all of your recommendations. Most of these companies are new ones for me; I can’t wait to explore their sites!

  666. Nicole on

    LOVE the workwear article! Thank you. My go to is Carhartt. I love their jeans, overalls and full swing jackets!

  667. Sara on

    I’ve long debated getting myself a pair of overalls! But I too struggle to know what’s the best for my body type. I can’t live without my Felcos garden gloves! They come in handy during those pesky weeding projects!

  668. Nicola C on

    Thank you for this article, super helpful! I love my Ariat H2O ladies terrain boots for outdoor work, so comfortable!
    I’m an avid gardener and a equestrian so I feel there is a lot of workwear that would work for both! I love LL bean outdoor wear too, will definitely look at the recommendations you have listed.

  669. Janette on

    I love REI work pants because the pockets are big enough for my phone, and Patagonia jackets for rain and cold – love the company and their practices.
    Thank you so much for the time and work you put into this post! Now I have some new things to try!

  670. Alyson on

    I enjoyed this review and have some new brands to try! I’m really into the stretch factor so I love my pair of Ripton overalls. They are geared towards skiers and cyclists, but I also wear them for just plain getting dirty working on boats.

  671. Michelle M on

    Having worked on lobster boats, and also owning my own small business doing private gardens , I always needed a good waterproof boot. I love Xtratuff boots, LaCrosse boots, and Muck boots. I also live in my pair of Sperry waterproof boots for fall and winter when it’s colder. Also a huge fan of LL. Bean clothes, especially being from Maine , but mostly because they’re clothes and products are lifetime guaranteed and last foreverrrr. Happy gardening 💚

  672. Julie VanAgtmael on

    I have not explored a lot of work clothes. I got a work apron from my husband for my birthday as I couldn’t handle all my stuff. I’m eager to explore some options

  673. Karen Miller on

    Oh, I am so excited to try out the dovetail overalls. I have always worn Dickies overalls, because of their durability and their longer lengths. But I will add that they are not very shapely. My neighbors all comment that spring must be coming when they see me outside in my overalls.

  674. Elizabeth Oelke on

    I ❤️ my Carhart overalls. They are a perfect complement to my LL Bean barn coat with a removable down lining that was the first article of clothing I purchased 35 years ago when I moved to the farm. It and I are still going strong. I’m expecting the relatively newer Carharts to outlast me.

  675. Lisa on

    Dovetail overalls are my go to. I’m small and short so I like that you can pick both size and inseam so they actually fit me. I dont look like im playing dressup in someone elses overalls.

  676. Sharon Persons on

    I have a Marmot lightweight rain jacket that is very helpful when weather is bad. For my climate (coastal & humid) I actually like Crocs for gardening shoes- quick clean up. Not workwear but I don’t ever go out without sunscreen!

  677. Penelope Kleinhans on

    Thanks for this useful information. Erin, how tall are you? I really like my Duluth Women’s Heirloom Ultimate Gardening Pants. They are a mid-weight nylon ripstop/spandex material (stretchy). They have many pockets and loops. Unfortunately Duluth doesn’t have them in stock at this time. They do have Heirloom Gardening Bib Overalls that may be the same fabric. My other gardening pants are Gloria Vanderbilt jeans :-)

  678. Amy Claborn on

    My husband loves Duluth and I love the durability.

  679. Robin Frazier on

    I’m in construction in hot Texas and use a variety of North Face baseball caps everyday on the job sites. It has a Velcro strap that holds firm under any high wind and I get great sun protection on my face. The added benefit is I never have a messy hair day.

  680. Amber Gaines on

    I’m a Duluth gal. I Love the stretch in their pants. I have lined, unlined and overalls and just bought their gardening shirt and heirloom overalls in pink, because, why not?
    I have winter boots l love From Irish Setter but still looking for my spring/summer garden boots!

  681. Lucy LaFayette on

    I have a pair of Gardeners overalls from Duluth that I love. They are stretchy and easy to move in. Regular jeans drive me crazy with constantly having to pull them up every time I bend over. I spend hours in my large garden, and being comfortable makes such a difference! Thanks for a great article.

  682. Courtney Lawrence on

    I don’t have too many pieces of workwear, but I love my insulated carhartts in the winter (with the buttons down the side) so easy to get on and off without having to take my boots off!

  683. Natalie O’Malley on

    Love the Duluth gardening overalls (albeit, very swishy sound) for hot, hot summer days, and the classic Carhartt canvas for a more rugged option.

  684. MollyCate on

    My favorite pair of work jeans are Dovetail’s ‘The Maven Slim,overalls are the Freshly in gray.

  685. Tyler on

    Any chance you could update the post with heights? I am also tall but find that even tall sizes are sometimes too short(6’2” lady here) and I am on the hunt for overalls. Having a height reference would be hugely helpful!

  686. Mary Ford on

    I love my Duluth overalls, work pants and shirts. They have plenty of pockets, don’t rip and are very comfortable. They even make make tanks with built in shelf bras which come in handy when gardening in the hot humid Kentucky summers. I also love my Chooka demi boots. I wear them all spring and summer.

  687. Caitlin on

    Tall lady here too love the recommendations! I like lands end but I can’t wait to try different brands now

  688. Stephanie on

    What a great article! I‘ve been wearing the same Birkenstocks garden clogs for 30 years. They’ve held up great with replacement insoles. Easy to slip on and off as I go from inside to out and visa versa. Looking forward to trying out some of your recommendations.

  689. Kate Holtzman on

    I wear my bogs garden boots every single day in the fall and the spring. They are the perfect transition shoe. Waterproof to keep me dry and easy to slip on and off.

  690. Erica on

    Love the dovetail overalls so I don’t have to hike up my pants all the time!!!

  691. Kourtney on

    I am a new farmer, not even a year old and flowers have attracted me from the very beginning!
    I currently work on a Hydroponic farm in Miami and I love my Doc Martin Tactical boots, they are wide-toe, water-resistant, and comfortable too!

  692. Kari Vandervelde on

    I really love a pair of old Merrell low hiking boots that I now use for gardening. My feet stay warm and dry, but I also get good traction in muddier conditions. They don’t make those particular boots anymore, so looking to replace them soon. Sounds like the Bogs are pretty great. Would love the opportunity to perhaps try them! :) Great blog post!

  693. Sheri Beezer on

    Love Carhartt.. overalls and jackets are great for cold winters in Pennsylvania!

  694. Jenn Casterline on

    I’m team Duluth for overalls. They fit my body type really well! I wear xtratuf deck boots and really dig those as well. I haven’t found a lightweight, breathable long sleeve shirt for sun protection I like – still on the hunt for that. The Duluth Coolmax shirts are also super comfy and pretty.

  695. Amy Clements on

    I am a professional gardener and love my Dovetail pants too; I always pray that the knees hold out!

  696. Debbie Lai on

    My favorite gardening clothes are the heavy weight linen overalls from not perfect linen. They don’t look like garden clothes, and their slightly dropped crop area means that it’s never tight when you squat down or crawl on your hands and knees.

  697. Nina Neilson on

    I love Duluth bib overalls, Lands End!!!
    I love Nina!! We met at the Christmas Fair a couple of years ago when I came up from Union!! I have so many seeds from you that I’ll be planting this year whatever I will be wearing!! Thank you for your postings!!

  698. Anna on

    Sorry to see you didn’t include gloves on the list! Would love some recommendations. Would also have appreciated height and size info for the folks making recommendations – everyone’s body and proportions are different! I am a 5’5” human with wider shoulders and generally wear a size 6 and my favorite workwear item is a men’s canvas jacket with quilted lining – from L.L. Bean of all places. Cuts the wind, water resistant, hood is large enough to stay on, and the pockets are deep. Despite being a men’s item the cut is a slimmer fit, not too bulky, with plenty of room in the arms for all my cold weather layers.

  699. Elliott Egger on

    I usually reach for Carhartt’s canvas mens work pants, and they have always treated me well! Unfortunately, they are not stretchy at all, so I would love to try more workwear and for women! Thank you for the awesome article.

  700. Liz Frisbee on

    My go to workwear are my tall Muck Boots and low cut, slip on and off Bogs. As a new flower grower though I am definitely in the market for some recommended work clothing that can keep me warm on the cooler days in NY, but ones that are also lightweight and durable for hot summer days in the fields. I’m excited to try a new piece of workwear I received as a gift called Farmer’s Defense, which slips on up the arms and protects your arms from plant scratches and the sun. It will definitely be tested this year! Thank you for offering these recommendations!

  701. Kristin on

    Dovetail utility pants are the best. Such a great fit!

  702. Lizzy on

    I love adulthood overalls. They he stretchy fabric that s great!

  703. Marcia on

    Am retired from my Vermont cut flower business and just gardening at my home in North Carolina now. But in the day, my LL Bean barn jacket with its removable liner carried me through many a season year after year! Also loved my gardener’s belt, I think from Gardener’s Supply, a wonderful Vermont company! Still using it!

  704. Ashley on

    My llbean zip from flannels— Perfect weight for a variety of seasons and layering. Nice deep front pockets!!

  705. Andrea George on

    I don’t own ANY workwear! I have been doing garden chores in my regular clothes. I was so excited to see this blog so I can save money and buy the right fit for my needs! I’ve ruined many pairs of sneakers, so that’s probably the first thing I should get but those overalls are so cute, especially the green! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  706. Kelly Reider on

    I love my carhartt vest, my sun hat, and a fanny pack! But I’ve totally been eyeing up your farming tool belt. :)

  707. Elaine on

    I bought Duluth overalls last year and I love their versatility. I appreciate not having to tug my pants up while gardening. I bought your leather tool belt and cannot wait to try it out! Thanks for the recommendations. Not silly at all!

  708. Brooke James on

    I finally got some Hisea work boots last year after going through multiple pair of rubber boots and I love them. Waterproof which is great, and the top can be folded down in the hot weather as well.

  709. Cindy on

    my sloggers from tractor supply

  710. Trish Barberry on

    This was great! Thanks for sharing.
    I love my fire hose canvas jacket from Duluth. It’s the warmest for when I need to be out checking on seedlings in tunnels in frigid temps. Speaking of Patagonia, I found a pair of the overalls you mentioned on eBay and they’re so comfortable.
    Comfort and durability are everything.

  711. Kylie Brown on

    Absolutely love my Duluth Overalls! I started with the railroad stripe pair last year and for Christmas my girls gave me a gift card and I just purchased the Heirloom overalls in raisin color – almost too pretty to wear to the garden! I would be so thrilled to win this amazing give away! First thing I would do is order matching Duluth overalls for me and my granddaughter I have lovingly nicknamed sweet pea!

  712. Colleen on

    I love the Duluth coveralls. For some reason they don’t always carry them, instead choosing to have coversomes that are sleeveless or cropped or something silly. But when they come back around, I can’t recommend the full coveralls enough. They’re great for when you need protection from blackberries or poison oak!

  713. Amber Uhlhorn on

    My favorite garden work wear pants are my Dovetail, The Maven, pants. They are so comfy and have so many pockets I almost don’t need my garden belt, depending on what I’m doing. Living here in Washington I need layers, and my favorite Spring and Fall additions are my Columbia polar fleece sweatshirts. It’s funny, but for slip on boots and shoes for gardening in the summer, I love my Crocs.

  714. Noelle Kijek on

    I love my Bog rain boots. Not too big and clunky. Waterproof and covers my calves.

  715. Madison Fletcher on

    Hear me out! I love wearing my Crocs for morning walks around the garden and for quick trips to weed in the afternoon. They’re easy to slip on, so comfortable and easy to clean. I find that they are pretty durable and that even after years of wear they still hold up!

  716. Dawn on

    I love my Sorel boots that are functional for outdoor work, warm, water resistant but also stylish enough to wear out on the town. I also love my Arcteryx rain jacket for working in the rainy Oregon weather. Thanks for this post! Super helpful and through.

  717. Paula Walton on

    While not traditional workwear I do like Eddie Bauer Trail Tight High Rise Leggings for days I am weeding or planting. The high compression fabric and two zippered side pockets work really well when I am spending long days bending over rows. I have several pairs that I have worn for years. They are sturdy, wash well, and are frequently on sale and come it a wide range of sizes. The high compression fabric is great for my aching hips, back, and knees during long days in the gardens. When I am pruning rose bushes, current bushes and my Osage Orange trees I always wear one of my son’s outgrown heavy denim Levis jean jackets. These jackets are over 20 years old, so they are very sturdy 100% cotton denim, which is fairly thorn resistant, and all of the pockets come in handy.

  718. Heather on

    They’re pretty new, but I love my Hunter Gardener Short Rain Boots so far since they have a reinforced sole for use when digging with a shovel. They’re very comfortable but run big. I loved reading these recommendations and can’t wait to try out Dovetail!

  719. Beth on

    I love Dovetail! I have also been wearing the farmer sleeves when it is hot to avoid bug bites- definitely not 100% effective against mosquitoes but it’s better than nothing!

  720. Michelle Carvajal on

    I love my built in bra AiRism sleeveless Bra Top from Uniqlo. I don’t have to worry about adding a bra to the heat of Florida weather and they are washer friendly over and over! Great to layer because they are so light and breathable! A definite great combo to wear with anything! They also never seem to ride up for me which is surprising due to their fabric being so stretch. Love that it works with me and not against me! Highly recommend even as a undershirt.

  721. Carol on

    I like to shop at REI. Prana makes a great lightweight pant that has an internal tie to keep your pants from falling down. I test mostly their hiking pants.

  722. Lori Larue on

    My favorite workwear piece is a pair of canvas pants. I think they might be Carhartts, but I’ve had them for so long I don’t remember off the top of my head. I just know I love the material, the color, and the fit. They’re also a rugged pair of pants and have last a long time. Love the review. Thanks for taking the time to write. It’s helpful to hear what you like, don’t like, and why.

  723. Alyssa on

    My Wheeler Munroe belt has been essential part of my ensemble for the last two years. Being able to carry two types of clippers, my phone, and writing utensils everywhere I go is so convenient and has cut down on the amount of clippers I’ve lost in the beds!

  724. Colleen Huff on

    My only and favorite pair of work bibs, because they come in women’s tall are the Carhartt Weathered Duck bibs. They have just enough insulation to keep me warm through those cold, wet spring days!

  725. Christy Randall on

    I love the Duluth Heirloom gardening bibs also. I always hope the swishy noise they make will scare the snakes away from me in the garden!

  726. Megera Malaby on

    Thank you for all the good info! I love my Duluth overalls with a pocket for knee pads, and the elbow-length leather gardening gloves from Woheer, which I use to battle blackberries.

  727. Jenine on

    My kids gifted me your tool belt. I was so excited to start wearing it it fits so comfortably on me that I can wear it all day. Usually I would end up taking whatever I was wearing off but this one I can carry everything I need including my glasses. Plus I used to loose my snips wherever and would have to buy new ones but my kids also bought me your snips this year as well. Love that you are sharing work clothing as well.

  728. Brigid on

    Thanks for this post! I’ve been looking for good workwear clothing out in the mountains of MA! I love my Muck Boots for everything from landscaping to pruning, to taking the dog out. I have a Patagonia down vest and long sleeve jacket that I also have worn to bits and just started patching up myself :) I also love Rudy Jude utility jeans for their durability and company mission; all hand made, all plant dyed. A bit pricey though! I will definitely be looking into some of these other brands! Thanks!

  729. Lori Miller on

    I love my Muck slip on ankle boots. Easy to slip on and are waterproof.

  730. Angie W on

    We love Bogs at our farm! And, my husband raves about his winter Carhart coats – warm, sturdy and durable!

  731. Melissa Montee on

    I Love, love, love my Dovetail overalls and mavens! I do love leggings, so I’m excited to try the carhartt leggings! Thank you for all of this feedback on workwear!

  732. Ashlynn Hendricks on

    What a great read! Thank you for all the info. It’s been rather difficult finding women’s work wear. I often find myself in the men’s sections sizing down 😂

    I have a pair of double front carhartt pants that I’ve had for over 10 years and they are my tried and true. They’ve seen all kinds of weather and countless harvests.

    I’m eager to try some of the other brands you mentioned, like dovetail!

  733. Christie Smith on

    I have owned a pair of Hunter Original Boots for 30 years and they just now need replacing. I was desperate to keep using them because they fit well and I can wear them in the garden all day without pain, plus I feel the heavy rubber offers some protection from snakes. I did some searching online and found a site in the UK that showed how to use a boating glue to extend the life of the boot. It worked and gave me a couple more years of use. Sadly, the manufacture of Hunter boots moved from Scotland to China about 15 years ago and the quality is not the same. I still use my 30 year old Hunter’s, they leak a little and look shabby with all the dirt stains and wear, but still the best fitting boot I have owned. I am on a search now to replace them. I have tried many brands of tall work boots, even ordering some rather pricey brands from Orvis. The best so far for fit is Le Chameau from the UK. I’ll have to give the Bogs a try.

  734. Kathy Carnes on

    I love my Sunday Afternoons Sunset Hat with the wide brim and UPF sun guard.

  735. Betsy Garrod on

    Erin, you never cease to amaze! Always generously sharing all the information to anyone who loves and lives gardening, I live in the Santa Cruz Mountains on 120 acres comprised of equestrian facilities, trails, vineyards and farming. Glamorous it sounds, it is not. We take our ‘uniforms’ seriously.

    While I haven’t sensed that the males have chimed in here so far, I will include my husband’s choices as he is quintessential in our endeavors.

    Both of us pretty much exclusively wear Ariat Terrain Waterproof Shoes/Boots. We are on our feet 8 – 20 hours per day – not kidding. We are both in our 70’s and need comfort, stablility and durability. I lean towards the pull-on Blaze Pull-on Boot in it’s many interations, (yes I have a pair 20 years old that I keep for the worst jobs) and also am loving the Ease Slip on for quick trips to the chicken house. My husband goes thru one pair of Terrain WP Laceup boots per year, but mind you I don’t think anyone could be more tough on a pair. They did not disappoint this year with all the rain we had in CA.

    I am a life long fan of Levi 501’s. They don’t fit me they way they did in the 60’s but the material is unwaivering. I just buy larger sizes. My husband, and all his crew wear original Wranglers. They hold up like no other. It’s a genuine cult.

    In addition to working on our ranch I am and have been a professional fine gardner for 30 years. Very recently I was diagnosed with Melanoma. I am coming to grips that my joyous life in the outdoors under the Sun will have to come to an end. So, I do say that a large wide brimmed hat, long sleeves and good strong sunscreen would be my most “must have” arsenal for all those gardeners out there.

    Thank you Erin, for being so thoughtful and informative to all of us flower loving gardners!

  736. Shelley Fitzpatrick on

    Last Christmas my husband bought me sage green overalls from Duluth! It was such a fun surprise,I love them! Normally I just wear old clothes, but it is fun to wear something that is a little snazzier.

  737. Alison Benesta on

    My husband and I are both big fans of our XTRATUF boots. They’re more popular among fishing crowds for their on deck traction but we live close to the ocean in New Jersey so dry feet is important to us too!

    Thank you for this review! Looking forward to checking out some of these brands.

  738. Carolyn on

    My favorite piece of workwear are my bogs — the kind you mentioned! A friend has them for vet school and didn’t need them after graduation and gifted them to me! If I win, I’d love to try a new pair of overalls. They’re my favorite thing to wear in the garden but I haven’t quite found the right one.

  739. Cristina Arriaga on

    Honestly up to now I have been using overalls like gap or free people which I like because of comfort. Unfortunately they fall short in durability. And like you mentioned good ones are expensive And since I only work one day of the week, my budget doesn’t comply with me being able to buy them. I am really hoping I win a gift certificate so am able to purchase one for this coming season here. Anyways I am grateful for your article, it was very detailed. I also don’t like tight fitting overalls in the waist area so am glad you pointed that out. Anyways keep doing what you all are doing such beautiful work! Enjoy the season 😊🌸

  740. Karen Bradley on

    Thanks for this post! So helpful to have input from all body types too, so thanks for that! So far I love my Duluth overalls. They are stretchy and comfortable and I love that when I bend over my booty doesn’t hang out for my neighbors to see. Thanks for all you do for our community!

  741. Mandy Welch on

    My favorites are a Carhart insulated vest I originally bought my son for working in the barn. Once he out grew it I’ve been wearing ever since. It fits great over a hooded sweatshirt, is so warm and has deep pockets. A pair of brown Lands End boots that keep going and going. My Field and Forest flannel lined jeans from Fleet Farm are the best for keeping warm with out adding extra layers.

  742. brenda on

    I love my coats from Patagonia. Look forward to trying out some of these clothes in this article!

  743. Jill Ruskamp on

    Well my favorite overalls were hanging in the barn at a garage sale of a deceased farmer…I bought them for $1 and although they aren’t the best fit…I do love them. Key brand…typical farmer!

  744. Jenessa Manley on

    I am beyond excited to read your review! I have loved overalls but haven’t found a brand that I was crazy about. I’m definitely going to try out some of your recommendations. Also didn’t know Patagonia had such an amazing guarantee. Sorry I don’t have any recommendations to offer but I sure am glad I found your blog!

  745. Wendy on

    I love my Dickies overalls as they seem to be a good fit for my tall build. And my old beat up San Diego Padres baseball hat hides my bed-head while keeping the sun off my face. Sunny days to come!

  746. Lisa on

    Thanks for all the great info on women’s work wear. I’m a veterinarian and swear by Deluth work pants. I never blow out the knees! I love Bogs for all my outdoor chores. I like the Carhartt work leggings for working in the garden.

  747. Ashley Wightman on

    I love my Duluth overall bibs and my carhartt utility leggings and work pants! Thank you for sharing your list of women workwear favorites!

  748. Lindsay on

    It has been super challenging to find workwear that fits my tall frame so I really appreciate the recommendations! I am currently loving some men’s flex fit pants from Duluth. They don’t slide down when bending over and I was able to get an inseam length that works for me. Excited to try some of these others you’ve mentioned!

  749. Ellen Williams on

    My favorite workwear is my Dovetail Freshly overalls. While I have 2 pair, I mainly wear my original pair because of the broken in feel. They are comfortable, move with me and the fit is perfect. There are plenty of pockets, my favorite is the zippered pocket on the left thigh. It keeps my phone secure while climbing in and out of various equipment. While as much as I have tried to like other brands, Dovetail is my favorite overalls. Their customer service is excellent as well!

    I have a pair of Duluth firehose flex pants that I like as well. They fit well, move with me and have just the right amount of stretch.

  750. Jessica Ojala on

    I love my Muck boots!! They’re on year 4 and going strong…

  751. Taryn on

    I too would vote for the Duluth overalls because of the amount of stretch they have. I love to spend time in the garden when its raining so I’ll put my Patagonia raincoat on with my easy slip on Crocs. I have such a small garden right now so Crocs work for doing the easy stuff, but when I need to get down and dirty I tend to wear my AHNU hiking boots because they are water resistant and can stand up to any project.

  752. Ashley Schoenknecht on

    Amazing write up, you are the queen! 🌸 My new Muck Boots – Unisex Forager Convertible – are AMAZING thus far. They’re lightweight, waterproof, tall and I can take them off without my hands (I have the same requirement!). I also have the Dovetail Workwear jeans and Duluth overalls featured in this write up. I’ll have to test out a chore coat — I need something that can standup to prickers.

  753. Jackie on

    I love my North End work jacket. It’s super warm and comfortable but not bulky. I packed it and brought it with me to Alaska.

  754. Maureen Stratton on

    I absolutely love MUD H2O double-dipped full latex coated garden gloves. They are seriously tough (can wear to pull thistle and even prune roses), waterproof, and best of all, they are not bulky at all and are super tight-fitting, even for my tiny hands. They stay on and go far enough up your wrist to give good coverage and protect your watch, if you happen to wear one. Overall, just awesome!

  755. Annie on

    💗💗💗💗love my Duluth pin strip overhalls, I can bend with ease and don’t spend any precious garden time yanking up my britches ☺️!
    Now to find the perfect garden 👟👠!

  756. Marsha B on

    I have found that workwear for women that lasts and is comfortable to work in is hard to find. I am a dairy farmer in Pennsylvania, so I am working outside in all types of weather!! Carhartt and Muck boots have been my go to brands, but lately some of my favorite Carhartt items have been discontinued. I love the idea behind this guide to women’s workwear and will definitely be checking out some of the recommended brands!!

  757. Annmarie Arman on

    I too am tall with broader shoulders and struggle to find comfortable workwear! I do love my Duluth Trading Company “curvesetter” pants but bending over and moving around on the ground in these irritates my skin! I look forward to checking out the Dovetail brand! Thank you so much for sharing yoir workwear experiences from a flower farming females perspective!

  758. Mari Wiegand on

    I have loved my Blundstone boots, while I wish they slipped on and off with no hands they are still cozy and comfortable enough for all day work or shenanigans. They are still going strong after two years. I also love my Dansko slip on garden clogs. They wash up super easy and are great support for my feet and back.

  759. Tess on

    Love these recommendations as a veggie farmer! My Patagonia All Seasons pants have lasted me three full seasons with no tears, and they have the perfect short length option. Also Darn Tough socks – the women’s mid weight hunting socks keep your toes warm and cozy even here in PNW spring :)

  760. Nicole Lin on

    Carhartts Womens 6” Waterproof Workboot has been a complete game changer! I have up on leather boots years ago and succumbed to wearing hiking shoes to work which I’d have to replace every 3 months. They fit so well and they held up for an entire year while I worked at a nursery and alongside landscapers. I’m on my second pair this spring!

  761. Megan on

    I don’t have a lot of work wear, but I’m in need of more. Carhartt is the brand I have for working in cooler weather. I also participate in wood firing of ceramic pieces and natural fabrics are a must… Which unfortunately means there is no stretch and I end up having to go with a boxier look. Lands End products have always been great for me too.

    Thanks for your post!

  762. Kim on

    I live in Minnesota (3b) where it can get pretty hot and humid. I have a few Duluth Trading Company’s Armachillo cooling tanks, scorts and even a few dresses that I like to wear will working in the yard. The material is stretchy and very cooling.

  763. Ali Maynard on

    You listed lots of my favorites, but my old-school double front carhartts (perfectly broken in after many many years) and now my Dovetail Brett Utility and Overalls are the ones I want to wear every day. You didn’t mention socks, but Darn Toughs are pretty much the only ones I wear!

  764. Elie L on

    Great post. I love my Bogs as well!

  765. Joyce Fowler on

    Thanks so much for this article and the pictures of women’s workwear for women who work outside. Nice to have a clue to how things might fit. Retired now but I worked outside for many years and usually had to end up buying men’s wear. Hopefully more companies will realize there are many women who need these items. Saving this article to refer to for the boots and shoes. I agree with you about L L Bean’s sizing and logos, they need to rethink what they are doing. Your blogs are always interesting and helpful.

  766. LuRay on

    Kelly green Hunter “ Welles” , knee high rubber boots ,have been my mainstay for going on thirty years. We have splashed in puddles, towed toddlers in wagons,, mucked stalks, midwifed sheep, shoveled compost, extracted honey , , cleaned chicken coops, boiled sap, spread manure, planted, harvested, weeded, watered, pruned, stacked wood and yes- gone to the farmers market in a sundress together .

  767. Karen on

    The best garment I’ve ever had for comfort, durability and usefulness in my old pair of overalls. I can’t even remember the brand but would dearly love to get another pair to begin my retired gardening life!

  768. Maggie Morgan on

    My husband would say hands down his Double Front Carhartt utility pants (he bought some for our daughter) but my favorite slip-on gardening shoes are Sloggers — when I don’t want to pull on boots and need to dash out and not get my feet wet I always go for my Sloggers. They are cute enough to wear to the grocery too! 😊

  769. Polly vega on

    I love the Carhartt t-shirts. They are a great weight can wash and wear over and over/hold their shape. My daughter buys a lot of the bibs from thrift stores and they always look almost new.

  770. Anie on

    Not technically work wear but it’s so versatile and clutch in bad weather, the K-WAY foldable rain jacket! Everybody has one growing up in Europe and it’s so helpful to have protection from rain and wind but in a lightweight jacket that you can roll into its own neat pocket that you then wear like a fanny pack. Clutch!

  771. Kaci on

    I love Dovetail. They are the first company that I’ve found to make durable workwear for women that actually fit someone my petite size. I’ve put their clothing through the wringer and have yet to have any real wear.

  772. Kristin H on

    Carhartt Men’s heavyweight hoodies with Rain Guard – only logo is a small patch on the pocket, they’re awesome in damp-but-not-deluge weather, and super toasty for those of us who run cold! Also as a Vermonter I have to plug Darn Tough socks – lifetime replacements (unless chewed by puppies), fun patterns, great customer service! Used to love Henri Lloyd raincoats intended for sailing when I was working in horses professionally – great for that work but I don’t know how abrasion resistant they are. They’re super slow to wet out though!

  773. Rochelle on

    I live in my Duluth Heirloom Gardening overalls & have them in nearly every color they offer! I get them in XS w/31 inseam, they are super roomy & tough which allows me to crawl all over the place plus I like that I can add the knee pads when needed. But I agree, they are noisy lol. Overall I love these overalls!

  774. Irina G on

    Erin I am so happy you shared your thoughts, I know I had asked you a bunch of questions on this subject and now I have all the answers!!! 💛 Thank You!
    My go to on my homestead are my Bogs boots. They are easy to put on, very comfortable and great to move in. I have few pairs in different height sizes since I am from Maine they are a must to have!
    Definitely will be trying few of your suggestions 💛💛💛

  775. Davia on

    My most used and loved pair of overalls is from Duluth. They are so light, breathable and stretchy!! This post is full of little golden nuggets that I cannot wait to try over the years as new gear is needed

  776. Karen Anderson on

    I absolutely love my Grundéns pants and raincoat. They are both roomy enough to bend, stretch and crawl around the ground with ease. They are definitely going to stay a big part of my work wear.

  777. Emma on

    I bought a pair of grubs boots and love them! Sadly bogs just don’t fit well, but grubs are holding up great with almost daily chore wear! I’m hoping to invest in some overalls, and maybe a tool belt this year.

  778. Rose on

    My best garden hat is from Smith and Hawkins. I wish I could find another one just like it. Fits like a glove and has been through everything in the garden. Wish this company was still in business. They made a quality product.

  779. Heidi on

    Last summer I bought Duluth Trading overall shorts. I love the light weight stretchy fabric, the cool green color and all the pockets. I can move in any direction and they stay put. Plus they make me feel like a little kid again playing in the dirt (btw I’m 62).

  780. Rhonda on

    What a great article and so helpful!! Thank you! I learned so much:) I really love Merrel women’s work boots. They last so long and really support my feet. My feet aren’t killing me at the end of a long work day outside if I have my Merrels on.

  781. Robyn on

    I love Carhartt loose-fit canvas work pants. Comfortable, warm and made in short length.

  782. Nancy Canino on

    A couple years back I added a comment to a Floret blog post about workwear. I had just discovered Dovetail and wanted to tell folks about their great company. I am so glad to see that Dovetail tops the recommendations this year! They are the best. I also love my flower-patterned rubber boots from Nomad, cause they make me happy in the rain. :)

  783. Alana on

    I’m a Carhartt girl myself. My favorite is a heavy zip up hoodie. It’s so durable, warm and perfect for layers. I agree with you, Carhartt does fit loose & boxy but that works for me (I’m 5’10 & 200 lbs).

  784. Teemie Eschenburg on

    My favorite is my Ladies Duluth Fishing vest.

    My brother bought me for gardening. After watching me struggle to juggle my gloves, phone note book, seeds etc… Love it!

    Pockets galore; zippered, gusseted, velcro, roomy hip pocket on each side with elastic to hold things, such as hand tools snug, vented back panel, keeps me cool, zippered phone pocket with meash back and an opening to secure my ear buds through without tangling, plus hand pockets behind my front gusseted pockets, to slip my chilled hands in.
    11 pockets, 3 are inside.

    Fabric is comfortable to wear, water repellent, light weight with generous arm holes for ease of movement. Slide pleats at hip for free movement.

    And surprisingly not as bulky as one would expect. I’m an average 5’2 ” 64 year old. This vest suits me well as I am not an overall fan.

    Thank you for this fun farm fashion show and review! Truly enjoyed it.

    Happy Flower Farming to all.

    Peace and love!


  785. Eileen Johnson on

    I haven’t been good about my garden gear research but really need to be! I like my Kamik fleece lined boots because they keep my feet warm but don’t think they will hold up for long. Tried Kendrick work boots but they were uncomfortable. My Key Brand coveralls are good for warmth but are confining. Thanks for sharing your research!

  786. Brenda Brieden on

    I have a Northface jacket that is wonderful in the garden. It washes well and has held up for about 10 years (minus the patches which are adorable, btw. Gotta love moms!)

  787. Samantha Rocco on

    My favorite gardening overalls are from Duluth trading company and they are super cute with little gnomes and flowers on them :) they have all sorts of handy pockets and the legs roll up so they turn into capris! I feel like a garden gnome when I wear them ❤️❤️❤️🪻🪻🪻 Happy Spring! I just planted all my seeds a couple days ago and I am so excited to see the flowers bloom❤️🪻-Sam

  788. Caroline on

    Loved the article! Thrifted Carhartt Bibs have done the trick for me so far. I’d love to hear about gloves, socks, and what’s in your toolbelt. (Unless that’s already been done) I’ll take a look :)

  789. Genie on

    My ex husband had a Carhartt jacket that I loved for outdoor work. Lined and it fit perfectly. Miss that jacket 🙃

  790. Briahna Michalsky on

    My absolute favorite workwear are a pair of side zip Bogs…well, and my Duluth (hooded) heavy flannel!

  791. Heather Thorp on

    I love my Carhartt jacket especially! I’ve worn it for many years, and even though it’s wearing out in stone places it’s still my go to when I have a dirty or rough job to do.

  792. Kim on

    great article! so helpful!!!

  793. Liz on

    I love to wear Patagonia overalls year round and Duluth overalls in the summer. Two other favorites- Patagonia chore jacket, perfect for the shoulder seasons and Red Back boots- they’re the only boots that don’t make my feet ache at the end of a long day.

  794. janet hall on

    I love my Aigle Wellies. They are perfect for the mud and snow. Easy slip on and off.After 10 years I have worn out one pair and now have another. As for clothing, I need help!!!

  795. Renee Webeler on

    Working at a Garden Center in Ohio you never know what the weather will be like. I am also always on the hunt for functional, comfortable and appealing (since it is retail too). I am 6’2″ and struggle to find things for my height. I love the options that Eddie Bauer offers in jeans and tops that are both comfortable and appealing, but they don’t seem to hold up. I am very excited to try out some of your recommendations….. Thank you so much for this article and bringing women in bada** jobs to the for front in fashionable work cloths!!

  796. Cindy Carleton on

    I am a huge fan of the 6 inch XtraTuf rubber boots. I absolutely love them. Easy to get on and off when your hands are full. I have been wearing them in the gardens for about 4 years. I work them hard though so I am on my third pair. They have cracked in the crease where I bend my toe. I wear them in the spring mud, summer heat, and fall time. Actually I do wear them in the winter as well I have insulated booties I put in them. Plow, shovel snow and even wear them into my office job! I highly recommend! And I just want to say… thank you so much for doing this review of work clothes. I need to get some and this is so helpful! Thanks for taking the time to do this! Very much appreciated!

  797. Anna Wargo on

    I love my Duluth no yank tanks, and any Duluth t-shirt. They’re my magic shirt since they are long enough to let me bend over modestly, and I’m 5’10. And with the birth of my small urban flower farm this year I bought a pair of their garden short overalls, which I’m so excited to wear!

  798. Grace on

    I not only farm but also work as a commercial fisherman, both grundens and guy cotton have great work wear for both the water and the land. If you can’t find what your looking for with grundens, Guy cotton is the next place to look. I am able to work comfortably in the gear while tending to plants. They even provide great wind protection.
    Another great product to look into is dry shood insulated boots. They are water proof and extremely warm for working int the cold shoulder seasons.
    Good work wear is a necessity in my line of work and seems to be the same in many of these comments above. It’s wonderful for you guys to cultivate this space to share all our thoughts.

  799. Julie on

    Hey Floret-

    Have you tried any Merino Wool products? Just asking.

    I am a fan of Duluth Trading, wearing their Dry on the Fly pants—kind of comfortable in the heat and dealing with Mosquitoes


  800. marcy almoney on

    My favorite work wear pieces are my Wheeler Monroe belt, Keens, and red wings.
    I’ve had my wheeler belt for about 8 years and definitely can’t live with out it. I’ve worn it so much I have phantom feelings that I’m wearing when I don’t have it on!! I’ve dropped scissors and even my phone thinking my belt was on my hip and that I was slipping those items int the holster, like Ive down a million times before . (Im a gardener and a florist)

  801. Melissa Nienhuser on

    Lol…. After all these years I still love my Dickies overalls…loose and comfortable and they last a long time!

  802. Cynthia Cook on

    I’ve found Duluth skorts to be amazing for working outside in my garden in South Carolina. I can’t seem to mess it up! It comfortable, washed well and takes everything I can give it.

  803. Magdalena Denman on

    I am a minimalist in terms of clothing so what i buy have to last since i will wear it multiple times a week. I love the Duluth logod t-shirts because they don’t fade and breath well, and they have long shirts. I’m 5’9″ and often can’t find shirts appropriately fit in terms of length. My patagonia coat is my go to for all things cold. It makes being out in cold, wet weather I just had my 3rd baby and have been looking for a great pair of overalls. I work outside with all 3 of my kids and would love some more children/garden proof gear. Please keep designing more for women who work outside! A great maternity line would be amazing.

  804. Camille dehart on

    I just got a pair of Daluth trading company garden bibs and so far they are lightweight and incredible. Their sizing runs large though, so size down.
    I Have also been wanting to try dovetail so hearing your review of them it will be my next purchase.

  805. Ana on

    I love my Carhartt overalls! I can tackle any garden chore knowing I will be warm and comfortable…..and they last forever!

  806. Debbie on

    You are amazing!
    My fave is a Carhartt coat. Had it for many years.
    Thank you!

  807. Ann Swope on

    Love the product reviews! Since most purchases online, its so difficult to understand fit & value! I purchased long hikers from Kuhl several years ago, and they are now my gardening work pants. Good fit for me and durable fabric with a little give.

    And since you mentioned scarves, check out Anchal Project,, a small business started in Louisville, Ky. Sisters Maggie & Colleen Cline connect with women in India as well. The story is worth reading and sharing!

  808. Natalie Carver on

    Check out RED ANTS PANTS. They’re made in USA, and exceptionally durable. I’ll echo Erin with my love for the Patagonia hemp pants in the summer. My choice for rain boots is Xtratuff. Like Grudens gear, they are made for fishing but also excellent for farming. They don’t come in half sizes, but if you round up, you have the benefit of room for a thick warm sock, or some breathing room in the warmer weather. For some reason Muckboots make my feet feel clammy, even when it’s cold outside.

  809. Melissa Meyer on

    My favorite piece of workwear would have to be my quilted (insulated) Carhartt duck overalls. Like you said about Dovetail’s insulated bibs — it’s like wearing PJs in the field! They’re near-invincible to cold, wet, snow, scrapey brush, lots of pockets, lots of room for layers. Thanks for this detailed and thorough article, Erin!

  810. Juli Taylor on

    My Duluth Trading pants. Had them so long I don’t even know the specific style. As a plus-sized person I love the stretch and coolness – but they do swish when you walk ;) (Nylon and spandex). Also my older style Orvis quilted barn jacket. Had my original for 30 yrs and still get compliments. They keep changing the style so I have to find it on ebay. Still searching for the best gardening shoes that are affordable and supportive.

  811. Cat on

    Thank you for all the information. I’m a big fan of Carhartt. I would love to try some work outfits from your post. Thx it was a great idea.

  812. Kyley on

    I love my Freshley overalls from Dovetail, and my LaCrosse boots with an adjustable calf gusset are a must in Washington weather.

  813. Tonya Thornton on

    Its a toss up for me between my Costco/Kirkland fleece lined stretchy jacket, and my Bogs Sauvie Slip on boots. The coat from Costco was $19 and it keeps me warm and I don’t worry too much about wearing it in the dirt :) The boots are awesome and I got them with my Floret workshop discount. They slip on and off easily and keep my feet dry. Thank you for writing such a great article. I hope more brands will see the importance of creating work/outdoor clothes for women of all shapes and sizes. (I feel you Jill, I’m 5’2″!)

  814. Donna Huntley on

    I absolutely LOVE my Boggs.. they are warm, comfortable & cute! But best of all they last!! Hands down the best.
    Can’t wait to try the overalls.. finding something that moves with you in the garden is hard!

  815. Holly K. on

    Everyone has heard of XtraTufs but I really love their Leather Lace Ankle Boots. I need extra support for my ankles so being able to lace them tight is essential and they are also waterproof. I do however, need to add orthopedic insoles to any shoe I buy (thank you bunions) so I get the Cadence-Orange brand that has great arch and heel support. It’s important to have good shoes/boots and to be kind to your feet!

  816. Andrea on

    I love the all season Patagonia bibs, too. This year I’m hoping to get a pair of Gamine Co jeans.

  817. Davis on

    I have a pair of Duluth overalls that I just love. They are perfect and lightweight for the summer gardener. When it is cold out, I just layer it over my pants and it works great.

  818. Kristy on

    My husband got the Deluth overalls and insulated Jacket for Christmas and I have been pleased with how comfortable and warm they have been.

  819. Tinell Skaug on

    My favorite pair of garden boots/shoes are a pair lof low rise MuckBoots..and they are going on 10+ years old…
    A mother’s day gift from my hubby and daughters ♥️And even though my dog chewed on part of the back ankle part..I love them and they are so so durable.

  820. Cecilia Burgess on

    Thank you for the information on all of the women’s work wear. I did not know these choices were out there. I will definitely be purchasing one of the overalls above. Also, I have always wished for the tool belt (I am constantly misplacing my clippers!) Thank you for that link, as well!

  821. Elena on

    Thanks for this helpful post! Though one thing I don’t see is anything about hats – I’ve never been a fan of wearing hats, but as a cancer survivor I’m trying to do so more when I spend all day outside gardening, because it’s so important to protect against skin cancer. I recently bought the Sunday Afternoons Sol Seeker Hat from REI, which has a nice wide brim and UPF 50 protection. Would love to know what you or others wear!

  822. Helen Russo on

    My favorite workwear is my L L Bean Barn Coat, which I bought about 15 years ago to replace a jean jacket when our 3 kids were in 4-H. It’s showing signs of wear but still goings strong. It has a removable lining and plenty of pockets, which makes it quite flexible. Paired with the rosewood tool belt which is a gift to ME I feel like all bases are covered! I am happy to see this review since I’d love a pair of overalls to work in the gardens. Off to check out my options! Thank you so much!

  823. Erin on

    I love my boggs, however I have had the upper fabric part tear and this need to look to see if they offer a version that is all rubber.

  824. Alyssa Hill on

    My favorite piece of workwear is an apron that my aunt made me! I wear it while harvesting flowers for market. It has pockets which hold my flower snips and rubber bands. It’s so handy!

  825. Darlene on

    Thank you for all the online sources to check out! I’m with you about the Lands End coats — my favorite (although the styling has changed) has always been their squall jackets for both my husband and me! They are quality jackets that last years before needing to be replaced. We also buy fleece zip ups and pullovers from them for the same reason. I can’t wait to go to each link you provided.

  826. Cassidy Bos on

    I have a pair of Carhartt overalls and they are my absolute favorite workwear clothing. I’ve had them for at least 5 years and because of the thick layers on the knees they don’t have holes from bending up and down and kneeling on the ground. Sizes can be hard to find sometimes but when you find some they are awesome!

  827. Margaret D on

    One of my favorite pieces of workwear is my Carhartt canvas insulated coat. I spend a lot of time outdoors year round in New England and need something to fend off the bitterness of the wind and this coat does the trick. It’s roomy, comfy and keeps me warm in the great outdoors! Now, if I could find a pair of comfy insulated boots that I can trek with that aren’t too heavy, that would be heaven!

  828. Anjum on

    Thank you so much for this deep dive! I particularly appreciate that you included the experience of Nina & Jill, because between the 3 of you, there is a wide range of women’s sizes/shapes represented. I am most like Jill, and have had the same experience with Dovetail vs. Carhartt. I love Dovetail’s styling, but the fit was never right. Carhartt works much better for me. I’ll add that I have wide feet, and Bogs don’t work for me, but a great alternative are Muck Boots. I live in their Tall Chore Boot for about 9 months out of the year. I also require wool much of the year; Smartwool for socks & 1st layers, Pendleton & Anian for sweaters & flannels. Gotta love the PNW!

  829. Olivia Etes on

    I love Patagonia’s Farrier’s Shirt. I’ve owned several over the years and have found them to be very durable, versatile and comfortable (mmm, gotta love those hemp/polyester blends). It’s a roomy fit so it pairs great with layers when it’s still chilly outside.

  830. Brie Stumbo on

    I have a pair of Duluth Flex Fire Hose Slim Leg Cargo pants and they are wonderful. I wear them all the time, they fit nicely and have a good stretch to them which is great when I’m on my knees and crawling around. They have so many pockets and I use almost all of them. Having a pocket that fits my nippers without poking me when I bend over is a must. The pockets with covers are great for my phone or anything else I don’t want to get dirty, without impeding my movement in the garden. I would have another 6 pairs if I could. Would recommend.

  831. Fran Cole on

    Carhartt has been my go to gardening wear for a long time now. Because they are so known to everyone I just automatically turned to Carhartt. My overalls wash well and fit great. I love them!! Now that I’ve heard about Dovetail, I can’t wait to go online and check out their selection. As for Patagonia, they have always been my go to for all things adventure. I never really thought of them for gardening clothing. Thanks for all your awesome advice!

  832. Jeannine Reynolds on

    So my “go to” tee shirs for gardening and yardwork are three tees I’ve had for over 30+ years. They are from a company originally from New England called Northern Reflections. They used to have stores in the mall and their clothes were rustic meets botanical (my opinion!). Very comfortable and casual with beautiful outdoor scenes and botanicals drawings.

    Sadly (but thankfully), I stopped working in a mall and they closed and then reopened online after being bought by a Canadian company. Anyway, these three tees have gone through 2 pregnancies and multiple years of gardening and while a little holey, they’re still going strong and the graphics are still clear!!

  833. Ellen Pollema on

    I purchased the Duluth Trading Company garden bib overalls a few years back and love the comfort! The overalls are thin enough so that I feel comfortable even during the summer where we get above 100 degrees during the day. Because they are so lightweight, in the cooler months I can wear leggings and a sweatshirt underneath and keep very warm.

  834. Jennifer Gray on

    I have to admit I have never owned any outdoor workwear for women. This post screams that I should instead of destroying my regular everyday jeans. My closet of work clothes consists of jeans that I put a hole in by accident,working in my yard, or stained in my kitchen. Having some designated workwear would be a real treat. Thank you for your input on the subject Erin and look forward to finding the perfect pieces for my sad garden attire. 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼winning a GC would be a good start😉🥰🌻🌼

  835. Rebecca Dinsmore on

    I would love to hear a review on garden gloves. As I live in Central Texas, my “go to” gardening wear is often a pair of cut offs and a Duluth Trading Company bralette. I wear colored ones, so they look less like a bra, and more like gym wear! Breathable cotton is so helpful. It is often 100 degrees when I am trimming, watering, picking, and otherwise working to keep plants thriving through the hot Summer. Lucky me, I live near the Antique Rose Emporium, and so have lots of roses. I also have thorny trees. What gloves do you recommend? ✋️

  836. Arianna on

    I have worn my Carhartt overalls for years and although I DO love them, they’re not very flattering on me. I always attribute the poor fit to my height. I’m 5ft tall. Thank you for sharing all of your thoughts and notes on the various brands. I’m going to use this as a reference in finding a more appropriate fit! Thanks team!

  837. angelina on

    thank you for all your time and review Floret! i must say from experience- BEWARE of Dovetail overalls! my friend and i bought some and both work on a vegetable farm while i also have a flower farm and those suckers didn’t last a few months before stretching out at the nylon over the shoulders. you can’t tighten them anymore past that nylon which rendered them way too loose. the stretchy nylon fabric they use is not durable. i took them in to get fixed at the local tailor and she showed me what they should be using in comparison and just cut it out completely so i just had the denim. plus after one season the thighs tore up! they’re so expensive it was devastating. they also stretch out a lot while wearing and stop looking as flattering. i thought i might see Dovetail on this list and was surprised to see them so highly rated. never again! i’ve decided to stick with Carhartt. even if the same side button continually pops off with every pair, it’s a small problem and they last for multiple seasons.

  838. Kathryn Henderson on

    I really love my Ironwood Tools: Garden Tool Apron. I have had it for several years. It is very stiff initially but softens up and is so comfortable now. I broke the buckle( my fault) and was able to replace the buckle and it is back in use.

  839. Annie Raymond on

    I work on a boat in the NW and staying warm and dry is tricky. I gave a pair of Filson wool overalls that I wear in the cold months and love. They don’t make a women’ s specific one so I did have to do some helming and adjustment to straps to get a better fit but they guaranty all their products for life. I have a few waxed jackets from them as well. Their women’s selection varies in quantity and isn’t that robust though.

  840. Torrey Neel on

    I loved by Arborwear vest to shreds. Just ordered a Duluth vest to try out as a replacement. It’s also time to retire of few of my nursery work pants, so this article came at the right time. Thank you.

  841. Dana Kania on

    I’m so interested!! I have a Duluth store here that I’m going to visit!!

  842. Kasey Eaves on

    I’m a huge fan of Red Ants Pants! And Blundstone boots have been great as well. As a curvy girl myself, the trail hiking pants from Columbia has been wonderful in Summers and have proven durable. I put them through a pruning roses test and they survived.

  843. Maegan Tefft on

    Love my Duluth gardening big overalls! I’m slightly obsessed with green , which they have. I wear them every week working at Hepzibah Flower Farm. They’re so comfortable and stretchy making for easy up and down motions.

  844. Brittney Rourke on

    I love my Dovetail jacket. It’s warm and durable. I also love my Duluth railroad overalls.

  845. Kristen M on

    This is so good and helpful. My husband and I moved from a large SoCal city to the Sierra foothills about a year ago to start a garden nursery. There are not many in-person clothing options in town but I absolutely love the thick Ridgecut hoodies I picked up at TSC. They’ve kept me warm and have withstood the wear. I definitely need to level up my wardrobe though.

  846. Beth Cheffer on

    My husband purchased the Duluth overalls for me and I can’t believe how much I love them. With super stretchy fabric and double layer knees that accept knee pads, I don’t go into the garden without them!

  847. Erica on

    My favorites are the things that last the longest- so a sturdy carhartt vest that’s going strong after more than 10 years and a pair of carhartt bibs that were this years Christmas gift, and I anticipate wearing for the next 20. I’m excited to try some of those double front jeans- I’ve been on the hunt for a long time.

  848. Maureen Keene on

    I wear and love the Duluth garden apron. It is like a canvas overall short dress. So many pockets, I wear with leggings if cold out and bare legs when hot. I have 2 white and 2 brown. Brown ones in garden and whites if I’m running to store

  849. Ashley Sorenson on

    As a native PNWer, active gardener, and fellow motorcyclist I am always looking for new tough workwear to add to my collection. I’ve only ever had Carhartt but recently found Dovetail and happy to hear they are based in the PNW too. I’ve been a little shy at pulling the trigger on a specific kind of pants/overalls though. Being 5’ it can be tricky to find pants that I don’t have to hem. I appreciate this article and the fact that you talk about the material and sizes available. I feel better equipped to finding a pair that are made for me! Thank you!

  850. Sharon L. on

    A pair of Carhartt insulated overalls saved me when I worked overnight for snow removal!

  851. Kate on

    Bogs, I stumbled upon a pair on clearance at my local tractor supply store and am so glad I took a chance on them. I have been wearing them in the garden for almost 5 years now.

  852. Sara Groeneweg on

    I love my Duluth overalls!!! I am on my second pair… the first lasted 5 years…. I will have to try a few of these other to see if I like those also. Thank you for such a great source of recommendations!!!

  853. Lindsey on

    I have a pair of women’s Carhartt heavy duty leggings which I can wear while doing landscape work. They don’t get caught up on prickers and have a zipper pocket so I can’t lose my phone (again!). For regular gardening my go to is my cheap avia workout leggings with pockets. They don’t fall down from the weight of my phone or pruners

  854. Amy on

    I love my old Eddie Bauer cotton work jacket. I think I bought it at a thrift shop! It’s made of canvas, is lined and warm, and has lots of pockets. It’s my favorite!

  855. Sheri Beale on

    I have suuuper wide feet, and my Ugg Rain Boots, not only keep my feet super dry, they have plenty of space and support. Plus they come in cute colors (I have bright yellow) that add a little pizzazz to the outfit.

  856. Lois Angers on

    A few years ago, I began to lose skin color and was diagnosed with vitiligo. Since then I’ve been very careful to limit sun exposure and still keep up my pollinator garden. I found that my Wallaroo Victoria Fedora sun hat is perfect! It’s lightweight, breathable, and with UPF 50+ protection, helps reduce my exposure to damaging UVA and UVB rays. The Wallaroo Hat Company wants us to get out and enjoy the outdoors with confidence. Their sun hats come in a variety of colors, and include an internal drawstring to keep them comfortable and secure, even in windy weather. My flexible WallarooVictoria Fedora travels well in my suitcase and tote bag, and I highly recommend it for any outdoor activity.

  857. Jen on

    Great post! I like Duluth Armachillo overalls during the heat of summer, but for the cooler parts of the season I love my Rosie’s Workwear overalls. They are made of a thick peached cotton with lots of pockets and elastic straps so they don’t ride up. Perfect for those with a long torso like myself!

  858. Blair Mathews on

    I have tried to find a boot substitute but I keep going back to my Blundstone boots. I’ve been wearing them since 2016 and they hold up extremely well and my feet are never wet. As far as jackets go, up here in Alaska, a good puffer is a must. I really enjoy my Himali hooded down coat!

  859. Tracy Sumney on

    I have a plaid lined cotton jacket I’ve worn for years by Duluth… it has been great in the cooler part of the year. I also love my Boggs Rebound water boots for watering in the greenhouse. Thank you for writing this article!!
    Love your KS overalls!

  860. Sandra Roach on

    I love Landsend coats as well. I recently purchased Deluth’s garden overalls and they ARE loud!! I love the elastic in the clasps.

  861. Monique Weaver on

    Dublin boots have been my mainstay for years. I live on a farm and they last through snow, muck, rain, and tromping through the fields. I am short and the tall boots still fit without encroaching on the back of my knee (I hate that). I also don’t worry about snakes or other ground animals so much when wearing them. Oh, and do I mention how comfortable they are? All leather and water resistant. Bonus

  862. Emily on

    I really like Justin Boots. I use them when walking around and doing gardening. They look good a protect my feet from anything that may be slithering around.

  863. Karla on

    I’m trying Duluth Trading Post overalls for the first time this year…nothing to report yet.
    Thank you so much for sharing your workclothes and your comments.
    Very timely, I was actually searching for other overalls yesterday.

  864. Grace on

    What a fun article, thanks for sharing! I found some Carhartt overalls thrifting and have loved those! Also Muck boots because we get SO. much. rain here in Washington :P First time last year using a gardening tool belt by Eshert Gardening and that was a game changer!

  865. Stacie on

    I’ve been eyeing Duluth overalls for months, and after this review, I’m even more convinced that I need a pair. So far, my garden wear includes anything that I no longer want to wear into town, but we’ve increased our field size and it is time to commit to some good, quality, workwear.

  866. Lisa on

    My favorite so far is my Carhartt bibs. I have really put them to the test also. They wash up great and stand up to the muddiest jobs.

  867. Taylor on

    My little Corona scabbard is perhaps my most used and therefore saddest-looking piece of gardening gear. It’s worn, stained, scuffed, mended with duct tape, and perhaps on its way out this season. It only fits one set of hand pruners but I still love it. I’ve had my eye on the left-handed Floret tool belt so perhaps the timing of this post is meant to be!

  868. Katharine on

    I have some Patagonia hemp overalls that are my favorite workwear. They worked well when I was pregnant too… I just left side buttons undone and hoped for the best!

  869. Andrea Shackleton on

    My favorite are my striped dovetail overalls
    So stretchy and comfortable and cute!!! Even when covered in dirt which is my favorite way to be!!! Hahaha

  870. Esther Guess on

    Duluth knows how to market with listing how many pockets it has, and adding more on their newest design 😂
    As far as the boots. I’ve decided to try out Muck Boots this year. So far I’m liking them for sliding on and off. May not be the greatest option for spending hours in the field, though.

  871. Sarah Armentrout on

    Carhartt has been a reliable, lifelong partner for me in everything I do outside. I still have and use my first pair of insulated bib overalls and chore coat that have been going strong for over 25 years! They are a staple during the cold months in Michigan and are my go to always!

  872. Bea on

    I love the fit of Duluth Trading, and they come in petite!

  873. Pam on

    I enjoyed your article. I’m a big Duluth fan and have many pieces of their garden work ware. My biggest problem is finding Women’s work boots that stand up to actual outdoor work. I have a pair of Carolina Moc toe boots I’ve had and used for over 20 years, resoled once. They were made slim for a woman’s foot and I haven’t found any comparable. They, unfortunately , have no work life left. Thoroughgoods are made for men’s feet. They just don’t fit right. Women’s Danners can’t handle
    the wear and tear of a professional Gardner. So, a leather women’s work boot is my big search. Any suggestions?

  874. Wendy Fleisher on

    Duluth Trading Co overalls (love all the pockets, and the roll-up feature on the pant legs) paired with long-sleeve button down men’s’ shirts from Goodwill…haha.

  875. Nancy on

    I am a die hard carhard fan. Here in central ohio we go from 10 below to 60 above all in the same day. I do wish they had better summer wear

  876. Estefania Dillon on

    Thank you for sharing! We are always looking out for excellent work ware. I personally love Patagonia for overalls and jackets and Joules for rain boots. I love your Kellie Swanson coveralls!

  877. Emily on

    I found a pair of brick red Talbots rain boots at a local second hand shop and those pretty things have lasted me 5 years and are just now starting to crack. I’m terribly sad to admit that it’s time to find another pair, but very grateful for the timing of this post! Thank you for the recommendations!

  878. Louise on

    I wish that Dovetail had a UK outlet!

  879. Cecilia Schmidt on

    I have a pair of LL Bean slip on duck shoes, with TEK 2.5 waterproofing. They are 4 years old and still going strong.
    I wear them all the time when I don’t need tall boots.

    I also wear a Barbour jacket, lots of pockets, stretch, waxed canvas and warm. It’s expensive but they stand by their products and you can get the company to clean and repair.
    It’s also 4 years old and tough as nails!

  880. Barbara Lien on

    I’ve been a Carhartt loyalist for many years, but Duluth Trading’s stretchy Flexpedition overalls make me feel like I’m gardening in the nude! I really have to check Dovetail out now…

  881. Maegan on

    Duluth Dry on the Fly work pants are all I wear from late spring through early fall. The material is light and dries almost instantly, making it great for someone who spends a lot of time in a greenhouse. They come in multiple styles (bootcut, slim leg, capri), inseams, and colors to appeal to a wide variety of shapes and tastes. They are cooler than wearing shorts and keep your legs protected from the sun and bugs. Also love Duluth underwear, they have good cotton options and their dang soft micro modal is hands down the most comfortable underwear I’ve ever worn. I regularly buy Keen Targhee II hiking shoes for work but the most important thing I do is use a hood insole. I get Sole brand insoles for every work boot I have rotation and it makes a big difference in how your knees and back feel at the end of the day. Used them for a decade and they’re affordable + supportive alternatives to orthotics. Finally, Darn Tough socks are the only socks I wear, they have a lifetime guarantee and have so many style and color options. I have cushioned ones for fall and lighter athletic ones for summer. They really hold up and if they don’t, you can send them in for a repair or a new pair of socks!

  882. Caroline Usher on

    I just discovered Duluth and love their coveralls. Super cute and very practical. Bought 2 long sleeved one and one short sleeve . Perfect for work! At a garden nursery of course😁♥️ but really want to try Dovetail overalls. I have to wear all in ones in the summer to stop the between burn gap on my back ( when you bend over and the shirt raises up and you don’t realize until you have a nasty burn😬)

  883. Joanne Scouler on

    I love my Pause Nature rubber gardening clogs made out of recycled rubber. I have had them a long time now and they are holding up very well. Made in france. Comfy and practical and it looks like you can find a pair on Poshmark. Wish I could post a picture of them here for you. Can’t wait to try your favorite overalls.

  884. Carlina on

    As a lead gardener for a public garden Dovetails are my go to! I have the Britt utility. I also have a ahirt jacket that’s lined. For mud I love my low muck boots, and just recently started wearing Allrounder hiking shoes for when it’s dry. I also own some carhartt.

  885. Megan on

    I don’t have garden-specific clothing, but my waterproof garden clogs from Hunter have been great.

  886. Barb on

    Carhart has been our mainstay in Alaska for years, but def checking out Dovetail! Athleta polar tech pants fit nicely into Xtra Tuffs (our AK tennis shoe!). That’s a gardening go-to outfit. Yours are so much cuter! Can’t grow here what you grow there, but love your style! Thanks for sharing!

  887. Kelly Weber on

    I love Dovetail Workwear! My first pair of Maven slims is 4.5 years old and just showing wear in the knees. Dovetail happens to fit my body type the best. I own a few sets of overalls (lined and unlined), a few pants, as well as a hat. Carhartt jackets are great for VT fickle weather. I have been lucky w/Tretorn boots (lined and unlined). They last about 2 seasons. However, the quality of the inner footpad has gone down.

  888. Carissa on

    I have a Carhartt winter jacket and I have had it for over 10 years and just love it! In those cold winter days it blocks the wind and is very comfy and warm. I also really love Duluth Trading’s pants. I have several pants but my fleece lined ones are my favorite. Their flex style is great and so comfy and yes so many handy pockets!!

  889. Tiffany Landreth on

    I have a pair of off brand work overalls that I get so sweaty in!! This post is exactly what I needed! I don’t have a favorite yet, but I’m looking for a pair of dovetail overalls now!! Thank you 😊

  890. Margaret Thorson on

    I love my Wellies and my LLBean flannel lined jeans in petite lengths.

  891. Diana Nylen on

    Love your review on womens workwear !!! Thank You!!! I believe I have a pair of overalls from all the company’s you mentioned and my all time fave is from dovetail they get it!!!! The pockets are awesome soo needless to say I have 3 pair from them! Looking for a lighter weight for the summer so I could see a 4th pair in the near future! Duluth brand is also great they seem to have a looser fit but also have great pockets! I need carry my phone due to having elderly frail parents and being able to do this while still working is a good thing ❤️🌺

  892. Amy Kocourek on

    Thanks for putting together this review! I’m sending the link to all my girlfriends. Finding durable workwear that actually fits is a real challenge. I love to top off my work outfits with a cute trucker hat or knit cap from Pistil Designs.

  893. Jennifer on

    I have a real hard time finding any work clothing that fits my body type. I have a pair of Duluth overalls which are good quality, but the fit isn’t right for me. I just purchased a pair of Carhartt work pants, hoping they’ll be a better fit!

  894. Sherrie Smith on

    Loved the reviews! My workhorse jacket is actually a rain jacket made by Pendleton. It’s windproof making it great on a cold windy day.
    Victoria’s A-line slicker

  895. Regina Dee on

    In the 90’s I bought my husband a Patagonia jacket for Christmas. After much hard wear the zipper no longer worked and there was a large tear in the front. I heard about their program of donate or repair. I sent the jacket in pointing out the zipper and the large tear. I left the option up to them, repair or donate. Not only did I get it back with the 2 repairs, but they also repaired smaller rips I didn’t feel were worth pointing out. Who does this? Patagonia I guess! I regifted the jacket back to my husband last Christmas and he was as thrilled as I was that Patagonia took the time and effort to repair a great jacket!

  896. Stephinie on

    Lots of these are in constant rotation here too, but Dovetail has been my newest love! I’m so excited to have pants FINALLY fit and look great! My favorite boot sock is made by a local (to me) company in Vermont – Darn Tough – they have a wool boot sock that is comfy and stays up in your boot. They have a wide range of styles and lots of fun colors and I’m slowly switching all my socks over to them. They have a great warranty too and will replace any sock if you think it wore out too soon!

  897. Hillary E on

    I love Bellingham Wonder Grip fleece insulated work gloves for landscaping through the winter here in Washington State. They are rubberized and waterproof to almost the cuff, keeping hands dry in the rain and allowing for wrist flexibility. The elasticized cuffs hold up well throughout the year, but are stretchy enough not to cut off circulation. The bright orange color is a bonus when working in the soil all day and gloves occasionally getting misplaced.

  898. Kate on

    This was such a great and thorough post! I would love to read more reviews about skirts and shirts from the same companies or even possibly aprons/dresses. Duluth seemed to have some nice skirts but I’ve never purchased any “work wear” and would love to find something practical and pretty!

  899. Margina Jones on

    What a great thing you’ve done 🌻
    There are so many women asking this question-what good women’s work clothes are out there? So much gratitude for you and your ladies giving your time and reviews for these great companies.
    I do love my Carhartt overalls and my super great bogs for winters here in Yosemite.
    I am loving your tool belt and definitely going to grab one up!
    I do have a wonderful foraging belt I use all the time, hand made by @alchemyofartemis but it doesn’t have the triple sheeth. She could probably make it however wanted tho.
    Some great work pants I have are Fjallraven- they are better for taller people so they work better for my partner, a bit pricey but super durable and great company.
    Looking forward to getting some Dovetail & Grunden’s and checking out some of the other brands as well
    Thanks again for sharing your wisdom and bringing beautiful flowers into our lives 💗🌻💗

  900. Alison on

    Thank you for all the great recommendations. I absolutely love my Ariat Wexford Waterproof boot. A slip on leather boot that’s comfortable and stylish. I have cattle and wear them in the mud and muck and they are still going sting after 2 years.

  901. Sharon G on

    I love Duluth Trading’s firehose work pants. Lots of pockets, durable, and a nice fit (on the slim side). I’m also a fan of their tank tops with built-in shelf bras. So comfortable and they come in lots of different styles.

  902. Kate on

    I’d be interested in a review of Duluth trading company. They have some very cute pieces, and it would be nice to know if they are also well made. I’ve never purchased specific gardening clothing because of the cost, but my daughter recently mentioned how pretty an apron was at the store and I started thinking about wearing something a bit more pretty and practical would be a must!

  903. Krista on

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a giveaway, because as you acknowledge on Instagram, workwear isn’t cheap! I do frequent second-hand stores for lightweight cotton long-sleeve tops for summer work and often just find jeans that I can wear out. I’d love the chance to try different Dovetail items because my Britt Utilities fit me just right after washing/drying, but stretch out so much while I’m working that they sag off my body. Also, I like my Carhartt overalls, but they are at the longest extension and just barely usable for me at 5′ 9″. I couldn’t survive winter without my WonderGrip insulated waterproof gloves and I burn through leather gloves like crazy for farm tasks. Gotta protect the hands! Personally, I prefer Muck boots over Boggs because of the sizing. I’ve had my Mucks for over ten years now, with four years of farming, and they are just now getting to the point I need to replace them. And I really, really hope the companies that you mentioned are reading all of these comments for feedback…this is market research gold! Thanks, Erin, Jill, & team!

  904. Kim on

    So far I am new to the women’s workwear department. Since we bought our home and some land in the PNW, I now have a veggie garden and chickens and am contemplating a small heard of cows. So far I found that the LLBean sherpa lined duck-boots have been pretty rugged and keep my feet and ankles dry when it rains or snows. I also have a pair of Carhart overalls, and a pair of double kneed pants from Carhart. Right now I use old Tshirts that I have stained with paint or other things. I don’t have a specific work jacket yet so I layer up in the cold months with tshirts, down vest under an old seat jacket. It works. Not water proof though. Anyway, love this article Erin.

  905. Bee James on

    definitely have the full mix up of Carhartt, Muck Boot & Dovetail in my work wardrobe. Dovetail button up shirts are on the top of my current favorite closet items though!

  906. Nina on

    Thank you for the good advice!

  907. Mary on

    I do love my Duluth overalls. I have one heirloom gardener, and one railroad. The stretch is surprising and the fabric is durable. Oh. And did I mention the pockets?!

  908. Adrienne Shaffer on

    For me it’s a good pair of gloves. I have an autoimmune disease that caused fingers to go purple when cold so sometimes double layering winter gloves with work gloves.has to do the trick

  909. Michelle on

    I love my Carhartt leggings! I wear them a lot and they are still holding strong after a few years. They also dry quickly and the elastic waistband is super helpful since I tend to fluctuate in weight from season to season. 🥴🤣

  910. Rochelle on

    I wear Dryshod Arctic Storm boots for most of the year. I am in 6b and we see all seasons and temperatures. They wear like a pair of tennis shoes in comfort and give support and protection from the elements.

  911. Gail on

    I had a Carhart coat that I absolutely loved. Unfortunately, it was really tight in my arms. I have done the normal yo-young with weight over the years. Every time I gain, my upper arm gains, every time I lose weight, it stays. Frustrating! Which means that a coat that fits my arms balloons everywhere else am let’s the cold in.
    My absolute favorite pair of work boots are muck boots. They keep my feet warm and dry no matter the conditions and they’re comfortable!
    I just recently purchased their mid boot that folds down. Excited to use them!
    Love following you on Instagram!

  912. Cassie on

    I love how much thought goes into dovetail workwear! I’m short so the multiple inseams are a must and tons of pockets are so handy

  913. Tracy Bohman on

    Gloves, I’d like to let you know that I think the Womanswork “Digger” work gloves are the best for general gardening. The company is woman owned and have other gloves as well. I’ve been using these for about 8 years and they hold up and are comfortable. I have long fingers and they are the best. Thanks for your great blog post on the workwear. I appreciate your expertise and useage experience. I am a Duluth gal, love their dry on the fly pants and capris too.
    Thanks so much for a chance for the giveaways.

  914. Julia on

    My Columbia trail pants have been my most trustworthy piece of field equipment. I’ve had these pants for 10 years now and although they’re looking their age they haven’t given up on me yet. As a wetland biologist I need something that will dry relatively quick, breathe in the summer heat, and provide a layer of protection from thorns. Probably the best part about these pants though is that they’re actually long enough for my 6′ frame since they come in a long size!

  915. Lauren Stromberg on

    My favorite pair of work pants are my Ariat Rebar DuraStretch Riveter Double Front straight jeans. Not only do they have amazing stretch and allow me to crawl in the mud without feeling soggy, they come in long lengths which is hard to find for someone with a 35”+ inseam.

  916. Sidey on

    I love my Muck Boots muckster mids because they can be rolled up or down depending on the temps and the activity. Bonus points for the cute liner pattern that shows up when rolled down (I have the olive green with floral liner)

  917. Karen Parish on

    What a great post! One of my essential pieces is a hat to keep the sun off my neck and face! I’ll be adding some of your suggestions to my wish list.

  918. Shannon R on

    Simple yet functional are my good old pair of crocs. While I don’t spend all day working in them they are always there after a long day when you have seemingly forgotten that one tool, need one more picture because the light is just right or the dog won’t come inside and are always ready for a quick adventure

  919. Janis Fetters on

    I agree that a hat is a must! I just use any one I can find that will shade my face well. I have trouble with big hats staying on in the wind and bending over and visors don’t give enough coverage. I am excited to keep reading comments to get hat recommendations! I have also been looking for a good garden tool belt so thank you for your recommendations on that Erin!

  920. Jess on

    What a great article & sucha a sweet give away!! Thanks for all the research. I’m always looking for something to accommodate my short frame and wind up looking like an elephant🤣 Maybe a cute elephant?
    My favorite work shoes are always Tevas. Technically probably not work wear but I am a die heard hippie at heart. But in the winter Carhart boots are staples, I’ve had a pair for years and they’re amazing!!

  921. Joyce on

    This post is perfectly timed with my search for flower farming pants , shirts and boots.
    We recently moved to 5 acres of rolling plains in Black Forest Colorado.
    Our weather goes from cold and frozen to mildish and gooey.
    As I tromp around the hoop house, low tunnels and flower shed I like to feel comfortable, stylish and confident.
    Bending, stooping and crawling are where I get caught up.
    Love your suggestions! I’m happy to see that Duluth made it in your selections. Love their pants and overalls!
    Thank you for this post!

  922. Melissa on

    Muck Boots gifted me with a pair of really cute boots with floral neoprene uppers many years ago, and they’re still in great shape! I love that the uppers can fold down if it’s getting hot. I’ve accidentally worn them to school pick-up a few times, and I always get compliments, lol.

  923. Kimberly Kriechbaum on

    Echoing another posters comment but a good baseball hat is priceless. Not only does it help with the sun (important for us with light sensitive eyes) but also absorbs sweat and keeps hair out of my face. I also really enjoy Carhartt’s line of work gloves. I prefer not to wear gloves as I dislike the restriction some gloves cause but Carhartt gloves give the proper balance of protection, mobility, and ventilation.

  924. shannon smith on

    I have loved my Levi overalls and still wore the ones I’ve had for middle school until i had kids and they don’t fit anymore. Would love to win a replacement!

  925. Jess Mak on

    It’s great info!! I work in Patagonia fleece pullover to keep myself warm in winter and been wearing it since forever lol I also wear hunter boots to work on the field durable and good looking :)

  926. Michelle on

    Thank you for sharing all of these resources. I’m still working on gathering a collection of good workwear and this gives me lots of options to research. I have a pair of insulated Carhartt bibs which are great at keeping me warm but like you said they take a long time to break in. :) I have Bogs insulated boots for Winter and then wear my Muck boots the rest of the year as I love them so much! I’m also trying to add more natural fiber products to my line up and have heard good things about WoolX and Duckworth.

  927. Lin on

    Simply Merino is a small female owned company based in Vancouver Canada and has a USA website . Started out as infants and is ever evolving with women’s adult clothing. Since trying their tights and long sleeve tops , toques, hand warmers, tops and craft kits for three years now totally warm everyday outside. Merino wool is fantastic as it keeps you warm even when wet.

  928. Kathie on

    I work year-round in a family-owned retail nursery in the middle of St. Louis – brittle cold winters and swelteringly humid summers … with a few good days in spring and summer. I got some Keene Newport sandals my first season (16 years ago!!!) and have been wearing them ever since = good toe coverage, quick-drying, and soooo comfortable for my ballet-bunions. I get so wet!!! and we have gravel everywhere and they are so easy to pull off, shake out and snap back on. Every few years I get a new pair is for Sunday outings, which eventually moves to everyday work, then after a few more years is retired for “under the locker” when I’m doing desk work and the work pair is drying out in the sun. I even wear them with socks until it starts to snow.
    Thanks for all the recommendations, Dovetail sounds great and I loved that you added Block Shop – neckerchiefs are a necessity here – filled with ice in July!

  929. Janelle Foerster on

    I have a pair of grey yoga style gardening pants from Duluth. They have many pockets and double knees. I love them. Only bad thing is they don’t sell anymore. :(

  930. Christa Gore on

    I love gardening in my goodr sunglasses and Alba sunscreen. Colorado sun is always intense. Looking for great overalls so I’m excited about your article. Thanks!

  931. Megan on

    I also use Keen slip-ons in the garden that I’ve had since 2004! The company I was surprised not to see is Red Ant Pants.

  932. Kayla on

    Thanks for this list! You always make your workwear look practical yet stylish. I am a carhartt fan and for boots I love xtratuf!

  933. Melysa Lopez on

    I loved reading this topic. The only workwear I have is Muck Boots. They are great I love them.

  934. Anne Vahcic/Hop Skip Jump on

    I’m glad you all did the work and wrote this. Thanks! As a textile screen printer my clothes need to be durable, washable, and stand up to daily wear and water. I second Carharrt overalls and Patagonia anything. They both make comfortable clothes that last FOREVER! I’ll have to check out Dovetail. Utility Canvas is another company that makes lighter weight overalls etc that are good for hot days when you aren’t waist deep in dirt or ink. Nice mama for keeping your coat alive!

  935. Gillian on

    I borrowed a pair of grundens from a friend last year for a rainy fall restoration planting project at work, and I loved them! I’m hoping to invest in my own pair this year!

  936. Amber on

    My favorite piece of workwear is a hat! I don’t use anything fancy – a cheap straw hat or a plain old baseball cap to keep the sun off my face. With a family history of skin cancer, I try to protect my skin the best I can! Love all of your workwear suggestions and especially love that it’s not all sponsored content so we’re getting an accurate review of it all. Thank you!

  937. Madison on

    This is such a helpful list! My go to overalls at the moment are the heirloom garden Duluth Trading overalls. They are so stretchy, I love that they have a slot where you can add kneepads if you are kneeling a lot and remove them if you don’t need them. I also love my pair of Carhart overalls that were thrift a year ago, I love being able to patch them up with fabric scraps!

  938. MargaretEllen Minaise on

    The construction industry has a very similar problem when it comes down to finding suitable pants to wear my sisters, and I had tried several brands in the past before we discovered Dovetail’s pants. And hands down, Dovetails are our favorite, and we keep coming back to them because they are durable and flattering, but most importantly of all, they are comfortable and stay where they’re supposed to, which is essential! Dickies also has some great options when it comes to women’s workwear; they’re not as nice in style as Carhart, but they have a much more comprehensive and expanding collection.

  939. Wendy on

    I love Carhart Sherpa lined jackets. They are great in the duck cloth. I am always looking for pants with stretch cotton that don’t pull down when you bend to garden. Still looking:) thanks for the info!

  940. Melissa Wenzel on

    I’m not from the US and know I can’t enter but I just wanted to share one of my favs which is Gamine. They are headed by a gardener and everything is made in the US. I love their denim!

  941. Brenna on

    Patagonia gear simply will not die. I have a lime green coat I bought on sale many years ago, and although I now despise the color (what was I thinking?!), I can’t bring myself to get rid of it because it’s held up so well. Even a bite from one of my German Shepherd puppies was no match for it; it only needed a tiny patch. Thanks for such a great list of high quality workwear. After reading your praise for Bogs last year, I’m now the proud owner of THREE different styles that all get a ton of use!

  942. Joanie Cromer on

    I have a Carhartt rain jacket that has been indispensable. Love the color, fits well and has lots of pockets. Also, Duluth long tees have been very handy and comfy to wear.

  943. Nancy L. on

    How can you not have mentioned Duluth Trading Company’s knee pad pants??? Their pants and some overalls come with upside down pockets to slide in their last-forever knee pads. I have needed to use a built to keep them from sliding down in the back, and I wish they came in a variety of fabrics. The nylon blend IS tough and water-repellant. An awful lot of my gardening is done on hands and knees, and these are the only built-in knee pad pants I’ve found except an odd pair from Great Britain that didn’t fit. I wish more companies would get on this band wagon.

  944. Julie Carroll on

    I love to garden in leggings, a tank or short sleeve shirt and then a biggish open shirt as a top layer. Bogs are my go to boot. I have an excellent carhartt lined canvas shirt style jacket that a friend gave me and a lands end vest. I love a hoodie when it’s cold! I am excited to know about all the overalls- I can’t wait to find some that make my heart beat faster

  945. Joanna Fagerness on

    I love anything Carhartt, especially their waterproof jackets. I joke that I am an influencer because I was wearing Carhartt before the craze and it got so popular.

  946. Rhonda on

    I ordered Grundens pants to work (crawl around) in the rain and wet from your recommendation and I am so glad I did! I also wear Dovetail and Duluth Trading clothing on a daily basis. The Dovetail utility jeans with all the pockets helped me build my hoop house last fall without toting around a tool belt! I also have a pair of Genus gardens pants with knee pads. Best things ever! I’m not sure one can have enough garden work wear! I’d rather be outside than doing laundry!

  947. Grace on

    Love all this great info! I have a few aprons from Duluth that I love – some more durable and canvas-like and others softer and cuter ;) Can’t wait to sort through the smaller brands shared in the post and in the comments!

  948. Shelby Humpert on

    Thank you for putting together all of these great recommendations! I absolutely love all of Patagonia’s stuff. Their fleeces are super warm and great for layering.

  949. Kim Flake on

    Reading your post was a great way to wind down my day. I totally agree that Landsend carries a great choice of jackets and I’m waiting for my first Dovetail purchase. I’m looking for a great pair of pants to carry me through my first year as a flower farmer. My prize possession is my flower-farmer tool belt. A gift from my daughters. Thank you Floret for your inspiration, wisdom, and willingness to share!

  950. Amber Blue on

    I absolutely love my Carhartt Bibb Overalls and jacket, they are probably as old as I am (26) and were given to me by co-worker. I was new to my job, working in conservation and also new to country life. I did not know what clothes I should buy and where the best place to find them would be. One day, my co-worker told me he had a pair of Carhartt overalls and a jacket that I could probably fit. The clothes had been sitting in a box for over 20 years and he wore them a lot when he owned a landscaping business (so they are definitely broken in). I love these Carhartt items not only for their comfortably and durability, but also for the human connection and friendship I gained.

  951. Terri Rodgers on

    Thanks so much for this post! Since moving to Washington (Orcas Island), I’ve been on a constant mission to find durable workwear for gardening, working in the forest and goat tending. My mix of brands include Duluth Trading, Carhartt, Filson and Patagonia for work shirts and jackets. Boggs and Grundens for waterproof boots. Still searching for appropriate pants – my jeans are not cutting it!

  952. Georgia on

    For me, vests are usually a winter/early spring must-wear items. The minute I get outside I’m cold, but as the work progresses I get hot. And vests just really accommodate for that fluctuation of body temperature. At my house, we seek to support companies that are mindful of their hurtful practices to the environment, and that is why I love Patagonia’s vest. It makes me feel good wear it and knowing that the company is committed to reducing it’s impact to Earth.

  953. Megan on

    Love this! Definitely going to be checking out Dovetail for some overalls!
    Whether this classifies as “workwear” may be debatable but I absolutely love Duluth trading co’s crew socks! I always wear them if I’m going to be working outside and especially with boots. They’re so comfy, stay put and are great for cooler weather!

  954. Devon on

    My Patagonia zip ups are hands down my favorites during transition seasons & while hiking. Got them both through their worn wear program (bc $$$) and they are worth every penny. So glad they have a second life!

  955. Kim on

    Thank you for this! I couldn’t live without my Muck boots here on the farm. I’ve had Bogs in the past, but they didn’t last nearly as long.

  956. Rhonda Leach on

    I love this! Takes the guess work out of finding the best. Salmon Sisters out of Alaska make an amazing boot–great for lobstering…and gardening.

  957. Mendy on

    Thank you for sharing your great clothing finds! I love to look like a girl but I admit that I have tried and torn many pairs of “girl” pants on the farm. Some of my favorites are also the Dovetail overalls and I really love the KUHL ripstop canvas Kendra’s, but I can’t find them, currently (probably discontinued). I am definitely going to try the Patagonia overalls. So far, my favorite shoes are my BOGS women’s classic tall boots. I really love Atlas 370 garden gloves for light work like cutting flowers, but don’t wash them in warm water. Happy growing!

  958. Cathy Arends on

    I have loved Landends for many years – and I’m a pretty old gardner (75) – but I love it. I’m hard to fit because I’m short 5’2″ and a bit oversized. But their jeans are the only ones I have found that fit me perfectly. I also have been a big fan of their coats and jackets. But seeing these overalls makes me want to try a pair. Especially since you said that some of them come in short and plus sizes. I’m excited to go find a pair and try them out!

  959. Joan on

    My favorite rain gear is an old Columbia rain jacket that has a kept me warm and dry for 20 years. It has 3 snaps at the wrist to accompdate size of bare wrist to 3 layers underneath, pulls to tighten the hem or not, deep pockets with snaps, a hood with visor and pull tightened, a full zipper and snaps for closure, and IT IS BLUE, RED, AND GREEN😁👍👍

  960. D. Scholes on

    Thank you for this article! It came at just the right time for me, I’ve been looking into buying some better clothes for my outside chores, your reviews are very helpful! I guess my favorite piece of work gear is my sloggers. Those things have taken a beating and they’re still going strong.

  961. Jade on

    Hi! I can also attest to the beauty of KSX Art! She printed on my Carhartt overalls a couple years back they quickly became a main staple for me!

  962. Megan Bowdish on

    I own a commercial greenhouse operation in Northern NY so most of our growing season is cold until May arrives. I have found my Duluth Firehose/flex pants with a lot of pockets has been a game changer. They move with me, are water resistant and hold my phone, knives, scissors , planting pencils etc in comfort. Plus all that weight in the pockets does not pull the pants down. I can get a few seasons of constant wear out of them without them wearing out. I also love my Darn Tough socks and my LL Bean down parka from 1992 with all it’s patches. Thanks for the reviews!! It was fun to read and learn about the other products. Keep doing all your good work! Your farm is an inspiration!

  963. Jette Shears on

    My favorite piece of workwear is my Oboz short hiking boots/shoes. I garden as a volunteer at the Twin Lakes Food Bank in Folsom, CA, community garden (all produce and fruit from the garden goes to the Food Bank We’re located in Central California and with the exception of this winter, our climate is pretty dry most of the year. My Oboz are perfect for the garden, even on the hottest days in July and August; they might lack some waterproof qualities, but that’s not extremely important here. I love the durable sole and breathability of the upper fabric.

  964. Kym on

    I also love the Duluth heirloom gardening overalls. I wear them all the time!! I am excited to try out some of the other brands, too. Thanks for all the great info!

  965. Margie rowell on

    My favorite workwear pieces are my insulated Carhartt bib overalls-I can put them over my pajamas in -20 to shovel snow or feed horses and stay toastie warm. My other favorite items are Muck Artic boots-along WTH my pj’s I can put light socks or go barefoot and my toes never get cold. In the spring, a must is bringing the boots 🥾 inside. I left mine on the step outside and put my barefoot in one, thinking I had a left a sock inside , I took it off and shock it upside down-a bull snake fell out!!!

  966. Eileen Albrecht on

    I wear my landsend lightweight 3/4 length olive green down spring, fall and winter gardening and love it!

  967. Christina on

    My favorite work wear is my women’s Berne quilted chore coat. The number of large fastening pockets allows me to carry my phone, animal tags, hoof trimmers, tape measures, and many other things I need when tending our animals. I’ve had one for two years and it is in great shape. It gets washed weekly in the winter. I usually wear it into the early spring when the mornings are still cool and crisp.
    I enjoyed the article about overalls. As I have been looking for a quality pair. Can’t wait to order one you’ve recommended! Thanks!

  968. Angela Fravel on

    I’m with Jill. Once the weather gets warmer I live in my Duluth Heirloom Gardening bib overalls I have them in three colors and wear them EVERY day in the summer. I’m also shorter and it’s great they have shorter inseams for me. Also, love that you can roll up the legs and fasten them and having all of the pockets to choose from is fantastic. During the cold months my go to gear has come from Costco…I know it’s strange to get work gear from Costco, but I love my fleece lined flannels from SAGE Collective and my lined Columbia cargo pants that I have picked up there. I get complements on the fleece flannels all the time and the pants are warm and comfortable. Both have survived a couple of winters without much wear or tear to them. Also love that they are very affordable.

  969. Julie M. on

    I love my crocs for working in the garden! They’re comfortable and easy to slip on and off. Patagonia is also one of my favorite brands for warm weather gear.

  970. Pam Fowler on

    I’m excited to learn about Dovetail!! I’m in love with the overalls you’ve shared. I’ve used several pieces of clothing from Duluth, that I’ve been pleased with. I love their flannels! They even sew a strip of lens cleaner cloth to the inside of the shirttail , to clean your glasses in the field. I’m tall and finding tall work clothing has been the most difficult for me. Thank you for sharing!

  971. Catherine on

    Thank you, Floret team, for the tips & recommendations! Thank you, Dovetail, Carhartt & Grundéns, for developing such smart options!
    I am the proud owner of the MOST tattered, all weather Barbour gardening jacket. Paired with either my comfortable pair of Birkenstock garden clogs or my Drycode all weather booties. Dare I say that I am a vision in the garden! (Ha)

  972. Sharon Guerra on

    I LOVE my Duluth overalls, and now own 3 pair. They’re sturdy, full of pockets, and they fit my no-longer-young body profile, plus they don’t fall down like jeans tend to. Plus, I’ve been lucky to catch them on sale. Also, I’m tall, and love the long length available on the long overalls. I am especially interested in your raingear and boots. I end up just wearing cheap rubber boots because the yard here is a swamp until July.

  973. Sophie on

    Columbia hiking boots have worked well for me! My hiking boots have lasted me quite a while (3 farming seasons) and they also are pretty cute.

  974. Jan on

    I’m in love with the Patagonia brand all season canvas overalls! The linen feel and breathability make them my go to on a hot day! They are stylish, even with mud caked on them! The linen feel is sweet on my sensitive skin.

  975. Madeline on

    Duluth trading co. I love the women’s Duluthflex fire Hose Slim leg cargo pants. I work on a farm and find them to be very comfortable and the multiple pockets are a plus.

  976. Norma Pyscher on

    Carhartt has definitely been my go-to for jackets, sweatshirts and overalls. They’ve got good quality workwear for both me and our kids!

  977. Nora Jones on

    This article is awesome thank you! My favorite workwear are actually my non-slip doc martens. These are far more comfortable than any regular pair of docs and have never let me down in all of my kitchen work.

  978. Shelley Robillard on

    I love my stretchy Duluth trading gardening overalls. I think they are the same ones Jill has in the blog. Also live my Bog boots during fall clean up time.

  979. Holly on

    The only “work wear” I’ve ever trialed are sports bras. As a runner who is thin but well endowed, finding one that fit has been a nightmare. But the panache underwire sports bra is the best I’ve found!! I’m so excited to check out these companies. Especially Dovetail!! Thank you for putting in the effort to write this post and including all the links!

  980. Julie on

    Dear Floret—what an awesome blogpost! Over the moon-really! It’s always been challenging to find work wear. Way back–in the 1970’s–I was working in the woods of northern Minnesota there was ZERO outdoor clothing or equipment that fit. It was really awful (…i could go on here, but i will spare you.) I smile at all of the wonderful things you are doing for people–life changing things. I am retired-living on forty acres with my husband and came across Floret during Covid. I have ordered hardy annuals and this year we are going to put them to the test because of this extended WINTER–UGH!
    I don’t need a gift certificate, just wanted you to know you guys are awesome.

  981. Christy on

    I’ve loved my patagonia better sweater quarter zip. Seems to breathe nicely in so many types of weather, cool in warmer-ish weather, snug in cold weather, keeps a few drops of rain off too. I can’t stop wearing it because I’m always comfortable.

  982. Johanna Cash on

    My favorite work jacket so far has been my Carhartt Full Swing Sherpa Lined women’s jacket. I am not sure if they sell this anymore, I can only find it on Amazon currently. Thankfully I’ve had the same one for almost 5 years and haven’t needed a replacement yet. I like that it has a detachable hood and keeps me warm and protected from the rain. I also live in Washington and get cold easily. I garden, have horses, goats, and a pig and use it almost every day. It has been through so much wear and tear and still holding up strong. The full swing feature means I can move my arms easily and it isn’t stiff which was a must for me, especially when working with my horses. When it’s too warm to wear it, I miss it because the canvas material protects me from blackberry thorns and repels stains. It has been a game changer for me!

  983. Erin Phillips on

    Honestly, my favorite pair of work overalls came from a second hand store! Sadly the tag was torn out so I’m not ever sure the brand. But I’ve had pretty good luck finding quality workwear in second hand stores.
    But I definitely love my Bog boots :)

  984. Kara on

    Thank you for this article! I was just shopping for some new workwear and was feeling overwhelmed by all the options out there! My favorite items are a Carhartt jacket that has lasted for over five years as well as a pair of waterproof leather Ugg boots that have surprisingly lasted about four years of use in all weather. Was definitely worth the higher price tag.

  985. Monika Mckenzie on

    Love that you made this article! One of my all time faves are definitely the carhartt leggings! So durable and so many pockets 🤗

  986. Ashley Butler on

    I have 2 favorites!

    I have a cathartic jacket with the thick canvas that I have had for the past 6 years. I wear it every single day in the fall and winter. It comes with me to farmers markets, rabbit shows, church, and of course all of my gardening and livestock chores. I wish I knew what it was called, but it is phenomenal.

    I am glad you mentions footwear in your article. I recently bought my first pair of Boggs and they are so comfortable. The pair I got is short with a pretty pink floral design. It is perfect for muddy days and stays comfortable for long days of walking around the farm. They seem really durable.

  987. Barb on

    Love my flannel lined Carhartt jeans. Wore them everyday this past winter. Very cozy and warm for our Wisconsin winter.

  988. Christy Avey on

    Duluth overalls like Jill loves! They were gifted to me and I love them- a bit of extra insulation on those freezing days and the pockets are the best!

  989. Kristin on

    I love Patagonia! Their values and commitment, the option to purchase used clothing as well as how they will repair clothing is such a wonderful thing about their company!

  990. Gail Cline on

    This time of year, my Carhartt Loose Fit Fleece lined work pant is awesome. I have a hill side of Blackberry’s and I walk into the bushes, drag the stickers all over these pants, and still no rips! I have the black pant size Tall (I am 5’9″) and they are great rolled up or left down. They are Loose Fit so they stay in place when I blend over. No time wasted pulling down shirts or jackets to cover your back side.
    I looked at the tag and it says Fall 2021 and I know it was a Christmas gift in 2021. So for over a year of hard use they still look like new. I feel so cozy in these pants, I really love them. Thanks for asking and thanks for sharing your favorite workwear!

  991. Ann Allen on

    I love Patagonia! Its such a great company! Bought complete rainwear from them years ago. We used to ride horses in Patagonia gear. I always joked that if we got lost they would return us to Patagonia. I own Duluth short overalls.

  992. Amber on

    Carhartt overalls for me. From the pottery wheel to the garden. I might check out the dovetail now though, you make them sound amazing!

  993. Deborah Zahn on

    HATS!!! Even here in the Central New York “Rickets Belt,” the sun can be brutal. I’ve been wearing hats to ward off the sun and keep the spring’s hatch of black flies off my face since I moved here close to forty years ago. Helen Kaminski’s classic, raffia hat first caught my eye at the Smith & Hawkin store in Palo Alto in the early 1980’s. After trying on nearly every hat on the rack, I found a wonky version that suited my eclectic sartorial taste. The narrow neoprene headband absorbs sweat and helps secure the hat even in the strongest winds. The raffia allows for ventilation, and the wide brim provides plenty of shade. I wore that hat all through the spring and summer for years, until I think it escaped into a hedgerow, where it returned to the earth. A subsequent replacement continues to fit the bill!

  994. Bernie Butler on

    I really like my Carhartt canvas jacket, a band around the bottom and sleeve cuffs. I have had it for years and it just keeps getting more comfortable.

    When it’s sprinkling I wear my Frog-Toggs jacket and pants. The are made for fishing but great in the garden.

    I love the new bib overalls Duluth has come out with this year and will have to get some!

  995. Stephanie on

    One of my new favorite workwear items is my big floppy sun hat. I have fair skin and this helps protect my skin when I’m working outside. :)

  996. Connie Kane on

    I am so glad that your wrote this Erin. I have a slender body silouette like you but am only 5’3″. Most work and street clothes are too wide for me. I am defininitely will try some of the items that you like! My favorite flannel shirts are the Patagonia Fjord Flannel. They are cut for women. They are thick, warm amd stand the test of time. I also like LLBean’s Fleece Lined Flannel Shirts as well as their Scotch Plaid Flannel. I also wear their Flannel Lined Barn Jacket for working in my beds in chilly spring weather. For Footwear I have always worn The Muck Boot Company Edgewater. I have them in all three heights and switch them out depending on the weather. Lastly, I love LLBean’s original boot which have been handmade in Maine since 1912. I particularly love the ones that pull on but they don’t always have them available.

  997. Ruth Calhoun on

    Thank you for sharing your reviews on work clothes. I’m excited about looking into some of the ones you highlighted, especially the overalls. We live by a busy road and I’m always worried about bending over and showing more than I want anyone to see. Tugging, pulling and adjusting all the time. I have 2 pair of muck boots, one insulated for colder weather and one not for when it’s sloppy. The thing I love the most is my wagon. It carries everything I need as I’m going around our yard, flower beds and garden. Like your tool belt, I don’t leave the house without it.

  998. Anne on

    I too live in the Pacific Northwest and I wouldn’t survive the mud and rain without my Ahnu shoes. Not fashionable, just put on some SmartWool socks and my feet stay warm and dry.

  999. Millie Soelberg on

    Thank you so much for this post! I have an old pair of Carhart heavy duck canvas overalls, which I love, that I haven’t found a good replacement for. I was excited to learn about Dovetail. My recommendation are Blundstone boots. They have great traction in wet conditions, keep my feet warm and I feel comfortable working in them all day. I am from Utah and also deal with snow. They are great for snow too. I love the style of them and wear them daily, whether I’m in the garden or not.

  1000. Aimee Enriquez on

    Our family has worn Carhartt for years, my husband is a lineman. I am the farmer and live in my Duluth coveralls. I also LOVE my Muck boots they are wonderful for the garden, but I live in Texas, so it’s not nearly as wet and cool. My boys hunt and live in their Mossy Oak. I have been able to pass down clothing through 3 boys! Thank you for sharing your favorites!

  1001. Danielle on

    One company I love is Duluth Trading co. Their Flexpedition pants are amazing. Water resistant but stretchy enough to be able to bend comfortably while working. Plus they have long options for tall ladies. That’s a blessing!

  1002. Elizabeth on

    My 85 year old sister wears Duluth overalls and loves them. I am constantly having to hitch up my pants so I think it’s time for me to try a pair!

  1003. Patti on

    My favorite gardening outfit are Overalls from Dickies.
    Flattering fit, one piece, made for women, zip front, no ironing. I wish they had built in knee pads.

  1004. Ashley on

    I am a tall and big girl and it is hard to find things that fit well. So I don’t actually have a favorite, I usually end up wearing pants that look like capri pants and some sort of slip on shoes. I love this list and am looking forward to trying some of these brands out.

  1005. Diane Nichols on

    I appreciate this article and the honesty of how differently items fit for tall, short, thin, etc people. It helps us save money by not buying all the things on the market finding that ‘one’ that works. Now, I mostly use Duluth, but this encourages me to broaden my work wear horizon. Thank you for sharing!

  1006. Madison on

    I love the carhartt overalls but I agree, they’re looser and boxy. I recently invested in a pair of carhartt work in progress overalls and they’re carhartt feel with a slimmer fit! So happy with them!

  1007. Patricia Thom on

    Love my dogs Carhartt chore coat. When I put on my gardening shoes he waits patiently for me to put his little coat on then he comes out with me and importantly sits by while I putter.

  1008. Marcella Manuel on

    Thank you for sharing your workwear finds.

    In Montana we lean on “Red Ants Pants” for womens workwear and you know Montana women do a lot of outdoor work. From stacking bales and wrestling calves to gardening. And the companies founder puts on one of Montana’s premier outdoor concerts with the goal of preserving and supporting working farms and ranches and small rural communities. Check them out at

  1009. Abigail Rogers on

    I LOVE my Duluth Heirloom Gardening Bib Overalls! They have a great size selection and are one of the few companies that make women’s clothes that are curve-friendly. They also have a great amount of give to them without losing their shape, and I love that you can dress them up or down, and the fact that they have a million pockets and places to hold knee pads
    I also like to wear prAna’s “Halle” pants. I’m short so most outdoor/hiking pants are too long for me, but I’ve been wearing Halle Pants to work for years! . They fit great, the legs roll up and fasten, they’re breathable, sturdy, quick-drying, and lightweight on days when it’s just too hot to wear denim or canvas work pants.
    And I know it’s not “workwear” but my other work staple is Badger Balm. Their sunscreen is very protective without being full of toxins, and their After Sun Balm is just plain magical for sunburn or when you’re just dusty, craggy and dried out!

  1010. Jen Burt on

    Love my Carhartt jacket along with my Muck boots.

  1011. Gloria on

    Thank you for this great letter! I love all your ideas:) Appreciate your obsessing so now I don’t have to:) I recently bought two jackets from the website FatFace from England. ( shipping and handling were super inexpensive and easy)I was torn which styles to order and sizes. I am 5’9″ and 145lbs. I ordered two of their jackets and gave one to my daughter for Christmas. We both Loved them. The fit i the hooded parka size 12 is plenty roomy for my double to triple layer tops when its cold. I also love it with just one layer underneath. It is roomy for sure but I like it and it doesn’t get in my way gardening. My daughters jacket is adorable and I will order it next Black Friday( they have a sale!) I don’t know the exact name but it is do cute and flattering on her 5’8″ 160lb body. The hood however was a bit tight so she removed it and doesn’t use that. The hood was also too tight for me. Anyway check them out. They use a lot of great outdoor options.:)

  1012. Jessica on

    I live in my Duluth bibs, but have been eyeing the Dovetail bibs for quite a while now! Thanks for all of the great info!

  1013. Tina on

    Lands End has a Hyper Dry, Allied Feather Down coat that keeps me warm in the coldest Missouri weather. Also, Bass Pro flannel lined jeans are a must have!

  1014. Annette Z on

    I love my Duluth heirloom gardening bibs, but their sizing is pretty limited. I am excited to look into the dovetail line!

  1015. Corina Pennington on

    This is the best comprehensive and most helpful article. Thank you for the time and thought that went into this. I have yet to purchase a good pair of overalls and am hoping to give the dovetail ones a try next season. So far my most used and most loved work item are my insulated chore mucks. I wear them hard everyday here in the Willamette Valley Oregon and love them so much.

  1016. Ann Levan on

    Thanks for all the great information Erin. I love my Carhart insulated sweatshirt when I’m cleaning out the gardens in the spring or fall. I’m also going to purchase the Duluth overalls and give them a try. Not mentioned here but my Merrill hiking sneakers work great in the garden they’re sturdy and water resistant. Thanks again, Ann

  1017. Peg Bagley on

    This was a great piece. It really is hard to find comfortable yet tough clothes for working with these delicate flowers. I have fallen in love this winter and early spring with my Merrill’s. My feet don’t hurt at the end of the day and I can just step out of them.
    And I agree about your statement about the Carhartt logo getting a bit aggressive on the sweatshirts. Happy Growing

  1018. Kerri on

    I wear my Xtratuf boots & Helly Hanson rain jacket to stay dry!

  1019. Ramona Knight on

    My everyday favorite pants are L.L. Bean’s perfect fit straight leg pants. Although not advertised as workwear, they are comfortable for working inside or outside. I also like the Bean boots when out in the wet and mud.

  1020. Laura on

    Love my Carhartt jacket!

  1021. Andrea Kreykes on

    My favorite piece of workwear is rather silly to see. We have a lot of wind here in Iowa and I don’t go out on a windy day without a pair of biker sunglasses on. After getting dirt in my eyes one too many times I took the fashion hit and I use these all the time. :) I’m always on the search for better gloves, summer shoes, and another set of snippers.

  1022. Wendy on

    I’ve worn out at least two pair of Duluth overalls; I’m glad to see more companies offering railroad stripes for their overalls–right now I have a pair of Dickies that suffice, but I don’t like the pockets.

    My other must have is Muck Boots; they’re the best I’ve found for durability and fit.

  1023. Gaia on

    I love Carhartt – especially their insulated biberalls! They keep me warm and cozy here in Minnesota. Would LOVE to give the other companies a try! Thanks for the opportunity.

  1024. Mary Moon on

    I wear a regular old tool belt form Home Depot in the garden so I can access anything I need right away. (Trowel, clippers, twine etc. ) I love it but might need to try your style as well for days that I’m just puttering around my plants.
    I really appreciated this info from you guys. I usually wear my junkiest clothes in the yard because I tend to be hard on my stuff! But that means I go through work clothes pretty fast. I need work clothes that will survive me! Thanks for providing multiple and honest opinions on brands. That will help me when researching!

  1025. Emily on

    I love my Keen work shoes. Why can they not be more stylish?! I will have to try some of your other recommendations!

  1026. Anna on

    Muck boots are some of my favorite for working in my garden and greenhouse. They’re even cute to eat in town. I always get compliments on how cute they are. I got them several years ago at Costco. Been waiting for them to get them again. Thank you for your reviews, I’m going to look more into the tool belt.

  1027. Dodie bacon on

    I love my bogs. I also wear target brand overalls, they are stretchy and fit a 5’4” gal like me.

  1028. Megan on

    I’m a budding gardener (pun intended!) so I’m new to the world of women’s workwear. Sounds like I have a few great options to try!

  1029. Amity on

    I’ve only tried Duluth but for the PNW where blackberry brambles are everywhere, the Duluth overalls have been amazing at protecting me and comfortable at the same time. I’ll be ordering a tool belt so I don’t ruin my pockets. Love and appreciate the reviews. Real world experience is worth so much!!

  1030. Kasi on

    I live in my Carhartt overalls during gardening season! My garden clogs are from Costco and I’m overdue for an upgrade.

  1031. Gloria Waddell on

    I love my Dovetail Freshley overalls in black. The gusseted panel and the stretch straps allow for bending and moving without any binding. The fabric weight is good for multiple seasons and I love the bib pocket that snaps with my phone in it. No more drops when I bend down!

  1032. Jana on

    Completely agree about the fit at Duluth trading Company…wish they had a “tall” version of their women’s workwear line.

    I have a few Carhardts and two Dickie coveralls that I like, but have yet to find a jean that suits for gardening work. I do like my Muck insulated work boots.

  1033. Kristi on

    I think you should look into insulated muck boots. They’ve lasted me way longer than Bogs.

  1034. Teresa on

    I absolutely love the Berne work coat my husband bought me on my birthday. The flannel on the inside makes it extra warm and comfy while the outermost canvas keeps the wet and mud at bay.

  1035. Marilyn on

    Carhartt has been a favorite for my family, particularly in cold temps, commercial refrigeration & construction. Love my black & white buffalo check shirt from them as well!
    Thanks for all the new companies to check out….I’ve been wanting a pair of overalls too.

  1036. Rachel Walton on

    Admittedly I’m not a farmer, but from my many years commercial fishing, having the right gear is critical. Favorite raingear is Guy Cotten mid-weight bibs and jacket. Tough and flexible, I have had the same bibs for years which I cannot say any other raingear has held up to the task. Additionally Ibex has become my go-to for wool layers to keep me comfortable even when wet. And lastly I have just tried out Fayettechill for a zip-up top. While Patagonia is a wonderful company, their products are rarely tailored to us curvy, thick or muscular gals. Thanks for putting this list together!

  1037. Susie Middleton on

    Thank you so much for this. Been meaning to order from Dovetail and finally did it this morning after reading this. I actually have discovered that in terms of shoes, my Merrill slip-ons (similar to your Keen’s Kacis) really are the easiest, most comfortable shoes to wear for outside work. Mine are a winter version with a furry lining; I’d like to get something lighter. I’m also a big fan of Ariat boots – I have wide feet — these are easy to slip in and out of. I like them better than the Blundstones everyone here on the Vineyard wears. But I’m now wearing those slip-ons more often.
    Thank you!

  1038. Cindy Harden on

    Thanks for all the good workwear ideas. I have a couple of Lands End chore coats. I have worn Muck boots original camp shoe for years. I also have a
    Grunden’s rain gear set and it works well in the NW . I wear a Sloggers sun hat in the summer. I won’t be without my Atlas gloves and also the Duluth socks and t shirts are great. I would love to try a pair of bibs so like the input and opinions of other readers. Thank you for all this info.

  1039. Sarah Olsen on

    I love bogs- especially the boots with holes/handles- easy to put on and remove. Also love Deleuth overalls- stretchy and lightweight.

  1040. cassidy on

    So so inspired by this post, thank you so much for your insight! I’m in wine country in CA and absolutely live in workwear during the harvest season (warm days and cool nights) so workwear versatility is huge. The Carhartt overalls are an absolute go to, but I would be even more stoked if they had a bit more give. My other favorite find of late is vintage Patagonia flannel shirts, they are barely fitted, with great breathability.

  1041. DaniK on

    I love the Salmon Sisters x XTRATUF collection. In the fishing industry XTRATUFs used to be the gold standard (I have a pair of US produced boots that outlasted my Hunter boots by many, many years) and the collection they did with the Salmon Sisters made me love them again. I use the short boots with sockeye pattern in the garden as they are easy to slip on and off.

  1042. Sarah G on

    This list is great! Although not rain boots my Blundstone boots last years and years and years and do wonderfully in town and then on the farm. Also trying a pair of ankle XtraTuff boots right now and they are a dream to slip on without hands.

  1043. Laurel Stone on

    Thank you Erin for this informative post! I know I will refer back to it next time I’m clothes shopping. I have also majorly gotten on board the Dovetail train and pretty much live in my Christa DIY pants. What I love about them is just how amazingly comfy they are- they really feel like I’m still in joggers or sweatpants- and yet how well they hold up to heavy work like bucking hay. The only bad thing so far is that one of my two pairs has worn out on the waistband and the fabric is ripping apart. Luckily This will be a pretty easy fix for me and the rest of the pants are still in great shape.
    I’m hoping to decide on a lightweight pair of overalls to wear now that the weather is finally warming up and your guide will definitely help me out. Thanks!
    PS- I think you should increase your scarf collection to include a handknit made of PNW-grown merino wool!

  1044. Abigail Schlarb on

    Duluth overalls are my go to as they are affordable (when you can snag a good coupon!) and super cumfy! Especially when crouching down. I’ve been dying to try Divetail! My Floret tool belt has been a game changer- thank you!

  1045. Lilly Moore on

    I have always loved Carhartt! Growing up on a beef and sheep farm in WV, during the cold months especially, we’ve had to have something tough and warm. Muck had also been another great brand for stomping around in the mud. I’ll definitely have to give some of these other brands a try! They sound great! Thank you for writing this article!!

  1046. Lynn Clendenen on

    I’ve been using Muck hoser boots for years now. I own lots of chicken and these hold up walking in and out of chicken goop. I’m able to wear thick socks for winter and still wear them in the summer for all of my gardening choirs. Living in Washington with all the rain they have kept my feet dry and comfy for years.

  1047. Joan Stevens on

    I’m a Duluth girl! I often find myself wearing socks, pants, undies, shirt and flannel all Duluth! I’ve heard great things about Dovewear but have trouble finding things that fit me so am often hesitant to try out new lines. If you haven’t tried Duluth’s cotton underwear it’s a must for hot sweaty garden work.

  1048. Teresa G. on

    Carhart and boggs for their flexibility and wear! Gardening, yard work and puttering in the yard is much more fun when all your gear is comfortable! Thank you for all the great insight and tips- will have to try some of YOUR favorites!

  1049. Josie on

    I love Duluth for the same reasons Jill does and desperately need more and more rain gear! Loved this article thank you so much! I also have a pair of Womens Ankle Muck boots that I have loved!

  1050. Sallie Turner on

    My go to boots are xtra tuf! So easy to slip on and off and great in all weather.

  1051. Danielle D on

    You named it for me duluth it is!! I am obsessed!

  1052. Natalie on

    I stumbled upon some vintage Walls insulated coveralls that have changed my gardening game! It’s often rainy and cold here, so to throw these on over anything keeps the dirt off whatever I have on and me nice and toasty!

    Also a big fan of Carhartt overalls and double front work pants.

  1053. Joann on

    I love my LLBean Barn Coat! I’ve had it for maybe 20yrs and it has held up great. I have to empty the pockets each time I wear it because I use all the pockets to hold tools. Before there was the shacket, barn coats were all the rage.

  1054. Tacy Call on

    I’ve been ordering from Duluth Trading workwear for years. I’m also a Minnesotan who feels nostalgic that it was founded in the midwest. They have flex denim coveralls that I call my cowboy tuxedo and wear to the “fancy” farm engagements. I love them, super shape flattering. I’d love to try some new brands!

  1055. Katie Crowe on

    I love my bog’s footwear for all of my outside chores and gardening tasks. They are great for kids as well. Thank you for the honest reviews on this topic. I’ve been needing to update my garden wardrobe so this helps a lot!

  1056. Brett Santo on

    So timing is perfect…Myself and a few Horticulture students are standing in a Greenhouse class and just found out we all are fans of Floret flowers. We move onto garden wear and how Erin always looks just right. We live in the south so heat/ pest are an issue. I boasted that I started wearing these amazing Arm protectors with cute flower patterns that have saved my arms. ( Farmers Defense) Then I was told to read your new review on the best work clothes. They were right great information and love your tool belt.

  1057. Jane on

    I love my Bogs. My sister-in-law gave them to me as a Seattle essential when I moved here eight years ago. I’ve been wearing the same pair ever since. So necessary for gardening here in the PNW.

  1058. Amy Beth Nolte on

    I love my Dovetail pants and Danner hiking boots are my go to on the farm.

  1059. Alice Golubiewski on

    I’ve got an old pair of Carharrt overalls but I don’t love them. I would like to try a pair of Dovetail overalls soon. Thank you for the extensive review!

  1060. Alyssa on

    I actually pull weeds, mow and do general garden work in my Trenton boots. Not overly flexible, but very comfortable

  1061. Lisa Call on

    Bogs and Duluth overalls…but my girls love carhart pants for hard-core hiking.

  1062. Jo Covey on

    I love this article, information all of us gardeners need to know Love my Carhartt jacket, looking for a good rain jacket that isn’t sweaty.

  1063. Chelsie Solie on

    I’m in Wyoming and Carhartt is my go to year round. The clothing is comfortable and extremely durable. I’m definitely going to have to give the others a try!

  1064. april wilson on

    Erin..this article confirms you can write about any topic and I still find your wording and thought beautiful! I am a resident in Island not far from you and in this environment, warm and water resilient clothing is a must. Oh and boots..lots of different boots depending on how muddy the mud is :). I love the mid calf Bogs for easy slip on and off, which help keep the mud out of my if everyone else would just slip off their boots. (husband!) Being comfortable in outdoor clothing is a must, as we don’t get to choose to only go out on the warm sunny days. Many days are filled with less than ideal weather..but the show must go on! Plus what great exercise it is to move outside, and I need the outdoors for my mental health. My favorite piece of gear which I’ve had for over ten years, is a fluorescent yellow fleece cap/hat from Grundens. It is hideous looking…doesn’t matter as I do not go outside without it! Totally designed for fishing in harsh elements, however it is perfect for my time outside. Blocks out all wind, and for me it blocks out unnecessary “noise” around me. Guess it provides just as much mental security as it does warmth! Thank you for the ever giving inspiration to all at Floret.

  1065. Kim on

    I love wearing my xtra tuf boots and my dickies overalls while working the land :)

  1066. Emma Jo Karls on

    Thank you for sharing all of your ladies favorites! I recently bought a Dovetail zip up sweatshirt and the quality is really good! I wear cathartt overalls and jacket in the winter when we cut wood and during fall planting when it gets cold! Wisconsin seasons are very unpredictable:) yesterday we were hit with 22” of snow!

  1067. Hannah Bernhardt on

    I scour the internet for used pairs of Bogs’ Harper ankle boots since they are discontinued. They’re harder to find now but I still get lucky every now and again! Perfect for summer farming when it’s too hot to wear tall rubber boots.

  1068. Annett Heide on

    I recently purchased Deluth’ss Rootstock Bib overall and love them. Not having to adjust my clothing all day has been great. I’m still in the market for a lighter weight option. I would also love to have a few pairs for my three grand daughters. I grew up being afraid to get dirty, it wasn’t even a conscience thought but I avoided getting dirty at all costs. I think having the right work clothes for women and girls would help us get in there and get the job done!

  1069. Jessie on

    I’ve never owned work wear before, I’ve worked in retail my entire life before becoming a stay at home mom and, I swear this feels soooo coincidental, but lately I’ve been looking for heavier duty working in the garden clothing as I am going to start my first cut garden this year. Even if I don’t win, I’m still so happy to have stumbled on this so I can go and give some of these brands a try and see what works best for me. Thank you for the post!

  1070. Judy M on

    I have a a pair of black Slogger boots that have served me well for absolutely years. Unfortunately, the patterned pair I ordered last year are different… It does seem that if you find a product you really love, the company goes and changes it… So Sad..
    I do have a gardening overshirt/jacket from the gardening line at Duluth Traders that is terrific with deep pockets for your phone, Kleenix, and my beloved fruit pruners. It is very light wight so great over a tshirt even in summer!

  1071. Amanda on

    I loved this article. Work clothing is a tool! A really important tool. Nothing silly about it, and even if there were, silliness is what makes the serious stuff matter.

  1072. Kayla Malsom on

    I absolutely love my BOGS. They by far are the best footwear I have and wear them daily on the farm. A must have in my opinion!

  1073. Mikki Lindsey on

    I love my Grundens overalls! I wish I didn’t need them so much here in the PNW but it is what it is! Ha! But what really shocked me were the Dubarry Country boots that I got for Christmas. I was surprised that they were so expensive, but since I have been using them, I see they are worth every penny. Fully waterproof, light in the foot bed, warm, and not clunky feeling. The best part is that no water or dirt can seep inside my legs! I have heard from others, that they own the same pair for twenty years! If they were good enough for Queen Elizabeth, they are good enough for me! Classy and hardworking boots!

  1074. Randi Tannenbaum on

    I love my Hunter tall rain boots for all of my muddy yard and garden work. They have a very sturdy sole and foot bed but the shank of the boot is nice and flexible and will fold over to save space when not in use. Hose down great and have lasted for years.

  1075. Chelsey Anderson on

    I love my Duluth trading leggings with built in knee pads … makes days of being on my knees so much better … and I’m not constantly looking for my kneeling pad.

  1076. Elizabeth Kamrar on

    I bought the Dovetail Freshly Overalls in Wabash Stripe last year and LOVE them. At 5’1” it’s hard to find pants that don’t have to be hemmed and these are perfect. They are so comfortable and have just enough stretch in the fabric not to bind when going from standing to squatting and the elastic shoulder strap is great. I’m now excited to try some of the others you have reviewed. My go to garden shoes are sloggers since they are so easy to slip on & off.

  1077. Barb Hall on

    I have the Duluth heritage overalls with the knee pads and really like them.

  1078. Antonia Kersh on

    I love my duluth overalls! But I am so excited to get a floret belt here one of these days!

  1079. Maureen Parish on

    Love this article and all the recommendations! Do you have recommendations for tshirts or tank tops for warmer weather? Thank you!

  1080. Ann Haines on

    Since November I have been testing Digger gloves from Womanswork. I go through the fingertips of the latex gardening gloves in a matter of weeks.

    While the Diggers have a looser fit that took me a while to get used to, I am very pleased that the tips are showing no signs of wear! And the looser fit allowed me to slip a thin pair of fleece gloves under them for cold days. I have even run a pair through the washer. So far I give them 10 fingers up!

  1081. India A on

    My Dovetail Maven Slim in Indigo are my hands down favorite work pants. I can spend hours getting dirty in the garden, wrangling my two rascals, or building things around the house and no matter what, I know I’m covered. These pants are hard working, comfortable, and always earn me a compliment when I’m out and about.