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February 21st 2011

Weekend Warriors

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Oh glorious sun! We were blessed with an entire weekend of clear skies and warm rays. Funny how a little light can change everything.
Projects that have looked dreadful and daunting for months suddenly became manageable and kind of fun.


In between our normal chores we packed in a ton of gnarly incompletions that have been nagging to be dealt with for way too long.

I feel like an enormous weight has been lifted now that we’ve broken the spell and started conquering so many ghosts.


We finally brewed up a monster batch of compost tea and dosed all of the spring greenhouse crops. They are so happy for the added fertility!

It’s amazing how fast everything is coming to life!


While there was certainly a lot of hustle and bustle, there were also many moments of magic.



With the addition of fish emulsion and kelp, pheew, it is a wicked stinky job to spray the compost tea! But Jasper loves spraying so much he willingly hangs out with me until I’ve emptied the sprayers contents enough for him to not tip over while wearing it.


The seedling greenhouse has been transformed from a total disaster (pictured above!) to a bright, tidy space (pictured below) begging to be filled with babies.


We also packed the hoop with thousands of Lilies in crates. Hopefully they’ll be blooming on schedule for Mother’s Day! Elora was a great help and watered every batch thoroughly.
Oh there is so much more to tackle but we’ve started and that’s always the hardest part!


  1. Jackie on

    I love that your kids are so involved in your work, is really a family affair, what a blessing !!!

  2. bohemianbramble on

    So lovely! This reminds me of the excitement I feel each year with the promise & magic of spring!

  3. Floret Flowers on

    Ha! Don't I wish it was all arm loads of beauty!
    But the busting ass can be very rewarding. Especially when you know that it will give you more flowers in the long run !:)

  4. flwrjane on

    I've got to say, that is one hell of a lot of work you've got going there.

    Somewhat daunting. It's not all pretty armloads of flowers is it?

    On a much smaller scale, I know the fantastic feeling of spring cleaning. And for me the yearly delusion that this year I'll get ahead of mother nature. Ha!

    xo Jane


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