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February 18th 2011

Snippets Of Inspiration

Written by
Photo by Michelle M. Waite


One of the most inspiring ideas I’ve seen in a long time, absolutely lovely!

Miss Chelsea is so darn talented, check out these freaking cute bouquets she posted yesterday!! I am trying to lure her north this summer with promises of flowers, I hope it works :)

I’m a little obsessed with this lovely lady. Another stunning performance which has been on repeat for two days.The kids have finally begun to protest! 

How have I not known about her before now?? What a hoot!

I would kill  to have this woman as my grandma.So damn inspiring!

If I could trade lives with one person, it would most certainly be her.

 **What inspired you this week?**


  1. Chelsea on

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Thanks so much for the link.No luring necessary! Can't wait to visit!:)

  2. Clare on

    Hey Erin. Loving your blog as always. I wanted to share my inspiration of the week – European floral designer / artist Daniel Ost. I just wrote a post on him today (that's right, I've started my blog!): http://www.claredayflowers.ca/. More soon. Clare

  3. McKenzie Powell Designs on

    Have a wonderful weekend. I hope you're getting the sun we're getting in Seattle. It's gorgeous! Yay!

  4. flwrjane on

    Now it's my turn to thank you! I have had many visits today from your readers.

    I'm so glad we've met.

    xo jane

  5. Catherine on

    "Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead"
    So true !
    Another interesting post from you.
    Have a nice weekend. Great to see your flowers every week


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