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March 11th 2012

twelve years

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Today is our twelve-year anniversary and a huge milestone in so many ways.

We got out old pictures last night and had the kids in hysterics looking at how silly and awkward we were on our big day. Chris and I were just babies, going through the motions of being adults but our youth and insecurity certainly showed.

I turned twenty just a month before this photo was taken and Elora arrived just two short months after. We went from being punk kids in baggy clothes to a family overnight. I’m amazed we made it through really, with so much against us. But miraculously here we are on the other side, living such an amazing and unusual life. So much richer and more wonderful than I could have ever imagined.

When I sit with new brides, planning out the details of their big day, I often want to lean across the table and whisper “Honey, forget all of this stuff, or at least don’t waste your time stressing about it. You won’t remember any of it anyway. If you can, just try and have fun, connect with your sweetie, and soak in all of the love around you. It’s that love that will stay with you, not all of the fleeting details you are suffering over right now.”


  1. Sarah on

    I like imagining you as a punk kid.

  2. Botanique on

    Congratulations! It seems that you have created a truly special life together, and I wish you many more years of magic and love! It is inspiring to see the life you have created through all the photos, stories and words on your blog. And, as a "bride-to-be," I couldn't be more thankful for your words of wisdom- not to sweat all the details, because in the end, it is really just a celebration of love and that love is what will endure through time.

  3. Alice and Stuart on

    Love this post! Love the picture, the story and how you two are such a good team. Happy anniversary, may the good years keep on coming!

  4. Miss Pickering on

    Happy Anniversary to you both.

    I am showing this post to all of my brides

    "have fun…..and soak in all of the love around you"

    Lessons for us all

  5. McKenzie Powell on

    What a great photo. Love it. :) Happy anniversary to you!

  6. Paula on

    I've been married for 22 years and just discovered The Five Love Languages and am a firm believer. The gist is that we need to find out what our spuses love language is and speak that to them. I only wish I would have understood what my husbands love language was sooner and that he understood and "talked" mine. Google "five love languages challenge" you and your spouse need to do it and then maybe you may not need that counselor. there is a book on this too, but it is fun to be able to understand how my husband likes to be loved….I can do that.

  7. Julie on

    Happy, happy anniversary! What a sweet photo…We're coming up on our "lucky 13" anniversary, and it's just crazy thinking about all that's happened in those years. Hope you had a lovely day together celebrating! Cheers!

  8. K. Barber-Flower Farmer on

    Did you do your own wedding flowers? Your in business together and your still married? That says a lot. Have a happy day.

  9. Wasabi Honey Bee on

    Congratulations!! I was the opposite, I had my son and then got married two months after . . . We hurried things because we wanted our friends to be there and they all seemed like they would soon be moving out of town. But I was also the same, I was eighteen and living in my boyfriend's mom's garden shed , four months pregnant . . . It was crazy, but totally not at the same time . . . Anyway, best wishes : )

    ~ Marica

  10. Bow Street Flowers on

    Happy Anniversary, Erin. How tender you both are… Like sea anemones. What a beautiful life you 've created. Kudos!

  11. flwrjane on

    Your marriage seems as lovely as your farm and trust me i know it's just as much work.

    But so rewarding.

    Thanks for sharing this with us your friends in the clouds.

    Happy Anniversary.

    xo Jane

  12. webb on

    Happy anniversary. It's so nice to look back and see how successful your marriage is, and how much more you love each other after a "few" years! Hope the next 20 are every bit as good.

  13. TiaLes on

    Wow…I remember that day…seems ages ago! You have come a long way, and it's so awesome to see what a beautiful life you've created for yourselves (including two great kids)!! Hugs!! :-)

  14. botanical brouhaha on

    Just to clarify…even if details don't matter, I would still want Floret flowers if I were getting married!

  15. botanical brouhaha on

    Happy Anniversary!! I LOVE this post. I always found it ironic that I was selling flowers to brides for their wedding days and feeling the exact feelings you described…the details of the wedding don't really matter, the marriage does! I was 20 when I got married, too. It's an amazing journey. Thanks for sharing…hope it's a great day for your family :)

  16. Bare Mtn Farm on

    We are coming up on 29 years this August and I couldn't agree more about what you will remember about the day. Our wedding day was hot as blazes, I shook from nerves most of the time, we had no dinner but the cake and were friendly and gracious to people we didn't even know. The best part was the next day when we returned to my parents' house to pack and found they were hosting a late brunch for family and friends. The food was great, it was relaxed and fun and we were surround my the people we loved the most. That is what we remember most fondly. Then the real party begins….life together….Many more wonderful years for you, Chris and your family!

  17. Belinda @ Wild Acre on

    Congrats! I was just 20 too when we got hitched! Honestly I look like a kid still in the photos – no makeup at all!

    I like that we got to grow up together, we are coming up 23 years this summer. I guess you and I both lucked out with our fellas!


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