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March 13th 2012

quick update

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Life is finally returning to the garden. Everywhere I look, things are pushing through the soil, leafing out and stretching to meet the sun.


 The anemone’s are starting to flower their heads off. Such pretty, cheerful little spring jewels.

 Most mornings are still frosty and every surface looks coated in diamonds.

 The chickens are giving it all they’ve got. Yesterday I collected 2.5 dozen eggs from the coop!

 We moved their run over the weekend to a spot with fresh grass. This new salad bar has kept them quite busy and content.

The two new greenhouses are finally finished. A few freezing nights with headlamps after Chris got home from work did the trick. We are both so happy to be done with construction projects until fall!

 I’ve been a seed sowing fool and the heated greenhouse is already packed to the brim with babies.


 Everywhere I turn,  life is emerging. While beyond exciting, sometimes I notice I’m holding my breath in anticipation of the flower madness, just around the corner.


 The Narcissus are nearing their debut. One of my favorite early spring treats, our collection is filled with highly fragrant and fully double beauties. Just a week or two more and they’ll be here!

Mr. Steven is finally free! He will likely always have a limp but thank goodness he’s still with us!

I’m taking everyones advice and keeping him an indoor kitty from here on out. With 5 cats, 3 being indoor creatures, mornings around the food bowl can be quite overwhelming!



We have a new driver in the house. Elora will be our official tiller this season :)


  1. Heather on

    Wish I had Elvira as well and her classy ride!

  2. Sarah on

    I enjoy these farm updates immensely.

  3. McKenzie Powell on

    Yes! I cannot wait till flower madness!! And wow… Your chickens look really happy. :)

  4. amy thornburg on

    That's the cleanest looking chicken coop I've ever seen!

  5. Laura on

    Loved it all.. so excited for you.. spring is always such a celebration!!! thanks for the pictures….

  6. HPotter on

    I so much enjoy the updates from your interesting life! Love to see all those new shoots coming up, and can't wait to see all those beautiful spring and summer flowers. Glad to see your kitty is back in action!

  7. webb on

    Do you rent out Elora? I could sure use some help with a bed I need to dig out! I'm so jealous!


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