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October 26th 2012

this sure hits home today

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Wrestling around quite a bit these past days. Wanting to look everywhere but inside myself for the answers. Classic distraction tactics are in full swing over here ; ) The process is not very comfortable or fun but deep down, really, really good stuff is in the works. Crazy how many of the bullshit limitations we experience are self imposed.
Heard this quote today and it pretty much sums everything up.

Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they’re yours.
                                                                         Richard Bach

A favorite “romantic foodie” bridal bouquet from this month. All ingredients were locally sourced. 
Includes: garden roses, zinnias, nasturtiums, seven sons flower, hydrangea, cosmos, celosia, sweet pea vines, gomphrena, scabiosa, atriplex, peppers, tomatoes, crabapples, fava beans, blackberries, dill, oregano flowers, savory and cilantro flowers.


  1. Junaluska on

    Wow, what a beautiful arrangement! It's like an explosion of autumn.

  2. addam white on

    Wooo…It's really outstanding blog we have to watch, all the flower picture was amazing and we really impressed for your work… we can say that your blog was perfect and natural…Keep shearing you have done really good work…


  3. Kate Holt on

    hi friend! I love reading your blog. It truly makes me feel like I have a kindred flower sister out there;) hope you and your family are well. Everything on here is just mind blowing, gorgeous.

  4. Sabine on

    So true! Such beautiful flowers.

  5. Rondi on

    Awesome quote! Our greatest enemies are ourselves.

  6. Maureen on

    This sure hits home for me today, too. The view is quite limited when I focus on my limitations. I do want a wider view. Thank you for opening the windows today! Followed your blog – love your flowers and bouquets and the joy you express.

  7. flwrjane on

    Oh God I've been doing that all day.

    And I just won the battle.


    xo Jane

  8. Botanique on

    That bouquet is insanely beautiful. And that quote is 100% true. And I am sure that when you cut through all that stuff (which I am sure you will) there is a whole bunch of awesome waiting for you :)

    Crazy how these things cycle through, over and over….


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