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October 13th 2012

winding down

Written by

The frost came. Earliest one we’ve had since I began growing flowers. While the slower pace is definitely welcome, truthfully I’m feeling quite lost right now. My internal clock was set for a late October finish, so the abrupt halt has left me walking in circles.

I really can’t believe it’s all over. No more early mornings and super late nights. No more rushing to get orders out the door or the stress of always being behind. It’s crazy; we can finally have a life again.

Attention has now turned from harvesting, creating and delivering to tidying up and closing things down for the fall. Dahlia tubers are already dug and in the basement. Winter squash was picked, the cover crop has been sown and we are busily cleaning out the greenhouses for a whole new wave of babies that will be planted there shortly. I have a thousand and one emails to respond to, seeds to order, calls to return and some fun new articles to write. So I guess the action will continue but the pace is much saner now.

Fall is always a bittersweet time. Saying goodbye to the flowers is tough, but now I get to turn my attention to other things, new things, and that is pretty darn exciting!

*these beautiful photos were taken by Michele M. Waite last month in our garden.


  1. ganesh on

    Wonderful blog & good post.Its really helpful for me, awaiting for more new post. Keep Blogging!

    Florists India

  2. Maria Glazacheva on

    WOW quelles Jolie fleures vous avait !! :0)
    Bonne semaine!!
    xxx Maria xxx

  3. ashish on

    Really amazing pics. Fresh flowers are always so exciting to look at. You have done a great job by growing this fresh flowers.i am also a very curious gardenist from india. Although i do it on commercial basis and offer all india floral delivery for my Produce. But still growing fresh flowers was my passion which i converted to my profession.

  4. Jessica on

    Sigh. I'm lost in your lovely images.

    Enjoy the slower time. That is time earned!

  5. cara on

    What beautiful photos, I especially love the one with the chickens and the one with the wellies and flowers.

    Enjoy these slower days, you've earned them.

  6. A Garden of Threads on

    I just took all my beautiful annuals out of the garden today, they were hit with a heavy frost on Saturday:( Time to spend some time indoors

  7. gardeninacity on

    I enjoyed the photographs of your family together.

  8. Lisa P from The Hollyhock Wall on

    If any one deserves some RnR (That is Rest And Recuperation)you guy's certainly do. I enjoy seeing your children's faces light up when you are together. Have a great time together. Winter is my favourite down time!

  9. megan on

    Good luck with the wind down! I know I always have a hard time relaxing after my busy season and my pace is nowhere near yours. Oh, and that bouquet is insane :)

  10. Kay on

    we had a first really hard frost here this morning too….it must be hard winding down from your hectic summer…but your plans sound exciting…new plants and planning next year must be a buzz…we have our own plans afoot..a few more steps and our year 2013 will hopefully be as busy as yours was…you are our inspiration and i wish you were just down the road instead of over the ocean so we could have a chat!!..x

  11. Chelsea on

    Such beautiful photographs!! I hope you get a little down time! I can only imagine how hectic things must get!


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