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May 15th 2014

The Seasonal Flower Alliance {May 15}

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Bouquet includes: snowball viburnum, icelandic poppies, bleeding hearts, tulip 'charming beauty', sweet peas, ranunculus, thalictrum, lilacs, privet and wild rose foliage.

Bouquet includes: snowball viburnum, icelandic poppies, bleeding hearts, tulip ‘charming beauty’, sweet peas, ranunculus, thalictrum, lilacs, privet and wild rose foliage.

This weeks bouquet was such a delight to make. I’ve been hoarding a bucket of incredible peony tulips in the back of the cooler for three weeks now because they were just too pretty to toss and this was the perfect opportunity to use them up.


In the spirit of local flower love, all of the ingredients for this arrangement were harvested from our gardens. This time of year as the early spring treasures fade and we head deeper into field flowers, there are these little windows of time where you get the best of all worlds. Like this weeks bounty.


I’ve absolutely LOVED seeing what’s being harvested and created around the world through this little project.

To join in the fun, make up a bouquet using local flowers, snap a photo, post it somewhere on the internet and then leave a link to it here. Easy as can be.


Thank you so much for taking the time to share the beauty from your world and I can’t wait to see what you make this week!

Leave a link to your bouquet in the comments section below and if you’re on Instagram, you can use/search the hashtag #seasonalfloweralliance for even more flowery goodness.


  1. cori on

    Beautiful bouquet. I do not have an arrangement, no flowers.

  2. Nicole on

    This week I’m enjoying beautiful peony’s fresh from a flowerfarmer joined by some gardengoodies like poppy, my very last tulips, bernagie, nepeta, cows parsle and fern.

  3. Lisa on

    So late… The day got the best of me yesterday. The first of the peonies opened yesterday so I threw something together with those. Here it is

  4. Andi on

    So beautiful~I love the colors!

    My bouquet this week has garden roses, viburnum, azalea, boxwood, dogwood, clematis, and honeysuckle.

    Thank you Erin for doing this~I am a newbie but I am still having such fun and am so inspired by all the other lovely arrangements each week!

  5. Gretchen on

    Here is a riot of pretty goodness that ought to smell lovely (wild honeysuckle) and doesn’t (chives)! It’s all from my yard and down the lane – it doesn’t get more local than that. ;-)

  6. Sophie on

    Gorgeous bouquet Erin!

    My bouquet is of seasonal british flowers but from our local florist – I’m hoping my really local garden flowers will kick in over the next couple of weeks.

    Foxgloves, coral peonies, tulips and some unusual cream stocks


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