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May 16th 2014

Dahlia Winners

Written by


The 12 lucky WINNERS are:

Barbara: I’m throwing my dahlias in the ring to win! Thanks Erin for all the kindness you show.

Leslie Anderson: I most look forward to the burst of color and pattern that is spring!

Shelly: I just can not WAIT to see what I as a wedding florist get to work with this wedding season. New combinations, new varieties etc.-it’s what keeps me loving what I do!

Libby: Every day on the way to work i would pass a farm, and late in the summer they would have a giant field filled with dahlia. It was my favorite time of the year when I could go out there in my heels and work clothes and pick arms full of these beautiful flowers. Now that I own a house, I am able to actually have a garden, and I want to fill it with Dahlias of my own to pick!!

Jennifer Haf: Totally psyched to rock my #farmerflorist self this season! Would LOVE to include some floret tubers in the mix!!! xoxo

Leslie Emanuels: I am looking forward to my 7 year old, Jack, picking cucumbers for all his friends. Last year he convinced qutie a few non vegatable eaters that cucumbers are the best thing ever. I will think they are playing outside only to find them in the kitchen making some cute goofy dish.
My other son, who is 9, loves dahlias. He wanted 2 parts of our fenced in garden for them. I wish I could send you his garden plan. So fun to watch their excitement when something they have planted blooms.

Hedgerow Rose: Goodness I know it’s a long shot but I’d love to throw my hat in the ring since we’re trying our hand at growing more Dahlias this summer.
What am I looking forward to the most? ROSES! Always roses

Grace G: I am looking forward into the future when bloomed flowers are grown at its best so I could buy them for no reason and decorate my room with all types of beautiful and amazingly fragranced flowers.

Lily Stockman: Erin, this is BEYOND generous! Crossing my fingers for good luck- I’m looking forward to sending these to my mom to plant in her incredible Revolution-era farmhouse garden in NJ. The pompom dahlias are KIlLING me!!! Xoxo L

Kristen M: Finally have a tiny tiny raised bed outside of my apartment in the city! Very much looking forward to growing a few zinnias, sunflowers, and hopefully – a dahlia or two?! Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity!

Doug: Looking forward to my first season without a day job on the side! And more dahlias!

Emily: Can’t wait to plant flowers in my dad’s garden. He grew up in Brooklyn but always dreamed of moving to the country and he finally has the space. Every year I help him choose and plant his veggies and last year we added flowers for he first time. Thanks for the opportunity!

**Thank you to everyone who entered. This was just so much fun!


  1. Yeng on

    Congrats to all the winners! Thanks for sharing Erin!

  2. Leslie Emanuels on

    Happy dance at our house! I would be more than happy to pay shipping since I am in Kansas.

  3. Ronda Snyder on

    Thank you for the opportunity to win..I’m in a flower saving tussle with the local urban deer burgeoning population, and hoping dahlias will be the floral summer saver in our neighborhood gardens! Best wishes..Ronda


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