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August 11th 2011

The Bachelor

Written by


As the birds have come into their prime we have ended up with a hearty collection of roosters.
The girls are on the verge of laying, any day I suspect! The boys (all 4 of them) have been practicing their crows in earnest all day, every day.
Nothing is as pathetic or hilarious as a young roo finding his voice. It will make you laugh out loud!
Once these guys are are fully mature they will begin to fight with great conviction, tearing into each others combs, causing bloodiness and often a huge raucous.
In our experience once they then start to fight they also begin bullying anything in sight. This includes the hens and us! Yipe! I hate having mean roosters patrolling the property.
So before things get ugly, we need to send 3 of these beautiful boys away.
We thought it would be fun to have you vote on which lucky boy gets to stay !

Bachelor #1 is a Golden Sexlink (we think) named Chili. He is generally quite mild in temper, so far, but on the whole is a pretty boring guy. No really spark or spunk. He’s pretty to look at but that’s about it.

Bachelor #2 is a bantam Birchen Cochin named L.V.
First the initials  stood for Lord Voldemort but later after proving to have a mild temper was dubbed Lance Victor.

L.V has recently become quite aggressive with the hens, pecking a few to the point of bloodiness. Not an appealing trait!


Bachelor #3 is our favorite. Basil, a Delaware, is a massive beast who so far seems to be a gentle giant. He love food, taking dust baths and eating clover and dandelion greens in the lawn.He has huge feet, a sparkly personality and is quite social!


Last but not least is bachelor #4,Fennel, a beautiful specimen of Polish descent. While he is a real conversation piece he is also very anti social and never hangs with the flock or returns to the coop at night.

The three cast off will be re-homed over the weekend so cast your votes by Saturday morning at the latest to help decide their fate.


  1. julie on

    how gorgeous – although Fennel has the most amazing hairstyle i have ever seen, Basil sounds like the right kind of bird to appreciate such beautiful hens – he gets my vote too!. xxx

  2. i'm erin in on

    it sounds like you've made your decision. but i'm drawn to chili overall. good luck!

  3. edi gardner on

    Fennel would make me laugh every time.
    He is so Chaka Khan

  4. Wildstyle Designs on

    I have to agree with the unanimous voting here: Basil. Fennel does get kudos for his spunky look, but looks don't mean everything, right?

  5. Muddy Boot Dreams on

    It's certainly looking like Basil is in the front.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  6. webb on

    I fear that you have tainted the voting by careful descriptions, but I definitely vote for Basil – but I gotta love Fennel's hair! Too cool, that one!

  7. botanical brouhaha on

    Basil gets my vote…although Fennel nearly won me over with his punky hairdo!

  8. Belinda @ Wild Acre on

    Bas is the man!

    Second for me is Chili who is really very pretty despite a variety name sounds like a particularly dodgy internet site! Dante gives me the spooks! xx

  9. Caite on

    Basil all the way :)

  10. Bow Street Flowers on

    Think Basil's in. He's a very handsome guy and sociability counts – probably even with the hens! Who wants to go out with Crabby Pants?

  11. Shannon on

    While I think Fennel has quite a sassy hair-do, that can only get him so far. Basil is good to look at and sounds like an all around swell guy, er, rooster. Basil has my vote.


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