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August 8th 2011

a family affair

Written by
I’ve gotta say, I absolutely love my family!

These guys are so freaking supportive, hard working and flexible when it come to keeping the little flower business churning.

With the kiddos being old enough to help now things are getting more and more efficient and fun.

Jasper is the sticker master, labeling hundreds and hundreds of sleeves every week. This simple task saves me so much time and makes bouquet making and bunching a million times smoother.

Sometimes if we’re not on too much of a time crunch the kids like to get in on the bouquet making action. Their final creations are so darling I can hardly stand it!!

 Jasp is determined to get the hang of it so he can help me get done faster .

 I cannot imagine what it would be like to do this whole wild adventure without them : )


  1. Dollface Creatures on

    So cute! Also I can only imagine how beautifully it smells in there with all those flowers. Heaven.

  2. Lotte and Bloom on

    i can't wait until mine get old enough to help out too. wonderful photos as always xx

  3. Yiota on

    Hi, Erin! I discovered your blog a few days ago and I'm enchanted! I love flowers! I wish I could be right there with you and your family, learn the ropes with the kids…
    Thanks for all the beautiful words and pictures!
    Yes, I can tell you really love your family very much!

  4. Emily on

    This is wonderful. That is exactly how I learned, and I hope my daughter will learn the same way!

  5. julie on

    Too cute – what troopers & i just love jasper's bouquet!! (You & your hubby r also such amazing role models for them)…xxx

  6. Great flower lady on

    I to have great kids that help me when it comes to flowers prep. I can get so much more done when they clean buckets, etc. Your farm is amazing.. what a great adventure.


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