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September 23rd 2011

on the home stretch

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With one of the wettest springs on record coupled with a summer that almost didn’t arrive, the latest stretch of sun and warmth has been a treat.But the weather is beginning to shift again. Yesterday dark clouds swept across the valley and our garden got a much needed drink.The little storm left the first scattering of leaves and added new colors to the landscape overnight.
Fat mama spiders are now spinning their fall webs and I am finding myself ducking and dodging all of the time to avoid disturbing their homes. Heavy dew coats the flowers and grass and we must wear rain boots for early morning harvesting. The home stretch is now on the horizon.
This season has felt like a marathon. One we trained for but halfway in realized how out of shape we all really were.So many unknowns, unexpected surprises,fatigue,abundance, joy, so much beauty and utter exhaustion. But as a whole it has been a glorious ride!
This week as the flowers have slowed their growth just a bit, new space has opened up.Filling orders seems strangley easy now with time left in the evenings for family dinner, staring out the window,reading a few pages of a book, doing laundry, a quick trip to the library. It’s funny how such simple things that I always took for granted are like gold these days.


  1. McKenzie Powell Designs on

    So glad you're starting to get a bit of a break. Also, I saw one very happy Whole Foods customer ooing and ahhing over her newly purchased cafe au lait dahlias… So fun to see your adorable picture in the store!

  2. Belinda @ Wild Acre on

    Welcome back to a little bit of normality! Adorable pic of your girls and her chooks! xx

  3. julie on

    such a beautiful post – love your descriptions of the change of seasons…i am so glad u r finding some time now to stop & rejuvenate's often the simple things that can mean sooo much…i also just read your last post – your farm is so beautiful, it must be lovely now when u wake in the morning, to see what new bloom has sprung to life! xxx

  4. Vit och pastell on

    Hi, I am a blogger from Sweden and I just recently found your blog. I love reading about your work with the flowers on the farm. Your words about the shiftings in the wether and seasons makes me feel as if I were there to feel it myself. The pictures you take are breathtakingly beautiful.

    I really admire the hard work you put in the flower farm.


  5. Julie on

    I love the photo with the chickens–it looks like my daughter, the "chicken mama." Her girls follow her everywhere!

    I'm absolutely enamored with your flower farm/blog. I just read the loveliest book, The Language of Flowers, which has me craving a flower farm…but I've always, actually, had that craving. Now that the season is slowing a bit, you might have some time to read! Highly recommend the book, and I loved the author's addendum–a dictionary with the meaning for each flower.

    Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos!



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