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September 26th 2011



  1. Tidal Bottega on

    You are my fix when I am away with my laptop from my studio at home… When I click on your blog I sit anticipating what beautiful thing you have for us… I love your designs, stamina, creativity and positive attitude to life. you guys works so hard it is so inspiring to see the fruit(flowers) of your hard earn labor

  2. Julie on

    Just lovely! Thanks for sharing these inspiring, beautiful photos on this gray SC day…Wishing you much continued success!

  3. Alice and Stuart on

    Beautiful!! So glad to hear you're getting some breathing room on the farm. your dahlias are so gorgeous. thanks for your sweet words as well, and glad to hear Elora made it through that rough spell so early on!

  4. Sweetgum Thursday on

    Supersweet. Enjoy following your journey here and wishing you much success in your endeavours.

  5. Foundation Design on

    very very sweet indeed. your blog is so beautiful and full of inspiration!


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