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September 22nd 2011

such a pretty week


  1. Shanti on

    My Dahlias are going crazy now too – later than I thought they would be, but still wonderful. My favorite so far is called 'Ginger Snap' wish I could post a photo here.

  2. Gretel and Steve Adams on

    What variety is that pinkish creme dahlia you have there? I have seen them in the wedding magazines and love the neutral color.

  3. jwblooms on

    Beautiful dahlias! Interested to see them growing so upright without any apparent staking. Do you use anything to support them? Or maybe you don't get the winds we do! Jan

  4. Bow Street Flowers on

    Erin. did you post that Cafe au Lait just to torture me? We just can't get them here in NE. Beautiful indeed!

  5. Annelie on

    Doesn't get much prettier than that.
    Is the little goat sticking out his pink little tongue at the camera woman?



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