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July 12th 2014

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  1. Angela Dublino on

    Can I ask what the item on the bottom of the photo is? It is to the right of the Explosion Grass!

    Thank you,
    Angela :)

    • Renata Kogut on

      They look to be maple seed pods. Pretty.

  2. Leslie Oscar on

    Wow! Eggplant colored Queen Anne’s Lace? Is that what this is?
    Never seen that before.
    I started in the Flower shop business working with a
    Japanese man called Nobu in CT in 1981. Spent some years hopping
    from one flower shop to another and then opened my own in 1993.
    Wish I was younger and had some money to buy some land and
    grow flowers. I absolutely adore the varieties you choose. It’s so
    hard to find that “open” snap dragon we used to call “Butterfly”.
    Your color choices are exquisite too.
    So glad to see young people turning away from the crowded dome-
    shaped style that’s gone on for much too long. I’m sure you’ve been
    inspired by Ariella Chezar. I hope she’s buying your flowers. She’s
    also growing her own now and has opened a shop in NYC.
    Much love to you and your beautiful family.


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