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July 15th 2014

Scholarship Winner Announced

Written by

Becca and the Blooms

I’m so excited to announce the winner of our Seasonal Floral Intensive scholarship, Becca Blue!

Becca owns Becca Blue Flowers, a small floral design company based in Chicago that specializes in natural and lush arrangements. Please join me in congratulating her in the comments section below!

I want to thank everyone who took the time to send in a heartfelt application. Reading about your dreams and your struggles, how you’ve been on the edge of burnout or experienced great loss and started over – it was all so truly inspiring. One thing we all share is our love of flowers and nature, it’s the tie that binds. Thanks for putting it all out there and taking a risk. I am honored you shared your stories with me.

Now I am even more aware of what is needed in your worlds and am scheming on ways to help. Just know that each and every application was read and heard. And there will be many more opportunities ahead. You guys are amazing!

Thanks for being on this journey with me.


  1. Mercedes Ivener on

    Congrats Becca!

    How exciting. I love the flowers you are holding in this photo. I’m a Midwesterner too (from Iowa) and will be coming to the Floret workshop in August. I can’t wait to meet everyone and be wrapped up in beauty, creativity, and FLOWERS for a few days.

  2. Bob Coon on

    Watching you put your heart and soul into your beautiful floral arrangements has been an amazing experience. Having the opportunity to assist on occasion has been equally rewarding. Your gifts are truly heaven sent and it shows. I couldn’t have asked for a better daughter than you. I love you and am so proud of you. Dad

  3. AdrianneMc on

    Congratulations, Becca. You’re from my neck of the woods. I think this going to be the experience of a lifetime for you. This is amazingly generous of you, Erin and company. It shows how genuinely you care for all of us out here who have a passion for flowers.

  4. Eun Yoon on

    Congratulations, Becca. Your flowers lift me up from my hard days!!

  5. Sally Lee on

    Becca, Wow!!!! What can I say? You are my favorite florist and daughter. Your talent and flowers are beyound compare and you sweet Becca, are beautiful. Love, Mom. xoxoxox!

  6. Kim Graves Smith on

    Yehhhh Becca!! You are so fortunate. Looove your bouquet.
    Can’t wait for another book to be obsessed in!

  7. Kim on

    Congratulations Becca! It sounds like the BEST time and such a wonderful opportunity!! And, yes, Erin, what a wonderful gift you have offered—–as are so many of the things you do!

  8. Danielle on

    Wonderful! Congratulations Becca Blue ~ I love your work!!

  9. Dana Smyl on

    Congrats to Becca! I’m just happy to have found floret flower farms because of this. I am totally inspired by you and hope to someday travel to one of your incredible workshops.

  10. Julie on

    Congratulations Becca! I think everyone wishes they were in your shoes, so have lots of fun for all of us!! Erin thanks for offering your workshops for all us to learn!

  11. Lindsey Miller on

    Becca Blue, I am super proud of you and love you!!! I only wish art and design passed through our family!

  12. Susan on

    Woo hoo, Becca! Can’t think of anyone more deserving. Congratulations on a dream come true! So proud of you!!

  13. Amelia on

    Becca!!!!! Lost you for a while there, I’m so glad to see you. Congratulations, you deserve it! (How’s Iris?)

  14. Sam Selvaggio on

    Congratulations Becca!!!!! You have such an incredible gift and I am so fortunate that you helped me create my vision on my wedding day. Xoxo

  15. Carole on

    Congratulations Becca!

  16. Amy B-G on

    Congratulations sweet Becca!

  17. meliSsa on

    Congrats Becca!! And so much love and thanks to Floret for offering this opportunity.

  18. Kelly on

    Congratulations Becca! Your work is beautiful! x

  19. Karin on

    Yay for Becca! It’s sure to be life changing and wonderful. Erin you are so kind to offer this for others. Awesome to start the day with this kind of sharing! <3

  20. Lucinda on

    Congrats Becca! I always believed the Best person would win and that’s you! Looking forward to seeing pics and hearing your stories. Thank you, Erin for listening to our stories and being such a positive force in the floral world. Can’t wait to see what you will create next to reach out and share. Thanks again for your generosity!

  21. Heather on

    Congrats, Becca! Loved looking at your blog and web site. Beautiful work and words!

  22. Nicole on

    Congrats, Becca! I love your bouquet! Thank you again Erin and Floret team for giving away such an opportunity!

  23. Becca Blue on

    I am beside myself (beside myself!) with joy. Thank you SO MUCH Erin! I am honored and humbled and excited beyond explanation. I promise to take & share lots and lots of pictures, and to send this gift/ good flowery ju-ju Erin gave me back out into the universe. :)

  24. Robin on

    Congratulations Becca! Your flowers are gorgeous. I will have to stop by your shop if ever in Chicago!

  25. Shannon Klein on

    How lovely you and your flowers are, Becca Blue. It makes me very happy to see you with your work and to know that Floret is educating and inspiring individuals full force! Thanks to Erin for all the resources and connections with artists such as this.

  26. Shannon Klein on

    How lovely you and your flowers are, Becca Blue. It makes me very happy to see you with your work and to know that Floret is educating and inspiring individuals full force! Thanks to Erin for all the resources and connections with artists such as this.

  27. Jamie on

    Way to go Becca! You are amazing!

  28. Sylvia Clavier on

    Congratulations! What a wonderful opportunity for you!

  29. Erin on

    Congratulations Becca!!!! I’ll see you in a few weeks at the workshop! I love the bouquet you’re holding!!
    Erin S. (Fellow workshop participant)


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