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July 11th 2014

The Seasonal Flower Alliance {July 10}

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I can feel the season shifting all around me. The freshness and vibrant green of spring is ever so slightly changing and the plants are gaining a stockiness and glow that only arrives with the heat of summer.

Despite tubes of sun block, long sleeves and wide brimmed hats, we’re all toasty brown. The ladies now arrive early to beat the heat and our days are spent combing the rows of flowers, harvesting for orders, replanting spent beds and sowing seeds for the late summer-early fall harvest. The season is a delicate balancing and we’re managing alright.


A few weeks back a package arrived from the insanely talented potter, Frances Palmer who’s work is inspired by the gardens surrounding her studio. I let out a shriek when I saw the box on the steps. Owning one of her pieces has been on my dream list for such a long time, so it felt like Christmas came early.

This week I finally got up the courage to use it. I’m always scared of touching very special things for fear that I might ruin them. But as soon as I set it on the arranging block the anxiety faded and I could see what I wanted to make.


The field is finally changing its colors. We’ve moved away from the soft pinks and blues of spring towards the oranges and sunset tones of high summer. I was inspired to try and capture the fleeting softness of spring and the impending abundance of summer for this arrangement.


Bouquet includes: golden raspberries, nasturtiums, garden roses, sweet peas, yarrow, honeysuckle, grasses, plume poppy seed heads, queen anne’s lace and wild mallow.


If you can make the time, I’d sure love to see what’s blooming in your corner of the world this week. It can be a single rose blossom, a handful of wildflowers or a big old fancy bouquet. It doesn’t matter. The point is just to take a few minutes, explore nature and create.

If you’d like to join in the fun, simply make up a bouquet using seasonal flowers, snap a photo, post it somewhere on the internet and then leave a link to it in the comments section below. If you’re on Instagram, you can use/search the hashtag #seasonalfloweralliance for even more flowery goodness.

I can’t wait to see what you’re discovering and creating!


  1. Carolyn Snell on

    And also, what is the variety of peach dahlia you used, Erin? It;s stunning!

  2. Carolyn Snell on

    Here’s a lush and peachy bridal bouquet from this week. The blush peonies are the last of a neighboring farm’s storage stash. Dahlia ‘Robin Hood’, eryngium, dusty miller, scented geranium ‘Lady Plymouth’, peach statice, delphinium ‘Grandiflora pink’ (Ascfg trial), wild spirea (I think), phlox drummundi, and peach stock from that same farm down the road.

  3. Becca from The Garden Gate Flower Company on

    Been meaning to do one of these for ages – it’s super busy on our farm with lots of lovely brides & local deliveries our Instgram feed has our pic…THEGARDENGATEFLOWERCO sorry terrible with links ;0)

  4. Myrica on

    Wow!! Breathtaking! The vessel and the flowers are perfection!

    In the oregon coast range this week: daylilly, echinacea, sweet peas, cilantro flowers, snapdragons, nasturtium, raspberry

  5. Mel on

    Beautiful colours in your arrangement so delicate. Lovely to see you use of Ammi here I shall try to weave it in like that in one of my vases.

    Here’s mine for this week.

    • Mia on

      I absolutely love your arrangement! GORGEOUS!!

  6. sajina sunil on

    Beautiful craft. So much for Ikbena arrangements!


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