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May 25th 2011

Laying Low

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I found this tiny nest carefully tucked into one of our paths. I’ve unknowingly mowed this spot numerous times but somehow the nest and Mama survived. Phew!

After an insane push to get caught up with planting while the sun was here we are all walking around in a bit of a fog. Sore muscles, heavy eyelids, a few sniffles and a general lack of desire for anything physical.
So in order to recharge the kids and I have declared it time for a break!
This means no working after Dad gets home tonight (wahoo!), we’re whipping up a roast chicken and baked potatoes for dinner (a family favorite) and indulging in a major movie marathon.


  1. botanical brouhaha on

    Good for you! You all deserve a break…hope you enjoy your family time :)


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