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May 26th 2011

Sunflower Mania

Written by

Last spring we bought the coolest little tool out of Japan, called a paper chain transplanter from Small Farm Works.

 It has saved our bacon many times allowing us to plant massive amounts of seedlings in record time. Our favorite crop to use with this gem is Sunflowers.

Over the weekend we chained in 5,000 Yellow Lite Suns and will be doing the same again in a few days.

While this great tool certainly lessons our work load it still requires effort. I am the lucky grunt that gets to crawl behind it and make sure all of the babies are planted correctly.

I cant wait to see them in bloom!


  1. Patty Munro on

    So you don’t use the fabric for sunflowers to keep the weeds out?

  2. Hadley on

    We’ve been considering getting one of these for our vegetable farm– is it still working in 2015?

    Also, I’m starting to grow us some flowers, and your writing has been really pivotal in our first year planning– thank you! I can’t wait for your book :)

  3. Rondi Anderson on

    Love the machine!

    And you make dirt look good girl!

    I love that you show the beauty as well the the real life stuff!

  4. Ja on

    Loved the paper chain planter–we had never even heard of such a thing! Thank you for sharing. Congratulations on the grant and your new venture–well done! Brava ragazza!

  5. Alice and Stuart on

    Those are going to be a sight to see! My favorite sunflower too. We have some just on the brink of blooming, can't wait. everything looks amazing!!!

  6. Denise on

    oh how exciting! loving your blog and work (of course!) xo

  7. The Monkey Flower Group on

    Thank you for sharing the link to Small Farm Works. I love seeing tools and machinery made just for the little guy! It seems Japan is where it's at.

    Also, you are pretty hardcore. This we already knew.


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