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April 27th 2012

is it possible to have too many ranunculus?

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nope, i don’t think it is ; )
this big ole batch of beauty is being sprinkled throughout the city as i type. my sweet guy is doing the late night rounds alone this week. what a champ!
there’s something so magical and eerie about walking through dark buildings at night, pulling a big cart of flowers. we always comment that we feel like little flower fairy’s, leaving gifts for the humans to find when they wake up in the morning.
happy weekending everybody!!!














  1. Chandin on

    How do you get such awesome stem length? Mine only have a few inches. Great for bouts and corsages but not so much in bouquets :/.

  2. candis on

    No! Oh, it looks like I imagine heaven to be. :D

  3. Deb on

    beautiful blog ~ so happy to have stumbled upon it ♥
    the ranunculus are amazing!

  4. flowersandhome on

    Gorgeous pictures! So glad I discovered your blog. You have no idea how much I would love to be around flowers all day every day, probably like you are by the look of it. What a dream. Hard word too I'm sure but flowers every day…. nothing can beat that really.

  5. Petals in Prose on

    Wow! All of ours are finished except for a few sweet stragglers. So beautiful!

  6. Amelia on

    It is never ever ever possible to have too many ranunculus! I unforunately have none so I am infinitely jealous of you stunning abundance.

  7. Linadlou on

    This makes my heart sing. Thanks again for the beauty.

  8. Alice and Stuart on

    those little (but big!) marshmallow balls of perfection!!! Looks like a great crop, love the bunches of mixed colors. Must I wait til' winter???

  9. flwrjane on


    Looking at the weak stemmed ranunculus lying on my design table and shaking my head.

    If only it was your child……

    xo Jane

  10. Jen on

    Never! Wish I could visit you and buy bundles and bundles!

  11. GardenGirl on

    never ever!

    where may i find them?

    deb @ garden party

  12. McKenzie Powell on

    Definitely not possible to have too many. Happy weekend to you, Erin!

  13. Stacy on

    In my next life, I'm going to farm in a different zone. So beautiful!

  14. Julie on

    Stunning, as always. Yesterday, I decided to pretend I had a flower farm. My girlie and I walked around the gardens, gathering flowers. I tried to emulate one of your gorgeous bouquets. Well, it's…nice. Not anything like yours, but it's a nice way to celebrate the weekend, and my daughter was so tickled with her little bouquet of tea roses. Thanks so much for your daily doses of inspiration!

  15. botanical brouhaha on

    Oh my goodness…that's a beautiful sight to start off my Saturday morning! You're amazing.

  16. webb on

    Is it possible to have ONE? Apparently not in Richmond. I am torn between loving you for sharing them and hating you for having them.

  17. the homestead girl on

    always seem to have a happy little sigh when looking at your pictures. thanks for all the beauty-lucky us to get to enjoy it without all the poop, dirt and sweat it took to get it. ;-)

  18. Terri on

    Quick answer–absolutely not!

  19. Jenny N on

    Where can one buy these beauties in Seattle?


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