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May 1st 2012

“super green” love


  1. Sarah on

    I always call those green centered ones "lettuce spitters"
    they make me uncomfortable actually when they open the lettuce keeps growing out

  2. Ja on

    We just pulled the ranunculus out of the greenhouse, as it was getting to hot for them. We loved the super greens and I am feasting my eyes on the last ones.

  3. LillyPilly on

    Loving your blog, so different to here in Subtropical Australia.
    Beautiful photos, thanks.

  4. webb on

    Stop it, stop it, stop it. How can you keep posting those gorgeous ranunculus when I can never find them here? Ok, so I did find two bunches last weekend – but that's the very first time! And, I can't grow them and I am so JEALOUS! They are just yummy gorgeous!

  5. Lisa P from The Hollyhock Wall on

    They look so opulent, like little sparklers, I adore the photography and would like to grow some of my own. Maybe one day.
    Soooo pleased to have found your wonderful blog.
    see you again soon.



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