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April 24th 2012

beauty and the ninja

Written by

 all flowers from our garden and greenhouses : )

bouquet includes: ranunculus, hellebores, scilla, cerinthe, leucojum, narcissus, bleeding hearts, paperwhites, anemones and honeysuckle foliage.






we have a highly trained assassin living here on the farm. he guards the chickens and ducks from hungry predators and hones his killer moves right in the backyard. we’re pretty dang lucky!!


  1. Erin on

    you are freaky talented. bless your grubby little soul.

  2. botanical brouhaha on

    And so it begins…days and days and days of endless breathtaking beauty…too beautiful to put into words…you and your family and your flowers are amazing!

  3. the homestead girl on

    nothing like a shot of goregous inspiration on a rainy day like this! (the bouquet, not the ninja. not that he isn't inspiring, too.)

  4. Anne on

    Gorgeous! And what a great pic of the ninja!

  5. Bare Mtn Farm on

    Zowie!!! Oops no zinnias, just beautiful… really gorgeous!

  6. erin on

    so beautiful…your bouquet, your photos and "ninja" too!

  7. K. Barber-Flower Farmer on

    What a gift, bouquet is like heaven. I wish I would of had a ninja I might still have chickens.

  8. Julie on

    Thank goodness for ninjas! ;-)

  9. Amelia on

    That bouquet is breathtakingly beautiful. Thank goodness the ninja is there to guard it all.

  10. Gigi on

    So beautiful!


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