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June 6th 2011

If I Were A Rose

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 I think I would like to be born as this little treasure, Rosa cantabrigiensis. Nearly always the first to flower, she swoops in and unfurls her golden petals , announcing that Spring is here in full force.

 As quickly as she arrives, her petals fade and scatter away in the wind. A brief but glorious show ushering in Rose season for good.

 After a visit to the county’s zoning office last week regarding placing one of the new greenhouses near the road, I was informed that my idea is against the “rules”. But if I’d like to shell out $2,100 and wait 6-8 weeks I could probably buy a change of heart. Gotta love that eh? Bastards!

 So instead playing the county’s games, we’ve decided to find another spot to place the massive structure. The only problem being that every square inch of our property is planted in something. After a lot of fretting, weighing the limited options and stressing we ended up moving the entire Rose garden to a new location.

 Poor babies! This is absolutely the wrong time to be pruned down, uprooted and moved but sadly there was no real alternative. So my trusty friend Nina came over for moral support and we made quick work of a less than ideal situation.

This season the main crop of Roses will most likely be out of commission, working hard to reestablish and regrown. Thankfully there are a ton of old Roses throughout the property that can be harvested in their absence.


  1. webb on

    Counties can be so frustrating! Did you get it in writing in case the person you talked to was wrong? Good luck with the move.


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