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June 3rd 2011

Temptress Poppies #2

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 Flying around today, clearing space for the new greenhouses that are in route from Oregon right now!  Monday morning bright and early they’ll be here. Wahoo!!!

 The Temptress Poppies are in full swing. It’s hard to believe that these fuzzy little alien heads turn into such delicate, magical blooms.



  1. Jill on

    Just seen your fabulous blog. As Jan above, I am in UK and can’t find seeds for these gorgeous Temptress poppies here and wondered if possible to have shipped from US?

  2. jwblooms on

    Thanks, Erin. I've grown Meadow Pastels before and they are lovely, but I thought the Temptress looked bigger and more robust, but will stick with the MP. I think I get asked for poppies more than anything else! Jan

  3. Floret Flowers on

    JW. The seed has awful germ. I got plants from Bob Wollam of Wollam Gardens. But this year I'm also testing Papaver Meadow Pastels (a Sarah Raven fav.)and they are very lovely too. A little taller but with slightly smaller blooms. They are a perfectly suitable sub plus seed germ is much stronger and they can be found easily.

  4. herminevandijck on

    I just found your blog, and it's amazingly beautiful over here !

  5. jwblooms on

    Hi, Erin. These look gorgeous! Could I ask you where you get your seeds from? I can't find them in the UK and would love to grow them so am wondering if I might be able to get them shipped over from a US supplier. Jan

  6. Hannah on

    those poppies are absolutely gorgeous. poppies are definitely my favorite flower :)


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