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July 6th 2011

I had a feeling that this might happen

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The field flowers have finally exploded and it’s all we can do to get them harvested, packaged and to their new homes before the next round is ready for the same treatment. The previous spring hustle that seemed so insane is now a distant joke. I know I’ll find my rhythm again with this new increased pace but for now I feel like an out of shape marathon runner getting winded on their first mile.

I have loads of beautiful pictures to share and varieties to introduce you to but in the midst of the floral bounty I also moved my entire office to a new room and haven’t hooked all of my gear back up.For now the pretty pictures are trapped in my cameras memory card.
So, until I can get things smoothed out over here I’m going to take a little blogging break.
Monday morning bright and early I’ll be back in action.

Wishing you all a lovely and productive week from the land of floral insanity :)


  1. edi gardner on

    Thank you!!! I will call Geena. I love your column on GFM. I wait for it every month. My husband has now put up a daybed by the mailbox :-)

  2. Floret Flowers on

    Edi, I don't know how to make commenting easier. I've gotten many notes about it. So sorry!
    The bucket are called Proconas and I got mine from Pagter Innovations.
    Contact Geena for some free samples and more info: [email protected] 1(630)539-1400

    good luck!

  3. edi gardner on

    Hi Erin,

    I have left numerous comments in the past but they do not seem to post.
    I was wandering, if you would be so kind to tell the vendor of the white buckets with handles.Thank you.

  4. Chelsea on

    Just caught up on all your beautiful posts! Good luck with the work load!

  5. Belinda @ Wild Acre on

    Breathe slow now and again. Seriously.

    Your achievements are magnificent! xx


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