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July 1st 2011


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Today I feel like crawling into this bouquet and hiding from my ever growing list of to-do’s.
Snuggling up in those Peonies and taking a nap….sigh. That’s sounds pretty darn nice!


This fragrant delight included: Garden Roses, Peonies, Filipendula, Mint, Sweet Pea vines and flowers,Honeysuckle,Icelandic Poppies, Strawberries,double Lilies and baby Apples.

Hope y’all have a great holiday weekend!


  1. The Monkey Flower Group on

    I try not to say or even think this too often, but if I were to get married, I would want this to be my bouquet. I love everything about it.

  2. botanical brouhaha on

    How do you take our breath away with your flowers…day after day after day? Always stunning! Hope you have a great holiday weekend and get some much needed (and deserved)rest!

  3. turtleinseattle on

    These flowers are stunning, as is the photography. Am glad to have found you now that I am starting to plan my wedding!

  4. Great flower lady on

    OH MY sooo yummy LOVE it.. would love to have you follow my blog too… greatflowerlady.blogspot.com :)


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