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July 11th 2011

Woo Doggie!

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Oh boy, what a ride!Since we last talked a lot has happened around these parts.

 The Chantilly (butterfly) Snapdragons have started to bloom.Wahoo!

I’ve pulled two nearly all nighters (3.5-4hrs sleep)in order to get all of the orders out on time.While totally exhausting, every little flower found a home :)
 We’ve been cutting our asses off and the Bells of Ireland are looking amazing this summer,so tall and GREEN.

My powerhouse Mom swooped in and help me move my entire office and create a completely new bedroom for Jasper in its old space.
Raspberry season is here. The kiddos have been picking bowls and bowls and eating as many as their little tummies can handle.

Bouquet mania has officially begun.

Jasper, the best companion around, has kept me company while I cut,cut, bunch,sleeve,create,pack.
We do a lot of “break dancing” in the garage to keep our spirits up ;)

The chickens have been let out to roam the sleeping Daffodil patch. Oh do they ever love the freedom! Our back field is wide open with so few place to hide so up until now we’ve kept them securely penned . In past years we have lost dozens of birds to various creature, Eagles included. So we’ve been extra cautious with this sweet flock but now they are large enough to spend a few hours a day foraging through the established areas of the garden, with a chaperon of course.


Chris, what can I say. He’s been hustling right along side me with a twinkle in his eye.This week he’s home from work to help finish and plant the two new greenhouses, catch up on plant care(staking/weeding) and give me a needed boost before we start weaving another round of weddings into the mix again.


  1. Shanti on

    I agree with Edi – you have been such an amazing resource for me, I wish I could return the favor. I just did my first big wedding this monday and it was amazing. I'm gonna email you some photos. Thanks for all you do. I have a million more questions for you, but I am going ti wait until the slow season.

  2. Florist in the Forest on

    Wow, I don't know how you do it?! It gives me a boost when I'm feeling I can't cope with all the growing, orders and my full time job, to read how you battle through it. What would we do without supportive husbands! x

  3. growingflowers on

    what insane beauty you are surrounded by! My gosh Erin – I'm so glad you document your life!

  4. edi gardner on

    What liveliness Erin! You look like Isak Dinesen on the 4th picture
    My first dahlia is about to burst. I ordered them from swan after reading your page. And now I am of to ordering daffodils. I wish I could do something in return for all your generous advise.


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