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September 1st 2011

hot damn

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Woo, it’s been so insane here that I don’t even know where to begin .I’ll just say that Chris calculated we each worked over 110 hrs. last week! Yikes.

After a huge surge yesterday to finish up the record month on the highest note possible we collapsed into bed at 3 in the afternoon. Oh my god, sleep has never felt so amazing!

While we both are so grateful for this amazing abundance, this week to keep our spirits up, we’ve been whispering across the rows about the first frost , the long winter, sleeping in and family dinners.
Fall is certainly nearing. The geese have started flying over in the evenings, there is a coolness in the air that wasn’t there a week ago and ever so slightly the colors are beginning to change.

The sun has been visiting us quite often and the Zinnias are responding with incredible growth. Every other day we cut the patch so hard I’m convinced that it wont recover and magically when I return, it is loaded with hundreds of bright shinning faces ready to make their way into bouquets.

 Just like us,they are giving it their all and boy do I love them for it.

┬áZinnia Benary’s Giant ‘Coral’, my favorite.




  1. Christina on

    Love your zinnias, so beautiful/Christina

  2. Teresa Sabankaya on

    Thanks for sharing Erin–You're amazing, and those Zins aren't so bad either!
    Gorgeous photos–

  3. Belinda @ Wild Acre on

    Your zinnias look incredible. I struggle a wee bit using them though, not sure why, the stiffness, the super bright colours, is the trick not to try to mix them with other flowers maybe? You make them look so glamourous!

  4. anastasia on

    nothing makes me grin like a brilliant bunch of zinnias. glad i'm not the only one. :)

  5. webb on

    Flowers lying on the ground, oh my! I fret if they don't go immediately into water up to their noses – guess I am obsessing. They truly are lovely.


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