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August 28th 2011

still standing

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Harvesting wild clematis (well after midnight) I spotted under a bridge on our way out of Seattle. It was just the thing to take the wedding centerpieces to a whole new level of magic.
I’m not sure how, but we’re still standing after the most i.n.s.a.n.e week of the entire season. Somehow we not only survived it, but the whole dang thing was a success.An absolute success!I still can’t believe it.

While there was little time for anything but flying from one floral adventure to the next, I did manage to take a MILLION pictures of the insanity and magic. Chris snapped some killer ones too,so there will be a lot of beauty here in the days to come.
Stay tuned.


  1. julie on

    this little post soo made me smile….i am in the habit of carrying my little cutters in the car with me in case i find treasures on my way, have been known to make my hubby stop on snow capped mountains to collect some yellow twigs & am the girl seen walking down the street with husks, sticks & blooms in hand…hope u have had a chance to rest up – can't wait to see the pics. xxx

  2. Shelley on

    Before the caption came up, I thought you were installing the most amazing garland on some most amazing venue at five o'clock in the morning!

  3. Yiota on

    Wonderful image! Dreamy.
    Can't wait to see your photos.


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