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April 23rd 2012


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We’ve been without internet and then phone for five days now. Trying to manage orders and stay in communication with everyone has been pretty tricky but the repair guy just left and things seem to be back to normal once again. Pheew!
During the long disconnection the sun has been shining and we’ve been hustling like crazy to prepare planting beds and to tuck as many little babies into the ground as possible.The empty fields are taking shape, things are coming along.
This time of year is absolutely insane. It feels everywhere you turn some little creature is begging for attention. The flowers need water, the ducks want food, kids need help researching some mysterious creature they just caught, big orders are due out, sweet peas need to be strung up, new clients need to be walked through the process or ordering, wedding estimates need to be tweaked…. some days it can feel like a little too much.
But then you pause for a minute, catch your breath and walk out to the coop to collect a huge bowl of fresh eggs for breakfast or stand and bask in the beauty blooming right outside the back door and if your lucky, you’ll get ease drop on the joyful conversation between your happy kiddos about fairy shrimp, tadpoles and the cabbage moth life cycle. Then you remember that life is so good, even though it is so full and you press on.



















  1. Bisous Ve on

    Hello Erin, but how wonderful, I love working in the garden with its colors and scents, but I have to settle for my little piece of land …
    I'd love to have a small farm like yours, congratulations.
    It is a 'bit that I will follow you and you always have some beautiful pictures.
    All those tulips are wonderful, along with peonies are my favorite flower.
    If you like to see me go, I would be pleased.
    Best wishes and good day
    A hug from little Switzerland
    Love et bisous Ve

  2. webb on

    That is one big mess of work! Lovely results, but flower farming is not for the weak of arm or spirit.


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