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March 21st 2016

Announcing Floret’s Farmer-Florist Collective

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Farmer-Florist-Collective-LogoI’m excited to share with you a a little project the Floret team and I have been working on for a while now: Floret’s Farmer-Florist Collective. The Collective is a global, publicly-available map and directory of many of the flower farmers and floral designers who have participated in one of our workshops (Floret & Seasonal Bouquet Project) and currently grow flowers and/or offer floral design services.  Although separated by many miles, we are all kindred spirits, united in our love of local, seasonal flowers.

The Farmer-Florist Collective Directory is viewable here and can also be found under the FIND FLOWERS tab and features an interactive map and photos of each member.

We created this directory so that flower growers and designers who have participated in one of Floret’s many workshops can connect with one another.  We also want it to serve as resource for consumers seeking seasonal flower designers, farmers and growers in their area.

With a sold-out series of Floret workshops lined up for this season, I’m excited to add many new flowers to the map by the end of the year!

Floret workshop

Here’s a little of the backstory:  At one point, I had considered greatly expanding our farm and production area in order to meet the huge demand from designers, wholesalers, grocers and flower lovers across the country eager to buy our blooms. Chris and I spent years searching for the perfect farm on which to expand Floret.  We agonized over all the details, from the finances and the footprint of the operation, to what it would mean to uproot our family and how it would impact our other long-term personal and professional goals.

After a lot hand-wringing and some serious soul searching, Chris and I finally decided to put the brakes on that plan and instead grow Floret in other, more meaningful and personally fulfilling ways.  We are now focused on expanding Floret Seeds and deepening our dedication to providing tools, resources and training in small-scale high-intensity flower production and natural floral design to other flower lovers across the country and around the globe.

It’s a great fit for us as a business and a family, and–quite simply–it just feels right.

Floret FULL SESSION-0326Over the years, we’ve built up an incredible waiting list of customers across the country eager to buy our blooms.  Without land to expand our growing operation  “sorry, but we’re sold out,” and “sorry, we don’t ship,” has been on repeat. I’m thrilled to finally be able to easily refer these inquiries to the many amazing growers and designers that are in our little Farmer-Florist Collective.

UPDATE:  The Farmer-Florist Collective has been expanded beyond workshop alumni!  We invite farmers, farmer-florists and floral designers specializing in seasonal blooms to complete our form to be featured on the map.

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the seasonal flower movement!


  1. marie on

    I have a picture I want to share with you and the Floret team of a drawing I made right around this time frame, but before I had ever known about you guys. What is the best way to send it to you? After reading this blog post, it’s beginning to make sense why I may have created it.

    • Team Floret on

      Hello Marie,
      In the contact section of our site, you’ll find a few ways to reach us. Thank you so much!

  2. Soni on

    Yeah, would love to attend a workshop, but not enough money or time. Think I’ll just keep figuring it out on my own. Not sure why the ASCFG is being bypassed. It’s such an indispensable organization.

  3. Kim Stearns on

    Hi there, I attended your farmer/florist workshop back in fall of 2014 (hope I’m remembering date correctly) and was wondering if I could get our farm listed on your map? We are “Nutty Brown Farm” in Austin Texas. I’m actually in the group photo with all of us throwing our bouquets up in the air!!! We had such fun and learned TONS!!! Thanks, Kim Stearns :)

    • Floret on

      Kim–sorry we somehow missed you. We just sent you an email with information on how to submit your info.

  4. Kim on

    Reading the comments here I was glad to see others share some similar concerns to the ones I have about this directory. I think it is a great idea to have a directory of farmer-florists who have attended your workshops, I just wish this directory was marketed as such instead of as a directory of “leaders in the farmer-florist movement.” Marketing it that way does, unfortunately, leave out many other leaders (and future leaders) in the farmer-florist movement who have not been able to attend Floret workshops for whatever reason. I’m truly thankful for all of your other work which promotes locally grown flowers! Hope you will consider some of the feedback above and perhaps reframe what this collective is ( a listing of past Floret workshop attendees) to help avoid confusion among the general public.

    • L on

      Agree 100%….soon people will see this list as the number one directory because thats how your brilliant marketing is set up. It will exclude all those farmers who cant swing tuition and the time, even if they have more experience. Linking to slow flowers and ascfg is not enough since most people know more who you are and give you more prestige, than those other organizations. It will always seem like an exclusive club….but perhaps thats the point…which in that case, its genius.

  5. Maya Kosok on

    Lovely directory – would be really nice to also refer folks to the larger and existing directories at Slow Flowers and ASCFG.

  6. Tania Cubberly on

    Erin! This is truly a gem and am super excited to be part of the farmer florist collective! I have made some great connections at your workshop back in October 2014 and continue to meet other Floret Alumni, such a great supportive family to have! Many thanks!

  7. Linda Q on

    Any farmer-florist in America can sign up at slowflowers.com . It is an online directory started by Debra Prinzing.

  8. Marisa on

    I’m so happy for what this will do to drive the connectivity of seasonal and organic flower folk, but am sad that I cannot be included for not having attended a workshop. It’s been challenging spreading the word about the seasonal/organic/local/sustainable flower design here in SoCal, and it will be some time, it appears, before I can attend a workshop. Can you not just give an extra accolade to those who have attended, like bold their plot on the map, and let us non-initiated have a small less-conspicuous spot?

  9. Elisabeth Ontario on

    Great map, love it! I could spend hours clicking all the links and checking out websites!

  10. Stacy on

    I’m a fan of yours, but not necessarily of this idea. You’re famous in the world of flower farming and floral design–and rightly so!–and as such, are positioned as an arbiter of what’s good in that world. So consider how this highly visible referral system might be a wee bit unfair for farmer-florists who are equally involved in the seasonal flower movement but have not been able to afford to attend your workshops, or who have learned the trade elsewhere.

    • Lisa on

      My thought exactly. I hate to see this so exclusive. My husband and I apprenticed into this buisness since we are the second generation as much as I would love to attend a workshop for design, but we can’t see paying the money….we are a part of slow flowers etc, but we all know your branding has lots of pull. Any thoughts on in the future if farmers can we pay to be a part of it?

  11. Janis on

    Can’t wait to be added after I attend your course in September!

  12. Christine on

    Wow! That’s just awesome. Thank you!

  13. Denise Carlin on

    Hi Erin,
    I love your newsletters and your website! I am really excited about your new venture of a map with flowers and farms! Wow, have I had fun searching for things in my area! Great Idea!

  14. Mary Morrin on

    Hi. The way you have decided to expand your business sounds wonderful and just the way I would like to expand mine.
    Do you plan to do any workshops in Ireland ,which would be great or even Britain , as I would be willing to travel over.
    Best wishes with the good work.

  15. Melissa M. on

    Very excited for the launch of the Collective, and so thankful for all of Floret’s support. This will be such a wonderful resource for seasonal flower supporters all over the world. Love the joy of our group captured in the bouquet toss photo! :)

  16. Sherry Shuler on

    So excited to find out that the resource I finally found for organic soil amendments is on your map!!! Renfrow Hardware is an oasis of organic in the midst of conventional farming country. The farm is right next to their hardware store in the midst of the bustling little community of Matthews which is part of the greater Charlotte area. It is less than an hour away from our farm. I find it quite ironic that I have to drive out of the farming community I live in, past all the farm supply stores and into the heart of the Charlotte metro area to get the dirt that I need.

  17. Ti on

    Gorgeous map and great idea! I’m having problems trying find my particular area…and closing out of the ones that ‘pop’ up, trying on the phone is extra difficult for me. Is there another way to peruse this and pull up States, towns, regions and the like by perhaps typing in the those? (Sorry perhaps I’m missing it.)

    • Floret on

      Hi Ti,
      It’s best viewed on a computer. We’re making tweaks to it, so hang tight.
      Thanks for your support!

  18. Denise Kelly on

    Stunned and delightfully overwhelmed at the same time. Thank you Erin for your unbelievable vision and generosity in doing this. Read this and went outside in the dark to plant more!!!! Can’t wait to be included, see you in one month!!!!

  19. Amie on

    Great idea Erin! Thank you for being such an inspiration!! I hope I can be added to the Map after I attend your workshop in April!!!

  20. Jan Olson on

    You are such an amazing inspiration!!! Thank you for all you do to brighten our days and our world! Enjoy!

  21. Carolyn Thompson on

    What a fabulous idea & I cannot wait to get my little flower farm on the map! As always thank you for all of your hard work and thinking outside of the box.

  22. Katie Pence on

    Hi Erin,
    How can I get included in this map ? We are Roseman Creek Ranch, farmer florists, Gualala, ca. 95445. I know you asked for addresses and pop ups for Valentines Day, but I didn’t have flowers for that. We were down for two years while going through construction and permitting . We have two acres of organically grown flowers. We also work with a local florist for events and weddings.
    Thank you so much for all you do and share, Katie Pence

  23. Deanna on

    This is so awesome, Erin!! What an amazing network and resource! Thank you!!!

  24. Lindy Mayberry Sellers on

    Erin, Thank you and your crew for putting this collective together. I am already planning a trip to Sassafras Fork Farm!
    You bring so much joy and beauty to people with your flowers.
    God Love You for that!

  25. Kathy Wirtala on

    Great resource! Love the watercolor map, beautiful!

  26. Nikki on

    Thank you, Erin! What a wonderful resource for all of us! I can’t wait to meet you & your team in May at one of your workshops.

  27. Stephanie on

    Erin, this is an awesome idea! Great job!

  28. Lindsay Jensen on

    Thank you so much for putting this resource together. I have been a big fan of yours since discovering your blog last year. Is there any way to be added to the collective map if we haven’t attended your workshops? I would love to be included, but won’t be able to attend a workshop until 2017 if I’m able to snag a seat. However, I do consider myself a farmer-florist. Thanks so much for all you do for us in this industry!

    • Floret on

      At this time we’re only including past alumni in the Collective.

    • Lisa larsen on

      I was wondering the same since we are two generations of farmer florists on our family land in Wisconsin .. but will most likely not be able to attend a workshop :(

    • Colie Collen on

      I love everything you do, Erin, and want to support all of your good work. But it just doesn’t make sense for me to attend a workshop – I live on the other side of the country, my finances are tight, and I’m already on my way as a grower. My needed knowledge at this point is coming from experience and good record-keeping. So it seems really unfortunate that growers like me, many with much more experience than I, can’t be included in this resource that brides, florists, and others in need of flowers might make use of. Thank you for all you do! I hope you’ll consider expanding this map to be more inclusive.

  29. Robin on

    Thank you for sharing your story and encouraging so many of us as well.


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