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April 5th 2016

Farm Updates + new #GrowFloret winners

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The farm has been buzzing with activity over the past two weeks.  Last Thursday we finished planting close to 5,000 dahlias, dug a 100 ft trench for a new waterline, plus cleaned and organized our tractor shed and propagation house.  We have been implementing a number of ideas we learned from reading The Lean Farm and are doing our best to purge the clutter and really hone in on what we do best.  The busy season is bearing down on us fast and furious and we’re rushing to get as much done as we possibly can.  Our field and hoophouses are already  brimming with color and we’ve harvested buckets of pretty parrot tulips, ranunculus, narcissus, anemones and giant Iceland poppies in luscious sherbet shades (check out my Instagram feed for a few fun shots).

Gardeners and farmers across the country are busy prepping fields, starting seeds and even harvesting early blooms. Here are just a few images tagged with #floretseeds or #growfloret that caught my eye.


BlueMeadowFarms (NC)


@ShannonKube (Detroit – Thistle and Vine)


Dahlia Shed (Middletown RI)

FieldDayCreativeField Day Creative (Richmond, Virginia)


@Petalsbytheshore (MD)

A big thanks to everyone who has shared and tagged photos!

Winners:  please send your mailing address to: info (at) floret flowers.com so we can send you an extra special #growfloret goody bag.

I love the community of fellow farmer-florists and gardeners that are actively sharing what they are planting, growing, harvesting & designing on social media.

Throughout the growing season, please continue to share photos of your Floret seed packets, seed starts, baby plants and your flowers in bloom on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, tagging it with #FloretSeeds or #GrowFloret.  I’ll periodically feature a few of my favorites here on the blog.  If your photo is features, I’ll send you a little Floret Seeds goody bag. 

Thanks for playing along!


  1. Ali on

    Hi Erin,

    I have a question regarding direct seeding. I see in a lot of resources people suggest raking in snapdragon seeds and poppy seeds with some sand to direct seed. However, by doing this, would it not interfere with the spacking of the crops? Do you have any suggestions for direct seeding small seedlings?

    Thanks so much!

  2. Debbie on

    How do you keep deer from eating your tulips?

  3. Linda Q on

    Yay! I just received my dahlias today! And thanks so much for the ‘sweet’ little gift you packed in the box. We seem to be still in winter mode here in the Northeast with below freezing temps last week so I will have to be patient before planting outdoors. It’s so hard when you show all the gorgeous flowers you have blooming now!

  4. Br. Placidus Lee OSB on

    My Cafe au Lait dahlias just shipped (Floret was already out when I went to get them!) and I just got my last flat of seeds started. We’re four weeks out from last frost here, so zinnias, giant marigolds, and globe amarath were started! I’m just waiting for my sweet peas to finish putting out a little more growth after having pinched them out before they go out for the year!

  5. Amy Rodrigues on

    Yeah so excited!!! Just got the email the tubers that I got for you have been shipped out!!! Can’t wait!!!!

  6. Killoran on

    Whoa! 5000 dahlias?! That’s bananas. I’m so excited for the season to really start for me (probably not until June or so).

  7. Steven on

    Glad you found ‘The Lean Farm’ useful, we are trying to implement some of the principles in our operations as well!

  8. Melody on

    Wow! You already planted out dahlias?? I’m still trying to get some cuttings from mine to multiply my season :)

    • Cathy on

      I am also still trying to get cuttings and dividing my dahlia tubers. I live in Ohio, so I have time before I can plant. It’s April 9th, and we are suppose to get 1-3 inches of snow today. Only in Ohio! All of my tubers are in soil and under grow lights. I’m hoping for a good growing season.

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