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March 18th 2016

A huge thanks

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Floret Dahlias-7Did you happen to hear me shout “Wooohoo!!!!” this week?  I swear I shouted loud enough for half the continent to hear.

The first “Woohoo!” was uttered when we divided the very last dahlia clump, bringing the total to 11,008 dahlia tubers sorted, labeled and ready to ship to flower lovers starting in April.  It was all part of what we affectionately called “The Great Dahlia Divide” of 2016.

Floret Dahlias-6 Floret Dahlias-5Floret Dahlias-9It was all hands on deck to tackle this monster of a project.  One of our former team members, Vanessa, even flew in from her flower farm in New Hampshire to lend a hand for the week.  A serious hustler, she made quick work of organizing everything and everyone to make the process go smoothly.  With some hip hop blaring in the background and a greenhouse full of helpers (big and small) we busted out the project in a matter of six days.

The next big step:  prepping the shop for shipping. We’ll begin boxing up and sending these babies starting the first week of April.  I know I’ll be asked, so I thought I’d share it now: sorry, but we do not have any extras to sell. But there are big plans for next year and I promise to keep you posted.

Floret Dahlias-10Floret Dahlias-11 Floret Dahlias-8 Floret Dahlias-4The second big “Woohoo!” of the week came when I learned that Floret was just named one of Better Homes and Gardens’ Best Gardening Blogs, having won the “Readers’ Pick” Award.  Wow. What a HUGE honor!

A big shout-out to all of our faithful readers and flower friends who cast votes for Floret during their voting period.  I’m so incredibly grateful for your kind words and enthusiastic support for me, my family and the team here at Floret.  A huge thanks also to the editors of Better Homes and Gardens for considering Floret for this honor.

FullSizeRender 3And as if this week couldn’t get any better, I just got the latest issue of Victoria magazine in the mail, which includes a big feature on our farm and Floret Seeds.  The six page spread has lots of beautiful images from the time photographer Georgianna Lane visited our farm to capture the fields in full bloom.  The May/June issue will be out on newsstands soon, so be sure to pick up a copy when it comes out. I’m so excited for you to see it!

One last little note on this Friday afternoon.  I’ll be sharing a special new project next week, so make sure you are signed up for my mailing list, as subscribers are always the first to get Floret’s news and announcements.  Sign up here. 


  1. John A on

    Wire mesh helps with support so they dont sag or lean over.

  2. Jeanette Lievore on

    I am looking for dahlia tuber for sale… Looking for resource… Trying start a flower farm..

  3. Linda Q on

    Re: dahlias
    Can you tell us what you mean by ‘wire mesh’ for support?

  4. James on

    Wow you did have some hard competition but loved your blog. Yes and congrats on the great start to the season

  5. Lauren Tierney on

    Congrats on the BHG award!! I’m interested in learning more about dividing dahlia tubers. I’ve grown Cafe Au Laits and some other varieties for 2 years now (this summer will be my third season) and the tubers have multiplied tremendously! I’m just growing them in my garden, I’m not a flower farmer (yet! :)), so I have no idea how to correctly divide them. Would you be willing to share some tips on dividing tubers? Thanks in advance!

  6. Anne Kapinus on

    OMG!!!!! Congratulations! I voted for you! You are, what I consider to be, the best thing I’ve EVER come across in all of the internet universe! BTW, my Floret Scabiosa Zinnias and two colors of Sweet Peas are a couple of inches tall, and I’m SUPER STOKED! I just started a job at a school, so I have summers off now; my previous attempts at gardening were futile, since I worked full-time (the weeds got the best of me), but I’m trying my hand at gardening again – with YOUR glorious seeds! I love you guys so hard!

  7. Kate on

    Yay indeed! And, by the way, YAY is one of my favourite words. When the Floret seed packet arrived in the mail with that great “YAY” label, I just knew my finding you was going to be the beginning of a great season. Thank you and congratulations.


  8. mtmanor on

    Geez, I’d go blind from looking at dahlia eyes for 6 straight days. You guys are my heroes! Congratulations on an outstanding start to the season.

  9. KJ on

    Congrats on all the good things! Glad to see so much success for you. Hip hop blaring + dahlia division sounds like a great time, hope you guys had fun :)

  10. Becca on

    CONGRATULATIONS! (So grateful for you.)

  11. Holly on

    Erin, I am signed up but for some reason, I don’t get the blog via email…I have to check your website every so often. What am I doing wrong?

  12. Jennifer Bingham on

    Congratulations and well done! Your hard work has paid off and you have more than earned all the accolades the world has to offer. So happy for you Erin, and your sweet family and crew.

  13. Brother Placidus Lee OSB on

    And here I was whining about the few I have to divide. I was bummed I wasn’t able to grab some dahlias from you guys, but managed to find the one I wanted the most elsewhere. My #growfloret Cynoglossums are coming along nicely under our grow lights, though! Thanks for all your work!

  14. Doreen Thomas on

    Congratulations! BH and Gardens award is such a huge achievement. (along with all the other accomplishments) You and your team are so deserving!

  15. Callie on

    Congrats! Floret deserves the B H & G blogging award! Cant wait to get a copy of Victoria magazine. You are always so inspiring!

  16. Kathy on

    Many, many congrats (on all fronts…. from dahlia dividing being finished to noteworthy honors)! Enjoy your big accomplishments. Inspiration for me to go tackle the small-scale dahlia work at our house. :)

  17. Liz Krieg on

    So happy to hear that Floret got the BH&G Best Garden Blogs award. There was some stiff competition there. This BLOG deserves so much more, as you have helped and continue to assist so many flower growers – all of the time. Heart Felt Congrats and Thanks.

  18. Hedda Brorstrom on

    Did you try eating some? I’ve always wanted to, but can’t bring myself to give up a tuber to a meal.

    • Floret on

      Chris took a bite and said it tasted like a watery potato.

  19. Donna on

    Wonderful!! Congratulations!

  20. Carolyn Thompson on

    Congratulations on your BHG Blog award – really could there have been any other choice?! I would love you to do a blog on dividing dahlia tubers………

  21. marybeth on

    Congratulations!! You certainly had some stiff competition with those other bloggers, but you definitely deserve this recognition! Way to go FloretFlowers!!!!

  22. Ti on

    Congrats!!! you all deserve this!!! ( and can hardly wait til dahlias get here!!!)

  23. Linda Q on

    Yay for you! I am so happy you received the BH&G blog award- you, your team & your family deserve all the positive recognition for all that you do to promote the local cut flower movement.

  24. Kim on

    I thought I was but haven’t received anything lately. Don’t want to miss out!!!!


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