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February 17th 2012

an open letter to Peterkort Roses

Written by

Dear Peterkort Roses, you guys totally rock!
When wholesalers routinely tuck moldy, crap flowers into my orders as if somehow I won’t notice, you guys have never let me down. Not once! Every box is packed perfectly, every flower is of the highest quality and dear sweet Norman, You never leave me hanging. Even when I call last minute with an order, you always hook me up. The fact that your blooms are grown sustainably, locally and on a family farm is icing on the cake!
You guys are the gold standard of flowers and someday I hope to come close to your excellence.
Thank you, thank you again for the wonderful bounty! It’s always a pleasure!







  1. ErikaJean on

    Hear! Hear! I worked for a florist in Astoria and we always purchased from Peterkort and they have great roses. They carry the only red rose I really like – Tamango!

  2. About Twig & Vine on

    Mmm! Gorgeous! Second the motion-can't wait to see what you created with them!

  3. botanical brouhaha on

    I love this post! In my experience, there are so many disappointing flower shipments that you want to shout it out when you find a wholesaler/grower who sends quality flowers on time with a kind attitude! Why do so many wholesalers cram "crap flowers" in a box and send it to you like you will not notice? Do they think designers are idiots? Or that they don't care about the quality of flowers they sell to their customers? Or that they are too busy to mess with calling and sending them back? Surely they recognize the poor quality before they pack the flowers…I sure hope they are able to recognize poor quality when they see it! So they feel ok about sending out junk? Wow, Erin, you brought out a little rant! Anyway, thanks for tooting the Peterkort Roses horn! Judging by the pictures, their roses are clearly top quality and gorgeous!

  4. flwrjane on

    Having ordered well in advance 1200 red roses from our favorite green farm, we ended up returning all of them and having to take a rose with a fewer petals and a tall but wobbly stem.

    Huge disappointment.

    Haven't heard any complaints from customers yet, don't know why.

    I think your love letters to your growers keep them happy to oblige.

    x Jane

  5. webb on

    How nice of you to recognize those who help you succeed. From what we see, you are well on your way to being "that sort" of grower!


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