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February 16th 2012

dreaming of flowers

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This morning I woke up dreaming about flowers. I love dreaming about flowers!!! Except when I have that reoccurring nightmare where I forget a wedding and end up trying to make the entire thing, table centerpieces and all, in the back of the van on our way to the venue as Chris drives 100 miles an hour around sharp turns. Ack,I hate that flower dream! 

But in this dream I was excitedly telling a new, potentially massive customer about our seasonal flower line up, listing off all of my favorite’s babies from early spring on. This list is long, very long. I have a lot of favorites! The buyer in the dream looked quite overwhelmed but I’m used to that, so on I rambled about anemones, ranunculus, poppies, sweet peas, roses, lilies…. I overwhelm people. A lot!

I think it’s the combination of so much excitement, out of control passion and possibly the sweeping hand gestures as I describe what it smells like in the sweet pea greenhouse at sunrise or how amazing it feels to walk through a field of dahlias at dusk. Well, maybe it’s all of that and the occasional detour into the land of swearing. I’ve really made an effort this year to curb my mouth, at least out around other humans. The look of terror in a pretty bride’s eyes as you drop the f-bomb when describing how awesome a particular parrot tulip is kind of sucks.


 But it’s so hard being good! Most of the time I feel like a complete imposter,  like an alien in a human body trying to fit in, act appropriate and not be “found out”.  Ugh, being good is sooooo boring!  But, I want my business to keep on rockin, I want brides to feel comfortable and customers to be at ease so I’m keeping a lid on it. I like to tell myself that being “good” is a strategy ; )  Inside I will always be a foul mouthed, totally awkward, alien!


On theme of our seasonal flower line up, happy flower dreams and my lack of pretty posts lately I thought I’d share some of my favorite varieties from last year. Some you’ve seen, some are new on here. Roses and Lilies aren’t in the mix because I couldn’t find any good photos right off hand.


































P.S. I totally, freaking, HATE Facebook! It sucks my soul out through my eyes but for some crazy reason I spent yesterday morning making a “fan page” for Floret Flower Farm. It could be that I was looking for a way out of planting the 8 boxes of Lily bulbs (3,200 total) sitting in my carport. I guess I hate planting Lilies more than I hate Facebook. Ha! But, if Facebook doesn’t suck your soul out through your eye, then here’s the link to my fan new page. Floret Flower Farm



  1. pilates exercises on

    Very good post. I will be experiencing many of these
    issues as well..

  2. * on

    I've just discovered your blog (via marginamia) and I admire the love you put on your work. Also all the pictures are simply beautiful!

    Best wishes from Spain…


  3. Heather on

    I agree about facebook…yet every contact, bride, etc. wants your facebook page right? Your flowers, blog, and photo's are so beautiful you would think that would be enough. I too, got facebook because everyone and there neighbor said it was a must for the business.Ah well, que sera sera….but I draw the line at twitter ;)

  4. erin on

    i want to be you.

  5. Florist in the Forest on

    Ha, I've had that scary flower dream so many times! Love the good ones though. Stunning pics as always, longing for spring.

  6. Sweet Life Garden on

    Ah, so happy to have found you! Your photos make me so happy, thank you for sharing such beauty with us! I know what you mean about fb, but I will like you anyway. Adding you to my favorite garden blogs too (if you don't mind).

  7. Floret on

    Cynoglossum 'Blue Showers'/Chinese For Get Me Nots. Seed is from Ivy Garth. I wrote in detail about them a few months back in my flower column for Growing For Market.

  8. Petals in Prose on

    The little blue ones are Forget-Me-Nots? I thought they might be tweedia….would love to know more about them. Soooo pretty! Do you have a source for them?
    p.s. Run with the potty mouth…it's so much more fun:)

  9. Henrietta Hassinen on

    OU my goodness how gorgeous and wonderful.I'm here in Finland surrounded by snow and ice, I would so love to be in your flower fields.

  10. Botanique on

    Your flowers are SO GORGEOUS. I feel the same way about Facebook, but in your case I wish there was a way to "love" rather than just "like."

  11. McKenzie Powell on

    I've had too many variations of that dream to count! Not looking forward to it…

  12. Floret on

    They are Chinese For Get Me Nots/Cynoglossom Blue Showers

  13. didi on

    oh my what a GORG flower farm. Are those little periwinkle blue flowers forget-me-nots?

  14. Bow Street Flowers on

    O, Erin, this is a wonderful post. The flowers are, as usual beautiful, but what you've said about feeling like an Alien is such a perfect description of the pain of marketing one's passion. As for Facebook, I've resisted it for my business. I have a blog and a newsletter and a website…and I don't want to be on Facebook…but I'll check your page out and see how it goes. Maybe I'll cave. Thanks for the pics this morning.

  15. Foxtail Lilly on

    Stunning flowers!! I know what you mean about Facebook-but in buisness we have to do what we have to!! Good luck for 2012. Best wishes Tx

  16. Julie on

    Wow. Just stunning. What a great photo of you with the zinnias. Everyone should look that happy, working at what they love.

    After seeing those gorgeous dahlias in the truck…I'm ordering a slew of them for the garden. And I'll probably drop the f-bomb when they arrive, because I still have about 1,000 bulbs left to plant…and about 8,000 seedlings to pot up for my biz. Ah well, who needs sleep, right?

    Going to go "like" your FB page right now. Social media…the necessary evil.

    Thanks for sharing those gorgeous photo! Happy lily planting! ;-)

  17. Kristina on

    wow, such amazingly beautiful flowers!!! soooo pretty!

  18. Gretel and Steve Adams on

    Funny, we've been doing the same thing today avoiding lily planting. We thought we were getting up on greenhouse stuff until FedEx showed up yesterday. I mean posting pictures and such kind of counts as working, but Facebook can easily suck you in- a great way to dodge that lily responsibility! By the way, your interview has led us to reading many posts on Lotte and Bloom, but at least that counts as research and inspiration (which can also count as us doing something productive today)! And tomorrow, lilies will get planted :)

  19. Miss Pickering on

    FYI If i was getting those flowers for my wedding, you could swear all you liked.


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