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February 20th 2012

Hot damn, what an exciting adventure!

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 This weekend marks the first wedding of 2012 and quite possibly the most exciting one yet!! An unexpected snow storm rolled through the tiny mountain town where this dreamy wedding was held and with it we had to scramble just a bit to get there on time. The delivery van now has a set of shiny new chains :)

 I am a total chicken driving in the snow. Well truthfully I’ve never, not even once, tried. Pretty lame huh? I don’t drive stick either. I have tried that but boy it wasn’t pretty. Grinding, lots of grinding and oh so many stalls. Round and round vacant parking lots, down empty country roads, I bet a dozen people tried to teach me but it just never took. So, for everyone safety I stick with automatics and stay off of snowy roads.

Thank god Chris doesn’t share my poor motor skills and lacking confidence! He took to the snowy roads with grace. We made it over the mountain pass without incident but I still managed to work myself up into a nice sweaty mess in the process.

 What made this trip such an adventure was that at the last minute our childcare fell through and with the promise of snow on the horizon we decided to just go for it and take the kids along. Their sleepy oooh’s and ahh’s as we climbed the white flocked pass were priceless.  


 After setting up the wedding we headed off in search of some adventure. On our quest we found inner tubing, go-fish in a cozy coffee shop, an awesome farm store decorated with animal heads ( I think I need one in the studio!), a darling mining town, a diner decorated with bear pelts and moose paintings and lots and lots of snow.






 There’s nothing like getting away, even for just a night to see your life with new eyes. The most noticeable thing for me was how little we play when at home. No matter if we are in a hurry or not I’m always shooing the kids along, come on, hurry up, let’s go. No lingering, no wandering, never a slow moment. That’s gotta change! I have no idea how yet since I’ve set my internal clock on “hustle” but I’m stewing on it. There’s just too much life we’re missing out on!



  1. Robin on

    Great attitude about cozy winter beauty & family time :).
    Did you grow all these flowers in these bouquets yourself in your greenhouses? Even the jasmine? Amazed.

  2. Petals in Prose on

    I love this! I get nauseous just thinking of being late for an event. Loved the little tell-tale signs of jasmine in the arrangements! Sounds like a success was made of all of it.

  3. Ja on

    When driving stick you just need to find the "sweet spot" once and you will have it. Just try it, go out totally alone, no audience and become one with the gear-box, there is nothing so empowering as driving a stick! Been doing it for almost forty years.

  4. webb on

    When you said "tubing" the only thing I know is tubing on a river and I thought you were crazy. That looks like great fun. Now if I only liked snow. Glad you had such a good day with your kids! That will probably go in their "memory books".

  5. GardenGirl on

    Yikes! You deserve a prize!!! For getting the flowers there, sweaty palms and all! Mine were sweaty reading this! AND, for choosing the adventure and playing on the way!

    Way to go! Thanks for sharing ;)

  6. Belinda @ Wild Acre on

    Hi there adventurer-florist!

    I'm a total chicken driving on snow too, although now having a Swedish made 4 wheel drive is giving me more confidence – although chanting to myself "this car is made for this, it's made for this" as I drive on icy roads has been heard more than once!

    Also with you on the play thing. Why am I always so busy? My hubby is so much better at switching into play mode with the kids and just focusing on them. The female urge to multi-task is a curse sometimes I think. Should we actually schedule play do you think, to give ourselves permission? Please share your successes with this. xxx

  7. Bare Mtn Farm on

    So How hard could it be to drive the road you pictured? Its just like playing pinball as you bounce off the snowbanks from side to side…(LOL) Tony

    Gorgeous bouquets, looks like a magical setting. Looks like you had a fun time in the snow. Denise

  8. Julie on

    Wow–stunning flowers, as always! I grew up outside Chicago, and I miss snow. SC hasn't even seen flurry this year, but last year–we had a white Christmas. It. Was. Amazing. (I'm not sure who was more excited–the kids or me!)

    I'm so with you on needing more play time. We always have so many projects, plus now it's crazy season for me…and I told my hubby recently that I don't even look forward to weekends anymore, because we always have some stupid project. Must remedy this ASAP.

    Glad you all had a safe–and fun–trip!


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