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July 23rd 2012

All My Thyme

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A few weeks back I had a free evening and jetted over to my friend Dawn’s farm, All My Thyme, to capture just a smidgen of the magic that makes up her world.




Dawn specializes in growing garden roses. The romantic, fragrant, heart achingly beautiful kind that you see on the cover of all the wedding magazines these days.






Some years back she followed her heart and cunning intuition and planted hundreds and hundreds of these roses which are now in full rolling bloom.



I LOVE going to Dawn’s because everywhere you turn, the beauty just bowls you over! Her farm and roses are truly a labor of love!






If you’re in the greater Seattle area you can find Dawn’s incredible roses at Northwest Wholesale Florists.




  1. Hedgerow Rose on

    I was just introduced to your blog and I cannot believe how much beauty is just pouring, emanating, flowing from these photos. I'm stunned by the sheer gorgeousness of it all. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hatties on

    Love this roses! Can you please send me her email address? As I would like to import them.

    Kind Regards

  3. Linda R on

    So many lovely Roses.. I just hopped of from Georgianna's blog and so glad I did.. So many pretty photos.. I just love the light in some of the shots..

  4. 't Glimmenhofje on

    What a gorgeous roses!! I love them…
    Thank you for sharing.

  5. June on

    There are no words for the beauty of Dawn's roses! They are truly amazing. Oh to be able to grow roses like these.

  6. Laura on

    just gorgeous.. got my paints out… thanks for sharing.. it just makes the day end on a good note!!!

  7. A Garden of Threads on

    Stopping in from Georgianna's blog. You have a beautiful blog and roses are my favourite flower, but I have a hard time growing them in my sandy garden. I will be coming to your site for my rose fix.

  8. Amelia on

    What magnificent roses! They're breathtaking. That's it, I'm moving to the Northwest!

  9. flowersandhome on

    I wish I could just go out and pick whole bunches of roses like that. Must be the best, like living a dream.

  10. tatianaalida on

    Heart achingly beautiful indeed… my chest is about to explode!

  11. Julie on

    Oh, to have a field filled with sunlight to grow those gorgeous blooms! Thanks so much for sharing your friend's lovely roses! I just love coming here every morning for a healthy dose of beauty! Cheers!

  12. FlowerLady on

    Thank you for sharing Dawn's beautiful roses and farm. How wonderful to follow a dream and have it turn out so fantastic.


  13. alison@thisbloominglife on

    Oh wow, I've been trying to find the bravery to follow my heart and do the same here in Australia, being scared and worrying that the market here is not ready for the diversity of garden grown has held me back…I can feel the bravery edging ever closer and this has helped! Thanks

    • VillageRat on

      My guess, having a tad bit (about 20 years) of marketing background, they are ready…you just need to go slow and see how it goes.

      So often the market is more than ready but it is new territory and until someone breaks it open just a tad there is no real idea if it will take off.

      See if you can figure out a way to ‘test’ the market and then go from there.

      Good luck but I can tell you from someone who gets embroidery things (many of the same people are drawn to flowers and gardening) you have great artists there who spend tons of $$ on things. (Find the Inspirations magazine—is needlework…and see if you can tap into their local markets to see if those ladies would love this stuff…..might be your base market)

  14. bearlovesdove.com on

    beautiful beautiful beautiful….

    tell me, is there a few Abraham Darby in those pics? The gloriously fruity deliciously scented Abraham Darby?

    BTW love the natural light in your photos :-)


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