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July 22nd 2012

hitting the jackpot

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Do you know what’s better than gathering armloads of beautiful flowers from your garden to make up over the top arrangements? Finding someone who is able to capture their beauty and magic in a way that you didn’t even know was possible!


Well, I have recently connected with the loveliest of lovely ladies, Ms. Georgianna Lane, who is doing just that with our gardens abundance.


Meeting someone who is as bonkers over flowers as I am has been totally, freaking fantastic! Georgianna and I have struck up the coolest friendship centered around flowers, photography and all out obsession. I feel as though I have won the lottery!


If you want to have your mind blown, then head on over to her gorgeous blog for a little back story on a project we’ve started and to see the magic for yourself! Georgianna is one hell of a powerhouse!!!



~just to clarify, these images were the ones I took over her shoulder during the photo shoot. The really juicy one’s can be found on Georgianna’s blog : )


  1. erin rochelle on

    Seriously a stunning bouquet… so happy I stumbled upon this! :)

  2. Heaven On A Stalk on

    Wonderful, good luck and best wishes with your joint venture.LisaX

  3. the homestead girl on

    Pure awesome Erin! (Oh-and where oh where did you find such a stunningly glamorous model? haha!)


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