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July 27th 2012

a fav

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If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.
~Henry David Thoreau













  1. lindseymyra on

    This arrangement is so amazingly, stunningly beautiful. I can't imagine ever having such a an immensely diverse collection of beauty to choose from on one farm. What an absolute dream! Thank you, Erin x

  2. Admin on

    Hey – nice blog, just looking around some blogs, seems a pretty nice platform you are using. amaze us with your wonderful pictures! Sympathy Flowers

  3. Martin & the Magpie on

    totally in awe of your use of fruit and veggies in this….too gorgeous!!!

  4. Floret on

    it's true, i am changed!

  5. Meg on

    Gorgeous, Erin! I can tell that recent visit from Sarah made a big impact on your work…photos and flowers! Can't wait to see more like this. Thanks for adding a bit of beauty to my day.

  6. Anouk Fleurs on

    Hi Erin, I remember you said you use Thalictrum foliage in small spring bouquets, which one do you use Aquilegifolium or Delavayi? Is one more productive than the other ?
    Continue to amaze us with your wonderful pictures!

  7. flowersandhome on

    Just Gorgeous! Love how you show us the little details. Like those cute Nasturtuim leaves. Thanks!

  8. FlowerLady on

    So beautiful and romantic. It reminds me of old masters paintings.

    You have a lovely gift for making these wonderful arrangements.

    FlowerLady Lorraine

  9. Monica on

    Wonderful, Erin! I remember having lots of zinnias in my old garden, I used to sow them in the cutting garden, so I could bring bunches indoors without feeling guilty! Your arrangement is amazing, wish you lived a little closer to Italy :)


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