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July 31st 2012

the best

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if you’re considering entering into large scale flower production(ie: flower farming) having a hilarious and very laid back partner in crime helps soften the many blows nature will throw at you immensely!
this guy makes life worth living. really.
if you weren’t around last summer, then go HERE for a hearty chuckle.

he’s the best!








  1. Sprout on

    This is fabulous—just when we were beginning to think it was all serenity and calm over there in flower heaven!

  2. Floret on

    they are leeks, gone to flower for the seed.

  3. Laura on

    Great to have a sense of humor… life can be so funny… and what kind of flower was that???? … love your posts…!

  4. Bare Mtn Farm on

    He is one weird dude, but I am partial to weird dudes as I have one too. Rock on…

  5. flowersandhome on

    Oh yes! You're so blessed with a 'partner in crime' like that ;-)

  6. Floret on

    Ha! I'm pretty sure it was something from Metallica

  7. Sara on

    But what was he singing? Rock me like a hurricane? Midnight train to Georgia? the Beach Boys? Run DMC?

    Gah, the suspense!

  8. Pieces of Sunshine on

    What great fun to have a partner with such a fantastic sense of humour and energy to match. Love the photo.

  9. Happy Homemaker UK on

    I just think you are the luckiest girl ever. I would LOVE to have a flower farm. You are living my dream :)

  10. Georgianna on

    Oh, my, these are classic!! Chris is a gem, that's for sure. Not just entertaining but extraordinarily generous and compassionate, too. Gorgeous light in the last one. :)

  11. Lotta on

    Wow…..lovely pic´s!!!
    Have a nice day.
    Lotta from Sweden


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