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April 17th 2012

2 quick questions

Written by
akebia vine

where oh where can i find metal flower frogs in bulk? i snag them whenever i’m thrifting but with so much going on i can never squeeze in the time to adequately scour our area. anybody got a source?

i need an i-phone but after visiting the verizon store and finding that they cost $400-600 with the insurance i’m thinking of going used. if anyone out there is upgrading and wants to sell their older model, email me! [email protected]


  1. HPotter on

    I was also thinking Dorothy Biddle supply company. I've seen them at a couple of shows, and they seem to have a good selection. Hope you find lots of what you're looking for! Enjoying your post and photos as always!

  2. Janet on

    I get my flower frogs at Mayesh, and Baisch and Skinner. Are you growing akebia vine, and if so, how do I get my hands on it?

  3. Susan Wright on

    Kinsman as well as Dorothy Biddle did have them and they have wholesale levels

  4. Bisous Ve on

    Hello Erin, nice to meet you, I happened almost by accident in your blog and it is wonderful …
    Have beautiful pictures of flower arrangements and make splendid …
    I love tulips and flowers strange as the one in this post.
    I am a 'lover of country primitives and if you want to see me go, will be an' honor
    I wish you good day
    Love et bisous Ve

  5. Clare Day Flowers on

    Dorothy Biddle has frogs at a really good price (and kick ass light weight clippers that I love!). Love the photo of the akebia vine!

  6. Susan on

    two answers…
    flower frogs can be purchased at Floral Supply Syndicate,
    and yes I have a 3g iphone I'd be happy to sell you very cheap. You can email me…[email protected]
    Nice photo of akebia, by the way!


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