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April 16th 2012

from the garden

Written by

Spring has finally arrived and I can now stroll through the garden with clippers and whip together bouquets whenever the urge strikes. This luxury makes all of the toil so very worth it  : )

 This guy is 100% organic and  local in the purest sense.

Bouquet includes: Narcissus ‘Pink Charm’ and ‘White Lion’, Muscari, Viburnum, Honeysuckle, Clematis montana, Akebia vine, Thalictrum foliage, Lecojum ‘Gravety giant’, Crabapple ‘Everest’, Ranunculus and Heleborus.


  1. candis on

    Oh my — how beautiful! (So happy to have stumbled onto your blog – beautiful work!)

  2. Anne on

    Just discovered your blog. It's lovely. This arrangement is amazing! Making me think about what bulbs I want to plant come fall. :)

  3. Riley on

    Hello! I found your blog yesterday via and have been reading just about nonstop since! Your life is so interesting and your flower arrangements are absolutely gorgeous! It's full of lots of useful information, too. (I plan to grow flowers once I can aford a bit of land.) Thanks for maintaining such a fascinating blog!

  4. webb on

    You have ranunculus! I would kill to get them to grow here. Ain't gonna happen in this lifetime, tho. so very jealous!

  5. Botanique on

    I love this so much!!! There is something about these early spring pastels that makes me feel so hopeful- the complete embodiment of spring and new beginnings :)

  6. thousandflower on

    Definitely worth it. Those bouquets are just gorgeous. The colors are wonderful.

  7. Floret on

    they do shorten the vase life of other blooms in the vase, by about 3-4 days but since this was for me i just couldn't resist tucking them in : )

  8. Floret on

    p.s. frog is correct

  9. Floret on

    oh, so glad they are working for you too!

  10. Floret on

    i used an old flower frog : ) it is magic for getting a nice relaxed arrangement.

  11. Bow Street Flowers on

    I'm guessing chicken wire or a frog. Foam just doesn't let the flowers relax like that. Beautiful Erin – so so beautiful.

  12. Alice and Stuart on

    Love the blues and peaches together. Gorgeous work! Is your season flying as fast as ours?! Also wanted to thank you for the flax and cerinthe recommendations in GFM. They have been awesome.

  13. Karen vdD on

    Yes STUNNING – so, so beautiful. I bet those naricissus smell amazing….

  14. Clare Day Flowers on

    Gorgeous Erin! Isn't it so wonderful to finally have beauties from the garden after this long winter?

  15. thousandflower on

    I always thought you couldn't put daffodils in a bouquet because they would cause the rest of the flowers to wilt too fast. Is this a myth?

  16. flwrjane on

    Doesn't it seem like it was just cold and dark?

    And now?

    Look at that.

    xo jane

  17. Maerim on

    Stunning! Thanks for sharing this beautiful arrangement…and keep enjoying all the hard work :)

  18. Amy on

    This is stunning!

  19. botanical brouhaha on

    The shape of that arrangement is amazing! Wondering what the flowers are anchored in…foam? wire?


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