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September 30th 2011

2 great things

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#1 Kate Holt from Flowerwild has just announced she is doing another series of workshops. This time Seattle is on the list. Woohoo! I have been trying to get to one of her classes for over a year now so it’s really a dream come true. Be sure to pop over and see if Kate’s coming to a town near you :)
#2 Amy Merrick from An Apple A Day is starting a new twice monthly flower column on Design Sponge.Her first post is on Dahlias and get ready for a total beauty overload.Absolutely stunning!


  1. Nicole on

    Erin, You are a beautiful designer in your own right!

  2. julie on

    how exciting for u – love the colours in those blooms.xxx

  3. Beyond My Garden on

    Nice bouquet. I need one like it right now for my dinner table. oh well.

  4. botanical brouhaha on

    Great news about Amy's Design Sponge posts…yippee! So excited for you to have Kate coming to Seattle…send her to Texas when she's done, would ya?

  5. Belinda @ Wild Acre on


    Please say two words to Kate, "London please!"

    Have a lovely weekend. xx


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