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October 10th 2011

finding my way back

Written by


Fall is finally here.There’s no denying it any longer. With the change of the season, a slower pace has finally returned to our little world. The past week has included family dinners,evening fires, talking over coffee in the morning, composting,a fair amount of staring out the window,cleaning up the garden and planning for next spring.The typical frantic hustle has begun to fade.
Bouquet Includes: Rose Caramel Antique, Dahlias,Persian Carpet Zinnias,Crabapples, Rosehips,Raspberries,Grapes,Fennel,Scented Geraniums,Basil,Blackberries,Amur Maple Leaves,Black Elderberries and Peppermint.All ingredients, minus the garden roses from our garden :)




Although this time has been long awaited, the transition is proving to be far more difficult than I imagined. The presence of space is so foreign and in it I feel so very out of sync. I know that eventually I will find my way back into being, here, now…….but currently I feel completely lost


  1. kat flower on

    it's a rainy day in brooklyn and my first day off in a long while. your blog is the perfect respite.

  2. Sarah on

    I'm always uncomfortable with free time too….want to meet you so bad! Someday..

  3. Erin on

    LOVE your garden. and those roses aren't too shabby either. lucky you.

  4. julie on

    your arrangements r so delicious…it must feel so strange not to be in that continuous cycle of work – take the time to stop & breathe in your beautiful little farm. u so deserve a break. xxx

  5. Julie on

    Gorgeous arrangement. I know how you feel–spring is always my frantic time, starting transplants for sale, market, getting our gardens in order…and then–I don't know what to do with myself. Obviously, with three kids, I have plenty to do–but when the frantic pace slows, and I'm actually sleeping more than four hours a night, I'm at a loss. Still, we all need that transition to a slower pace, and I hope you enjoy!

  6. botanical brouhaha on

    Oh my…stunning arrangement…took my breath away! Hope you're able to adjust soon and just enjoy "being" for a while. You certainly deserve some time to relax, enjoy your family and get recharged for next Spring. Can hardly wait to see what you'll come up with next season!

  7. webb on

    What lovely photos. I could just lie down in them and smell the flowers! Enjoy your time.

  8. GardenGirl on

    awww beautiful ;)
    Happy Autumn,
    Deb @ Garden Party

  9. Zoe Tilley Poster on

    I love this arrangement… the colors, the fruits are so very evocative of the season. This time of year is my favorite in many ways – here it is crisp, mild and perfect – but it is also the hardest transition for me. Everything is suddenly different for someone who works outside all summer… The daylight diminishes so quickly, which is sad. Beloved plants begin to die back. Life slows down, and I find I've sort of forgotten who I was, while I was busy doing. And we're looking at months of relative darkness and quiet, when other good things will happen… but still, it requires getting into a new head space. So to sum up, I hear ya ;)

  10. Bow Street Flowers on

    Well, taking those beautiful photos is a way to fill your time. Really, Erin, your pictures are wonderful to look at. So glad you have time to post it!


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