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March 28th 2012

tulip time!

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Nothing like waking up after 5 days in bed,  sick as a dog, to a greenhouse on the verge of explosion. Thousands of tulips just waiting for one more hour of sun to burst open into their full, glowing glory. Ack!!


So despite a swimming head and slightly wobbly legs, I staggered out to the greenhouse and started picking like a crazy woman this morning. Ahh the joys of working for one’s self. ;)

After a few hours in the cozy space, slipping huge, brilliant tulips from the soil I started feeling a whole lot better.

I know a lot of people LOVE these guys but truthfully, they scare the shit out of me! A wise grower friend of ours says tulips look for any mistake on your part and then exploit it full out. I can tell they have their eye on me and it’s scary. But this year I vowed not to be a stress case about them like I usually am. We planted them by the book, kept the g-house nice and cool all spring (below 60°) and so far they’ve done exceptionally well. Pheew!

When they go right, tulips are pretty freaking fantastic. :)




  1. The Magical Christmas Wreath Company on

    Hi Erin found your blog this morning over a coffe and I love it.
    Great photography and reading material, so I'm going to follow along.
    Glad you caught those tulips just in time.

  2. tanya Good on

    Hey Erin, Beautiful beautiful flowers!!! as always!!
    Question… why do you pull the out by the bulbs? is that to store them for next year?

  3. julie on

    wow – those tulips are stunning. so perfect. so fresh & exactly the stage i love them, closed with a dash of colour peeking through…..hope u r better soon. xxx

  4. Wasabi Honey Bee on

    Aw, I'm sorry you were sick . . . But the tulpips are lovely!!! I've always wanted to grow them, somday I plan to, but it is too warm here so I'll have to to the freezer deal, which just seems like odd anti the point of growing things in the first place work. Anyway, I love them enough to want to give them a go . . .

    Feel better, and I'm glad they all bloomed so well : )

  5. webb on

    OMG! I know it's more work than I can possibly imagine, but wow, what a yield! They are gorgeous, but why do you pull with the bulb, too? thanks.

  6. Becca on

    Ah-may-zing. (You & the tulips.)

  7. K. Barber-Flower Farmer on

    Could you tell us what tulips you grow? They are just lovely. You look fantastic for just being sick, tulips are such great medicine.

  8. Terri on

    Glad you felt better after you got started. I go through that–get up feeling bad but improve after I get to work.

    I love tulips! They are my favorite flower. I'd like to have a cutting garden of them, but I don't have a yard…

  9. Alex Jusino on

    I love your blog. You've inspired me to start growing flowers in my garden to use on my designs. I certainly don't have as much land as you do, but a couple of rows of dahlia tubers are going in soon.

  10. Elisa on

    How gorgeous! I recently discovered your blog and am realy loving it – you run an inspiring business. I've always wondered abput commercial tulip growing, do you keep the bulbs on from year to year and will they continue to produce flowers?

  11. Julie on

    I'm so sorry you were sick–there's really no calling in for a sick day when it's your business, is there? Hope you are feeling much better. And–your greenhouse full of tulips is spectacular! Tulips are my favorite–but now, I'll have a whole new appreciation of them!

  12. Georgianna on

    I'm jumping up and down here with excitement!!! I am sooo sorry you were sick but very happy you feel better. Looking forward!!!

  13. Tara McHugh Flora on

    that is so exciting!!! Thanks for the update, always looking forward to it.


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