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April 2nd 2012

finding my groove

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The arrival of spring has me spinning in circles, trying to find my center just a bit. One day I felt on top of everything and the next a million blooming flowers threw off my groove. It feels like the first week of school. A whole lot of anticipation, nerves, overwhelm and excitement all wrapped up into one.

 The tulips have exploded in the greenhouse and boy what a stunning crop. Best to date!




I adore this whopping pink variety, Pink Impression. When fully open she’s watermelon pink with a big black throat. A real bell ringer!



This batch of beauty made its way to the city over the weekend and will be gracing tables in 3 states by Easter. I just love that our flowers bring joy to so many : )











  1. julie on

    so much work there, take a deep breath…i would love to get lost in those tulips – wish i could fly from australia & help!! xxx

  2. Shanti on

    Beautiful. My tulips are coming off in the field, but they are so short in comparison. I am very envious, what a great job you do!

  3. K. Barber-Flower Farmer on

    I'd love to have that many, but oh the work, just lovely. How do you grow such beautiful tulips? I want to know your secret. Your tulips bring joy by just looking at the pictures of them.

  4. webb on

    How many ways can I say "wow"! They are simply gorgeous. Wish I lived in your area so that I could have some.

  5. botanical brouhaha on

    Hope you're fully recovered because it looks like you're out of sick days…too much work to do! Gorgeous crop!


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